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"Ohhhhhh yess. Please don't stop. Your tongue feels so good on me. ohhhhh pleeease!!!" In answer to her pleading, he licks around her clit, then slides one finger inside of her. He pushes it in and out as his tongue flicks her mercilessly. She continues to writhe and moan beneath him. lustful whimpers flowing from her tender lips.

Laura was a bit frightened but found that being ordered around was a total turn-on. The young blond girl crawled over to Lin and kissed the legs and thighs of the alluring Chinese temptress. She stared at the magnificent pussy just inches from her face. She ran her fingers through the lush, black, and silk like pubic hair. When she saw moisture form on the swollen pussy lips and inhaled the pungent aroma of the fuming delicacy her tongue darted out and licked the appetizing treat. Her own juices freely flowed when she tasted Lin's pussy and was ordered; "Eat my cunt slut, suck my clit, kiss my pussy lips, and stick your little pink tongue as far up my love canal as it will go and wiggle it all around. Yes that's it, good girl oh shit! What the hell are you doing?" Lin grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled her head back.

She found a service station that appeared to only have one man working in it. We pulled over near it and stopped. Joanna reached down to my bikini bottom. Her fingers went between my legs and grabbed the short string, and she yanked the bead out of my butt. She checked to see that the top of the triangle of material was still firmly bonded to my abdomen, and it was. She had me put on one of the big tee shirts.

We entered the apartment and I went to the kitchen to make them some coffee and also to get hold of my camera. When I entered my living room to my utter amazement both Tom and Madonna were completely nude. "Is this how you want to click us" Tom asked? My mouth opened in astonishment and I couldn't believe that Tom was standing before me in his hirsute glory.

Touching her 'G' spot caused her to get convulsive. Just as she moaned, and began to hump her ass up and down, I pushed my finger in. I thought she would cry out. Instead, I felt her hands grab my head and pull my face even harder against her cunt. I kept rubbing her 'G' spot as my finger fucked her ass. My other finger was fucking her pussy just as hard. She was filling my mouth with wave after wave of thick pussy juice. Then I felt her body jerk. Then she gave me a hard spurt and it was not thick or creamy. Louise had cum so hard she shot a quick burst of piss as she continued to cum. I slowed down and eased my finger from her ass before I straightened my finger in he cunt and pulled it out. As she lay there trying to catch her breath, I eased up on the bed. I pushed my dick in he throbbing hole. She grunted from the entry.

"How many times a week do you masturbate, Teddy?" She asked with a sweet smile, placing her hand on his shoulders with a sympathetic tenderness. It didn't help. He was terribly embarrassed. It would be bad enough to talk to the pretty Miss Harding about playing with himself, but there was simply no way he was going to answer that question in front of the whole class.

They were wrapped in each other's arms as they enjoyed their almost simultaneous orgasms.

"Honey," I said, "you want some coffee?"

Lacey repeated, "I am so embarrassed."

The sensation was incredible. He was surprised, too, at how receptive his asshole was to Charlie's seven inches. He remembered thinking once that the one sexual activity he'd never be able to perform would be ass fucking. But here he was at age 72 in the act of being ass fucked and loving every second of it. Charlie, too, was in ecstasy. Watching Grace and Marie and fucking John's ass simultaneously was an experience totally new to his ninety years. His cock mimicked Grace and Marie's movement. It was a slow, in and out and deep penetration of John's asshole. He experienced the same sphincter milking of his cock that he provided John moments before.

"I thought you said you didn't go all the way with anyone."

I said I'd give her a lift if she didn't mind waiting until my car was serviced. Just as she was saying that I'd probably be waiting 'till 5 o'clock, they paged me. Billie looked surprised as though I was a special customer or something.

Gene helped her to the bed and sat her on the edge. Then he went to his suitcase, removing several candle holders. He set them around the room, lighting them and releasing the soft scent of vanilla. He tuned the bedside radio to a soft jazz station. Then he moved to the top of the bed, pulling down the covers, fluffing the pillows. Andy watched all his movements with delicious anticipation. "He is doing this for me, preparing the room for me. He is going to make love to me. No, he is going to make love with me," she thought.

"O.K. Gramps. See ya Thursday." Ron walked back toward the entrance.

"Okay, there he is," I told Jill. "Why don't you go up and get us drinks?"

"Say? I could say an entire 'cyclopedia. How about this? I fancy you. I've fancied you since you came off the boat. You think it chance I ended up your servant this stay? Ha! Chance and two crescents in old Miss Packit's dangly purse! I saw you get all sort of embarrassed-like, out in front of the crowds at the fest yesterday, and I saw you sling that whatchamacallit off your back and place a dart in your pheasant as he flew, neat as you please. I confess, when you gave it me, in front of everyone (for not knowing anyone else there to give it!) I felt like your lady, not just your bustle girl. Me little sis, she got an earful of you from me last night's meal. Ate like royals, we did. Yes, yes I fancy you. Well say something, why don't you! Look at me, blowdown...."

It turned out to be quite a night for us. Liz had us in a 69 while she played with her pussy. The she took the strap on and fucked me hard in the ass while Don sucked my cock. But the finale was me fucking Liz in the ass while Don buried his cock in mine. What a night.

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"Here." he said as he thrust the entire bag towards her. "That was definitely worth it!"

Then after a long passionate kiss, my wife unbuckled Geoff's pants and she slid them down. She reached into his undies and pulled out his very erect 8 inch cock and started rubbing the head of his dick---slowly pushing the foreskin back and jacking him all the way down his shaft. He was in heaven. I thought I'd explode soon, but I held it in.

“It was for me too Tori …”

Finally, ready to go, she went over to their equipment and unclipped four hand grenades. Walking swiftly to the barn door she placed them on the ground and extracted the pins. She had no knowledge of how to handle them and she had no time to carry out the customary count and so she just took out each pin as swiftly as she could and rolled each grenade towards the four sleeping soldiers. She was scared by the time she rolled the third one and so the fourth she threw wildly, trusting the first would explode before the men awoke from the noise of the fourth as it dropped onto the barn floor. Then she turned her back on the building and fled as fast as she could. She stumbled and tripped but kept her feet until, behind her, the first grenade exploded with a heavy warrump! She fell then, clasping her hands to her ears, shocked at the noise and the vibration of an explosion so near. Then the second grenade exploded forcing her into action. She staggered to her feet once again and ran and stumbled as fast as she could back to her house. Behind her, as she ran, she heard the other two grenades explode. Soon she reached her own front garden scrambled over the ruined wall of what had once been her kitchen and stumbled down the stairs to the cellar.

“I’m afraid.” She whispered. Tom moved over and pulled her body to his.

"Jack?" she asked in confused shock.

I was totally shocked that Kelly had been bragging about our sex life to her friends. I started to blush. I always considered myself well endowed, but hearing it summed up like that did wonders for my ego. My cock is 8.5" long and about 2 inches wide. I have always had compliments from girlfriends and one-night-stands on my size and performance, but it was thrilling to hear my wife of 10 years still bragging about me after all this time.

"Well, I get bored in bed very easily." I sipped "I mean I need" I felt myself blushing "more than just normal sex."

Jim moved his hands up over Steff's soft tits and kissed the side of her neck. He slowly pulled out and pushed back into her again. She tensed again. He was beginning to think this wasn't going to work, that ass fucking just wasn't her thing.

Holly moved into an apartment near the university, on the top floor of a high rise, safe and secure. It was a spacious four room affair with a wonderful view of downtown Baltimore and she took the furniture she needed to fill her new space. She left Bob with very little. It took forever rearranging everything and still she wasn't satisfied. Everything had to be perfect. She was starting anew and she didn't want to make the same mistakes she did twenty years ago. She craved to be happy, to be loved, to be wanted.. She began to love her new life and hoped her luck would change. She was ready and willing to feel free again, to choose new friends and perhaps a new lover, to feel the hands of another on her body, to lean her head back and moan into a long orgasm. Her fingers did wonders but that was not what she wanted. She wanted loving hands, tender caresses and a cock buried deep inside her pussy.

“Hi Marissa, my name’s Ryan. Ugh…”

"Good evening, Donna!"

"Sucked! It's too cold up here and the people who I rode home with were weird. All they wanted to listen too the whole was home was country and I about went insane – that shit is just too depressing."

After what seemed like forever, Allie put down the miniature of me and picked up the flat attachment. Inserting it into the top of the long plastic tube, she flipped a lever and I heard a soft whirring sound.

Brandon stared and shuffled from foot to foot until he was ordered by Alba to move. She leaned forward exposing her high tight ass. She reached back and with one hand spread an ass cheek. Brandon saw her puckered dime sized anus. It called to his dick like a tiny brown siren.

Eventually I was able to slide my entire 8" into her and she lowered her leg again so we were spooning like before only this time my cock was in her velvety cunt. I forgot where I was for a minute (actually, I forgot who was asleep beside me) and started to pump my cock into her faster. She put her hand on my hip and signaled me to slow down. I did. I needed to cum but I also didn't want to be a minute- man so I was glad to slow the pace to a crawl. Besides, her pussy felt so good without even moving. So almost perfect, right?

“That looks like fun,” Erin added as she came up for some air. My eyes suddenly opened wide. I knew what was coming next. When she went back down on my cock, I felt her thin fingers slide underneath my muscled ass and squeeze through my cheeks.

"You like this, don't you bitch." James said to Helen.

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Then she said, "Let me show you the place where you'll be staying." As she led me toward a door off the living room, I noticed how her ass cheeks moved underneath tight bluejeans. I was in some kind of erotic dream, it seemed, and I'd only just arrived.

That sight was just too hot, I had to pull out my dick and stroke it. I moaned out loud, thinking of her yellow string tight against her slit, sucking up all the juices to her moist pussy. Her nipples, her large nipples hard on her large tits.

She emerged after awhile in her blue pajamas and appearing squeaky clean, with wet hair. "That was wonderful," she said, "Thank you so much for letting me stay here."

“N-No come on, that T-tickles!” Sara squealed as she tried to push me away; this of course, only seemed to fuel me more, and I tickled her harder.

After picking Dennis up at the bus terminal, Lois headed for her house. His parents were once again allowing him to stay with her for the weekend. This time ostensibly so Lois could help him with a research paper. As she drove, Lois laid her hand on the young man's thigh and stroked it softly.

The thought of Jason suggesting someone else made my stomach turn. Why was that? Was I infatuated by him? Was it that I wanted HIM to be my man, not some other young thing? What kind of woman was I becoming? How could I even think of having an affair with my best friend's husband? I abhorred that type of conduct. Those women were whores and home-wreckers and a horrible menace to society. Yet even as I agreed to let Jason set me up with a friend, I know now that the wheels in my mind were already in motion for how I was going to seduce my best friend's, delectable young, boy-toy of a husband instead.

With one quick movement her skirt was on the floor, and he practically pounced on top of her; she raised her hands, trying to ward him off, to hold onto her virginity for another moment... but that wasn't his goal yet anyway. Mouth latching onto her nipple, he sucked at it ferociously, nibbling with his teeth. It had become pretty obvious just how sensitive her large breasts were, and he wanted her wet and wanting when he finally entered her. He began moving his mouth over the large globe, sucking to leave hickeys, lots of them, marking her as his own. There was no way she'd be going on a date with anyone else with his lovebites on her skin. Hickeys were left all over her breasts, her collarbone, and then he began moving onto her stomach, leaving his hands on her tits, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Allison was barely aware of the marks he was leaving, she was becoming caught up more and more in his animalistic passion, and the heavy attentions her boobs were receiving left her panting and whimpering, sending urgent and needy signals straight to her pussy and clit.

Marion pressed put her hand on my head and pressed it down making murmuring noises of pleasure. With my left hand I pulled my trousers down and my pants, freeing out my stiff prick. I didn't hesitate but pulled my head back and positioned myself to stuck it straight into her cunt with one push.

Kim again came up for air and turned to the intercom: "Your father has brought across some large equipment to help me today and he was hard at it right up against the front door when you rang. I am surprised you didn't hear him. Probably best to come back this evening when he will have finished the job."

He moved his finger to her clit and made love to it, moving his finger in soft circles, driving her insane. Slowly he replaced his finger with his cock, guiding it with one hand, using the head to manipulate her hard nub. He was so hard he hurt!

"She just wanted to know what to expect." Karen protested. "I have to get dressed."

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I took Peter to our bed and we made love until we were both spent. I made certain that he knew he was loved, he was wanted and that he was my man and none others. In my heart, I knew that my Peter had not been unfaithful to our vows but my mind needed to be reassured. As sleep came to us that night I turned to him.

It had felt truly awful to say the things he'd said; to lie to Jacquie and pretend he felt nothing for Dawn. His relationship with his middle sister was undoubtedly a very sexually charged and physical one to say the least, but Josh felt as though there was at least some connection between them, at least enough of one to make each other's presence bearable. Did Dawn feel the same way? Was she happy to simply satisfy her carnal urges with him and nothing else? Probably. If Jacquie was going out for an hour though, Josh wanted to find Dawn, just to be around her. God, did I just think that?

I of course was not one to complain but that is another story.

The guard frowned, pointed to his ears and shook his head. He pointed to Adam's left. There on the wall was a list of apartments with lighted addresses beside them, and a bell for security. Adam smiled, flashed an "okay" sign and pushed "1278." A phone rang through the speaker, then music poured out of it.

The sun shining through the window and onto my eyes woke me up; Katrina laid beside me only in her underwear, hard against my side, I would get up but I didn't want to disturb her.

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I was disappointed when I found out that skat has nothing to do with jazz. There is another group of sick fucks this planet can do without.

Last week, Jeff had "accidentally" bumped into Zoë as the class was departing, and he had pressed himself for an instant into the side of one of her glorious tits. He couldn't help himself--her cockiness drove him wild. Such assurance coupled with the developing 18-year old body and 18 year-old sensibility made his libido throb. Upon the contact, Zoë had frozen and stared him down with contempt. Jeff had mumbled a weak apology, citing his clumsiness, then fled to the teacher's lounge. She had not been in class since.

I guess it was no surprise as all the signs were there. Yet when my best friend Carla told me my heart sank.

Bonfires, made with old car's tires and kerosene, lighted up the spots where the prostitutes were waiting for customers; they were visibly less attractive than the ones in the city, their dresses weren't as fancy as for the others and they drew the attention of the customers by courses and yells.

"So, what did you think of Johnny?" Barbie asked as she took the envelope from Virginia's hand.

“So ladies which one do you think we should use on our little boy toy?” Shannon asked.

"Here is mine you sexy little slut. Feel it shooting into your hot mouth. Drink it you slut."

Freddie said, "It is my turn now," and rolled over on top of me without pulling out. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and started long, rhythmic thrusts. I came again and he kept thrusting harder and harder. My next cum was building. He drove into me and tilted his hips, pushing his hard cock just a little deeper. I felt like I reached my limit. Then he pulled out and began ramming into me with such force that I started an orgasm that I swear lasted 5 minutes.

Susan laughed, not at me, but at my enthusiasm. “Let’s try something different this time. Maybe we can include your Dad too, Shawn. I’m sure he’s about ready to bust after watching us fuck.”

John had to admit to himself that this felt much better than masturbating while thinking about fucking his mom. As they lay there on the sofa with John in the middle Sue took the condom off John's cock carefully and took it to her lips and drank half of its contents then passed it to Jane who drank the rest of John's cum.

"Smells good," Josh remarked as he entered.

"Aaa! Uh! Uh!" She moaned over and over again while I was washing my entire face with her juices that were driving me crazy. I had to make her come and then get out of there. So I focused on her clit. When I started sucking on it, she began making loud noises and moaning that I thought someone was going to hear us. A few minutes later…

She turned to me and gave me the longest, wettest, hottest kiss I'd ever experienced. As we kissed, she had unbuttoned and removed my shirt. She then began smothering my neck and chest with kisses, mixing in a few licks along the way. Unable to wait any longer, after the treatment Lisa had given me, I laid her down on the bed. I began rubbing her leg, and kissing my way down towards her foot. I removed one of her shoes, then the other. She had great feet, perfectly manicured with bright red nail polish. I then slowly kissed my way back up her legs. When I reached the bottom of her dress, I slowly pulled it up over her body. She now only had on a beige, skin-toned bra and thong panty set. She looked great. Before I could get any further, she deftly rolled over on to of me. She slid her way down and removed my shoes and socks. Without missing a beat, she reached up and undid my belt, then pulled off my pants. My aching cock was clearly outlined in my underwear, which she then literally ripped off, tearing them in two. Being 33, it had been a long time since I'd been with a girl this young.

And without missing a beat the doctor continued on in all seriousness and said, "He can have passive sex after a month."

As I continued to preen myself in front of the mirror I realized that I had a problem. The movement of the fabric had brought my nipples to an embarrassing prominence and, for a second or two, I conjured up an image of myself wearing this and little else whilst my fiancé looked on with a expression of pure lust on his face.

"I've never heard you react like that before. It was so exciting and such a turn on," James replied as he buckled his belt. Seated in his chair again, his mind was racing. He had been slowly pushing Dina to discovering new things, but this was more than he expected. "I wonder if you'd cum like that if we really did involve another man."

My plans for discomfort didn’t work, he enjoyed it and started fucking my mouth deeper and faster. His cock was so thick my mouth was straining around him and when he went deeper I tried to swallow over it instead of gagging. I wanted him to cum so bad so he would just leave. I figured once he came we’d be done, he’d leave and I could go back to my average somewhat normal, never boring, sex life.

I could still feel the vibration of her lips on my clit and the very big orgasm in the pit of my stomach. Just before I was done, I heard the door of the bathroom open and close and saw the shower curtain open.

I felt the head slide into the constriction of her throat. Gina almost coughed once and I was ready to back off but she kept up the pressure until I felt the head slip into her throat. She pulled me forward until I felt her lips close around the base of my cock. It felt magnificent. That was only the second time in my life that a woman had swallowed all of my member and I loved it.

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"Well why don't you two get our room at the resort, and we'll go and change for the beach." Lynn told John and Robert.

After a few moments you look down and realize that I am still there. I am sitting cross legged on the floor with my breasts once again hanging out of my jacket. My hands are massaging my inner thighs and I am giving you that pleading look you know so well. You stall and ask me if I drove over. "No", I say. Then I tell you what happened on the cab ride over. I can see your cock rising as I tell you the story. I know you are enjoying it. Then you get a hard look in your eye. You order me to stand up. I do. Next you order me to take off my clothing. As all that I have left on is the jacket it is a quick process. However you seem even angrier. You think that my short jacket is all that I wore. I decide to play along and see what you have in mind.

I had my hand over my eyes as I lay on my back, my shrinking dick coiling up inside its nest of hair, but Phyllis wasn't done yet. I felt her hand on my depleted member and she squeezed me ever so gently, then her mouth took it all in…cock, balls, the lot. She licked under my ball bag and along my shaft, sucking eagerly at my knob. Juices, both hers and mine, made an erotic cocktail that she drank like nectar. New blood flowed and my 'little soldier' began to struggle to attention once more. I was amazed. This never happened when wanking over some pinup girl!

I dived under and made sure that as I passed under Greg I brushed quite hard against him and when I did the same to John, my hand trailed up his leg but stopping short of my target area.

We had talked about this particular event occurring, and through my own stupidity I had reassured John that Greg wouldn't harm me too much, and so this death threat was far from being expected by me anyway. That he would go this far when he hadn't before was a surprise. Even the police had said that his profile was one of low violence.

Kris said, "Oh we talk about other things too. Pussies. asses, tits, you know just the general run of the mill old stuff."


"Oh," she said, "Yeah. Julie wanted to look at some more. I decided to pick this one up. Three, however, is my limit. I know when to call it quits."

As this was happening, Kathy pulled Pauline’s head away from her cunt by her hair. She wanted to see the full effect on Pauline’s pretty face. She saw what Pauline was experiencing and felt a twinge of jealousy, even though Pauline had licked her to several good cums and even though she could have Charlie at any time. Pauline’s face was flushed, her lips, cheeks and chin were smeared with female cum, her hair was in disarray, but she looked so alive and young again, younger than her 38 years. Kathy bent down to kiss her. Pauline’s eyes were closed but they fluttered open in surprise when she felt the woman’s lips against hers. She murmured and opened her mouth to receive the kiss. Kathy first just brushed lips, then she locked mouths with Pauline and stuck her tongue in her mouth. Pauline surrendered to the kiss, dueling her tongue against Kathy’s invader.

"Thanks mum....I'd wish you'd fuck........" Billy said cutting himself off when he realised what he was going to say.

I brush my reddish brown hair straight, falling over natural dark skin, tight, but voluptuous hips, breasts just right, 38D, bright green eyes, I stand something around five and a half feet tall, I weigh in at around 150. I’m half Native American, and I surely have the personality to prove it. My husband, Jackson, is also half Native, a good six foot four, dark skinned, muscular, black hair, hazel eyes, stands a solid 220. He’s a hardcore farmboy, and I love that about him. He was shocked when he found out I was bisexual, I didn’t tell him until after we were very serious into our relationship. He never asked me to bring another girl into our bed. My ex husband couldn’t stand the fact I was bisexual, he was always wanting a girl in our bed, with us, but if I did a girl on the side, he went apeshit, but Jackson never did. He just took it in stride and went on with our life.

"I've decided tonight is your night my love. I'll fulfill every one of your fantasies within my ability. I know how much you love it when I read to you. That was merely the beginning. Name your pleasure, my love. Your fulfillment is my own."

With that he lunged forward and started to slam the length of his meaty prick inside her rectal opening. Faster and harder now he fucked her in her ass. Chad looked down and watched his prick as it slid in and out and it excited him well past what he had dreamed of in the past.

* * *

Later, Vixen described just how she felt when they entered the Earle: “Well.. I could feel all their eyes on me when I walked in. It was intimidating and yet I was excited. I couldn't get close enough to you. I wanted you to protect me, and you did, picking only those men you wanted to be allowed to touch me. When I felt the man lifting my skirt and then going underneath to lick me, I looked at you and you nodded that it was all right. Then I felt safe and just loved the dirty pleasures.”

Once at her apartment Bridget laid the cat on her table, still wrapped in the sweatshirt, and went in hunt of first aid supplies. Gathering up towels, a box, a washcloth, soap, warm water and bandages she returned to the kitchen. The cat lay where she had left him, his eyes open and watching her warily as she approached. Carefully unwrapping the sweatshirt she went to work cleaning the cat’s side.

“Yeah, he loves cock. He loves it so much, he’s going to get more than he can handle,” the blonde-haired Gregory said. He pinched Terry’s packed cheeks and brought Terry’s hand up to stroke his purple-headed cock. “I’m going to fuck you so good.”

Thuda! Thuda! Thuda! Thuda!

She flung her hands away from her eyes and glared at me. I smiled back at her. After a second she gave me a sly smile and winked at me. With that she turned around onto her stomach. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide exposing the dark ring to me.

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Nisida spoke slowly “He made his men do so. He jerked off on me.”

"But he's not out of the woods yet. I'll leave out the medical jargon," she said, something that might once have thought about being a smile crossing her face.

“Yes daddy, I liked it.” Her voice was clear and she looked right at me.

And let me tell you, it’s hard a hell of a lot. I still jack it a lot ‘cause I still get really horny all the time. Before I spent the summer with Claudia and Marco I jacked it several times a day. Since then it’s about the same, mostly ‘cause I got so many memories about all the sex.

"Point taken. I'm gonna give it to you so hard, you'll be begging for my cock by the time he gets home."

He leaned up and kissed Bonnie right on her asshole. He kissed her pussy, watching the pink swollen lips shake a little at his touch. That did it. He couldn't take anymore. He grabbed her by the waist and threw her off of him. His cock slipped out of her mouth, as he threw her helplessly on her back beside him.

Very sarcastic, but I think for a second she felt guilty about her conversation.

With that she slammed the car into gear and with tires squealing, raced east toward the old warehouse district, not in the direction of the city jail. I watched her face in the rearview mirror and saw her jaw clenching as the wheels in her mind spun faster than the ones beneath us. She had plans for me I could only imagine, and I began to think I'd made a big mistake with my glib response.

"Deeper, Allen," she moaned. "Deeper, my love."

"I will do what ever you wish Mistress." I told her falling right into my role.

Ken was not sure if the garter belt was visible through his clothes. He didn't think it was visible, but he wore a sport coat just in case. Anytime he got up and walked at work he could feel the garters tugging on the stocking and he could feel the stocking rubbing against his legs. He was a walking erection for most of the day. On his way home he checked his PO box and was disappointed to find it empty.

He heard a mental snort of laughter. "Told you she wanted it."

Gina stood up and faced him with a smile on her face. "Don't give me that. You've been scooping me out since the elevator and I know you were just looking at my cunt. I could feel your breath on my ass." She said.

Nurse Nadine leaned forward and kissed him passionately. “Feel better now Bob?” she whispered. All he could do was nod yes, with a huge satisfied smile on his face. She quietly dressed, blew him a kiss and walked from his room towards the nursing station.

"The first one would be your resignation from JP-Morgan, Josie." He placed the pen in my hand and moved it to the dotted line at the bottom of the sheet.

Beatrice brought her mouth back to Nessa's tasty little pussy. She then brought her hands around her prisoner's body and gripped her firm round ass. It fit into her hands with a bit of overflowing...nice, round and full...beautiful ass. Beatrice pulled the little female to her and suddenly plunged her long tongue deep inside her tight pussy, as Nessa's foot was placed back on the stool, opening up her pussy more. Beatrice ran her fingers down Nessa's sweet ass, then slowly ran one finger down the center, slowly rubbing her pussy juice over Nessa's ass opening. Ever so slowly, Beatrice slipped her middle finger into Nessa's ass, as her mouth took hold of her throbbing clit. She began sucking her prisoner's engorged clit hard as her finger pumped in and out of her tight ass.

"Go Mommy, cum on your baby boy."

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It wasn't long before Ian let out a loud moan and I started to feel his cock twitching in my pussy before unleashing a stream of cum against my cervix. After he pulled out I started to feel his cum dripping down my leg, I reached my hand down to my pussy and got hold of a large glob and put it to mouth whilst facing the camera tipped my face up and let Ian's cum and my pussy juice drip into mouth.

She released a deep appreciative moan as he plunged into her pussy. She was warm and wet and welcoming. She must have been thinking about him for a while before she finally called, he realized. He knew her body, knew the way it responded to him- always positively, but Britney usually required more time to warm up, lots of kissing and caressing- not that Justin ever minded, but the urgency they both felt was obviously a long built up, and this union long sought for.

Lisa and Russ talked about it long hours and it was finally decided that he should take it. It would mean that Russ would be working, sometimes fifteen hours a day, on the average. Russ knew that at his age it would take a toll on him but he wanted the house for Lisa so badly he could taste it. Lisa agreed that, in order to have a good life together, that there would have to be sacrifices on both of their parts.

I pulled my boot back on, zipped up the side and stood up facing Clare. We kissed gently and I could taste my pungent juices on her lips. My hands reached to feel her delicious looking boobs.

"What? Where's the pizza?" I asked.

Her stomach tightened at the thought of sleeping with this old man, but she was now concerned that it was the only way to secure the contract. What would happen if she said no? She might never get a chance like this again. She could be turning down a huge bonus and possibly a promotion.

“Like that do you Jane?”

“Yes, that’s the women,” I said quickly, wanting to cut her off before she said those words, “Killed her husband.”

Half an hour later the smoldering fires began to burn again. But this time he wanted it differently…to come in her mouth. She had never performed fellatio, not even with Suman. It was perverse… something that you can read only in those English paperbacks. Certainly, she can't do it.

"That's ok. We can go by the union or down to Mickey D's."

“Would you like me to strip for you?” she teased. “It’ll be a pretty short striptease, because I’m not wearing much underneath this dress, as you can probably guess.”

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" She pulled herself from the bed and I was completely ignored. "By the way, this spread looks really nice in here."

Well, his ass was still attached, so at least Dillon had been wrong about that part. He felt full, stretched. Jamie lay above him, stock still and, Dillon guessed, afraid to move. But in addition to feeling pain, Dillon felt something else. Curiosity. He was anxious to know what it was that made Jamie so eager to bottom for him most of the time. With a slight rocking of his hips, Dillon encouraged Jamie to move. And move he did. With that one little motion, Dillon started Jamie's thrusting. And Dillon felt . . . nothing.

“Late again. Next customer get to feel and suck Lois Kubik's big tittys.”

"Permission denied," Rick replied as he entered her ass and pussy both in one stroke. Ann screamed out from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Babs had struggled against Brian during the first fuck and also during the blow job and she wasn't all that active a participant during the first minute of the second fuck, but then her legs came up and locked onto Brian and I saw her pushing her ass back up at him as he fucked her. It took Brian almost ten minutes to cum in Babs the second time and when he pulled out I figured that it was time for me to put an end to the party. I slowly backed off the porch and used my cell phone to call the house. Babs answered and it was her first chance to say something about what had gone on, but she didn't say a word. I told her I was on the way home and would be there in about ten minutes.

Both nurses returned shortly. One started to sweep up the broken thermometer, carefully wiping the floor down afterwards. The other opened up a plastic case she was carrying, and set it on the bench. Jenny could see a digital readout, with several knobs and levers. There was a tray at the bottom, from which she pulled out an odd looking device attached by a long wire lead. She started to stretch what appeared to be a condom over the tip of the probe, and Jenny suddenly realized what she had in mind!

She moves her head so that the shadows and her hair leave her face. I can see the evil grin which passes across her mouth. She saunters over to the chair in the room, all the while, rubbing her thighs and tugging on the chain. The chair is large and ornate, the kind you might find in an old castle. The woodcarvings on the arms and back are curvy and suggestive. The cushions are plump and soft. She strikes a match from somewhere, and lights a candle on the nightstand next to the chair.

I felt the head of his cock pushing past the opening of my throat, and I could feel a thick stream of drool flowing past my lips as I sucked his cock hungrily.

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Orly leaned to her. "You mean I get a kiss and Heath doesn't?"

"Four to my count," Dr. Sanders replied.

Harry could think of no place in the world he'd rather be.

Bless you pa for telling me about my aunt. Any deal that gives her more while doing less for it, the better she likes it.

"I want to see it." she said her voice a low groan. Her hands went to my the waistline of my trunks and again pulled them down. I lifted my ass in the air, surprisingly eager to accommodate her. My hard cock flung forward into the lake air. My stomach tightened as a surge of excitement went through me. Never had anything ever felt this intense. Kammy's eyes widened as she stared at my cock stiff

"What if I just take that tape away from you, and destroy it? Then it would be just your word against ours, and Barbara Gordon is one of the Library's most respected employees!" Jenny replied, showing a sudden spark of defiance.

Authors’ Note: This story may not be published on any website that charges an access fee to members, but may be distributed on any free site as long as appropriate credit is posted with it and the authors are notified prior to posting. Also, please note that this story was conjured as an experiment to see if two authors with completely different styles could craft a tale that would appeal to both their audiences. We appreciate all feedback and thank you for your indulgence.

Grinning, she declared, "Cool off, Mulder, this isn't the triple x files," and pushed him in. Then followed after for some submerged counterintelligence and found a nightstick hidden in his trunks.

At first it seemed impossible. We didn't even live in the same countries, let alone near each other. And the demands of the real world made anything more realistic seem completely out of the realm of belief. However to my amazement, Jail often encouraged me to not rule out the possibility of a real life encounter ... after all, life is made up of the unexpected. I thought it was a very remote possibility. Nevertheless I kept in the back of my mind a little germ of the idea that someday we might actually meet in real life.

It was a Sunday evening, we had our books out, all over the conjoined beds. Dylan had an exam for his Criminal Justice class and I had one coming up for 19th Century Art. Dylan was a bit anxious about his, but I wasn't too worried about mine. I had a 4.0 average in all of the subjects I'd taken in my major and was chosen to work in the slide library as a side advantage of this achievement. I knew my painters, sculptors, works and eras well beyond what we'd studied in class. So I was trying to help Dylan study for his exam instead of my own.

Fortunately for Tonya a man named Tom had just been exiting Jeepers Peepers, 'The one stop shop for all of your voyeuristic supplies', Tom had grabbed a fire extinguisher, and put the fire out.

We both sensed a connection so decided to go to her place for some more drinks. It didn't take long before we were kissing and caressing each other. In just a few minutes time she let me take her blouse off. As she let me unfasten her bra she unbuttoned my shirt. Then as she felt my hard cock through my pants she asked, "Do you have a couple of condoms with you?"

Julie looked like she was calculating. "Six weeks."

You stepped back as the door opened to allow her entrance first. Closing the door behind you, your intention was to offer her a seat and then a beverage. You didn't get that chance. As soon as the door was closed she pulled you into her arms and covered your mouth with hers.

“Wow” Meredith said, “ and how did you feel about that? Was Francine’s husband there? did he stare at your breasts? did he give you the eye?” she giggled.

She ran up the stairs and into his room, he was nowhere to be seen but his TV, consoles and games all appeared to have an electrical current flowing through them,

“Bob, here’s all the stuff you need to give to the Bitch. Hurry up sugar, I’ve got plans for you today for our celebration.”

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I couldn't believe it. She gave me such a sweet look of questioning innocence. "Oh, come on, Penelope," I screamed silently, "Do I have to spell it out?" She looked on, simply waiting. "I guess I do."

"Mmmmm..." she groaned, standing and turning to kiss him. "Little brother," she said, "You're a great fuck."

"Ahhh... mmmmmmm.." he groaned. His head went back and he closed his eyes as he just let her slide over his shaft. His body tingled with the feeling making him shiver all over.

"Is that Miss or Mrs. Smith?" Martin asked.

Her dark mahogany hair was blowing in the wind as she drove, casting copper highlights in the red sky of early evening. By the time she made it to the gravel driveway, the sky had turned purple, and before she could reach the front door, the sun completely disappeared behind the mountains.

Marlene locked the door, turned, and walked back to where Stacey sat. "Stand up, please," she said softly.

He let one hand off the steering wheel and began to run his hand down my chest to my hot pussy. I let my legs spread open and his hand went right to work. I laid my head back. beginning to moan his name. My hand rubbing roughly against his throbbing member. I concentrated on his touch as his large fingers pushed my undies to one side and parted my pink pussy lips. His middle finger running up and down my dripping slit, finding my erected clit and gently, slowly massaging it. "Just like his tongue will do when we get home!" I thought devilishly to myself.

Ready for some salesman or other annoying such being, he looked right over her head. She cleared her throat softly, and he looked down, surprise drawing his features into a smile, his deep blue eyes widening.

Loretta was a one time hollywood hottie destroyed by excesses. Now a small time movie star she was hopping from one bed to another in an attempt to secure some obscure movie roles in films that no one wanted to watch.

“If I am going to get Stacy alone again I will have to be careful,” Dave thought as he watched Helen Watson approaching.

"No it's not," I could see she was about to argue that it was. "But that's not important. I thought that you didn't phone because you didn't want to see me again."

He broke out kiss, leaving me aching for more. "Oh Wendy, I love you so much baby. I think I always have."

Jenny was snuggled next to Jim on the cushioned love seat.

"Fuck baby, this is mine?" He asked cockily.

"I'm starving," Aidan said, glancing sheepishly at her over his shoulder. "Guess I shouldn't raid your guys' food though, should I?"

Quickly he twisted them into a painful position. They pushed him out of the house into the cool summer night. Together they walked into a waiting van.

The Reverend and his son smiled at each other quickly and embarrassed they hurriedly went out of the house and to their car.

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I was about to move my hands to cover myself, knowing it would look ridiculous but hoping it would get me through the shampoo, when Style suddenly appeared at my side. She had taken off her white jacket, probably so the sleeves wouldn't get wet, which fully revealed the pink tank top and just that much more of her chest. My dick jumped off my stomach and pointed upward, making a tent in my pants that I could feel and Style could undoubtedly see.

John looked down at the young college co-ed as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. He’d never used a slut while the father watched, but he was always game for something new. He closed his eyes as he felt her mouth suck him, her tongue expertly caressing his shaft. Reaching for her nipples, John pulled up to stretch them, marvelling at how well she kept working on his cock while he hurt her. He pushed in further, knowing he had a direct line down her throat this way. Somehow, she managed to open herself up and take most of him in, despite a bit of gagging and choking. John looked over at Brock and smiled. “Is your daughter’s cunt as good as her mouth?” he inquired.

I had prepared myself for this night. The two prior nights I had masturbated, teasing myself until I was excited but not letting myself cum. Pinching and pulling my nipples, teasing my pussy, rubbing my clit, sliding my fingers inside, getting myself all wet, imagining myself in a hot 69 with a sexy girl, just not allowing myself that release I so desperately needed. Same with that afternoon, I spent a LONG time in the shower, teasing my breasts, rubbing my mound, giving myself a fresh shave so my pussy was smooth and bare for the activity I hoped I would be getting that night. I had spent the last two days walking around in a horny buzz, knowing that I would find a sexy girl to relieve that itch deep inside me...

She unbuttoned my fly and slid her hand inside my boxers. I was already hard and this brought me to my full seven inches. She pushed me back and took my cock into her mouth. This girl didn't fool around. Her mouth sucked me in, while her hands massaged my balls and shaft. She pumped me hard, her grip was amazing. Between her lips, I was in heaven.

"Oh yes, I have all of your albums." Cassie told him smiling.

A third ring.

"What? Why in the world would you…?" I stopped in mid-sentence. I thought I could guess the answer. "Janie, you're not suggesting, I mean you've go to be kidding; you can't be serious! You can't, I mean, I've never even thought about…"

"God Natalie, you are so hot," with that, Natalie, stepped back. She ripped off her blouse, exposing those perfect 36c breasts, Val jumped up on Natalie and wrapped around her, Natalie fell back on the couch with a giggle. Val started to suck Natalie's tits, and with one of her hands pushing up Natalie's skirt, and pushing up her panties and started to massage her pussy. Then started to pump in and out, first slowly, and gradually picking up speed.

"Should we breed her up here in the loft or take her down to the paddock?" Josh asked.

"I'm so fucking hard pet. I'm a bad, bad man. I'm gonna fuck you now."

Two fingers replaced his tongue, and he finger-fucked her into an even more intense orgasm, as he encouraged her, "That's it baby, cum for me! Cum harder... harder! Oh yeah!" He could feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as her orgasm closed in on her.

For a fleeting moment, Riker considered pulling out, denying his willing toy her orgasm, but there was no way he could tear himself away from her now. He'd never been with anyone as exquisite as Deanna Troi.

“It isn’t bad,” Sam said. “I have some that is much better at my home. In fact I have several things you might want to sample.”

"It's not funny" I said, half laughing myself.

“They were soaked.”

He grunted in her ear as he pulled her boots and jeans off, " I'm going to make you forget about that headache."

"I did care for you. I cared deeply for you, but you knew that I loved my wife. It was you who kept telling me that I was going to go back to her. I know that I kept saying "No way in hell" and that you were wrong, but I guess you knew me better than I knew myself.

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Friday arrived and I was a bundle of nerves. Bradford had already departed for the party long before I was ready. So about 7:45 I was off to see the wizard, or in this case, the fairy princess. The number of cars shocked me as there were a good number. When I went in I was not too surprised to see only Susan and one other adult female there. I found out later the other lady was a good friend of the family and had come over to help watch over the kids and to celebrate Ginger’s birthday as well.

We both love our partners, but it’s nothing compared with the feelings we have for each other. Only the society puts the obstacle for free love.

"I called and when you didn't answer I went looking for you. And I found you sleeping with my dog and not me." he said.

Sophie's sister Helen got married a few years after us. She married an insurance guy named Ted. They seemed to be a pretty good match. The four of us went everywhere together. We were almost inseparable. We went to the movies, dancing, dinner all the time and even went on a cruise together. I probably loved Helen almost as much as Sophie. I never did anything to harm our relationship in any way. The four of us just seemed to hit it off. I know Sophie thought a lot of Ted also. But we all just stayed friends, that is except Sophie and Helen. They were probably as close as two sisters could get. I doubt if they even kept a secret from one another.

He smiled and said, “You my wife now.”

"Keeping that for a special occasion were you?" I teased as she poured the champagne.

I had taken fifteen, and still I did not lower my ass or raise my head. I was sweating profusely, as my whole body seemed to be a mass of trembles. I must have resembled a racehorse, steaming and shaking after a long hard gallop. My ass was throbbing, and my rectum had started to spasm. When Jack had reached ten, I thought I was going to literally shit myself and had to clench hard on my sphincter. Now it flexed uncontrollably, a fact not missed by Jack. "Angela, come and see this!" He said.

"Don't you ever try another little stunt like that ever again, girl," he warned her, his features now twisted with rage.

Pulling up, he reached to my hand, pulling it to her cunt. As my fingers reached to her, I pictured my mouth lowering to her, sucking the clit gently into my mouth. I leaned forward. I was approaching her cunt. My mouth opened, my tongue licked my lips. I took a deep breath. I looked to Sam, his hand slid up my back to my shoulder. I looked back to her cunt, inches from my face. I could do this! I could do this! I hesitated. I raised up, sitting back on my legs. I stroked his cunt. Not yet!

He figured the men downstairs had seen enough, time for him to get some. He knelt on the bed between her thighs and raised her legs up over his shoulders. Then with one hard thrust, he pushed his entire 7" cock into Lori's pussy. She was plenty wet and Jacob immediately began fucking her with long, hard thrusts. Lori moaned as she approached her second orgasm. This one was much bigger and her whole body shook as she came all over Jacob's hard cock. The clamping down of her pussy brought Jacob to the point of no return. He slipped his cock out of her dripping pussy and shot three long strands of cum up across her chest; the longest hitting her on the cheek. He continued to stroke his big cock, spurting smaller shots of cum onto her stomach and into her pubic hair.

I said "Ok."

The doctor came in a while later and explained that there had been glass in my eye, but he was sure that it didn't do any major damage. "We'll know in about three days. Until then we'll give them time to heal and keep them bandaged and try to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Lyn walked over to Diane and they both stood before a wide variety of collars, some studded, some leather, but collars none the less.

"You are so fucking bad!" Tim said, shaking his head. He watched his brother go into their bedroom and return with some foil-enclosed rubbers. "Here I go, Timmy boy." Jack carefully pulled back the plastic and eased his muscular body between the exposed wall studs. The thought of fucking Nora was overwhelming his common sense and innate decency. He was crazy with lust for her. She probably wanted him too, he thought.

Keeping my hand between her legs, I rose up on my knees and pivoted to bring my face over Becky's pelvis. Her two ridges rose dark and shiny next to her pale skin. I ran my tongue down one side of her hairless slit, gathering her dampness. My mouth watered from her taste and I switched to her other side to reap more of her delicious dew. Below, my finger tip slipped into her narrow slot up to the first knuckle. Meeting resistance, I slowly flexed it. She loosened and I pushed on into her.

I took a moment, twisted my hand to vertical and applied pressure to her panties - sawing my hand back forth - working a crease of material inside her. So warm - so wet. I cupped my hand and curled it up along the front of her panties applying pressure to her crotch with my forearm. I hooked the waistband of her panties with my fingers and slowly pulled then down. They caught on her hips until she reached under her skirt and provided brief assistance. Once more I could pull them straight down. She moved her legs together and stepped out of her panties. She snagged them with one toe and kicked them towards her watching husband who caught them.

"Some of those things you bought aren't very appropriate," Holly continued, hemming and hawing.

Fully aware of how such activity prepares the way for the goal he intended to achieve, Todd went to work in earnest, running his tongue the full length of Susan's slit, pushing it into her warm moist hole, then traversing up to her protruding clit.

The sofa in the living room was laden with books and DVDs. But there was only one bedroom. The decision seemed to come from her tired mind and body. The bed! He wasn't sleeping in it anyway. She would wake up if he happened to walk in, anyway. Tripping over a pile of clean laundry at the foot of his bed, Briana wished she had stayed at a friend's house instead. But she had asked many favors like sleep-overs lately. And she did not want to overextend her friends' welcome. In a few days, she would find the right apartment, and then she would be fine. With that, she fell asleep.

On one visit I was dressed in my leopard print spandex minidress, black fishnet thighhighs, black shoulder length wig and black 3” pumps.

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“Very well Kate, please remove your clothing”.

“Don’t consider clamming up, girl, not after I had to march over in the cold.” She couldn’t stop the grin even while she was trying to look stern.

Steve watched Amy's face intently as she worked, even sensing the moment she realized he wanted release. As soon as she figured it out, she sped up her motions and he felt her increase her suction on his dick. His breathing quickened and he felt all of his energy begin to focus deep within him.

"Mr. Stickles?" He said.

"For the excitement."

He grimaced, sucking in his breath through clenched teeth. His cock died in his hand as his sister bent over.

The girls could hear other wet smacking sounds on the video as well. They looked closer at the video to see Tracy’s mom Trish, on top of Melissa’s mom Erin. She was on top of Erin with her pussy right over Erin’s mouth. The girls jaws dropped as they saw the camera change angles, they could now see that both women were busy tonguing each others pussies. What was even sexier was the fact that they could see a whitish color fluid dripping out of Trish’s pussy, and running down Erin’s chin. Trish started shaking her hips as Erin moved her tongue up and down her wet cunt.

"Yes Mum."

Then it got really interesting—everyone must take all your clothes off for the next game.

The DJ played two more slow songs after that and I wondered if Meryl could feel my hard-on throbbing between where our crotches were squeezing it between them.

I came the first time, just from the thought of what was happening. The second time took a little longer, but not much, when she rammed a finger up my ass that she had been resting in the ice cream till it was cold enough.

He chuckled, grabbing me by the arms, and then, in a surprise move, he ran a hand over my ass and scoped a couple of fingers into my pussy. Then, like a bowling ball, he picked me up off the table, before dropping me down on the floor.

Meg walked up to them, "There you are. I hadn't seen you for a while and I just wanted to make sure you were all right."

This time he held me in his arms and we made love like animals scratching and hungry for each other. First I was on top. He grabbed my full tits hard as we swayed. Wanting to go deeper I wrenched away from his grip. I stayed on top and keeping his cock held inside, turned around. My fingers found the tender area underneath his balls and I licked my fingers and made little circles with their tips. I heard him gasp.

"Now it's my turn to taste you baby," Eloise finally said after I was through licking her body from head to toe.

"And what do you say slave?"

“Very good. Logic would tell me that I could buy you only because you were for sale. Why were you for sale, Rabbit?” He struck her inner thigh.

After about 10 minutes, Linda hears the police siren. She gets up off the steps and sees the police pull up into the parking lot. She walks back into the apartment.

The force of her orgasm against my cock and the amount of her cum cause it spray out around my cock. I stopped my thrusting. Gramma's eyes were closed and she took a deep breath.

"Like that?" said Helwyn, shocked to her welsh core. "Shall I undress as well?"

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I start jerking him off as I work on that sensitive spot with my tongue.

I forced Jenn down onto her back, and I rolled over on top of her and pinned her to the bed. Then I licked the cum off of her face. She kept trying to keep me from kissing her, but I persisted, and I finally pushed a wad of my cum into her mouth with my tongue. She tried to spit it out, but I kept my mouth clamped against hers, and I began to rub my thigh against her pussy. I could feel the fresh, sticky cum on my stomach as I rubbed against her.

"They said I invited them over at 8:30, it's not their fault my wimp of a husband isn't here. They pushed and clawed at me and I kept telling them to stop, please stop but they wouldn't. They pinned me down on the bed and then they raped me. I kept saying 'no', stop, it's not suppose to be like this but they didn't listen.

"What is?" Mike looked around the room and when he saw the equipment he gathered he had missed something interesting. Jean said, "Sit down Mike. Would you like a drink?"

The question caught him by surprise. At first he didn't know how to respond. "Excuse me ma'am?" he was stunned.

"Where'd you get that dressing table mate?" I asked.

Fran continued, “I'm really sorry Roger. I did not intend to hurt you. But, I want to talk to Fred.”

Here's the next installment. As always, your thoughts on this writing are eagerly awaited.

Newsletter 3

"'Please' what, Katie?"

She had eaten but Rosie didn't miss a beat. "I'd love to," she quaked. "Thank you Mr Garvey."

"Cream on strawberries," said Lise. "In this case, KC, you'll find more is better."

Karen's eyes showed some fear now. "She wouldn't have, would she?"

The sound of the two women’s sexual satisfaction was getting Bill hard again. Mother and daughter came several times, the bed bouncing mercilessly. The more he tried to eat Laurel, the more she came. He put a hand on one of her breasts, feeling it move like jello under his palm. Until, finally, the bed was nearly still.

"Yes. Did the aliens catch you as well?"

"Are you sure Honey? Its pretty kinky."

Kneeling there with your butt in the cool air of the cabin, your head pushed down against the rug, I move behind you. My hands caress your ass cheeks a bit before letting a finger push into your ass. Reaching down between your legs, I let my other hand massage your clit. The more you moan, the more I rub your pussy, and the farther I insert my finger. "Gabbie, I desperately need your sweet ass," I say, "the sight of it is too much to resist."

During the competition Josie's foot had started to twitch back and forth. Like the tail of a cat that was ready to fight. Now her foot was moving faster and she couldn't seem to sit still. This told me she was either very excited or very nervous. I had never seen her like this; she has always been cool and collective.

It was like fucking a slick gopher hole. Her pussy was huge now and filled with someone else’s come. When I was done Karen ate her out. After we sat around for a while and talked, as if we were friends at a café. Suddenly conversation died and Carrie spoke after a brief pause.

"I'm glad you liked it." He continued and then stopped. It was Buffy's turn to apply lotion on his back. Buffy knew she was going to enjoy every moment of this. She started to rub his shoulders and gently massages his muscles. Angel was enjoying the feeling of her fingers on his back. She did this for a few more minutes and then stopped.

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Depressed, she reluctantly dragged herself up to their bed wearing nothing but one of Kelly's t-shirts and a pair of cotton boy shorts. For some reason she didn't expect Kelly to come home when he said he would, but she was pleasantly surprised when he arrived way earlier than she would've ever thought.

Professor Plum hovered behind Colonel Mustard. His eyes devoured Mrs. White on her hands and knees, her skirt still hiked up around her waist and her ass glistening from the juices she'd produced while sitting on the table. "It's Mr. Boddy's body," he said, shoving his hands quickly in his pockets to adjust himself.

I figured it pointless to pretend to have been awoken by her. "Yes," I said, no sound of sleep in my voice.

"What's stopping us? We aren't married anymore, no one knows us here. We used to make plans, Kathy."

I take your foot into my hands, moving my knees onto the foot of your bed, I reply

"That's my mom, very open." She turned away again to head to the kitchen. "Have a seat, would you like a beer?"

Sunday was much the same. Lori decided to wear just a vest top and hipster jeans. They all went to the supermarket, Lori taking her time in the chilled section, enjoying her daddy's frequent glances at her amazingly hard nipples, but again Beth was there the whole time and when they got home asked for help in cleaning out the garage.

She looked at me sternly and said, "And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother. Genesis, Chapter 38, verse 9," she said.

"It's ok, you don't have to tell me since you failed my little test, but I'll tell you a secret if you'll do something for me."

"Hey, easy there, Tiger. I'm not calling you for her benefit," Harmony replied. Matt was usually pretty good at reading people, and could tell from the hesitation in Harmony's voice she was hiding something. Despite instantly disliking any friend of Kathleen's he was curious why Harmony was calling him.

"You are so beautiful." This seemed to awaken Peter and Jim out of their post-coital dreaminess as they both quickly added their compliments to Michelle.

I kiss her passionately as my tongue rolls around hers. My hands again wander to her rounded swollen nipples. I squeeze them hard and then trace the outline with my fingers. My lips graze across her face moving slowly downward toward her neck. I take my hand and move her dark mane from her neck, as I kiss sensually along her hair line, then down towards her shoulders.

Judy Well I guess he is not so useless after all. Why did you marry him anyway though? What I mean to say is you know that you are definitely a full fledged lesbian. So why the charade?

"Great, I have something to get straightened out with Sue." I said with a small wink at Marianne and a big smile at Sue.

She resumed striking my sore ass. Concentrating on the count seemed to lessen the cramping. I reached twenty five, waiting with my eyes screwed shut for the twenty sixth when I realized she had stopped.

“Tell him to get his ass in gear,” Crank said. “We ain’t got all fuckin’ day.”

Todd couldn't help giving a shudder. The sudden thought of Desiree's mouth on his cock was like an electric current through his cock. Then he had an image of his mother licking his balls at the same time.

So the two of us would walk, not talking, just smoking cigarettes stolen from my mother’s drawer, sometimes holding hands. Every once in a while I would glance at the rings of smoke as they climbed towards the clouds, wrinkling my nose as the smoke’s pungent tang tickled my nostrils. But then I’d feel his hand slip into mine, never sweaty, just cool and soothing. My heart would beat so fast when he held my hand. It was such a gesture of innocence, not meant to be romantic—but somehow, as I look back, it was quite possibly the most romantic thing ever. Two kids, barely eighteen, enjoying the comfortable silence that many pairs never reach. Two kids, content to just be with each other, not talking or laughing or joking around, but just walking and thinking. To this day, I don’t know what he thought of, nor do I care. All I know is that my thoughts flowed freely, the evils of teenage life escaped my mind for a few moments, and I could truly experience a taste of Heaven.

"I guess I'll see you later," Gaelin said to Anina placing his arm around her waist.

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She started barking again.

"Hummm," Kevin grinned, feeling his dick continuing to harden.

I threw my arms around him and hugged him close. I just couldn't stop laughing, and each laugh caused my vagina to gyrate and tense inside. I laughed until I softly came one more time.

After everyone had caught their breath, Kim cleaned the jizz from her pussy, and they went to the living room for something to drink. It kept Kim horny to walk around in front of her husband and step dad dressed in her garter belt, hose and heels. Neither of them could keep their hands off of her. If they weren't grabbing her tits, they were slapping her ass. Bill was always trying to get a finger in her pussy too. Just as things were starting to heat up again, the door opened and startled Kim. A man walked in whom Bill seemed to know but was a stranger to Kim and Tony. His eyes immediately settled on Kim's scantily clad body.

"Look Nikki don't start this again ok. I promised you after the season we would take a vacation and we will. You just have to be a little patient," Terry replied.

"Ah, mon ami, just now you are sure? Tsk, tsk, you are rusty."

SMACK! SMACK! "Two, three" He keeps smacking, I keep squealing out numbers until we reach ten. As my muscles relax, I slump shaking onto the bed.

She ordered another drink just as her friends came back in.

Both Ben and she laughed, "yes," Sarah said, "So you know the rules hands off."

Hearing this, Sharon stopped and smiled to herself while her victim cried. "Anything?" she queried, interested.

Mike complimented her on her tits whereupon Mom hefted them in her hands and pointed them at Mike.

"I tell you what," Her pussy was almost dripping at her audacity. "How about you show me instead? If it's too hard for you to talk, then show me."

Al was still fingering Dots pussy, and I knew she was hot and ready for some dick. She stood up when Bo finished, turned around to Al, and said, “Sit down!”.... As soon as Al was seated, Dot unzipped his pants and unleashed his hard throbbing cock, taking it in her mouth, and sucking the whole thing down to the base, then slowly up and down. It didn’t take long and Al was ready to cum. Dot sensed this and started sucking harder and faster until he spewed his jism. When he was finished, Dot said, “There now guys, that should take care of both of you for a while, now I have to take care of my man!”

"Yeah, ain't she adorable?" I smiled and whispered back.

Mr Brompton ordered the teachers not to move her, fascinated by the hot cheerleader hungrily sucking on his meat for the second time in just over a week. He was ignored as hands grabbed Amy roughly by the chest and spun her round onto her back.

The horse never really stopped as it got to Little Dove. Hawk just jumped from its back as he landed and slowed his steps the best he could, as he fell into Dove and their embrace. Their eyes met and he just laid his lips upon hers until she became flushed, as a flower red as he stepped back and looked at her.

"I'll think of something. Meet me?"

She took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. She heard him say: “So when are we going to get together again Barb? Why haven’t you called me? You told me you get up with me when you left that night. But, here I am calling you. Are we going to meet baby? You told me we would meet.”

I saw his cock vanish beneath those hands, even as his entire body dropped out of sight and I stepped forward in surprise and concern. Had he hurt himself? He had certainly been very energetic and I couldn't help thinking that maybe he'd caused some damage. And I stepped closer to the window to try and look into his room.

I shot a look at Richie who gave me a big grin back. This was going great. Helen seemed putty in our hands.

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“Wow, so she already lost the dare?” Mike asked.

He grinned, the dimple appearing prominently in his left cheek. “I just did.”

Maybe I should tell you a bit about my friends. Randi had been my roommate during our college days. She was short, even shorter than me, and had medium blonde hair and brown eyes. She was thin, with small perky breasts and a nice round bottom.

He looked at me, at my closed eyes, and asked, "What do you mean?"

“Ohhh, God!!!” she moaned and started twisting, her head tossing from left to right. I kept on staring until she actually ripped up the panties in her left hand and kept on stuffing her fingers in her pussy.

"Can you really find me some men for a gangbang?" She asked.

Feeling her nipples, licking her lips, closing her eyes, rubbing her clit…she was so excited at this point she never even felt the warm breath on her neck…the heat of another body behind her…imagining she could feel his soft kisses on her neck…for she had dreamt of the night prior.

Mary took a lateral move to another division so that she could stay in the same geographic area her husband worked in. He had children from his first marriage and his responsibilities toward his kids increased dramatically as his first wife quickly remarried and became less interested in raising her children.

The 3 boys, left her bedroom, and went back to the living room. "Wow, another game" Mike said. The 3 quickly remained glueed to the tv for the rest of the evening. Sara didn't have sex with any of them again, but she felt so satisfied by her first gangbang.

Predicting the answer, Dane lay on his side, back to Steve. I positioned myself so that I could help (as if that wouldn't be required!!!!). Steve's penis was firm for me to grip, but unfortunately from that position I couldn't quite make out Dane's hole. Fortunately, Dane knew were it was, and guided the penis into place.

* * * * *

"Leggo, dammit, I want to fuck," he demanded, nearly screaming, and with amazing strength, he lifted the partially impaled woman bodily from the couch and held her in front of him a little above eye level. Shocked, her fingers released him and, she grabbed his shoulders. Her legs were tight around his waist, clinging to him to maintain position, and she looked like a lumberjack shinnying up a tree. He moved his hands under her haunches to hold her better, and grinned with grim satisfaction, when her eyes widened as she felt him begin to slowly reclaim her pussy.

As she came down from the wonderful cum ... she sat on her makeup chair ...and mused about her transformation from a dull housewife existence, to one of discovery and erotic sexual awakening.

Oblivious to my presence, Andrea stood up straight and tugged her t-shirt back down over her ass. It was as if I'd never been there, as if I hadn't just hurled a load of hot sperm into the wet hole between her legs. She closed the refrigerator door and took the apple out of her mouth. Without a backward glance she turned and walked away. Amazed at her indifference, I watched her tiny butt wiggle seductively under the t-shirt as she left the kitchen. I could see little rivulets of sperm glisten as they drooled down her legs. When she reached the doorway I heard her take a crunchy bite out of the apple, and she wiggled her fingers over her shoulder, saying goodnight to her dad.

Well I was shocked, I moved quickly away from the window and ran to her shed for sanctuary. I considered just quietly leaving, with out saying goodbye. But then I could hear her calling my name. With trepidation I went to her kitchen to see what she wanted. She'd made another cup of tea, and motioned for me to sit on a high stool. She sat in a low arm chair facing me. My crotch at her eye level. She asked me various questions, usual stuff about university, and if I had a girlfriend. When I said I hadn't she went a bit over the top and asked if I was gay. I assured her I wasn't, and as for girlfriend situation, I'd had a few, but was currently waiting for the right one to come along. During this grilling her eyes never left my crotch.

"I was thinking about doing it for your birthday," she said. "As a sign of our affection, and abiding trust in one another."

"Well maybe it wouldn't hurt…" began Mrs Johnson.

Suddenly her sleepiness faded, "What are you wearing?" she snapped. I was in my dressing gown as the house was cold and I had slept naked. I responded, explaining this, she answered coldly, "Put mine on, you little faggot."

We really did win! he thought, turning to look down at her. Melissa's shrieked of outrage drowned out even the monitor. Laughing, Alastair scooped Sada up into his arms. She squeaked in surprise, throwing her arms around his neck, then her laughter joined hers. His mouth found hers, cutting her laughter short, and he kissed her until both of them were breathless.

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"Yeah," I shrugged.

He was led up the steps of the bus, through the front section where the security team had halted and shown through a door into the rear.

He collapsed on top of me. His cock was now softened inside me but I didn't want him to take it out yet. He began to kiss me very gently.

"Oops. Of course," he said, wriggling out of the way, rigid prick bouncing. He turned as Cheryl positioned herself between Rhonda's legs. She dipped her head and her tongue flickered out to spear into Rhonda's pussy. Cheryl looked back over her shoulder at Jerry.

Despite the fact that I had lived in New York for nearly a decade this was the first time my sister had ever been to my apartment, although she had visited the city countless times.

My mother nodded her head and she turned her back and began walking up the chair. I couldn’t help but pinch one of my nipples as I followed her up the stairs, and I gave her firm ass a swat to get her moving.

It was now very dark in the room; almost as dark as the night.

I am crying, screaming, and yelling out my desperate need, my want.

"Be careful what you wish for" might be a better title for how my seven year marriage has opened-up sexually in recent months. It also answered some life-long questions. It all started one night when after making love with my wife Katherine, or Kathy as I call her, she asked me about my sexual fantasies.

Goddamn, but what a woman she was, he thought to himself. Kim sure as hell had some potent Native American-Indian in her system... that Rick could not doubt! She was tall, lithe and extremely sexy, with a full, round and highly voluptuous body that seemed to be designed for sex. As she made her way up out of the waters of the Caribbean, swaying her gorgeous ass back and forward as she went, Rick couldn't help but feel his cock twitch in his swimming trunks at the enticing sight.

'Let's see those lovely, long, sexy legs of yours', he said, sounding every bit like a porno movie director.

My hands went to her hair as I began to fuck into her face until I was drained. She continued to suck my dwindling cock until it was soft and got so sensitive I had to lift her head away from it.

The licking tennis players were still at it. The pool bound young man now fully erect rubbed the tip of his penis against the pussy of the top tennis partner, the brunette who had her tail in the air. Without waiting for any encouragement or even acknowledgement, he entered her. The brunette's moaning increased reflecting the double attention she was receiving. She had a dick in her pussy and a tongue working on her clit and she liked it.

"Quick! Inside now!" shouted Troy as he pressed the button that lifted the perspex roof. Talia looked in a dream world. He movements were stunted and slow and Troy eventually had to lift her in and follow her himself. As he joined her on the seat, he could hear the running footsteps and shouts from the cop, hard on their trail. His fingers fumbled with the controls as he reset the date for their own time.

She then carefully applied her eye shadow and rouge, finishing up with the blood-red lipstick and lip gloss.

"I never had children, but I know it's a natural thing for boys to do," Debbie said. "I'm sure that you have a lot of girlfriends too, because you're such a handsome young boy."

"How are you so sure?" Nora closed her eyes and relaxed as the woman's hands messaged her aching skull.

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My twin sister Lois and I were both 20 and Sophomores at a small college in West Virginia. We were also roommates. She was a History major and I was majoring in Sociology. We were fraternal twins, if that makes any difference.

‘Oh...so this is sex,’ I marveled at this heaven on earth.

When I first met my girlfriend’s freshman year roommate, Kaitlyn, I thought she was cute but nothing overly exciting. She had an average body and a nice face, but she wasn't the type of girl that would make every guy look twice. She was also very nice and we got along pretty well. As the year progressed we got to be pretty good friends and enjoyed hanging out at the bar together with friends and whatnot. I never really thought much about having any sort of relationship with her aside from the usual thoughts about threesomes and whatnot that can pop into your head as your trying to pop one of on a lonely night.

I looked at Jenny and she smiled at me. I asked her how her massage was and she told me that it was the best one that she has ever had. She told me that there wasn’t a drop of tension in her whole body right now. I told her that Tammy also had very talented hands and her mouth was rather talented too. This made us all laugh.

Jack stepped in and followed her as she walked past him after closing the door. Tom was right. Not only was the redhead beautiful, but she had a fantastic body! She was a little small for his taste, but if everything else Tom said was true, he could overlook that. When Melissa turned around to face him and point at the phone on a table by the wall, Jack had to swallow his heart. The red haired beauty before him had the biggest pair of tits he'd ever seen on a woman her size.

"Suck it," she grunted breathlessly, "you fucking whore."

"Finished?" she asked.

I lean back, still very aroused. I grasp you in my hand and press back against you. my pussy presses against the top of your cock. I massage it up and down. you feel it move down, to rub against my clit. Then up and feel you press back against you.

The toes somehow found the head of his cock and stroked, as if favoring a pet. Cal gasped.

Then Tim and Jan had moved in down the street. They seemed to be just another "young upwardly mobile" couple in their late twenties. Like about half of the neighborhood, they didn't have kids. That made them ideal to hang around with. He and Margaret had been scrapping a bit over the idea of children for about a year. She wanted to start a family. He wanted to wait until they were a bit more settled and financially settled.

I removed my pants and got between her legs. Caroline walked over to the bed and told me to be gentle. She caressed Sheila's hair and kissed her gently, telling the virgin to relax. I placed the head of my dripping penis at the entrance to Sheila's virgin grotto. And slowly slipped into her moistness. Suddenly I came upon that membrane and could feel the resistance. After telling Sheila this might hurt I thrust forward taking her virginity I then waited for her to accommodate my average size. When Sheila's hips started to move I began my thrusting. Before long our pubic hair was meshing and I was as deep as I would go. The thrusting became faster and harder as she got into the rhythm, and began to climb toward orgasm. Our hips churned and we began to pound our hips together. She screamed out her orgasm, as her vagina contracted on my cock bringing me over the edge. We lay like that locked in that embrace for a short time then I got up. Caroline took 2 white handkerchiefs and cleaned Sheila with them giving us both one of them. The handkerchiefs were both stained with our sum and Sheila' to be virgin blood . To be kept as souvenirs of the occasion. Sheila then asked if she could watch Caroline and I make love.

When Michael had had enough, he pushed her away from him. Gerry ended his stroking and pulled out, watching as a line of her cream trailed from the head of his cock.

“What did you tell her?”

"Yes goddam it yes". Cindy sobbed as she held tightly onto the fence.

Captain Oatlash was growing frustrated now. She stopped the flogging and turned Mutt to her. Her eyes widened when she saw his thick cock jutting out toward her, hard as nails. He looked her dead in the eye and said, with lust in his voice, "Is that all you got, Mrs. Bowie?"

I say "Sure come on in."

"Well Arnie what in the world should you have to do for me?"

I explained all this to Roberto and he agreed to visit us the following Friday evening. My loins were stirring all week and as Friday approached I could see Tina growing more and more nervous. Friday evening finally came and after we had finished dinner I took the kids to Tina's sister's house and left Tina to prepare herself for Roberto's visit.

Dave quickened his pace as his arousal grew, until Olivia stopped him.

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He was about 50-ish, with pepper gray hair and a moustache. He was trim and fit and about 6ft tall. He introduced himself to us.

"Go on," Fiona said through gritted teeth.

"It's a deal," he replied. We still had to go eat first, however, so I stumbled out of the shower and began to dry off as David put on a robe. He had a different idea.

"I'm happy," she said. "I'm just so happy."

Just then Fernando came back in and handed back his license. "Mr. Johnson," he said. "I apologize for this evening. I don't remember seeing you here before, but this reservation and for several weeks back have been made in your name. In addition, a reservation is in place for next Friday evening and the Friday after also. I have two requests of you, if it is ok?"

Ting is beautiful, weighing less than 100 pounds, with that soft, glowing almost golden skin coloring. Her eyes and hair were black and shiny as obsidian. Even, perfect teeth sparkled when she smiled. Her figure can't be hidden by her usual costume, a close fitting silk tunic covering her from neck to mid-calf, broken only by the slit to her hip, and worn over long, flowing pants. Ting is also tiny. Even in three-inch heels, she barely comes to my shoulder. Her English is impeccable – better than my own. I learned that she had entered an American school in Taiwan in her early teens. She had obviously done well there, earning a scholarship to the University of Hawaii and graduating in three years.

"Look at him," Lorna moaned.

‘Let her sleep, you wore her out I think Kate.’ He said softly.

"Is that the kind of flirting and petting you're talking about?" I asked.

Good, good. Ouch, my legs don't bend that way! Finally, he's coming into me. My body jerks. I have never been rammed before.

by Prof. Richard W. (formerly of the University of ____________)

She took her dominate place behind him as he smirked. They both viewed the monitor. She read over his shoulder. "...then she deftly lifted her skirt and showed him her exposed Venus, softly covered in curls..."

"Shhhh, Dad. Don't worry about it. Shhhh," she whispered, brushing softly at my face. I thought to move off her but her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist and I realized that she had my cock in a tight grip, still inside her wonderful pussy. She kept whispering to me that it was okay, that she understood ... and that there would be other times!

"I do, but how..."

He didn't indicate his approval or disapproval one way or the other. She started to open her mouth to ask, but then snapped it shut when she saw his look. She simply handed the toy to him, smiling shyly and watched as he paid for their purchases.

She told me that I was the only man that she had met since her divorce that had aroused her sexual interest. She said that she knew several months ago that I was the one that she wanted to have her first post-divorce sexual encounter with. However, she didn't start flirting, seriously anyway, until after I had told her about Janice's escapades with Mike. She said that she knew that she couldn't have me permanently, but she hoped that we could get together periodically for sex and conversation. She wanted me to be both her lover and her friend. "You have great buns. I really get turned on when you walk down the aisle at work," she said.

Somehow, the setting for the movie had shifted and the four naked members of the 'family' were on a deserted sunny beach where they were on a blanket and were engaged in a dual sixty-nine. The man was on his back while the woman kneeled over him sucking on his dick. He had his arms around her butt and was tugging her pussy tightly against his mouth. The kids were on their sides doing pretty much the same thing. Only it was much easier to see the boy's tongue as he flicked it back and forth and licked the entire length of her slit. We could even see part of the action when he stiffened his tongue and slid it into her vagina.

I followed behind you, wondering if maybe sex wasn't what was on your mind. You'd been nothing but friendly and sweet since you arrived, and I began to relax.


She wanted more cock and would I fuck her again? As good as your old lady's pussy is, no man could refuse, so you know what Norm? I ask her to roll over. She did and without me asking or telling her, she spread her legs, offering me more of her pussy. As I got between her soft, white legs, she reached down, took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. When the head of my cock touched her pussy, Janet lunged upwards, burying my cock in her pussy and we fucked again. I've fucked a lot of white women, married or not and your wife is one of the best! Norm, we fucked three more times that night and Janet gave me another blowjob. She told me, "she loved the taste of my cum." Then she told me "that she wanted to go home to you with her pussy and belly full of a black man's cum." We agreed to meet every chance we got. Your wife loves to fuck Norm. Now, she wants to be in a gangbang with some of my black friends! And I'm going to set it up!

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"Myn, you know I can't do that. You gotta hit a store."

She laughed then. Sam's wife Grace was perhaps the sweetest, most gentle woman she had ever met. There wasn't a mean bone in her frail body and he knew it, but he always made out like he was married to Hecate herself.

I couldn't help chuckling, "I didn't say that!"

I've lived this way for over 10 years. Outwardly, people think we are a regular married couple. My master and I are married, having lived in the neighbourhood all our married life. I hold down a regular job but at night, as 5.30pm comes, I am his, totally and completely. I have friends who I see on occasion, only at his approval but usually at a cost but they are unaware of my real life.

Quietly, she crawled over the sand to his sleeping form, and peered closer at his sleeping form. Paul was a well built lad, with muscles in all the right places. The thin line of dark hair on his rippled stomach lead down towards his shorts where there was a gap between his waist and the material, caused by the strain of his hard-on. At the sight, Jo felt her pussy juices begin to flow, and her nipples harden in her bikini top. Feeling very naughty, Jo eased a finger into the gap, and slowly lifted the waistband further up. Paul didn't even stir, so she mustered up all her courage and quickly pulled the material up and over his cock to leave it open to the air.

Soon she heard Dave pull into the driveway and bounce up the porch steps and come in the house. Caroline stood provocatively against the dining room door. David was dumbfounded when he saw how beautiful she looked in the see through baby doll pajamas. He quickly took her in his arms and they kissed. His hands swiftly grasped her breasts as Caroline grabbed his hard cock through his pants.

“What’s your cheapest item?” he asked like a good backpacker, even though he had saved quite a lot of cash thanks to the great exchange rate.

"Only white"


"You're such a slut." Duncan leaned in to shotgun her then he passed the joint to Sarah reversing the flow.

The End

"Will you please squeeze my big breasts?"

Jeff loved to spank his sister's ass and call her names. It would get her SO hot and she then as usual she would start talking up a storm. "Oh yes Jeff, Treat me like a slut, use me, do nasty things to me, Fuck me, Fuck me up the ass, just like a porn slut, just like a fuckin' porn whore. Use me, that's my job, to be used, and fucked in all my holes. Take my ass and make it complete. All this talk, and looking at his sisters smooth white ass was driving him crazy. He had to taste that ass and get it wet before he fucked her. He buried his face in the crack of her ass and stuck his tongue in her sweet young hole as far as it would go.

I know I do, but it's still not stopping the thumping in my chest…nor the desperate longing that's flittering inside me… Oh, a blindfold too?

"Sometimes," I told her, "Sometimes."

I was not there when your little family group came back. My heart warms to your use of my full name and the fact that your say it with the European inflexion, ‘Christiaan’. Where did a good Kiwi girl learn to say ‘Christian’ like that?

She said it with no heat so I knew she wasn't all that angry but at the same time she meant it.

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The attraction between us was instantaneous! We saw the other from across a very crowded room and immediately began to gravitate towards the other. If love at first sight were a scientific possibility, then this pairing would be understandable.

* * *

Yes, of course that's the reason I always carry a few eagle feathers with me. And no, I was never again considered boring after that. I think some of his appeal rubbed off on me.

M: Wow, wild game

When one of the girls asked me what she'd said, I froze, but Sabrina quickly covered, saying she was referencing a joke from the night before. It was the first time during the evening, though, that she'd mentioned anything about our previous encounter. It sent a chill through me - a pang.

My heart pounded in my throat as I struggled to speak; here I am trying to put them at ease when I'm the one that is a little tense. I cleared my throat then took a drink of my port and affirmed, "If you want we could do a shoot, I have all my equipment in the car." I think it was the wine that kept me from having a heart attack. In the back of my mind I knew we were getting close to the 'intimate' shoot, that is why I was packed and ready; spontaneity is so important in the art world.

"We have a truce, remember?" she laughed as she replied.

"Don't look like such a martyr, dear." Cara laughed and pulled her down between them.

"I want you to deep-throat me," he said, letting go of my head.

Ginny's hot South Pacific vacation is over, and she's seeking therapy for her runaway libido. Read "Ginny's Witnesses," Chs. 4-6, for some lewd background, and please vote! This young lady needs all the support she can get!


"So, that's her?"

Karin began playing with Robbie's shirt. "Oh, you don't want to go to a thrift store, Robbie...you have lots of money. I like it when you take me to Neiman Marcus...Greg's a thrift-shop pal, that's all...ROBIN." Karin coughed.

"Oh, Judy! You've made Pete's cock swell up already, and it looks so uncomfortable, held down inside his shorts. Lift up, Pete, and I'll set it free."

I hope it doesn't sound ungallant, but it was Jessica who was pushing the relationship and me who was reticent.

"No Mom," Billy answered. "I just didn't feel all that good and decided to stay home tonight."

"Well why didn't you call?" He could see her gesticulations in his mind's eye.

“Oh fuck girly! I’m going to shoot it in you!” Screamed Brown as he grasped Toni’s hips hard and shoved himself into her as hard as he could. The thrust pushed Toni all the way down on Elston’s cock as Brown lifted her off the floor as he unloaded into abused pussy. He held her tight against him while his cock pulsated as it shot cum into her.

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“Even deflated you beat my husband by a mile.”

To my delight he ripped open the fly of his jeans and pulled out an absolutely enormous, uncircumcised cock. It was obviously hard as a rock but so heavy it only stood at half-mast. "Damn! I have got to get me one of those!" I thought and smiled to myself.

Debra made a move in on Stephanie and softly pushed Stephanie's head towards her own and both women embraced on the most sexiest and passionate kiss I had ever seen! Both women invaded the other's mouth with their tongue, their faces almost mashing together. Stephanie "captured" Debra's tongue and sucked on it and licked the upper part of it, Debra moaning under her breath. Debra pulled back just a second, a trail of saliva coming between the two. I was already ready for action if this was it, but Debra's next words told me it wasn't. "Stephanie, I couldn't help it, I'm just so horny already, please stick your hand under my skirt and finger me to an orgasm while we continue this."

"No, ow ouch, no. I swear." The frightened girl shot back.

I know that we are both aware of the electricity in the air as our legs bump and as our arms brush against each other. We drink slowly and allow the alcohol to mellow, but not enough to dull the senses. During a silence, you gaze into my eyes. You lean in to kiss me you but stop, teasing me and instead hold my eyes. Your one knee is between mine, slowly pushing against my thigh, making my legs open a bit as I sit on the high stool.

"Laura comes from a rather strict background," Gary offered apologetically. "Since she will wear her suit, I will too." Gary glanced at Barb and Emily in quick succession and added, "but you can all do what you like as far as I am concerned."

He kissed her again. His tongue searched hers. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her into him. He drank of her sweet lips. He smelled her hair. He became enticingly aroused. He traced the outline of her face with his fingers. He rolled her hair between his fingers. It was soft and silky.

They did respond with pictures of their erect cocks. They were both huge, and about the same length, but one was a little fatter than the other. I eliminated the thinner one and concentrated on the guy with the biggest, thickest cock. His name was Dan and he lived about 50 miles away.


Her crotch was fully exposed to me as her legs stretched out, pointing me to her tight center. Her pussy was gleaming with wetness and was obviously primed and ready for intense fucking. She pulled at her thong as it rode back up into her tight folds. She smiled greedily at me, waiting for my next move.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Mr Howard broke in. "What was that? You two ever kissed anybody before, or what? Come on, you're not supposed to be brother and sister, guys! Make me believe you're in love. This is all about believability. If the audience don't believe you're in love, they're not gonna care a dime when it comes to the tragedy at the end of the show."

...She was on her back. Her legs felt like they were rising, floating up and over her head. Soon, her torso followed along. And her arms. And her head. Her spirit was free from her body. Free from the belt. Vibrations pulsed through her soul... She was looking down from the ceiling at herself. She was watching herself sleeping peacefully in her bed at home.

“OK, I’ll see you at the pool,” she said cheerfully.

Brad and Lisa put their jackets on and walked out to the parking lot.

Janet reached into her nightie with her free hand, urgently exposing her sweaty breasts. She rolled & stretched her swollen nipples as she plunged the dildo into her sopping vagina with increasing rapidity. Janet was hotter than a two-dollar pistol, and she knew she wouldn't last much longer. She reamed her juicy box, twisting the dong this way & that, the squishy noises filling the room.

That’s when it dawned on me. Courtney was waiting for Mr. Gamble in “their” favorite spot! Of course, the parking lot was relatively safe from the prying eyes of members, a good place for the two lovebirds to meet late in the day. Mr. Gamble wouldn’t worry about his wife driving up, the club was nearly deserted, in other words, perfect!

Although not beautiful, the nineteen year old maid was undeniably appealing. She was fair-skinned, with an intelligent, lively face. Her hair was silky and dark and long, braided with a centre parting. Her eyes were small, but nicely shaped and dark. Her nose was slim, slightly curved. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it sexily, her hands roaming up and down his muscular body covered by his clothes.

It was up to me, there was silence as my mind raced, thinking about everything Matt had said, he sounded so nice, so trustworthy.

We headed off to the kitchen where we finished making our salads. Brenda pulled out a container of spaghetti sauce from the freezer and put the noodles in to cook. We sat at the breakfast bar, eating our salad and making small talk while the spaghetti sauce thawed out and the noodles cooked.

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