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I awoke the next morning before my finger or clit did, and decided while I still had the family room to myself, I would try my own, much safer - and much thinner, size five finger internal to see if I could feel any signs of hope for a revived sex life. Since my strumming finger remained curled in an arthritic coma from the festivities of the previous night, I resorted to using my still safe size six pointer finger and pointed it in the direction of my vagina and prayed for the best. Another prayer for my pussy just didn't sit well though. For that matter, neither did I what with all the intricate basket weaving pinching my bottom. But the image of me going it all alone in solo sex for the rest of my life didn't sit any better.

"Oh Tom, isn't she the most beautiful creature you've ever laid eyes on?" he said, ignoring Tom's remarks.

"Lets knock on the door and go in." She said. "I can put my arms all over you and pretend I'm your girlfriend."

He grabbed her by the hair and told her.

"I've been wanting to meet you Ted," Henry said, shaking Ted's hand vigorously. "Lil has told me everything about you."

I heaved a sigh of relief, crushing her to me. “Thank God!”

The runner seemed so intent on his run that he didn't even look up at the lifeguard station. Mark could understand. The cloudy, windy weather made him feel exhilarated, too, and he had the urge to lace up his New Balances and go for a run before it rained. He glanced at the radar weather screen and then at his watch, giving himself ten more minutes of paperwork before he took off down the beach.

She winked again and smiled, closing the door herself. I kicked the wall and collapsed into my chair, holding my head in my hands.

'And you as well Jill, I hope,' Bruno added.

Mere snorted; it was a sound that seemed to come naturally, but was totally out of place with the nearly perfect if frazzled woman sitting near us. "You weren't an available piece of meat is more likely."

“Do you remember photocopying your bare tits and your ass?”

"Oh fuck, oh fuck! That's s... so g... good!" Kieran gasped as Shona's lips slid up and down his shaft. Due to its length, Shona was able to take every inch of it into her mouth. She tickled his balls with one fingertip as her head bobbed up and down. The flow of Kieran's pre-cum increased, coating her tastebuds with its rich, salty flavour. "Fuck, Shona!" Kieran groaned. "I'm gonna cum! I can't... I can't hold on!"

"Bob looked down at me and asked, 'What's this all about?' and I said, 'I thought we ought to talk about when you want me to have sex with another man.' It was amazing. The effect was almost instantaneous. As soon as the words had left my mouth I could feel his erection growing against my bottom.

You drop to your knees and open my slacks, unzip them as you smile at me. You pull them off and toss them aside. My hard cock pops out through my boxers, oozing a drop of precum.

At last Kirsten spoke: "Do you like it?"

I broke the silence with "So poor Greg's gone to bed with a raging hard on. Poor sod."

When I went back to New York for the Christmas holiday, I felt like I had them all but on the dotted line, and I felt as though one more push would get them.

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Having achieved his objective with the cushion he moved between my legs and rammed his monster prick into my suffering ass. He proceeded to give my ass a long brutal fucking before he finally shot his sperm deep into my bowels. When he finally moved away three unknown males approached me.

Then she saw him and it nearly took her breath away. He was standing under the water, facing her. The water was running over his face so his eyes were closed. He stood there for a few moments, not moving, his cock hanging down, semi hard. She wanted so badly to get in the shower with him and take his cock between her lips, but she knew she dared not do it, not yet. She looked on as he began stroking his cock, eyes still closed. Soon his cock was standing tall and rock hard. She moaned under her breath at the size. It was bigger than she thought. Her dad began stroking his hard cock faster and faster.

I masturbated every night for a year with my son behind my eyes. I hoped he didn't hear me through our bedroom's adjoining wall because I'm loud if have a particularly powerful orgasm.

The corset was a must for tonight to help Nikki exude her sexuality. Sheer nude stockings emphasized her legs. Tonight Nikki was going to kick 'naughty' up a notch and chose not to wear any panties. Her skirt tonight was a deep forest green, not tight but form fitting to show off her hips. A little shorter than her last skirt this one came to mid-thigh and Nikki realized she would have to be careful when sitting or getting out of a car. The thought sent a thrill that she felt down to her pussy.

"None of us have been through what you've been through," he said, "we can't imagine what it must have been like waiting to die."

"I'm very worried, Sammi."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Wait. Wait. I shook my legs.

“Yeah, it must run in the genes.” I pinched Julie’s nipples. “I’m so glad we decided to come here and do this this year.”

“Ohhh… Ohhhh… Uncle Andy… Ohhhh!”

The King smiled. "Now how can any just King deny such a request? But please, I beg you. You will endure many initial mistreatments, please keep your rage and passion in check. Harness that anger and use it with my regiment only when you storm the palace later on, then, show no mercy."

Marcie giggled. "I have."

Billy Bob stood up and pulled off his shirt. Ma noticed the tip of his cock poking out of the top of his shorts. Billy removed his shorts and his large cock sprang up.

As the doors open and we depart down the hall I can't help but think of the way she has dressed for the men under the large coat.

Liz then stripped off, posing momentarily for me to see some pretty cool underwear; it looked French. That came off pretty slowly and she stood again, giving me a great eyeful. I couldn't see her eyes behind the dark sunglasses but her mouth was spread in a knowing smile.

Mrs.. . Aiyer started kissing me on the neck, lips, well, everywhere she could. When we had calmed down, I got up, got out blankets and covered us up. Next thing I knew, Mrs.. Aiyer fell asleep in my arms. I lay there thinking about had happened and how much more will happen. My wife was not coming back till Sunday evening & we had full 2-1/2 day and we had only been there for 2 hour only.

"I'm sure he's seen me naked before," Kiesha lied figuring that she could handle Ben seeing her naked.

LonelyDaddy: So doll, tell me are you a virgin?

Steve came up to me; I saw his penis was erect again. I figured he wanted me to suck on it again; instead, he lifted my legs high onto his shoulders and positioned his penis into my sore vagina. I was about to say no when he sunk his penis into me and stared to move in and out. Waves of pleasure filled my body again. Steve was not as caring as David was; he slammed in and out of me very hard. I didn’t care it felt great. Soon he was breathing very hard and I could feel his penis swell up inside me as well. He said he was about to come and wanted to come in my mouth. I wanted to feel his warmth also, so I grabbed his butt with my legs and his back with my hands and he sank deep inside me and ejaculated his semen inside me. The feeling of his ejaculation gave me another orgasm! He kissed me on the cheek and said I was great. Then Carl said it was his turn. He grabbed my body, turns me onto my knees and inserted his penis from behind. He rammed his penis into me for a few minutes until he ejaculated inside me also. His ejaculation did not give me an orgasm. My whole body, especially my vagina and jaw were very sore now.

Ma shook her head, “What do you pups know about going without? I ain’t had a decent jump in the two years since your Pa went down for that job we did up in Hadleyville.”

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Kim's nipples strain against her bathing suit. She shifts in the sand and tries to reposition herself. Despite cumming already today her pussy sparks to life again.

I imagined it still there as we were kissing. I could almost taste you in my mouth and smell my ass on your lips. I know you have just cum but now it is my turn to give you pleasure. I lick the inside of your mouth with my tongue hoping for a taste of myself mixed with you. I love to eat you. I love the taste of you in my mouth. I like it when you cum in my mouth. I love everything about you.

Every member of the company was in awe of her. In particular, her peers in management had enormous respect for her total dedication and supreme competence. She was nobody's fool, nor any man's mistress.

"What is it that you want?"

Octavia, who had been staving off the attacks of three men, quickly eviscerated the remaining two after the horsewoman had bashed the third one in the head. One assassin ran towards the horsewoman, only to find out that her mount was a warhorse as it reared up and crushed him under its front hooves.

"I think we'll keep these as souvenirs", I heard one of them say. They drove off just as I lapped up the last bit of cum. I looked around me, I was naked in a McDonalds carpark, my face sticky with cum, and I'd just been fucked by two strangers. What a night!

I could smell her pussy, She was flowing just thinking about being with my boss, Mr. Williams. She had told me about last weekend. When she described his cock, I did not believe her. But, I saw him fuck her ass in his office and I had seen for myself. He had a very big cock. I knew that big cock was making my little slut wife a happy woman. She began applying her makeup.

“We’d better stop or Jack won’t be able to control his physical attraction to us," she said as she wiggled her cute behind on Jack’s lap. “We wouldn’t want to cause an accident.”

At each stroke my beautiful lady draws in a short, sharp gasp. Her body twitches, muscles tightening, ass clenching. Miniscule beads of sweat seep from her pores.

" Can you stop gawking at my breasts, it is not the first time you have seen them, you never stop staring at them when you spy on me when I am in the shower."

"Sure but Beth will be out of town for a few days." I said.

Lynne woke up this afternoon and knew she needed a shower, her body was still sticky from the night before at the Hilton. She stepped into the shower and began to wash her body as she thought of the wonderful fucking she had received from Malcom, Jerry and especially Robbin. The last time he fucked her he must have lasted 45 minutes. She thought how good it had felt as his balls were bouncing off her ass, she wished it had never ended. She continued to soap her body, and as she thought, her hand went to her pussy and she began to masturbate. At 38 she still had a good body, small breasts, wide hips that Johnny told her were "birthin' hips", a year around tan and her lips. Bill used to tell her she had cocksucker lips, and she made sure every man she was with knew that to be true. She loved to suck a man's cock, and often orgasmed just from preforming the act on men.

The two black studs began to fuck both of her holes wildly. Their strokes were deep and masterful and they filled each end of her body alternately with thick, black meat. Lydia did as much as she could to stay in the game; beating a tattoo with her heels on Craig's back as he pile-drove her pussy, but ultimately, they were the ones that were in control - she was just there to be used by them and she knew it!

"I was a senior in college and making ends meet by working as an asst. manager at a ladies clothing store. My boss gave me as well as three other females, an invitation to model at a businessmen's luncheon. The pay for that one show would be enough to cover my last semester's tuition. It didn't take me long to eagerly accept the job.

I was in a rather warm mood from the drinks and thought to myself "what could be the harm if they want me to watch?" But, I said to Steve " I think I should go." Steve looked sternly at me and said, "I don't think you really want to leave do you?" It sounded more like an order rather than a question and I couldn't get myself to move out of the chair I was in.

He held her, soothing her. Kissing her head. Trying to reassure her.

It really is a shame we are so far away. The room is still cold, and my nipples seem to get harder by the minute! When I was walking around in the room earlier to turn on the heater, I could see how they were poking out underneath my pyjamas top.

How much shit is in this bitch? he wondered.

I stepped away and took off my clothes. I was so nervous I wasn't completely erect. I felt her pussy. It was still very wet. "When I count to three you will wake up and lick my penis."

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"I've started making dinner, but if you want we can go out to eat" he sugested. "No, that's alright, I'm a bit tired, and plus, I used to love your cooking, so I think I'd rather eat what you make..." she replied. "Ok sweetie, so make yourself comfortable, do whatever you want, and dinner will be ready in half an hour" he said and went back to the kitchen.

She sank deeper into the pillows as her fingers flew rapidly around her nipples and clit. She stroked steadily, quickly, all thoughts focused on one little pulsing orb and the wave building beneath it. Her body stiffened and rose slightly off the bed as her cunt throbbed unbearably, cresting the wave and ebbing deliciously with each beat. A moan finally eased from her lips as the hot ripples reached her toes and her body melted.

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"Two girls," Tina answered. "And what are you?" she asked with a smile. I didn't have the courage to tell her the truth. Tina slid her hands up his chest. "We like what we see. How about you?" she asked him.

Tonight wasn't their first date. They'd been seeing one another, exclusively, for several months. Their relationship had blossomed from one of friendship to one of intimacy. They'd kissed and cuddled, caressed and embraced, and, once or twice, Marilyn had performed oral sex on him. However, they hadn't had sexual intercourse. Marilyn wanted to wait until they were married before divesting herself of her virginity. "I guess it's silly, but--" she'd apologized, but Ted had stopped her. "It's not," he'd objected. "It's sweet and endearing. Besides, I don't mind waiting." His response to her insistence upon remaining a virgin until her wedding night had won Marilyn's heart. Since his acceptance of her wish, they'd been inseparable. It was just a matter of time, Marilyn had told herself, before Ted asked her to become his bride. When he did, she'd say yes, of course.

"Yes. But I'd add a hint of almond or rosemary."

"Don't," he uttered low into her ear. "You'll make a scene."

Marie waited anxiously in the hotel suite he had rented. This was to be her weekend of freedom. Her "other half" had bought the story of her going out of town and her sister and her best friend were going to baby sit her kids. All that was out of her mind as she stood sipping a stiff drink wearing only a bathrobe. Marie was told that Alan’s corporate jet would land 30 minutes ago, that he would rent a car and be there directly.

Mary gathered her belongings together and prepared to shut up the office and head for home. As she left the office and headed for the lift she felt an inquisitive urge she could not resist. Before she had even realised what she was doing she found herself outside Mr. Boss's office with her ear pressed against the glass door. It was impossible to hear anything as Mary's office shutters noisily closed and, afraid of being seen at the door, Mary walked back toward the lift. As she turned toward the lift she was sure there was a flash of light from Mr. Boss's office. She stopped and looked back toward his door just in time to see another flash. The lift arrived and Mary turned her gaze away from the office door and entered the lift. As the doors were sliding shut she saw another flash. Mary assumed that Mr. Boss was probably using the quiet time on Sunday to take pictures of his products or something although there was still the mystery surrounding the seductively dressed woman.

Jill closed her eyes as Kris pinched her nipples.

"Captain Eton, you said that the girl behaved like a machine. If she wants to be a machine, we will allow her to be. Tonight, she will be a machine for your men's pleasure. After the feast, you will take her to the barracks and strap her to a table. Your men have permission to do as they please." Matayla finally broke away from the girl, turning to face the captain. "Make certain your men have a barrel of ale tonight. We want them in fine spirits for this machine. Furthermore, I want a record of how many times she cries out in pleasure during the night. Testimony from your men will be sufficient for that."

I am shocked that my underwear is up for debate while I am working in your house with you watching me, but still unwilling to disappoint you after you agreed to pay me the amount that I was charging you, I simply nodded my head in answer to your question.

Suddenly, Jen was surprised to feel hands all over her naked body. She had been so busy sucking Stan's cock, she had not noticed the other six men enter the room, much less see them all undress. Pulling the massive head from her aching mouth, Jennifer let herself go fully, falling into the mens' arms. Stan, with his cock now free, descended the ladder and finished undressing. "Boys" he said " looks like we get a bonus this time." Jennifer, sitting on the floor, looked around and the forest of cocks surrounding her. Kneeling, she felt her pussy getting wet to the point of dripping on the floor. She noted the cocks gauged anywhere from the 6 inches she considered average to two that were slightly thinned but inches longer than Stan's massive member. Motioning them toward her, Jennifer knelt as the men encircled her. Alternately sucking and stroking cocks in groups of three, she soon had all seven cocks erect and eager.

"Things like this don't just happen," he said sarcastically.

.Superb shaven legs I got best erection that time. I went near her and said I want to kiss her at this this she resisted but I grabbed her from waist and started smooching her for some time she tried to get freed but then she stopped trying .I felt her breath had become warm and she started breathing heavily.I started caressing her ass(gand) and raised her skirt upwards and insertd my hand in her panty from backside and pressed her butts very hard .Till now she had stopped resisting.I continued smooching her and with one hand started fondling her boobs(mummay , choochie whatever u call it).I took her to bed raised her top opened and inserted my hand into her bra and with my fist I pressed her ball very hard.

The black woman spoke up first. "Hey, Jane, are the rest of us going to get a turn on that dick?"

“That was nice,” was the sole reply from Leah. Nikki leaned in again and the two kissed for a second time, this time holding the embrace longer. Both girls smiled at each other as the warm water poured over their naked bodies.

He started to open his mouth to tell her whatever it was that was making him look so solemn, but then the door creaked. She turned for a second to see who was coming in and when she looked back, he was gone. She could still feel the lingering pressure of his hand and for a minute, she thought she heard the words he had been unable to say aloud, floating around in her mind.

He fisted his cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit. Her pussy was hot and very wet. He deftly inserted the head just to the molten entrance to her lust and shoved very slowly but very firmly. Though her hymen had been lost years ago between dance lessons and riding lessons, her pussy was obviously untested. He pressed on, trying to make this first time love session as pleasant as he could. Once he had her completely filled, he began an easy in and out rocking. Shawna was in total heaven. He felt so good on her and in her. She couldn’t believe she’d waited this long to have sex, but had she not it probably wouldn’t have been so wonderful. Stan meanwhile had forgotten just how superb a young woman could feel. She was so tight and so wet. The more intense their thrusts became, the closer they both got to their climax. Shawna was lost in her own world. “Fucking” was so much better in real life than her imagination. In her mind’s eye, she was tied to the bed and the man of her dreams was ravishing her young body. She could feel her climax building and once more it was better than any one she’d brought herself to.

8:07 Mulder and still no Dr. Brown or time machine.

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"I guess so. That sounds about right. Lucky for you we get more gay guys than straight guys, so the men's room turns over faster than the women's room."

"Smartass!" Anne said half laughing. Her gaze went down to my tented bathing suit. "I guess you liked what you saw."

You take some of the snow from outside and caress my body with it. The cold sensation is immediately arousing and I hunger for more, I want to be untied so I can use my hands and explore you. You deny me, instead turning me to lean against the wall so you can enter me from behind. I have am no longer wet but still aroused and it takes you a few times until you plunge into me with great strength, I let out a whimper as you finally thrust into me completely. You feel larger than before and the grinding of our bodies is amazing, you continue to thrust as you use your hand to stimulate me, making me very wet and finally I can't hold back anymore. You pull into me as deep as anyone has ever gone and the rush is amazing, I cry a bit and then feel you pulsating within me. Next you pull my body to yours and untie my hands, by this point my legs are shaky from the intense lovemaking and I grab on to you for stability. We just hold each other and kiss before sitting down and watching the fire flicker below us.

"Oh, baby...ladies...don't tease me like that," he groaned.

She shook her head no, then he let her hand go, she worked to get the ring off her finger, but it was on tightly, she thought he was going to help her get it off, as she saw his hand approach, it stroked the tops of her exposed breasts instead. She went to slap it away, he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, and then he marched her around behind the desk. He opened a desk drawer and produced some handcuffs, she tried to twist away, but he held her firmly and clasped them over her wrists, then he shoved her down into the chair.

“Yeah, I knew you could do it,” said Victoria. “You better be able to take this or else Briscoe will split you in two.” Julie rotated her hips around the rubber cock as the sexual feelings welled up even stronger. Surely they would let her cum soon, was her only thought. She was becoming delirious with the need to cum. Heather found another strap-on cock and began making Julie suck it, like she had sucked the bigger one Victoria had on. This one was a little smaller, and after a few minutes of working it in her mouth, she finally sucked all of it in her throat. For several minutes, the trio of women worked. Julie bucked and moaned under the dual assault of the strap-ons, one in her mouth and one in her pussy.

She began to massage herself as I slipped off her skirt and panties. She worked her nipples, pulling them and twisting them into two tight, hard darts. But as she lifted the right one to her lips, my father said, "No, wait Helen, tell us some more. It turns me on." She looked like a plump little girl. So as she began talking, I moved her to sit back on the couch with her knees up so we could watch her pussy. As she began to speak, I started to play with her cunt lips...then found her clit and worked my way inside her easily with five fingers.

Almost mesmerized I continued to softly stroke my tummy. I began to recall the way my tummy had swelled with William over eighteen years ago. Could that possibly happen again? I pictured William as a baby, nursing at my breasts, and felt a tingling at the possibility of once again nursing a baby. I surprised myself by giggling as I thought that if I did nurse a new baby that undoubtedly William would want to nurse on my swollen tits too. Thank goodness for having large tits I thought to myself, there'd be enough to go around! My nipples began to stiffen and ache as I considered the possibility of nursing both of my "babies."

She jumps into bed and turns off the lights. The day has been a little stressful and Mary immediately falls asleep without even a thought about the supposed ghost.

“No, he didn’t. And he only found out through someone else … Mike and Paul.”

Louis stopped, but she begged, "Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm nearly coming."

He stopped the long strokes and moved to shorter strokes that got faster and faster. She tried to remain quiet, but her breathing and moaning were headed to an obvious crescendo. She finally gritted her teeth, and stifled a scream. Jay took the cue and slid all the way back out and rammed his cock in deep with long, pounding strokes again. Her orgasm subsided, and she began to look tired and spent. She looked over her shoulder again to deliver the message he had longed to hear.

"Daddy! What are you doing? Mmmm That feels good..."

"You're not going to tell anyone else about us are you?" Jen asked.

“Not at all, but I think you’ve just set off the Enterprise’s Intruder Alert System.” Then pressing the gold badge attached to her doctor’s gown; “Bridge, this is Doctor Crusher in sickbay.”

"I know how to eat her pussy. . ." Sean started to protest.

These three fears caused me to go very slowly. Luckily Veronica interpreted my inexperience and uncertainty as an attempt to lovingly seduce her. My kissing, at least, was first rate. Many years of playing the clarinet had left me with a powerful pucker, and my kisses included lots of lip and tongue action!

We were greeted at the door by two delightfully pretty young women. Trish introduced me right away to her daughters, Tracy and Teri. Both girls had their mother’s smile. And they both resembled her in stature. They weren’t skinny, but they were both rather flat chested. (a trait that turns me on immensely) They shared their mother’s creamy tan complexion and their eyes sparkled. They politely shook my hand and I detected a note of honesty and sincerity in them as our eyes met in those brief moments.

"Thank you."

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"That long?" I teased.

"With those big tits of your, this is going to work better than I had anticipated."

"Miss Simons, where did all this come from? I thought you were progressing so nicely. You were finally truly accepting who you are and what your place is. Now this? What's the cause of all this new behavior?"

She withdrew her mouth and rested for a short while. Then she made my cock hard with hands, mouth and tongue. Silently she straddled me and impaled herself on my stiff cock. Her pussy was very wet as it should be and pleasantly narrow. It held my shaft harder than it used to, I thought fleetingly. Then I got other things on my mind. In complete silence she rode me to a most enjoyable orgasm, changing between long, slow strokes and rapid short jabs. She collapsed on top of me shortly after I had come.

I have no idea how much time passed until I heard Ken say to the men still standing in line “Ok boys, that’s it for tonight, we have to get our little slut home to her husband before she gets in trouble and can’t come back for some more fun.” There was a lot of grumbling but soon they where gone. I just laid there, legs open and with my ass in a puddle of men’s sperm. I felt real dreamy as Ken came in and said “Linda, it’s late dear, you need to get home. He shot enough film to last us a long time, why don’t you just wear the dress home. We need you to do one last thing, we need to get an ending so you need to get up and ask for more, keep asking until you realize there are no more men around.

Willow leant over until her lips were beside Veruca's ear. "You really don't want to piss me off, because a wolf isn't the only thing you can be turned into."

* * * * *

"Give me some good jerk-off material," I said smiling.

With his cock in her mouth and down her throat, Brandy looked up to his face and a big grin came across her lips. Brandy knew she wouldn’t be able to fight him off much longer, something strange had come over her and she was helpless. All she wanted was to please her brother and nothing else. If it meant letting him fuck her, so be it, but she would have to get him protection first.

My hands were still bound in front of me and I realised once again I was completely at his mercy. His hands slid further up my thighs and I gasped against his mouth as his inserted both of his index fingers inside my slit and deep within me. He rested both of his thumbs against my blood engorged clit, and gently rubbed as he plunged his fingers into me over and over. I broke from his kiss, allowing a deep moan of pleasure to escape from my lips. His cock was hard against my ass crack now, and I fully expected he would simply slide it up my butt. Instead, his hands moved from my cunt to my hips. He raised me slightly off his lap then thrust the full length of his penis deep within my dripping snatch.

Wow, John, honey -- that was great, she says with a sexy smile.

And now, after a disappointing date, here I was, looking at my naked father, furiously masturbating!

I instruct her to lean over the high, wide, padded arm of the couch, so that her face is pressed against the seat and her feet are off the floor. Best of all, her arse is raised to the perfect height. I lightly put my hands over the curve of her bottom, caressing the soft skin. I slide my hands down to her thighs and part them wide. She is thrown across the arm of the couch now, helpless and completely available to me.

“Ben” he said “Beer?” he asked

On this, the day that changed so many lives, I hadn't seen Molly in at least two years. This was normal; she went to school in the Midwest, and opportunities for her to come east were few and far between. But it was August, her summer job had ended, and she had two weeks before going back to school.

"Oh, my God!" she gasped as she came again. "Love you!"

As the fog in Jenny's head cleared and she became more and more aware of her surroundings, she realized she was sitting in the nude with the nightgown on the floor beside her. When she looked between her thighs, she saw thick milky cum dripping from her pussy that confirmed the reality of what happened. Jenny looked at the puppet again and could have sworn his painted smile changed into an evil grin, but when she looked again it was gone.

“Yes Mindy with all my heart, but….”

He had been hurt in protecting her, it was her turn to protect him. She sank down next to him, stretching her tired body out in the sweet grass. The cool winds blew over her, making her realize that her tunic was torn, her shift nothing but rags, the top torn by her attackers, the bottom ripped away to make bandages. She shivered in a combination of fear and cold and then shifted herself next to the wolf, curling around him and absorbing the heat of his body. He gave a little moan, deep in his throat, moving his head to rest it upon her neck. Her hands dug into the thickness of his fur, reveling in its warmth and softness. His quiet breathing in her ear, she closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

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I rolled over and caught my breath before beginning my crunches. This was easier and I got to 50. I worked through two more sets before I finished although I wasn't able to do as many push-ups in each set. I decided that I would spend some of the money I earned during the next few weeks on a weight set.

Mistaking my tremble for cold, Hellboy drew me protectively against him, kissing my forehead as he rubbed my body, keeping it warm.

She eagerly grabbed for his cock, running it quickly down her moist slit to the entrance to her cunt. Her heart was pounding as she eagerly awaited him to enter her again. He pushed forward, watching the lips of her pussy suck his manhood inside. Danny eased into her warmth all the way; his pubic hair was touching hers. He grabbed her left foot that was in the air and raised it to his face. He kissed the top of it. Stacey smiled.

'Didn't know you were a pussy licker, Mum! You do surprise me. I thought I knew all about you to.'

Once in a bed room on the third floor, Casey wasted no time getting them both undressed. Her pussy was soaking wet as he pushed his cock past her thick cunt hair deep into her pussy. We were twins in every way. He too had an eight inch thick cock. He fucked her hard and fast. Too fast. He cum in just a couple minutes. He rolled off her to catch his breath. Laying there with his eyes closed, also with ecstasy making him very loving, he failed to notice the two guys that came in the room. He opened his eyes, just as the first guy lay on Amy. With a quick thrust of his ass, a new hard cock was in Amy.


Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I started out kissing up her smooth, brown legs, veering toward her inner thighs as she spread her legs apart. Once I reached the union of her legs and started kissing around the outside of her panties, the lure of her pussy was too much to resist. I slid her panties aside and began licking her slit, tasting the abundant juices she was secreting. I heard Kavita suck in her breath and was afraid she’d follow up with a moan, but she managed to maintain control, letting her breath out in short, ragged gasps.

"The only thing I need to go out for today is linguini. We don't have enough for lunch." she said.

Once Derrick had Courtney secured he placed the mask over her eyes then hit the record button on his remote. He then walked over to the closet and motioned for Terri to exit.

"We'll see!" I snorted.

Joe, from S Club 7, had been the best friend of my older sister, when they had been going to high school together. That was how I had landed a job as Joe's personal trainer. Having failed my A-Levels, there was not much chance of me getting into a University, like my sister had done, but I was an extremely fit young man. For this reason, my mum got my sister to ask Joe and her S Club 7 friends whether they needed any help. And as you can guess they accepted.

Huh? I didn’t have any condoms. Then I remembered my ex had left some there. I think I’ll call and thank him if I live through this.

"I think this game's over," Charlie said, removing the blindfold and rising to his knees. Angela was lying on her back. He looked up and down her lush body, admiring her strikingly beautiful face, big breasts, swollen nipples, flat belly, muscular body, and lingering on the thick black pubic hair, gleaming with juices, between her open legs.

"Oh, you know!"

You let out a little scream as much from shock as from pain. As Finger your ass and suck your clit your mind moves between the pain and the pleasure, between the violation and the surrender. You lose yourself there even as your body is ravaged by my fingers and tongue, your thoughts can't grab onto anything.

The assistant appeared from the lab with ice cubes in a ziplock bag which she could dab to us as needed. I liked my idea better.

Too fucking right I wanted to know what happened! Only a bit less than I wanted to know next week's Lottery numbers. Just goes to show how much she was doing my head in, don't it? Anyway, I just nodded, acting cool, like.

"What about your video?"

“Yes I most surely am, ma’am.” He said, tipping his hat and helping himself to an almost unhealthy stare at my bulging boulders.

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She laughed back and told me. "Shall I pick you up?" I asked.

“We just don’t fuck as much as we used to and when we do it’s just not as good. We are both upset about it…... I read somewhere that getting involved with another couple can sometimes help…. What do you think?…. How do you and Ed handle it…. Or haven’t you had the problem?”

Amanda pulled Karen's skirt higher, now barely under her ass cheeks. The audience were really into it now, "Higher, higher! " they chanted. Amanda lifted the skirt a little bit more, and Karen closed her eyes in embarrassment, totally humiliated.

Now, I don't actually know much about giving a woman oral sex because it's not something I've ever had the opportunity to do. However, a few things that I do know: making your tongue stiffer to lick means that the contact feels a lot more firm. If you can do interesting things down there - such as writing the alphabet with your tongue - then it's more interesting. Trying nibbling and sucking on her pussy lips, gently of course, but it's a completely different sensation (and quite a nice one). If you've ever played the trumpet or an instrument like a trumpet, and you know how to do that vibrating thing with your tongue... DO IT. Definitely one of the best experiences I've ever had. Try to find her clit, suck on it a little, lick around it, tease...

"It's just I had an image of how I would come across and it seems that everyone here has other ideas."

Jeannie looked up at Julie with tears streaming from her eyes, and Julie saw a horrible bruise on the right side of her face where the punk had hit her.

Forgive her? How could I not? Once again, and in a twinkling, I was hers to use.

Carl just grinned at me, so I went on into the bathroom.

"Very funny," said Mae, tapping her food and arching her eyebrows. "It's been doing this for a couple days, but before turning off the monitor and turning it back on seemed to fix it. This time though, it won't reset."

"Seems like you entertained yourself without me." I noted as I saw her lightly glistening pussy lips. She smiled and nodded. I figured I should be naked, too, so I started removing my clothes. As I did so, Carrie reached for her nightstand. She had a small bottle of lube. She smeared some on her right hand. Seeing I was finished, she motioned me closer.

He's fucking my ass. I hear it. You hear it. The sound of a man fucking another man. He calls me names: "whore", "white bitch", "faggot". He just keeps fucking me. He doesn't stop. And then.... And then.... He cums inside my ass. I feel it shoot deep within me. I feel it ooze out. I hear his dick pop from my ass. I look over to see you lick it clean.

You want me to remove your clothes?"

During the time you have to stay in bed for the surgery to heal you will be in diapers. The nurses, who by the way are all slaves too, will change you every eight hours: At six am in the morning, two pm and ten pm, regardless of how full these diapers are. Get used to lying in them.

He sighed, she was peaceful when she slept, the corners of her lips curled into a small smile. He couldn't help but raise his hand to move the curls from her face to look more closely. This near to her, he could see the freckles that dotted her nose. They were faint, barely there. What was all this craziness falling from her lips?

"Breasts. Boobs. Hooters. Even jugs or knockers are ok. But when I hear "Teats" all I think of is something hanging below a cow. And I don't want to be thought of as a cow. If you know what I mean?"

It was after four when we woke up again. We kissed, and decided I needed to get her back to her apartment before Joan and Karen woke up. We shared a long, erotic shower, then got dressed. Carol slipped out the porch door and into the garage. I locked up and went out the front door, opened the garage door, pulled the car out with Carol crouched down on the seat, and closed the door again. Then I backed up and headed for Carol's apartment. She sat up and held my penis through my pants as I drove. At her apartment I held her and started to say good night. But she pulled me in and whispered, "I want to make love to you in my bed, too!" So we quietly slipped into her bedroom, got undressed, and climbed into bed. I got on top and began we began to get excited again.

'No,' you gasp. 'It must be yours.'

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“Come listen to this,” Joe said as he led her to the front seat. After giving her the headset to listen, he lowered his zipper and pulled his cock out. With the headset still attached she took his cock into her mouth and gave him the relief he needed.

It seems like after that he was much more distant and he would never hug or touch me. I felt very alone and hurt as the closeness Mom wanted for us seemed to slip away. Years later I understood, but during my teens I felt rejected by my father. Little did I know that that hard object pushing against my rear was certainly no ordinary tool, or that someday I would be wanting, even begging, to have that tool driving in me once again.

“Beverly, that’s your money. You worked hard for that money. It’s yours!”

She had a point there. Besides, who would know if Christy and I went at it one time?

“Time to go!” Says a cheery hostess. We start to leave. “You need to disrobe first. We do not have anywhere for you to store your clothes. And, you are going to need to clean up afterwards anyway.”

As my gaze returned to mums face it was clear she was watching me, knowingly making herself open and available for my viewing, it was clear that she was more than comfortable with her thirty four year old son admiring her scantily clan figure. To be honest, that's exactly what I was doing, admiring the slim waist, her toned thighs, her ample breasts and the bare exposed skin of a well kept woman, suddenly my uncomfortable feeling changed and became one of excitement.

I took my tongue out of Brad's ass once he'd gotten hard again and sat on the edge of the bed right in front of him. With Terri still rimming the hell out of him, I wrapped my hand around his schlong and gave my husband the most enthusiastic blowjob I had ever given him during our marriage. While I was still blowing my husband, Terri also took her tongue out of Brad's ass and crawled on her hands and knees under him toward me. I spread my legs apart, and she planted her mouth right smack dab on my pussy. I felt a jolt of incredible pleasure go through me the second I felt that young girl's lips slap on my clam. I took my mouth off my husband's prong and jacked him off as I looked down and watched Terri eating out my pussy. I never had my pussy eaten by another woman before--and vice versa--so this was something new for me. I looked up at Brad to see him drooling as he watched Terri lapping wildly at my quim with her mouth and tongue, which was, probably needless to say, another fantasy of his to see me get my pussy licked and sucked on by another, preferably younger, woman (and vice versa!). It turned him on so much that he got down on his knees behind Terri and mounted her from behind. He fucked her doggy-style while she kept eating out my hot cunt. Every time he slammed his prick into Terri her face would slam that much deeper into me. Not only was Terri an excellent cocksucker, she also knew how to lick a pussy! I writhed and panted like a dog in heat the more I felt her tongue slithering around inside my box like a snake. Brad seemed to be enjoying himself, too, as he rammed his enormous cock in and out of Terri's dripping twat. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to pull himself out of her right before he had a chance to come. I guess he, like me, wanted to make this last as long as possible and probably didn't think he would have the strength to get it up a third time. So he backed off to let himself cool down until he got his second wind. The second he'd gotten said wind, he got up off the bedroom floor and laid down on top of the bed on his back, pointing his still-erect cock in the air. Brad didn't have to say a word to either of us to know what he wanted as both Terri and I already seemed to know what to do. We got up ourselves and joined him on the bed. Terri and I were facing each other as we crawled on top of Brad. I sat on Brad's face while Terri straddled his throbbing cock. Brad ate out my pussy and fucked the bejesus out of Terri at the same time. Being inside an 18-year-old girl again must've felt extraordinary to him judging by the way he was driving his rod in her to the hilt, lifting her up several inches off the bed with each thrust. It turns out I was paying more attention to my husband fucking the living shit out of this girl than the suck job he was giving me. Not that he was sucking my pussy badly, mind you, but I was really mesmerized watching my husband fuck another woman for the first time since we got married (not counting the ones he's probably fucked behind my back, of course!).

When they went into the bedroom with the camera, she was already lifting her little sundress over her head showing me that she wasn't wearing anything else but her sandals that she almost walked out of on the way to his bed. He'd pulled his T-shirt off and quickly undid his shorts. Though the picture wasn't great, it was good enough to see the look of anticipation on her face and that he was partially hard and not wearing underwear.

Jim Gordon checked his watch, for perhaps the dozenth time. "Where is she?" he muttered, starting to get worried.

Her finger pulled upward, curling slightly, massaging her g-spot before she eased it back out, running it over the surface of her clit. A moan escaped her lips, soft and feminine at first, but growing deeper and more desperate as she continued to slide her finger over her clitoris, into her opening, across the soft bump of flesh inside and back out again, to repeat the motion. Her heart was racing, her breathing becoming so fast that it made her breasts shake, rubbing her sensitive nipples against the fabric of her blouse.

I had heard jokes about young boys doing this – called a circle jerk or something. And I did want to come and so very badly. "Ok," I said nervously, "let's do it." I have to admit that what sold me was getting to watch her masturbate again. The very idea of watching her in the light of the lamp was really very exciting to me. But there we sat, so close that our knees were less than a foot apart, but neither of us knew how to start.

'What have you brought to wear tonight?' I asked Susan.

Fawley kissed her fingers and relinquished her hand. 'Enchanté. As beautiful as your daughters. I can see where Gemma gets her looks.'

When my orgasm hit me, it was like none I had ever experienced before. You groaned as my pussy began to squeeze your cock.

I absolutely loved when Jon rammed his cock into me from behind. Jon was able to thrust deep into me and I loved the feeling I got as he massaged the cheeks of my ass. And when he wanted to really turn me on, he would press his saliva-slickened thumb up against my asshole and start working it in and out, which he began doing.

I couldn't believe it: Goria's mom was about to seduce me!

He ground his cock against my ass, and I felt myself moving with him, my body tense, my muscles bunching with the need to feel him inside of me. "Please." I begged again, I didn't care what he did to me, so long as he was inside of me. I moved, trying to raise up enough so he could push into me, and he just pressed his weight down against me again, pinning me to the bed...

"Where", was the only retort I could manage.

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Dan crouched and looked at her, into those incredibly blue eyes. She was utterly feminine and quite sexy. Her nipples were pink and apparently the only part of her body that wasn't covered in short, soft white hair, besides her sex between those curvaceous, muscular legs. Dan realized the he didn't care if it was a dream, he wanted to make love to this cat-woman. Nothing else mattered.

Was she sucking him? Were they kissing? My god, he's in her, I know it. The cell phone scatters the butterflies in my stomach and the buzzing in my head. Power out at home. Need to relieve the babysitter.

Before I left the bank, I took great joy in counting the ten bills that would get father off my back forever. I numbered each one with a small one to ten in red ink on the top right corner. I wanted to be sure that the bank had not short changed me. Then I placed them in my purse and set off on the forty mile drive to my home town.

I bent my legs further, lowering my cunt over Sandy's mouth while getting to the right height for Ben's cock. He cautiously placed it on my eager hole while spreading my cheeks with his hands. I was ready; I wanted it inside me, and I wanted it in quick. As he began to press his cock into me, I could feel the tightness, and anticipated a little pain. But I was too aroused to feel pain, and the tightness felt wonderful. I wanted his cock in me, and I wanted it bad. He backed out a little, then pressed in again, slowly. It wasn't fast enough for me.

I tremble a little as I realise that the other men in the company could walk in at any moment but strangely that also makes me somewhat excited. You lean back in your chair again, looking pleased with yourself that you have such an obedient girl for your office pleasure.

He said nothing and continued to rub my leaking cunt and lick my asshole. I moaned and squirmed and begged him over and over to fuck me, but he wasn't going to do it until he was ready. He pulled my pussy lips apart and stuck his tongue there. With long slow strokes he began to lap at my sweetness. I shuddered all over.

He responded, "No. Not at all! I'm sorry that I lapsed like that before. I was just working things out in my head. I've been celibate this entire time in seminary. I've had so much control. But, this feels so right...I don't understand! Come here, Angel." He held me in his strong, healing arms and rubbed my back with both hands. I felt so secure and safe in his arms. His hands started going lower.

"Richard. Richard Washington."

"Come in Justin," Kate said as she reached out and pulled my arm into her office.

"Let's go to the car," she suggested when I started opening the zipper of her cutoffs. That was a problem because the competition seats I'd fitted were fancy, but were not suited to a petting session and didn't recline. We sat in the back, which was narrow, with only about a foot of space, not much room to do anything. I peeled off her tee-shirt and shorts, leaving mom wearing only her usual lacy white bikini panties. I opened my fly and pulled my dick out. Mom placed one hand over it and played for some time, stroking the shaft and squeezing it gently.

"Well, yeah, kind of," replied Jenny. "But even though they are nudists they're pretty conservative about sex. I mean, I asked Clare about it that day, and she told me that nudism wasn't about sex. She said that her parents aren't as conservative as mine - they let her date and all that in high school - but they'd been pretty distinct about not having sex. Her mother had caught her masturbating once, and Clare said all she said was 'that wasn't something a lady did' and gave her a look. So I'm still not sure about all of this."

The man went to rise and Ms. Williams grabbed the man's head and quickly pulled him down to her large breasts. Jamal realized that he was standing with the door wide open and his hand on his crotch. Ms. Williams wave at him to leave the room.

"Don't even think about it," I warned her.

Angel says:

I felt a cold chill on my spine as the female officer began to pat me down. She lingered on my breast, gripping them tightly and pushing her weight against mine. Then her hands moved down to my waist. She brushed her hands against my bush and then slid them around to my ass. I gave a gasp as she pulled my ass cheeks apart and slipped a finger into my butt crack. Her finger came out almost as quickly as it went in and her hands returned to my front. She slid her hand down my bush and then in a quick move plunged three of her fingers into my pussy. I was so startled that I almost screamed. I could feel her fingers moving in and out of my pussy with increasing speed. I started to get wetter and wetter and could feel the juice begin to seep out the side of my clit and cover her gloved hand. She was masturbating me in front of her partner and the boys and God knows how many passing cars. I bucked wildly under her control as she slipped a fourth finger into my cunt. I could feel her press against me. Her face was close to my back and I swear I felt her kiss my spine just before I let out a large sigh and felt the final burst of pussy juice leak onto her hand as rocked with orgasm. As I slumped exhausted over the trunk of the car she slipped her fingers out.

“You know the only reason I agreed was that you didn’t touch him.” “I know," she replied.

"OK, so what do you need me to do?" He leaned backed and relaxed.

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For the next two days Dolores and I stayed out of each other's way. On Friday, just before I left for work, I told her I would be home early and to be ready to go to her parents party by six. At one that afternoon I met Mellisa for lunch and I told her what I had discovered and how long it had been going on. I gave he a copy of everything I had gotten from the private detective and then I asked her to sit on it until the next day.

From the deck she could see Lena swimming about 30 yards off the starboard side. “Hey”, called Cassandra, “You need to let me know if you go swimming. There are only two of us now and the rule of this boat is we need line of site to each other when we are topside. I can’t have another accident.”

the follow is an actual IM conversation I had recently, she was at work and I was at home. The name of the girl has been changed to protect the innocent...ENJOY

I let my fingers probe between her legs and her hips rocked forward, as if seeking my caresses. I extended my middle finger and carefully slid it down between her arousal-slick labia.

Mary-Kate looked over her shoulder and winked. “So what are you wearing?”

"Did you think you were in trouble?" Tony asked.

My nipples are rock hard and are getting as much attention as my one hand can give them while a second finger slips itself into my pussy with the first. My breathing quickens as the pleasure builds inside me. Moving my fingers faster, in and out of my drenched pussy, I slip a third finger inside. Light but it feels so wonderful! It’s as if you are there with me, teasing me, and sliding your delicious seven inches in and out of me, making me squirm and moan loudly with pleasure. My orgasm rises quickly within me as I slide my fingers in and out, imagining that it is you. The orgasm washes over me, a tsunami of immense proportions. I cry out as my juices flow from my pussy and coat my hand as my body shudders in reaction to the intense pleasure. As the orgasm subsides and my breathing returns too normal, I sigh with happiness and open my eyes. There is a truly satisfied glow about me and I feel much less depressed than when I first woke up. Although you were not physically there, you were still in my heart, mind and soul.

I've searched: boyfriend / girlfriend / fiancé / party / birthday / father / drunk.

"I am going to thrash you with this cane (she slashed it down millimetres from his head) and you will count each stroke and thank me after each one. Understand?"

That night my husband Terry and I both tossed and turned trying to sleep, both nervous about what the next three days would hold for us.

"Sit over there," Dean said quietly.

With a sigh or resignation, Mae fed the cum covered prick into her mouth and began to scrub it with her tongue. She had rarely sucked her husband in their marriage, but she had done so often enough to recognize the additional and unfamiliar flavor of Karen's pussy. Behind her she could hear Bart talking to Jack.

A tiny red spot appeared at the bottom of the display, holding constant against the stormy background. It grew until it was as big as a bug, then began moving slowly up the screen. Jennifer's eyes followed.

"You've got to help me, Dad. I want to get some new clothes, but you know Ralph doesn't like anything too risqué. I need you to keep me under control." This was a task that Dad was not sure he either could or wanted to do, but it must have sounded like fun to try. My first few stops were for skirts and tops -- garments that hardly exist in size 16 petite. In 10 there is a lot more choice. "Do you think this skirt is too short?" I asked about a cocktail dress, coming out of a fitting room and pirouetting. The grin on Dad's face gave me his answer. "Do you think it might be too tight?" I inquired about a fire engine red mini skirt?" Dad could see that there was a lot of girl in that miniskirt, but his response was the same embarrassed grin. Some of the tops I bought were pretty sheer and would definitely require new brassieres but Dad approved. He even thought I looked good in one off those tank tops that show off your navel. He was right!

"Corporate entertainment."

She almost moaned again at the touch of his lips on her bare skin. She felt the softness of it, the wetness of it and the sensual electrical shock of each lip touching her skin. She wanted to rip her shirt and pants off and push him to the spots where her body ached to be touched, sucked and licked.

Erin, dressed in a robe sat less self-conscious now with her legs open and her glow returning. Steve also was getting the feeling for round two by massaging Mistress’ shoulders.

Wearing the white bikini always makes me feel sexy, and I was in a sexy mood that day. We had been for a swim in the Caribbean; I had just taken my top off to dry my body and was sitting on the end of the lounger drying my legs, with my legs apart to excite Barry, when the resort photographer suddenly appeared. He asked Barry to kneel down beside me and before I knew it the photo had been taken and he was on his way.

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"It is nice," John agreed, floating.

"Oh, Jim. This is Ari, the girl I told you about."

“What’s that?”

"I want to watch, I've never seen a shaved pussy before," exclaimed Katy.

"Are you going through a mid-life crisis?" I asked seriously.

George was watering plants out near the pool when Abu the chauffeur walked out wearing only a thin swim suite and walked up to George and said. "Good Morning."

Both Brett and Sam we're very good looking guy's, and I couldn't help but notice the bulges in their pants. Apparently, they were getting excited just thinking about what they were going to be doing to my wife.

"Come on big boy, it's my turn again," she said, and walked back towards the bedroom.

"Your turn to calm down Peter, I told you I might want you there tonight, so maybe no Jess to play with."

"Don't worry daddy, I'm on the pill, " she assured me.

"Yes, signorina." The girl's eyes are fixed on the nipple, on Catherine's fingertips. Then her eyes move upward, and when they meet Catherine's, her gaze does not waver.

Fortunately, Nancy started speaking first. "I was talking with mom the other day," she paused as if searching for the right words before apparently deciding that being direct was best. "She told me about you two and about you and Lily."

"Yeah I can see how Dad would miss that. God that was great," I blurted out and was instantly embarrassed by what I said.

DARLENE HAD NO EXPLANATION for what she felt happening. Struggling up into consciousness her first thought was that a huge wind, maybe a tornado, had struck and pulled off her swim suit. It took her a moment to open her eyes. And when she did the reality seemed even stranger. There was a tall muscular naked man standing at her feet with her bathing suit bottoms swinging in his hand. With an impressive hard cock. She glanced at his face and the knowledge of who she was looking at made her gasp.

As John stared at her and tried to catch his breath, I took a long long at her, and that was when I saw her really for the first time. She stood almost 5'10", she had shoulder length auburn hair, and she was wearing the briefest of 'micro mini's' and see-through top that showed clearly that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were at least a 36C, and her top was at least 1 or 2 sizes too small for her. The result; her breasts, and especially her nipples, were pointing straight at John's eyes; as I looked I saw that he was quite taken with what he was looking at; his cock was tenting up in the front of his silk boxers.

"Of course," I would reply, mildly.

We get back to the rest.

My parent's car wasn't there in its parking place. I wished they were back by now. I pushed the main door nervously. No one was in the living room. I climbed the stairs stealthily, wishing not to meet Nikki in my way. I heard a loud music coming from her room. Her door was ajar. Her giggles and Sarah's reached my ears. I closed my eyes trying not to imagine what they were doing. I sneaked quickly to my room and locked the door behind me.

We arrive at her apartment. She hands me the key and allows me to open the gate to the patio in front. We cross the patio and again I open the door to her apartment building. I hold the door for her as we enter the foyer and she turns to me. Her arms are around me and she kisses me hard on the lips. Her mouth opens and her tongue shoots out into my mouth. One leg is up around my waist and she pushes at me while gripping me hard. I reach under her and pull her dress up to her waist. She is wet and her panties are extremely moist. The silky lace is soft and I push it inward against her pussy. My other hand pulls at a hard nipple through her dress.

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Just when David thought he was not going to be able to handle the lust that was overwhelming him, the skinny teen stood up holding the metal pole. Her white panties were covered again by the folds of the short, green skirt. The bus was nearing the stop that she meant to get off. David heard a screeching sound as the bus driver slammed on the brakes and turned to one side. The momentum sent her towards David and the skinny teen landed on David's lap.

A few exits down and Dawn saw the sign for Mineral Wells. Getting off the Interstate, Ben turned left over a bridge and then another left to a drive that seemed to go nowhere except to a fast food restaurant. Ben continued to drive until they reached an old truck stop. She could see the sign for the bookstore off in the distance high above an old restaurant in front of it. Ben kept driving until the road turned into a bumpy, gravel drive. She could see farm animals in pens as they continued to drive over what appeared to be a bridge finally pulling up in front of the bookstore. Several cars were parked outside.

I waited for her to lean back then reached down to pull her top off. Her breasts spilled out, exposing the hard pink nipples. She eased herself to her feet, and reached around and undid the zipper to her skirt, pulling it down the last few inches over the flare of her hips. Then she shook her hips slowly, seductively, and slowly lowered the shirt, looking me in the eyes as her newly tanned skin was revealed. The skirt slid soundlessly to the carpet, and Roberta let her arms dangle by her sides. She stood in only her panties.

Me? My life isn't a busy one, quite sedentary in fact. I have no career, working instead at odd jobs. Needless to say I'm nothing resembling wealthy, or even middle class. I am trying to parlay my writing into a career but I have a long way to go before I succeed, even if I succeed.

As usual, Gail couldn’t resist Don when he wanted to do something. She was a good sport, which she knew was one of the reasons he loved her so much. She relinquished, saying, “Alright, I’ll try it just this once, but I’m warning you that it better be as advertised! I don’t want you messing around with anyone else, and I’m not interested in it either! What do you want me to wear?”

At this time, I was so erected and horny. I wanted to show them that I was a big girl now. I began fingering my wet cunt now, as deep as I could and began moaning very much. Then, I put myself in doggy style as I finger fucked my butthole.

"Happy Birthday, beautiful," I whisper in her ear.

It was my law-firm office enquiring on a trivial matter to do with one of the cases I was working on. I gave the necessary answers a little too curtly and put the phone down again, almost instantly regretting my rudeness. I would have to remember to apologise to Angela, my secretary, on Monday. I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts to call her back now.

"He must be pretty hard up, didn't he just get out of prison?" Self-depreciating humor was her favorite defense when she didn't know how to take a compliment.

“What something in return!!, what do you mean” . He said “I want something in return for keeping your panty safely with me”


Calista moves in front of her slave and commands Sarah to lift her own tits and suck and lick her nipples for her Mistress's amusement. Slave Sarah groans, but sullenly complies, reaching to cup her ample tits, lifting them up and begins to lick and suck them. Mistress Calista smiles wickedly as the clamps pull at Sarah's nipples as she sucks them. Sarah sucks earnestly, feeling the jolts of pain shoot down between her legs. "Push your tits and nipples together to suck both of them at the same time, slut," her Mistress commands her. Sarah reluctantly obeys, squeezing her tits together and greedily sucking both nipples at once.

"Think about it. Remember our deal, honey. I don't have to ask, or even tell you what I'm doing. I thought this could be fun, for him - if he's nice, that is, and for us, too. I could go out with him Thursday and have all of Friday night with you, but – well, I thought – you know, well, anyhow, I better go take care of the kids. Sorry, I didn't want to upset you."

"Oh, you poor dear," Pat said. "Wait here." She hurried into the living room and returned a moment later with a colorfully wrapped package and a lap blanket. "Here, open this. It's a little early to open presents, but I think you will want it now," she said as she put the blanket across his shoulders.

There was a minute silence and then she whispered back, “Yes…it is.” Then somewhat more urgently, “Is yours…wet too?”

"Were those fangs?" She asked herself, surprised. Then, "Oh, wait, this is a Goth club," she reminded herself. "Duh ... just about everybody wears fangs, and half the people here really want to be Vampires."

Mantoo turned around and pressed Toni against the wall, holding her in the air by her ass cheeks. He began to slowly piston his massive black organ in and out of the delighted white housewife. Toni screamed as orgasm after massive orgasm coursed through her body.

“No mom, I’m not a kid anymore, I can vote and I can drink and I can want who I want. Mom I want you; I want to be with you.”

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"I'm sorry!" she whispered.

"I would be walking a dangerous tightrope if I commented on how attractive I believed that her lacy camisole was," he continued. He left the podium, and walked up to her side. "I think everyone should recognize though, that if I did this…" Reaching out, he trailed his hand down the front of her blouse, flicking her left nipple as he brushed over it, "I would be crossing over an important line, even if I was simply commenting on the silkiness of her blouse!"

But this was nothing compared to her year! My lover had lost her father to cancer, last August! Her whole life changed. All I could do was empathize with her. We cried together, over the phone then. I was one of the few people that she called afterwards but it was good to finally hug and hold her as she cried on my shoulder.

"I got proof. In the pocket of my jeans." he pointed to the pile of wet clothing on the floor up front.

I leaned forward until we touched from mouth to belly, letting the heat of our bodies merge. I was acutely aware of the throbbing of my cock as we continued. I pushed my hand up beneath the cup of her bra, levering it up until her breast was free. I closed my hand over the orange-sized mound, feeling the nipple digging into my palm as it responded. Letting my kisses trail their way down her chin, over her throat, I closed my lips over that nipple and began sucking slowly and gently, pulling almost the entirety of it into my mouth with suction, and using my tongue to rasp the aureole and swirl around the swollen nipple.

"Cool," said Rose, trying to sound nonchalant. Privately, she was thinking how weird it was. Just a week ago, she had masturbated while thinking of this girl, now here she was. She led Charlotte into the house. Charlotte looked perplexed by the lack of furnishings. Rose tried to put her at ease. "This is my gym. And sometimes my office. I live downstairs."

That's when he took me by the shoulders and twisted me sideways and lay me down on the cushions. He took my bra out of my hands and dropped it on the floor. With nothing left to do, my hands just sort of fluttered there at my sides. When he crawled on top of me, they touched him on the back, then fluttered some more. Like me, they were very confused. Then he bent down over me and put his mouth over my right nipple and I stopped breathing.

"Do you really think that?"

"Hmmmm," Jade said. "This is perfect." She gave a little giggle.

I smiled to myself as they replied.

"You seen Alicia?"

"No!" she said quickly. "I like it sometimes when you get carried away and flip me around."

It was starting to work as we settled in on the semi deserted beach and everyone continued to encourage me to take off my bikini.

I was just about shocked. Most of the people who brought their equipment in to me spent the whole time bitching as though it was my fault. "Is this going to take long?" or "What do you mean you'll have to order a part?" and "Is there anyone here who knows what the F*** they're doing?" were what I was used to. Not "Thank you."

About the time I was in deep thoughts about what to do tonight, I herd a car pull into the driveway. I figured I might as well just set here and gain my energy if I was going to say something to Ray tonight.

The woman shivered with excitement at his words; there mutual desires were such that when unleashed there passions swept them along to forbidden places. ``Your turn I think…`` as she said this she was checking her stockings and suspenders, the sarong she wore was open to reveal a delicious length of leg. He dropped his dice…

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I made sure that the egg was A-okay and then leant down to kiss your bum. I was very turned on by this, but I had to make sure that I restrained my self; otherwise we would never leave the bedroom.

I wish I would have known years ago just how much pleasure a woman can get from giving a blow job, she thought. I thought it was all about pleasing the man, but this morning's blow job alone was better than any actual fuck my husband's ever gave me! My son. So kind, yet so confident. So manly. If only he was more aggressive with his confidence and just a little less considerate. I want him to tell me, "Excuse me, Mommy, but right now I'm going to fuck your face," and then he'd just do it without asking, and I'd LOVE it! I always do. Or what if I asked him, "Is there anything else you want with that breakfast?" and he replied, "Yes, Mommy. I want to fuck your ass." Then he'd roughly throw me to the ground and fuck me all over the floor, like he was pushing a vacuum cleaner around. Wow.

"Can you start Monday? Don't know what you make now, but we will pay more for certain."

"Melissa is a drug company rep that was at the convention and Hayden is a financial analyst, they are really nice it will be fun."

"Then you all fucked me silly," she continued. "You filled me up and you came on me again and again and again! I LOVED IT! CUM ON ME. CUM ON MY FACE. CUM ON MY TITS! CUM ALL OVER ME! You all had so much JIZZ in you and I SUCKED IT ALL DOWN! My tummy is filled with the cum from THREE BIG DICKS. I LOVED IT!"

“Take it out for me. I want to see it please.”

After five full-length tapes of every imaginable way of sucking cock, Sara and I were very hot. We made an attempt to discuss the various techniques we had seen, but ended up in the classic 69 position, with our tongues up each other's twats, licking each other to orgasm after orgasm. We finally decided that we would get the boys hot and then suck every drop of jizz from their cocks.

"The football team," Dee asked?

"Good point," he said. They all smiled at him and he decided to let them in on his 'Crissy fantasy'.

"Oh already." Lauren said.

I had been drowsing off to the susurrus of the room, and a blonde spiky hairdo, a movie star face and way too many piercings were peering up at me from the Xerox on my left. The face's owner, a 20-something man with a three-day shave and hands that looked like they could crush bare rock, was busy refilling the machine's paper feeder. He gave me a grin that could either cut glass or charm you to death, before continuing his wrestling game with a stuck paper tray.

She pushed her lips to mine and gave me a wetter kiss than usual. I could taste liquor on her breath and figured she had mixed herself a strong drink after her little romp in the bathroom with dad. "That will teach you to try to cheat your mother out of a real kiss." She said before kissing me wetly once more.

I would never have believed that my petite wife could swallow the monster-sized cock but it was slowly passed through her lips, she finally had to let go of the shaft so she could press her face to the very root, so it could slide all the way down her throat. Then she reached around and held onto to the his black hips and fucked her lovely face back and forth onto the rigid pole. Her quickened pace had an immediate effect on Melvin.

I eased her hand from my penis, slowly. She was reluctant to release me and, as guilty as I was feeling, I didn't need more pain. I told her it wasn't right.

I cupped my hand over the mouthpiece and called, ""

Cindy's old college gang hadn't been together since Sue's wedding. She'd been the last of the "Odd Squad" to get married. At the time, there was talk about having regular reunions. But for one reason or another, a year passed and nothing happened.

"I know what you like whore. You like the fact that I raped your daughter. You tasted her wetness and now you can feel it inside you on my cock. Can't you bitch? I want to hear it!"

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"Don't do that Wendy. Oh my god sis you are so beautiful. You have beautiful breasts."

Miranda smiled shyly, "Girl scouts?" she answered and giggled.

Not turned off by this in the least, it only made her deep throat my cock faster as she caressed my balls a bit harder.

After a few more rounds, Carrie got up, turned on the music, and started dancing. Ethan told Nadine to join her and soon they were putting on quite a show. They started caressing each other in a way that made all of the men pay attention. Then Carrie leaned in and, with her hands cupping Nadine’s pert tits, shoved her tongue in her daughter’s mouth. Nadine kissed back and the guys all started cheering.

My cock was hard and the pre-cum leaking through my shorts.

When I returned Clare looked impatient.

"You don't want me to come with you?"

When Darla rose up and pulled away, Laura vaguely noticed that she had indeed been crying, but then Darla turned, smiled and walked back over to the group of people now coming out of a room. One guy kissed her and they pulled her back down onto her knees, with Jeremy sitting in the recliner to receive his homage.

I sighed. My legs ached from standing on them too long, my feet ached from too many times spent outside maintaining balance on snowy ground, treacherous at best for my Nike sneakers as I tried futilely to clean the sidewalk outside of snow every thirty minutes before Darren finally (mercifully) gave up on the idea. Darren is a nice guy, but he can bit anal at times, like right now; what he actually means by "help me clean" is "you're bothering me, and you need busy work, however pointless it may seem to you".

"What do you mean?" I asked.

A soft laugh. "What do you think, dumbass? Now do you want to or not?"

Jenny stepped to her nephew and slid her arms around his waist, pulling him so close that he could feel her breasts pressing into his chest. He squirmed slightly and felt the growing lump in his jeans rub over the pliant swell of her stomach. His aunt smiled as she glanced down between them and tugged at his hips, rubbing herself against him.

'Seems like I came at the right time.'

Carol set about fixing her finest meal. The entrée would be chateaubriand with red wine sauce, steamed asparagus, parslied baby carrots and Yukon Gold potato slices with French onion soup as the appetizer and a store-bought chocolate cream pie for dessert. The doorbell rang five minutes early but she was ready. She opened the door.

He heard some giggling and then some muffled talking before a man's voice said, "Ready?" He was surprised when he watched his dad step in front of the camera. His dad was wearing a robe and he had one hand extended out of camera range as if he were holding someone's hand that couldn't yet be seen by the camera.

"Then I'm sure," he said, looking aggravated that he was being held up. He then ripped a copy of what Ricky just signed and handed it to him. "Have a good day."

Kyle kept on pumping into me even after his release. He wanted me to cum one more time. A time I would always remember.

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“Very good, Germain. Good girl. Now, the worst part is coming up. Right now you are only paralyzed, you must spend time with the dead in order to attain your full capacity.” Madam Zumir said as she packed the coffin, my coffin with salt and the leaves of herbs that I could still smell. She pricked the skin of my arm with a long needle, and I tried to flinch, only that I could not move, only feel the silver prick of sensation. I could feel a drop of blood form on my arm and spill down the side of my arm towards the inside of my elbow, the blood made me itch. The Madam caught up a bit of my blood with a white rag and put the whole cloth into a jar that she set on a shelve next to other nondescript jars. I felt as if I was only one of many touched, pulled, and paralyzed by the Madam’s power. If I could have moved, I would have shook with fear, or perhaps I wouldn’t have since my emotions were slowing falling into a blend of mild curiosity and apathy. And then the Madam closed the casket over me, shutting out light, shutting out day, shutting out my life as a mortal.

Without pulling out of Jack's abused asshole, Rita flipped him onto his hands and knee's. She fucked him mercilessly doggie style for a while. Jack squirmed, moaned, begged and cried but at no point during that time did I get the impression he wanted her to stop.

"Can I get you something, darling?" a voice of fake honey said as my eyes adjusted quickly to the change in lighting. The smell of fear-sweat had nothing to do with me yet, so giving off the careless signals of the weak served a purpose. I waited longer than it took for my eyes to adjust before looking at her.

"Thanks for having me over - gin and tonic for me," Alicia said with a smile. Jack went to the kitchen and came back out with two drinks in hand - one for Mandy and one for Alicia. Both were heavy on the gin, light on the tonic. Jack noticed that Alicia's nipples were erect as she talked to Mandy.

She held a hand up to her mouth for a moment.

One day, as agreed I reached Sunita's place & rang the bell. A head popped in between a half-shut door, asking me the purpose of my visit. The voice was cold and her looks were average. I was in two minds as not knowing who she was. To gain an entry, I introduced myself adding that I was Sunita's friend. She opened the door and smiled warmly at me. So she was not all that cold as I suspected. She motioned me to make myself comfortable on the couch.

"Yes...Deepak...please, suck them with full force" she pleaded.

She took her time in lathering me up for the shave, but taking special care not to touch my clit or the line that led from it down to my ass. I remembered her advice, and kept myself still, although every touch was sending little jolts of pleasure throughout my entire body. I closed my eyes when she reached for the razor, and tried to concentrate on my breathing as she ever so gently and slowly shaved off every hair on my pussy. Several times, she held my lips and my clit to shave right around them, and I almost lost it trying to sit still.

She thought to herself "I've always wanted to do that to a man, this is going to be fun."

She gave another of her contralto laughs; “Perhaps you were tricked into it, sweetheart.”

"Becky, stop for a moment. Try this," Sara said as she tapped Rebecca on her shoulder.

"What?" they said in unison. Reaching for the night stand, I pulled open the drawer and took out some anal lube. On the bed on all fours, with my ass waving in their faces, I turned back to them and said "I have another hole, you know."

We had always intended that when our long service leave was due, we would take an overseas trip. We saved for the trip, and just as we had enough money and the leave was due, Agnes received the fatal diagnoses. It was with that money I tried to make my escape.

It was still early evening and daylight outside. We were on the back road Jim had mentioned and I was aware that we hadn’t passed as much as one car in our traveling so far. Thank goodness for that I thought to myself.

"Yeah your right mate." he said "Go for it."

The house remained silent until I heard the faint slosh of the waterbed and the soft pad of footsteps in the hall. I looked up and Hadley stood over me. She was beautiful, flushed, hair mussed, and visibly distressed. She reached out for me. I kneed up from the floor and came to my feet. We came together in the darkened room, and Hadley pulled me to her sweat slicked body. She looked into my eyes searching for evidence that we were still O.K. I kissed her tenderly and she drooped into me.

Holly finishes her cigarette and takes the ashtray from Bert’s mouth. “Stand up, slave.”

Lorie could not take her eyes off the king. All he had on his body were two pieces of tiger skin, tied at the waist. Whenever he took a step, the tiger skin would move up and down exposing his manhood to her. Lorie had seen naked men before but never like this. His olive colored skin was shining in the firelight. His penis, Lorie could see, was at least nine inches long, and as thick as her wrist. His balls hung low and swung from side to side with very step that he took. His chest was broad and his arms muscular and his face the most handsome Lorie had ever seen. Suddenly Lorie realized that she was getting jealous of these women who get to make love to such a magnificent creature. Try as she might, Lorie could not stop herself from getting turned on by the sight of the king and could not take her eyes off his genitals.

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Shelly smiled to herself and mumbled under her breath as to why she felt strongly attracted to him, crossing her hands over her bosom.

As she watched the haggard man retreat to his house, her social worker's heart ached for him. She knew all about him. Mr. Cummings had talked to her and had told her a lot more than she needed to know. Randy, as he had insisted she call him when they had talked the first time, seemed to be an honest man. He wanted his friend to return to the world. Baldwin needed a medical clinic. This man, if his heart and soul could be restored, could be the source of the funds to create that medical clinic. She did not like what she was doing, it made her feel like a whore. The man had every right to turn his back on the world. But the medical clinic was so desperately needed. So she had agreed to try to get this weary man to talk to her. It also was infringing on her fishing time.

A quick shuffle and Charles was manhandled out of the house and thrown into the dirt beside his car. "It would be good if you didn't come back" Keith warned him, his face dark with fury.

On the other hand if I failed to father a child within two years I'd be divorced with a small pay off so she could get another stud. I needed the money so keep quiet about my vasectomy; I could try to get it reversed later. I accepted and signed the pre nuptial agreement.

She heard Matt say, “Hey, Minky, she went faster than you did….and she didn’t need any help.”

She let her fingers glide through my pubic hairs, looking at my slit. I knew she wanted to explore. She carefully looked at my labial folds and their ruby-red color. It felt odd to have someone look so closely at me. It wasn't long before I felt her tongue slide along my slit. Even though this was her first time kissing a pussy, she knew what to do. I let the panties fall to my feet and spread my legs for Lisa's mouth to reach between my legs. Lisa closed her eyes and smelt my sex as she let her cheeks brush against my pubic hair. Her touching and probing made me feel so strong and vulnerable at the same time. I liked an older straight woman using me to get in touch with her own desires. It made me feel proud to be a woman.

"Come over here." she ordered. I walked towards her, and she reached for my hands and put them on her breasts.

Tom watched Roxy fingering her pussy. He wanted to run his tongue between those juicy wet lips but knew he would have to wait. He took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it. Roxy stopped him and reminded him that she was to conduct the therapy since he was the patient. Reluctantly he removed his hand and layback watching her.

“What did you say daddy?”

At dusk he wheeled himself over and asked Paul on the front desk what room she was in. He was going to go knock on her door. He was sure he was there to see him. There was no one by that name registered. He wished he'd saved that announcement. But Paul, the friend that he was, told Bernard that she had left about two hours ago on the arm of a tall well-dressed older gentleman.

We moved off, Martin was in front and Miles brought up the rear. I followed behind Martin this time. I tried to concentrate where my feet were going; I put Blondie's noisy crying out of my mind. Or tried to. I reckoned the heat had got to me for we hadn't gone more than 10 metres when I turned on her and slapped her face hard leaving an angry red mark.

I went to the bar, ordered a vodka tonic and her Chianti and sat down with my mystery woman. How weird could things possibly be? I was in Iowa, not Tijuana.

"Deal." I said and started to take off my boxers. She stopped me.

As she had these thoughts about Marc, she wondered what had changed her from the totally devoted wife to the woman she had become in the last two weeks. It seemed that while she still loved Brian and the boys, there was also a piece of her that told her it was worth risking everything in order to satisfy her need for complete sexual fulfillment. She could not remember exactly when she had begun desiring Marc in a sexual way, but she knew that it had been an ongoing fantasy for a while. And, she admitted to herself that she had looked at other men, both older and much younger than she, and she had fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with them. This too had been going on for at least the past two years. And now that she had finally acted upon these desires, Kate found that the physical pleasure of being with Marc had exceeded what she had anticipated.

With that she slowly lifted her skirt to show off a beautiful shaved Brazilian styled pussy.

Beth knew that Cindy was capable of just about any kind of surprise when it came to sex. And with a body and face like hers, she knows she can have it any way she wants.

"Can you tell me what the problem is, for this lady seems very upset?

All of a sudden, Alicia screamed as loud as she could. Duane would soon take out his black cock and jerk it into her face on top of the piano. Alicia took his cock into her mouth and jerked it as well. Duane could feel his juices coming faster and faster with every jerk from Alicia.

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"Morning Chris, Hope you slept ok."

“Here,” he said holding them out towards her and then noticed, for the first time, that the rain had made her white dress semi-transparent allowing him to gaze upon her almost naked slim form. The wet cotton clung to every curve of her body and her dark tipped breasts thrust forward against the wet cloth. The material hugged her hips and dipped between her legs giving him a glimpse of the darker triangle inside her equally soaked panties.

Shortly after the fight, I gave her two fantasy weekends that were an unbelievable success. One of her fantasies, in particular, was where she wanted to be fucked (notice I didn't say make love) by a man with a monster size cock. Now, I'm bigger than average in the cock department, but Julie wanted something huge – she wanted to be, as Julie described it, 'stretched and filled to capacity'. So, I made it happen (this is the subject of a story series that will be posted). I was willing to let her have her weekend, all by herself, but she eventually involved me so I watched and lived most of it with her.

"Do you know that I have been shunned in bed by my husband for so long now? When you cared for me in the hospital, I was able to forget my sorrows and take delight in hearing your comforting voice and receiving your attention. What do you think now that can top off all of that?"

I looked up at Sandy questioningly and she leaned over me and kissed me. "It's okay, give her a good fucking. She deserves it after a year without." She then left the room and left Claire and I to it.

"You are pissing me off, cunt. I will sever your head from your shoulders if you don't obey me. Understand.?"

“Just one left now,” said Arron.

While they caught up on sleep I busied myself around the house and went grocery shopping. Later, I was finishing up dinner when Patti came into the kitchen.

"Please, dear God, let me go to the bathroom here in the restaurant."

What about you?" I asked her.

Her breathing became labored and I started to worry about her but she whispered, "Mr. Marshall? Don't … don't stop."

Her eyes widen in sudden understanding, and the apprehension is back.

I met Jill in the lobby at the agreed time. She was wearing a striking mandarin dress which was cut somewhat low to show her breasts and the slit up the side showed her leg to mid thigh. The dress was satin or silk with bold designs of dark blue and dark green; the green complimented her eyes perfectly. The open neck of the dress spread to the expanse of her chest highlighting her skin complexion—she was beautiful. I took her hand and we walked to the restaurant.

She wrapped her left hand round Laurent's shaft, and started playing with him. From her position sat on the bonnet, Jayne watched with growing excitement as her companion's erection grew quickly under the young girl's expert touch. Jayne could not help but insert two fingers inside her wet hole, using her thumb to work on her clitoris. She silently cursed the fact that she needed her other hand to support herself on the smooth, cold metal of the car's bonnet and she could not give herself all the attention she needed.

"I didn't think you had noticed"

When I looked around the room, Mike had his pants around his ankles, and was slamming his cock into Ashley's cunt, while kissing her hard, stuffing her screams and moans into her mouth with his tongue. He was supporting her with both hands on her ass, spreading and kneading them while he was pistoning in and out of her, making her breasts bounce hard against him.

"B.J. . . she seemed to have no problem convincing my parents that she was a college representative and wanted me to come down and see the college. . ."

The door opened and David came back in. He told me to relax while he opened the cap of the oil bottle. I noticed that he was still in his suit and tie, not good attire to be handling oil.

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"Dick." He repeated, slightly louder.

My wife's masseur was still rubbing and kneading the side of her breast his thick thumbs grazing across the straining nipples. My wife let out a soft moan and her hips softly writhed on the couch. His hands moved lower along the outside of her flared hips. The flat of his hand rubbed the top of her mound causing her hips to lift invitingly. His long thick penis began to slap against her resting hand and I watched mesmerised, as I watched my wife's hand reach out and close round the magnificent shaft. She began a slow languid pulling action squeezing the thick rubbery length which caused the dome to expand its girth even more. The masseur drizzled some scented massage oil across her torso and pubic mound where it glittered in her soft dark hair. Her hand continued to pull on the penis which was noticeably hardening.

“uh, uhh, uhh, uhh. Uhh. Oh ya, uhh, Uhh, UHH. Keep going, Oh yaaa.” At this point I couldn’t control myself. I fucked her in & out, in &out and wanted to spill into her newly stretched asshole.

The Wedding night

She wrote: 'Walked a total of four hours and 14 minutes today.'

"Mistress..." the girl hissed this time, her voice shaky as she quivered and twitched on the floor. "Please use me..."


"Are you tired baby?" Kari asked.

Her kiss was sweet, wild and innocent at the same time. She moved against him like liquid fire, sending flickers of flame through his body as his blood started to thicken and pulse heavily in his veins. Her hand raked through his thick strands of damp hair.

"Hi gals." Marissa responded.

"Can I see you again?" Stu asked, "I mean, will you do this again? And maybe next time I could fuck you as well?"

"Oh," I said.

Walking to me, as his shorts slipped off easily and added to the clutter. His cock dead center of my waiting mouth, I took all of him in, the salty sweat was not exclusive to his chest. I devoured him.

"Save your strength tonight Jay, you are going to need it tomorrow evening."

It was very late in the morning when I first saw her. She had on the usual white shorts, but today wore a dark pink t-shirt. My heart raced with the anticipation of seeing the clothes on the floor next to her amazing body.

There came a day for her to lose her first, which is how she though of it: a guy named Lars, Scandinavian-named and very Aryan in appearance, six-foot-three with a slightly German accent. The other men must have thought him beyond reaching because no one sent him to her. She heard by the grapevine and approached him on her own. He merely shrugged her off in a show of, “This place blows, and what would a woman like you know anyway?” The insinuation was while she wasn’t a man, neither was she truly a woman, being at home in such a rough-and-tumble environment. Attack, main, kill; they did these things all night, even if most of it was fake.

June looked down and said, "Three way with another man or Dan could just watch, whatever he wanted to do. It was his birthday."

"You do want to fuck my asshole don't you David?"

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"Well... honey... when Carol left you for Susan, well... that was wrong. But that doesn't always happen. I love you very much. And you need to know that nothing will ever come between us."

Now there is a pause. We're all waiting for Cypress to re-confirm his loyalties, but no words of comfort come from the back of the wagon.

"Honestly, no," I answered. "Could have been a lot better. There are some things I need to tell you, Harold." I started at the beginning, telling about Bill, and told him everything. Except for quick glances, I couldn't look at him. Harold didn't interrupt me during the revelation, but I could feel his eyes on me. I finished my story and waited for the storm. After a few minutes of complete silence I couldn't stand it any longer.

Within a few minutes he was thrashing himself for all he was worth. As his head moved forward and the veins stood out on his neck, I knew it wouldn't be long before he came.

The biggest problem that I had was that I was aroused. My nipples were hard as pebbles and my pussy was threatening to leak down my leg. The hard nipples were embarrassing enough, but if I began to trickle out and down my leg I would be even more humiliated. I certainly didn't want any of them to see that, even Rob. If he knew I got turned on when he spanked me god knows what he would do to me.

With as much resolve as I could muster, I tried to keep my voice even. I didn't want him to know how much I had been thinking about him and how anxious I'd been to hear from him.

At the sound of his voice Scarlett looked into his eyes. She felt a rush of heat in her mind and then the pain was fleeing her conscious. She also realized, gazing into his eyes, he really hadn't meant to hurt her. That helped her relax, along with his promise of pleasure. His face looked strained, and she marveled at how he hadn't just kept on moving, but had stopped. Max pulled out slowly when she had relaxed, and she took a sharp intake of breath. He then pushed in just as slowly. She felt the pleasure course through her with that same warming sensation.

Still engrossed in her mocha, Willow didn't bother to look up before she answered him. "Uh-huh, I guess so. We're friends."

Ted and I both thought our love was as strong as ever and that sex was as good as it gets, in spite of the fact that we hardly had any waking time together during the week. The kids were loved and spoiled by everyone and the entire extended family thought we were a young family to envy; almost classic yuppies. Even though I thought our sex life was good, it was still very different from what I had always thought it would be from when I was first warned about its seductive power as a youth. There was still a near religious sweetness to it that made it a genuine expression of love, but in no way was it nasty erotic and dangerous like I had expected it to be.

Once buried, the bartender began to use her for his own pleasure, just sawing back and forth until he emptied his heavy balls into her. Every time he slammed his cock into her, a grunt escaped Peggy. I couldn't tell if they were grunts of pleasure or of pain, but I knew that she took pleasure from being so thoroughly used with no consideration for her comfort. So whether it was pleasure or pain this man's cock was giving her, it was all pleasure in the end. When his orgasm was over, he pushed her off his cock and she collapsed onto the bed, face down… her pussy looking puffy and raw, ravaged and thoroughly well fucked. He stuffed his sticky cock into his pants and thanked me for the night. I knew he was being sincere. Not only had he been paid well, I had tipped him well and he'd gotten fucked. That's my definition of a pretty good evening.

I knelt in front of him placing my measuring tape at the cuff of his pants. I pulled the tape upward and was abruptly aware of a stirring in his pants. I looked up and saw him flush. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words seemed come out . Before I knew what I was doing I had dropped the measuring tape but my hand drifted up on its own until it cupped his balls.

I looked at her, I mean really looked at her like a man looks at a naked woman. I noticed her small nipples atop her firm creamy breasts. I noticed that she keeps all of her hair shaved off of her pussy. I even noticed that she had a small birthmark on her hip, in the same spot as mine. I didn't know of this woman in front of me, I only knew of my daughter that was no longer here. I stood up and moved to her, taking her in my arms and kissing her on the cheek. She then turned her head and kissed me on the lips, her tongue sliding between my lips to dance gently with my tongue. I know that in my head my mind was screaming that this was wrong, that she was my daughter, but the only thing that those protests did was cause my cock to grow even harder then I could ever remember it being. I moved her to fall down on the bed and kissed my way down to her breasts, sucking each one for a little while, before I lowered my head to her sweet, bald pussy. As soon as my mouth made contact with her sex, Marilynn let loose with a loud moan and her pussy let loose with a gush of liquid.

I laughed in surprise as you jumped up quickly and scooped me up off the floor. Once we got to the bedroom, you laid me down gently and then stepped back and started to remove your clothes. My watchful eyes roamed over your body as your chest hair came into full view. My legs started to rub together involuntarily when your cock sprang out from the confines of your shorts. Your body was so beautiful to me; muscles defined without being obnoxious, long limbs that well suited your torso, and those flashing eyes made me tremble.

I vainly thought that this emergency room visit would itself provide the cure and alleviate the pain. That is all I wanted really; let the witch doctors in to work their voodoo and make whatever the crippling hurt was go away. I did not belong in a hospital and I only wanted to be treated and let go as quickly as possible, preferably with a big bottle of painkillers. There had to be some mistake to begin with, me being there at all.

I only became hornier as the months passed. My large belly, weakened thighs, and swollen breasts hadn't really slowed me down.

Realizing that this foot massage had gone way too far, I leaned back and began to massage more softly, hoping that I could both control my painful erection and find a way to cover Gini’s exposed pussy before Lisa returned from her prolonged journey to the spare room. As my efforts on her feet diminished, Gini’s breathing returned to normal. Her clenched fingers opened slowly, the muscles in her arms relaxed, and the subtle rocking motion in her hips slowly faded into nothingness. I reduced the intensity of the massage yet again and finished by caressing her foot firmly. Looking up, past her gorgeous pussy to her angelic face, I believed that she had, indeed, fallen asleep.

Her other hand started to push her shirt up.

"Well, Sue came to my friends studio and she had her shots taken. While she was there, he managed to get some concoction into her drink. Soon she was putty in his hands. Whatever was in her drink made her easily susceptible to his suggestions. I was waiting in a back room, and when he thought she was ready, he had me come out. I saw Sue lying there on a bed with video cameras and lights all around. She was naked and playing with herself. He had her masturbating with a rather large black dildo and she was far into it. He suggested she wanted more. A cock maybe. She was struggling to not go there. She said she couldn't, she was married, and she loved her husband. Greg pushed more though, and soon convinced her to take on just one cock for one minute. That was my cue, so I got undressed and got on the bed with her. I had no sooner gotten on the bed than she was straddling me and trying to shove my cock into her pussy. She was like a woman possessed. It was all I had imagined it would be. She fucked my eyeballs out. She went down on me when I went soft, after cumming in her hot hole. She worked me up and took my next load in her mouth. She was very surprised when I shot into her mouth, but she swallowed all I gave her, then told us that she never knew it could taste so good. I couldn't believe how she was acting. Greg's concoction had really done the number on her. He got pictures of us together. He told me that he would get Sue home in a bit, so I left thinking everything would be all right. After all, she had come in to the studio by herself, and Greg was an old friend, so I thought that I could trust him. When I left she was still on the bed, naked, masturbating with that big black dildo again. I knew what I had arranged and done was very wrong. I felt very guilty about the whole thing and I wished that I hadn't done it at this point. But what was done was done. What I didn't know was that Sue stayed at the photographer's studio that whole night and for the following day into the weekend. You had been sent on a trip for a week and a half and had no clue what had happened. She ended up spending about six days with Greg. I'm sorry John, I am really truly sorry for this whole mess."

She pushed Dave down on the bed. Licking her lips, she dropped her shorts. "I've dreamed of this," she whispered as she sat astride him and pinched his nipples. Dave watched as she positioned her body so that she could hold his cock and ease her wet pussy down. "Do you like that?" she asked as her pussy swallowed his cock. "Oh yes, he groaned, "that's lovely."

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