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We sat on the couch, facing each other and had a light seafood salad. While we ate, Lynn's robe keep sliding open and she seemed not to notice or just took a long time pull it back in place. Her exposed deep cleavage was getting to me and I was glad to have the plate in my lap to cover-up my growing problem.

Audrey stood, and leaned closer to the door.

"No, I ain't chicken, but I bet you back out after one or two games. You don't have the guts to go until at least one of us is naked; which will be you by the way." The only thought going through his mind was kicking his sister's ass at backgammon. He hadn't given a thought to the fact that if he won enough games a very sexy lady would be sitting nude in front of him. But, he had pushed just the right button to get her going.

"I don't think you'll be disappointed."

Something else funny, that I bet you wouldn't guess is that I remember his phone number- Reynard's phone number. And I don't remember him telling it to me. I even have thought about calling him, but I've got this bigger issue to deal with.

Both Ken and Marilyn panted into their phone receivers as their climaxes faded.

"You're right and you can't tell me that you weren't enjoying what you were doing!" "The way you were pounding Betsy's hot little pussy I knew you were having fun."

Lee apprehensively unlocked the door to his room and slid it open slightly, just enough to peak out. April was stood facing the door, hands on hips, a thin, white, cotton T-shirt covering her perfect body and a pair of stone-washed jeans wrapped around her long toned legs. The light from the bright sun reflected her features immaculately, she was a true sex goddess.

“I have these big ugly long nipples and I am reluctant to let men see them. I know they are ugly one, a man laugh when he saw them and that turned me off wearing it.”

The paw between her legs moved in a faster and firmer rubbing. Lisa bit back a low moan, at once unable to believe what she was doing and overcome by how good it felt. Molested by her childhood toy, how freaky was that? And enjoying it?

"I don't know, Jason..." she continued, "I'd hate to get caught...but you're so hard..." She held out her hands, drawing him to her as she leaned against the side of the desk. "And I guess this is kind of my fault, isn't it...?" Her hand moved to his cock again, her fingers teasing him as she looked into his eyes. His pleading desperation made her smile.

"I won't cum without permission Jasmine" Marcus replied, feeling the blush rise in his cheeks. He felt totally possessed by this woman, and totally defeated. At that particular point his will was totally hers.

This left us alone with our daughter, so we all went out to the pool and lazed in the sun.

Our Parisian spring is so long ago, so far away. I let his words wrap around me like a blanket, taking me back to our first tryst.

So, I guess I know a SECRET! A bad, naughty secret! And I wonder how important it is to both of you to make sure it STAYS a secret! So, I want Santa to send me an e-mail, telling me he saw this note, and I'll tell you what I want to make sure I don't tell his MOMMY on him!"

'I swear to you, after we were married, only one other man ever touched me."

No Bill did cum yet! And he drove Jill crazy with his cock's stimulation inside her pussy. And then he did! As she felt the first shots of cum pumping into her body from a new man other than her husband, she had another earth-shaking orgasm that reminded her again about Larry. Bill's sperm pumped into her pussy deep, and she felt like she was going to die from the pleasure.

Chapter 11

'Great, I'm so pleased,' she says comfortingly. 'I do want to be friends and now I know how to please you - you can help me out too.'

An hour later, I had somewhere to stay and a few dollars to help me look for a job. I had agreed to stay at the Elsman house and look after the house and dogs while the family took itself off to Europe. Jack Elsman told me it had been Matt's suggestion and I thanked him as we drove over to mom's, where I'd been staying since I got back.

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"Chris, I, uh..." I started, lamely, trying to figure out how to bargain with you and end this shame. You looked at me and grinned.

"That all sounds pretty normal to me."

What was definitely not a mystery, however, was the purpose of the many pieces of "furniture" scattered throughout the large chamber. Looking from one to another, she could almost hear the cries and screams of those who had been unfortunate enough to learn firsthand of the pains inflicted by such devices. She knew from abundant well-reasoned rumors and a scant few confirmed tales that when a woman was brought to such a place, the torture almost always lasted longer – much longer – for her, as the men tortured her body not just outside, but inside as well.

In a downward motion, Stacey felt the doctors hand brush past her clit. Instantly, a chill ran up her spine, and a moan slipped from her lips. Almost immediately she was embarrassed. She felt like a freak.

Slowly, with firm pressure from my lips I began to suck his cock. He asked me to lick it, so I ran my tongue over the entire length swirling my tongue around the tip, which made his legs buckle each time.

We were all giggling like idiots before turning out the lights and settling into bed. Brianna and Dani were whispering to each other, and I was soon asleep.

'Let me see' He had pulled her into a sitting position, knees apart and sat opposite in the same position. He held her hands tenderly and smiled like a contented child.

"I'm not believing that," she said. "It was incredible, but in a way, almost scary. How long were we at it?"

With a forced smile, he greeted me, "Afternoon, stranger. What will it be?"

Her skin color was dark, but not as dark as a native of one of the pacific islands. I liked the look of it.

Brad had woken up when he felt Sabrina's hand wrap around his cock. He had been dreaming of fucking his sister again when he felt her touch him. He had dreamt of fucking her again since they first fucked, waking up each morning with a raging hard-on.

"It's natural for angels to be especially horny on their first few days," Delilah explained.

I was now ready to go for the prize of the pretty blondes womanhod; E.D.s' hot, moist pussy. I could tell by the look of lust in her pretty blue eyes that she was eagerly awaiting my attack on her turned on mound of pleasure.

She nodded, obviously unhappy.

Sandy put the ruler down and leaned back over the head. She put her mouth on the head and sucked it in. It filled her just short of stretching her jaws uncomfortably wide. Holding the whole head in the mouth she pulled it up straight so I could see it entering her mouth. I was just about out of control. I started bucking my hips trying to insert more of me in her mouth, but she rode with it and didn't let me have any friction at all. She just sucked the head. She reached down and cupped my balls, giving them a light squeeze. I was ready to shoot, and she knew it. She took her mouth off the head and let it fall back to my stomach with a smack. I felt some disappointment in not shooting off in her mouth. I could feel the cum ready to let go, but not quite.

He wiped me up with a towel as gently as his eyes mesmerized my body. I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. When we got to my room, in his arms once again of course, I turned on the lights and I saw the stains from our passionate sex.

"You were not." Jay said.

Tori pushed Bernie onto his back and moved in between his legs.

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"You can go use the bathroom and comb your hair, but don't clean any of my cum off of your face or hair, and make sure you leave the signatures on your body. I want to see the evidence that you're a whore."

"We've been through this for the last two months."

"Kiss me first. I've missed you. I've missed your tongue."

Dancing to the music in her black dress, her moves quickly mesmerize and enchant me. Every bounce of her hair, every graze of her arms against mine etch an image in my head. Her hips sway as her arms click to the beat of the music.

"Now comes the good part. Pay attention." Oh joy.

I stop, pull back, and let you calm down. I crawl up next to you, hug your nude body, and give you a kiss. "So, as I am fairly sure you can tell, this is something that most women enjoy *VERY* much." I pause, taking in how flushed she is, how excited, and decide to give it a try. "Now, as I mentioned, all women are different, and some enjoy different sensations than others. If you'd let me, Eric, I could go down on your wife and see if we can figure some of them out for you. I think she might enjoy it, very much."

"Well, you're certainly going to test the strength of Tim's friendship to forgive you this one."

"How about that short leather skirt I saw you pack and some heels?" My wife was not really the short skirt type, always complaining that her thighs were too fat but she must have had something in mind when she packed the skirt in her bag along with a pair of high heels. "Ok. I can handle that but what should I wear for a top?"

Mike removed his slacks and shorts and took her to the couch. Their first step was always the same. Mike loved tonguing Aggie's tight anus until it lay stretched open. He spent twice the time licking her ass as he had ever spent fucking it. Both degenerates loved that part the best.

He relaxed but the cock in my hand and mouth had no intention of relaxing in the slightest. He looked down at me a smiled. "Wow, that was great" he said. I smiled with my eyes as I continued to lick and suck on this beautiful cock.

By this time, I was undressed and I crawled up beside you and taking your hand in mine, we reached out and lightly stroked the dampness of Susan's silk covered cunt. She moaned at the touch giving you the confidence to exert a little more pressure slightly forcing the thin patch of silk into her slick canal. Her pussy immediately contracted around your fingers and drew them in further. Almost without thinking you pulled them out and Susan cried for more as she reached down and tore off the thong, throwing it across the room.

“That was just a quick shot of adrenaline, it should be more than enough to get you back to your quarters, I’d advise you to get lots and lots of rest because I’ll be visiting you fairly soon and quite often.”

"Cum for me," she orders, with lust in her voice. She frantically strokes my dick and pumps my ass until I cum, shaking my whole body with odd jerks and short moans. She keeps pumping at me until I stop moving. She slows her pumping, but doesn't stop for a while.

She writhed and moaned as the powerful captain trailed wet kisses down her throat to her firm breasts. Fire shot through her center as he nipped and sucked at her throbbing nipples.

As the woman haltingly walked in front of Tyrell, he looked past her as he searched for Bridget's last name on the building directory. He could feel the woman's stare on his back. He had learned a long time ago to ignore the stares and glances of whites because whenever he returned their looks, they either said nothing or rolled their eyes at him in a disdainful if that shit was supposed to affect him in some way. "Go away, little person," he said loud enough for her to hear. He instantly heard her stumble, mutter, and walk away.

Stan watched eagerly as the black security guard pulled my pussy lips apart and licked my clit, which was standing to attention. That had me sighing with pleasure as I felt his tongue lap at me. "You wanna go, Man?" Tom asked as he raised his head.

I was in a panic as my vision blurred and the pain in my arm became almost unbearable as I waited to hear a bone snap from the pressure and angle. Somewhere in this blur of pain and terror the man dragged me to the van throwing me into the back giving me time to gasp and choke in air while I was lying on my back knees up and leaning on just one elbow trying to keep off the hurt one. I choked and cough trying too soon to scream with little effect before the man climbed into the van and trapped me by closing the door. The man climbed on top of me straddling my waist with his legs and grabbing both of my wrists in one of his giant hands, effectively keeping me from striking him.

She had a black and white furry rug on the shiny wooden floor of her bedroom. Together they sank on the rug. Prieto's body was a bit wet. He gazed upon her naked body. Slowly, at last he started caressing her breasts, gently at first, his fingertips barely brushing her nipples, until his touch finally grew stronger, and soon he replaced his fingers with his mouth.

"But then, you are not excited by the pussy, are you?" She asked. I was confused by this question, but she made it clear to me. "You like to use my pussy as the vessel from which to drink the Master's cum, don't you?"

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"Thanks", she replied and quickly swung her right leg up onto my thigh. I almost spilled my drink all over her leg and I could see she was amused by my embarrassment.

After June's reminder that we were supposedly a married couple who, as such, would have seen each other naked hundreds of times before now, I managed not to ogle her. However, I couldn't take my eyes off her entirely. I continually peeked at her from the corners of my eyes, pausing, occasionally, to glance at her breasts, her pubes, or her ass.

“No. I’m sorry, it’s just...”

“Thank you very much, Trish. Mr. MacMahon will be so pleased,” he said. “Any pussy good enough for Mr. MacMahon is good enough for me,” he laughed and put on his clothes and left.

Sharon loved the feel of Reymon's hard and firm butt, which she held as he was fucking her hot mouth with his thick cock. Saliva drooled out of her mouth. "Fuck her mouth harder, Reymon" he told himself and dreamt of doing the same to his other colleague Jessica. Reymon felt he was about to explode. He controlled himself and stopped pumping his cock in and out of Sharon's mouth.

"Laura, you really surprised me." Said Gerry, wiping a hand across his mouth. "At first I thought it was Ann."

Dora stretched up the length of him, letting her tits and her hardened nipples rake across his sensitive belly, then up till she took one of his tightly puckered nipples in her mouth. She totally loved it when a man's nipples were sensitive, as so few men's were; but Dora already knew that Chris' were. She had been so looking forward to playing with them, and she did, for twenty minutes or more. She sucked on each nipple numerous times, licking and biting the tip. Yanking and pulling the nipple that wasn't in her mouth. Squeezing his chest till he moaned loudly and bucked his hips at her.

"I was here for over a year, Maggie," said Lauren, then added, "Sorry, try not to worry Maggie."

As she flopped beside me on the sofa her enormous breasts nearly bounced out of her dress.

"Pretty talented tongue you have there....I think you deserve a reward." With that he reaches into his sack and pulls out a present.

Eventually we got our act together and decided to head down and get a shower hoping we would feel better after. Lisa grabbed her stuff and headed out the hatch to the dock. I was half way out the hatch when Bob yelled, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

He ignored me. "You're a selfish prick, Lloyd," my partner said. "Charlie's way too good for you."

Angel said, "Yes my Lord, but I am only a maidservant."

"Anyway honey, why don't you put some coffee on and I'll be right there," Lorraine said, snapping out of her daydream. "I'm just about done!"

"Sure, sure. Whatever you want. I'm not hard to entertain," I said pleasantly. "I'll see you at four today, then."

"I know you're a good student and I have no problems in just giving you the passing grade you need, but you'll earn it in a different way," she told him.

"Let's play poker dice," she proposed.

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"Good girl. Lie on your back, here in the middle of the bed." I arrange myself on the bed, feeling the blush that crawls up my neck as your eyes rake my form.

Taunia glanced up, seemingly grinning at him with his dick still in her mouth—her eye contact was just as exciting as receiving the blowjob itself. She lifted him, licked the under side of his shaft, tongued his balls, and turned to his cock-head, humming all the while. Her mouth was naughty and felt incredibly warm. Quickly, she deep-throated him, sucked him hard as she slurped loudly on his man meat until orgasm rolled around deep in his belly. Her nails dug into his ass painfully, but it only enhanced the experience of her going down him.

"Yep!" I answered. Both cases were true.

The three women stopped staggering and turned towards direction of the metallic voice and saw Kevin behind the Plexiglas partition, that all 7-11 stores used to protect their employees and prevent robberies during the late night hours.

“I love you Anne.”

I can picture walking down the beach. It's about 3:30 a.m.. The wind is cool and the water is warm, lapping at our feet. The party goers are finally going home and it appears as though we are all alone; the stars shining brightly beyond the reach of the city lights.

"NO! Damn you. I want you to fuck me. I want your dick in my pussy NOW. I want you to fuck me, PLEASE."

"I see you've done this before." I quipped as I felt her tongue expertly maneuver over my cock. Beth created a tremendous vacuum in her mouth and combined this, with clever use of her tongue and long fingernails, which teased my balls the whole time. I was really going to enjoy this. As she worked my cock so skillfully, I reached for the collar of her dress and slid the top of it down her arms. Beth did not lose her rhythm as she bathed my cock.

"Well Andy?" She pulled her hair back behind her ears, looked down at Peter, and turned to me.

Brandi was concentrating on Saroya's nipples, flicking them with her spread fingers. "Your tits are so much bigger than my sisters."

Inside, Giorgio frowned. Where was Danicka going? And why did she look like she was just hit by a bus? He knew she thought he didn't see her but she didn't know that he had the incredible ability of focusing on one thing while seemingly paying attention to another. He sensed the exact moment Danicka walked into the room and couldn't help but watch her. He immediately became worried when he saw how pale and sickly she looked and was even a little upset when she left. He'd spent a good amount of time convincing her agency to give her this photo shoot so that he could talk to her. She was a constant thought in his head, one that he didn't want to end. So he bent to the task of making sure they would have to work together for a good amount of time. That she was leaving now interfered with his plans.

"Yes, Goddess," She replies. With that, She places a blindfold over my eyes, pulls my hands up to my chest and attaches the wrist cuffs to the collar, and finally adds what i presume is a leash to the harness around my cock and balls. She tugs sharply on the leash and commands me to stand up. i struggle to my feet, wincing as my arms rub against the nipple clamp, feeling the sharp ache in my balls at the torment from the leash, and being reminded of the butt plug as my ass tightens around it.

"Mom, he's nine inches soft." Morgan whispered.

"Y-yes. I'm f-fine," I said in a scratchy voice. "May I use your bathroom sir?" I asked Chief Davis.

"The waters of a flood can be devastating, but a summer's storm can bring nourishment to parched land. I give thee my gift, young one." Columns of water flowed from the woman's outstretched hands and encased Vanessa. Her hair and limbs floated around her as if she were under waters as she rose from the ground.

"I did, Sir!" she said, smiling.

She won't unless you tell her. Look Bob, I really want to live here. It's close to school and my parents will pay the rent, I won't be bringing friends over and having parties, I'll be too busy studying and I really don't mind if you're a nudist.

Harold laughed as he pulled his dick free and stood up. Mrs. Pinchitt's cunt had produced thick, white crème. It clung to his dick and dripped off the tip. "Tell me you love it, slut! Say it!" Mrs. Pinchitt was pulling and pinching her nipples. The tips were red and hard. And she had pulled them till the nipples stood out from her tit. "Yes! I love it! Oh it's so big and went so far in my pussy. Please keep fucking me! Put it back in me. Please! I almost came." Harold pulled her up to a sitting position. "I told you to get used to the taste. Now suck it clean." Grabbing her hair again, Harold rubbed his dick across her lips. Pulling her hair, he shoved it in her mouth as she opened it.

That was when I noticed that her left hand was also bare. Then she blushed, and her friend said " Susan, maybe the gentlemen would be interested in some of the furniture that we didn't have time to haul out into the garage. " Then her friend smiled and added " take your time, if you are not back by 5, I'll just lock up

Her back was on fire. It was the only coherent thought she had as she stood with her forehead pressed against Omal's shoulder. It had been that touch, that small consideration he'd shown her that had made it possible for her to get through the canning without crying out. It was something she would be forever grateful for. Omal had allowed her to retain some small measure of pride. Lifting her head, Vivian caught his eye and gave him a small smile.

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Taking my time, I went from the bedroom, down the hall, through a rather large living room with a stylish entertainment system, and found the kitchen. It, too, was beautiful and immaculate; the appliances were all stainless steel, the colors were black, white, and green, and very beautiful French doors led into a very green and well-kept backyard. Nestled in a corner was the dinning room table, a rectangular oak table with four chairs and nothing on top of it but a clean surface. Forcing myself to stop being so awe-struck, I found the instructions for his meal on the stove and quickly began cooking exactly as it said to, not wanting to disappoint my master. Once everything was on the stove, it occurred to me that I did not even know his name, so I figured I had a little time to snoop a little while everything was simmering and he was safely in the bath. I opened a few kitchen drawers and cabinets looking for his mail, or any piece of paper, but found nothing.

"Ahhh...Cumming!! Oh-oh fuck-fuck-fuck!" Laura, who had never climaxed so hard in her young frustrated life, humped her fingers against the hard tile floor as she felt pleasure flow like a tidal-wave throughout her body.

"My sister, brother and I did all right. My mother had her lucid periods. She generally kept food in the house, bought us clothes, paid the rent. But one time she left to go collect her welfare check and didn't come back. I was the oldest, so I took over. I told my sister and brother that she'd be back soon and that we would have to take care of ourselves until then. We did okay for about a week until we started running out of food. My teacher got suspicious when I brought boxed macaroni to school for lunch. Not soon after that people from Children's Services came and took us into custody. No one wanted to take three kids in at once, so we were separated. I never found out what happened to my mother."

"I'm too tired," I said wearily. Out the window I saw Mindy's brother trying to wrangle another drink from the bartender. Somehow, knowing that her brother was right there, right outside the window, gave me a thrill. I don't know what the hell came over me. Something to do with being pissed at Julie, mad that it was all over, and way too drunk. And, there was something else. I think was excited with the idea of being intimate with this young, attractive girl, with her brother was so close. Had I caught the exhibitionist fever? I looked down at my pulled out shirt tail. "You do it." I blurted out to Mindy, not really thinking.

that you're the only one for me

She followed along behind him laughing and swinging his hand between them. “I’m right behind you.”

‘I want it all! And I want it hard! Cum inside me. I want to feel you shoot it up into my belly!’

"Well why don't you two come back when you are prepared?" The madam said, as she sat on the desk and reached for the phone again.

He led me by the hand towards the door, and as we approached, Eloise appeared out of the crowd. “Ariel, are you all right?” She glanced at Ty with alarm on her face.

The Inn had three wings set out as three sides of a square. On the open side was the car park, and beyond the car park I could see what looked like another wing. It was towards this that we went.

The next morning I went to see Marty. I described how Ardy was being deprived of sleep; how important it was that she got enough rest to be able to study and maintain her grade point average; and how I had insisted she sleep in the second bedroom the night before, failing to mention that I had given her one of my T-shirts to sleep in.

"Would love to what?" He looked confused for a moment and then it dawned on him, she had answered the question without him even having to ask the question. He smiled and bent his head to kiss her soft smiling lips, they were always smiling, he had never seen them without a smile playing on them. He slipped a hand under her shirt to find a breast to cup in his large hand. She closed her eyes and drew him towards her bed. He followed obediently, no objection rising and she knew it was finally going to happen.

He looked down at me and then at Jenna. Jenna is very nearly my complete opposite. She has short blonde hair, while mine is dark and falls to my waist in gentle waves. She is also fairly short, just 5' 2", so I appear to tower over her. I am voluptuous, while in comparison; Jenna has a more boyish figure. Arnold's eyes seemed to light up, as he looked at the contrast the two of us made.

“Well, we shall see.” Blondie sneered just a Dr. Winker approached, and Blondie turned to leave, not before a giggle and slipping in a wink.

The others were just looking at her and Josh was smiling at her, knowing that he already had that money bagged up. She smiled back at her boyfriend and then spoke to everyone.

The smoke filled room was filled with the din of a multitude of beer drinking guys playing cards. A few glanced up as I entered assessing the evening's talent.

“Bien,” Jean said. “You wait here. I’ll go get her.”

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"Hey mom," his voice was sad.

I collapsed onto her, still inside her and hard. I was still throbbing and I could feel tiny jerks as my penis had a life of its own inside the walls of her cunt. We lay there in a stupor for some time, till I rolled off her and broke the connection. She came over on top of me and hugged me. I had never felt the tenderness that I felt for her then. I realised that this was the girl I loved, and all the others before her were just playmates while she was the one I wanted to spend my life with.

"Good. It's going to get better."

Oh – now don’t get me wrong. It’s not all him. Can’t be – he was nowhere near a looker as me, but I can see where most of me comes from. You know, the blond, wavy hair, my height, build….you know?

Intrigued, I dashed into the dark foyer. The music was low and sultry. There was a huge well dressed man standing there at the foyer. He greeted me cordially and simply stated, “Twenty bucks”. I thought, what the hell and fished a crisp twenty from my pants pocket and handed it to him. He turned sideways, allowing enough room for me to continue my journey into the lounge. I didn’t know what kind of place this was, but was curious to find out. The room was crowded with both men and women. Until I got my night vision, I ambled to the bar and ordered a Michelob light, in a bottle. Not being able to hear due to the thumping of the low sultry beat of the music, I tossed another twenty onto the black laminated bar. The tender slapped fifteen bucks back down in front of me.

However, by the time she went back to school for her junior year, his ardor had cooled. Finally he had sent her a letter – a letter! – and broke off their relationship. Said he was accepting a job in New York, and he knew she wasn't ready to follow him, blah, blah, blah. Julie was crushed, and angry. What she did next scared her to death, and has a bearing on this story.

"Let's take this into your bedroom," I interrupted. Her face instantly relaxed and she put the strap back in place. "Okay," she said with a relieved smile.

"Carol, don't forget to tip the dear man." Judy said with a wink at Carol.

I tried to open my mouth to say something else, but Sandy had leaned forward and my open mouth was greeted with her cock. That sounds so strange. But she looked so much like a woman except for this 5 inch cock. Perhaps I should have registered when she kept her g-string on and wanted me to fuck her ass, but she must have had her cock tucked away – because I don’t remember seeing a bulge. I had no time to think of that now. I had a cock in my mouth.

“Oh,” she said, staring at it. Her gaze shifted to me. “Are you a writer?”

'What, you mean there really are women who would act like this?'

"Sure. Just nothing that gets snorted or shot into a vein."

"Think nothing of it, bitch. "

Once he felt his cock was juiced up enough, he pulled back holding his cock with one hand while he fingered your ass with the other. He pointed his dick at your asshole and gave a quick thrust. His attempt to shove his cock in our ass wasn’t successful, there seemed to be too much resistance and he relaxed. With you hands, you motioned to him to keep trying. He did and as the head of his dick slowly began to disappear in your anus, you let out a loud muffled sound, no one was sure if it was due to the pain of having a cock shoved up your ass or gagging due to the cock you were deep throating. With your mouth full of cock and as you felt the cock penetrating your ass deeper and deeper; you began nodding your head up and down indicating you were OK and to keep it up.

Feeling he had gotten her more than excited enough, he slowly pushed his cock-head into her box.

"Oh, God, babygirl, your mother's cunt NEVER felt this good," groaned Dave.

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The plan was this. They would allow the Americans to take them outside. They would let the men touch them and kiss them. And then when the men tried to pull down their pants, they insist then men do it first. When that happened, they would steal the men’s wallets and pretend they had to go urinate. They would run away and meet later to share what they stole.

“I said suck it, bitch!” She felt a hand on each side of her head suddenly pull her toward his cock and all she could do was open her mouth and take it in. Her tongue brushed against the bottom as the entire length of his cock invaded her mouth and pressed lightly against her throat. Amazingly, she did not gag at this but her pussy got even wetter at this treatment. His hands were holding her head while his hips moved, effectively fucking her mouth. She reached on of her hands down inside her panties to rub her clit while he forced her to suck on his dick.

During one of the phone calls Paul brought up the fact that they talked about tying Joy up. "Do you still want me to tie you up, Joy?" Paul asked.


"I really don't know. This is a first for us. She has danced for me before and it was very erotic." I replied.

A soft moan came from her throat as she took more of it. I watched her mouth oval around it and felt it hit the back of her throat. As she came up my shaft, her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside of my cock sending a shiver down my spine. She quickly threw her head down again; engulfing my cock, letting it hit the back of her throat. She gagged lightly, but kept sucking it in and out of her hot mouth. Suddenly I felt her move down as I guided her head firmly and instead of coming back up, she kept pushing and my cock popped into her throat. I moaned as she struggled to get more of it into her gullet.

“All done,” Nadia said. Nadia stood up and moved back slightly looking Debbie up and down, “You look very beautiful,” Nadia announced and handed Debbie a business card. “Any time you need your make up done, my rates are very competitive just give me a call,” she said, and with that gently kissed Debbie on her cheek and dismissed Debbie by calling out who’s next?

The two made their way downstairs and into the secret dungeon once more. As they entered, Lisa's attitude changed. It wasn't anything obvious, but she was suddenly and definitely in charge. She placed wrist and ankle cuffs on Dan and clipped his hands behind his back. For a minute or two she stood looking around at all the devices in the room. Finally she decided on one of the padded sawhorses. She led Dan over to one end and had him spread his legs. She then fastened his ankles to each side of the A-frame end, spreading them about two feet apart. She released his bound hands and leaned him over along the length of the horse. His hands were then pulled down on either side and Lisa stretched him, fastening a wrist to either side of the A-frame at the other end.

"I want you to fuck my ass." She smiled as Johnny’s jaw dropped. I knew that would get him, she thought. Give a man the chance to take a ride up the Hershey Highway and he’ll jump at it.

Dawn froze.

That was when I'd started holding my breath and waited to see what she'd say or do. She made me wait for what seemed like an eternity before returning my challenge. During that time all sorts of thought ran through my head as I tried to prepare for whatever she'd say.

"What the --!"

Alan explained about the club ride. "Forget that," he told her, "Do you want to ride with me? I'll blow off that other thing."

Kate nodded and smiled, both interesting effects, considering that her mouth was currently occupied by Sheldon's sizeable member. She bobbed her head up and down a few inches of it, goaded father along its length by Sheldon's gentle insistence with his hand.

I approach Mistress and immediately kneel. Nervously, I continue looking towards the floor. Does my new Mistress even like what she sees? All my apprehension is appeased when She takes my chin in her hand, lifts my head, and gently kisses me. The feeling of Her lips on mine is so soft, so sensuous. I knew then that I would do anything for her.

My heart seemed to be beating in my throat as I felt the bed move, then, as I bit my lower lip I felt her hands for the first time. With a slight shaking she opened my slit, finding my clit an instant later.

"It's harmless and it's just your ass so what's the big deal?" Carol asked. "Besides we get to rub against their stiffies."

"Oh Chris, it feels so good to have that thing inside of me and the vibrator buzzing my clit" she moaned between gasps of air. "Don't ever stop................I could do this all day."

May belle quickly inserted a twelve inch vibrating dildo deep into the young girls hot, leaking pussy and almost as quickly inserted a smaller unit into Lisa’s pulsating ass. She then captured Lisa’s long clit in her mouth and began nibbling and sucking the erect organ.

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The spanking helmet let your mind feel the spanking but you never had any marks on your body. No body ever physically spanked their children these days.

"Now we won't be disturbed." I say.

"Hello there..." he mumbled and looked closer. Their eyes were covered with sunglasses but their bodies were just dressed in skimpy bikinis. Mark carefully looked around and made sure his parents were not around. Quickly he grabbed a binocular and had a quick look at the girls. Some of them had put on a t-shirt but he could clearly make out their curvy chests. One of them had only a red bikini on and was lying on her back and Mark's view halted for a while on her but cheeks.

Like most other guys in school, Karl Walker too had massive crush on Jessie Sinclair. Unlike Simon, Karl was quite popular, the star of the River Falls High School basketball team where he played alongside Jessie's twin brother Jesse and her ex Brock. Karl was almost six foot tall but, despite his athleticism, slender and quite slight with the sort of long haired androgynous good looks that some women love. Unfortunately for Karl, Jessie Sinclair didn't seem to be one of those women, in fact, although Karl knew her twin brother pretty well, he had absolutely no idea what kind of guy Jessie went for as she seemed to have dated all kinds of popular guys. It wasn't that Karl didn't get plenty of attention from the girls, it was just that he wasn't getting any attention at all from Jessie who he'd had a crush on since the fourth grade. Karl and Jessie were now seniors in High School and he knew that if he didn't make his move right now then she'd be gone to college before he ever got the chance to hook up with her.

“I can’t help it, seeing you standing there, naked, makes me so hot!” Mary-Kate moved her hand over Ashley’s bare ass and gave it a little slap.

"Who said the bad guys will fight fair?" Alec asked with a grin. "Didn't you always tell me to be prepared for everything and anything?"

Cindy, on the other hand, is a waif. When God threw together her parts, He basically rolled some bones in blood, got some flesh to stick to them and threw her into the world (to quote an interesting Pearl Jam lyric). Thin as she was, she couldn't be a model, though. Her boobs were small, like a-cup size and she was short. About the same color blonde hair as Debbie with sparkling blue eyes. Much cuter than Debbie.

“We sure would, Tank,” the man across from Sara answered as he licked his greasy lips. Sara swallowed in fear.

"Have you been ok know?"

She tried to extricate her self from his grasp with no success and she whimpered softly as her dress was pushed up her thighs. She wasn’t wearing any panties, the lines would have shown through the fabric and she heard him chuckle when he discovered that fact.

"So you wouldn't mind? How about sleeping with him of a night. Not sex, but you just sleeping there to make sure if he needs anything."

"Uh...just a minute."

He looked and considered his world of the moment. His head was well under the chair, and from that confined perspective her perfect feet and her two sandals now removed loomed before him, seemingly larger than life. He could not move because Mistress Wendy had only asked that he remove her shoes. Nothing more. So he remained there contemplating the strangely erotic landscape inches before his face.

When he said divorce it scared me. In spite of everything that had happened I really hadn't thought about divorce yet.

Me, I have always preferred to keep my own council; well there's no point in getting you the wrong kind of reputation. If the girls hear the guys discussing just whom you had laid, they knew it wasn't going to do their reputation too much good to go out with you.

I unzipped the back of Kristen's dress as she watched her husband and my wife make out. Tom's fingers were deep in Karen's pussy, her hand pulling and tugging on his thick shaft. Reaching down and grabbing the hem of the dress, I slowly pulled it higher, over her naked hips and ass. As I raised her dress, I studied the soft skin being revealed to me. Her ass was small and firm, two soft pale cheeks with almost no fat to them at all. Her back, covered in tight brown freckles was almost perfect. She lifted her arms, helping her dress pass over her breasts as the dress cleared her shoulders. Her long brown hair fell back as her dress dropped on the sofa.

"Let's get in, I'm getting chilled," said Ann. Jen helped Ann over to the Jacuzzi's raised wide top where Ann sat down.

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"You know you got a really nice body," Yvette blurted out.

"You're welcome," she said. "I'm Kaylee, a student librarian," and held out her hand to shake his. The two students shook hands and Patrick gathered his books together as he gazed at her beauty. Kaylee was dressed very conservatively with her skirt just below her knees, but revealing her well shaped calves. A blue sweater that matched her eyes covered her top with her seemingly small breasts pushing hard against the knit material. Her hair was a deep auburn and she wore no makeup, but her full lips were a deep natural red.

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Two years," he said, knowing exactly where she was going with the question.

"Morning," she said, smiling. "Masha's in the shower. Want some coffee while you wait?"

" Well, if you agree, then for stakes, I want you at my beck and call until I leave town. When I win, you are going to follow orders. If I decide you need to revive that seventies tradition of streaking, then you will sprint with your goodies on display until I say stop.


"I won't eat much of this. It was too hard to lose the pounds. It's just my turn to bring munchies to work Monday."

It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining. I was standing behind Widow aunt, the aroma of hair oil from Widow aunt's hair knot was romantic and exciting. Widow aunt was 48 years young, gracefully matured beauty.

In a low threatening tone like a rabid dog, Baird asked her, "Is this what you want, you little slut? I'm not one of those little boys you're used to. You think you can handle being used and fucked hard by a man?"

I continue this until you get hard again. My pussy is wet and ready for you again. I decide to try something fairly new for us. I work my way up on top of you and settle my tight wet pussy over your hard cock. I slowly lower myself down until you are buried deep in me. I start to slowly ride you, getting my balance and loving the feel of you slowly in and out of me, deep in me.

"Oh yea baby!" Josh moaned. "I love the way you suck my cock," he whispered closing his eyes as Darla slipped the purple head back between her lips.

As we lay there connected in two ways, I'm feeling like a new person. She was right is rocked my world, she turned me out.

I looked at my wife again just in time to see one of the men reach out and start to fondle her breasts. Again I tried to move away from the man holding my arm but he gripped it tighter and wouldn’t let me go. The other man beside my wife was running his hand up and down her back and over her ass as he held her close to him, allowing the second man complete access to her breasts. She started to fight them but the one holding her arm, squeezed it and whispered something in her ear, making her stop. The look on her face was one of complete helplessness and there was nothing I could do about it as I watched the two men, continue to maul her body.

“Don’t panic, Pops,” she said. “I’m priming this gal. I’m not even sure of her age. I think she lied about it on the application. At any rate she is so grateful that she would take a bullet for me. You know Donna was fun, but we scared her to death. She won’t be a player again.”

A half hour after he had originally set out to free Jennifer's hands from the sadistic restraints her boyfriend Shane had placed her in, Rusty raised his heavy and undid each one of the knots that kept her limbs painfully extended.

I was broken from my reverie by hands reaching round and stroking my breasts. At the same time I felt two breasts against my back. I glanced over my shoulder to see Elaine. As I leaned back into her body, her lips nuzzled against my neck and she whispered how hot the scene below was. I couldn't disagree.

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"I hate big tits. Especially big, ugly jugs like yours. Eat your meal."

This made the situation difficult as Stephanie was going to get forgotten about and she had not come yet, I decided to go for broke.

"To say the least, Don's interest in Sam Gatwin is far from professional. He has, on several occasions, bored us all silly with his wild stories and theories over lunch. When he wasn't scandalizing his more prudish peers, that is. I've never paid much attention to him or his tales, but when you showed up with Sam's horn and, what I'm convinced is solid evidence it's the real McCoy, some of his stories came back to me."

I revelled in the feeling of my cock being sucked by this young mouth. I watched her, her hair resting against my legs, her breasts hanging and moving as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

As she partly recovers I continue to suck on her clit and shortly thereafter she again mashes my face into her cunt and cums violently again....oh how I love to have my face buried in her juice pussy....STOP!! She calls out as she's trying to regain her breath, looking down at me with a look of disbelief on her flushed red face. Just then my stiff cock grazes her shin and this brings forth her next order; on your back!

She have never done this before, the term "deep throat" was something she heard somewhere about blowjobs, and here she was doing it. Her large jaw accommodated the thickness of his cock, but the length was difficult. But he did as he demanded. He slid his cock inside and rolled it around her salivating mouth. Like a bitch in heat, she devoured every inch, welcoming each drop of precum with her tongue.

"Yes," said Michelle as Tammie nodded her head too.

“I have to go back up north; there are things I have to do at The Place.” She had often referred to “The Place” using it almost as a proper name, but exactly what The Place was and where I had no idea. In fact for all my love of her I had very little knowledge of Alicia, but it seemed the “The Place” was some sort of property once owned by her parents. Her mother had died, as had my beloved Agnes, of that scourge of our time, cancer. Her father had been killed not long after his wife’s death in a tractor accident. Now it seemed “The Place” belonged to Alicia.

“I went to the Neat Bush.”

She looks at him in horror, but takes him in her hands and begins to stroke him softly. He tilts his head back in pleasure, thrusting himself towards her. She lowers her head, softly kissing his swollen penis and flicking her tongue around the head. She then grabbed the base of his cock and slowly, but firmly stroked it all the way up to the head. She worked slow but firm, and stroked him up and down, bringing long deeps moans from him. She then fully engulfed the swollen head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and bobbed slowly up and down on it. She could feel him tensing up and she resumed her stroking as he slowly pushed himself at her. She sucks gently on the head and that nearly sends him over the edge as he runs his fingers through her hair and gently pulls her head up and away from him. "But... we, I didn't get to finish..." He shushes her and lifts her to her feet, where she stands staring at her half naked husband.

"Well, I'm with the best looking guy!" We looked at each other and laughed.

I knelt before her. My eyes drew level with the tops of her boots at her thighs. Her pussy awaited me just above the hem of her semi-transparent mini-dress.

"And your ass," he continued "is terrific too! It's the first thing I noticed about you when I saw you jogging in front of me. With those cock-teasing little shorts you're wearing your butt cheeks were damn near falling out! I started getting a hard-on just looking at them!"

I sat in a low chair and Bev straddled me. “Now aim my cock at your cunt, er vagina, and ease it in slowly. You are well lubricated. My cock will go in easily.”

Now this is just my opinion, and it is very brief, I know, but there is so much to say regarding this subject that I could write a dissertation. My bottom rule is that if a site cannot offer you excellence in its tour page design, particularly with a clean layout and high quality samples, then do not expect much better in the member's area.

Gently, he allowed his mouth to roam her tender inner thighs. Above him he watched her staring back at him over two tightly cupped breasts. She knew he was up to something. Then her entire body quivered and she dropped her pendulous breasts and grabbed the headboard for support as his tongue brushed across her highly sensitive clit. In long forward and back slurps, he traced the length of her slit from anus to clit, careful to spiral around each as he passed. With each pass, her breathing became even more distorted. Her thighs began to clench around his ears as he forced his tongue deep into both of her openings. By the subtle change in the flavor of her pussy juice and the rate of its flow, they could both tell she was near her release.

"I need to see your ID sweetie." She held it up for me having it out and ready like I had instructed. I scanned it quickly for the DOB. August 28, 1986, just as she had told me. So she had just turned 19.

When he entered the house, I ran up and hugged him, kissing him on the lips and apologizing for the fight we had yesterday. He wasn't upset and in fact, we left a trail of clothes between the front door and the bedroom. The whole time he was making love to me though, I was thinking back to the night before and the animal feelings I had as they raped me repeatedly. I had to actually fake an orgasm so that Tom wouldn't feel like he let me down. The rest of the weekend went all too quickly and I soon found myself standing in front of Kevin in his executive office on Monday morning.

That's when my wife moved up over my head so that I could see. She also pulled my legs even further over my head so that I was looking up at my own cock. I could see how Susanne was intensly servicing my stiff member and ramming the dildo into my ass in unison with her pumping motion.

Keri shrugged, dropped her skirt, and said "I already am, what about you?"

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My Wife looked at me boldly. "Have at me. Do your worst. When I lose, I pay my debts. Who do you want me to pretend is fucking me tonight? My boss? The neighbor? How about your best friend? You start it and I'll finish it."

Now she had him where she wanted him, captive, quiet and completely aroused. Her sex tightened at the thought.

"The first thing I think we should talk about is you girls undressing each other," I said raising my eyebrows slightly.

As they walked back to the yard, Nancy tried to pull herself together. She told herself that she knew this moment might come. When they got back to the yard, Nancy took a deep breath and reminded herself of what she had promised God. Even though this penalty would be extremely difficult and demeaning, she would accept it with grace and humility. For whatever reason, God wanted her to endure this challenge and she would not disappoint Him.

Kari kissed every inch of my front side quickly before I felt her warm breath on my pussy lips. Janis slid a blind fold over my head and covered my eyes. I felt Kari's hands begin to push my legs apart. Her tongue slowly made its way between my lips then she began flicking my clit and pushing her thick tongue into my hole. "Suck my cock, Sandy." said Janis. I did what I was told. She had put a banana lotion on it to make it taste good. I loved sucking Janis' cock because she moaned and grabbed me so much it drove me wild.

"Sure I'd love it too."

"Oh, baby," she gushed into my ear. "Honey, that's it. Cum for Anna. Cum for me, Paul."

"I want you to know that I'm grateful, and I think I know how best to thank you."

If the weights on your nipples became to heavy, dropping them to the metal plate would cause the Big-O to kick in. If your legs got tired and you went off your tip toes and onto you heels, The Big-O would also kick in... with the clit vibrator!

It had been another one of those days. I just wanted to let out a scream and knew that home was going to be somewhat challenging. I knew that Terri had been somewhat stressed out this week from school requirements and the boys were particularly irritable since they were all sick. It was one of those drive’s home where you just knew it was going to be a bad situation. I threw a CD in to motivate me a little better and decided I would vent now and make the best of it. Somewhere between “Break Stuff” and “Headstrong” I realized my life was not so bad. Frustrating at times, aggravating, and extremely pent up lately, but not unmanageable or unrewarding. In fact, I was getting somewhat numb to the idea of our sexual misalignment as was resolving to “get myself a girlfriend” as Terri had suggested. Feeling somewhat disappointed in our on-going situation, I arrived home better tempered and ready for hell to be unleashed.

"Hi, darling," she said as she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, "I'm assuming you'll want something to eat before you get your head down!"

“Fuck,” he said.

"Wait a minute! We're naked. We can't knock on the door like this!"

For some reason, my attention locked on my daughter Kristy. She had on a half shirt and a pair of tight shorts. Her long hair twisting around the soft sultry curves of her face and breasts. Before I knew what hit me, a shot of adrenaline shot up the front of my body. It was a sexual bolt of lightning that took me by surprise. I quickly pushed the thought aside in denial of any such occurrence. I did think her body was hot. Her tanned legs and sinfully seductive facial features made me a little twitchy.

Carol stood up and walked over to the window. Stretching up on her tiptoes, gazing out. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as her gaze locked on the heavenly vision outside. He was about 6 feet or a bit taller, not overly muscular, but nicely built. His mocha complexion gleamed in the sunlight from the perspiration dripping. Not really attracted to men with dreadlocks, she found herself being drawn to this man whose dreds hung down to the middle of his shoulders. She could faintly make out the impression of his six-pack through his tank top undershirt. She giggled to herself at his Mickey Mouse boxers peeking out from the waistband of his jeans. Carol didn't realize she had been caught staring at him until he caught her eye and waved at her. She nearly jumped out of her skin when he flashed her his perfect smile. Closing the curtains, she walked over to the backdoor and stepped outside. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she waved back.

"Yep. Just finishing some projects Karen left for me."

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I remembered that she'd said that I was the first to love her like that, that night on the plane when we'd joined the Mile High club, together. I told her to get off me and get on her knees and I'd be back after I "tinkled." She just giggled as I ran into the bathroom to pee, my dick still rock hard. (It's that Viagrow stuff, man. I'm tellin' ya', get some.)

“Excuse me...”

All she could do was whisper, "Yes, Sir!"

I told her that the blow job she gave me last night was the best I have ever had. Lori just smiled at me and told me to sit down so we could eat. I was hoping I would get another one, but I guess she wasn't in the mood.

The man behind me managed to grab my tits and twisted my nipples between his fingers. His dick got harder and more insistent as he did.

Suddenly her mouth had engulfed him and her head was bobbing up and down, her teeth running ever so gently along his shaft on the way up, teasing him just enough to bring him closer. When she brought one hand up to stroke the part of him that wasn't in her mouth and the other hand began cupping his balls and squeezed them softly, he lost control. He clutched at the chair on one side of him and the wall on the other to keep from controlling her too much as he humped at her mouth, letting out an animalistic growl from deep within as she actually swallowed his cum.

"You want me to stop?" he grunted.

He accidentally slipped out of Amy's warmth, and the cool air of the bedroom hit his manhood. He quickly aimed it at Bonnie's vagina and slid quickly inside.

"Well he got into a fight in the LAPD holding cell. They got him pretty badly but they said he got in a few blows to-"

"No." She said as she forced herself to form the words which would take from her this half waking, half sleeping feeling. "No." She said again, "I have to know...” Still the single rose stroked her skin and replaced reason with emotion. She tried to speak again. She tried to reach for the light on the bedside table. Her muscles would not respond. She had to see this man she had spoken to so often, but had never seen. There were so many questions to ask, so many things she longed to say and longed for him to say. He laughed softly at her feeble attempts to overcome emotion with reason.

I put my thumb against her clit, just above where my rod was pounding her pussy and started to rub in circles. She went further over the edge, her hands clasping my forearms as she came in one huge wave. It was fucking incredible. Here was this woman who I always remembered as being bookish and dyke like cumming all over my cock in the back of one of my limos. I couldn't take it anymore. Her pussy was convulsing all over my prick and I needed to release. I pulled out and was about to shoot on her stomach when she jumped up and clamped her mouth over the big head of my cock. I fired my load and she slurped and sucked taking shot after shot. Not even a small dribble in the corner of her mouth. I leaned back, panting myself and ohhing and ahhing while she milked my tool clean, getting every last drop of my sex juice.

“Oh? What kind of problem?” Joyce asked.

I led her over to the bed, now in command. She followed. She lay down on the bed, and I joined her. I kissed all around her lovely tits and then licked her nipples and sucked on them until she started to breathe real hard. Then I shifted focus to her pussy. "Spread wide for me," I said. She did as I commanded, moving her legs so far apart that her pussy was completely exposed. She grabbed me real hard as I ate her. Her cunt was delicious! After she came, I held her until she relaxed. It was a marvelous feeling to lie there, side by side with a lover, after great sex.

“Happy Birthday baby!” I exclaimed. “You better get yourself upstairs and get ready for our dinner date.” I squeezed her ass cheeks.

Kitten bound down the stairs just as Pappy was coming in to make his morning coffee. He smiled widely at the image of his precious girl as she moved over and started the coffee. He stopped dead in his tracks as he watched her go through the steps that Magi had. "Where did you learn how to make coffee like that Kitten?" he asked.

Later on that night Angel was contemplating whether or not to tell Buffy about Darla appearing in his hotel room in New York. 'Why should I tell her? It's not as if she's thrilled about Darla. I just can't tell her.' He blew lightly in her ear to cause her to shiver all over her body. She made believe that the cool breeze against her ear wasn't distracting her sleeping at all. Angel knew perfectly well that he could keep on going until she woke up. Buffy stirred, turned around and looked at him.

"Well I wanted a virgin said Lady Katherine, but I will remain to cast my vote."

Then from the corner of the room I hear you say, “You’re doing great Baby!” I hold still. Was that you I just heard, or was my mind playing tricks? “Like him Baby, show him how much you like getting fucked by a stranger.” With that last line, I erupt into the most intense orgasm I think I’d had up to that point. He follows me, and I feel his cum spurting inside me. After a few minutes, he’s off me. I hear him gathering his clothes, dressing, then hear him tell you, “Let me know when the next game is.” Then he’s gone.

Valliant walked away with a simple, “Yes Sir” muttered and disappeared upstairs to follow his orders.

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"Then I guess it's lucky for me that I have you now." He pushed the top of her sweater set off and onto the floor. Tess's nipples were swollen and poking through her soft pink sweater before Sam even touched her breasts, but once he did they grew even harder and Tess moaned loudly. She was tall and slender and B-cups looked just right on her. He pinched both her nipples as he captured her breasts and she squirmed and pushed into his thigh as she unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. Sam was a ruggedly handsome man in his late forties, still in great shape, with ice blue eyes and razor cut light brown hair just starting to turn a distinguished gray. Tess had been attracted to him from the first.

The screaming voices that were cheering me on now included her boyfriend, I noticed with devilish delight. She bounced off the ropes and into my gloves again, and I shoved her down. She went flying across the mat face first, sliding on her stomach until she wound up in front of where her boyfriend was watching. Her skirt had flown up around her waist and I could see that she must tan in the nude, as there were no tan lines on her firm ass, barely covered by sheer panties that matched her bra.

"Yes I'm so sorry... Thank you Master, thank you, but please don't..!"

"Shit!" she whispered, annoyed with herself for not having more self-control.

"OK big brother, but I can at least have a look at her, can't I?" Asked the young black boy, as he leaned down to check me out.

The morning of that day her social worker arrived at the foster home she has been in for about 3 months. Candice hadn’t been surprised to see the overworked, underpaid government servant. With one look, Candice grabbed her packed suitcase from the cramped room she shared with 2 other girls and headed out the door. She asked no questioned, knowing the routine by heart now. The family hadn’t wanted her, explaining to the adoption agency how Candice was just too much to handle along with the other 4 kids they received payment from raising. Candice had had to go.

DONNA: I know you do. And I fucking love your COCK.

"Kate . . " she started to say, but Kate had started speaking at the same time. They both stopped, and Kate laughed and said - "Let’s wait until we can get off this boat before we talk. We’re coming into the harbour now."

Kathy was still rubbing my cock. "Don't stop, Kathy," I pleaded. "I love you. I love your soft hands on my cock!"

Jennifer O'Rourke was a good Irish Catholic girl from Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The petite redhead went to church each Sunday for most of her 28 years. She loved travel, reading mystery novels, her Marketing Analyst position at the local gas company and her thrice-a-week visits to the local gym.

* * * * *

" Paul, you can have me anytime you want to but this time, please let me rest for a little while...", I pleaded,

"It was her shoes," he said. "They didn't look like the kind of shoes you would wear if you didn't wanted anyone to think anything sexual about you. And they were worn, like she'd been on her feet a lot."

I lay in bed thinking about how to bring my plan into action when I heard mum and dads bedroom open and then close quietly. I got out of bed and quietly walked to my door and peered out to see what the noise was. I heard whispering coming from Claires room so I quietly walked to her door and listened.

We got back to the house a day before Dad and Karen. We were very busy that day. We found a maintenance company to take over Jack and Keven's houses. Robert and Bobby got hold of their parents and like Joe and Karen, told them they had accepted good paying jobs in the city. Faith took Jack and Keven to sell their cars and come back with something that would make it to the valley. There is nothing low key about Faith, she came back with a fire engine red H2. We took everyone shopping for just enough clothes for the trip back. Adam and JJ had already done most of the ground work. We had everything done and ready for Dad and Karen to bring Tom and Sharon back.

Annie stayed in for the next two days. The third night was Friday and Annie wasn't home when I got there so I guessed she was in some bar with her friends from work. I showered and left to meet my buddies to drink some beer and shoot some pool. I got home at two and hadn't been there five minutes when Annie came in. She was a mess. Her dress was torn and her lower lip was bleeding.

"How is this going...?" Sam complained.

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"Sit on the bed while I finish my make-up." she whispered.

"I want you to fuck her now." Bernie's voice was husky with desire. He couldn't wait to see the boy's hard and throbbing cock sliding in and out of her small and succulent, lovely bald pussy. He felt Jenny tighten up. "Time's wasting boy. Get with it."

"Holy fucking shit."

Steven was needing to borrow a book of Bobby's. He had thought about waiting until either Bobby or Jannie was home, but he really wanted to start reading it now, because it was a technical book that Steven needed to study for a test he was taking in a few days. He took a class at the local junior college 2 nights a week.

Stacy's heavy breathing was gradually returning to normal, as she savoured the blissful pleasure still tingling between her spread legs. Her orgasms had been so intense that even now they had not completely subsided. Her recovery was cruelly interrupted, however, when Fiona suddenly grabbed hold of the handle and twisted the brush three times, like the handle of a screwdriver. Stacy screamed loudly, pushing her shoulders hard into the back of the chair, throwing her head back over the headrest and thrusting her pelvis up off the chair and forwards. The force of her movement ripped the handle out of Fiona's hand and knocked her backwards. Stacy felt warm tears of pain soak into her blindfold, as raw heat began to spread through her sore vagina and hot liquid flowed out of her.

But this is the story of one time I couldn’t protect her.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. "Hey, Debbie, what's the big deal blowing me off." Turning around slightly he was face to face with a gorgeous blond. ‘Must be Erika,' he hoped.

I got downright weak in the knees at that point and had a terribly difficult time concentrating on anything business related. Some of my employees even asked if I was sick, considering how distracted and "away" I seemed! Finally 5:30 came along and I was ready to go home for the day. My anticipation was soon rewarded and then some...

As soon as Devon heard me coming out the bathroom, he quickly hung up the telephone. He then moved back over and laid more in the bed, a lustful smile on his face.

Austin, Gina, and Sara crowed around the two of us.

“Good,” she answered. “Is tomorrow night the gang-bang?”

"Hey guys... come here... look out the window... over the road... who's the tart with one tit talking to herself over the way?"

I could hear Danny and Jamaal fucking the other two girls in the next room. A quick peek revealed once again a scene like the worst nightmare of a southern plantation owner back in slave days. The black cocks ravished the upper class pussies of the two adventuresses.

"Ohhhhhhh..." she moaned. He moaned as well. He figured she would take him out of her now. She raised her body up, sliding him most of the way out, and than brought it back down. They moaned again. She began to eagerly bounce up and down on his lap and there was nothing he could do to stop her. He could easily push her off of him, but had no control over his desire for her. Stacey leaned back against him, and his hand slid up and grabbed her breast, kneading it as she bounced up and down on his pole.

His kisses were making her wet. She felt overcome, excited, dangerous, captured, hungry, and full of desire as he undressed her in the lowered lighting in his office. She felt like she should try and stop him as she stepped out of her skirt, her blouse on the floor. She started to speak as his hands snapped her bra free as he kissed her even harder. She felt she could stop him now when his hands grasped her breasts, his mouth sucking on her nipples. She could but her body wanting it. Wanting it all as her panties slid to the floor. As she realized that for the first time in her married life, she was about.. to…

Sue talked about her shoot. She is an amateur photographer. She has dabbled in portraits, and weddings, but her real interests lie with fashion, fine art and combining social commentary with fine art. Now, I call it fine art. Sue calls it nudes. The more sexual, the better she likes it. I have not asked her what her nudes do, but she described several shots in detail anyway. I was shocked and excited too.

So, slowly, he looked around to see if anyone was watchin' then he kneeled on the floor in front of me and pushed my dress up to my waist. His fingers played with the elastic on my panties and soon slipped under the cloth, landing in a pool of liquid.

The last stragglers had gone home about forty-five minutes ago, leaving Seth to help Jared and Maria to clean up. They didn’t get very far, though, and were soon sitting in the living room, bullshitting. Jared and Maria were on the couch while Seth was on the floor in front of them. The party had been great, Seth couldn’t remember that last time he’d had so much fun. And dancing with Maria had been one of the highlights. He didn’t get to go out and cut loose nearly as much as he would have liked.

Cartoon Sex Video Masturbating

"Do you want these sweet lips of mine around your magnificent, want it in my vagina real bad, cock my sweet?" Jane has fully wrapped Bill's cock in Lynx in a pillow sized bundle fondling it up and down his large shaft. Bill is going out of his mind with lust for Mousey as she strokes him slow and smooth. It is finer than any vagina it has been in.

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"Tell me something mom."

"Yes go ahead"

"We could put them on Mom's bed?" I suggested, and led Marsha down the hall.

The Victory Party: Michael's Special Halloween

Melanie turned 18 a month later, and I had already planned something special for her. Tickets to a concert, her favorite band of all time--Depeche Mode. Not my type of music, good for only two things: suicide and sex.

She began to slowly grind herself against me. Not fast or hard, just slowly. Her mouth was against my ear. Her hot breath was causing me to become even more sexually aroused. I had and urge to hump back but I did not want to encourage her. I was trying to hold back.

Michelle left. In the taxi on the way home she realized what had happened tonight. She was now the boss's whore. She was going to live two lives now; one of housewife and mother and one of office slut obeying any whim her manager might have in mind.

Then there are cheaper variations used by many to overcome the ever-increasing cost factor. Such as using vegetable oils or cooking grease, of course the taste leaves something to be desired. These products also do not offer the pure lubricity needed. Not to mention they make cleanup harder.

"Good." He secures the ankle cuffs to the spreader bar. He takes the leash, wraps it once around the towel bar, and pulls her in close to the bar and secures the leash. In this position, her back is forty-five degrees to the floor.

"It's this sweet piece of flesh," she said, touching a slightly protruding nub. "The juice button, baby. You're gonna cum real quick, and when you do I want you to rub your panties in the wetness."

After administering to both of her breasts, he began to move down her torso towards her now inflamed pussy.

Angela took her crop and snapped first the outside of one leg and then the inside of the other. The flesh turned angry red almost immediately, but she continued increasing both the pace and strength of her strokes.

The ladies went upstairs. Dave and I went back to the family room where we talked about sports and the neighborhood for quite awhile. He was telling me about all his electronic toys when he finally asked. "Would you like to see this tape I made?"

Gina cracked a smile and twisted her fingers through Tonya's thick red hair, gently pushing her mouth in further, "That's it, slut, suck that clit like you'd suck a cock, make me flood your face."

“And don’t lose a drop.”

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