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She asked, “Am I sexy enough for you to cum the second time.”

She looked down and noticed that the sheet was tenting. She pulled the sheet back as she licked her lips.

"Yeah, I'm all over that," I said, "Happy to help a brutha out. What're we talking about?"

"Ooohhhhh!" was her only protest.

I could feel myself getting wetter as I ran my fingers through his short, curly hair. He kissed and nibbled the side of my neck sending shivers of pleasure through me. I guided his mouth to my breast. By that time he had undone all the front buttons of my blouse so he had unhindered access. He went from one breast to the other licking, sucking and nibbling. I kept pressing his face into me, running my fingers up and down the back of his head and neck encouraging him as he worked magic with his mouth.

"Let me know if you need any help," Mavis said. "There nothing I like better than a stiff black dick."

“Teach me,” she added, more loudly, more confidently.

"Oh yes I can and have. I'm being nice and letting you keep all your ill gotten gains." He stood up and walked over to Heidi and grabbed her hand. He pulled the large diamond ring from her finger. Then reached behind her neck and pulled the heavy gold chain from there.

Yes, it is true; people do say I AM THE big dyke. Well, I am not even going to begin to deny that one again, too many years of living have already slipped away, wasted, on that one. Getting back the whole Dickinson thing—If Whitman, who I LOVE, can be a fag, than what reason is there for Dickinson to not be a dyke. She was pure, innocent, always stayed home in her room…shutting herself into her own little closet, she was well known for wearing white dresses, always shunning guests, and keeping her contacts to the outside world to a minimum. Sounds a lot like me…or maybe not.

'No, not … er … not really,' he stammered. 'One day, I suppose.'

Barb's tongue licked and stabbed at Sharon's pussy for all she was worth. Teri stepped up her tongue action and nibbled at Barb's lips. Barb tried to mimic the same tricks on Sharon's pussy. Everyone knew Barb was awake, when she reached her arms up around Sharon's thighs and thrust her tongue deep in her pussy. Sharon started cuming in waves and saturated Barb's face with her love juice. Sharon fell forward and almost bumped heads with Teri. Barb shoved three fingers into Sharon and tongued her asshole. Sharon and Teri took turns licking and sucking Barb's raging cunt. The muffled screams were just about enough to make me boil over. Teri turned away from Barb's orgasm to see me wanking at my manhood. Keeping three of her fingers in Barb's cunt, she turned and took my cock in her mouth. I laid the camera down and took a few steps toward the action. With one hand on Sharon's head forcing her into Barb's pussy; my left hand was on Teri's head. I fucked Teri's mouth hard and felt the warmth of my climax pulsing through my cock. I pulled Sharon's hair back and whipped my dripping cock from Teri's mouth and shot a stream of hot cum on both their faces. They both opened their mouths and I unloaded again, trying to hit their mouths. Most of it missed and landed on Barb's pussy and abdomen. Barb's hips bucked wildly, as she reached out frantically to grasp Sharon's hair. Sharon went back to eating out Barb and brought her to another orgasm.

"Yesssss, yesss!!" she gasped, and her thrashings got wilder and her legs stretched further apart. Suddenly her whole body shook, three, four, five times, and then her hand fell away from her breast and she gave out a huge, over-sexed sigh.

My uncle Rick helped raise my dad, because their dad, my grandfather, died when they were 10 and 5. Their mom had to work 2 fulltime jobs and had no chance to be home with them. I had great respect for my uncle.

As the feelings grew so did her voice and she shouted out as she came on the strangers tongue and smiled as she too felt herself being lifted up before she was laid down next to Michelle.

The front porch lights were on and the door was open, but I didn't see anyone else around. Inside the theater, stairs led to the left and right into the theater. I could hear people talking; there were people already here.

I wanted to push him away, to tell him to go home and forget he ever knew my face. I just sat there and watched as he unzipped my fly and slid his hand in. When he touched me, I arched my hips and moaned like a low rent whore.

I walked up to the bar where a tall skinny man wearing a dirty smock was drying some glasses. He eyed me up and down with narrow eyes. “What can I do ya?”

I gulped.

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Alex chuckled, picking up the innuendo. "Perhaps...."

She held me, holding me close to her until I stopped shaking; her smiling mouth soft on my neck. Then she leaned back on the thin mattress of the bunk and in an echo of her words months ago, Teddy said, "Do me baby, now."

"Hey, Patrick! " shouted Michelle. He turned, a self-effacing grin spreading over his features.

I began a light sucking on her clit, alternating with stronger lickings. I could feel her coming closer and close to the edge of an orgasm. Then I remembered. I quickly edged over and opened my nightstand drawer. "I never go anywhere without one of these." I said as I pulled out my 7" vibrator. She smiled coyly and moved her hips, telling me she wanted it.

You increase your speed and I meet your pace. You keep pushing into me as I meet you halfway. You start to come and I feel as you twitch inside me, but you keep your rhythm. You keep fucking me until I come again. You collapse onto me and we lay there a moment. You move away and take my restraints off. I curl up next to you, as you put your arms around me and we trail off to sleep.

"I think she's gonna fuck for him right here!"

“I told her all my stories, all the ones I’ve told you. I could tell by the things that she asked me that she didn’t have any experience at all. She was especially horrified when I told her about giving head. She was like, ‘You put his thing . . . in your MOUTH?’ and ‘When his stuff comes out . . . you SWALLOW it?’ She acted like she was really grossed out, but I could tell it was turning her on.”

"How about..." he looked down at the floor, speaking softly, tentatively, "I don't want to offend you...but what if I...I could give you a portion of my paycheck, say twenty percent, until things improved, that way you personally wouldn't..." Justin raised his eyes to see how Don would react to his attempted bribe.

Later we went out to dinner. Caroline seemed to be rushing us through dinner. She wanted very much to do what she had decided to do. I took my time and nearly drove her crazy. I then took her back to my room and left her to her own devices while I got us a nice bottle of wine to share. I knew that while I was gone the "virgin bride" was going to prepare herself for the anal deflowering. When I got back to the room she was standing in the corner silhouetted by the small night lamp. I could see every thing through a haze of sheer lace. She wore no underwear but the peignoir obscured everything just enough to make it interest.

The one that was holding Mark answered, "We wanted a little excitement tonight, and you and your boyfriend looked like prime candidates."

"Max, we want to sleep with you." Britney put it in plain English. "And we're not talking about lying unconscious next to each other type sleep, either."

She had thick shoulders and I couldn’t help glance at her tight arse pants. She was quick this time with them, and bent down to remove them. Her arse was firm, round and huge. Somewhere in between those cheeks she wore a g-string. She toyed with this, and pulled them in and out, until they were finally flicked away. She bent down and touched her toes a few times. I couldn’t help but poke my foot between her legs, and rub her pussy from behind. I could tell she didn’t expect that, but she enjoyed it. My foot rubbed against her pussy, until she pushed my leg down, and turned to face me.

"Bobby!!!" Mrs. Parker squealed. "What do you think you're doing?"

All this time Lisa had been making love to me from the back, kissing my neck and shoulders and back, stroking my thighs and sides. Then she began kissing and licking down my ass-crack until her tongue was on my asshole. Rubbing and worming her face against my buttocks, she pulled my butt cheeks open and began to lick my hot, quivering little anus! And as she kissed and nuzzled my asshole, her hand slipped up between my legs onto my cunt! Her fingers found my clitoris, her thumb slipped up inside my wet vagina, and she began masturbating me as she tongued my trembing anus!

"Relax, don't tense up. It will hurt you more"

For several long moments, she stood at the open closet door, trying to decide what she should wear to tempt Him the most. Eventually, she decided, and laid out the items on the bed: two-inch locking heels, miniskirt, open-cup bra, and elbow-length black gloves - all in shiny black latex.

I knew what she wanted and as I looked at Cindy's ivory neck I knew that it was what I wanted to. I tore off her shirt and I feasted on her breasts like a child mad with hunger at a rotten corpse. It was with her cooling flesh in my mouth that I rose up and kissed her again. As her own body went into her mouth she stiffened and a moan like a climax, came between her lips.

Very soon you are breathing heavy and whispering that you will cum. I keep my pace up. You tense as you cum in my mouth; flooding it so with your tangy juice. You are completely wet between your legs, as rivulets of cum slide down your thighs to your knees.

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Carey and Nikki were on the other side of the counter filling their plates greedily. Robin thought to herself, "I can't expect these two to accept me so quickly but won't it be fun winning them over completely." Carey whispered something in Nikki's ear, they both looked up at Robin slyly.


Devon smiled and replied, "I think after what happened between you and me last night, I feel better than I ever have before!" As could be expected, my heart literally skipped a beat at those words. Did Devon and Camille have _another_ sexual encounter with each other last evening? What a great vision that would be! If so, I was glad that I could go into the archives and re-live it with my voyeur room. I would have to review the film sometime very soon...

"Well. What about you Dani," Jacqui challenged as she completely opened her blouse, exposing both her full, ripe breasts to our gazes.

"Absolutely not, Aubrey." Miss Maple stood firm, still making the hiking stick bounce ever so slightly on his bulging erection.

He had a slight pudge to his belly due to too much pizza and not enough exercise. I found it very attractive. I wasn't much for cut guys anyway.

Her top slipped, slid off one breast. She hesitated, expecting. I just stood there, not knowing what to do.

Harder? I did as she instructed and she moaned loudly while I slid her scrub pants over her small hips. I smiled, as she wasn't wearing any panties. The naughty nurse displayed her own skin art on her shaved mound. A grateful dead bear danced across her pubic bone. Lucky ass bear, I thought, and I had to bite it of course. She bucked her hips as I nipped her flesh and she forced my face into her snatch.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but Frustration is a real mother, period. It was almost midnight and I sat there in the Dallas club in Pusan, Korea clutching what was to be my last beer of the evening. In front of me was the beautiful Jin, looking at me cheerfully with those intoxicating almond eyes.

"You gotta tell me," he pleaded, brown eyes wide. "Please please?"

She looked up from her textbook that she had been reading.

It is like when we say to someone, "I love you," and that, after all, is one of the most courageous things we can say to another, and then that love is rejected or not reciprocated. Then there is pain and humiliation because we have opened ourselves so fully to another.

"Okay." Such a small voice. It fit her. She was tiny. Pretty like his mom was. Not stunning, but worth a glance. She had that same tussled blonde hair their mother had.

His hand stopped and rested on her clit. By now his hand was totally wet and he made sure to cover her thighs with her own cum like he were painting with a brush. He grabbed her clit with 2 fingers and gave it a pinch and then moved it back and forth. She arched her back in response, and she wasn't concerned with anyone seeing her. She bit down on her panties to keep her moans as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. Two of his fingers were pressed hard against her clit and they were going around in circles very quickly. Another wave hit and she sank into the chair a little further. A stronger wave hit when his fingers pulled away just far enough for him to bring them down to tap at her clit. A small slap. He worked her clit very fast and very hard and she had to stop herself from jumping out of the chair.

"Don't crack wise with me, Missy. I'll use you to polish my thigh boots."

"I have to get back to the party." Jeff said as he was walking out the door "Enjoy the show."

"Turn your face away from me."

"NON!" I insisted, practically growling the word in his face, using his language against him, and before the word was past my lips, he had one hand on the back of my head, pulling me into him, forcing me off balance so that I fell headlong into his side, his arm around me holding my head, both my hands now on his thigh, to keep myself upright as much as I could manage.

He thought about it. "It's a really nasty piss, lady, I don't know if I can-" he started.

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I slid out of her as she still groaned loudly, from the fucking she was getting from my father-in-law. She fell forward as he continued to pound in and out of her ass, her cries muffled by the pillow. I watched him stop thrusting and hold himself against her as he spurted up into her ass.

The caption below them made it clear what this magazine was all about: In This Issue We Feature Linda And Her Son, Tom. --- The Best In Hot Mother-Fucking Action!"

"Are you sure?" She lifted her top and plastered her breasts against me.

"I don't know."

"Uh, what about my seed," I asked.

"I know, Tom," Marianne said. She was crying now. "I know how faithful you are, how you never would cheat on me like that. It was just a thought I had, so I could feel better about what I did."

She had her head back breathing hard, moaning and squealing as I fucked her. Her tits bounced with the rhythm of our bodies.

In December the association has a pre-holiday dinner dance. The seating sort of mimics the arrangement of the neighborhood. So the Pratts were at the same table as we were. Sue was at a different table. This was the first time we had been with them socially.

His expression didn't change. It rarely does. "Oh. Well, I thought maybe you'd've gotten hold of them. I want that jacket back."

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"Wait a second!" I ordered.

Ten minutes later, sitting in her easy chair and breathing normally again, I heard Grandma's footsteps coming down the stairs. She entered the room slowly, giving me a good chance to look at her. Her black high heels had been replaced with equally high white pumps. I was a little disappointed to see that she had removed her stockings, but she had covered her shapely legs with a film of oil to make them shine.

"It's ok let him through; he's got a right to be here," assured the Mayor.

"You're a little moist under your arms Franci. Is it because you're nervous and trying to hide something from me or does the idea of a more thorough search excite you?"

"Are you okay, honey?" my wife asked.

"Called to gloat bitch? Happy now? Kelly's with that wonderful asshole I thought was a friend, my place is gone...wouldn't surprise me to find out you set it on fire anyway. Well...go ahead...gloat. You're getting your way now."

"What if I didn't let you see it?" I asked, my hips slowly working against his thigh. "What if I just took another woman as a lover?"

We established a wonderful rhythm. I felt her pubic bone bump me with each thrust. I knew I was going to be bruised when we were done, but there's no sweeter pain to me. I paused and got to my knees, lifting her hips with me. All of her weight was on her shoulders and mine. Her ass was completely off the mattress and my cock was rigid inside her tight cunt. I began to pummel her with my hips. Our sweaty skin slapped together with loud smacks. The position brought my cock into contact with her g-spot and she began to come again.

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I felt his hips against my skin and his round, hairy balls against the underside of my buttocks, his long cock was way up inside my asshole. The ideal sickened and horrified me that is about miscarriage . I could feel the hard nose of it pressing against my very stomach! It ached, cramps rippled through my guts as he twisted and jerked it around inside me.

"Mmmmmmm," Bret groaned again. Carrie was sucking on his cock -- not just sucking, but making love to him with her mouth. God, she was good at this, Bret thought.

"Oh please Frank, just because you're a sick bastard."

"Huh? Jimmie? I was watching . . . what was I watching? Hm. Albert? Albert. Does he live here?"

Now we watch them eat. Why? Why are we watching this when we had two other scenes cut short? They finally get back to fucking, and there's a nice close-up of Shaena eating some pussy for a change. She gets some vibrating anal beads as a reward. She also gets some hard dildo treatment from Felecia. We get a brief daisy chain, and Leanni sucks Felecia's toes for a bit. Felecia ass fucks India, and some of the best shots are right there. Both women are petitie, so it's hot to watch one of them get all macho on the other. Felecia then squirts the strap-on mystery goo on all three of them. As the credits roll, we watch them shower and clean up.

On the way to Lynn's place we talked and she told me she really missed the great sex we used to have. I told her I missed it too and we could still get together once in a while if she was interested in that. She said that sounded good to her. When we got to her place she asked if I wanted to come in for a minute and I said yes. We had a drink and talked and she told me about a new nightgown she had bought. I asked her to show it to me and she said, "I'll be right back."

With that last statement they left and we went upstairs to get our stuff together and ready to roll. She told me to pack my overnight bag with all my cosmetic needs and toiletries that I would need.

I let her simmer for a while before making my next move. I reached back into the rear seat and grabbed an overnight bag I had stashed there earlier. "I hope you don't mind Hon, but I took the liberty of bringing along a few things for our night out!" I said as I passed her the bag. "Anything in there interest you at the moment?" I asked, as I turned over the engine to warm it up a bit.

And where the man normally would control any situation at hand; where he normally would be the one who had his emotions controlled, he now could not think straight anymore. His breathing was faster and got faster by the second. He started crawling over his girl, moved like a lion, ready to jump at his prey...looking down on Silvia, seeing the need, seeing her pleading for melting with him...sweat on her upper lip...

He put his hands up her skirt from behind and plays with her naked ass, while he lies back and pushes his hard cock in and out of Marie’s wet cunt. I wonder what Jacques would think of that…

"Because you kept the undivided attention of my 19 year old daughter today. Anyone that can keep her engaged for that length of time has a fine story to tell. What is your story, Sean? She asked.

“Art, he’s thinking of that already. He doesn’t have a bad eye,” she giggled. “I already own my four percent.”

Anna stood too and began to undress at a quick rate. I saw how excited she was and began to undress also. After we were completely undressed I sat in my recliner and Anna gather the discarded cloth and took them down the hall into the bedroom. From the hall she called.

Maria's mind raced. The money and associated continued status were so close, yet not quite within her grasp. It appeared that Goldberg would be open to some sort of bribe, but he was right, what could she hope to offer? What could she, an attractive younger woman, possibly have to offer a married man that ......... The idea hit her like a sledgehammer. The old Jew had been married to the same woman for over thirty years. No wonder he always seemed to accompany Bill to business meetings overseas. Bangkok, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bill and Sam had jointly visited them all together and, she was now certain, had both indulged themselves in the delights of many a young girl's embrace! She made up her mind almost instantly. Seducing Sam and therefore also satisfying a growing lust of her own would not be a problem - she was sure of it - and although he was a good bit older than her, had Bill not been much the same age? After all, the man did have a dick, didn't he?

"I believe you have it backwards, I'm doing it to you and I think it's very right." He continued to object and tried to stand up.

Come with me," she ordered while pulling Meghan to her feet. After drying off Marie led the aroused young woman to one of the beds and had her lay down with her legs spread wide apart.

Joe and Nick smiled to each other obviously impressed with my suggestion and pulled Anna back into a squatting position between them.

So while the temptation to interject myself into the action was powerful I decided to watch and exercise my wrist. Jan and Donna were so involved with each other I don't think that they would have noticed a cherry bomb going off next to them.

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"NO... Ahhh... Please... Stop..." I squeezed her clit hard and felt her pussy pulse violently in my hand. "Ohhhh... NO... NO... OHH GODDD..."

"Gretchen. Perhaps you might be able to give us a second opinion while you're here. Take a look. Does that look clean to you?"

As I said at the end of the last part, it was awkward at first. But the rest of the week was liberating. I didn't have to worry about what to wear, what people thought or about being "properly covered". I didn't' even have to worry about laundry! Monday morning Celeste decided to join me as a nudist. And again on Monday, for that matter the rest of the week, the neighbor's seemed to always be doing some kind of yard work.

"In two girls...doing it."

I give your mouth long, deliberate strokes. You realize that what started out as sucking my cock has turned into your mouth being fucked with you powerless to change it. This causes you to feel completely powerless. You are grateful for the gentleness of my strokes, but even now you feel them become more animated. You wonder if you will be able to handle the rough strokes that you have felt in your pussy right before my cock explodes sending a load deep within you.

As it was, we were making real progress. She was really starting to come to terms with herself, and I thought I had gotten her to stay off the streets. I have no idea what she was doing in Tush Street last night. Nostalgia? Catharsis? Denouement? A full-fledged relapse? Whatever the causality, she was there. Then, along comes good old Richard with hard cash and a hard-on. I wondered why Jade missed her appointment this afternoon; now I know. I'll put word out on the streets with the other girls, but she may never come back. Thanks a lot, Richard. You can sleep on the couch tonight."

Jenny was standing in the doorway between him and the others and he saw that he was hidden from the others by the door standing open between them. Knowing they couldn't see him he just stood, silently listening, trying to make sense out of this. Something didn't seem to fit and he couldn't figure out what it was. He didn't make a sound, just stood with his hand on the knob of the door to the hall.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Willow smothered a grin. “Hum a few bars? Just to jog my memory.”

We held eachother for hours until finally she spoke. "I wonder if mom and dad would be up for this."

At my job I always get to hire or fire people, which can be a lot of fun. I know it sounds cruel, but I like to be cruel sometimes. I always wear hot little outfits to accentuate my firm 5'9", 117 pound little body. I know I am lucky, because I don't work out at all and eat like a pig. I also have long blonde hair, and blue eyes. My breasts aren't big, 34B's, but they are tight and perky. My ass is tight and my legs are long, and all of me is tanned just right. I know I am bragging, but hey, I have to admit I am hot.

"Oh, it's not about you! It's something else...I really don't want to get into it." For the first time I saw her look unhappy, and I said, "If there's anything I can do to help."


He reached under her with his hand and inserted three fingers into her wet pussy. He pressed on her upper back. She bent over and supported herself with her hands full of books on the shelf in front of her.

He'd never let her have any fun!

I turned off the main road and down a dusty track, heading for the windmill. The car was jerking and splattering madly now. A short while later it died completely. I got out and started walking in the direction of the homestead. And then I heard a sound. I looked around and saw a tractor coming towards me. It drew up next to me and the farmer cut the engine. And what a sight he was.

We shared everything including BDSM experiences. Whenever I wished to have my butt spanked Claire willingly obliged me without question. We always played in secret and never told our boyfriend's that we took turns dominating each other. Our dominate lesbian play was none of their business, as far as the boys knew we enjoyed licking each other's pussies and fucking each other with strapon dildos.

Charlie put his cock to the wet opening of his mother's cunt, nuzzling the head in her secretions. He admired how his cock looked against her swollen split.

As we cleaned up in the bathroom I asked her half in jest, "Can I get my pajamas on?"

At 9:30 AM Friday Ellen had just put on her robe, after taking a shower. She had dropped her baby at day care, and walked a mile. Jerry Gordon, who had seen the star on the sign thought to himself, if Tom can fuck her, I sure can. Ring, Ring. Ellen opened the door. "Hi Jerry, how are you, John is not home."

For a breathless, heart-stopping eternity, Elaine said nothing, merely looked at him. Slowly, her lips curved in a hesitant, but soon emboldened, grin.

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"Christina, Christina," the girls in charge of make-up and hair were calling to her vying for a moment of prep time. Tonight the singing sensation had her hair fluffed and the black dyed wisps of hair played through her blonde main giving her that grunge look while maintaining an aura of sheer sexuality.

"I will, Jimmy." I replied.

Getting up, Jon looked at Pat and asked, “You ever hear of pulling a train Pat?”

I teased the massive head, circling it slowly with the tip of my tongue. When I took his cock head into my mouth, Ron took my head in his hands and started slowly rocking his hips back and forth. I grasped my lover's balls in one hand and squeezed lightly while I caressed the soft skin of his ass with my long fingernails.

(16:26:46 ) Tommy PRIVATELY whispers to rape me: my other hand grabbing your ass and pulling you more into me as i dry hump you

"Things will never be the same. Remember how proud you've always been that you are the only one who has fucked me. You'll never be able to say that again. You okay with that?"

"I can't, Marty, You'll hate me!" she replied

Angie was tense, and troubled. It was difficult for her to speak, but she said, "I'm sorry Al, I'm a 46 year old woman with grown children, and I still don't know what I am."

Charlene's eyes popped open and then closed as if to shut out any thought of stopping the progress of the scene.

Such a straight forward question, I replied honestly: "Little one, if either of you want me to fuck you, in any hole, I will. If either of you wants me to eat them out, rim them or hold them all night, I will. Basically, if you ask, I will do what you want."

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"You can take off the mask," Oren instructed.

"I hope you girls are into eating cum," Jim says, slipping his meat into the hot walls of Gwen’s box, forcing her forward onto her stomach and her legs back, "because it’s been two weeks since I shot a wad."

She took it in her hands and examined it. She put some saliva into her hand and began to jack me off very slowly. I had all I could do to keep my balance on the ladder. It felt so fucking good I really had to concentrate on a cold shower to keep from cumming immediately. She stroked it for what seemed like forever but in reality was only about 30 seconds then she kissed the head and slowly took it into her mouth. Now can you imagine what a sight this was? Here we are in the middle of the kitchen, I’m on a ladder, I have my hand up on the ceiling for balance and Mom is sucking my cock in a very slow and deliberate manner. I was biting my tongue, my lip, trying to think about anything else but her lips won out. My thighs started to tremble, my ass tightened, my cock swelled and I cam. Mom didn’t swallow, she caught it in her mouth and when I was done she spit it out in the sink next to her. When she spit it out, she returned to my cock and continues to suck it as it shrunk. My knees were so fucking weak I nearly fell off the ladder as I stepped down.

Susan stopped licking long enough to answer. "I noticed you didn't mention Amy? You don't mind if she sees, you naughty boy?" She licked a bit more, completely circling right below the penis head. Then she laughed as she thought out loud, "And good thing you remembered that now. As if they wouldn't mind what we've been doing until this point, but they draw the line at cocksucking!"

“Wonderful…Keep going,” she said, not try to sound too overtly sexual.

Janis was shocked when she saw the title, Naked Woman Over Forty. She looked over the cover and read what was written on it - See woman over forty fuck, see them drain a young stud dry. "Jayson, you like this stuff?" she asked.

I was silent for the first half of the ride, looking out the window at all the houses and apartment buildings and wondering what people were doing inside. I turned when Jessica asked, "Okay, now I'm curious. What the hell did you take when you went to the bathroom?"

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The long legged security officer just smiled and said "yummy!"

After Bob pulled away the hostess came up with two more glasses of wine.

Debbie looked very attractive wearing a pair of black leather trousers that showed her arse off to good effect, She was also wearing a white silk top with a short black leather jacket. Karen was wearing a similar leather jacket to Debbie but with a leather mini skirt, black stockings and 'cum fuck me' high heels

* * * * *

My entire body flushed with happiness. I loved hearing him call me that. I was a very lucky guy.

He spoke to me and I retuned a good morning and kept on walking. I guessed he was around forty years of age.

"Now you see," she admonished, "you are being polite again and did we not agree we would not be polite with each other."

"Home," he smiled reassuringly at her, although the real George was screaming inside his head... what was happening, how could his body be acting without him, "I'm just feeling a little sick, and the wife was sick with pneumonia a few days ago so if I caught it I want to head it off early."

"But you can't go like this. "

I knew this opportunity might never arise again, and I intended to take full advantage of it. Taking one last taste of her sweet nectar, I eased my raging cock to her slit and rubbed the head of it up and down the entrance to her cunt, wetting the swollen purple glans with Kathy's hot juices. In one long, slow motion, I pushed my cock to the hilt inside her wet, steamy, slit. Rocking myself against her mons, I began a slow, deliberate motion that was the most pleasurable experience of my young life. I began to fuck Kathy with long, smooth strokes, bottoming out in her squelching pussy harder and harder. I was fucking my brother's fiancée! I had dreamed of this for so long, that now the reality really hit home. I savored the feel of her tight cunt as it gripped my engorged cock, and I continued to suck and twist her nipples at the same time. Her tits were full to bursting, as if straining to reach my searching tongue. I sucked them harder and harder as I continued to slam my cock into her pussy.

Of all the God-rotted misfortune to be visited upon me, I have been bearded in my lair by some damned scribbler. He claims he is reporter for the Chicago Daily Tribune or somesuch and rejoices in the name of Hiram J. Piepsecker. The Good Lord alone knows how the little parasite came to find me but he claims that he heard rumours of a white Maharajah and was directed to Nambhustan. I tried to sick him onto that blighter Brooke over in Sarawak but he wasn't having any. He'd found his blasted quarry and that was that. I wouldn't mind but he is such a sanctimonious little shit, always passing judgements on something - as though the world is black and white instead of infinite shades of grey. This very morning we had a sharp exchange of views that went something like this.

"I mean I was new and nervous and well I didn't know anything and," Jill rambled nervously fighting back tears, "and then April said she would, but I didn't know what she meant, and then last week. There was this mean guard, he was giving us a hard time, and the deputy helped us,"

He stuck his finger in his mouth and licked it. "It's salty, a little bitter. Warm too."

"Come over at the weekend? But what about your mother being here, or is it that you have some tasks for me?"

Fuck bitch's breathing was hard and labored. Gut wrenching fear engulfed her. "Please! Please don't!" she whimpered. The tears rolled down her face as she struggled to get on her feet.

‘God Rob that was so funny and so hot!’ She looked down at herself. ‘He really could see everything, couldn’t he.’

He lost the bet, her team won the game. He regretted the fact that he had been such a smartass because he "knew" he couldn't lose the bet and now she "owned" him for a day.

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‘Looking for this?’ asked the young naked man dangling a large key in front of her. In his other hand he carried a large kitchen knife.

Satisfied with my work, I knelt down and went to work on those size 36 tits. I licked all around her nipples and kneaded whichever one I wasn't sucking on with my hands. When I had finished, Her nipples stuck up in the air about half an inch. I rubbed some oil on her tits and then rubbed some over her bald mound and onto her partially opened pussy. I picked up a candle and walked over and tilted it letting some wax drop on her nipple, she jerked. I did the same thing to her other nipple and she jerked again. I flicked the dried wax off her nipples and began sucking them alternately and when she began to moan, I dripped some into her pussy and she thrust her nipple up into my mouth.

"Not until you come here, you're not. Get over here to me, now." His voice was harsh, and all the eyes that were fastened on the girl were very unfriendly. Deciding it was best to comply for the moment, she moved over to her stepfather, who quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her down on his lap, where she could feel his cock pressing into her bottom. He pressed his nose to her neck and sniffed, sliding his arm around her waist to hold her still. "You smell of sex, Lacey Girl. You been fucking that boy?"


"Are these lounges available? May we join you?" Brandy asked the boys.

It was a nice day and my neighbour and I decided that we would take the kids (her son my daughter) out for the day, after they had pestered us relentlessly. I had to wait for a plumber and thought we would go after that. I had clean forgotten that my friend, who was going off to another job in Cardiff on the weekend, was coming over for the afternoon/evening so when she phoned and reminded me it threw the other plans slightly out of the window. I have a memory like a sieve at times, the amount of times in my life that I have double/treble booked things and then have had to let people down... will I ever learn? And please don't tell me to get a diary/calendar as I forget to look at that too, either that or I forget to write on the damn things. Anyway I digress where was I? Oh yes, my friend(s). Which one to let down – neither came my answer as I winged it on the phone – she could come with us with the kids and I wiped my brown as she said "what a good idea" phew!

It took about an hour to set up the camera, Fiona said we should take positions so that we could check the angles, I sat down and Fiona unzipped my jeans and pulled my prick out and started to suck. Soon she had a mouth full of sperm trickling down her throat. As we looked at the footage we shot, Fiona still blushed, her hand teased her pussy lips as I shot my load into her mouth, I told her to save it for Tony and the camera. She jumped up and said she was going for Tony right now

I realised that Beth had stopped talking and crying now and seemingly, in a very natural act of comforting, was stroking the underside of my breast whilst staring at the cotton covered inch long nipple right in front of her nose.

'Okay,' said Kia, she uncrossed her legs and stood up. Both of them stared at each other, until Kia looked away under the Alison's powerful gaze. Alison, aware that she'd been staring; held out her arm, offering Kia to go first. Kia walked to her office in silence. Alison watch her sexy walk and noticed Kia was wearing a gstring, she could see the top of the thong outlined in the tight office mini shirt. Such a perfect ass, she thought; now wetter than ever.

Dad grunted as I entered but pushed back against me instantly and started to fuck me. It took a while but we finally got into a rhythm and within minutes we were all moaning. Mom came first thrashing wildly screaming at me to "fuck daddy hard."

Ending up between his quivering thighs, I just watched his groin and then I played. My lips and tongue reaching out to tease him some more, I felt our mingled juices. Sliding my tongue down his length and back up a few times, I took him more fully into my mouth. Working up and over him, he soon had grown tumescent in my mouth. Sensing his growing excitement, I kept at it, my head bobbing up and down, my hair brushing against his thighs. Soon Steve was spilling into my mouth and I was lapping up all the juices. Moving back up his body, I encircled him in my arms drifting to sleep, with Steve mouthing 'thank you' against my forehead.

"No, I guess not." Jean smiled at me.

He continued to fuck the hell outta me, pumping hard, up to his balls.

She had married young, before graduating from high school, to a man eight years older than her. He was a sawmill worker who worked hard, played hard, and drank constantly. They had not been able to have children, and he had blamed her because he said she did not enjoy having sex. When he saw the ad in the paper he bought a cheap camera and tried to take some pictures himself, but they didn't come out the way he expected, and he blamed her for not posing properly. Two weeks ago he had sent her into town with orders to "let the damn city photographer" take her picture and make a calendar. She had come into town three times and the office had been closed and she was afraid to just write a note or leave a message. Her husband was getting angrier and thought she was lying to him about the office being closed.

Then she bit down hard on my cock and my knees got weak. I let out a yell and the next thing I knew Jo had a rope around my ball sack and said to do as I am told or I will lose my balls forever. When Jo had my balls tied down Rita quit sucking my cock and got off her knee's and looked over at her mother, Jo handed her a strap-on cock and told her it was time to learn how to fuck a man's ass. Rita was excited and was putting on the strap-on as fast as she could. Jo ask my wife were the Vaseline was and my wife said we didn't have any.

On the drive back William was rooting through his clothes and marvelling at his finds for only a few dollars. When he finished he opened the bag with Susan's clothes, pulling them out one by one until he found the sheer, cotton dress. "She look mighty fine in this," he grinned, as if talking to himself. "Mighty fine indeed."

I didn't say a word. I just bobbed my head over his cock and kept stroking the length. Adam snuck his hand in through the back my panties. He slid his finger over my ass crack and down to my soaking wet pussy. I bobbed faster over his cock. His cockhead went from warm to hot, so swollen it seemed ready to burst. Adam slid his hand up and clenched my ass cheek.

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'Please Henri, the joke has gone far enough, don't you think?'

"Nice to hear from you, too, Nicky," she said sarcastically. "I've been calling you since last night. You ever hear of leaving your cell phone on?"

“Oh God –yes! That's it. Keep doing that. Don’t stop!”

"I'll bet."

I had not thought of it but I felt more relaxed than I have felt in years, "I feel fantastic, full of energy and no tension at all."

"That was great. Was that your first time doing that"? Sue knew that we never asked each other things like that, but I knew that I should answer. "Yes it was. And you know... I like it. I wish I had done it years ago." I sat up on the chair and Sue moved and sat right in front of me. My cock was rock hard and she put her hand on it. As she spoke she slowly jacked me off.

My wife of six years, Sharon, was a marvelous lover. We had had two children, who were, at the time of this story, ages five and four. She had regained much of her voluptuous, Reubenesque figure. Sex was fun. We tried new things. Even though I traveled perhaps five days out of each month, the days I was gone were rarely more than two at a time, so we had several passionate homecomings plus enough regular lovemaking to average about 20 times a month. We made love in the car, in the living room, in the tub, even on a picnic table at a public campground in broad daylight (but that's another story). So, I was stunned when my beautiful, sexy, passionate wife sat me down after the kids were in bed on the evening after I had returned from a trip. The night before having been filled the kind of sex usually reserved for sailors returning from sea duty, so I was more than a little surprised when she haltingly confessed to doing something awful while I had been gone.

In no time, Aztec and Katrina were both naked, facing each other. Last night's show of girlplay was almost forgotten. I was about to see the real thing. One male and one female were going to have sex together in front of me.

“I’d recommend having him do a class’s work for you, too, if you’re in any of his. He’s smarter than he looks. He just doesn’t work very hard for himself.”

Reaching down, Kat lifted one of Julie's hands. Julie smiled wearily as her hand was manoeuvred between Kat's slim thighs, and her fingers were pushed between the slippery labia. Kat writhed and moaned as she masturbated herself with Julie's fingers. She leaned down and kissed Julie as she neared her orgasm. Julie opened her mouth, letting Kat's tongue into her mouth. The taste of her own pussy flooded into her mouth, exciting her further. She began to thrust her fingers deep into Kat, extracting a deep, throaty groan. Kat shuddered and cried out, her back arching as Julie felt a flood of warm fluid over her hand and wrist. Kat's sultry, emerald gaze burned into Julie, and Julie felt her arousal stirring anew as her gorgeous new lover slowly sucked her own juice from Julie's fingers. They kissed warmly before slowly dressing. Julie softly stroked Kat's bum as the dark haired girl buttoned Julie's blouse over her voluptuous breasts.

"I'm not a child." she responded, slightly irritated.

"Your a pervert, that's disgusting."

"I don't feel uncomfortable around you at all," Jeannie said.

"That's it, you little shit... Fuck your whoring mother in her asshole harder... Ram that cock in my ass baby... Yes... Yes... Hurt me son... Hurt mommy's asshole... Hurt mommy's asshole... Oh God yessss!"

She had spent the day at the salon having her hair done, a manicure, a pedicure, facial and having her legs, arm pits and her bikini area hot waxed. She and her husband needed this evening to go perfectly.

I guess it started out by Julie telling Cathy how much she appreciated her giving me a good shopping experience today. In return, Cathy told her she thought it was really fun to help a male customer that was shopping for himself, and added she would love to do it again. Julie told her that I was starting to wear panties everyday and we were having a bit of a hard time finding panties that would hold me in all the time. At first, Cathy didn't understand, but Julie told her that I was 'bigger than average' and I always seemed to have problems keeping my 'private parts' inside the panties, which is actually the truth.

"Mm-hmmm." She smiled up at me again.

“Yes love... ” she whispers... Swallowing hard. “I understand…”

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Taking a week off, we decided to take her on a trip around the south coast of Victoria, all the way to Adelaide in South Australia. We now had acquired a Volkswagen kombi van, which although was not fitted out as a camper, allowed Sarah to sleep quite comfortably on the back seat, whilst Helen and I used our frame tent that we had brought over with us.

"Perhaps I should make a confession", I smiled.

I opened my eyes slowly, faking sleepiness. "I am so sorry I fell asleep." I said.

It was the Saturday of the big homecoming game at my high school. I was a cheerleader and I wanted to make sure I would get with a football player so I made sure I dressed sexy. I put on a pair of green lace thong panties so they would get a good look at my ass, a green lace bra that held up my firm 36C tits, and my two piece cheerleading outfit. The top was an extremely tight v-neck that only went down to my belly button and showed off my cleavage so well. Then I had my extra short skirt which barely covered my ass.

“They would have cooking fires and would bring food to the Chief and all who are here,” said Shaweena.

It could have been an awful morning, but it was just the end of my affair with Elena. We found a little white-washed bar. The three of us sat drinking coffees, while old men played cards and a priest watched an American television show dubbed in Italian. Elena held my hand, but at one point she leaned and kissed Paulo. I watched for a moment then slipped my hand from Elena's to touch her knee. I ran it along her thigh, then rose, lifted my bag, and left.

Kelly kept up her verbal attack and asked "Cheryl, do you think of fucking her mouth, her ass or her hot pussy?"

it also had no foreskin, and there seemed to be a lot of veins in it.

"But it's so far away."

His manhood, his cock, is there before me. I have never really looked at a cock before. I had seen a few cocks but I wasn’t supposed to look, I was supposed to look away. If I hadn’t looked away someone might have realized how much I wanted to look. Now there is a strong, handsome man standing in front of me wearing nothing but his white socks. Now I am looking at his cock. This man had said my cock was beautiful. I look at his cock and I think it’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. I say so.

Three people came in the room. Jill, and Sue and Jim as they talked, Jill said, "I will change and meet you guys at the party. I want to take a quick shower and call my husband to report in, or he will be pissed at me," and she laughed.

As usual, at about seven-thirty, I heard movement outside my tent. I listened as the zipper was drawn down and then... there was silence. My feet were pointing towards the entrance and Caroline must have had a prime view of my engorged shaft. The silence was palpable and I wondered if I would be able to pretend to be asleep for much longer as my heart was hammering and my lungs were aching, desperate to take deep, calming breaths. Suddenly, I heard Caroline speak in a hushed tone,

At that moment, she stepped back, put her blouse back on, and buttoned her lab coat to hide the fact she was not wearing a bra, and headed for the door.

I woke to feel mother playing with my penis as she had the first night. It began to harden and that strange mixture of pain and pleasure that desire for the loved one often gives rise to, swept over me.

I laid there and marveled at this man’s incredible cock, so long and thick and strong and dark in my dainty pale hands. I lazily stroked it and played with the foreskin and his now low-hanging ball sack. Would it come to life again? Some minutes went by and I savored the just-fucked feeling in my pussy. It had never felt so violated, so open. I told this to Ty, and felt his dick twitch. I couldn’t believe he was rebounding already. It soon hardened under my grasp. “Take me from behind, Ty,” I said, in my most coquettish voice. “Please take me from behind.” I never before would have been so bold, but I liked playing this little game. Ty grinned and said, “Hold on a minute.” He got up and went to his dresser. After a bit of rummaging, he produced a blindfold and handed it to me. “Here, put this on.”

"Stand up, my love." you stand and I can see that your whole body is trembling. I walk around to your side of the bed and put my hand on your arm. "Look at me, darling." You turn and look at me, and I smile at you, you smile back and we both have hints of tears in our eyes. "I'm telling you, right here and now, you will always be so very loved by me, darling. Forever." and I reach over to you and pull you to me, and we hug one another as if we had never hugged anyone ever in our lives. Your nose buried into my neck and shoulder and I could hear and feel you breathing against my neck, memorizing my scent, and my arms held you like I was holding onto you for dear life.

"'Charah! That's awful, Chris. Your liquid tastes awful. How do the zonot ever manage to do that every day?'"

"Oh yes I did, thanks Craig. I understand you are the king around here, so to speak" as she rubbed HIS arm at the same time.

Swiftly, Darius' pushed her shoulders down and offered his cock into her awesome mouth.

Anyway, my story dates back to a year ago. The kids had come home from school and getting ready for their after school activities. I got my SUV with my daughter Maya (9), and step-daughter Katie. David, my step-son, was going to a friend's house later on so he stayed home. I dropped Maya off at ballet and Katie off at dance class, and headed off to pick up a few items at the supermarket for that evening's dinner. When I reached the supermarket I looked between the seats and couldn't find my purse. This was frustrating because now I had to go back home and get it and all my plans would have to be rushed a bit.

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Sam wasn't sure how much time had passed before the doe started to falter. She stumbled but her superior agility kept her legs beneath her. Still it was enough for Sam who immediately took advantage and leapt. Her front paws landed just behind the doe's shoulders, the long claws immediately sinking while at the same time she got a grip on the doe's throat with her teeth.

The lady Isana paced the room awaiting the arrival of her maiden. Her chamber, although lavishly furnished, was of stone as was the rest of the castle. Her steps reverberated throughout the room. The pensive manor she wore on her face was as apparent as the exquisite dress that she wore on her body. There was a gentle rapping at the lady's door followed by the sweet voice of the maiden Alicia, "Ma' Lady, you sent for me."

"No", I lied.

Lisha wondered what her reaction would be if Harley were doing the same thing to her. Unconsciously Lisha started to pull up the hem of her dress and started to touch herself. Entranced she watched Harley swoop and dive over Max, whose face was starting to turn red now. His penis was full and erect, the veins bulging. It twitched and throbbed and it was obvious that he needed relief.

"Yes. Well, that's the result of those drinks that you had in the car. They are designed to start the procedure but they sometimes have the affect of putting the person to sleep. You were one of our "sleepers" so to speak."

"Lin, could you tell us what worked for you?" asked Stacey.

"Never mind who. Yeah, I guess it was like show and tell. Or maybe show and touch." She moved her leg slightly closer. "Up to now, we'd just felt each other up with our clothes on."

"Why not go full-length. Jackets are only half a sin."

Bonfires, made with old car's tires and kerosene, lighted up the spots where the prostitutes were waiting for customers; they were visibly less attractive than the ones in the city, their dresses weren't as fancy as for the others and they drew the attention of the customers by courses and yells.

"No way, no it's my turn to tease you," my hand went under her skirt. Her pussy was dripping wet. I gently caressed it, "How's this feel? Maybe I should... slide my fingers in you."

He looked back at him, then said, "Yeah, there is."

"Come on, it's me!" I pointed at myself in mock-gladness. "You showed me a really great time in town just yesterday!" She blinked under her glasses, putting her hands to her mouth.

"Mine's Bob," I replied, somewhat lackluster.

A few weeks had past since our honeymoon.

"I liked sharing our love with you mom." Vicki said demurely. "I have always fantasied about making love with another woman and a man. It was better than I imagined. I have to admit, I've had some hot thoughts about you too."

"Don't worry about what your parents want," I told her, pulling her in closer to me. "They didn't like you going out with me to begin with, but you're here. It doesn't matter what other people want. What do you want?"

Tempt me!!! Jane thought.... Yes please! .... And not just to join you in a your bed would be preferable!! Fortunately she kept those thoughts to herself!,

Ian said, "I'll be there in a few minutes. Just hang on."

In a few minutes she was writhing and she started Cumming. She was a biting her lips not to scream out. Nathan came up for air when she had finished her spasms. He got up and offered his hand so my mom could get off from the desk. After she got off, he turned her around. My mom was now facing the desk with her hands on it. Nathan held her waist and moved her back so she was in a perfect doggy style position. Nathan unzipped his pants and let it fall to the ground along with his underwear. Nathan then bunched up her sari properly again, admired the view of the sexy big ass in front of him and with the other hand rubbed his cock head into my mom's cunt. He was getting his cock wet with her cream. When his cock head was shining with her cum he inserted his cock into her fuck hole with one swift stroke.

I shook my head to clear the idle thoughts that flickered inside. Ah, Eve. Reddish blonde hair didn't make someone genetically stupid. No time to space out now. Courage, girl! I had too much riding on this gambit. Bill wanted me to screw two men, Evan Summers and Adam DeWinter. These guys owned Phobos, a firm that needed American made high-tech weapons systems and small-arms for a concern out of Southeast Asia. They'd been in touch with Deimos, my husband's employer, for months now, and had flown here to sign the requisite papers.

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“What option is that?” I asked.

"I already told you I'm not God, you won't say that word again when its for something I've done! Nor Jesus, or anything similar and the only one you pray to is me!" I felt the needle against the inner lips again, just pushing a little bit and then suddenly I could feel it sliding through my skin. "You will agree to not say that again." My eyes were open, but everything was black and his voice seemed far away.

Then, then I heard her unzip something. Oh, what was that? My wife was nude she would not need to unzip anything. Karen wiggled on the bed and I swear I heard jeans being pulled down. My wife did not say a word.

While all this was going on, Adam and I were sitting on the couch taking it all in. Neither of us had said a word and neither of us made a move to interfere. We had traded knowing nods with one another a few times, and shared smiles, but neither had spoken a word. It had been almost an hour and a half, and these two hot wives of ours were so into each other that they barely even knew we were still in the room. After coming back to earth from her second orgasm, Jenna glanced over at us and got a surprised, almost embarrassed look on her face.

Susan had to concede the truth of Tammy's words. Susan's eyes shifted to Tammy's hands.

"Maybe you should just remove the top so he can get all of you," suggested one of the guys.

"If you mean predestination, no, I don't. If you mean something that results from the twist of the cosmic tumblers, yes, I do. Why?"

"No, I'm just buying this time." I replied.

Darlene told Suzy about the last visit to the doctor, she was told her breasts were developing milk nicely and that she should be lactating soon. The problem is, that was a few weeks ago, and Darlene is still seeing nothing! Suzy detected the disappointment in her voice and asked her why this upset her.

"Ja the engines are charging up and we will be ready in about fifteen minutes." Then as an after-thought he asked," Miss Sherwood is not joining us?"

"YES! YES! Oh GOD YES! Fuck me harder, I want it harder!"

Now, as Elaine slowly, slowly, SLOWLY fed every inch, every goddammed millimeter of that implacable hardness inside me, I realized that she was going to let the nubile young beauty lying nude next to me play with the controls. I was in big trouble. I flexed my neck and the dog collar held me fast. I was in big, big trouble.

Amanda smiled at me, a wicked smile. Then she spoke. Clearly. Decisively. "Drop the towel, Audrey."

She, on the other hand, cannot get enough of him. A lot of times she has already cum even before they were fully naked, and three or four more after they do. And we are not even talking of weekends yet.

When we got back, Marketa set me in the tent gently and got me a bottle of water and started cooking dinner again. I felt protected and cared for and if I asked for her to get me something, she would probably would've done it. She made my hotdog and put ketchup on it for me and even sat next to me and ate; we laughed and joked about my condition.

Pappy went into the house and made a phone call to Jennie that lived on the next farm over. Jennie said that he was more then welcome to come over for some company after Kitten was in for the night. Jennie's idea of company meant a little adult loving. They had been friends since before both of their spouses died, but it had only been in the last year that they helped with the 'itch' that seemed to creep up on them from time to time. Pappy didn't want his precious Kitten offended so they agreed on a time late enough that Kitten would be in bed.

Well 7:45 rolled around and I decided it was time to head home. When I arrived at the house my husband’s car was there and the lights were on but the screen door was shut. I was nervous with anticipation. I was sure we were going out somewhere for the evening.

She lifted herself back up half way and effected the rotation, four sets of internal squeezes as she slid back down. Two.

She sighed and stood up stretching her small frame, her spine unfurling after a long afternoon of sitting in her desk chair. She thought of all horrendous things she could do to make James pay for making her wait. Fingernail pulling, whipping, beheading, tar and feathering, Chinese water torture, her mind weighed them all. It wasn’t any good though, her plotting always brought her right back to how much she actually liked the man. If he squirmed a little though, that might be fun to watch, she thought. She reached up to close the window and was startled to hear someone speak behind her. The words broke her thoughts and made her jump.

"How could I forget" I replied. "It was awesome. I feel a lot closer to you now"

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He said, "OK, you're in charge of the music, I'm in charge of the rest."

I held her nose and mouth until she was starting to turn red. Then letting her mouth open I tossed the pill to the back of her throat as she took a deep breath and covered her mouth so she couldn't breathe again. I informed her that I would keep depriving her of air until she swallowed. She tried hiding the pill and swallowing, but I've seen all the tricks. It took four tries but she eventually swallowed it.

Still, it was just a picture. People could look totally different from what a picture portrayed. But cameras didn't lie. Neither did his immediate provocation. He didn't understand what was so striking about the lil' darlin'. She was just a child, but that didn't seem to stop what he really wanted to do to her.

"So ... whatcha gonna give me to get to know 'em better?" She spoke with a sort of country familiarity.

I never went into any type of deep thought about the answer. I said yes, and I committed myself to performing. I was nervous, but nervous that I would not do well, rather than I was doing it at all. Later that day I thought about what was going to happen. I was going to be naked in front of both Anne and Randy. They would do things to my body that I had never experienced before. How would I control myself? What would I feel?

"Millie, that's hurtful how can you say that about me, your innocent husband, as if I'd take advantage of an intoxicated young lady like Jess, hehe."

emmy smiled at that thought, as it matched her own desires. she scurried off and came back with a dress shirt, tie and matching slacks, along with dark socks and dress shoes. she took care in placing each article of clothing on My body, kissing My bare skin before covering it again.

"There, what do you think?"

Jim seemed to have seen enough and stiffened his back. I could see he was on the brink. Barb, still doggy style was just about spent when he exploded. Not wanting to cum inside her, perhaps out of some respect for me, he grabbed the base of his cock. He whipped it out of her cunt and began stroking it from base to tip, each stroke tighter and faster. Barb turned her ass around just in time to catch his spouting cum all over her face, eyes and open mouth. He stood at the edge of the bed as Barb knelt in front of him and sucked his spewing cock for remains. His cock finally went limp.

"Mike had been trying to hold back waiting for me, and when he heard me cum, I'm sure he felt me squeeze his cock too. He pulled out hard and then slammed once more into me before shooting his cum deep into my bowels. I don't know for sure, but I think Mom came then too. I let myself down onto the bed, but with my ass still in the air and Mike still inside me, leaning over my back and breathing hard. Mom went to the head and brought back a towel. As Mike went soft, his cock oozed out of me. Mom wiped him off, and then put the towel around my butt. She told me to roll over so that I was sitting on the towel, and Mike's cum ran out of me. I had never seen him cum so much. It looked like several spoonfuls. I gingerly felt my poor asshole to see if it was damaged. Luckily it seemed to be OK, although still stretched open slightly, so that my finger went in easily and came out covered with cum and lube."

* * * * *

My hard-on hadn't diminished, and was becoming even stronger with this treatment, but her kisses denied me an answer. But without saying any more, and purely by body movements, she manoeuvred us until she was lying under me with her legs wide open and my penis pressing against the mattress. She reached between our bodies, causing me to get up on my hands and knees, and took hold once again of my penis.

Watching her get settled, Jeremy seemed impatient. His erection was back to its former glory and he unconsciously stroked it. Once her heels were secured in the stirrups, two women took her hands and held them out away from her sides. They cuffed them to rings in the frame so that Sophie was totally helpless. The sling was adjusted to allow Jeremy to approach her open legs; her swollen, exposed sex was at the height of Jeremy's hips.

The scarecrows always made her smile; they looked goofy, and not at all scary to her. But the scarecrows in the field that evening were different. The farmer had dressed them up, especially for Halloween. There were two, one at each end of the field, and as Alice approached the one nearest to her she cringed. It looked hideous. The only thing that Alice could rationalise it as, in her own mind, was a Pumpkin Man, not a scarecrow. She had a morbid fascination with it, so moved closer, to get a better look. The black tuxedo adorning the thing looked very out of place, especially when compared with the pumpkin it had, instead of a head.

I recalled the previous occasions of my display for him, unbeknownst to Don as we made love and Bobbie stood at open bedroom door and, in the dim light, watched the lovemaking.

"Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah."

Moaning deep in his chest, he slid forward slightly, letting her have full access to his cock. While she licked around him, he slid his fingers up and down the length of her slit, tracing the shape of her lips. Then as he felt her lips slide over the head of his cock, he slid a finger down her slit, letting it part the lips, then slide back up before sliding deep into her, wiggling as it entered her.

She was actually going to have five black guys at once. Sandra had never been gang banged before, she had told me that she had a fantasy about being taken by a group of black males. And tonight her fantasy was coming true.

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"Didn't you say several people were coming tonight," I said standing from the table, trying to break the enveloping aura of inevitability.

"No." I said honestly. "But, is this going to be an all night thing?" I was thinking about the rest of the homework I had to do.

It was just a normal day I guess same old thing, get up early, go to work, come home, eat dinner, walk the dog, play on the net, go to bed.

However, Thasra's hopes for Lizzy replacing her in her master's white sheets and under his coarse woollen blanket were not to be fulfilled. Enoch bade Lizzy go, which she did, picking up her ragged dress as she left, her full round buttocks and her proud gait outlined in the candle-light as she went through the door. He then drank the whole of his beaker of ale, and poured another helping from the flagon. A trail of ale dribbled down his chin, which he brushed off with the back of his hand, and then belched loudly and with a slight whiff of the cabbage and beef stew he'd been eating earlier that evening.

Snuggled up next to you, we had both been resting after our last play time, and subsequent bathing and then just being together. I reached across your chest, started gently caressing you. You smiled and nodded at me, closing your eyes again. I find my hand running down your neck, around your nipple, first one then the other. Leaning I start to lick and suck on one as I tease and squeeze the other.

Eric grinned over her shoulder, "But Sarah, that's the whole idea. What fun would it be if there weren't a possibility of knocking you up?""

Feeling secluded, she untied her bra strap and lowered the top from her generous breasts until it reached the upper part of her nipples. She applied enough # 8 sun block to make her glisten like an ear of buttered corn, put on her sunglasses, stretched out, and worried some about the upcoming party. What if she didn't cut it? Sandy's and Jan's friends were wealthy and socially top-drawer. It meant so much to Bill to cultivate friends that had money to invest. When in Rome, she thought, adapt or drown.

“Day after day, many time each day, you went to your room and closed your eyes and saw yourself fucking me! That’s true isn’t it?”

"It was just the cat," I said. But I didn't let go of her right away. Her skin burned against mine; there were soft places and firm places, parts that pressed insistently against me and parts that gave beneath my fingertips. "Are you all right?"

Terry took the camcorder from Justin and directed him to sit next to Trish on their big, blue couch. He turned it on and started filming the two while they sat down.

“Grrrarr, fuck! Hngh! Hngh!”

Myself and Edward Brenner were especially palsy when it came to these magazines, swapping them on a regular basis. Often we'd get together to peruse them at Ed's older brother's house, a roomy old place on the opposite side of town, past all the auto repair shops. I'd ride my bike there with a few magazines tucked inside my shirt and just down the front of my pants. Ed actually kept his stash at his brother's house, in the guest bedroom upstairs.

Most of Mom's Lamaze training became useless because some complications arose and a Cesarean had to be performed. He was forced to stay outside in the Waiting Room while Aunt Jane with Mom in the delivery room. He was overjoyed the nurse announced that he now had a healthy baby brother, 9 pounds 7 ounces. The nurse led him into the hospital room where his mother laid dreamily in the bed holding the little baby. He kissed Mom on the forehead and held his sleepy baby brother cautiously.

When I got to the counter and asked about it, I was told by a tall, very handsome young man that it would be a few minutes as there were several women ahead of me and that only one of two women contracted to do the fitting had been able to come. I said that I could wait a little while and walked away, but not without a backward glance at the handsome young man I had just spoken to. When I looked back to steal a glance, he had turned around and I got a great look at his very tight ass. I must have stared for a moment because he turned around and caught me looking. I blushed and hurried off to another part of the store.

Within minutes, Tom was in the bedroom and had shed his tie and loosened his shirt buttons.

We all got into our bathing suits and went out to the grill in the pool area. We all contributed to the preparation of the food, in order to get it done as soon as possible - after all, we still had plenty of other things we wanted to do!

Slowly turning around, she tilted her head back, and parted her lips for a kiss. His hands immediately went to her breasts as he bent down to kiss her. Melissa felt him groping around at the top of her expensive dress, almost ripping it, as he tried to get his hands inside. He finally pushed her dress from her shoulders and pulled it down. His touch felt like fire when his fingertips finally dipped inside the lace cups of her bra. Melissa could feel his urgency, his desire, and she was happy that it matched hers. She heard a slight tear, then a loud rip. In his lustful state he had torn her bra apart. The round curves and softness of her large breasts were now totally exposed to the night air. Melissa didn't care that he had ripped her bra. She had waited three long hours for this, and a torn piece of clothing wasn't going to dampen her excitement.

Helen smiled a great big smile at him, flashing a perfect set of brilliant white teeth. 'I'm the sort of demon that seduces married men into adulterous sex,' she whispered, and then kissed him again.

"Get ready for your penalty dare," Jen said as she slid up to me.

The naked Agent trembled as he ran his Checker up the sleek, polished skin of an inner thigh… She turned her head, craning her neck to see him. Her eyes found his, and she read them in an instant.

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The attractive mother of five had never had a man cause her to climax twice so quickly. Then again, she had never had a man so well endowed. As she came down from her second orgasm, she was surprised to see that her dark lover was still going strong. He lowered her so that she could stand on her quivering legs and pulled out. She felt a great emptiness even though she was exhausted from her two orgasms.

Jim found the translation of "Jim no ka oi" to be "Jim is best".

"Nah, I don't think she meant it that way," Kelly offered. "Besides, how do you know you won't find the outfit that makes you feel most sexy at the store?"

Washing her hands, Sarah watched the deepening blush rush upward in Alanis' pretty cheeks as her girlfriend pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, spreading small pink lips of a smoothly-shaved sex with her brightly-painted pink fingernails. Pretending to do mascara, Alanis' wide-set green eyes followed with heated curiosity as Brandi spread shapely legs and straddled the white-porcelain toilet. Instead of sitting, she made a show of fingering an aroused clit as she pee'd, beautiful legs spread wide so Alanis could see everything. Alanis saw. Patting her pussy dry with a tissue, straightening the panty-crotch with an authoritative snap and tugging the short skirt back down, Brandi went to the lav and washed her hands.

They told Angela what had happened, and She asked Steph how she was feeling. Steph replied that she felt weird, like it really didn't matter, but she was still hurt over it. Angela offered to have the girls spend the weekend with Her, and they accepted. Steph perked up when She offered the weekend to her. Angela said goodbye to her slaves, and made another phone call. She told the person:


Well I couldn't argue with that logic so I settled myself into her comfy chair and waited until she presented herself for the evening. I turned WBGO on the radio and listened to some Billie Holiday as I bided my time. I have always been a sucker for Billie's unique style the way she turns a phrase on its ear or flips the emphasis from front to back giving a happy song a sadder tone or a sad song a defiant tone. So as I sat there falling in love with Billie for the one-millionth time, my date made her arrival.

“Have a seat.” The Principal said, motioning to the chairs across from his desk.

Both nodded feebly.

Robby then worked his way up from Jane's pussy. He was kissing her belly and eventually he was sucking and squeezing her boobs. I could see one of his hands disappear beneath the sheets. I just knew that he was fixing to guide his fat prick into her virgin pussy. I saw his buttocks thrust forward, even though they were still covered by the sheet. Jane let out a long low moan. I have to admit that I was excited watching "Little Miss Prim and Proper" lose her cherry. Robby then began to pump his cock in and out of her. I imagined that is what he was doing as his buttocks rose and fell under the sheet. Jane was in ecstasy. She was letting herself go and seemed to be enjoying it. It didn't take Robby long to build up to a steady rhythm between her legs. As I lay there I desperately wanted to see his thick cock pumping her tight pussy.

"Yes Mrs Edwards. I'd really like…"

As I came up for air with her stroking my head she said she had a confession to make. Good God, I thought, I hope she isn’t going to tell me she’s really a hermaphrodite with a big cock strapped back against her arse and that instead of being the ravisher I was about to become the ravished! But it was even worse. She was a virgin, she said, and I had been designated as deflowerer, or whatever the term is! Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, I said, plunging back into the fray until she howled for mercy.

Most girls don't come to college virgins like I did. I know that. But what I wasn't prepared for was that my freshman roommate would turn out to be a total slut. Or that she would have such a bad effect on me.

"I know I just want your cock," Katina said as she started to undo Jonathan's pants. Sliding her hand inside his pants Katina found his cock hard and ready for her. "Looks like he wants to be inside me too."

"This is so you can look up into his eyes," she elaborated "eye contact is vital when you're starting out or with a new partner. That's how you can tell how effective you're being."

His hand moved lower, tracing along her stomach. Then, shocking her again, he covered her pubic mound with his large hand and began to probe. Mary cried out again, the intrusion making her jump, and she began to struggle again, but his other hand held her still as he continued to knead and rub. He was touching her, his thick fingers rubbing and exploring, encircling the taut nub of flesh that had brought her so much pleasure. Despite herself, Mary could feel her body respond, to feel her sex moisten and spread for him under the insistent pressure of his fingers. Her hips began to move, grinding her sex onto his hand.

I knew what Al must have been feeling. When my wife gets extremely aroused, her Kegel muscles kick in and her vagina literally sucks a cock into her. That little ring of muscle right at the mouth of her cunt grips as tightly as many women can with their hands. Al must have been in hog heaven!

"Great. I'll see you."

Tina was still slapping Nikki's tits this way and that, occasionally leaning up to suck on the nipples.

"You're a lifesaver Gwen!" I replied.

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This incident happened 15 years ago, and is the single craziest thing my wife and I have done sexually in a marriage that is now pushing 25 years. We are now in our late 40s, and a lot has changed since that time. We have three children, sons aged 20 and 18, and a daughter who will be 14 soon. In a roundabout way, she has a small part in the story I'm about to tell.

Diane chose the latest issues of some fetish-wear magazines and three books for me to read; I paid cash. Then we stopped outside a plain black door in a side-street. Diane phoned a number from her mobile and the door opened inwards. The doorman greeted Diane warmly by another name and looked me up and down before nodding us through. We climbed the dimly-lit stairs, which were carpeted in thick, lush black.

“No way! I was just cruising around in my car. I must really have nothing on, or be really bored, to come here. Sounds pretty pathetic, I guess.”

"Well, if he's genuine and you think I'll be safe enough with him then sure, why not, I'd rather be out on the water than slaving in the kitchen." I replied.

"No!" He reached out grab me. "I want us to fuck,

"I'll be back for you when it's ready."

“I’m still searching. Look, are you sure about this? I mean, if she is guilty, fine. But if not, well, you loose your job.” His patronising attitude annoyed me.

“Mel, he got the gold ring.” Jo laughed. “Hold it tight while I pull back and don’t drop it, slut.” Jo lowered the chair, withdrawing her self from the tampon and my mouth. My face was sweaty and I could smell the mixture of her cum juice and bloody discharge. The tampon was mushy to hold and smelt too of semen. I suspected Jo had been fucked earlier before inserting the tampon.

I picked myself up and threw the pillow back at her. My erection had not flagged, and I moved a little awkwardly, but I think I covered it mostly. "Hero?" I echoed.

"As good as Clara Bow?"

Julie stopped licking at Emily's clit and Emily moved to sit on Steve's cock, sliding her way down until she had as much as she could take within her. Then she slid up and down over and over again, Julie watching closely. She reached out and played with Emily's breast.

(Eight Months Later)

The husky sounds of laughter carried though the telephone receiver. "It is an expensive set, one of the best made on this planet."

When the song changed, the partners did too. Becky had lost her dress. Her red bra and panties contrasted nicely with her skin.

“Breakfast?” I asked. “I’m starving.”

"This ol'thing." Bell smiled. "It's a little long don't you think?" The older woman's eyes moved down to the ultra short skirt on Karen's thighs.

He stopped for a moment so she could see the smile on his face, then took his other hand and began to rub the head of his cock along their victim's lips.

Any ways, I keep thinking about Kathy lying in her bed in those tight little panties. I looked over at my wife who was snoring because of a sinus condition. I slid from our bed without causing her to stir. I moved so quickly across the carpet in the dark that I didn't even hear myself.

Part 1

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I float my fingers out of you and lift them to the heat of my lips. Gazing into your eyes, brushing your sweet, wet scent past my nose and across my mouth, pouring the liquor of your desire onto my tongue. I intoxicate myself on your need to have me, and on my desire for you.

Within seconds, all five men were naked. I motioned for Steve to fall on me, to fill me with his hardness. He complied with the greatest alacrity. Alvin, his huge and heavy member clearly the instrument so feared by white racists fed himself into my receptive mouth. Mike and Duncan standing to our left stroked their cocks, watched us fuck. Miles to the right sat on the fabric covered square shaped stool in front of my vanity table. His balls hanging off the front side of the stool like a bunch of ripe grapes, he furiously stroked his cock.

I felt like I had been slapped and tears came to my eyes as Daddy, followed shortly by Charles, escorted me out. He threw me in the back of the car and slammed the door. When they both got in the front seat and Daddy began to drive Charles looked at me but spoke to Daddy.

At that moment I hoped it never stopped snowing.

"That's it Nate," exclaimed Vince, "fuck her! Fuck her good!"

"Yeah, it's no problem. I just had some trouble with my jaw. Any ways, what's up?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Why do you ask", Ron replied.

Jake sat for a moment and shook his head. "I don't know Sandy; I mean I really don't feel up to going out right now."

"That could've been you," he said to Nocturna, hearing a slur in his words.

She pulled out, the cock now covered in saliva. Marci stuck her tongue out, trying to get the cock she was so hungry for back inside her. Letting one hand go, Gwen gave the cock a good long stroke, the spit that coated it oozing through her fingers. She reached behind her and pulled her ass cheek, rubbing the saliva in. Her crotch bucked wildly as a wave of pleasure rode through her. Mindlessly she shoved the cock back in Marci's mouth. Still totally unaware of what she was doing she pushed the cock deeper, grabbing on to Marci's sloppy wet tits as she closed her eyes and bucked deeper and deeper.

Rick and Jim thrust in and out of Ann, alternating between short circular strokes making her coo and long, powerful thrusts that caused her to cry out. Sometimes entering as the other was exiting, making her pant, sometimes shoving both cocks deep inside her at once and knocking the air out of her. Ann was moaning loudly now.

"We thought that might be what you liked about it," said Mark.

Not to be left out, Darren knelt down and sucked on one tit, and Tommy turned his attention to the other. I stood back and watched, proud that this sexy, wanton woman was mine to take home when we'd all finished for the night.

It was around eleven thirty when William was doing the grind with Mary and I was off a little with Lynn and her stiletto heel broke. She tumbled to the floor; really I was not intending to look up her crotch as she fell over it just happened. Holding onto me she hopped back to the table and was seated.

“Objection sustained. Answer the question Ms. Camille.”

"Of course, wait that didn't come out right. Heather, I mean Gary, I've always found Heather sexy, but would never act on it."

"I think I should probably go. It's awfully late and I'm kind of tired," I said nervously and moved to the edge of the bed.

"Why not come over, say tomorrow evening if you are free, and try the dress on again? I promise to give you my candid opinion. Peter won't be around. He's at an office function; a retirement do I think."

Amy hadn't said "Do you no longer think I'm attractive?" or "Are you tired of drawing the same model all the time?", or "Do I no longer inspire you artistically like I did?". All of these were valid interpretations of her words, and all were quite different in meaning, and I was now sure that there would be many other possible interpretations if I stopped and thought about it for long enough. But I wasn't in the mood to play 'guess what's in my head' with this naked woman. The distracting beauty of her body had a tendency to blur rational thought.

I kept licking while her fingers again languidly ran through my hair. My knees were barking from sitting on the hard floor but the house had high ceilings and she couldn't weigh more than 90 or 92 pounds and I'll bet at least 15 of that was in her monstrous hooters. Holding onto her hips, I carefully rose to my feet, supporting her back with one hand. Easing her upright, I stood with my head thrust back slightly and her legs spread parallel to the floor, her cunt sitting on my mouth. She was squealing in delight "Oh, yeah, be careful honey, yeah, eat me, babe." Licking the fresh juices from her opening, I shifted to her clit and again sucked it into my mouth. A short time later, she locked her fingers into my hair like claws and screamed as a stream of cunt juice flooded my face.

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We wandered around the graveyard for about five minutes. Then, we found a cave that we ducked into immediately. We wandered down the passage that led into a large main chamber. Inside, large crystals littered the walls and floor. “What are they?” Asked Chen.

Finally, he relaxed and opened his eyes. "That had to be one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. Unreal.." His breath was still rapid and heavy.

With two fingers inside his girlfriend's cunt, Matt pressed another against Jane's arse. The pressure against her tight rear hole pushed Jane over the edge. Her body heaved and shuddered as she came. Her juices flooded from her cunt, coating Matt's fingers as he pumped them in and out of her quivering muffin. "Ooooooooh!" she moaned, oblivious to her surroundings as her orgasm gripped her. Forcing her mound against her boyfriend's mouth she let herself be carried away as the sensations washed over her.

“There you go girl. Lick up his cream. Take him into your mouth,” Lisa prompted.

This I know for sure. She struggled free when the black guy started squeezing her left tit. I thought she was going to leave like the others, but instead she asked the director if this was all necessary in the audition. Still taken with her beauty, the director mumbled something about how it was again critical they knew she could handle the scenes. In particular some of the more critical scenes. "What a bunch of bullshit" I found myself thinking. Lisa sat back down and was again pulled to the black guy. He continued kissing her and quickly grabbed her tits mauling them through the scarves. He pulled the scarves aside and bent down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Lisa stuck to her lines. "Dirk, what will my husband say?"

"What do you mean?" he questioned.

His name was Jorge. He paid me well for my services and I thought of him as just another rich customer. He was also Scandinavian and we shared a lot of the same things. We began our friendship just playing tennis, racket ball and having someone to talk with over dinner.

She came to me, facing me, she sat on my lap and whispered, " Take me now, before we leave the port, Daddy."

"Hey sexy, I'm coming home early, any 'surprises' I should know about?"

After a close marital "marital embrace" in the shower, we returned to the den to be welcomed by Justin asking, "Well, that took a while, didn't it?" Hayley blushed, and I gave a guilty but happily so look, and both Kate and Justin laughed. Hayley went to the back to check on the kids. I didn't know if Kate had used the outdoor shower or the indoor one, but I thought maybe an advertisement of sorts might help my chances of watching her in the shower.

"Can't you tell?" I grinned, pulling her closer again.

I promptly rummaged around for the first large shirt that I could find. The boys took advantage of my unfortunate situation by carefully examining my puffy pink nipples, which were right out in the open for the teens to observe. Finally, I found a large T-shirt and slipped it over my head. With my breasts finally covered, I made my way to the front of the store to get away from the boys.

{Adult fantasy literature. The author neither advocates nor encourages any illegal or harmful activities which may damage oneself or another; either physically or emotionally or in any other way. If you find sexual situations or drug use offensive you are free to not continue reading this story. This story is based on real people, real situations and real desires. The characters and plot are fictional, but not far from the truth.}

He was eight-years old when I moved into the house next door to his parents as a twenty one-year-old bride. I felt myself to be very much in love with Stan, and longed for our first child. I never had that child. It seemed almost as soon as we were married that Stan began to change. It was as if, having, as it were, won the prize, he no longer valued it.

"Lauren, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you better than he did, you want me too don't you?"

Danielle couldn't hide her grin. "Oh yes, it's like a smorgasbord, just take your pick..."

The food on the island was quite a mix of different items - mostly finger foods. I sliced some fresh vegetables and placed them in a tray with a bowl of white ranch dressing in the center. I prepared a tray of strawberries with a side dish of warm chocolate for dipping. I found a dish to pour honey into, which of course, was for the crepes. I searched the entire kitchen for a meat of some sort to cook, but I found none. This, apparently, wasn't going to be an ordinary dinner. I could barely concentrate with Mistress' cock filling my ass. I wondered how long she would leave it there. It seemed like hours, but only about thirty minutes had passed.

“I hope you like the way I’ve dressed,” Colleen said, noting the way Andi was watching her.

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"So, do you want to slip out to the parking lot and do something about it?"

I must have appeared forlorn as from behind me I heard "Can I help you?"

"Oh yeah...fuck me...fuck the shit out of me, fuck me so good..." Megan said as she started to enter a state of bliss. Justin could remember how tight she was, how they were completely lost in their drunken desires as he fucked her silly in the shower. Justin bit her right nipple, sending jolts of pleasure and pain through Megan's body. "Oh fuck yes...fuck, keep going, fuck me!" Megan screamed as she started to climax.

"Not yet," she said. "I still have to feel this inside me." And with that, she slid up his body, dragging her wonderful tits along his legs and over his diamond-hard cock until she had her pussy perched just above his crotch. She grabbed it with one had and started to guide it to her pussy when Paul stopped her.

Lee was getting so turned on he felt like he would cum right there as he watched his sister Trish stand naked in front of him touching herself and his other sister April have phone sex with him.

'Sorry Tony work commitments, but would loved to go with you, all those bikini clad women' said Mike with a grin.

Sherita shifted back, and my mouth trailed down her tummy, kissing her tawny flesh again and again. I hesitated when my lips brushed the edge of her tightly curled bush. She entwined her fingers in my hair and cooed "That's OK baby, go ahead. It'll be good."

"No, that's the strange thing. She said she'd wait for you."

Shula’s mother turned to her with gleaming eyes, moist with tears of exultation.’ Do it,’ she whispered.

The fist in her hair nodded her head for her.

“Oh god yes don’t stop baby doll, you always make me feel so good!” Darnell replies in a soft sexy whisper, your hips moving to the feel of my hands.

Steve spent the rest of the night worrying about how they were to manage because they didn’t have enough money to call a plumber. Breakfast wasn’t a real problem because they were able to get water from an outside tap to make coffee and they had milk and bread to make toast and thus survived the first meal! They were able to clean their teeth and wash their hands and faces at the outside tap.

"Don't I need to sign something or pay for the room?" Dan asked, thinking that she had forgotten.

"Hi girls," I waved as I walked out.

"You know their fucking each other, don't you?"

"By the way Jack I forgot to tell you that Millie is not really a maid, she is in fact James's niece, does that shock you?"

"Awww!" she cried, and wrapped her arms around me.

At 7:47 that Monday evening, Nadine answered the doorbell and greeted a petite mid-thirtish blonde who introduced herself as Merrilee and said she was selected to be the first one to work with us. She gave Nadine a tight hug and planted a wet open-mouth kiss on Nadine's startled mouth. Then she moved over to me and gave me the same kind of kiss, which I returned in kind, but she startled even me by groping my growing erection. Obviously there were going to be very few barriers to us getting into the experiment.

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“I don’t care.”

"It was easier to understand the suspension of the rule than to act on it. I forced my eyes to go on meeting his until he looked away. Then my gaze went along with his, over to the frightened girl standing before him.

Our eyes met, then we simultaneously burst out laughing with mingled embarrassment and relief. "Great minds think alike, I guess," I said.

"Wow!" said Trent, taking a step back to admire Sheree's slim, brown, hairless body. "You are a hot slut!"

I couldn’t get the key in the door fast enough. As soon as it shut behind us, he pulled me to him and we kissed ravenously, my hands clutching at his shoulders and his squeezing my leather-clad ass. He always said that was one of my best features. I began to unbutton his shirt, licking and nibbling at his chest as it revealed itself to me. As he pulled his arms out of the sleeves, I quickly removed my own top so that he could enjoy the view of my breasts in their new lacy underwear.

"Do you like watching me jack off?" he asked. Indeed, though there was still action on the TV, I was entirely looking at him.

We pulled up to the studio. I suppose I was expecting a big old time movie studio like the one I had toured when I had first come to town. Instead I saw a large warehouse with one door. Gina walked to the door and held it open for me. On the door I saw a small inscription that read: A. Productions. I walked in.

I was not expecting this question. I started to mumble something when she said, "mine are, and I was always curious if I had passed that on to her."

There was no let-up from my tongue and lips and she was soon shuddering to a climax, followed soon after by another. She writhed and moaned and whispered endearments, then shuddered again and gasped and cried out with pleasure.

"It's way too crass to talk about. I'd rather just tell you how much I love you."

"Mmmmm, I couldn't care less" you say "but okay, let's go quick!"

Barkha sucked harder, driven by his hands on her flesh, pursing her lips tightly around his thick cock. He was groaning as she continued to stroke the base of his prick and suck on his cockhead. She licked between his foreskin and his cockhead, then sucked his cockhead into her mouth once again. The act that Barkha was performing on Singh was affecting her. Although she tried to rationalize that this was not really sex, her nipples were hard and erect . She felt her pussy quivering and throbbing, discharging hot cunt juices into her panties. After a few minutes, Singh had his entire 7-inch cock in Barkha's mouth, her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He then held her head steady, with both hands and pushed his entire cock rapidly in and out of her mouth virtually gagging her. He fucked her mouth for several minutes, driving his cock deep in her throat. Barkha's hands were now holding his ass cheeks fordear life, her mouth filled completely with his cock . Her tongue licked and flicked along the underside ofhis cock as he rammed it in and out of her throat. Then, hegrabbed her head by her long black hair and roughly moved herhead back and forth along his prick as he continued to fuck intoher cock hungry mouth.

I lay back, resting my cheek against your thigh as the movie continued. We both had our eyes closed; the others thought we'd fallen asleep, commenting it was cute that even in your sleep you played with my hair (Tangling it beyond toleration, by the way...)

After a moment Rose stopped and turned me so my back was at the spillway of the spa. She patted her hand on the tiles of the spillway and said, "Why don't you sit up here and I'll show you something else I'm good at."

Kevin smiled and reached out to trace Keely's full lips, with his broad tipped fingers. "I was just surprised that you would know someone though e-mail, but you've never met him in person." Trailing off, her leaned forward and kissed her small pert nose. "Now, back to the original concern of tonight, I'm going to make you see that I want you and only you. Do you still want to play?" At her small nod, Kevin's smile broadened into a grin. "I want you to kiss me Keely. Kiss me with all that passion you've been storing up for me at work."

The men were in various stages of undress, aroused beyond the point of restraint by this sexy, intelligent and adorable woman. It was as much as I could do not to rush out and join them as my own excitement had now reached painful proportions!

Last was Danny (short for Daniella). Tall and evenly proportioned, she definitely looked the dominatrix type. Kaley still wasn't sure about Danny, but tonight would tell.

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