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Dear Robert

Up and down my cunt bounced, the jelly dong stretching and fucking me savagely, as I worked the monster in and out of my hungry pussy. I was addicted to this scene, the view of James wanking hard making my pussy wetter and wetter as I fucked onwards towards my second climax of the afternoon in front o the strange man in my house.

The following is a story my cousin Amy told me. She only told me after one to many glasses of wine. She broke down crying several times and I had to encourage her to finish. To get it of her chest, I told her.

"Let me talk to Mom and see what she says." Dad told me. He went up to bed. In the morning I went to get a new bathing suit. I found one I wanted in the adult store on the strip. When I walk in Dad ask me if I would like to go to camping this weekend. I told him I'd love too. I ran up stairs.

“Mmmmm Brad….your fingers feel so good….your cock so hard…..I’m so horny….hornier than I’ve ever been before,” she groaned.

My cock twitched against my leg. I remembered glancing over at my wife and the young guy. He had been hung like one of those porn star guys, the biggest dick I had ever seen on a white man. “I was kind of looking forward to watching you get your pussy reamed too.”

“I liked him. He’s nice.”

"You truly were amazing last night, the number of times we reached orgasm together, mmmm, shear amazement, I lost count at 4 or 5 I think, and you showing your true commitment to me, no protection whatsoever, for all we know, I could be pregnant with our child as we speak, since this is my most fertile time of the month" she informed me,

" Oh much more than that my darling. Jon had us run a video tape, of course, but when things got so interesting we had it tapped into the instant replay monitors. "Everybody" loved it." Grace added with a lusty chuckle.

"To that end, you must be prepared, Poppy. That begins now. Are you ready?" He still held her chin.

He had deep blue eyes and a bright smile that conveyed a warm cordial disposition. His dark hair was tied back in a pony tail and one ear revealed a diamond earring.

The scent of jasmine greets you at the door, and you see me in my favorite chair, reading a thick book as usual. I take one look at you, get up, & walk over to gently kiss you.

Hakim and Dominique sat on her livingroom floor and counted endless stacks of cash from the day's activities. This was becoming their normal routine. He delivered coke and picked up cash. At the end of the day, the money was counted, recounted, stacked, and stashed. Tony would pop in unannounced throughout the week. He refused to use the phone to discuss business and discouraged everyone he worked for to watch what was said across the phone line.

We'd kissed, we'd "petted," he'd played with my breasts. But the one time I touched his cock through his pants - the night that I turned 18 - he leaped back like I'd burned him. And the one time he gingerly traced a finger between my legs... well, I think I might have scared him off just a little, by taking his hand and guiding it to the precise spot I wanted to feel him; and, when he didn't react in the slightest, by treating him to a withering – if unintended – sigh, as my mind cast back to the last time (I correct myself: the only time) a man had touched me there, in the back of a Greyhound with fingers that knew every one of my secrets.

While I give him a blowjob I strip off my cloak and start the strip off my dress. I pull off him and take it completely off along with my corset and my underwear.

& so i find myself at the entrance to a sex club---dancing grrrls---a striptease show---back home id be way too british & reserved to go in but out here in cali4nia im a stranger---im free to reinvent myself as a street-smart playboy---whos gonna know any different?--- i hand over my uncle sam dollars & someone ushers me inside---as i stumble thru the foyer my ears are assaulted by noisy rock---some chick screaming her lungs up

"Ok," said Francis, "it will take its effect while she sleeps." Francis turned the burners off, she then pulled something from her jacket which she kept concealed in her hands, "I guess I will see you tomorrow then,"

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I felt some kind of wet stuff brushed on. My nipples immediately got firm and hard. I felt something gently attach onto my nipples, which made me squirm, then something completely covered each breasts and was heavy. My GOD!! he must be giving me breasts. I got to see this and I think I object a lot and should get the hell out of here this has gone too far!!!

"I mean aren't there all those perverts in the cliffs?"

I followed the bathing of Stacy's feet and legs with a gentle scrubbing of her arms. It was then I threw my plan into full throttle. I took a feather from the nearby dresser and started tickling the bottoms of Stacy's feet. Full-bodied laughter rolled out of her as she begged me to stop. Relentlessly, I continued the torture of pleasure. I smiled as I watched tears roll down the sides of Stacy's face as I kept tickling her.

When I finally got up out of bed and headed down to the kitchen to see what was for breakfast, I found a note on the kitchen bench-top written in Mom's handwriting which said that she had gone out early to get a number of things from the shops, including a surprise that she promised me I would find quite to my liking, and I shouldn't expect her to be back until around lunchtime.

I tweaked her nipple one last time, then slid my hand slowly off her breast, down along her ribs and then over her tummy, knowing her stomach was doing flips beneath my fingertips. I teased with my fingertips along the skin exposed by her open cut-offs, just above the front of her thong. Her whimpers of protest continued in her throat, but her open mouth and tongue colliding with mine suggested a different attitude altogether.

"Wow, eleven inches," she said, her eyes glued to my member. Then she wrapped the tape around the base, her knuckles touching my pelvis through my pubic hair. "And five around." She smiled at me. "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen!"

Her green eyes follow a couple slipping through a door marked Voyeurs. She stops at the mini-bar to get another drink, then chooses to go through the same door. She stops in the low light corridor while her eyes adjust to the change in lights. She can faintly see a string of couches & chairs along either side of the wall.

I smile at your obedience, to have not cum for a month, it’s the first time you’ve managed a whole month of being apart without a single orgasm. I know it must have been hard for you at times, those horny nights full of fantasies of me, yet no release of your sexual frustration. I know how sexually charged you must be right now.

“Yes,” chimed the girls. They jumped up, grabbed Lynn’s hands, and started pulling her up from the bed. They headed out the door and down the hallway. Having just spent myself, I again realized that another cock in the mix might be a blessing. I followed, my dangling cock leading the way.

"I'm going out for a while," she announced. "Do you need anything before I leave?"

“ Good morning, Tim. Time for your wash! “, she said with a twinkle in her eyes. I just stared at her, dumbfounded by her incredible beauty. She pulled the curtain to give us some privacy and advanced towards my bed, pushing her tray and deliberately swaying her hips. “ Could you unbutton your pajama top, please? “. I tried to comply but my arms were stuck in place by a sudden pain. “ Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you. Gosh, you sure have big muscles for a young man your age! “, she commented as she slowly uncovered my bare chest. I was mesmerized by the unobstructed view of her ample cleavage and barely noticed that her hands were gently running over the overdeveloped slabs of muscle of my large torso. Our eyes suddenly met and she blushed slightly, quickly unfastening the rest of my hospital gown.

As she almost hung by her arms...she heard curtains being pulled again. She felt her nipples being released and she cried involuntarily as I massaged life back into her.

The documentary scenario follows a raid, capture, abduction, confinement and rape of a white female social relief worker by Sudanese officers and her consequent confinement in a concubinage where she is regularly raped by the officers of the Islamic regime and their charged customers consecutively upon her bed in her ornate room in the orgiastic odalisque of the officers' palace barracks.

"Come on and change, so we can get out of here." I hated that I sounded pretty desperate now too.

"Thank you," Audrey blushed, "I torture myself on an elliptical machine 5 hours a week. May I sit down with you?"

"Egyptology. And you." asked the Doctor as the pair emerged from the ally.

Janet slowly nodded agreement. "That pretty well says it. I'd never be interested in joining a bunch of other people and I certainly an not interested in any really heavy SM relationship, but more of what we did on the trip - that I could go for. And Charles liked it just as much, so I think he'd go for it too."

Beth was in most people’s opinions strikingly beautiful – a 5’10” gorgeous blonde. I don’t swing that way, but I’d be the first to tell you she was a hottie. She is married to a guy – Rick – who is about 30.

"Of course," I said, and stared removing my own clothes.

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Her trembling came to an end and he allowed his pretty wife to slide through the hatch and fall into his arms. Holding her like a baby he kissed her hard with lips that smelled and tasted of her.

Licking his lips, he fought hard not to cum then and there. "Can't...gonna cum."

"Yes Mistress," Mom said as she buried her face in Cathy's cunt.

With Juice’s dick working over my pussy, I swapped cocks. JP’s dick was small enough I could suck him clean to his balls. I managed to maintain my balance by holding on to the two available poles pointed at me.

"He might like that for all I know" I mumbled before downing the brew.

TheWatcher: That'd be great! As long as there's no actual cybersex.

Lori had a look of disappointment on her face, far from a smile. She looked towards the exit.

"What do you mean?"

"I need to get freshened up," she said evenly.

We both stripped down and went to the center of the mat to square off. God, I couldn't get enough of this teen's sexy muscular body as I watched his cock and balls bob up and down as he placed an arm behind his back.

Late the next afternoon Will and Lucas sat at a table in the almost deserted snack bar of the Student Union. Lucas had bought cups of coffee for Will and himself. On the table were also a small recorder and a sheet of paper, on which Lucas had printed out his questions.

If you have read the other two stories, this picks up several weeks later. Several times a week I have made the trip across town, always with a mixture of excitement, dread and a healthy dose of lust in the pit of my stomach. Each time, it is almost like a dream. I know I shouldn't return, I know all the things that might happen, but it is an irresistible urge that pulls me back. I travel back almost in a fog, nothing else seems to matter.

Elise understood the hopelessness of her situation only too well.

I rolled over and yawned as I stretched out in my bed. I couldn't get Club Cuffs out of my mind as I continued to replay the events of my test over and over. I jumped out of bed and turned my computer on. I picked up the big envelope that Kate gave me last night and opened it. I pulled several sheets of papers out and began to read. They were mostly rules of the club with several disclaimers. One page however caught my particular interest.

Still Karen pushed, forcing more and more of my cock deeper and deeper. Finally, Jennifer had all 10 inches of me lodged in her, with my balls resting on her chin. I don't know what kept me from cumming right then as I looked down into her frightened blue eyes seeing her beautiful face with mouth stretched and virgin throat violated with my throbbing piece of cock meat. Her throat muscles had a tight grip on me until finally she began to relax, allowing me to easily pull out to let her breathe. She gasped for air as soon as I was out. "Take it again," Karen ordered. "Fuck his cock with your throat." Jennifer barely had regained her breath, but she slowly swallowed my cock again, but on her own this time. She took my shaft in her mouth but Karen insisted on helping by pushing and forcing it down her throat again. I think she got used to it sliding in to her this time. She swallowed it much quicker and easier. Karen helped her begin a fucking motion with her mouth, making her suck my shaft in and out of her tight oral passage. Over and over my cock squeezed down Jennifer's tight hot throat. I was almost ready to cum in her mouth when Karen had some other orders for Jennifer.

Sherri was miserable. Her jeans were soaked and she knew she was going to get a rash from the rubbing.

"Besides, there is nothing sexier than an older woman who has taken care of herself." (Pause) "Someone like you for instance."

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"What?" Jessica said softly. She looked down at her body. She was naked. The tube top Janine had lent her was wrapped tightly around her waist! Jessica frantically covered herself crying out as she looked around. There were three men in the room. Everyone was looking at her!

I couldn’t even speak I was so consumed with all the lust that I’d been holding back. Combined with that was the terror that my wife would discover us there. About all that managed to escape my lips was a moan of pleasure. I suppose that was answer enough for her and she moved her head around enough to touch her lips to mine. I opened my mouth and our tongues met. She was grinding her pussy into my side as her hand continued to pound away inside my shorts. She kissed me with such intensity that I thought she was going to rape me right on the spot. And then in the same instant she stopped and completely pulled away.

"Good, now it it's goes off it will mean we want you upstairs. If you keep us waiting too long we try another speed OK"

Aunt Joan was younger than our mom, in her late thirties, I imagined. She was possibly a few pounds overweight but had a really nice body, probably because she never had any kids. Her dark curly hair was kept kind of short and she had a pretty, round face; her shapely legs kept moving further apart as she continued to finger her snatch and her breathing got heavier.

"Oh god yes, I don't want to go back to those small white dicks when I can have real men’s cocks, black cocks. Justine said.

"That was so beautiful," she said softly, " thank you for selecting it, and I can only pray that someday I can hear and see it alive. This is a lovely place and your books and music make it seem like a wonderland. I, too, do not care for hotels, but this is special and you are the most unusual and gentlest man I have ever met. Because I am pretty, every man wants to touch me, proposition me, but no one has tried to find out what I like or want and you must understand if I seem overly cautious."

Thanks goes to Andrew and the other volunteer editors who helped polish this story.

Mr. Hugh Kingsley had been married to Joanne Kingsley for 18 years when he requested a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. It seems that at the age of 51, he decided that he was gay, thus triggering the mother’s disorder. As the only child, young Shane bore the brunt of his mother’s ‘acting-out’, witnessing the mood changes associated with her illness and his talent in the game of football provided him with a way to escape the confines of her dictations.

"Mmm. I think we're wearing way too many clothes," she murmurs, languidly moving away from me to correct this situation. "Me first, I think." She begins to disrobe in a cute little striptease as I sit down on the bed to watch the show.

"You and how many others." His gaze swept across her, making her blush to the ends of her ears. "You seem a bit overdressed for the airport."

“Good night, Gorgeous. Don’t have any nightmares about Billy Bob, now.” I replied.

“Not yet,” Replied Steve, “I’ve barely had a taste, and I want to drive you wild so you have beg me to put my cock inside of you.”

His mouth slid from her warm lips to suckle and nibble her proud neck, her dark wet hair pushed aside by his face. She turned as he did letting his lips cover from her throat to her nape. His hands didn’t shift as she moved, the wet soapy hands slipping around a full hip to rest on her belly. They paused there momentarily , then went separate directions. One hand sliding up over her belly and ribs to cup below a full erect breast, while the other slid slowly down to play over the soft trimmed dark hair covering her mons.

"No, no, no," Joey protested, "You're not gonna leave us like this."

"If I didn't know better, Kiddo," Dianne said, "I'd say you're knocked up."

It doesn't truly matter. You are here.

Amanda seemed to have a level head and was a hard worker who was a well paid insurance agent in a local insurance office. We all watched the Super Bowl and my attitude towards the neighbors improved as I found Amanda to be a good hostess as well able to have an adult conversation. Her boy friend, Jon was a typical self centered male who was more interested in his toys (boats and motorcycles) than settling down with the obligations of a family.

"What are you doing, Lee?" I asked. I didn't know whether to trust him after what he did to me in the kitchen. I could feel my heart rate quicken again at the memory.

Mike was pulling off the interstate in the next hour. He couldn’t wait to get to this special stretch of state highway. It was straight as an arrow and no one remembered seeing a cop on it for ever. Not so much as a little boy with his toy pistols and plastic star on his shirt. Mike always pegged the speedometer along this stretch. He didn’t know exactly how fast he was going. The speedometer only went to 90. It pegged before Mike hit fourth gear. There was a hole in the wall town just as he left the interstate, but three miles past this town would be clear sailing. Mike hit it, windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, the needle approaching the peg.

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"Why not? You showed those guys at the bar that one night." Again he brings that up. I knew that really turned him on.

- - - -

My cock was rock hard as well.

We finally controlled ourselves and got our breath back. The rest of the ride was kind of nice. We talked a bit like we used to and laughed a lot like we used too.

“Not at all, but I had to go back four times, once a month until it was done.”

She was beautiful and I was very attracted to her, but there was an age difference. She was around twenty five, ten years my younger. Besides there was no guarantee I would be getting this job, so why even pursue her?

My asshole was not the only target for caressing. Hands manipulated my balls and dick. How strange it was to know different people held my nuts in their hands. They played and caressed. Someone even sucked me for a short while, but they didn’t let me cum.

“Well then you must have graduated after leaving school.” I replied.

A tiny chuckle escaped from him at how easy it was to make her horny. He knew she loved to be awoken this way, and he thoroughly enjoyed indulging her. She was quite simply the most fuckable woman he had ever known.

“Oh, Rick,” she whispered. “I only wanted to tease you. But she wants you, and she’s got better chance, considering. She’s not your sister, she’s not even related to you. That’s a big deal.”

"In fact you can join us and cum" quipped Tony.

"But I am Andy. My fingers are sopping wet! Pussy is hot for cock Andy! Your cock."

We don’t really need to tag the lines, because we already know the sex and identity of each speaker. It would not make sense for James to say he gets off on tall men with beards, and for Darlene to then say she has a beard and likes short women. Well, on second thought, if the story is way out there in weird-world, some tags could probably be helpful.

There was only one name on the door so I knew she lived alone. She was in her thirties – I could tell that from the newspapers and magazines she read and from the post she received and she was most certainly a party animal. She always received invitations to parties at trendy clubs and concerts.


It was Saturday night. Monica had spent the afternoon fucking but now it was several hours later and she was ready to go again. She knew she could probably find someone to help her out at the local club, but the action there didn’t begin until around midnight. With time to kill she decided she might as well douche out the afternoon’s stale cum and cunt juice. And as an added hygienic precaution, she got out a disposable enema.

“Want me to kiss it, Uncle Melvin?” she offered. She licked her lips, her tongue poking through, spreading a trail of moist saliva along her mouth. She looked hungry and more than a little horny.

Lori turned to me and, taking my softening cock in her hand and stroking it, she told me she didn't want Juan to ring me but they had been playing with her body and one of the men had taken her purse away and found my telephone number. He had rung me just to make sure I knew they were fucking her. I asked her whether this was a normal procedure after making a big sale and she simply grinned at me and said, "Of course, darling, how else do you think I can make so many sales so easily! I allow the customers to fuck me as a reward for the sale and this has been going on since I first began to make good sales. All the women realtors do this and it is part of the fun of selling real estate. I haven't told you about it because I didn't want you to be upset because I was fucking other men. All they do is fuck me - you make love to me and there is a great difference! If you are unhappy because you know I am fucking the customers then I will stop and give up my job as a realtor! I can't offer more than that and the decision will have to be made by you!"

When she had calmed down, she threw on a robe over her nightgown, walked quietly to her door, somewhat lightheaded from her blood rushing to the parts of her body below her neck. She opened the door a crack to see what Greg was up to and was surprised to see Greg holding on to the banister, clearly drunk and having a hard time staying upright. She was sure he was much more lightheaded than she; she wondered how much he had been drinking.

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Standing, Sheila brought their empty mugs to the sink and returned to take Jesse's hand, pulling him from the chair. "Let's see if we can at least ease some of your pain. No buts, Jesse. You know it worked before."

As I sucked I tasted a creamy substance oozing from her breast. It tasted vaguely familiar. I continued to suckled her and with each suck I was rewarded with a mouthful of her breast milk. 'She must be pregnant,' I thought. I didn't realize it right at that moment, but Mary was becoming aroused with the attention I was giving her breast. I heard her moan as I attacked the other breast with vigor. She slowly opened her legs allowing my first glimpse of her pussy. It was shaven except for a small patch just above her clit. I slowly let my right hand explore her inner thighs, working its way toward her pussy. I didn't know if she would allow me full access, but I was game to try at this point.

I waited with baited breath for Sharon's reply and Mandy's own response to this statement, but was delighted when Sharon said, "And Mandy and I have already had a shower together after the morning's PE, and we are having another one after games this afternoon. Pity you can't join us!"

We had all been having wife swapping parties for about a year. His wife has been involved for about the same length of time.

"Goldie and I have an agreement. We are quite liberated. She would not mind as long as Jim didn't."

In about ten minutes I heard some murmur and the guest room door opened. Manju crept down the hall, just few yards from me but not seeing me,I was electrified by the anticipation of what was to greet me. The knob turned and in she came, in crumpled pink lace bodice. She was naked, sweaty and glowing. Her hair was plastered to her face and there were a few mottled red patches around her neck, throat and breasts. Her chest was heaving with her heart beat. She was shaking slightly. I took her in my arms and inhaled the aroma of fresh fucked female. Our lips met and I could taste his cock. I put my hand to her groin where my fingers met with a shocking and humiliating slackness. Her thighs had a fresh glistening sticky leaking. I lay her on the bed and began kissing her neck and moving up to with my rigid tool.

Petra looked at him and smiled - took his fingers to glossed epicurean lips and kissed them.

"Take it easy," says I. "You'll come to your senses presently."

had never met. This is my first real time experience and I am

"Do you want me to pose like that?" said sort of shyly.

Rinoa, upon noticing Quistis’s sudden behavior, blushed furiously at the thought of her good friend witnessing her and Squall’s intimate moments, and thought “Quistis is acting so gauche.” It suddenly occurred to Rinoa that the situation resembled a favorite sexual fantasy of her’s, in which she and Squall are making love on a table in the crowded cafeteria at dinnertime and everyone is watching them and making obscene comments about her.

They had condoms. The government insisted on them; "Safety first," they said. There would be sensors to attach to their bodies. The cameras would capture everything. Houston would shut off the video feed to the outside world. Two biologists, a man and a woman, would be allowed to watch the event live as it was beamed back to Earth.

She wrote back , "Yes John I never came so hard as I did the other day. And I came at my desk just now John my panties are soaking wet. But, John you left one thing out. When we were done, you went back down on me and licked my cum filled pussy. That's something my husband has never done. And.....and you ate my pussy until I came again in your mouth this time. Did you like doing that to me John? Did you like eating me with all your cum inside my pussy? Would you do it again if I asked you?"

Anne just smiled.

"That's fine." He motioned for her to lead the way. They were soon seated at Café du Monte. "So," he began after they got beignets and coffee. "You gave your ticket to your sister."

"You look great" she said to her friend, smiling and still looking her up and down. "I like the new shoes as well"

The Orion Sea Musk might have been a bit much, Beverly reflected, seeing as how Data could only analyze the scent of her perfume, not enjoy its aphrodisiacal powers the way a human male would. But it made her feel slut sexy nonetheless. As did the garter belt, silk seamed stockings, and demi-bra exposing her nipples that she'd once worn on a Dixon Hill adventure with Jean Luc in the holo-deck. The opaque beige nitey came from her grandmother's hope chest, and rounded out her seductive attire rather nicely, too. Still, it was the old fashioned high heeled pumps that strapped around her ankles that put the look altogether for her. And after 30 minutes practice of walking around her stateroom in them she felt extremely wicked when the chime to her door rang out.

My cheeks begin to pinken at his candid, but crass words. I quickly forgot that blush, when I remembered him speaking of my father.

Trish tried to fight, there were just to many of them. Her shorts were being unfastened, she tried to stop them from pulling her shorts down, but her arms were held firmly over her head. Slowly her shorts were pulled off her hips and down her legs. Hands were rubbing her panty covered pussy mound.

"I learned that only a dirty slut would beg her boyfriend to fuck her."

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I lied there, oozing his cum, trying to figure out what just happened and how would I deal with it. It felt like hours had passed by. Soon tiredness took over and I must have drifted off. My husband telling me to come in for coffee awakened me. I began wondering if it was all a dream until I smelt his cologne. I went in for a shower, before coffee wondering how I would react the next time I saw him!

Slowly Yulia and Lena walked towards the bed placing one knee each on it pulled themselves up onto the bed and positioned themselves as before Lena straddling Jenny and Yulia straddling Amy they all looked at one another for a few seconds before Lena leaned down and planted a deep kiss on Jenny who responded in kind she grabbed Lena by the hips and began rubbing just above her tight ass then on to her thighs Lena moaned into Jenny's mouth as her hands moved up to the blonde's large breasts rubbing them lightly causing Jenny to moan back into Lena's mouth this spurred her on to gripping the nipples in her fingers and giving a quite hard pull on them causing Jenny to moan louder and open her mouth more giving Lena's tongue more room to work.

"Okay, I'm sorry," Susan apologized, "it's just that you came on so strong. Why don't you just take me home?"

Even as a child growing up I was always attracted to one or more members in my family. I have had sex with 5 of my aunts, some being distant blood relatives or course, and 7 close and distant cousins. All of this before my 27th birthday. Although I would like to submit all of my true stories, some of them occurred when I was still a minor and therefore I do not think they would be appropriate in this forum. My best of time occurred summer of '99 when I met, for the first time, 3 of my cousins: Josie, Johanne, and Fabian. My girlfriend and I live in a big house that my mother left me when she went back to live in North Carolina. Fabian, whom is a 5ft 8in 135 beautiful flight attendant needed a place to stay because the airport she was stationed at was close to my house.

"You mean, you''re...," I groped for words.

Jill kissed her tenderly.

Gently you release me, taking me in your arms and cuddling me, stroking my hair, matted with sweat and juices, kissing me gently on the face, the eyes, my nose. I snuggle up to you, my hand still on your sticky cock.

Soon after, Randy came in his mother's mouth. He had never cum before except for masturbating, and the feeling was incredible. He was ready for more, and he told his mother so.

"Does Lisa give Dimitri permission to go on?"

"You mean..."

Again Beth said "No, not tonight."

"Yeah, thanks. I think I'll take a shower and get to bed early."

I didn't quite get it as I leafed through the selection of men's clothing she had presented me with.

Some hours later, we lay on her bed. I asked when her partner would be back.

"Hey Rainey," he said when she kept staring at him. Not the best opening line, he conceded to himself, but it was better than them standing there staring at each other.

"Hi, Commissioner. Wish you were here!" she read, aloud. It was unsigned, with a photograph of a scantily clad Hula-Hula dancer on the front. "Hmm?" She glanced up at her father. "So, why did you send for me, Dadd..., er, Commissioner?" she asked, perching her shapely ass on the corner of his desk.

She faced him as she squatted over him as he sat in their special fucking chair. His dick always ready was standing straight up and she pulled it off of his stomach and plugged the big head into her cunt, while kissing him deeply. Almost like a bolt of lightning she came from just the bulbous head entering her and with each cum gushing aftershock slid slowly and satisfyingly down his "big fuckin' dick". When she had all of him in her balls deep she threw her head back, mouth open in a silent howl. Tonia held that position for nearly five minutes as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. It seemed each one that hit her would trigger another. Her entire body stiffened and relaxed, covered with Goosebumps. Her heart raced uncontrollably. Nipples hardened like small pebbles and all the cum she should have released from her evenings activity gushed and ran out of her pussy, over his balls, dripping onto the carpet below.

"What are you talking about?" she demanded, genuinely confused.

She could not see this. He moved her legs apart with his knees. He felt the oil heating up but he knew it would be much hotter for her inside.

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"Then you'll co operate?" Asked Chase

Bananas, bottles, my fingers. I knew that I didn't want to be crap at it, I didn't want my boyfriend to go around saying that I was a lousy suck.

'Shhhhh!' Jackie assured me, 'This is no ones fault.'

A drop running down her forehead, then down her nose and falling from the tip reminded her why she had come in in the first place. She shook her head vigorously and sent droplets flying in all directions. Once out of the cold wind, she wasn't shivering anymore, but her wet and clammy cloths made her feel cold to the bone.

‘Oooow Fuck me Eric! Ass fuck me Eric…please…. Mmmm I want to feel everything.’ She was panting heavily in a rasping deep breath now.

Rana knew he wanted the foreign girl and was thinking about her long cream colored limbs but she didn't care. She felt his cock between her buttocks and she squeezed her eyes shut at the pleasure she knew was coming. She could feel the bulbous head of his cock and she arched her back so that he could have access to her slick cunt.

He loved to see his peach-tanned girl dressed only in white ankle socks and tight white panties, kneeling on the bed, ass up and head buried in the sheets, hands pressing into the pillows. He loved to see that his little slut had no bikini line, see her pubic hair proudly bustling out of her knickers. He loved when she whispered, "I am your little Chinese slut, fuck me Uncle Donal.." With that Chinese little voice.

I did not care. I should, I guess, but I did not. I was enjoying my feminine role, and girl talk with my new girlfriend Beth. We laughed and talked about fem stuff even when her husband returned and she began doing my hair.

He moved down to the foot end of the bed and sat down on a chair by her left foot. She raised her head to see what he was doing. He teased her with his wiggling fingers near the instep of her foot.

Kulsoom did not reply, as she removed her dupata. "Tell him just watch and not dare touch me," she said embracing Rasheed into a passionate bear hug.

“Now Andy, was that so bad?” Glen smirked as he said it. He reached in the bag and pulled out a matching panty, tossing it to me.” Here try this on, I hope it fits”

He removed the cloth and squirted shaving gel onto her mound, the coolness of the gel in stark contrast to the warmth the cloth had left behind. He massaged the gel into her skin, his fingers sliding down her slit and between her puffy lips to coat every crevice. She jumped when the blade first scratched across her skin.

I was so open and hungry for penetration, I'm sure I could have easily been fisted and fucked with Craig's muscular forearm, but I was thrown into a twisting lurching orgasm before I got that far, and Craig's raging fully erect hard-on was already demanding entrance. While I was starting to drift downward from my climax I looked lustily at Craig and told him to fuck me, fuck me now.

"I don't like any of them now I've got you," he said kissing me.

Paul was as gracious as ever. If he cast a lustful glance at me and the even more voluptuous Angie, he kept it a discreet one.

He laughed, "I will take it easy on you. But you are right; many customers request 'the harder the better'. Please tell me if at any time the massage is too rough or if you are uncomfortable in any way."

She bucked her hips as Ron slapped her fat ass. It jiggled like jelly. Julie closed her eyes and licked her lips. She was loving this. And best yet, her mom was being forced to watch.

About a month of this torture and I decided to approach her. I feigned an injury and let her run on her own, and was waiting for her when she got back. I'd timed it so that Ashley and Mom were at work, leaving just me and Lauren at home while Eliza was out. I went up to Lauren's room (that she shares with Eliza) to find her reading on her bed.

As my father mounted her, I noticed that his cock, although very large, wasn't as long or thick as mine. I glanced at my brothers and discovered that the same was true of them. Perhaps we inherited our cocks from different sides of the family. They put Polly on her elbows and knees. Clark and Jeff knelt by her head to have their cocks sucked while Tom took aim on her pussy. "Oh, thank you, Tommy," she said, as Tom speared her cunt. "I really need a good fuck."

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Now that she was actually doing it, she wanted it to last because she might not have another chance. She wanted it to last as long as possible.

While they were talking, Nicki had continued to suck his excited cock. Her mouth and hand were moving quickly now making Dave's heartbeat faster.

Her hand went down between us and my cock sprang to life.

"You god damn cock tease Jude! I swore I wasn't going to take any chances while everyone was here and now I am fucking you while I have a house full of people."

"Shit, I'm coming with you. I'm not letting my face walk around without me."

I did as I was ordered. Suddenly angry, I fucked her with a vengeance, reaching under her torso, finding her massive tits, and using them to pull me into her. I found both nipples and pinched and tweaked them until she came with a gigantic moan. I felt her cunt spasming around my pounding cock, and still I fucked on, hunching against her big fat ass as she greedily humped for more. The bitch orgasmed again, then again and I actually hit the bottom of her cavernous cunt. That did me. I spurted, deep and often, clutching her huge breasts, overcome with eroticism of it all.

Janet interrupted her with a loud, "Shhh! It's fine."

He rang the bell and waited in eager anticipation. In a moment the door opened. The blonde stood before him on the black aluminum crutches, a vague smile on her face. Bart couldn’t believe his eyes. The woman was barefoot. Without the immense boot-like buildup on, her thin right leg simply hung down, still swaying very slightly from the momentum of her movement. The gap between the floor and the tips of her toes was at least six inches. In the split second he allowed himself to look, Bart noted that the tiny crippled foot was perfectly formed and quite pretty. The left foot--the one on the floor--was signficantly larger and both feet were pedicured with bright red nail polish.

Milo started to growl and then his seed erupted on the face and in the mouth of his mistress. Kelly was panting and whimpering as she licked at the sticky seed.

"OH GOD!" Mary said as she placed her hand over her heart. "You scared me."

A smile broke on my face bigger then I ever let, and my heart sank further then it ever has. I turned around and leaned up against my car.

"Tell me what?" I asked cautiously. I could only begin to imagine what I was about to hear.

When she entered the room it was like an electric current ran up my spine. No one else seemed to notice her, but from across the room her body drew my eyes like a magnet. Not that she would've been 'hot' as society tends to define the term (she was a bit short and wasn't anorexic enough), but my definition of "hot" has generally been a bit against the norm.

The line was crackly, and I was forced to repeat my line several more times before the message sunk in through the static.

"Well, actually you didn't exactly go down on me, Barb." Said Sharon with a grin. "Donny, why don't you show her what happened?"

His own urgency was great enough that he pumped his cock fairly rapidly and he unconsciously stroked Sam’s cock with his mouth at the same speed. When he felt the long shaft in his mouth throbbing, David knew Sam was ready to cum, and decided to delay his own climax until he had enjoyed the mouthful of cum he expected to get. Faster and faster he stroked Sam’s cock with his mouth, as Sam moaned, his pubic area writhing, as he prepared to shoot a big load of cum into the place where both men wanted it. “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming,” he blurted out, and he was telling the truth because his cock was pumping as much cum into David’s mouth as he had earlier pumped into his condom.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and he began to fuck himself by lifting me and setting me back down on his instrument of pleasure. I grabbed hold of her tit just before it was pulled from my mouth by his movements and sucked hard on her nipple, and heard a moan escape her lips. My hand went to the hem of her skirt and moved over her thigh to her wet panty crotch and I stroked her pussy through her panties as I sucked her nipple and she let out a small scream as she came.

The word stuck in her throat, almost as if in a scream. She remembered the taunting words, the faces, the laughter at her expense.

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Well I wasn't shy either and was proud of my body. My only problem was a slight erection but what the hell I thought, let them see it. It might make them proud.

"This is so cool!" I said. "I'm so glad you suggested it. This beats dancing with a guy any day!" We both giggled at the thought. We danced slowly, bodies pressing. I loved the feel of her soft body against mine. I put my hand between us and fondled her breast. We kissed and finally wound up standing still in the middle of the floor, pressing our pussies against each other's thighs, dry humping slowly.

"I don't care how much money you aristocrats got, or if you know the damned mayor or even the president! If I catch you drunk in public on my watch, you're paying the consequences like any other damn citizen."

"My god" I heard Meredith whisper, "You are absolutely huge!"

Jim's dick did a midnight dance and he thrust his hips violently upward to bury his cock meat in his mother's pussy. He grabbed big handfuls of her hips and butt and rammed her as hard as he could from his position under her.

She screamed so loud into the gag that it was clearly heard through the cloth that enclosed her mouth. The men in the room just laughed.

Gary left and got a razor and shaving cream. Another man got a towel and a bowl of water. I was soon being shaved as I lay there on the bed. The man shaving me was cautious, but he was also fingering my pussy and asshole every chance he got. By the time I was clean-shaven, I had had three orgasms.

Chapter 3 - The Threatment Continues

Mona began squirming against Cindy's hand as she rubbed her swollen clit with the washcloth. Cindy quickly rinsed her off, and began drying her with a towel. She helped Mona to the bedroom with the intention of getting her dressed. As they entered the bedroom, Mona slipped and fell into Cindy's arms. Her big naked breasts were pushed firmly against her and the 2 ladies began kissing. Cindy accepted Mona's wet tongue into her mouth eagerly. They passionately french kissed, and Cindy's hand slid between Mona's legs. Her pussy was so wet it felt as if it were dripping. She rubbed the wet pink swollen clit and began pushing a finger inside of the hot pussy.

I couldn't believe what was happening, this girl was young enough to be my grandchild, and yet I knew that I was about to be intimate with her. She unhooked her bra, still explaining that she hadn't had sex in over a year and that in this day and age she was trying to be careful about who she slept with. As her large nipples came into view, I started to have second thoughts about what was happening. Julie sat beside me on the bed and started kissing me deeply, her tongue exploring my mouth as she removed my shirt and unfastened my trousers.

Don't do this for real. While a fun fantasy, rape is wrong, period!

"Yes sir, no pants, sir, and I will call soon sir," Betty responded, in an obedient tone.

She was very good at using her hands and had been using them to stimulate me since we began so as I was fucking her mouth she wiggled one hand between my legs and stuck her finger up my ass.

"Then now you know what to expect, Madeline, and I hope you may blush so prettily on Thursday -- 'twill look well!"

Biff knew he was close and he could feel his orgasm building in his nuts. Biff tensed his body and the first blast of cum bounced of the back of Penny's throat causing her to gag a little and pull his cock from her mouth. The second volley splashed against her face and throat. Penny quickly pulled the cock back into her mouth to catch the remaining spunk. Biff continued to spasm as he fired about seven rounds of cum each one diminishing in force and volume until his balls were completely drained. Penny continued to suck his cock until she had every drop.

He removed all of my clothes quickly then slapped my ass. "I'm far from finished with you Olivia. You've been a very naughty girl"

"Need any help?" he asked grinning.

She looked at her friends and then glared at James, "What did you do to them?"

"Kiss it Lynn," again his voice was quiet.

I tried to show the women I ran that I couldn't be pussy whipped, so I usually only allowed them to suck my dick, besides I didn't want to get any one of those gold diggers pregnant.

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“So what did you do?”

She was really good used her tongue and mouth really well. Within a few seconds my whole 7” cock was fully in her mouth.

In my position, I lay completely stunned. Never had I ever seen any woman, let alone my mother, with such an intimate and erotic sensuality. That she had just so obviously masturbated while I watched was the single most sensual and erotic experience I had ever seen or felt in my entire life. To actually witness her hips moving with such an imperative urgency of desire and lust and her fleshy buttocks shuddering and shaking from the force of her desperation to reach orgasm, was completely mind boggling. And, to lay in silent witness to her orgasm, her entire body shuddering almost spasmodically with each swell of her pleasure, and her muffled screams into her pillow as she surrendered to that pleasure as it overwhelmed her, was seemingly more sensual input than my naïve little world of sexuality could manage at one time.


"Pull over baby so I can give you some money." The voice was very stern. I was a bit upset this guy was stalking us, and he knew my wife's name and certainly my car license number! My wife put her hands on my arm. At first I thought it was for reassurance, but then when I saw her face, I could see that she was trying to show that she wasn't afraid...too much. She was afraid...but exciting out of her mind.

"Arms up," Kat commanded. To her surprise, Jason actually obeyed her. This excited Kat and made her movements swifter and stronger. In what seemed like no time, she had stripped Jason and he was laying completely naked on the bed, a little scared of what she might do. But Kat wasn't finished yet. Silently, she pulled two pairs of soft leather cuffs from the bag. Without consulting her slave, she fastened his left wrist into one cuff. The corresponding end was fixed to the cold metal bar at the head of the bed. The process was repeated with the right hand. Jason could have easily used one hand to free the other, but at this point he was interested in what else Kat had in her bag of tricks.

"I'm sorry Rob, I'm so sorry."

Why did he keep saying that "set you free" phrase, I kept wondering? Leon had brought a small bag with his lotions, but not a massage table. He also brought Ann a third rum cocktail. She promptly downed her drink and began to flirt with both Leon and myself, as we all chatted. This is not like Ann, I thought, she is actually acting a little uninhibited.

“What is it?”

Kristin chuckled, "I bet Tom would love to tie your tits honey."

He flinched and blurted, "What are you doing?"

I looked at her as she smiled at me.

"Are you sure? You're so small."

"When I got there, I found Fran crying. I'd never seen her so upset," he said. "It turns out Dick picked this morning to tell her he was leaving her for another woman."

We sat and began enjoying our drinks. I decided to confront him about his watching me.

Ruby opened her heavy thighs exposing a shaved, dark pussy. Spreading her pussy lips, showing its bright pink interior. Moist with her juices.

I wasn’t expecting company so when the doorbell rang I assumed it would be a salesman or someone from a church trying too save my soul, but damn, did they have too come this late at night? I almost fell over when I found Wendy standing there. I had never told anyone where I was after leaving Betty. I had avoided the family, knowing how nosey they could be, and now, two years later, my favorite niece shows up out of the blue. I was thrilled too see her, but something was wrong. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Still, a break was good. Watching the ocean waves rolling in and out, Sera felt more relaxed than she could ever remember feeling. She and Asher had hiked down to the beach on foot and had a picnic. Now they were stretched out together on a blanket spread out beneath a tree, offering them shade from the glaring sun. She lay in Asher's arms, resting her head on his chest, and letting the combination of the beat of his heart, and the waves crashing on the shore, lull her into a drowse. Tomorrow they would be right back to earlier breakfasts, long days, late dinners, and short nights. Sera wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet while she could.

"Arrrggh! Oh, shit!" He watched her sweet face as he fuck it in tense, laggard motion, feeling the incredible warmth of her breath. Then her eyes flung opened and a gutteral moan escaped her stuffed mouth. He panicked and withdrew his shaft, his cock flinging out with a wet POP! "Fuck, I was . . . I didn't mean to . . ."

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"You're not too bad yourself, Danno..." she laughed. Her eyes drifted down to his crotch, then back to his face. They stood silently for a minute, just enjoying each other's presence, until the bell jolted them back to reality.

"Oh no," Danny laughed, "I was thinking more like in Billy's room, and just for him, and well if I could watch too, that be it."

Penny sobbed again, happy that things were working out between the two of them, while Wong concentrated on his strokes below. As she was relaxed and positively taking in the rush of events, the man's efforts were rewarded not long after that when she shuddered and moaned, reaching her orgasm deliciously while her fingernails dug into the pale skin of his broad shoulders. He kept on thrusting, enjoying the wetness of the pussy as a result of her climax.

Rita didn't waste any time. After a quick look to make sure no one was watching her, she dove under the tablecloth. My cock was still out of My pants and semi rigid, and Rita sucked it right in.

"Cripes, and I'm the one seeing a therapis?"

"Its too bad you weren't in my class when I was in high school," she said laughing, "Now I think you better give me some details of all these girls you've been having sex with. Did your Dad ever explain about safe sex and aids and treating women correctly?"

About a third of the length of the barn was walled off here to form a room big enough to hold my Blazer as well as a couple of workbenches along the back wall. Actually there was room to get in two other cars if I parked them really close, but I had never had more than one inside at a time. The girls looked around and then Kristie said, "Let's see what's through there." She indicated a small door, located between two of the workbenches, in the dividing wall.

All my love

Tall, tanned, rippling with muscles and darkly handsome, she could see the other women were staring, but she had eyes only for the beautiful blonde.

I started thinking about fucking him.

Before the others could stop her, she burst through the doorway, and came to an embarrassed halt. "Catwoman?" she gasped, going red-faced, as she recognized the bald-headed female. The High Priestess of Bastet was sprawled out, totally naked, on a huge bed, her raised knees splayed wide apart. Desperate Dan knelt between her thighs, lapping at her glistening, lewdly displayed, pussy, like a domestic cat lapping at a bowl of milk.

“Position!” I snap.

"Luciano's!" Kimberly gasped. "That is SO classy! It is THE place to be seen, and I've heard that you need to book weeks in advance to get a table."

"About what?"

“No, let’s all go and I’ll treat to an ice cream cone,” Lena said.

I stayed quiet. I figured he would tell me everything he wanted to in time.

I drew his face to mine and kissed him, smelling and tasting myself. If possible I became even more inflamed and could no longer remain silent. Parting my legs wide I said, "Now, darling."

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Laughing he said, “Ok you may close the door even though we all know what you will be doing behind that door, but once you have finished, you will open the door before you get into the shower. And remember 20 minutes and I want you back here.”

"But what a way to go," Love observed as she shifted over and hugged Rose, their bare breasts pressing into one another and giving each girl a delicious shiver of arousal.

Firstly a few words from Miss Anne.

She turned away and we let her get about fifty feet in front of us. Alexi and I trailed along behind her, ignoring the rest of the world. We even ignored the other beautiful women who had dressed down for a hot day in the park. We just followed, snickering like two schoolboys, making observations about Ali, with Alexi intermittently snapping pictures.

“Oh come on mom, one more time please”

Sonja was mildly jealous of Felicity's body. She knew that she was beautiful and sexy enough, and that the only reason so many men and women would stare at Felicity was because she showed her body off so much. But, Sonja was much more reserved than her friend, and, while Felicity seemed to take sex as a hobby, bedding any male who could catch her, Sonja had only had sex a handful of occasions, which had only been while she was in heat, unable to control her flaming libido.

"Where there's a will, there's a way," Melanie said dreamily, but didn't elaborate. "Want to try on that dress now?"

Dave was the first to follow her. His eyes wandered down her back, savouring the inward curve of her waist and the subsequent outward curve of her hips. The way the fabric moved over her skin, like water caressing a smooth pebble, made him ache to touch her. She wasn't skinny, but firm and voluptuous. As he walked, he imagined placing his hands on her swaying hips, pulling her close to him, kissing her slender neck. He could feel his erection growing as he envisaged pressing himself close to her ass. They reached the steps, and he moved his eyes down to his own feet, for fear of tripping. By now the throng of clubbers were cheering, and Dave heard an audible whoop from the bar area. When the stage plateaud out, she turned to face them. They all stood in a line, as if on parade. "Dave, step forward," Quintana commanded. "The rest of you be seated in one of the four chairs." Dave's only thought was, how did she know my name? He wasn't surprised at being singled out; he didn't know how, but he'd already guessed it was him. His four friends had seated themselves in the leather chairs. He was the only one left standing on the stage with Quintana. The crowd was becoming increasingly rowdy; their patient waiting had subsided into an eagerness for the event to begin. It was apparent to Dave that most of those present knew exactly what would be going down here tonight. His mouth was dry, and his muscles were tense, the anticipation was almost too much for him to bear. Lost in his thoughts he flinched when two men grabbed his arms. He hadn't noticed them standing behind him. Neither of them spoke, just forcibly walked him to the frame mounted on the back wall. Dave didn't struggle, but he was offended at being manhandled; he would have made his own way there, if asked to do so. The contraption was odd, it reminded Dave of a magician's prop--the one where the woman is strapped on and has knives thrown at her. He suspected Quintana wasn't into magic, not the conventional sense of the word anyway.

"Hell, if it's important to you. I could do that."

"What do you think of the submissive feelings you are having?" he asked looking her directly in the eyes.

A good finger fuck!

I whisper, "I want it". "What??

She got down on her knees and I got behind her and even after the pounding I'd just given her her pussy was still tight as I pushed into her from the rear.

"He's the one that gave me the keys" she smiled, engaging the parking brake.

My throat convulses, "Daddy don't. Please don't. I was running today at school and I was sweating."

Out on the floor, the couple had fun. This was the Ken she had married. Kathy was a much better dancer and outshone Ken on the floor. She couldn't help but to let her eyes wander and take in the other dancers.

She finally arched her back one last time and settled down. I removed my hands from her body and got off the bed.

"I'll be over as soon as I can get another appointment near to you. I definitely want that fuck now. OK?"

"I don't think there's much you can do, honey." A hollow laugh escaped my lips. "To raise that sort of cash you'd probably have to sell your body!"

She slides his shorts down, freeing his wonderful hard cock. Taking it in her hands, she softly licks the pre-cum off the tip, and slowly runs her tongue around the head. Then kisses the tip softly and slowly takes it into her mouth. "Oh baby, you know what I like" he says as he presses his cock slowly deeper into her mouth. He guides her firmly by his firm grasp of her hair. Speeding up and slowing down as he wishes. She wraps a hand around the base of his cock, and caresses his balls with the other hand.

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I stopped her with a kiss and slid my cock along her distended clit, keeping her orgasmic moment going. When our lips parted, Kathy looked down between us and found my cock with her fingers. She smeared the pre-come lube dripping from my dick all over the resolute and throbbing head and then popped it between her dripping pussy lips.

"I knocked several times with no answer."

"Sure, of course. I'm sorry I didn't think to invite you to begin with." Raine apologized horrified by her poor manners.

Four years later, I was transferred to St. Louis as head of my firm’s regional office.

Mike returned her smile.

After a minute, she spoke in a low voice, and said, "Honey, you know that I've always loved you, and I want you to be happy with me, so I'll agree to most of what you've asked me, Okay?"

"One more," he said so I spread my knees apart. The camera clicked and then he closed the door. I watched him walk around the back of the car and then I slid across the seat as he got in. He kissed me and I sighed when he rubbed my tits. We pulled away from each other when we heard voices and then we saw people walking to cars near us. He started the engine and I pulled my dress down over my crotch as we drove from the parking lot.

We drove in my car back to Bob's home. I was quite nervous as we turned the street and into his driveway. I felt my heart racing and my palms were sweaty. My throat was dry. I was just about to say something about a rain check to Bob when he looked at me with his green eyes and winked. I knew I couldn't leave without trying to kiss him at least once.

'Oh my God!' Val cried as my seed dripped from her chin and slithered obscenely down her breasts to stain the bra of the basque.

That summer I was working part time at the auto body shop owned by my friend Danny's father. I had always hung out there and had become pretty good at the work so I was given a summer job to earn some money to buy a car. I had always been interested in cars. My dad was into them too and in fact, was the proud owner of a super-cherry, 1972 Mustang Fastback. He rarely took the car out of the garage, only venturing out on some Saturdays when the weather was perfect. He spent a lot of time working on it and waxing it.

I put my arms behind the chair. I felt Susan tying my wrists together. She tied my wrists to one of the slats in the back of the chair. She stepped around, and tied a rope to my cock, behind my balls. She wrapped the rope around each of my balls, and tied it off. She tugged on the rope.

“Until I get home, yes.”

Everyone laid there for a while before toweling off and heading back to the hotel. Tomorrow would be our final day, and as we walked I asked if we would be getting together one more time.

"I'll be down in a minute, Frank, fix yourself a drink." Candy's voice floated down from somewhere upstairs.

Harry placed his hand at the back of my head and nudged it forward. My nose crashed directly into the middle of Maureen's thick unshaven bush.

"Who are you showing me, Betty or Herb?"

Anna shuddered, audibly sighing her excitement. She could never have guessed that seeing something so simple as this, so simple as merely seeing another man jacking her husbands cock off, would have such a profound, such a decadently erotic affect on her as this was.

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Gretchen got on all fours in front of Jackie and began to finger her pussy allowing it to open up to her, so she can devour it with her talented tongue. Sting positioned himself behind Gretchen and rubbed his Cock up and down her wet lips. Her hot cunt quickly sucked his cock deep into Gretchen, and she began to grind her twat deep onto his cock until it totally disappeared. Gretchen let out a loud moan and then leaned forward and began to lick and suck on Jackie's juicy cunt and flicked her tongue rapidly over her swollen clit.

Very soon I heard a sweet voice, “Hello, Sir May I come in?” I turned around and was stunned at that beautiful looking lady standing there.

"I'll take care of that," Lorain growled.

She was completely mastered by him, and she gloried in it. His large, muscular body completely surrounded her, contained her, as he worked magic on her senses. Her blood pounded in her veins and a deep pool of warmth spread out through her body, fueled by a hungry ache in her center. She could not move from where he pinned her, nor did she want to, so thoroughly exquisite were the pleasures singing through her core and limbs. His scent and touch was all over her, and she wanted to lose herself in it. He was breathing as though he'd run a mile, and his sweet breath raked across her skin where his lips had trailed, leaving cool and warm sensations that seemed to be able to bring her to the edge of madness. She watched the grimace of pleasure on his face, and she could feel the hard edge of his erection. She had dreamed of this, shamefully.

"My Oh my Oh my this is something. I think I should meet this Roxanne Starr. She and I now have something very important in common."

Billy stood there stunned by what she had done. He had never thought about what would happen if his machine were used on his fellow teammates. He knew he should take Kimberly somewhere safe and try to help bring her out of it but.... he was having trouble moving at all.

Anne was completely exhausted and did not answer him. Stooping down, she picked up her bathrobe and walked unsteadily to her room.

"FUCK BABY! Oh yeah… OH FUCKKKKK!" Matt said as he delivered his hot load of cum into my ass.

I was disappointed when the kiss stopped and Ann removed her hand. I opened my eyes to see that she was removing her t-shirt and shorts. She hadn't bothered with a bra or panties after her shower so her body was exposed to Steve and I. Her body looked as fantastic as the last time I had seen it. Her 34C breasts were standing proud and her flat, toned and tanned stomach was as I remembered it. Her nipples were already erect and I noticed that she had trimmed her pubic her to a very thin strip. It looked wonderful, definitely good enough to eat and I was looking forward to getting the chance to do that.

"Oh no, dear. I trust you completely. That idea never even crossed my mind. I was just bored, lonely, and horny. Anyway, I put the tape in the VCR, took my clothes off, and crawled into bed. At first I was disgusted, I'll admit. Then, after watching that man's cock move in and out of that woman's pussy for a while, something happened. My nipples stood up, my pussy got wet, my cunt got hot and I realized 'My God, I'm getting horny watching this shit!' I started playing a game. I wanted to see how long I could watch it without touching myself. I was really hoping you'd come home and catch me in the act, but that turned out to be the one all-nighter you had to pull. Finally after an hour, I gave up and started playing with myself. I was so horny that night that I went to the kitchen and grabbed a carrot, peeled it and fucked it. It was incredible. I just didn't care. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had alone." Tina was getting more excited as she continued. So was Tom, his cock was standing tall by this point.

Terry said come on sweetheart let's see you poppy for him.

She nibbled on my ear as her hand rubbed my crotch. Mason went over and turned on the television, of course it was set to the last, channel Kim and I had been watching and on the screen was a scene of 7 or 8 people on the floor in various positions enjoying each other.

She went on and on - her remarkable staying power astonished Dan, who began to protest - "Jenni - no more - Aaaugh! Jenni, please! Stop, Jenni, Stop! Unhhh!"

"You think a finger in your ass hurts, Little One? Wait 'till I drape you over the side of the bed and shove my dick all the way up inside of you, right to the balls. You wanted my attention. Well, you've earned it," he said grimly. "Barbara, you almost done?"

It had gotten worse.

"Jake, I have to take this call, do you mind," I said.

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Big Dave, with an air of expertise, began to slowly slip the narrow neck of the bottle inside Joanie. He would twist it in a little way, sit back on his haunches to view the effect, then use his repugnant fingers to pull her even wider apart before recommencing. I would like to say that I was repulsed by the event. At the very least I could have walked away. However, I stood and watched as her cunt eventually sucked up the base of the bottle, the thin skin around her cunt lips stretched to breaking point over the unnatural intrusion.

"Well, well, well ... Mis-ter Walk-er," she recollected me in a "look at who we have here" tone.

I was actually looking forward to another "encounter" with the kid. He wasn't his father, but he was an ample substitute.

"Talk to me, baby. Tell me about it."

In a swift moment he undid his pants and his cock sprang forth. It was huge in width and length at about 9 inches long.

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He sounded more decisive as he asked, "You remember the contests we used to have with Ralph and Billy?" I sure did. "Your peter was always a lot bigger than mine," he continued. "I've grown a lot since the last time. I wonder who's the biggest now?"

"Next stage," he says. Picking up the bottle of poppers, he stands up and crosses the room, his rampant cock leading the way, and fetches the long mirror from the hallway,

As soon as she said it, Kristen knew it was a mistake. The beam in Katie’s eyes gave away the answer long before it left her lips.

George blushed and grinned, "Little girl, you talk such nonsense."

I awoke a short time later to whispers and my eyes flew open when I realized that the sound was in my room. Jimmy and three other frat guys were standing next to my bed staring down at me.

"He's blushing!" Emma laughed.

"W-w-w-w-w-h-h-a-a-t-t-t-t-t-??" Ray's jaw dropped. "ARE YOU CRAZY??"

Bender Lake had seen very few visitors during the summer -- the college town’s students all hailed from other places -- and at night, as on this night, it was one-hundred-percent deserted.

"You've always been the good girl, haven't you?"

She felt her heartbeat quicken and reminded herself that he was just a man and only worth her time if he was a gentleman. His broad frame seemed to take up more space than she thought possible and wondered what it was that made her feel...surrounded by the man who sat before her. Staci's inner flirt, who Staci lovingly referred to as Sasha, decided to take over the dealings with this hunk of man before her.

I knew Darcy was randy and ready, but I also knew she was nervous. I poured some rum in with our cokes but I didn’t load them up. I didn’t want Darcy to think I was trying to get her drunk and I didn’t want her to be too numb to enjoy the experience, especially after her first experience with sex. I didn’t want there to be any doubt about her being in her right mind at the end of the evening. “How about a video?”

"Ahh," the deep voice rumbled in my ears. "So young, so sweet."

Nyrandurril took a deep breath and said, “We will have to keep up this subterfuge. I would not put it past the Baron to kill us and cover it all up to save himself. We are going to have to do everything he asks of us until your father can come with help. Where is Melinar today?"

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Yes I do.

Diane stood completely naked, having pulled off her panties seconds earlier. She was on the verge of cumming…when Traci saw her.

Jack said, "That'll be our secret, Mistress," and they both laughed.

"Well, kind sir," she said, "Tonight I might be very bad, starting with these."

"Now it's time to put your panties back on and start moving about as you normally would. The worst is over. From now on, you will feel only slight twinges as you change positions and move around but you're spinchter will be remembering what it feels like to be stretched and that's exactly what we want."

After he shot is jism in me, he collapsed on top of me and I gently kissed his forehead. He gave me a soft smile and said, "baby, I love what you did to me tonight, and that outfit with those boots ... DAMN GIRL, it is awesome!"

All throughout High School, little changed. We all grew a little older and more mature, but we remained close friends, with Rob and Sara dating the entire time. Our interests also diverged, Rob's main interest in school was government, Sara's was math and chemistry, and mine was writing and art. You really couldn't get three people who appeared more different on the outside, but our personalities were always closely tied. By the end of High School, Rob had become a handsome 5'11", with light brown hair, Student Body President, captain of the Debate Team, and one of the top runners on the Track Team (the other being myself).

“Very well,” she agreed. With that she parted her legs and held her dress open. Stuart, who was now sweating profusely, held the two balls in his trembling fingers. Fran let out a shudder as she felt his fingers creeping up the inside of her thighs towards her open crotch.

"Well, I wish you had remembered because if this your cooking is as good as this lemonade I am in heaven." I kept silent and thanked Kool-Aide. "The kind Widow Brown brought over apple pie. I still have some left. Would you like a slice?"

Charles watched as Alicia prepared the ingredients for the evening meal, he was annoyed and felt the time was right for him and Alicia to have a heart to heart talk. To sweeten the 'bitter pill' he was about to feed her; he readied a bottle of wine for them to drink with the meal.

While pretending she didn't see the big hard cock in front of her, with barely restrained nervous laughter she quoted from the bible and talked about Jehovah. They both kept glancing from; the head of my cock down at the deck as my very horny cock was dripping a steady stream of pre-cum into a puddle. After a few minutes she said she had some pamphlets for me and asked for a small donation.

He grunted and bucked in reply and Sue received a third portion of hot spunk inside her body.

“Maude, I understand, not exactly a sexy name, I’ll call you Desdemona, will you be my Desdemona?”

My moans are soft and low. I feel your breath hot on my skin. I know your taking in my scent, hearing you breathe deep. I can see you in the mirror as your eyes roll back in utter delight. I hear you murmuring into my pussy, and then your tongue snakes out and runs one long lap from my clit to my anus.

"Oh Brian!" I start to pant again as he starts walking towards me. "Please, don't start out so big. I don't think my pussy can be opened up so much at once."

Meanwhile, Sandra had been told to wait in the front office, and the sergeant had handcuffed her to the railing. She was horrified and humiliated. Never had she been in any trouble with the law, and she loudly protested that she knew nothing of the drugs, and was only a passenger.

As she got out of the car her skirt rode up & Billy could see her bare ass. Mmmm, that looks so hot, he thought to himself.

"Come to Elixir with me."

She leaned against the table as she reached down and slid her fingers up her thigh and found the ache need between her legs.

"Ohh. Yes. Very . . very . . . nice."

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I began to tease her, only going in an inch before pulling back. I continued this teasing until Mrs D was writhing beneath me, trying whatever she could to get all of my cock in her.

She grabbed his hands and guided them to her tits. He cupped them and began to pinch her erect nipples. She sucked him with renewed vigor.

Jack "I… I've never done this before…"

"I was just fooling around," she said again.

"Just like the girls in those magazines," she said, looking down at her pussy. Then looking at me "Is this what you wanted? Me showing my tits and ass and pussy to other men?"

"What's it called?" Scott asked.

"Or you and I could just go find a room right now," I said with a exaggerated smile, hoping to lift her spirits with a little humor.

“She said she was going to bring it back in a couple of days,” Mitch said.

"He's harmless," Emma laughed. She felt good knowing her husband was jealous because most of the time he showed little emotion or affection towards her. Maybe things would pick up in the bedroom she wondered. She thought back about the barbeque and how Jack had cornered her in the den while everyone was outside and how he slowly slid his hand down her upper back to her waist. She gasped when his fingers slipped lower over her round buttocks and gently squeezed them. She was so shocked she just looked at his smiling face and walked quickly away from him. It was later that night when she mentioned it to Jed. He wanted to call the man out at that moment but Emma calmed him down.

I start feeling round down there, and goddamn if I ain't somehow slipped it up inside that virgin pussy by mistake. It's got me like a glove, I'm so deep down inside. I check out my fingers and they got blood on 'em. Her pussy squeezing like a heartbeat, pulsing, I don't know, maybe it's me. Both of us laying there so quiet. I start kissing her all over. Her little nose, her ears, her neck. I try and kiss her lips but she turn her face away, still crying, and I'm wanting to do something, say I'm sorry, pull it out, kiss her pussy, make it all better, but neither one of us moving, and after awhile I feel her legs start wrapping round my back, and I'm grabbing her ass, moving slow, in and out, and she trying her best, pushing up to meet me, but I know hurts, I ask her if it's okay, and she just bites her lip and nods her head, closes her eyes like that's gonna make it all better.

Her ass, well, I can't say enough about her ass. She had the perfect ass, oh my, it was tight and perky, firm yet pliable; if the perfect tight ass exhausted, I had no doubt that it belonged to Jessie. Now, I had been friends with her for a while, we had some classes together in 8th grade and we talked a lot. She was prude, there was no escaping it. She had never even been kissed before, and she was in High School. She was a big flirt, but when she would flirt with me, it was different, it was as if she really liked me a lot.

"Gerry! It's me, Jesse."

She was laughing up at her father, who seemed like a giant compared to the smaller Spanish men of her acquaintance. He was tall and broad with gleaming golden hair and eyes made bluer, Catalina convinced herself, by his years at sea. She loved him devotedly, even though she had come to learn later from her mother’s maid, that she was the product of a brutal rape.

It was a wonderful, enchanted, accurate aim. My mouth automatically gathered up her lips, and I sucked them to me. My nose drank in her deep sensual smell, just as she crushed me against her clit.

Eve grinned lustfully, reaching back to take the shaft in hand. Coursing its length with agile fingers, she guided the head between her legs. Palms flat at my chest, she shimmied until the tip sat slickly in the wet slit. Face contorted, Eve lowered a sopping wet pussy over the spongy tip. We both gasped as the head eased inside, enveloped by the moistest pussy I'd ever had the pleasure to fuck. Eve held still, savouring the feeling, before bobbing gently, allowing just the head to work her inner labia.

Chelsea sensed that she was having a hard time getting her legs to work so she moved to help her get the rest of the way to the bar.

I have this thing, this fetish I guess you could say, about a woman that's nursing. I have dreamt about being able to suck on a lactating woman's tits as we made love. Maybe it goes back to my childhood and the fact that I didn't nurse as a baby; I don't know.

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"Do you want to come around for a drink later?" She asked suddenly.

I’m not sure what happened next. She stumbled. Almost as if she were struck, but tried to stand. A few more steps and she fell to her knees, hands holding her head. Concussion, most likely, I decided. So I was able to sneak out, carefully and come to her side.

All the men laughed.

"You're here!" he said cheerfully, as though he couldn't believe it.

Alexa was counted unanimously into that category, but she would make the best of it. It was better than staying inside of the library tolerating Thornton's discourteous attitude and impious glances.

She looked at him, her eyes narrowed. “We are pledged, Marius, not bonded. Continue with the remarks and our pledge could be changed.” She rang for her steward, who appeared. “Cerene, please get food and drink for our new warrior.” She smiled as the other woman nearly ran into the door.

Gary shhhhed her, “shhhhhhh.”

Upon opening the door, the good looking Indian boy pushed his way in and locked the door behind him. He said, "my name is Pras and I'm here to collect on my $50 payment unless, of course, you wish to be arrested for prostitution!" Pras then proceeded to drop his shorts and underwear and step completely out of them. Overcome by the moment and by what he threatened to do, I said nothing and directed my gaze at the long haed cock before me. Pras took advantage of my silence and quickly unbuttoned the bottom buttons of my red sun dress and rubbed the top of my thighs inching their way towards my crotch. He then pushed a finger under the side panty elastic and rubbed it over my wet vagina. He quickly took his hand away and placed his right foot up on the small bench with his left foot planted firmly on the floor. He directed my head towards his cock. I shivered, took one step forward, and wrapped my tiny fist around his long cock while being forced on my knees. I knew what was coming next as Pras forced his long hard cock to my lips. Something now snapped in my mind and I knew there was no turning back as my lips parted to allow entrance for the huge tool.

As soon as Tim sat down, Rodney eagerly launched into the story of his exploits with his sex slave. Tim could see the look of gloating satisfaction in Rodney's eyes as he bragged to the man he thought was his unwitting victim. Rodney chortled with delight as he told Tim how he had broken the bitch's spirit to the point where the slut was serving him willingly.

I watch as he pulls himself up and off the bed. Sighing I roll back over and find myself staring down at the floor. The ghastly green numbers laughing at me as their fiery green color scream 3:00. Lifting it from the floor, I place it gently back on the table, wanting only to throw it against the mirror, the wall, the window, any where, but I don't.

"Well, I wasn't going to cheat, not if you acted right!" burst out of her.

I was too stunned to move so David actually got out on his side and carried me down! I was so startled, he had to grasp my arm to lead me into the restaurant. Again, no words were spoken; I never saw him pay anyone anything and nobody even seemed to notice except me.

"No," said Ted, "but we could buy some mattresses and lay them on the floor of Doreen's old room. She doesn't sleep there any more, so why not?"

"I'm here to do something that should have been done along time ago" Stephanie said with a wicked smile.

"Come here," I said, my eyes feasting on her tits.

Lisa’s pussy was like a gushing fountain. She came again and again and again. I loved how much she wanted me to bury my cock in her. I wanted her for myself. I didn’t want her to have to suffer giving it up to that little dick husband of hers. What a shame she had to live with him!

I have taken you camping, into the woods and tonight I have set up camp and you are in the tent with me. I have you undress and I cuff you as usual and in the close distance you hear the thunder and see the lightening close by. It is time as I lower the lantern light and have you lie down on the floor of the tent as I uncuff you and spread you out to the steaks I have made ready. Each steak is just the right distance apart as I take each hand and cuff it to one metal steak and then each ankle in the same manor.

"Please, no more" I begged. "I...I... can't."

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Whatever he wanted me to do.

Stepping up to me, Megan asked, “Sara, could you please help me out here and unhook the top of my dress and pull down the zipper. It’s so difficult for me to reach it.”

"Mr. Stafford," she said coolly, stepping back and then looking down at the mess on the floor.

Then she walked in, sat down on the loveseat across from the couch, and joined in with the laundry. Of course, I stopped in mid fold as she sat, because her skirt could not help but ride up as she settled. And with that scrap of clothing, it didn't take much movement to reveal wonders. My hungry eyes devoured her creamy thighs, catching hints of other delights in the shadowed depths between. I just couldn't move my eyes away. A moment later my view was blocked, and I became momentarily annoyed at the obstruction, until I realized that it was her thinly covered bosoms. She had leaned forward to pick up a group of socks to sort. She caught my eyes as she leaned back to work. She was poker faced, but I have no doubt that my expression could have been read across state lines.

I strapped my sweat-dripping body into the passenger seat, and away we went. I noticed that Erika was breathing loudly through her nose, obviously relishing the aroma of my sweat. At least it was fresh! Well, I'd heard that some women like the smell of fresh sweat on men. About two blocks from her house, Erika asked me to scrunch down below the window level.

She took my hand anyway and allowed me to help her to her feet. "'Tis the thought that counts, Jake," she said sweetly. "Thank ye." When she was to her feet, she clapped her hands and then wrapped them around her torso. "Damn. 'Tis colder up here than it was down there. Wind must be pickin' up."

Once in the car I had to give some thought to where I was going. Since I really didn't have a date I decided to have lunch and go to a movie. After a leisurely lunch and on a sudden impulse, I decided to go by Tom's place and see if he wanted to go to a movie with me. I would have called but in my haste to leave the house, I left my cell phone laying on my dresser.

“Now, take your clothes off. I want to see what Erickson found so good.” Terry did as he was told. The old goat rubbed at his package beneath his gray slacks.

Even when I have finished he’ll sometimes just lays there looking into my eyes, telling me he loves me. I hope all you ladies have the same experience because it’s so beautiful. It makes you feel really good and female and loving.

They all watched smilingly as I turned over, got on my knees like a dog spreading my legs invitingly.

I thought about this. And the thing that I thought about the most was that I was beautiful. I had a cappuccino-flavored complexion, and my long graceful body was slender with a few womanly curves thrown in at five foot seven. I had beautiful hips that flared out just right and attached to a long torso, an ample round firm ass, full thighs and average sized perky breasts. My eyes were big, round and almond shaped and I had full mauve lips and silky wavy hair that was more long than thick if you compared it to my sister's wild thick curly hair. I knew that I was a knockout and though I was getting older it couldn't get much more worse. If my mother was any indicator of how I'd look when I was older then I'm very secure in my beauty. It's one of my best assets.

"Nope, never met her," I responded.

“Oh please. YOUR food? YOUR dining room? Without me you wouldn’t even HAVE this dining room and this food.”

I continued to ride him as he sat up and suckled on my breasts. I felt him tense up just as I was close. Before we could breathe we were both cumming. I moaned his name as I felt his hot cum hit my pussy walls. We relaxed for a few minutes before I got off him. I smiled at him and winked. "Hey Clair, you up to an all nighter? We can try anything you want." He smiled and nodded before flipping me over.

“It’s just to psyche us out, right?” Amber asked. “This is initiation, so they want to haze us, right?

"Oh! No, of course not. But…promise not to tell? I would. If I had the chance. That's twisted I know, but they say every girl has a daddy thing."

On this particular day I was helping out on a job when I became I aware of the guys whispering, they were obviously plotting something. Without warning they converged on me and pinned me to the floor. My boots an overalls were removed and I was then lead away to the storeroom.

My attention to Sammy's crotch was driving her to acrobatics and caroling much the same as mine. I could only assume that her climax was about as close to the front gate as was mine. Kimberly kept pumping.

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"Yes, Mistress. I understand."

Silence. Hmm… she is in the mood to play games then (as if I hadn't already worked that out). Now I can hear her moving again… some weight on the bed, and whoa! Now things are getting interesting… there's a mouth moving its way down my chest, down my side, down my leg (missed the fun bit… damn), to my foot. Aaargh! My whole body is jerking now as she tickles my foot with her tongue… she is going to regret every moment of this, I can tell you!

I had never done anything like this before, but I didn't feel like I had a choice. I almost gagged as I swallowed as much of him as I could. "See Brian, Brad seems to like you." Pat said as she watched me go down on this stranger's pole. Brian just moaned his opinion. I didn't know what I was doing, but I just started to do the things I know I liked. Brian seemed to like them as well. He started moving his hips up and down, feeding me his hard cock.

I couldn't take any more, I shot off about 2 feet in the air, and Patti went, "Damn! I missed it!"


"Hear that?" he crowed, grinning at me. "She even takes it up the ass. Didn't know that, did ya? Hope you're enjoying the show! Now just watch how I stuff your whoring wife up the ass, wimp!"

Paige continued, "I finally wrestled his zipper down, and unfastened his belt and everything, and then just like that, like a jack-in-the-box or something, was his cock, lolling around like a drunken limb. It wasn't long so much as it was fat, more like a manhole cover than a trouser snake. I wouldn't have thought it would look like that, and I just kind of stoked it, amazed by it, trying to decide exactly what I thought about it. Kirk started to moan and say, Yeah, stuff like that. And that was a turn-on. I was wishing he would say more, so I asked him how it felt, and he said, Good, and I said No, tell me what it feels like.

Sure, no problem. So what are you going to do now?

" Jake, old buddy, I pray to GOD you come back to see what your wife is like." Dennis said.

'Give me your hand,' I said and reached out with mine. He swallowed as he lifted his to meet mine and I guided it onto the smooth satin over my abdomen.


Since my head was down and my knees were up, all the blood rushed to my head and made me feel euphoric and blissful. Then, I felt scared because I could feel Daddy's cock inching around my butt hole. (I don't know of any other way to say that more nicely – asshole? Butt hole? I'm not sure. Nevertheless, I began to panic.)

“First rule, you 2 will do what I want when I want without question or hesitation or I will be forced to hurt you. And that’s something I don’t want to do. But you’ve already seen I am willing to do it, so it would be better for you if you cooperated.” Tom, Like I said before, I am going to fuck your wife. I will fuck her pussy, her ass, and her mouth many times, and most, if not all of the time it will be in your presence. The main reason for this is because I think you’re pathetic. Look at yourself. You have a beautiful wife and you have let yourself go this way.” He said, looking at his still exposed gut. “Plus, I think Melissa here is hot as hell and I want to fuck her right. Show her what it’s like to have a real man please her. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something.”

But who the hell cares? She was big and blowzy, and the fact that she was unsteady on her heels just made her seem more sexy and vulnerable. Women do know what they are doing when they dress like that, don't they? I was beginning to look forward to having Debbie on the boat more than I was Eric, who was standing by his mooring line looking surly and pissed off.

With that orgasm realization hit him like a tidal wave. As if he suddenly became aware of where he was and what had happened over the past two days he began crying. It wasn't from the pain or the fear- though he was afraid. It was more from the shame and the overwhelming sense of vulnerability and feeling of weakness that flowed through his body, impossible to ignore.

His shaft lengthened. I slid the sheet down from him, revealing his thickening penis. God, I was so fucking turned on! I watched as his hand squeezed his column from the base, seeing that large gob of pre-cum ooze out, and then his palm moving expertly (?!) over the tip, lubricating his entire shaft with his own juice. (I never knew that! – I always had used my own juices or saliva.) I was rubbing myself harder now, paying less attention to him, now using my finger like a little vibe, now inserting completely up to my palm, palming my mound and mashing my clit, now teasing and circling my clit, now again stroking it very fast. My left hand had my left breast, rolling and stretching my nipple, very hard now, I needed to feel the pinch, you know, and I glanced down, and Scott's cock was now very hard and shiny slick, and as he stretched it down and away from him sliding his hand back up to the tip, I could see his hips thrusting and his legs jerking a little like he does just before he comes.

So I waited at the bar and watched what was happening. She had a guy sitting either side of her on a bench seat and the 3rd guy was standing in front of her. I saw her kiss the guy on her left then the guy on her right. I was stunned at what happened next, the guy standing, held open his towel and I could only guess that she was kissing his dick. I was absolutely astounded at my reaction, my cock was standing straight out in front of me, turning my towel into a tent. I just stood there dumbfounded as they led her to a private room. As the door closed, I came to my senses and rushed to the door, I tried the handle but the door was locked.

Toni closed her eyes so she would not have to look at the disgusting Elston. She was having trouble keeping balanced as the heavy sheriff pounded her hard from behind while his brother forced his cock in and out of her mouth.

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"Dave, what are you doing and where are we?" said Sarah, casing me to jump.

A lot of years had passed since I'd had a half a fifth of Scotch and I certainly felt it the next morning. I had to take a migraine pill before getting in the car and then I still suffered as the traffic on the 24 crawled along. It was noon before I felt normal again and then, after lunch, it was time for class. Melissa was absent from her seat and my paranoid mind was just waiting for the Dean and Campus Police to walk in the door and arrest me in the middle of creating the Hanseatic League.

She backed her white face out of Gem's black ass. Junk continued to videotape her.

"Well, your guy was packing a whopper of a load, too," Laura retorted. "Maybe you should give him more pussy. Well, our cocks have gone soft and I need a fuck in the worst way. How are we going to get these things back up?"

"Now that's not true, you are the most .. .... .. no, I won't say the obvious. I do happen to know what you mean. It is nice to have someone to talk to. I feel it too. So, I won't boost your ego by telling you how good you are talking to people." I laughed.

What happened was that I was using her like a slutty sex slave and brought her into the bathroom and told her to lie face up, in the bathtub. She did so and then I told her that I was gonna piss on her. At first she objected, very adamantly I may add, but I told her to let me try it just this once and I'd just piss on her tits and if she didn't like it, we'd never do it again. I explained to her, that she had liked everything we had been doing so far, so at least she could give it a try.

All I could do was cry silently to myself and pray that it would soon be over and they wouldn't kill me. Blood was running out of my nose and mouth and down my neck and chest along with my tears. I could taste a little in my mouth too.

"I know - mother has been telling me about it all along. I'm choosing Alir. I am just afraid that he will be disappointed."

She came out again and walked to Ken. She was carrying a drink can. I couldn't tell if it was beer or a soft drink. He took it, saying something to her. She bent down, almost out of sight for a couple of seconds. Then she stood up again and just stood beside him, her back to me. After about a minute she walked away towards the pool.

"You didn't look like you were enjoying yourself?" Like said.

Flashing a smile, I replied, "Actually, I am with my husband. "

"I want to make love to you first," said Allan. He ran his tongue down the side of her neck, kissing it. His tongue traced a trail down to her tit and its nipple, then down her body to the top of her cunt. He tongued around the edges of her pubic hair and spreading her legs, stroked his tongue between the lips of her pussy, teasing her by sticking his tongue into her pussy hole and then withdrawing it. "Susie, you're taste so good," murmured Allan as his tongue probed her pussy. His tongue found her clitoris and he started to suck it between his lips, tonguing it with rapid flicks of the tip of his tongue. As he sucked and tongued her clit, he stuck one, then two fingers, into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. He heard Susie moaning that she wanted him in her, "Not yet, Susie. Not yet. I want to get you so hot you'll cum as soon as I stick my prick in you...and keep on cumming." He began to suck harder on her clit while rapidly stroking his two fingers as deep as he could into her pussy.

- Chapter III - A Dream -

Ros just nodded her approval. It was strange seeing another woman kissing her lover. Krys reached down to the bottom of his shirt, held it with both hands, and pulled it up over his head and off. She felt his broad shoulders with her hands, down his arms, up to his neck, down his chest to his nipples. She rubbed and flicked them until they became hard, then leaned over and sucked each one into her mouth, licking them. He looked down to see her lovely face on his chest and saw the cleavage below where her robe had parted slightly. He glanced over at Ros. She threw him a silent kiss, which he returned so they each knew that it was no turning back now.

"All right girls, line up and get ready for a hell of a ride," said Mrs. Laguna seductively as she jumped on and started sliding up and down slowly, remember what happened to Veronica's pussy and she liked having sensation in that zone.

“Indeed Madam,” came the response, “and he has given me the honour of inserting them for you Madam.”

Now that I am somewhat calm again, your hands move to encircle my narrow hips. You are visibly turned on by my outfit. The smell of leather, mixed with the sweet musk of my dripping pussy, my Blackberry Frost lotion, the cinnamon sweet of my breath, and my light airy perfume all enhance your arousal.

His lips were now on my left nipple, suckling it. His hand traveled down my belly, under the hem of my skirt and slid up my thighs. I tried to clamp my knees together but he was too strong. His finger brushed against my panties and then slid beneath the leg opening to touch my by now soaking pussy. My hips bucked uncontrollably as his finger glanced my clit.

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