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"Oh God, I'm gonna cum, yes that's it, don't stop!"

"Oh there's lots more to come, baby. I've only just started."

"not from your lips."

"I'll ask you one more time...why did you come up here?" Gloria tersely barked.

"Well, whatever happens, I'm not going to watch! NO WAY!" Mike was having a hard time believing this was actually happening. Amazingly, his cock was still rock hard and throbbing, a fact that was lost on neither of the two cheerleaders.

Barbie's soft white glove now reached for switch #2. Her fingers first rested on it and sensually traced its outline before deftly flipping it to the on position. Suddenly previously hidden plastics panel in my seat shot across my torso and then adjusted itself snuggly, covering from my crotch to my chest, trapping my arms in the process. Barbie then teased me by putting her hands to her cheeks in a mock surprised expression, her mouth forming an 'O'. Still staring at me, the doll quickly flipped switch 3, which activated a leg iron device securing my ankles. Wasting no time, switch #4 was then activated, with a brief glove pull, causing a loop behind my headrest to secure my neck snugly.

Daddy opened his eyes and it took a few long seconds for them to take everything in. He looked up into Eloise's face and saw her smile. Then he slowly moved his eyes the length of her body, stopping at her tits, her thin waist, that place where her thighs met and down her long, shapely legs. He then looked into her eyes again.

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I‘ve I just entered Catherine’s office naked. James picked me up earlier at our offices and brought me here to deliver a briefcase full of contracts and other important documents. On the way to the office, I had James masturbate for me, while I exposed my naked pussy to him. (See A Nude Business Deal) I walked to Catherine’s office dressed only in Pussy Power’s black stockings, high heels and a smile. My long blond hair is tied behind in a long ponytail. James has my step-out jacket draped over his arm to cover his wet crotch.

I tensed at her touch. For at least 2 years I had been dreaming and hoping for something like this to happen and now that it had I froze. My mind was screaming at me to respond to her but I couldn’t move.

"What’s wrong," I ask, " you mad at me?"

“Why not try one of the adult sites .. and see what you find,” Karen said. “I did the other night.. and found a man who I talked to. We got aroused and he talked dirty to me ... and I finally was able to get myself off. It was quite exciting.”

I was out of my teens and looking for sex. I particularly was taken in by the sexy young brunette Betty living next door with her husband Brad. She was busty and there was a big prickly hedge, which separated our two houses I was determined to watch her near the pool. We have a ladder in our house and one summer morning I brought it near the hedge, which divided our houses and climbed on it and looked at the other side. She was at the pool side and completely nude. I was surprised that she was very hairy and had masses of hair on her pubes and she sure had prickly hedges under her arms. She was lying down and had her arms behind her head displaying her hirsuteness. Jet-black bushy hair grew like the tall hedges I was overlooking in her unshaven pits. She had sunshades on and she was reading a magazine.

"Hey, it's me."

"Heading for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They keep us on a pretty tight schedule. I sometimes have to put in the extra hours but you gotta be careful nowadays."

Ab batao! Which one suited me best?

"I didn't say that," I replied.

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"Sorry, that was just too tempting. I saw you standing there and I had to surprise you!" she said.

The guy ("Bless him.") didn't blow just one big juicy nut down Alice's throat, but actually managed to force feed her two more healthy loads of his hot, slimy, yummy cum before they both heard the insistent pounding on the front door.

“Why?” Her face screwed up in a comical mask of confusion. “You are a gentle soul who comes well recommended.”

(This story is not for minors or anyone offended by descriptions of sexual exploration between adventurous women. All characters are ... well, you figure it out for yourself. Feedback is welcome!)

At this point in my mind I asked myself if I wasn't drinking a bit much as I was downing them two plus to Vern and Charlie's one, but it also seemed like they were encouraging me to drink, so who was I to disappoint?

I felt my cock twitch again as I looked at my beautiful wife standing there in a white t-type top that was cut off just below her 36c breasts. It was a very thin material and I could plainly see her dark nipples through the material as she moved the wheel. Her bottom was just a thin strip red cloth about two inches wide and as it disappeared between her legs I could see the outer edge of her pussy lips! The wind was blowing her hair back from her face and she had a kind of glow on her cheeks as she watched me checking her out!

Ray just giggled and helped me find the phone. He dialled the number and handed the phone to me before Gary could answer. As I waited for him to answer Ray suddenly impaled me with the full length of his cock, it was a feeling so intense that it actually took my breath away.

Erick watched the scene from his spy-hole and smiled to himself. Even though the group scene had been her idea, he had guessed that his wife might be a little panicky to start with. The drink was a concoction that he had purchased a few days earlier. He had been told that it guaranteed to relax her and that she would experience feelings of sexual excitement almost immediately. From the way that Tracy was smiling back at his friends; seemingly oblivious to her current state of undress, Erick reckoned that the drink was doing it's job very nicely.

It seemed that the young tradesman was also concerned about cumming too soon. He looked down at my wife as she gobbled him greedily.

"Be here Tuesday at 7 pm. And don't be late."

"Oh, I think I do, dear," I cut her off. "You are in need of thirty-two thousand dollars, on the sly, so to speak. I've got it and can lend it to you. All you have to do is pay it back. I'm offering you a method. You've already demonstrated that you can be an unfaithful wife. Why not capitalize on that?


Two things helped keep me sane: one, I was getting plenty of CAD/CAM work; and, two, University beckoned - at the end of the summer I would be out of here!

"You are different."

All of a sudden things changed. They got rough with me. They started squeezing my nipples really hard and they forced me to swallow more cock. The black guy fucking me was doing it hard and rough, and it hurt.

Frantically I searhed for a way to get up. I couldn't move, and I feared the worst. No one was around to help me. I was frightened. My screams came louder and more often. I was going to die! That was the last thing I clearly remember before I passed out.

Then came his next hurdle. They were at the door and he had to get her to continue their encounter somehow.

"GO, take your shower, clean up good, and be sure to lube up I plan to see if I can get my whole hand in the back door later."

I left her for a moment & she parted her legs to make room for me between them. I knew it was now time to fulfill her fantasy

"You mean you shaved each other's..."

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The look of relief on his face when she walked in the door was almost comical. The only thing that kept her from laughing out loud was the menacing look in his eyes. Despite the hold she had on him, he still wanted to do her in. She'd have to do something about that soon... but she wasn't quite finished having fun with him just yet.

As they kissed, her hands went under his shirt and started to pull it off, this time when his hands were pulled free of his shirt they both went to grip her ass. His dick felt like it was going to explode, he didn't know if grabbing her ass with both hands was the right thing to do, but he couldn't help himself. Their chests rubbed together and he could feel her breasts pressing against him, soft but firm, and he couldn't help but squeeze and grab at her ass.

"What are you Brian, fucking brain dead? I'm knocked up with a kid that isn't yours and you don't believe me when I tell you what happened. I will not live with a man who thinks I lie and who just knows in his heart that I cheated on him. I won't live with a man who doesn't trust me. Just think about this. I could have kept my mouth shut until the baby was born and if it was white I could have stuck you with it, but I didn't. Now get out of here and leave me alone."

He looked past Katherine's hair hanging down all over his face, and saw Amy bouncing up and down, eagerly awaiting her turn to take over from Katherine. But his sister was having such fun kissing that it looked like it would be a while. So Alan snapped his fingers, and tried to motion Amy to go around behind him. She didn't understand, so he broke his sisterly lip lock and explained, "Amy, please rub your tits on my back, okay? And while you're at it, see if you can rub your cunt on my ass."

Robbie shook his head, his neck scarlet. Robbie had been so astonished and pleased when Karin had agreed to go out with him the first time, and she was only his second girlfriend in about ten years.

"Yeah, well, I'm about to shoot my cum down her throat and I bet she'd like that." She answered with a groan around his cock. Jack stared at her tight asshole and groaned. How he wanted to try burying his hard dick up that tight hole. He gritted his teeth as her pussy spasmed in orgasm. He felt his pre-cum shoot in a small spurt into her and he fought his own release and held himself still.

"But what's going on here?" Dawn asked.

"I mean it! I can't believe I've never noticed before. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Just looking at you now is enough to make me want to go again."

She laid her breast on top of my chest and he kneeled behind her. His fingers slowly pushed inside Sara's ass and I heard Sara moan.

I was in an off-and-on relationship for some time with a lawyer a couple of years younger than me. He was nice, but nothing to write home about. I joined a site online and tried to find me some young stud as a play thing for my very own. I had no intention of marrying him like Tina did for Christ's sakes; but I was honestly sickened by most of the responses, and then simply overwhelmed. It made me realize I wanted intimacy on a stronger level, not just a friend with benefits situation. So I gave that up.


'I love it, you know I do, when you take your time and you are gentle with me.'

I lean over softly and slowly kissing her. Becca moves closer to me kissing me back as her arms slowly wrap around me I gently pull her over onto my lap. She straddles me continuing to softly and slowly kiss me. I slowly move my arms around her letting them rest on her back as she slowly breaks the kiss. She looks into my eyes gently biting her bottom lip.

Hi! This is Valerie an now it my turn to tell how my time with Tom went.

"Chet, hello," my father said, stepping forward and offering a hand. "Mindy's told us all about you."

"Well, put it this way honey. I am getting wetter than a rainy Sunday looking at you!"

"Fine then I'll just fuck you and cum in your cunt and then I'll do the same to your ass."

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"Michael, what was it like?"

"Oh Terri, let me look." John was suddenly there. Tenderly, he moved my fingers away from the wound, then gently pushed the cotton material of my shirt higher up onto my shoulder. He ran his fingers over the four distinct marks pressed into my flesh.

She moved over to sit on the edge of the cushion. With both hands she grabbed his hardening shaft and played with the skin around the tip. Sam was uncut. Tammy slid back his thick foreskin. The wide purple head of his cock glistened with fluid in the bright sun. She looked up his towering frame and ran her tongue in broad circles around his cockhead.

Nathan waited impatiently for his sister to arrive. He kept looking out the window almost every second hoping to see her. Finally he saw her car pull up and he hurried to open the door. He opened the door before Callie was even able to knock.

The sheer black panties hid nothing. The thin mesh revealed the entire crack along the length of her ass. Susan's hands quickly found the firm backside once more as she squeezed the buttocks, pulling the softly grinding abdomen closer to her eager lips. Danielle held the skirt up proudly, knowing full well that I was immensely enjoying the view from behind her.

As Candy finally left and walked out of our lives, I wondered what I would get my wife for her next birthday!

Jack lay gently on top of his sister. He let his chest crush against her full boobs, and let his lips linger warm and moist on her neck. He raised his buttocks; and then his hot prick was slicing between her thighs.

Donald opened Julius' cage and pulled the chimpanzee out. He stroked the monkey's fur as he put a tiny Viagra pellet in his mouth.

"Like who?"

To ensure that it would continue, I began to get up and move towards Tim as if that was the only option.

"Damn!" she swore softly. And suddenly, she realized that someone was standing behind her.

The scout nodded. "A technicality that may save your title." He said, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "But they have other ways of making one regret crossing them."

Improvise. Easier said from done, but now Tara was in the lift with Robert and a moment later she’d be here, in the apartment she shared with Robert. Jane found the need to visit the bathroom again and when she returned to the lounge they were there and she cringed because the sound of the toilet refilling was plain to hear.

“Who was that man?” He asked, coughing harder into a cloth.

* * *

Leon began softly pinching and twisting her responsive nipples as she let out sigh after sigh and generous moans of pleasure. Claire bit her lip and inwardly decided she was done being coy. She put her right hand over Leon's as he pulled and tugged harder, then she slid her hand down and unfastened her shorts enough to plunge her hand in and stroke her almost flooded pussy. Leon watched as her hand moved and wiggled beneath her panties with the top of her shorts spread open. Claire's breathing quickened and alternated between long breaths and quick sips of air when she rubbed her clit just right.

We weren't ten feet inside the front door when a cute brunette came running up to my sister squealing her greeting of hello, and my sister reciprocated by throwing her arms out to hug her in return.

And it stopped for a moment. She heard William talking softly to Beth, explaining something. Mandy opened her eyes, felt them go wide. Her lover had a harness around her slender hips. A pair of dildoes were fitted to the harness; the huge twelve-incher she'd seen before and a smaller nine-inch below, with nubs and a rotating tip. Sandra was moving gingerly towards Mandy – that was what William was explaining. There were two prongs extending from the harness into her lover. Mandy's mouth was dry but her pussy was dripping. The four other women were watching intently.

"Let me see!" Sheila reached over, yanked a portion of my shirt out of my pants and thrust her hand down inside. "You're right! I wonder what was in his mind as he got dressed this morning!" Both women laughed as, meanwhile Sheila withdrew her hand and Marilyn moved hers up onto the shaft of my cock. She rubbed the length of it a few times, gave it a couple of squeezes and pinched the head, as well as she could through my pants.

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He almost came in my pussy and I quickly moved away so that he wouldn’t. I slid up Smithy’s body and said to him. “Sorry Smithy but your cock is far too big for my arse.” And with that I slipped his cock into my pussy.

"Thanks, dad. I've been dying to get my hands on that issue."

Mandyho4u: "omg i cant even tell u how bad i feel"

I could see the excitement in Emily's eyes as she stood there in nothing but her black thigh highs and stilettos. Her pussy juice was running uncontrollably down her legs. Immediately, the elves attacked her like pit bulls. One elf began licking her pussy while the other went behind her and started licking her asshole. These midgets were experts. They alternated rhythms. As one would stick his tongue in my wife's pussy, the other one would pull his tongue out of my wife's ass, and vice versa. After about five minutes, Emily's eyes rolled back and she let out her first orgasm. I put my hand down my pants and started jerking my dick.

Linda got on her knees and sucked deep. The man on the other side felt her hanging tits. Then he too took off his belt, unzipped his pants, and knelt behind her on the bed. He worked his hard cock into her pussy from behind. Soon he was thrusting hard into her doggie style as Linda sucked the other's dick.

All I can think about is tonight, for two pins I'd chuck this work to one side jump into the car and go to N's right now. But waiting, anticipation is part of the fun. I've been fixated on women and their cunts for as long as I can remember. The past is running through my mind like a film. When I was a child my favourite game was playing "doctors and nurses" with the little girl who lived up the lane from us. We would go into the hayfield. Where safely hidden by the high corn stalks she would lie down and remove her knickers. I would kneel between her parted legs and explore her bald slit. I was intrigued by the hard ruby bud that nestled there and the golden stream that jetted from her when she peed. - An innocent game, we were both about six or seven. I wonder what happened to her, did she grow up to be as addicted to sex as I am? When I was thirteen I first had sex, to tell the truth I soon found it to be pretty boring. Then in my mid teens I had this part-time job in a book-shop, it was there I discovered the art of sex.

"Of course! As you said, nobody will know us and it'll take care of all the moving costs and I'm sure I can get a job there too."

We were doing really well I thought until Margaret came to our side.

I tightened my grip on Ann's hips, slowing the motion that had me on the verge of delivering the goods. My hand reached down between us and I began to rub her clit, teasing, pinching, feeling our wetness mix together, smelling the sex-aroma that hung, suspended, in the thick humid air of the cabin. Her hands slipped from my chest to twist in the red fabric of the sleeping bag. She made noises deep in her throat like I'd never heard from her before, guttural and wild. Riding atop me, her hips jerked forward, then pulled slowly back again, the tangled curls between our legs scraping, enmeshed. Looking into her bright green eyes I saw that no one was in there - no one at all, just the animal lusting for release.

Carlotta marveled at the wildness what she was doing to her boss caused. She knew Miss Arlington was close to coming and tried to extend her pleasure. She kept licking her boss's vagina and thrusting her tongue as far into the other woman's body as she could get it.

“Your world is about to change. The new possibilities are endless, new friends, new career and new lovers. And…”

If this complaint is true, how can you blame men for fucking around? Something is wrong if your wife decides immediately after the wedding that giving a blowjob is unsavory and disgusting. Sometimes I'm not proud of my gender. Women can be such selfish bitches.

“If you don’t want to be hypnotised in front of Amanda, then why don’t we do it now and videotape it.”

"I guess not," Jason said. "But I don't care. I'll be there for you as long as you need me. I-I really like you. You're a very special lady. I don't think I've ever known anybody like you."

A devilish grin spread across her face and she immediately climbed back between my legs. I watched her tiny frame settle itself as she lay on her belly, with her feet waggling in the air. Holding my rampant shaft in her small fingers, she poked out her tongue and fluttered it against the underside of my glans. Oohhh, that felt good.

We left off with you spread eagle on the table with all the men feeling, touching, probing you everywhere. You have a light coat of baby oil all over your body and you are delirious with pleasure. Your ass is still stinging as it presses against the wood, but it is a good sting that you can feel deep into your pussy. Your eyes are closed, but occasionally you sneak a peek and you see naked men all around you, hands and fingers probing you cocks everywhere, standing at attention and pointing at you. I keep whispering things in your ear. Telling you how lucky you are to receive such pleasure. You are nude except for the collar, I attach a small leash to your collar and instruct you to roll over and get on your hands and knees. I want your head held high, eyes closed, legs slightly spread. You say yes master and do as you have been told. You look great on all fours; I hold the leash up and force your head higher in the air. The hands continue to lather you with baby oil. Probing your ass and massaging those sore cheeks. Your breasts are constantly getting attention still and someone always has fingers in your pussy. I whisper "good pet, good little pet" "you are making me very happy". You can hear the different languages being spoken as they all talk about you. I ask you to slowly climb down from the table and stand beside me. You climb down and your legs are very weak. You are so wet your dripping down your legs.

This man pulled out of her cunt and shot a stream of cum up onto her belly and her breasts. The man in her mouth also came and he shot his load partly into her mouth and the rest over her face! She looked a complete mess and the cameramen were working overtime to make sure they captured all the action with their lenses. When this part was complete, the girl moved over to another part of the studio where still shots were being taken. These photographs were taken by a girl photographer who specialized in cum shots and she made sure she caught all the shots of the cum streaked girl.

As they neared the downtown area, she could see searchlights ahead. When they pulled up next to the lights she discovered that this was their destination. It was the grand opening of a hot new nightclub. While he handed his keys over to the valet, the doorman opened the car door for the redhead. It took almost 10 seconds of his looking at the lady before he realized that she was naked. By this time, she had latched onto the arm of her guy and they were both entering the club.


"Mrs B I love your tits, I really do," Toby panted, eyes & cock full of lust.

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"I don't think we'll be needing it. I can tell already that your tits don't need a bunch of new bras to help get me going, in fact it's working already. Why don't you return them and save the money."

"Oh I'm sorry Jack, I didn't now you were in here. I was bursting for a pee and – well – you know I just oooo this is awful" she whimpered, but her mood changed as she caught sight of Jack's cock. It was fully erect but at 4" had it was no monster. Still, Maria could not believe she had been responsible for giving Jack an erection. "I'm sorry Jack – was that watching me that did it?"

"So, you wanna kiss the bride?" she asked.

“Oh my god.” I whispered. I had no idea, if it was true, but knew Ashlyn well enough to think it probably was. I felt light headed, both from my orgasm, and from the wondering what I had already been through, and what more was to come.

I grinned as I heard Ted spring up from her and I stealthily returned up the stairs to the bedroom to lie on the bed. I heard them at the front door in hushed tones and the door close.

"Oooh" was all his response a first, as she came down from her climax. "It's okay Mark, you can come in now" It was almost a minute later, she had put on a nice robe, silk, that still leant him a view of her still aroused nipples. She wasn't the best looking woman, but she was still pretty good looking, her backside was a bit flat, and her hips a bit wide. Her breasts sagged, but not so much that she looked old really, in a bra she could pull of 25, at her 39 years of age.

"I don't think a kiss would cover the appetizer," I said smiling at her obvious discomfort.

It felt so nice being rubbed like this by Sylvia. “We have only kissed. She wont let me go any further”.

(There's another reason I can't tell you about my relationship with my first true love, and that's because we were both 16 and it was very physical. It's just not cool to talk about teenage sex on Literotica, which is to say, it's not legal. So do the Feds bust down my door once they learn I engaged in statutory rape? Was it mutual rape? I've read enough stories on this site to know rape stories aren't taboo, but that's not what this was at all. I've seen a website forum about masturbation where all the submitters are 13 and 14 year old girls, and while that makes me very uncomfortable, the hard cold truth is that I started jerking off at 14, and so did you and your sister and your dad and your best friend and your parole officer. I guess I'll just have to wait until I see this story posted to learn whether or not this parenthetical got edited out. I doubt that will happen. Wow, just look at how my philosophical introspections are turning me on once again. Put a social studies textbook in my hand and my libido goes through the roof.)

Broken AC... 95 DEGREES AGAIN!

Once they were all comfortable, Georgina asked, with a wicked little smirk, "Have you told him yet, Alison?"

Saroja was now being bobbed up and down, fast by his very own son (stepson) and started wailing, feeling another orgasm approaching. She still held the phone; all her husband could hear now was "Ennaga Enna Visayam? (What's the matter?) ". He kept calling her name, "Saroja, Saroja, what's wrong tell me". Saroja continued wailing, as she orgasm still holding on to the receiver.

"More David." She moaned and this time when I pulled the dress it stuck on her arms. "More David." She insisted and I reached for the dress on her arms and pulled it down. With the arms no longer holding it up the dress fell totally away to her waist, exposing her breasts.

There is definitely something about being naked out in the open with the fresh air and the sunshine. Katie bent down and licked the pre-cum from the head of my penis and then sucked me slowly into her mouth. She circled my knob with her tongue and sucked on it for awhile. Even though the morning was warm, the air felt cool on my wet dick when it left her mouth. When she plunged back onto my dick, her mouth was warm in contrast.

She copied Sue, and began to lick the little rosebud. Then, spreading Sue's ass cheeks, she began to try and thrust her tongue into Sue's ass, gradually penetrating the tight puckered lips. Jenny heard Sue moan softly as she thrust her tongue as deep as she could. It was getting easier. She could feel her tongue gliding between the puckered lips, being squeezed by the muscle protecting, controlling them. "My God," thought Jenny, "I'm actually sticking my tongue up her ass, and it feels good - it feels wonderful."

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

There was no answer from Sally so he lowered his hand on her breast until he found her nipple through the dress.

"Oh, bullshit."

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Von Holt quickly stepped forwards before anyone moved and spoke. "Herr Robertson, if I may make an additional suggestion?" Of course, I dipped my head slightly in acknowledgment. "I have spoken with the three men" - he nodded towards the three natives bound on their backs on the benches - "and they have no objection. So, I would suggest that for this Seven Day only, the men will not be on display, but will be Quay-ri also. If you have no objection, Herr Robertson."

On the Friday when Kat first gave herself to Andre at a drunken party, he called me and told me that he had taken my sweet little sister. The thought of Kat descending into the world that I loved so well had never occurred to me before but I found it immediately appealing. On Sunday, when I blew Marquis fat cock as he told me about Kat similar blowjob the night before, I realized that the thought of Kat innocent little face being blasted with loads of hot cum was acutely thrilling to me. On Monday night, Jamal told me of his recent conquest of my little sister I knew, beyond the shade of a doubt, that our sweet little Kat was indeed a full-fledged slut. Of the three black guys that Kat had been with, I was one of their many willing sluts. It hadn't taken long for the word of Kat's exploits to travel to me.

Once he saw me watching him fuck me, he smiled real big. Jessica walked over to the bed and she climbed onto it. She took off her panties and she straddled my face.

I shook my head. "No, thank you," I said.

"Oh, well Melinda, I just got back from work, and..."

"Thought about it yes, but actually doing it..."

"I will," I said.

This is truly amazing! I have only submitted 4 chapters to Literotica, and in one of them, I said I'd wait until just the right moment to show my mom these stories... Well, it has happened already! I was planning for it to be sometime much later, but last night just seemed so right, what with all that has happened over the last couple of days. She went totally crazy and showed me just how much she loved my stories by giving me an eye-popping blow job that really curled my toes! In fact, she made me promise her that from now on, I have to let her know when I'm at the keyboard here and she would join me in writing my tales of sex, love, lust and mind-bending orgasms.

Carla snapped out of her trance as Dave entered her from behind, pounding forcefully. After the initial thrust, Carla transferred to Shawn the same fervor Dave was exhibiting. She had her men grunting and groaning. Shawn's intense stare caught her attention and his groans were becoming growls. She knew he was close and desperately wanted him to come inside her pussy. She abruptly shouted and pushed away, releasing her hold on Shawn, and caused Dave to slip out. Both men, on the verge of ejaculation, had glazed over, stunned expressions. They watched as Carla climbed onto Shawn's lap and mounted him. His up-until-now virgin flesh filled her perfectly. She sat still, savoring the feel of him until his impatience beckoned her to appease him. She turned to look at Dave who was sitting back, once again handling himself, but with a dejected look on his face.

Mistress pulled her finger out and started to trail a new whip back and forth over my body. The feeling was intense, as I really love having my body stroked. The lighter the better and I think she knew this. Mistress trailed the latex whip over my cock and balls and my arse. My arse was again intruded. I, to this day, don't know whether it was a finger or the handle of the whip. Whatever it felt great.

Both men swapped places with both black guys and a repeat performance began, only this time Sarah was reaching behind her and in front, rubbing both mens hard cocks through their jeans. At one stage, see even allowed herself to fleeting kiss the man in front.

"Why me?" I asked, unable to shut my mouth.

"I am not sleeping with underwear on, I never have, and I am not starting now." "Ok," was all Suzie said. He came out of the bathroom after Suzie warned Sally and she just smiled. When he arrived back in the bedroom, he climbed into bed next to her and then she flashed him a quick tit and said "I suppose fair is fair."

"Ug, ug, Uggggggg!!"

Tristanna played her usual game, of which she had meanwhile become a true master, 'show me your outside I'll tell you your inside', she grinned to herself narrowing her eyes on the newest subject of her interest.

Rachel grabbed him by the ears, “poke out your tongue,” “Now move it up and down, then in an out like this,” she ordered, as she poked out her tongue, moving her lips and tongue erotically.

She had no idea if Mark appreciated her hard work or not, but she know that she certainly appreciated it! She moaned again as she felt his fingers flutter over her clitoris and his thumb slip insider her pussy. His tongue continued its dance and she lowered herself on the bench to push her ass up and back at him, giving him as much access as he wanted. To be so obscenely exposed only excited her more.

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Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain...I felt the fangs being pushed into my neck. In about fifteen seconds the pain stopped, and I took a deep breath to relax. Then I heard a chick like a ballpoint pen being retracted. At the same time I felt something terrible! The needles had jabbed deeper into my neck. My whole neck was on fire. My mouth was wide open, but I couldn't scream! My body involuntarily tightened up and I clenched my fists with all my might. I felt tears rolling down my face from the pain. I could feel him rubbing my neck above and below where the pain was. There was nothing I could do and nowhere I could go...

"How." Leon asked.

“Oh, George. I shouldn’t be unfair, should I? Should I?” She said, looking into my eyes for permission. I smiled agreement into her eyes and her lips pressed easily against mine her tongue slipping sinuously between my lips.

"No, I want to do you first Trish. Get up on the table, you're going to be my dessert." Michelle smiled.

He heard a rustling of sheets and then heard from the other side of the door a quiet request to open the door. He cracked it open and saw the girls in bed with the covers pulled to their chins. He could tell something was going on. Both of the girls' faces were wet and shiny. The girls smiled at their dad and then lowered the covers to expose their breasts to him. They were breathing heavily and they smiled at him. He knew that he had interrupted their lovemaking. He looked at them and said that he was just checking on them since he say the light on.

I bowed before her and pressed my lips to her boots. I reached one hand between my legs and played with myself through my panties.

It was eleven fifteen, late enough so that her leaving didn't draw any comments, and Neely rode down in the elevator with her hand in her pocket, clutching the card, staring at the floor indicator but seeing nothing. She was only going to call him, she thought. Maybe just say hello and reminisce. Possibly he wasn't even home.

Finally, Helen, frightened by her estranged husband's behavior, had the restraining order reinstated. Then, one day while she was doing laundry, she saw his car come squealing into the driveway. It stopped just short of hitting the garage doors.

She noted how They were loving and affectionate toward one another throughout the evening. They held hands, They exchanged looks that communicated things she could only guess at, They shared an intimacy that was both private and inviting all at the same time. She sometimes felt as if she was intruding but then one or the other of Them would smile at her and she would sense once again that she was being invited to share in the intimacy. At one point she felt Her leg brush against hers under the table at almost exactly the precise moment that he smiled at her and reached casually across the table to lightly touch the back of her hand. The combined touches made her feel lightheaded. To anyone who might have been watching the three of them, it would have appeared that they were just friends visiting over dinner, but she knew that They were, in fact, seducing her. The smiles, the touches, the easy way They had drawn her into Their intimacy . . . it was all having a powerful effect on her. Despite her earlier uncertainty she did not resist either. She liked the feeling that They were in control. She believed that she could trust Them and that sense of trust was beginning to free her from some of her apprehensions. A kind of spell was being cast here, she knew, but she also knew that she was a part of it and she let it weave itself around her.

I pulled into the driveway of our house, and when I saw the car, I knew my mother wasn’t alone. Parked in the driveway, next to her car, was Bryan’s. When my mother was sober, she’d always have her guys leave before I got home... This meant she was obviously drunk. I parked behind her car, and walked into the house. When I got to the double sets of stairs (one going up, one going down) I was suddenly very surprised. I could hear my mother’s voice, moaning loudly, coming from BOTH upstairs and downstairs. My apartment was downstairs, so I was quite confused.

Simon did not hesistate. His heart thundering, he undid his shirt and threw it behind him. Aileen breathed a little deeper as she saw his bare chest and arms.

"I would if I could see it."

Completely naked, the two girls fell into bed together, curling up around each other and falling almost instantly asleep. Their first uninterrupted sleep of that weekend.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

My beer and ganja soaked mind rationalized my feelings. She's over eighteen, even if she doesn't look it or act like it. She is totally dependant on you, DADDY. No one will know, not even your neighbors, who thanks to your secluded location, don't even know who lives next door. She doesn't have anyone but you. Isn't she old enough to be taught how love and sex work? She will never trust another man to love her, to be kind to her as I do.

"Well ..." she hesitated. And my heart stopped beating. "I think that would be very nice." And I sighed with relief.

The scent of her juices invaded her room, even Kevin could smell them from the bathroom; suddenly he realized he had once again screamed and that Alex could have probably heard him, quickly he gathered all his clothes and ran back to his room leaving the wall covered with his pearly white sperm.

We had been watching video clips of huge facials while I jerked her off, again and again, until Lauren was ready to take my first load, in wild excitement. It became our favorite kind of sex, our obsession. Now as I shoot again on her faultlessly pretty little face Lauren repeats the word helplessly as the second and third volleys of thick semen fire gainst her mouth. 'Jesus!...Jesus!'

“M’mmmm” groaned Jane as her hips started to gyrate. Ray’s stare was transfixed onto Jane with Liam – he started to groan with sheer pleasure. Jane's body was bobbing with ecstasy and Liam hips were reeling, as his cock was forced further and further into Jane’s mouth.

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Looking over at Rosana, Krysteal said, "Don't worry. It's just sex! We want him to enjoy it, don't we? By the way, he did a great job taping my ankle. I made it here without falling. Thanks, Dan."

I got on the bed behind her and hugged her still naked body trying not to think of her sexually since I was naked and my body was touching hers. Her breasts were so hard and firm and her nipples that I didn't give much attention before were so hard and felt like they were very big. I released a little bit of my hugging pressure and looked over her shoulder and saw something that I hadn't seen on Daphne or Crystal. Her nipples were thick and bigger than pencil eraser. About half an inch in length, pointing out screaming somebody to suck them. I closed my eyes and turned my head the other way and tried not think about it. " Don't cry Angelina." That is how I used to call her when she was much younger.

After a while of screaming I heard them walking back to the room, to my surprise Chuck walked in first totally naked, he was the same height as her and had a thin build, but he had a nice dick hanging between his legs.(later when her got hard a noticed he was about nine inches long and average thickness) She walked in behind him and got back on the bed and told me to resume what I was doing, so with out much trouble I pushed all four fingers back into her pussy, and after I lubed her ass up I pushed in two fingers again and went to work on her. She told Chuck to come over to the bed and get me hard again, I said that was ok he didn't need to touch me.

Deanna laughed. "Ever the Doctor, eh? No, when I am really passionate and trying to make another person climax I don't have to touch myself. Your passion filled my whole mind, I was inside your mind, your body, and I became you and felt your passion. It overcame me and my body reacted and climaxed with you. One of the joys of a Betazoid, or curse as the case may be."

Carol's heart was beating wildly "I think so."

Oh no, I hadn't thought of that! And I am wearing a dress! If I lowered it from the top, my lack of boobs would be evident, and if I raised the bottom... Oh god!

"Janice has been feeling guilty about getting the strange cock and you being deprived. The three of us cooked up this idea so you and I could get some fucking, too," Rita told me. "So, Mike and Janice are over there, fucking, and you and I are here, fucking, and everything is lovely, isn't it?"

"Oh gross! Did you have to tell me that?"

Gently I knock on the door and hope I haven't just blown the whole interview. "Yo! Come on in, it's open." The voice is kinda husky and a shiver runs down my spine. I open the door and peek around the corner and immediately my gaze is drawn to the man behind the desk. He has a big smile on his face. He has dark brown hair that is cut very close and a goatee same in color. He looks to be a bit over weight but I can't really tell much at this point. "Mr. Baker?"

"Half the bloody street must have heard you some nights!" Mrs. Robinson grinned as she squeezed Greg's shaft through his shorts.

"Take your clothes off, Robert. I want to see all of you," she gasped as she crouched down a little and pushed the two middle fingers of her right hand into her fur-lined orifice.

There was a clank in the kitchen of the now deceased Ashley Haroldson, and the sound of a liquid being poured. A gibbon, nary a foot and a half tall and the color of a shiny new dime, was standing on the kitchen chair sipping humanlike from a fresh cup of coffee and was stooped over the daily newspaper. He saw a picture on the front page that looked like a man having sex with a penguin, then turned the page. Written on the third page in bloody letters were the words “You Are Mine”. The silver monkey sat back in his chair and howled a monkey laugh.

She tore Her lips from hys, locking lustful eyes on hys as She slid onto hym, taking hys entire length inch by inch. "Tecihila," T/they whispered to each other, T/their bodies joining as one, lips a breath apart. She settled onto hys hips, reveling in the feel of hys entire length inside Her, as She sat up and began rotating Her voluptuous hips.

Over the next hour or so we all had our turns wearing the blindfold and I don't know about the ladies but I really enjoyed my time behind the mask with two beautiful women kissing and licking all the various parts of my anatomy.

Eileen often talks about Edward’s potent sperm and that she has to be very careful to be sure and take her birth control pills on time. They don’t want any more children right now.

Anyway, my head ached a little and I guess it was time to get out of bed and get some breakfast. The morning after drinking I am always very hungry. So I got up and hit the shower. Man, it felt good. I stood under the water in a daze and was thinking about the one girl with the big tits. As I lathered up with soap, my cock started to get a little hard. I was thinking about having her in the shower with me. Washing her tits and feeling the smooth skin under my fingers. I slid my hand down my ass to wash my butt and I drew my finger over my asshole. I really wanted to shove my finger in my ass and jackoff, but decided I would do that later. I finished washing my body and hair, rinsed off and dried. I went back into the bedroom and noticed the message light flashing on my phone. I picked up the receiver and punched the message button. I was a message from Jan to give her a call.

The rest of the ride to the bar was full of idle chit-chat, but all I could think about was getting Katya into bed. I wanted to know how it felt to have those soft pouty lips surrounding my throbbing cock, to plunge my dick into that hot cunt between her legs, and to finally push it up that virgin asshole. I knew that she had slept with a few guys because sometimes we would sit around and have a few drinks and talk about all kinds of things, including sex. This was when I found out that she had never had anal sex with anyone. She said one guy wanted to try, but she was too scared it was going to hurt and wouldn't let him.

I knelt down on the floor, there between his legs, and he leaned back onto the bed so I could unzip his pants. I suspected he wouldn’t be wearing any underwear either, and I was proven right as his cock pushed up and out of the jeans, ready for freedom and any gifts that might hold. James lifted his hips and I pulled his pants down. A moment of struggle later, and his shoes and pants and socks were all in a little pile in the corner. He had a lovely cock, thick and well-proportioned, delicious looking, in fact.

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“Okay, get up and stand about four feet in front of me, facing me.”

He sighed as he held his clothes in his arms. "Well the girls that came over last night turned out to be real airheads and, well, I don't want to talk to one of them especially. I know Lance might have given her this phone number."

His cock twitched against his leg, reminding him that he had forgotten to tuck it back into his pants. He wrapped his hand around it, stroking himself slowly as the women caressed each other's breasts. As Connie leaned forward, nibbling on Debbie’s hard nipple she tilted her head back and gasped. They moved closer to each other, sharing a hot tongue kiss as they ground their wet bodies against one another.

My strokes were long and hard. After a few minutes I could feel her loosen up her anal muscles. We had never had anal sex before but I could tell by the way she was fucking me back, she was enjoying it. I couldn't take it anymore and stream after stream of cum came out of me, filling her ass. She must have came as well as once again I was looking into those glassy eyes. I pulled out with slight 'pop', got dressed and left for the party.

* * * * *

Taking the breast out of my mouth she brought the other one to my eager lips. Opening my eyes, I saw Louise kneel up beside us. Crawling down to the end of the bed behind her mother who was straddling my body, my girlfriend pulled down my underpants, leaving my cock sticking up between Bella's thighs.

I looked at Mr. Jones with a questioning eye, not sure what was expected of me. He rose from his chair to check the lock on the door. Martinez strode toward me. With a quick move he pushed my panties aside with his fingers.

My hand moved up behind her head and held her to her task. My other hand which had been squeezing her thigh, was pressing against the zipper of her shorts. As my fingers moved down, I felt the wetness that had soaked through. My fingers found the edges of her shorts and pulled them aside. Her juices were slick and hot as my fingers moved across and through her slit. She moaned and pressed her thighs together, holding tightly onto my hand as my fingers moved around.

She responded, ‘I’m very nervous. I just want to confirm again. Are you sure you want to see him fuck me?’

Even now there are doubts hanging, lingering as if I had not put my entire existence into her happiness. Begrudged heart separated from how it all began. I slowly came to the realization that it was out of my hands.

"I'm sure it's quite interesting," he said. "Makes for good conversation at cocktail parties. When do you graduate?"

I’ve always wanted to join the mile high club. The thought of fast exciting sex at thirty thousand feet makes my blood race. When it finally happened, reality was much better than fantasy. I was on my way to Las Vegas on a much deserved weekend of R&R. While waiting to board at the gate in the airport I had the opportunity to look over the passengers on my evening flight. It’s always been a habit of mine to play little sex scenarios in my mind with the women I see. On this particular evening the red head in the black skirt was looking very enticing.

After the shower we dried off and put the white terry robes around us that he provided.

We split up for the afternoon. Dinner was my job; wine was Donna's. I liked to cook, and I knew that a full belly for Donna meant a happy wife, and a happy wife meant ... more sugar later.

They fastened their clothing without speaking, and returned to the party, which was still in full swing. They hadn't been missed. Gemma, still feeling randy as hell, filled a glass with white wine and looked round the room. Some of the couples were now kissing and stroking, others chatting whilst they nibbled on the buffet food.

"There now, what's wrong with that?"

The look' of course'.. It's the look on her face that drove him crazy.

"My husband will be here soon. And he'll give you your money. Let me go now and I won't tell him what happened, and he won't feel the need to call the police." The man stares at me, as if he hasn't understood a word.

“I can probably give you meal if you need it, but I haven’t got much to spare.”

I sat on the concrete and started at the bottoms of her feet, lathering her toes, rubbing them at the same time. She continued with her discourse over the changes in her life as I rubbed her nicely turned calves. This old girl was fresh shaved, no stubble, I noticed, not even at her knees.

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The two of them dissolved into a gale of giggles, but Claire couldn"t deny to herself the fact that her curiosity had been piqued.

"I didn't bring my dildo, so you will be my dildo, but you are not allowed to cum until we both have cum first, or you will be a bad dildo," she said smiling.

Ben moaned again. Pidge reached down between Mary's legs and squeezed the base of his cock. "Not yet," she said brightly. "I want some, too."

He looked into her fearful eyes and said, “Are you ready to begin, Alexa?”

Again, he bathed my body with the warm fragrant bath water as I tried to calm down and regain some normal breathing rhythm.

"He sometimes look to long at my legs in skirt and at these." She cupped both her magnificent breasts in her hands.

"No, I've never had the opportunity. I've worked outside in the heat of the day before. I'm guessing."

"Well then, what am I supposed to do while you're gone tomorrow morning?" Carol asked.

She observed how he eyed everyone, snorting in amusement. "I'm sure y'all really don't believe that I was this so-called sniper, do you?"

As I watched his dick disappear into her pussy and I leaned in to continue my suck job on my wife. With Sandy being on top I was unable to lick her clit but I WAS able to lick her stretched out lips. With every taste I wanted more!

She is not much at all for groping when she knows it is going on but today she was drunk so every once in awhile. I could see one of them "accidentally" sliding their hand too far down her back and onto her ass or accidentally brushing her breast as the reached for something... you know the kind of things that drunk guys do to drunk girls all the time. When she didn't seem to mind they just kept doing it more and more.

When they got over to Red's place he suggested they crack open a couple of beers and forget about the computer until the morning. Being alone with Red brought Alex's fantasises flooding back to him and he felt strangely elated. He could not remember when last he had been so excited by the prospect of something happening to him, anything to change his boring little life.

"Ooh this is great! I think having a bit of an audience watching me turns me on more" Amanda said.

Those fey, unworldly eyes roiled and boiled with a savage, murderous aching hunger to cut them down where they stood. She wanted them bleeding and dying. She wanted them dead. She wanted to kill them.

As for being so turned on, she admitted that having a strange man, especially a hunk like John, touching her sexually was tremendously stimulating. I told her how I felt both aroused and jealous when watching her with another guy. I told her I was probably a little masochistic; maybe I actually liked the feeling of being jealous.

It was early evening before my solitude was finally broken when the door bell rang. I hesitated, wondering if I should just ignore it, pretend I wasn’t there .. but then remembered that my car was still in the drive way, so everyone knew I was home. With some trepidation I walked to the door and opened it, and almost gasped in surprise as I found Stephen standing there, his head lowered in that familiar shy way of his, a flush on his face. “I ...I’m sorry to disturb you” he stammered, “But you did say if I needed another ... massage”

The anguish in his voice tore at Sue's heart. A war was being fought in her head. She knew it was wrong, but she loved him so. And God help her, she and Sally hadn't had time to fulfill their lust and she was aching for release. Also, he looked so much like Bob did at his age. While she was agonizing with these thoughts, Andy released her wrists, reached forward, slipped his hands inside her robe and cupped her breasts. She had just decided that she shouldn't allow this, when she felt his hands on her breasts. When his thumbs flicked gently, almost reverently back and forth across her nipples, they sprang forth instantly. Andy marveled at how far they stuck out. Sue felt a delicious tremor run through her body, right down to her pussy, making it feel as if it were on fire.

"You're welcome."

My own right hand was resting on an armrest, as I had the seat at the end of my row. Within minutes, Nathalie found me, and took a seat not only on my armrest, but on my hand. From the look of surprise on her face I knew she had not planned it, and I dared not pull away, lest any of the other teachers notice. She sat perfectly still and stared straight ahead.

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"Well, we could get the friction going! Come on, Chris!" I joked as I began rubbing my hands quickly together. I didn't even get the sexual connotation until I began to see a glimmer in his eyes.

I chuckle and lift my head up to plant a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. “Oh? Well…in that case, you may be right. I wouldn’t want you to fall.” He smiles at me, half turning to unlock the inner door, his arm still tight around my waist. I help him up three flights of narrow, crumbling tile stairs, holding his back and waist the whole time. Every so often, he’ll turn back to give me a seductive glance and I’d give him a cute, charming look in return. “Pre-war building?” I bite my lip, trying to fill the void of silence that had formed while I pictured myself in between his legs.

Crystal jumped from my assault and howled out laughing. She then practically ran to the sofa and jumped on it settling down in the corner. I was right behind her.

She knows me so well that she brought me to two soul wrenching climaxes before she gentled her kisses and caresses. I knew her body was on fire, as we both get very involved when we are making love. We feel our partner’s passions, and it builds our own, so that we are on the edge of a climax when we bring them to one.

"I am at your disposal, I am foot loose and have no plans at all except to do some fishing. I sorely missed the fishing here."

The next day at college I phoned her "Mum I can't stop thinking about you"

“Let me get cleaned up first honey, I’m kind of sticky right now.”

Mona slipped the red dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her face looked blankly at the two friends as she stood in front of them in just her pink bra and panties

Thank God. She had used that defense with me so I knew it worked. But there were other things she had let me do. "Well that's good. But what else? Didn't he... you know... try to touch your breasts?"

"Baby, that was fantastic. That was the most erotic thing I've ever felt. But it felt too good, I wouldn't last as long as I want to with you now."

"Come on. Suck it you filthy slut," Hans ordered as he inched his young cock down my throat.

I glanced over to my wife from atop the deck, lifted my head, and raised my eyebrows urging her to sit up a little more. She shook her head, but I was hoping our session had loosened some of her inhibitions.

You can feel the familiar heat (and moistness) at the most precious spot of your body. There is a need to be fulfilled, and it overcomes the "logic" that this cannot be actually real.

"My name's Dinah, and I've never done that kind of thing before ..."

Dan kissed her again the kissed his way down her neck to her small young tits. Her nipples were as hard as his dick, and sucked on one, flicking it with his tongue, biting gently, while his hand massaged the other. He started to kiss his way down to her wet pussy, when she stopped him. She flipped hi on his back and took his rock hard cock into her hands, stroking it in a slow motion. "How would you like for me to go down on you?" Dan nodded his approval. "Mmmm. I can't wait to get my mouth around your beautiful cock. Your slutty little cousin is going to suck you off." Her dirty talk worked as it got him more turned on. She lowered her mouth to the head of his shaft and stuck out her tongue and drew circles around the head with it. Playing with it at first then sucking it, the head at first, then taking it all in, she got it all lubed up, the she used her mouth to concentrate on the head while her hand jacked him off. Dan was in ecstasy. Liz was giving him the blowjob of a lifetime. She went at it like a champ. The Dan felt his balls begin to tighten, "I'm gonna cum," he warned his beautiful, cock sucking cousin. "Good" she cooed, " I want to taste you, cum in my mouth, I wanna swallow every last drop." Dan came right into her mouth in an explosion of jizz. It was the best bj he had had to date. He recuperated and Liz lied down on the bed. Dan took his turn on her. Kissing her inner thigh, the moving a finger to her clit. Then he..."WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?!" Anna was standing at the door...

She didn't speak or move so he took his time looking over the dark leather boots that came almost half way up her thigh with lace topped stocking peaking out of the tops. Up higher her torso was cover in clothing that resembled strips of leather that hugged her sexy curves. Enough milky flesh was exposed to give his eyes a warm feast. Long gloves covered her arms past her elbows, teasing him. He noticed the cat-o-nine tails he bought for her Halloween costume a few years earlier. Something shined on the top of her head but it didn't quite look like a hat.

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I had to shake these fantasies out of my mind. I had to think of other guys. Even when I did try to think of other guys, my brother just kept creeping into my mind. Every Saturday we would go over I would just keep thinking more deep thoughts about him. And Ashley wouldn't make it any better by saying all these sexual things about him.

It took me a second, but I realised what she was asking me.

"Oh, it's so big. I can't believe how full I am."

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When John returned from his football match, he hurried back to Val's, eager to see his mother again, even though it would soon mean a temporary end to his sexual adventures with Val. He had never forgotten her promise to try to fix it for him to see his mother's breasts and wondered if she had remembered too.

"The penthouse." I murmured, standing in the corner of the elevator, trying to dry my palms against the jacket of my suit. Damn I was nervous.

After, Gwen comes down from her euphoria, she and Jen pick up where they left off earlier. This leaves Michael's cock open. Seizing the opportunity, Matt spins himself around so that he can return the favor, wanting to repay Michael for the fantastic blowjob he is receiving. Both men go over the almost immediately....

I slide under the elastic side of her panties and eased a finger into her pussy. Her back straightened immediately arching her breasts out, and she moaned loudly knowing the invasion of her body had begun. My finger was quickly coated with her juices and I firmly pushed all the way up in her just to make sure she knew “I had her!!” Her wetness allowed me to easily work her deeply, with soft little pushes, as I held her thigh as well to control her from moving away. But her wetness also told me she was a hot little bitch in heat.

He sat at the booth, the only customer in the place, nursing his cup of coffee. He had just finished playing at some run down honky-tonk joint. After paying for his hotel, meals, and other expenses he had cleared forty-seven dollars. A whole forty-seven dollars. 'Fuck', he thought, 'I could make more money flipping burgers.' His throat felt raw, like it was on fire, pushing hard for too many high notes for too many songs for too many nights, and too many cigarettes. Six sets a night, nine songs a set, for six nights, that was three hundred, and twenty-four songs for forty-seven dollars. He looked at the jukebox, 'Hell, even the fucking juke box made more money than me, what did I make, fifteen cents a song, the juke box charges twenty-five.'

I got him a towel and showed him the way. He undressed then grabbed me by the back of the neck and said, "Get in with me."

He kissed her softly on the cheek. I understand darling you been through a lot today, don't worry I would never be mean to you." He kissed her again and hurried off.

"I think Dr Mappamundi can speak for herself," her mother said.

"I know you are." Carrie brushed her hand through his hair. Her eyes were very soft. "I think my Mom did it on purpose."

Something struck me funny then and I started too laughed. She asked me," What are you laughing at?"

"Hello?" My tired, dry voice whispered into the receiver.

Caroline moved closer to me, pulling me into her. Her breasts squeezed into mine. I could feel her rigid nipples beneath the blue cotton of her dress. She kissed me again and moved her warm hands to the nakedness of my ass, kneading the firm globes. Her touch felt good. She spread the cheeks apart several times during the caress, purposely revealing my puckered "O" to the seated Julie who remained behind me, waiting....the dildo in her hand. I felt terribly exposed and humiliated. Here was my lover showing off my most private of areas to someone I had never met before this evening.

"Yes Sir." Terrie replies in a stutter. I did it twice today. I was just so horny I couldn't wait for you to come home. I needed release." Mike now fuming more and more as he tells her all the bad things she did today stands in behind Terrie.

"Okay here is the state of play. I have got you cold. I can send any of the pictures, or videos to anyone in the company. The implications of are you would be a laughing stock and then you would be fired. When you tried to get a new job You couldn't get a reference, I mean who would hire guy who likes to dress in women's lingerie and eats his own cum?

The blonde looked straight down at the beer can she clutched, hiding away from the watching eyes.

We didn't have to wait to get to the car. We spotted a unisex rest room on the way to the baggage claim area. As soon as we were inside with the door locked, Linda backed up against the sink and pulled my body to hers.

"Well, you can tell that I love leather. You should really try it sometime. It doesn't just feel comfortable, it makes you feel really sexy.," Tom says and rests his hand casually over the bulge of his cock. "Hey," Tom exclaims, "Do you want to pull over here at the park and smoke a joint?"

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Karen looked at the other girls and laughed.

“What do you mean you’re leaving tomorrow?” the Queen asked, “Where are you going?”

"I've got some studying to do," Lana said.

The feeling of her tongue... the intense feeling of his hard cock buried inside me, as his eyes look deep into mine, i start to feel the sensations rippling, as I get closer and closer.. my hips thrusting hard against his, my breath, coming fast and panty, the taste of her juices on my lips, whispering for him to cum with me.. wanting to feel his hot cum deep inside me, filling me ...

There was another pause at the other end of the line, and the A.G. imagined that this particular chief of police must think him to be one crazy motherfucker.

"As are you," I added.

No clues found at all. One evening I checked her when she went to gym together with our neighbor's wife. I offered to go shopping with her on Saturdays. She got surprised but had no objections about me going with her. I even sneaked out and checked her during one of her "girl's nights out" without any other results than me feeling as stupid jealous asshole.

He walked up to her and placed his hands on her face and pulled him to her, kissing her deeply. She struggled and tried to pull away, but couldn't get away. He broke off the kiss and grabbed her wrists, pulling her out of the kitchen. She yelled and he turned and slapped her across the face. The blow made her fall down and he struggled, getting her back up. "Shut up, you little whore," he said to her, his voice was no longer friendly, it was gruff and low.

"That's OK ma'am. I understand." with that he turned and went back to his table.

"I can and will, Sweetness," Eileen replied. And just for that outburst, it won't be her cunt you'll be tasting. Gash, lay upon your desk face down, and spread those legs wide!"

I shook my head. 'No ... never really thought about it, I suppose.'

He was dead meat. She would tell his father, and it would be the woodshed. ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’

Pause for effect; watch the concern develop on her face.

Bonnie smiled and said "Good, I'm so glad we have an understanding. We'll work out the compensation portion later after I see how well you perform tonight."

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‘Well Kelly how does it feel to be such a big hit?’ asked Linda

“Young lady, I suggest you get a hold of yourself.” she said. She spoke with a slight chinese accent.

"Wow Bobby, even then. No wonder my pussy throbbed for hours after our dates." She whispered again, "I've never met anybody that would fill your ... shoes. Never!"

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Afterwards there was not a word spoken, he watched as callie pulled up her thin slip of underwear and must have caught some cum on her finger and licked it off gently thinking hadn't noticed, or maybe knowing he had noticed she turned and smiled as she walked out the room somehow as perfect and sexy as he had watched her walk in.

I’ve always been a clit girl, I LOVE having my clit played with, rubbed, licked, sucked, anything and I’m a multiple orgasm girl too so I can have my clit played with for a half hour or more and just keep cumming again and again and again.

"What is the most exciting thing you've done, sexually?" she asked.

I mouthed a hello to Jemma after putting my bag down, and, after she ignored me, mouthed another ten of them.

"Uh, Mary, that's probably because she's smelling your panties or doing whatever they do!" said Courtney.

"It's not, we're in Arizona," came his casual reply. "We're still seven hours out."

"Come on Ma'am," Melissa said to Midnight, helping her up from the chair, "it stinks in here." She led Midnight out of the room, her eyes glaring at Jake as he smiled smugly.

After a couple of weeks, we had fallen into a routine. She had moved in and I had gotten her a trainee position in the claims department. As I look back, I can see that she enjoyed having me do the cleaning, cooking etc. She seemed to revel in controlling me. I enjoyed submitting to her, but over time, that enjoyment began to wane. We didn't have the daily, long hypnotic sessions that Katrina conducted; rather she'd do that kind of session only once or twice a week. After these weekly or biweekly sessions, I would be more agreeable or more submissive. Still, I continued to find her very attractive, if not as beautiful as before. Might her powers weaken over time?

"Bitch!" his ragged voice cracked. He clenched his teeth around the salty material of her panties in an attempt to unwind them.

"A Christian!" This was the worst news possible. Andromeda's soul was now lost. She would descend to the region of Hades, as did all unbelievers, destined to suffer eternal torment. "It's not too late, Andromeda. The goddess Aphrodite is forgiving and merciful. She can see that you are misled. She will allow you back into the fold. Please, Andromeda! Divest yourself of your clothes and return again to the service of the Goddess who so loves and cares for you!"

Walking down the stairs to the family room where I intended to stretch out on the sofa and watch some tube, I could hear coming from the TV the moans of a woman being fucked—and fucked good if the noise she was making was any indication. I started to yell out at Bill to stop the tape until I got there, but then I heard my sis say, “Gawd, look at that!” For some reason, I decided to keep quiet and cautiously peeked around the corner.

"Wow!" Shannon whooped as he resurfaced. "I have been out here for two months surfing these waves and you caught the very first tube!"

Cindy swallowed the lump in her throat and looked away. She felt her body tense as she heard the lock click. She quickly scanned the room for another exit.

“Alright,” Sheri said, “The proof is in the pudding. John, give these babies a squeeze.” I quickly obliged, cupping both of her breasts in my hands, being careful not to touch the erect nipples. Her breasts were indeed quite firm for a pair that large (the label on her bra indicated she was a 36-C), and the skin was quite soft as well.

"Y-yeah she is with a study group or something," Kelly stammered.

I watched for a few moments before Angela told me to strip. I obeyed and was soon stood before Angela, my thick cock rigid as she continued to slowly tease her pouting sex lips.

With the last strike he smoothes her ass with his hand. As he removes the clamps from her pussy, he can see the blood rush back into the pale points where the clamps had been. With the intensity of sensation she throws her hair back. He rubs her clit and smoothes her lips with hands.

Finding a park for something as big as the Suburban took a while. I noticed the crowd thinning out as I circled looking for that elusive gap. Damn, I was going to be late for my first lecture. Not a good start to my academic career. Spotting a gap, I wheeled the truck into it and switched off the engine. I sat there for a few moments watching the scurrying students as they frantically wended their way to the doors of the multistorey buildings where for the next 5 years I would try to become a man of letters. Taking a deep breath, I grabbed my beaten up old rucksack and moved to join them.

My name is Anne, and at the time this all happened I was 18, and was at college. I was doing well, the subjects weren't too demanding, and I was blessed with a good memory, so I was pretty much able to coast through the lectures, and still have a fair bit of time spare for daydreaming. I enjoyed day dreaming!

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“You’re catching on.”

"It's all right, Laura," he replied, taking his naked sister back into his arms and letting her tears dry against his bare shoulder. "It's all right. I didn't know."

"I know you are married but she is in America and won't be here for months yet. Garth, I want you and I'm married, too, you know that. I have never cheated on my husband and you know how men desire me... But I want you, I want you to take me and use me..."

William sitting in the drivers seat replied, “It is just, I need this night job to help pay my debts and Mr. Randolph is not going to be very pleased with being the subsequent man to me.”

I could hear Mary exhale a slight deep breath as I request that she lower her jeans a bit. First her hands traveled to the front of her jeans to undo the front button. Once the front button was released she grasped both sides of her jeans and pushed slightly down. The small of her back was the first thing exposed but as her jeans slowly move downward the firm cheeks of her buttocks came into view. I reached out with my hands to pull down slightly on her jeans until her cute little ass was fully exposed. Then I said, "OK, that's good enough Mary."

It's still hot out even though its after 10:00. You un-button the last button of your white blouse. Exposing just a hint of your flesh colored bra. You catch the cabbie looking in the rear-view mirror. You smile to yourself. Oh what a day, you think. First, 10E and the thought of him masturbating to you followed by the wonderfully naughty session at home. Then sitting and watching young male strippers dance around. Now you got the cab driver drooling over you. You feel so sexy. Without even thinking you find yourself crossing your legs tighter and tighter. Squeezing your lips together then releasing. Rocking in the seat. Your thong creeping tighter and tighter against your smooth sweet lips. "God damn 10E", you blurt out. The driver hits the brakes. "Excuse me mam?", he says. "Marriott downtown", you reply assertively. The driver shakes his head and navigates the cab toward the Marriott. You need a nightcap you assure yourself.

I pull back for an overview, taking in Steve's buttocks pumping forward as he drives his cock inside. The sight his bottom makes me lick my lips. With lust. With hunger. I get behind Steve now and spread those buttocks wide open. There it is, what I hunger for. I drag my warm, wet tongue up and down his crack, softly at first, tantalizing him with teasing flickers. He craves having that his ass of his eaten, and he knows no one eats it with quite the zest and finesse I bring to the task. So now I press my tongue against his sphincter and rim him in earnest. And finally I give Steve a dose of my special treat, rolling up my tongue into a sort of wet dagger, and forcing it up into his anal passage, pushing open the sphincter.

“So, Daddy, do you think Grandma will be making a cherry pie for Thanksgiving?”, I asked.

Her voice was heavy and as she looked into my eyes I felt a stirring in my trousers. This girl was hot!

I broke out of the trance that Isabella's rhythmic foot movements had put me in.

"It looks good." James told me.

I didn't need to say anything. In a short period of time with Elaine's encouragement, my swollen penis was freed from its confinement and in her hands. Her hands were expert. She stroked it softly at first, but she was not always gentle. Sometimes she squeezed my cock, pulled on it and, when a clear drop of slipperiness could be coaxed out, twisted its head. She talked to me in a quiet, levelheaded tone.

As she knelt at his feet, she heard her Master promise them: "She will do whatever you desire." She wanted to cry out, to run, but she could not. He had made sure of that. Her wrists were bound, as were her ankles, and she was silenced by a ball gag, which he had tightly tied around her head only minutes before.

And she screamed again; and every muscle in her body seemed to clamp down on whatever was closest to it. I felt as though I was trapped in a slick, velvet vise. She was not moving up and down any longer. My cock was buried to the hilt and I could not see a centimeter of my flesh outside her auburn thicket of hair. She trembled all over; she appeared to be shivering; but I noticed her fingers were pinching her nipples with an incredible strength so that they appeared to swell out beyond and looked like the end of a child's balloon when he squeezes the air to one end. Her head was still lolling backward, her hair in disarray, and her throat emitted animal-like sounds in concert with the spasming of her pussy walls. I could feel myself becoming soaked beneath her. Such a quantity of fluid was unprecedented in my limited experience. I knew it was seeping between my legs and wetting the bed beneath us. And still she came. Repeated spasms of her thigh muscles, then her stomach muscles, signaled a myriad of small and large orgasms that wracked her body and flushed her skin from thigh to hairline.

"Shut up. I just don't want that guy getting to close, y'know?"

Within no time, Anita’s white clothes got wet and started sticking to her skin revealing her diaphanous and embroidered bra. In order to escape the prying eyes of the onlookers, they decided to walk back to Kavita and Dileep’s flat which was closer. As they hurriedly walked there was another flash of thunder and the electricity failed. The cloud was so thick that even at six in the evening, it appeared to be pretty dark. Kavita fumbled in her purse for the key and opened the door.

“Yes baby, and you’ll want it again, and again, and again. That’s why I had to do this now. Now you’re tied to me, your mine now Mike, I’ve broken you. I wanted to slowly do it over time to keep from shocking you more than I already had, but I didn’t have the time. Don’t worry baby, we have some time for more before the day is over, and you’ll call me every night when I’m gone and beg me to cum, and I might even let you, but if you ever want to feel this again,” she moved over and straddled my hips, the fish net stockings sending electricity through my body as she rubbed the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy,” you won’t ever cum again without my permission.”

As I sat with a stunned look on my face, my lovely wife of 5 years got down on all fours and took this strangers cock in her mouth. While balancing on the bed, she licked all around the head and started sucking on it like a lollipop. As she slowly sucked him, she looked up into his eyes.

"In two days, we pass through a place sacred to my people. There, we will find your totem. Though I am but a girl, my father has told me the ways."

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Rhonda winked at me again. I could tell she was in a mischievous mood. She stepped up out of the pool and walked over to the chaise. She wiped herself with the towel and then walked back to the pool’s edge. She placed the towel on the deck and then sat down on it. She pulled her knees up to her chest and then spread them apart. Standing in the water, I found myself at eye level with her wide open pussy. I looked into her eyes and saw the smile on her face. I grinned back, knowing that this was her favorite activity, exposing herself completely. I looked around and noticed that several men were watching her little show. And a couple swam over close to me to get a better look.

I ordered whiskey sours for the ladies, a gin and tonic, and a sandwich for myself. Anne was easy to talk to; she showed photos of her step daughter and her two children in California, and said:

"What?" Kamesha waited for explanation.

"This afternoon I am going to fuck you so that you can't walk for a week Fiona. You better have a shower now."

Ever since Carol's father passed away a year before we met, she and her mother, Rose, have

“My goodness, you are one bad little girl, sucking your own daddy’s cock dry?” Jim chuckled. He reached out to squeeze her other tit; she could feel the nipple grow hard beneath his fingers and hated herself for it. No wonder they said she was a slut, her body wanted to be touched, fucked, raped, and beaten all the time.

"Oh, I didn't, but I sure hoped you did. I liked the way you reacted to me rubbing in the lotion and ... well, I just couldn't help myself."

"Share and share alike, I always say." Steve was getting into this. He stood up and leaned across the little table and waited for Gina to meet his lips. She giggled and pecked his lips.

I have considered how I should handle this. Shall I call him and tell him about it or should I kept silent and surprise him. It kept my mind busy for a couple of days. At last, I had decided not to tell him. I made my preparation; I bought a new set of clothes and some other woman stuff and painted my hair black (I was rather gray at that moment).

They arrived at Mitch's house in less than five minutes and Danielle was a little disappointed that she couldn't just sit in the car for a while longer, but she didn't want to sound like a fool so she got out and followed him inside. Three phone calls later, Mitch told Danielle that there had been a huge accident involving twenty cars and all the tow trucks in town were working on that, so they didn't expect to be able to get to her until morning. Danielle had been driving all day and her hotel was on the other side of the island. She didn't feel right about asking Mitch to drive her all that way so when he offered to let her stay with him for the night she thought about it very hard. To give her a minute to think, Mitch went to get them some drinks. When he returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses he led her out to the balcony.

"Why don't you taste it." Damon told her.

Anyhow, arrangements were made over the phone and I picked Rachel up from her flat on Saturday afternoon.

"Great. That should get me home by nine PM."

Jake stands in between Katie's legs. He stops kissing her long enough to undo his robe and let it fall to the ground.

"You sent for me?" said a swarthy looking winged monkey.

I felt my breathing begin to pick up and finally she said, Okay your turn know."

Which is why I'm not surprised – although very definitely delighted – when you announce across the restaurant table that, strictly as a scientific test of course, you want to see how many times in one evening you could get me to cum in your mouth.

I then opened her legs wide and pushed her knees up onto that lovely chest of hers which gave me unrestricted access to her tight pussy, I bent my head down and very slowly licked from her very sparse pubic hair into her slit and down to the entrance of her vagina where I dipped my tongue into her and started to fuck her with my tongue. Tasting the sticky fluid. With my saliva and the natural fluids which were made I placed my finger back inside and very roughly finger fucked her then I forced another inside her which is when I then felt her body tense up, I thought she was coming out of her drunken stupor so I stayed perfectly still but she just mumbled something and then no movement.

Logan did what she said as the telepath went to her knees on the floor. She then removed his shorts and stared at his manhood. It was an impressive sight. Not the biggest she had ever seen but it was big enough and it suggested power. Jean then looked at her partner, licked her lips at him and took him into her mouth. Logan let out a moan of both pleasure and shock. He never figured Jean for the "blowjob" type.

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It was one of the heavenly moments in my life.

"Not any more Aimee. You've taken care of everything long enough." Joe sheathed the knife and backed up. He crossed his arms over his chest, but never took his eyes from Rutledge. "How old was she the first time?"

As the washcloths slid over lovely flesh, passion began to escalate in the women. Each paid special attention to the areas on their partner's body which were especially sensitive and soon both of them were covered with lather and gasping for breath. Two pairs of erect nipples poked out through a foamy covering of suds and two gorgeous bodies trembled with need.

(08:58:47 ) Tommy PRIVATELY whispers to angie: while the other keeps massaging you

"We need to get back I have some things I need to do this evening with mom."

“It sure is,” she agreed. Then she smiled and giggled. “It sure was awesome sex, though, wasn’t it?”

“Take it easy, I just came to tell you how proud I am of you, Mr. Hotshot Agent”, he said, sitting down


Debbie impaled the device into her hot hole, scraped the hard tip over the sides of her cunt and screamed a shattering release of passion as she came. Her juices flowed thick and fast as they traveled from deep within her to cover the welcomed appendage that she was thrusting in and out of her. She pulled her clit, twisted it hard and shuddered violently as she sent more fluids flying over her toy, pussy, thighs as well as the chair. "Oh fuck...," she grunted as the rolling waves of lust rammed freely. Her eyes were barely open when she saw Rita's come shoot from her cunt and cover Alex's face.


“See how open I am baby? That’s ‘cause I’m a fucking anal freak. Ask hubby here. Every fucking night he’s slamming it into my tight little backdoor, making me scream. He loves just shovin’ it right up there, making me squeal with his cock. I get sooooo fucking turned on when a guy does my ass. It’s my favourite place to fuck.”

It all ended in this order. I came in Jo's mouth and she swallowed all my sperm. My wife came next with the loudest orgasm I have eve heard her do, then Clinton started pumping his juices into her and then to end it all Greg came inside Jo.

Opening my mouth, I sought the words. But they didn't come. At least one part of me was content, bound and helpless on the bed. Naked and ready for whatever the two of them had planned.

The thick black thatch was coated in my creamy white spunk. I dipped my finger into some and it was thick. Putting my finger into it I began to spread it trailing it down into the slit, bathing her clitoris. No sooner did I touch her clitoris than she came again. Such is the stamina of youth that my cock was springing to attention when it had barely softened!

A thick dribble of cum squelched obscenely from around the root of the wolf's cock and slid down along the cleft of Sabrina's buttocks. There were more sounds of debauchery as the wolf continued to pound at Sabrina's inflamed cunt and more of the thick goo was displaced by his thrusting cock.

"Oh by the way Helen, my boss thought it would be great to have dinner with us so he could meet you, so I invited him over tomorrow evening, if that is ok with you." I told Helen.

"Guys, what is the deal?" Heather asked, "Where are all of my friends? The party?" "This is the party honey" Her mother replied "Just you, me and your father." "Your 18 now baby" Jennifer's dad chimed in "And you've grown into such a beautiful woman, we wanted to celebrate that alone." "It was your father's idea Heather baby" Her mom conceded.

“Or in ecstasy.” I countered.

I look over at your lap, your skirt is riding up so high, I catch your eye and you see where I'm looking, smile a little and hike your little skirt up so I can just gaze over your pussy. My little cat.

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