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With a small, sharp intake of breath, Janet stiffened and tensed her whole body before relaxing back onto the bed again.

13. Happiness is a Warm Gun

"No kidding! Sure I know Tom. He and his friends came in early this evening for a beer."

"Not really! But it was god damn nice, Don, you give good head for an old guy." She glanced at the booth. "He's been watching. He's all right, isn't he?"

I knew why Donald had asked me that question and when he turned from the window I got up on all fours and lowered my head to the mattress. My ass was in the position he liked and I was happily waiting for him to come and take his pleasure and give me pleasure at the same time. It just did not get any better than this.

What would Charles Bigelow think if he could see me now, Rogers wondered. The last time they had seen each other, Rogers had just been transformed by the House of Fabulous into a smoking hot piece of ass. The sight of Rogers and Terry Poindexter in drag had been enough to send Bigelow into cardiac arrest, and after Rogers reverted to his male persona and took control of Tyrex Industries, he had moved quickly to oust Bigelow as CEO and install himself as his successor.

"You're just fine. If you weren't my sister, I'd date you."

"So what are we gonna do?" Paul inquires slowly.

I press the tip into your nipple, slowly entering it, blood beginning to run from it. I move to the other, the knife again making tiny slits, moving to the nipple again, pushing hard into it.

"Anything that keeps him busy and helps to keep him mellow is OK by me," I told them. It also kept him from bothering Mother.

"Mmmmm. Sounds good. Let me know when it's done, I'm going to go up and take a shower." A cold shower, he told himself.

"But it does list a great many different demons in it?"

She scooted closer to me and placed a hand on my thigh.

"Mmmmm," I moaned while I was kissing his neck.

"We had an appointment at 2:30."

“If I agree you’ll let my father go?” She asked. Though the mere thought of this man pawing her already sends tremors of revulsion through her body…if by letting this walrus fuck her means her father’s freedom, she’ll do it.

"You and mom are pretty unusual, you know that. Right?" Alex sounded real serious. For a moment I thought maybe something was wrong. "Kinda, yeah. We certainly do things our own way. Why? Is it affecting you somehow?"

She began to watch herself. She seemed to be fascinated with the motion between her legs. Her masturbation began to speed up. Although she was quieter than before, she had an expression of intense concentration on her face. Both of her hands began to move and a satisfied smile came across her face. Her motions grew faster and more insistent.

Relieved to have anything at all to cover her nakedness she quickly but carefully struggled into them. When she had them on I had her stand with her hands behind her head so I could admire how she looked in them. Extremely cute, especially with her bright red boots. I had her turn around so I could enjoy the rear view as well.

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"Oh, I see, you mean a real Pizza man" she said, as she moved past me into the house.

At last, the first rays of light illuminated the sky ahead of her. Having lost all track of time, Yanari could feel her physical and mental fatigue, but was unsure whether she had just made it through a long night or a short night. In fact, she realized that she had no sense of time in general for this planet. She knew nothing of rotation speed, angle of axis, width at the equator...

I was browsing the vegetable aisle of the local supermarket, as I am wont to do, indulging my secret vice. I had already invested in a nice fat carrot and a smooth, juicy cucumber, and was fondling the aubergines, enjoying their luscious taut shiny purple skin and thinking about which shape and girth I would like best. I felt someone's eyes on me and looked up, to meet the gaze of a woman on the other side of the rack. She looked about my age, though somewhat prettier, I thought, with short hair and an amused smile touching her lips. I blushed, wondering if she knew what I was thinking, and selected an aubergine at random.


"Best of we just sit still and relax Amy, that is what I have always been told dear". Mark said in an authoritative way.

“It might, but I’ll go easy on you.” I grabbed a tube of KY from the nightstand. “Would you like to suck me a little first?”

In particular, this story almost begs for an alternate ending in which Ethyl leaves Tony home with the new baby, but goes off with another man promising to bring him home another baby to take care of. After all he was just her FIRST mate, not the only one. Indeed, with a little tweaking, we could probably discover that the first baby isn't Tony's either. But I'm just not in a nasty enough mood right now to write it. Any takers?

"Yeah, there were also some secret prototype files and upgrades hidden deep within the computer core. I doubt that even Sam was aware of these files."

Almost as if in confirmation of this Willow stopped her rhythmic rocking and rested her bottom on the heels of her feet and the hand that she was using to penetrate herself before started moving rapidly, and although Drew couldn't see from her position she guessed that her roommate was could no longer hold back and wanted to masturbate herself to orgasm as quickly as she could now. Whilst she played with her clitoris her heavy breathing and quiet whimpering turned to speech "Oh god…that feels so good…I'm so close, I have to come, I ooooooooohhhhh" and with that Willow began to come.

"Would you like a hand-job?" she asked.

"I'm really honored, Renee, and I would be happy to do it," he said.

"What?" I repeated my question more forcefully this time, although a smile was beginning to push through.

Ma shot a look at her younger son, “So says the next Johnny Dillinger. Lawmen do what they dam please. And now we got the lot of ‘em coming after us.”

"This...this isn't my fault, is it?" Matt asked softly.

*grins* midnight blue silk nighty. my favorite. it's hot as hell here tonight.

Suddenly I heard someone knock on the car window and my mother’s voice called out, “Sara, come on, honey. We’re ready to leave.”

“I can see that!”

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"What about you, Devon?" Pamela wondered, turning her attention toward the charming blonde. "If Camille goes with Trish and Lindsay, and Amy and me go and do our own thing... what do you plan on doing today?"

Ashley closes her eyes and tries to imagine how she got herself into this mess. She finally opens her eyes and tells me that she will do it, but first I have to alter the other girl's pictures.

"Easily solved. April, bend over."

"Hell yeah i would, but only if it was someone i knew well, just to be safe, cuz you know chickens like to go telling dey business every mother fucking place right.? So id be careful."

He responded by renewing the teasing assault, his tongue only lightly touching her clit for a second before returning to licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She gasped when it jabbed against her wet entrance, pushing inside her to lick out the juices. Bucking against his mouth, her hips desperately tried to force contact to her clit.

Melanie bent forward and kissed my cheeks, making me whimper. Her hand was still cupping and teasing my pussy.

"Please, no!" she begged, "I'll be fired from my job, my marriage will be ruined... I'll lose everything!"

"Oooooooh, TIM! Aaaaaaaah." My breath was short, as were my cries, as he expertly brought me to orgasm with his mouth and hands as I clamped him with my leg, trying to draw him deeper into my sex. "Oh wow!" I echoed, as I came down from the high.

"Ohhhhhh yeaahhhhh," I moaned.

As Marci began walking off, Cedric called her back, and made a request. Marci thought it was a wonderful thing to ask and promised him to do it. Cedric had asked her to email him a photo of her pussy as a trophy, the first shaven pussy he'd ever seen.

The final two weeks of his wait were agony to Byron. After his last visit from Jared, Byron was hooked completely. Even before the visit Byron had wanted to do anything to make Jared happy. Now he would sell his soul to the devil himself if that was what Jared wanted.

Taking heed of his request, I lowered my hand across my hard nipples, down to the nether regions of my womanhood.

"Oh yeah" my mom uttered as I started working two fingers inside her ass. I fingered her ass for a minute, getting it nice and warmed up to take my hard cock. My mom looked at me from her awkward position, "Okay honey, it's ready, put your cock inside me now."

The morning that Byron was expecting a call from Jared, he had woke early. He had a lot of things to do today. The day before Byron had called up a friend, Jason, and had him help wax Byron’s entire body, including his pubes. Byron was out of the house early and made his first stop at eight when the jewelry store opened. He was out within minutes, his specialty order in hand. Then Byron made a few other stops, picking up items here and there. As soon as Jared had told him of the future date, Byron had booked an entire week’s vacation. He planned on spending it worshiping his step-brother.

Ward takes my toe out of his mouth. With a little pout, I pop open an eye. "Why did you stop? I mean, uh, what was that about?" Yeah, Lynn, try to make it sound like you weren't about to completely surrender to Ward. Who is fooled? Oh yeah...no one.

"Boy, I wish my titties were as big as yours, Eva."

"Yes, I guess it does. And it makes you the most hansom man on the beach, too"!

I do as I'm ordered. I feel you behind me, feel your arms go around my neck. Then I feel you slip a blindfold over my eyes. You take my by the hand and lead me up the stairs to the living room.

After initial fun with my slut, I found myself resting on the bed in our shared hotel room, wondering what else we could get up to while I was visiting London.

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That's when I had an idea. I call it the breast bath. I turned around, and started rubbing his body with my breasts. The soap on his body made things very slippery. The catch was, he couldn't use his hands. Which meant that I was rinsing his body with soap and my breasts. I first rubbed his torso like that. Then I slowly went down on my knees and rubbed his thigh. Then I parted his legs, and rubbed the area between his balls and anus. And finally I went down to his toes. He tried to pinch my nipples with his toes. He was groaning with pleasure now.

I was beginning to feel real bad making her beg for my cock. But still I ignored her and kept teasing her asshole.

"I knew we could do it, Di," said Ian softly. "I can't wait to get you back to our breeding cell and show you how excited I am to have a baby on the way."

He quickly stripped off his swimming costume, and kneeled at the foot of the lounge, gripped my legs and slid me down on my ass until my pussy was inches from his face, and his torso held my legs apart.

"Can I help you?" she asked in an quiet, unsure voice.

"Oh, no, dear, just doing a mother's job," Bertha replied calmly. "And baby, he's probably the only guy you can have sex with and I won't complain about. Until you get married, of course, and I would rather have you wait until then, but if you are so horny that you can't tell between man and woman, I might have to enforce a few changes around here."

The next man, without hesitation, shoved his cock in my mouth. "I want you to swallow my cum, bitch," he told me. I immediately took his cock down to the base, deep-throating him. Within a few thrusts, he couldn't hold out any longer and shot his load down my throat. I swallowed quickly, getting every last drop down my throat. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show that I had done his bidding.

Jim went around to Sally's head and stuck his still hard member into her mouth. He immediately began to deep throat her. Jim shoved all ten inches completely into Sally's mouth. She gagged at first, but soon got used to the size of Jim's dick. Jim furiously pumped Sally's mouth and throat for all he was worth.

“Then let’s drink.” I said.

The feeling got more intense and I moved against her moaning even louder.

“No, he told me that I’m not supposed to be alone with you.” Willow’s tone let it be known that she didn’t think he was that great of a threat.

Gabrielle made eye contact with him, his piercing gaze seemed to burn right through to her very soul. As a charming smirk crept across his face, she came to the uneasy realization that he'd witnessed she and Vincent's lovemaking the previous evening. Being taken by total surprise, Gabrielle was completely dumbfounded. Before she could muster some sort of response, the Stranger vanished seemingly into thin air.

MSN messenger connected and informed me of the myriad of e-mails awaiting my attention. Of course, they'd be the usual crap, mixed in with the less usual spam, and the occasional one of interest, but I had no reason to believe they'd be anything other than an inbox full of rubbish as usual. And I wasn't to be disappointed either. There was a page full of offers for penis extensions, fertilizer for your cock so that it would grow three extra inches in as many months, the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee video, and goat weed or whatever "natural" high was the current vogue. Same old same old. And one more...

"Oh, it 'bothers' me alright! But not in the way you might think. I told you earlier about my Dad and my brother Jerry. What I didn't tell you was that they were both even more generous in their teaching me the sexual pleasures of life than in teaching me self defense. They were both my lovers from the time Jerry and I were just kids. It started first with Jerry and I just exploring each others bodies and playing around with each other. But it didn't take long before we were fucking each other silly every chance we got. And we made damn sure we had PLENTY of opportunities," she laughed.

Cristin opened her door and was instantly hit with the fragrant smell of home cooking, and if her nose was to be trusted, then it was very good cooking at that. All three of the girls did cook on occasions, when they were all together for dinner or it was a special occasion, but the difference was that tonight it smelt more heavenly than ever.

"Well, I don't believe that a Mother showing her love for her son through sex is right."

Down came the crop again. "SIX!" she screamed "SEVEN!!" beads of perspiration ran down over her body... "OH GOD!!!! EIGHT!"... she knew it was nearly over... Pain seared through her again.. "NINE!!!" her body arched in response.

He grabbed her hips and forced her to grind harder. He egged her on with names such as, "Bitch" and "Whore" reminding her that only nasty sluts fuck their Daddys. Connie growled and sneered, coming back with her own nasty retorts, reminding her Daddy that only dirty old men fuck their daughters.

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Moment of worry as he gasps as I'm sucking him. "What are you doing?" he says in a panicked voice himself. He says it is lovely but overwhelming. Surprised yet oddly pleased, I slide up to him again and we kiss and I am him and he is me and we sort it out later.

I also began patrolling the hallway at night, past his bedroom door, hoping to hear him in the act of jacking-off. I really didn't know just what I'd do if I did. All I could think about was having his cock in my pussy. He solved the problem for me.

The second floor was quite a bit raunchier with pictures of full S&M bondage scene. Woman being fucked while being strapped to a swing, woman being double penetrated while blindfolded, a picture of woman blindfolded being gangbanged. Lucy was extremely interested in these pictures and took a long time to walk round this gallery. We spend a good twenty minutes in that room, not saying much but holding hands, we then went up to the third floor. The third floor is basically just full of little cabins showing various porn films, with curtains so that you can't see whose in them. This was the real reason for coming to the Sex Museum, this would be the make or break 'ice breaker'.

We had a very nice dinner. Every now and then some of Daddy's pals came up to our table, had Daddy to introduce them, then explaining that they wanted to ask something of my father. They all chatted with me explaining how grateful Dad should be having such a lovely daughter. In a way it was nice, if in the long run slightly boring. But this was what Daddy obviously wanted when bringing me to the club.

"That's even better. I've been waiting to have sex with him, but I didn't know if he would want to since we're friends and all," Rochelle explained.

After a few moments I am able to speak I turn my head to face my accommodating neighbor and say, “ Hi my name is Julia, this is my husband Seth, it is very nice to meet you. Gently he takes my hand and lightly places a kiss on the top of it and says my name is Marc and the pleasure is all mine. But if you will excuse me for a moment I am in need of a slight adjustment in my pants. With that said he rose from his seat and made his way to the restroom.

"I didn't say that," she said protesting again.

But my mind was decided for me as Stacey gently guided my head to the bowl, and slowly lowered it to the water. I didn't stop her as I closed my eyes. When the tip of my nose touched the cold water, I extended my tongue.....and began lapping. Stacey squealed in delight as she watched her mother further degrade herself.

"No, that bored me to tears, did you drive hear alone? We could go sit in your car and turn the heat on."

A man can only take so much and he's about to explode, so he slides up and parts her legs, placing them above his shoulders. He enters her quickly and plunges himself deep within her, as she gasps and wiggles beneath him. He pumps her hard, pushing down inside her, then sliding up to his tip and back in again. "Can you take me all angel? Can you take my cock this deep in you honey?" He whispers in her ear.

"Twelve with the crop on each nipple. Right over the clamps. Then twenty more on the clit. I want it to truly SNAP."

Qing gently cupped Annie's breasts, squeezing them and rolling each nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Annie moaned with pleasure, her breathing becoming more rapid and soft sighs escaping from her dry lips. Qing lowered her head and sucked on her hardened nipples, chewing one gently, while pinching the other between her thumb and forefinger. Annie loved the attention her breasts were receiving from the younger woman. It had been a long time since she had these feelings, since feeling a mouth sucking at her breast or a hand manipulating her erect nipples. Qing reached down with both hands and unfastened Annie's skirt. Her hands pushed the waist of the skirt down over Annie's hips until it feel in a pile at her feet.

"You already know."

She let her hands drift to her thighs, gently caressing them, feeling her way to her warm, wet womanhood. The feeling was electric; the touch of her hands against her freshly shaved pussy was almost too much to bear.

Much to my surprise when I tried to push my acing cock into Tina's little ass ring I found it was much to tight for my nine and a half in dick. She let out a slow soft moan as I let the tip of my cock play just inside her puckered back hole. But there was no way she could take it.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her legs wrapped around me and threatened to crush me. I think her fingers drew blood. She couldn’t even scream. Her mouth was opened but only a quiet high-pitched tight squeak came out. I don’t know if she felt me cumming inside her. I don’t think she cared. We lay there a few minutes though she began to loosen her grip after the first minute. Still, I’m willing to bet it was the longest orgasm she’d ever had.

I pointed out that an excited girl lubricated and that a scared girl did not. The first thing we needed to do was get Diane relaxed and then excited. I continued smoothly by saying that the joint she was smoking had obviously relaxed her a little.

In her head the voice spoke again, "Lay on the stump."

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"Oh my god." Faith let loose, not anticipating that she would have to do the same.

* * * * *

After a strenuous two hours we took a break and Vonda said, "The stars aren't all of it baby. There are three guys at the tattoo parlor and whichever one puts the new star on gets to fuck me too. He doesn't get a star because that's their pay for doing the job."

Then Becky backed away, stood up, and moved to the other bed. She took her position on her back, holding out her arms for Kristin. Kristin moved quickly to join her lover, burying her head between Becky’s legs, straddling her face with her dripping pussy.

Throughout the years I was not disappointed however. I got to watch her grow into a smart, beautiful woman. Ashley was not bashful around me, she went to bed in a t-shirt and panties and spent most of the day that way. Many times I got glimpses of her tits as they grew and developed and each time I got so hard that I would have to cover myself in some manner. Every time I touched her I got an erection, seeing her nipples poking against her shirt or bikini top would send me to the bathroom. Seeing her tits naked through the armhole of her shirt, or collar as she bent over would send me into a frenzy, which my wife would enjoy the benefits of.

He took that as a signal that it was time to feed her. I don't think that she cared what I thought or did at this point. She had clearly lost all control. He gently clasped the back of her head and gently forced her full lips onto the head of his penis. Her lips lingered as she kissed the flared head wetly. She moaned again and shook with an apparent orgasm without being touched. Simply kissing the head of his cock had caused her to have an orgasm. He looked over at where I lay and smiled contemptuously. My wife had her lips on his cock and I was in the same room not more than eight feet from them. I never thought that I'd be this excited to see my wife in this position.

"That's why i was at the adult book store." She said blushing slightly. "It's been a long time, and I needed some relief."

"No. No. No. No. No." said Caroline, but more as a dreamy murmur than as a true negative.

His hands lifted up, and now the index finger of both hands lightly traced up and down from her shoulders to the elbows. She twitched and giggled softly. "That tickles, but your fingers feel so good."

The next movie started and the pizza delivery man started giving the young housewife more than she had ordered. Suddenly Leanne felt a hand touch her hip, what was going on, she didn't move, the hand moved up and touched her under the breast. For dinner Leanne had dressed in a lacy bra and light blouse so she felt the touch on the most sensitive under side of her breast and it was electric.

"Well Brett," I grinned, circling his nametag with my long, dark red fingernail. "I was just imagining how much smoother this large butt plug would slide in, if it had been used as a gag first! Would you, in that situation, get it nice and wet before hand, if you knew where it was soon headed to?" I questioned watching his expression closely.

"B-because," she stammered, feeling courage for the first time, "Because I don't want you here any more, beating on me and treating me like dirt."

Wendy and I embraced tenderly, trying not to feel each other up in front of the doctor and the anesthesiologist and the nurse! We did our best, but Doctor Panshin did grin and I heard him say as I went under,

Gerry’s bottom jaw almost hit the desk. He had assumed that Chris had sent the girl to his office, with the lunch he had offered, and a whole lot more. Could it really have been Mr. Dolan who supplied the answers to his stress, his hunger, and the project? He wasn’t sure he ever wanted to know. Shutting down his computer, he headed for home, and with the memory of his stress therapist still clear in his mind, perhaps a hot shower and a little light hand relief was in order…….. then sleep. A fitting end to a very suck-sesful day.

"I...I'm gonna...oh, God, Ben! I'm gonna come!" she cried. I could feel her fingernails digging into the flesh of my ankles where she had hold of them. Her bottom was moving so fast I was worried my fingers would go in too deep and hurt her, but she didn't seem to mind. "Oh...God! Oh...God! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

After a few minutes, Toni walked into the room and knelt near the door. She remained silent until Tracey looked at her. Getting up the nerve, she spoke, "All is ready mistress."

"Faster," she pleaded.

I looked at the pulsating organ, breath quickening at the thought of it being inside me… or even close enough for me to touch. I dreamily massaged the fat, heavy balls that I cradled in my grasp like so much precious ore.

"Seems as though you will to." He winked at her when she looked up and left her with a case of slack jaw.

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"Aren't you the slut?" he asked, pleasure and teasing mixed with a bit of a hard note in his voice. "Coming in here and landing flat on your back after sucking off a stranger. You like this?" ramming me harder and harder.

Mary was especially attentive. She came and sat next to me on a two-seater couch in the living room and kept stroking my leg as we talked. Dee, Sarah and June stayed in the dining room, talking about the summer clothes sales. After a few minutes Mary took off her suit jacket, revealing a tight, thin vest top that showed she wasn't wearing a bra. In contrast to Dee and June, she had tiny breasts with very prominent nipples. My cock sprang to attention, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her pretty face and attractive breasts. Although her face was lined, her eyes twinkled with a real sense of playfulness. She noticed my erection and smiled. Checking to make sure no-one was around, she leaned over and whispered, 'Is that for me?' I nodded, and she laughed, 'Can I touch it please?' Again I nodded and her hand reached inside my briefs. She gripped my cock along its shaft and slowly began pumping it. She continued talking as she played with me, and the combination of the gentle hand job and her lovely Irish accent sent me to heaven. Suddenly we heard footsteps outside the door and Mary pulled her hand away just in time. It was Dee, 'Time for the bridge now Mary. Steve you wouldn't mind fetching the food in would you?' We both got up out of the chair and walked back through to the dining room, following behind Dee.

I stared at my sister while she came and she was staring right at me. Her deep blue orbs glared intently into my own more faded blue eyes. And I read the shame, guilt and terrible ecstacy there. She was getting off on us watching her. Getting off on ME watching her…and I could not hide the bulge in my pants I knew she’d seen.

"Up a bit, yes, right there, but gently, my lady, go gently, and put your finger up me if you want to, like that, oh, that's so nice, frig me and lick me at the same … ah! … time …"

"I did for a while, but then one day I was driving along the coast and I saw the house and fell in love with it. I was lucky because it was for sale and so I bought it and moved out here. It's peaceful and I like that, and I can be at the studio in about an hour, also I hate living in cities, they're just too crowded and everyone seems to be rushing around"

After a while, Nina got up to take care of Leah. When Jane came home, the two women were sitting on the couch, together with Leah. Nina and Shona were laughing, almost giggling as Jane walked in, exhausted from her errands. She looked at the two, knowing something was up between them, but not sure what. She looked at Nina, then at Shona, both trying to keep from laughing, but not doing it too well. When Jane saw the look in Shona’s eyes, she knew. Jane broke into a big smile and all three began laughing. Later that day, Nina and Shona repeated what had happened earlier, but this time with Jane.

I was curious. Why did Martha suck Billy's cock when they could be fucking. I guess there was only one way to find out. I didn't ask and Randy didn't complain. In fact, if I interpreted the sighs and mews he made correctly, he loved it. Watching Martha suck Billy had excited me, but doing it was like a thermonuclear bomb going off and I was unrestrained in sucking and licking, using my hands in tandem with my tongue to bring Randy to ecstasy. He suddenly jumped up and shot his load on the grass beside the tub. "You don't want to get jizz in the water. It plugs up the filter."

That’s it , you dumb wanker, watch as she enjoys her dream man and moves ever further from you.

I was in a contemplative mood driving home, and I guess that more than anything explains why I was so quiet coming in the door. I didn’t think to knock, of course, because it was my apartment. I didn’t think to call out that I was home, because I was lost in irritation that my girlfriend was gone for the weekend. But I unlocked the door, walked in, and closed the door behind me, quiet as a mouse. I had taken my jacket off and was about to toss the keys on the counter when I heard the strange noises.

Terrified, Andrea nodded agreement. He nodded to the black man, who walked her to the Mansion steps, and released his grip.

I helped Cindy back to her feet and kissed her. Kicking off my pants I picked her up and carried her up the stairs. Since we came to her room first, I brought her in there and lay her on the bed. We kissed, deeply and passionately for many long minutes. She lay on top of me as we made out and my hands teased and caressed her through her clothes. She seemed to love having her breasts caressed and her nipples are very sensitive. Finally I rolled off the bed and had Cindy stand up with me. I stopped her when she tried to undress herself. I wanted that job.

The familiar contractions of ejaculation followed and he moaned out loud digging his hands into the bed spread and squeezing for all they were worth as he fired his first load deep down her throat. A second and third burst spurted out and he could feel Kelly ease the pressure on his prick, slowly but surely withdrawing. A faint hint of pearly white cum dribbled down the corner of her mouth as she released the last of his fleshy knob from her sexual hunger.

"Yes," I replied with a smile.

Despite hours of searching, neither could find any sign of the Prince, save for a crown they had found in a nearby wooded area, which in turn had led to nothing but dead ends.

"Mom, Dawn is fine, she should actually be home tomorrow, depending on she hasn't annoyed Willow and Tara in the process. But you might say that other things have changed since you've been gone... Um... Well... You know that when you work with someone a while, they totally are one way at first, but then they do a 180 and they change our perception? For the better that is."

"Fuck me, John," I mumbled as I watched him through water filled eyes.

"Come on guys," Ann finally protested. Ignoring her I gave her ass an unyielding rub down. I was surprised that for a larger size ass how firm it was.

"Yes, if you are the team player I hope you will be on the team." He said. "Nice meeting you Bryan and Miss Masters."

"This is Erin. Who are you?"

“I did too Anne and I want to see you too. But, I think we should go somewhere a little more private next time. Next time we might not hear the janitor.” They both broke into loud, giddy peals of laughter. They hugged each other and Anne walked to her car looking back several times and Brad made his way to the bus stop, catching glimpses of Anne looking back. Brad could hardly wipe the grin off of his face. He was positive he looked stupid standing there with a big smile. He couldn’t believe his luck to have such a beautiful, sexual lady obviously interested in him but, always self-conscious, Brad wandered how long this would last for him. He thought to himself it isn’t easy being young and bald.

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'Actually, Celine,' he said, 'she's not my daughter. She's my mistress.' He was smiling impishly. The girl seemed unperturbed and poured the wine. First his daughter, now his mistress! What an old fashioned word that was. It must be his idea of a joke. Emily didn't think it was funny but said nothing. She would speak to him about it later. When the girl had gone; when she had plucked the courage to tell this confident bastard that he couldn't just go around . . .

"Thanks for the correction. Peel the thong down slowly..." Anne had mastered lowering her thong thanks to the great job she did on her pants, er khaki's. Bent at the waist, the black thong puddle at her feet.

"Someone wanna shut this bitch up?!" The stranger grabbed her hips and started his anal assault in earnest.

And with that she began kissing all the way down the front of my body. Just like I had imagined it the night before, it was incredible. When she began to suck on my nipples I began bucking involuntarily against her. The lightning that came from her sucking went straight to my clit and it was having a lot of trouble being patient. She kissed down my stomach, then skipped down to my inner thighs and began licking the insides of them. Once she finally made it back up, she stuck her tongue in as far as it could go into my pussy and began moving it in and out very slowly. I rocked my hips back and forth along with her tongue and played with my nipples. She kept moving her tongue in and out and used her nose to stoke my clit. Eventually she removed her tongue and focused all of her attention on my clit. She sucked as hard as she could on my clit and it only took a few seconds for me to cum. She continued sucking my clit and grazing it with her teeth until I had to push her head away. She put her arms around my waist and held me tightly as she spoke to me in Portuguese.

I was dressed early the next morning, because I had planned to go back to Jim's office and resume our talks. As I reached the lobby, I went to the front desk, as always, to ask about any messages. The concierge said a package had been delivered for me the previous night.

Robert wasted no time getting up to speed. Robert’s balls made a loud slapping noise as they hit on Carol’s clit.

In ten minutes Cherie came back into the room and again knelt in front of me. I asked the men if they wanted to see Cherie fuck herself with a 10-inch dildo. We covered the coffee table with blankets and a sheet from the beds and I told Cherie to fetch her biggest dildo from the toy bag. I announced that Cherie's panties were for sale to the highest bidder, and that as she had no other panties she would have to remain naked for the rest of the time if they were purchased. The high bid was $35. The winner removed her panties and then stuck his fingers into her pussy to remove the mini vibrator.

Frank had thought she had been the most beautiful girl (he still thought she was beautiful) he had ever seen when he had first met her, in that time so long ago. He was a long haired liberal, dedicated trying to stop the war, while at the same time setting up food assistance programs, for those people who fell through the official government safety net programs. In those days, she had been a fiery and demanding lover, and the two of them became engulfed in a haze of lust and love, which led to the exchange of marriage vows.

"Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!! Fuck meeeeeee!!!! Yesssss, loverrrrrrrr!!!" Carol cried. Her body snapped and jerked on top of his. "I'm cummmmmmminnnnnnnnggggggg!!!! I'm cummmminnnnngggggggg!!!! More, Stacey!!! More!!! Give me more!!!"

"MMmmmm. I bet when you got home from school yesterday, you went right up to your room, didn't even bother taking of your uniform, ripped off your soaking wet panties and played with that sweet pussy until you came, didn't you, miss?"

“Yeah, she is that,” Greg said, his voice more relaxed, getting into this intimate groove, male rapport getting the better of initial discretion.


I could hardly take my eyes off of Jenny. Her beautiful dark blond hair hung down on a tight white tank top, framing some exquisite rounded breasts. I opened the rectangular gift that she presented to me and found a framed photograph showing the two of us together as young children playing in the mud. The image caught the innocence and joy of youth. It was definitely a unique gift that could not be equaled. After I put the presents inside the house, we walked together a couple of blocks to the park where we had spent so many hours together over the years.

If it had not been for Becky waking up right then, I am sure things would have progressed even more then. We were definitely heading for a kiss, when the little girl's cries tore us apart. We didn't want to, but we had to. Helen told me Becky was hungry.

The fact was that Raj had lost all faith in the One called God the night that he was changed. That was over 1700 years ago. A very long time to be without the One he called Lord and Savior. But where had the Savior been the night he died?

I'm still at it in my mind nearly all the class. A few of my fur lined leather jackets are delivered as well. I wear the Lynx lined tan suede jacket with integral hood. I'm definitely eyed on campus but when we get to the office I look back as we are walking through the open office areas to find a female entourage following with questions about this and that. Mousey nearly breaks up laughing.

Slowly she stopped fighting, she didn't know what was happening and her mind was just blank as she tried to escape the horror of her own husband brutally raping her... with a monster cock that she didn't even recognize! George's mouth bit down hard on her breast, making her jerk underneath him; he curled up inside his own head and cried as the Demon caused his wife pain in order to get a response from her. Apparently he liked her fighting... her breasts and shoulders became covered with bite marks as she sobbed and struggled beneath him; her body writhing erotically.

"One time I saw this picture where this girl was going down on another girl and she...",

Karen was a good looking girl, tall and with above average assets. She stood about five foot eight and had long, trim legs. Her breasts were her best asset, and they were large enough for a D cup bra. She'd gained the reputation around town for being a slut, but she didn't think that going to bed with men she found attractive was wrong. Besides she knew girls who had slept with way more men that she had, but Karen was definitely a party girl who loved a good time.

As Willow parted her lips to allow Tara's tongue into her mouth, she felt her girlfriend's fingers slip down her belly. With a touch so light it could barely be felt, Tara stretched out her fingers and drew a wave pattern across the smooth skin. As her hand reached the elastic waist of Willow's pyjama trousers, she hooked it underneath and slid it lower. Soft, wispy hairs gathered around her fingertips. With gentleness, she stroked the pussy hair and twirled some between her thumb and forefinger. It was damp.

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"Flame her!" one of them shouted, and they did. Jan walked through the flames. Her habit burned to the ground, leaving her naked from head to toe, smiling. "This can't be possible!"

"Well first I'm going to heat things up a bit." He lit the candle. The hot was began to drip down the side. Then he held it over my breast and let the wax drop to my nipple. I screamed a bit as my back arched and my arms pulled at the straps in and effort for quick escape. He just snickered. "And now the other." I frantically shook my head no. But he ignored me and allowed the hot wax to cover the other nipple as well. Again I screamed.

"Anyone ever tell you not to look a gift horse in the mouth?" His smile was warm and gentle and Laurie came to the conclusion that this was a nice guy with something to hide. There was a standoff tenor to John and she wondered what it was. She figured it wasn't something illegal or anything like that, but she could tell he'd been hurt. He was wary but warm if that made sense. She had an instinctive draw to this guy, like she'd never had to anyone before. She didn't understand it but it scared her and she found herself in a mental tug of war.

She said, "Let's just make it up as we go along."

"Oh yeah, lick my pussy little boy."

"Nelly, Ben and I would like to help you with this. It would be a special gift that we could give you. After all, do you know anyone else you could talk to about this?" Lynn was persuasive.

A woman answered on the third ring, went to go get Gabrielle. Apparently the other house was already having breakfast and we hadn't even woken up yet.

My clothes were being removed by someone and the lips I was enjoying moved to my neck and then down to my nipples. She was licking my chest while someone pulled my pants and underwear off my legs. I could hear moaning and gasping, some of it coming from my wife. Just as those wonderful lips began moving closer to my crotch, I felt a warm wet mouth engulf my hard cock. The lips, finding my prick taken for the moment, moved back up to my mouth. More tongue kissing as my rigid cock was being sucked by someone with experience. Then, the lips were removed from my mouth and replaced with a sweetly scented cunt. Someone sat on my face and I opened my mouth to feel a woman's juices flow onto my tongue. I welcomed the flavor and licked all around and into that tasty cunt. As I worked my tongue over her hard little clit I felt the vibrations of a pussy cumming over my mouth. I heard a loud moan and tasted the flowing juice from her very wet pussy, wondering who I was tasting.

“You bet. You do that and you can do whatever you want to my tits or any other part of me anytime you want.”

“I didn’t know that there was such a thing.”

"I'm going now", I declared coldly. "Don't bother taking me back. I'll find my way." I couldn't bear to be in his company another second, and surely he was done with me. As it turned out, I should have at least pretended some affection..

"I don't know. I can't answer that question. I will tell you though that I have no regrets so far. You can fuck, James. Really."

Jerry laughed, "God! You are such a slut."

"No, but I was hoping to loosen you up so I could have my way with you," I teased.

"You can?" Jennifer asked the blonde. "Really?"

Trying to recover from her momentary setback of losing the illusion as the intimidating dominatrix, Diane reached across the desk and grabbed the leash fastened directly to Thomas' cock indirectly to his neck. She gave a swift, hard pull, dragging the stunned Thomas flat across the desk, his ass arched up in the air. Picking up a heavy aluminum ruler from the desktop, Diane swatted the naked man's ass three times, earning a pained grunt with each blow.

Okay. Focus on what? With a frown I flipped through the pages and came across a picture of some white-robed priest or whatever bending over the body of a naked woman She was no spring chicken; that was for sure. She seemed old and flabby and I studied the caption with interest. “The deflowering of Mother Superior Abigail by the Bishop of Ravensport, ca 1477. Numerous rituals like these were often practiced by perverse priests and monks who claimed they were God’s messenger.” The woman was tied down, legs spread wide, apparently screaming like mad. Hmmm, kinky. I swept the robe apart and reached for my cock. It had already sprung to attention.

"What's so funny?" Liz asks with a smile, pulling back to look into my face.

"Stop, you jerk," Crystal laughed. She was a little perturbed because she still had plans of finding her leotard and making her dance class in 10 minutes but she was seemingly enjoying the playfulness of my actions.

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"I'm going to wash your mouth out." I said.

I looked at my husband, who was licking a trail down Lisa’s chest, and at the top of Matt’s chestnut head between my legs, and I felt myself spiraling higher and higher. Matt sucked my clit gently into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue and I fell over the edge, moaning, cumming all over his face and lips.

Like a naughty little kid up past her bedtime, I quickly shut my eyes and laid perfectly still. I would just lie here and let him find me in my bed. I was so nervous, my toes were tingling!

The door opened and Cray was there, one arm looped around Loresa so that his fingers were hidden inside her gaping blouse. They were both drunken and laughing and shushing each other, and just as their expressions were blasted into shock, Harry quit trying to hold back.

"What, is he checking to see if we're still open?"

I put my arm around each of the gal’s waists and pulled them into me with a tight squeeze. Bertha said, “Not tonight, you have to go to work in the morning.”

“Now, now. No more fussing.”

"I...I don't understand," Milt said. He did as he was told and got out of the car, carefully keeping his hands in plain view.

I managed to divert my attention from Sharon long enough to see Linda, bare-breasted, leading Paul toward the bedroom. Her blouse and bra were still on the couch where she and Paul had obviously been enjoying themselves. Paul was so close behind her that he was holding her by both tits as he followed. It didn't take much more visual acuity to see that Linda had his cock in her hand. Truly she had found the way to make a man's heart and mind follow her.

"Help yourself stranger," said my pa. "Troughs around back. Take all the water you need.

‘HE CAN’T GET ENOUGH CAN HE?’ Then, incredibly, she reached down and took hold of the hem of her short skirt and began inching it upwards, watching my face as I stared at more and more of her stocking clad thighs. My hand strayed to my stiff prick and began stroking slowly. ‘What about this then? You’ll be able to wank about this for a fortnight’ she revealed her stocking tops and the creaminess above and still the skirt rose higher as my breathing became faster and my heart began to race and my aching knob got harder.

I was very attracted to her. She was 5 feet, around 140 lbs, curly short brown hair, beautiful brown eyes. She had a way of looking at me and knowing exactly what I was thinking. I tried to not show her how attracted I was to her, given the fact that she was married. Even through they had their own bedrooms, legally they were still married.

'Why's that?' I asked.

I was amazed, "Yes, I was just thinking the same thing, but didn't know how to put it into words."

She was cumming, and her eyes were trained like two lasers into my pupils. Christy's pussy was gushing juices and contorting so that it was all I could do to keep my mental lever forcefully on the squelch ejaculation switch. I didn't put a stop-watch on it, but I'd estimate she orgasmed for at least three, perhaps as much as five, minutes.

"Take him into your mouth, suck him really good. I want you to make him cum. Lean into him and take him all."

"Go for it! Fuck the shit out of the slut!" growled Lee.

I then sat down, placing the cold rag on my head again while I listened to the asshole whimpering in the tub and the distant wail of sirens approaching. The dogs outside howled in reply. It was, after all, a small town and I had expected the response to be rather prompt.

I pulled his hands around to the front of him, releasing the bear hug, then rammed him back, slamming him hard into the pillar. Holding him there with one hand, I swung my fist back and brought in crashing into the cunt’s stomach. He doubled over and would’ve fell to his knees if I wasn’t holding him up. Pulling him away from the column, I slammed him back into it, then yanked him forward again, grabbing the cunt and lifting him up and onto my shoulders.

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"Yeah, but it kinda reminds me of something," the first nurse wondered. The three of us jumped. "Like...um...you know... guys'... 'stuff.'"

Willie broke their kiss and stepped back so that she could watch her hand jerking off his cock. Her hand was turning sticky each time it reached the head, the amount of his pre-cum was so large it alone compared to one of Bernie's orgasms.

We all just fell into each other's arms on the couch as fell asleep. In the morning, we call had breakfast and talked about how great it is to have friends you can share everything with. We have since gotten together on a regular basis. My wife never found out about my trip to the strip joint to see her friend, but it doesn't matter now, I have my own stripper at home!

Little did anyone know Anita was already enjoying giving her first blowjob. Slowly she worked past the mushroom head down his shaft until it pressed against the back of her throat. She gagged and gasped for air the second she released his cock from her mouth. He chuckled and instructed her on how to deep throat him. Anita repositioned herself and slowly relaxed the muscles in her throat as worked his entire cock into her mouth, down her throat. Within minutes her head bobbed back and forth without any help from the stranger. Her pussy was wet and moans escaped from a mouthful of cock. Grams couldn't believe what she was seeing and it deeply hurt her.

Caroline was hugely overweight now, and too fat to move. She had almost four chins; a very round, soft face; and big cheeks. Her body was hugely wide and round. Her butt was absolutely enormous and plump, as were her breasts. Her belly looked like it was the size of a small car. Her legs were now too fat to be useable, and were covered in layers and folds of glorious fat. The same was true of her arms. She had absolutely huge love handles. Her entire body was covered with folds and layers of thick, smooth, soft, sexy fat. She had ballooned in size to a hugely overweight goddess of wonderfully sensual flesh. Every slight movement she made caused her body to jiggle and wobble as if it were jello.

Missy sat up and looked into his desperate eyes with her hand loosely around his shaft. Brad almost exploded. This wasn't anything like the girl he had been dating. He decided to lie back and enjoy. Missy's lips slid down his shaft until it was deep in her mouth. She fucked her head up and down while stroking his shaft and swirling her tongue around his hard meat. Each time he felt like he was going to cum she backed off.

She was still chanting her battle-mantra when she realised the 'grav-chute had failed. They had come out of orbit in the flitter and had HALO-jumped from 80,000 feet. She had done this so many times before that when she pressed the button for the 'grav-chute the absence of the gently-increasing deceleration took a moment to register and when it did she looked around wildly for the rest of the team. No-one was in sight and it was only when she thought to look up that she saw vague shapes against the starlit sky way above her. She looked down. About a thousand feet still to go. She was down to less than five hundred by the time she found the ring to the archaic cloth backup chute. Would the damn thing even work?

Baffled, she gave me a quizzical look with her large green eyes.

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Marina did as she was told and waited.

Our little scene has attracted even more attention, so I try to pull myself together, and walk as naturally as possible, with my face blushing furiously, because I am afraid that everyone is looking at my cock, which remains rock hard and clearly outlined against the front of my dress!

She was very sensible, only using the syringes for a short time, and not stretching her tits too far at one go. She simply wanted them longer, firmer, thicker, and more beautiful, to model her new jewellery.

"No. No. It's fine."

This time, I put Avera's muscular legs over my shoulders and I am finally in complete control!

"What are you saying Toby?"

I'm into theories. I like to translate the happenings of the world and of my life into logical wholes to understand the meaning behind the facts, the 'why' of the 'what'. I often have insights, flashes of inspiration that reveal the mysterious workings of the world. Well, most of the time I have such insights it's when I'm high. The next morning I can never remember what they were. But I'm pretty certain they were insightful.

"You are my dear girl, and you will learn much more as we go. Cum one more time for me. Cum now!"

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He lay still for a moment, letting me adjust to having him inside me. He told me that he was going to have to move though; otherwise he was going to come right then and there. Slowly, he began to thrust in and out and the pain began to dissolve. In its place was more throbbing and pleasure. I wanted to be like this forever with him, listening to him groan and pant, feeling him probe the inside of me, knowing that I was now his. His thrusts increased in rhythm and intensity and I felt an odd aching in my body. I couldn't control it, the convulsing, the screams that were coming to my lips.

I would never know for sure if she climaxed, but her body released a fresh flow of heady, thick juice that caused her panties to cling to the skin of her body. If I pressed the fabric between my fingers, a little moisture would seep out to coat them. I was so excited that I could barely restrain my own pleasure as my shaft throbbed and my balls ached.

In my new fantasy, Dad expertly removed my blouse as I managed to get his shirt off. Our clothing soon disappeared and we mashed our bodies together on the living room sofa. As my fingers churned away, we found ourselves naked on a nice, soft carpet I dreamed up, Dad kissing his way up to my boobs, licking them, biting them, playing with them before opening my legs and thrusting his long and thick manhood deep into me. My breath started coming in short, hot gasps as I imagined that huge hog of his moving in my pussy.

I said, “May be you need more”. She said, “I do. I can do with non stop fucking by YOU”

* * * * *

"Yes, are you going to tie me up and have your way with me...” the older woman's voice trembled.

"Very good Master"

“Charity dear, for this week I will be staying here with you to oversee every minute of your training. As the week comes to an end we will decide together if you will be moving into my house with me or not. There is already an inkling of you that is prepared to say yes, right now, but wait, because this week isn’t going to be easy. But should you decide to move in if I offer, things will be as they are now every moment we are home. You will be submissive in the home, bedroom, and all aspects of life unless we rule them out from now on.”

I couldn't answer right away as I shot my first load of the night down Laura's throat. I kept cumming as I pulled my cock from her mouth. My next blast of white nectar hit Laura's chin and then left a trail down to her breasts.

'what?' I was confused, was I not good enough for him

As he massaged her now turgid breasts, Ansea put her arms around his neck, and led him to the seating platform in the center of the room. Releasing him, and lying on her back, she beckoned him. “Remove your robe, and lie on top of me.” Arnak complied, and Ansea again placed her arms around him. Suddenly he felt warm, moist lips caressing his male organ. The lips circled the head of his organ, and then began moving down its hardening length. As they moved, he felt himself being sheathed in warm wetness. With a start, he raised up and looked between his legs. His member was encased in a pink, pulsating sleeve that extended from Ansea’s vaginal opening, a sleeve that was working its way to the base of his member.

The interior of the building was air conditioned and mercifully cool. Janet approached a young woman seated at a desk. "Hi, I'm Janet Cermak. I'm here to see the director."

"And the other two?"

She returned downstairs to find Billy putting on his coat. "Where are you going?" she asked.

We walked into their game room, and a few couples were dancing. The rest were at the bar or on the couch. I didn't see Lora or Jon yet. I got a beer as Patty went to the rest room. Damn, Patty sure is a horny one and it was the first time I ever had sex with someone else while I was married. Patty came out of the rest room and I got her a drink too. Just then, Lora and Jon walked in with big smiles on their faces. Patty went over to Jon, and Lora came up to the bar.

NOW: The Hard Side.

When Anne was in position, she took his uncircumcised cock in her hand, and although it felt soft, thick and pliable, it immediately began to get hard.

He moved his hand and smacked my ribcage.

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During our seven-year marriage, we have experimented in most areas of sexuality. We have enjoyed encounters with other couples, as well as threesomes with men and women. Annie is also bisexual and as her submissive side has developed, she has embraced her desire for bondage and domination.

Chris grinned. "Oh baby, you make me cum everytime!"

I am still going back and forth with myself on whether the following event that happened to my mother and I several years ago was simply fate or something more. An afternoon unwittingly turned into a humiliating situation ...at least my mother still thinks so.

Julia started rhythmically fucking her new lover. Slow at first, but as Julia’s moans increased, Tracy went faster and faster, harder and harder.

The thing is, I wasn't upset. I was ready to move on. I didn't realize what I was moving on to.

Would I? When I said it, I was only joking, but now that he asked, I had to admit the thought was intriguing. Wanting some time to think about it, I told him that I might be interested, but I would have to think about it. He agreed that it wasn't something one should rush into and that we could talk about it some other time if I wanted.

I found out that it had been arranged to have myself and my dates prepared in my suite before we were to go out for an evening on the town to enjoy one of the finest dining experiences on the planet, with a our own private chef and then to "the most exclusive club" in Las Vegas. As the arrangements began to sink in and John said that he had to leave and he would be in touch and that he expected me to join him on his flight tomorrow, I was abruptly left alone and dazed in the hands of Mr. Bennett. I heard him ask, "would you like full service models for you and your dates fittings this evening?", when there was an awkwardly long pause, he continued "you know that all of this has been taken care of this evening you don't need to worry about expense, just tell me whatever you want." It seemed only natural to say, "Yes that would be great," wondering what exactly full service models meant.

"Have you ever fantasized about sex with me?" she asked, in a tone that made it obvious she had had the question on the tip of her tongue before I chose truth.

I felt like a slut! I felt wonderful! All I could do was nod my head and fuck back with my hips. Hell yes I wanted more!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I woke up to thoughts of my mother coming into my room and waking me up by giving me a nice slow and wet blowjob... Mmmm my cock was so hard, and the crisp air felt sooo good on it as I began to jerk it off. This is something that I've always loved to do, is jack off in the morning while lying in bed. As my cock erupted with warm silky wet cum all over my chest my thoughts suddenly changed to Mrs. Dunn jacking me off outside my mother's bathroom window... mmmm wow! Talk about an orgasm.

I instantly said, “dare.“

Amy blushed. "Okay, you caught me. I did that. I told him he should fuck me. And I pulled my panties aside and told him to fuck me in them. These panties, Jon. These black satin panties that I'm rubbing my clit through."

She said, "Sorry, I must have fallen asleep. Have you been sleeping too?"

“Agreed,” I said finally, surrendering my sexuality to Derek’s control until Vegas.

Her stepfather knocked on the door. The Headmaster opened the door and invited Rebecca in. "Thanks for bringing her Jim, I will see you next week and I am sure you will be pleased with Rebecca's progress" he said to her stepfather.

Sabrina's arms struggled weakly in the brunette's grasp before giving up entirely, letting herself be taken away on the passion of her lover's storm. Liz slid her fingers down the blonde's wet face, continuing down her neck on their way to her breast. Sabrina cried out when her aggressor's fingers closed around her nipple and pinched it roughly, sending a shot of pleasure straight to her pussy. Liz removed her thigh from the blonde's sex and received a groan of frustration from the smaller woman.

"Not 'us'," he replied silkily. "You."

Darren stood between my legs and kissed me on the lips. It was a light, wet kiss. I wrapped my arms and legs around his hot, sweaty body and kissed him back. I never felt so relaxed as I did holding this man, kissing him, touching him.

"What do you mean heart attack?"

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The next day he tried some more but now there was an automated voice from the phone company, telling him that there were no subscriber to the number he had called.

I decided to give something to see, so I lifted Marie's skirt and put my hand on the bare flesh just above the top of her stocking. As I slowly moved my hand back and forth, she turned and looked at me. I smiled and kissed her. "It's o.k.," I said. "You know you like to be watched. I'll protect you."

"Oh honey fuck my pussy with your hard cock" I beg you. "I got to have you now" I continue.

“Hunter’s a good person,” Autumn interrupted. “I won’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.”

[19:21] lolliTPS: Greetings on this windswept evening

I’m not sure when my tummy changed from “baby fat” to just plain fat. Perhaps puberty began the death knell of the “beautiful child” and rang in the appearance of the heavy teen. Even so, I was just barely into Lane Bryant type clothes. I was a size 14-16 until my junior/senior years. I had a sports accident, and I let my eating habits, which were never healthy to begin with, go completely to hell.

We closed together feeling naked body on naked body. Our lips touched the fire of lust and passion engulfing us. I lifted her up off the floor and she locked her legs around my waist and I slipped her down impaling her on my cock. Her arms tightened around my neck lifting her up only to loosen letting her body drop back down forcing my cock to the depths of her soul. After two or three strokes her cunt started to tighten around my cock like a vise. There was little I could do my balls cramped forcing the cum up my cock to fill her working pussy.

Traci looked at me questioningly.

"Sure would."

George flipped her onto her back and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. Two pillows were stuffed beneath her hips and he pushed deeply inside. He immediately started to pump his hips as fast as he could. Cynthia began to writhe in apparent protest due to the over-stimulation she was experiencing. But George ignored her and relentlessly pummeled he open cunt. Then her hips began to match his in speed and motion. Cynthia' movements became jerky and uncoordinated Jack could tell by the noise she was making she was close to a tremendous orgasm. When she came her entire body spasmed and rippled with wave after wave of pleasure. Only it didn't peak, she just kept cumming and cumming as George kept fucking her. Then he was cumming also. Then Jack was cumming. Jack realized that he hadn't turned the sound back on so he hit mute again and heard the soft panting of the satisfied lovers.

"Oh, don't remind me, I'm getting hot just thinking about it." Lynn said as they both laughed a little.

Julia walked over to where Jenna was sitting on the couch and stared directly at her. "Look at me Jen." She waited for her friend to stop watching Jerry Springer. "Who cheated on who in this relationship?"

Eventually we dress and return up the staircase to the hotel. We retire to our room and undress again. We climb into bed together, naked. We lie next to each other, spooning our bodies together. Eventually we fall asleep so our bodies can prepare for another day.

He holds the scarf in his left hand, just tight enough for it not to slip and he pushes my shoulder length blonde hair aside. As he starts to kiss my neck, I catch a smell of her boy friend's after-shave and say, 'Oh Bryan – you made it after all!'

“We had to come up with something that Hal wanted more than the drugs. He didn’t have any girl friends and I had caught him masturbating more than once. I also caught him peeping at me when I got out of the shower. I knew that he watched me everytime I put on my suit and went to the pool. We finally decided that I might just be the one thing that he wanted enough to stop what he was doing. Tom was like Bill at that time, he was willing to try anything.”

I slid into the hot tub right behind her and made myself comfortable in the jets of hot water. "I was just thinking about some dessert," Heather said nodding her head in the direction of Dave, our sexy room service waiter as he served drinks out on the patio.

"Mmm," your mother purrs as your cum dumps down her throat. Making her gag, taking it out after sucking all the cum off for a few more minutes. "Your cum tastes like cookie dough Billy. I've never tasted cum that good. Just like sweet cookie dough. The cookie dough I will be eating forever. The cookie dough that will be mine forever."

reason this pleased her. “Look at me,” She spoke softly with no harshness in her tone, and continued when he did so. “There are a few things that you must learn very quickly if you are going to survive your new life for any length of

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Mandy walked slowly towards me, swaying her hips seductively and licking her lips. "Daddy, you should have told me you were thirsty. Here, let me help you." Mandy sauntered up to me and didn’t stop until her hips pressed against the kitchen towel now trapped between us. She took the glass of water, and placed it to her full lips. With a hot look in her eyes, she took a drink, filled her mouth, and then leaned forward. Snaking one hand behind my head, and pulled my face closer to hers. Ever so slowly, she rubbed her lips against her mine, stealing a moan from me. When my lips parted, Mandy opened her mouth, and let the water slowly pour its way into my mouth. I greedily drank. Her mouth covered mine and her tongue was quickly inside my mouth, moving about, trying to find my tongue. I kissed her back, angling my head opposite hers, shoving my tongue hard against hers, pushing her tongue back into her mouth so I could explore the wet heat of her of it. My teeth grazed her lips, deepening the kiss, matching her lust and passion.

Curiosity, though, have managed me to look inside again. My attention now focused on her white panties.

"Oh shit, I can't go back like this!"

With a smile Peter fills her glass half way. And does the same to his glass, he then cuts off a piece of the baked Alaska and puts it on her plate and puts some Filet Mignon on her plate then goes to sit down.

All i wanted to do right then was get out of the restaurant, go back to His room and finally submit my whole being to Him, but i knew that dinner had to come first. i wasn’t sure how i was going to be able to sit there through dinner, without cumming. The egg was still on a dull roar in my pussy, and my clit felt like a boulder between my legs.

I brought my open lips down hard against her wet pussy and plunged my long tongue inside her as far as possible. She screamed out above me and her fingers went to my head, curling my hair around her fingers, and her fingernails dug into my scalp. I love it for I knew she was on fire with lust. I sucked extremely hard, and her salty/sweet pussy nectar filled my mouth. She was dripping. I drove my tongue deep inside her moving it from side to side inside her tight hole. I felt her pussy contract around my tongue, a sure sign of her coming orgasm.

After opening the robe he picked up the oil bottle and transferred it to his left hand. First he squeezed several drops of oil onto the fingers of his right hand. Then he directed several drops onto the head of his penis, which he was holding in his right hand. Caressing the head felt good and it began to grow. His gaze was on the photos of the beautiful woman in the champagne colored satin and lace bustier. The first grunt issued from his throat as he increased the speed of the stroke. Then there were more sounds as the size of his penis increased. His fingers worked on just the head and he could feel himself stiffening even more. He added a couple of drops of oil to the head and moaned as it began to swell to full definition. The eye was opening now and the head was shiny and taught. He slowed the stroking and then stopped while he used his left hand to put the sleep mask in place over his eyes. When he restarted the stroking of the burgeoning head, the moans of pleasure came from him stronger than before.

"And what is your type, Mr. Ambassador?"

On my PDA, I type back "Well…..shopping sort of. I got you two a modeling job this afternoon." I hold it so she can read it as she drives.

"Here's a case of cold ones, Bill."

“I’ll see you later. I love you!” he said as he walked out of the bedroom.

"Hey," I said, as he took me through the house, "I don't know 'bout the dungeon business, but your line of work must be pretty darned lucrative!"

Nick was huge compared to Jessica's little frame. He stood over her running his hands up and down her beautiful petite body. His muscular arms wrapped tightly around her small body. Their tongues slithered together and Jessica could feel her whole body filled with excitement, as she was about to have sex for the first time in her life.

His first spearing attempt missed, hitting her thigh, before she could react he lunged his cock forward again. This time he found her soft opening and managed to pierce her with his cock.

H: Which is your normal fuck finger?

"Is there any thing else, sir?"

“Bloody things,” she muttered and pulled her false teeth out. What an experience as she sucked like a vacuum cleaner, the feel of her gums sliding over my cock was unreal. Within seconds I exploded into her mouth. Her action of swallowing and gulping my spume made my pulsing cock tingle in erotic agony causing my knees to buckle.

Blocking the shame from her mind, Nancy lowered herself onto her son's hard pole.

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Tracy pulled off his cock and said, "No daddy."

‘Don’t Mick,’ she whined. ‘It’s really dirty.’ I took a long swipe down her crack, tasting the salty sweat there, then wriggled the tip of my tongue right in the middle of her prune. She took in a sharp breath and, as I continued to stab and suck at the clenched muscle, began to breathe heavily. I was squeezing and massaging those cheeks, my fingers sinking deep into the pliant flesh. With a bit of spit I worked my tongue through her sphincter. She couldn’t suppress a small moan and as I reamed her, stretching that anus and probing deeper. She pushed back a little going oh oh oh. I worked my tongue in as deep as I could, feeling her internal heat and tasting the rankness of her rectum. ‘Doooonnn’t,’ she moaned, clenching her sphincter and forcing my tongue back. Just as only the tip was still in her she relaxed and let me wriggle it in deep again before gasping ‘No, it’s dirty!’ and clenching again. And so we played – tongue in, pushed out, tongue in. I guess we could have done it for long minutes, but my hard on was persistent.

Sage stuffed Shawn's cock back into his jeans but left them unzipped.

As I rose up she awoke fully and turned to face me. Her eyes caught sight of the big black cock strapped to me and her eyes got wide with anticipation. She pulled up her knees and spread her legs wide as I moved in close. I worked my fingers between her pussy lips to get the juices flowing then I moved so I could drive the big black cock between her pussy lips and fill her waiting cunt.

She lay against the pool letting the water wash over her big biceps. She flexed letting the sun hitting. The effect of the sun hitting the water made the biceps glisten. They were tense because she was working out today. She had bench press 500 pounds 30 times that day. She flung her long black hair. Randal went to get a close look limping over. He fails down on the lawn chair. She looked over hearing the noise. She laughed coming out of the pool. She took the towel wiping her self off.

I was not prepared for the next move, when Karen flipped over on all fours and waved her shapely ass at Walt. Walt retrieved the lotion from Karen's night table and proceeded to lubricate her asshole. He fingered her ass and pussy at the same time, sawing his fingers in and out of Karen. His cock was erect again and he covered it with a generous amount of lotion. He then slowly eased his big dick into my daughter's beautiful upturned ass. He fucked her slow at first and then gradually picked up the pace. Karen pleaded with him to fuck her ass good and to fill it with cum. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing, much less from my own daughter.

"One more and we'll see what we have," another flash and Oscar put down the camera, punched a button and turned a huge computer monitor toward her.

The girls kept pumping and Tamara kept fisting and attacking his prostrate, he felt his body tense again and he cried out again as he came again just as hard as the first time… They kept pumping, he felt it again his hips pumping involuntarily as Tamara grabbed his prostrate and squeezed over and over again, with each squeeze his cock pulsed and he shot another strong load of cum… Kenny's body convulsing as he passed out… The three continued to milk their unconscious slave until they were physically exhausted their faces and bodies covered with his creamy seed…

When I got to my cubicle I had to have a little laugh at your reaction, to what I’m wearing today…your eyes almost popped out of your head and I could see the outline of your cock in your pants. Little did you know that by the end of the day that you were going to get to sample everything I had to offer?

I look around the area suspiciously and slowly creep inside the ladies' locker room. I turned my head around the corner and there Shelly was. She had her bottom bikini on, with her back facing me but I could see the outlines of her huge titties. They look so creamy white from the sides and my cock was ready to rip through my jeans. She put the last piece of her bikini on, tieing the string in a knot around her neck and the other string piece around her back. She tied a third one on the very lower part of her back.

"Let's go," I said.

The waiter comes back with food. "I'll feed you if you feed me" I hear you say. I see by your expression that you're not kidding and the truth is, I can’t think of anything at the moment that I would rather do than feed you and have you feed me.

"It's a clothing optional resort for couples only," he replied with a wink. "I guess they are careful not to expose any of their guests on the Internet."

The smell of their own juicy cunts overfilled the room. Anna thrust her fingers in and out of Bridgette's pussy, spreading the soft lips apart with her thumb as she fucked harder and harder. Bridgette planted her feet on the floor and grunted as she fucked back against Anna's hand.

She said that after she tried everything that she turned off the thruster and set him for the maximum penetration.

"It's a blend, but it is one of my favorites. My brother Jon gave it to me last Christmas."

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I tried not to act as if anything had changed, sat down, and began to eat. Mother was a great cook and the stew tasted wonderful. While I was eating, she came over and set a glass of milk on the table. "Here," she said. "You need somethin' to wash that down." Instead of walking away, she put her hand on the back of my neck and tickled it lightly. I don't remember her ever doing anything like that before, or if she did, I don't remember it feeling like that. It was as if there was a direct connection between the back of my neck and my penis, a connection that only carried wonderful feelings. A delightful current shot along that connection, causing my penis to stiffen slightly and surprisingly nice feelings to spread up through me. For a second, I had a problem breathing.

Fuck yes I like it. His hand had now moved to my crotch and was feeling my pussy right through my panties.

I was fifteen years old I and always wondered if my mother had a boyfriend?

Suddenly, the thought of paddling his cute, queer ass excited the hell out of me! I'd really gotten to enjoy spanking Fiona, But I never spanked or whipped a guy's ass before. Now here was Jean-Pierre, bending over and offering it to me.

"Yes I am. Yes I am . . . . And, speaking of that. Renee, prop yourself up on the pillows." She slid obediently to the head of the bed. "Good. Tim, pull up two chairs by the foot of the bed." I was really enjoying this. Tim and I sat in good viewing position. "Now, Renee, lift your dress up and spread your legs." She glared at me for a moment, then smiled a naughty smile and slowly raised her dress and opened her legs.

She bobbed her head up and down, taking in as much of his big shaft as she could without gagging. "Like my mouth baby?" she cooed as she came away from his cock. "Mmm-hmm" was all he could say as he continued to lick away at her. Sabrina used her tongue to trace and taste every inch of him, practically inhaling his cock. She felt every veiny inch throb inside her sucking lips and she could tell from the way he was sucking back, that for a novice, she was pretty good!

She looked at the cock staring her in the face. Princess had sucked off two boyfriends before. While she hadn't thought highly of the act, she did not find it distasteful either. But now she was being forced to perform this act on someone she didn't even know. Or, she thought with a panic, someone she might actually know. There was no telling who these men were underneath their masks.

"What are you thinking, Sean?" Mom asked, softly.

I gave him the power over me and watched his lips curl to the evil grin I was accustom to seeing on his face, and then lowered my head submissively looking at the stage floor.

Suddenly I had too many options and none of them seemed like the right choice. I couldn't just push her off me and finish jerking off. And I couldn't just maneuver her hips around and slide my cock up inside her pussy and pretend I was fucking Vickie.

"Thank you," she sighed.

A long silence passed. Eventually, His hand released the lobe and rested upon her stomach. The sunlight tracked slowly up her legs to the knees, continuing up her thighs.

Brintey began to pace back and forth when there was another knock on the door.

J: We were just sitting in my room doing homework on the bed and all of a sudden I just did it. I leaned in and kissed her! I'm so horny, can I come over so you can fuck me!?

They exchanged small talk over the buffet dinner of Swedish meatballs and chicken Kiev while the band set up its equipment. Ray and Dawn were both in advertising and were impressed that Bob was a Family Physician and Barb an RN.

"We have to do this again." She said.

The following day, they were both rushing around getting ready. Kay had a hell of a time deciding what to wear, but in the end she decided to wear a low cut black dress, panties, stockings and garter belt. They drove to the house and knocked on the door. It was answered by Jill, who appraised what Kay was wearing then looked Martin up and down. Kay noticed that Martin was blushing at her look, and felt a little more relaxed as Martin was as nervous as she was.

Simon lines his cock back up and shoves it down her shit chute. He grabs her ass cheek in the opposite hand and fucks her like a dog. He begins a motion of pulling out to admire her gaping hole, then plunging back in just as it starts to close. Anna puts her own hand back and grabs her ass cheek firmly to help keep them spread open.

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She told him she would just follow him so he wouldn't have to drive her back. He pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the bar, with her right behind. He stepped to her car and opened the door, helping her out. Following her to the bar, they stepped inside and were immediately seated in a corner booth. He asked what she liked to drink and she told him that she'd like a long island iced tea. He called over a barmaid to order her drink, choosing a jack and coke for himself. Once again he began talking about what his interests were and inquired about hers.

He now pulled the finger out, leaving his hole a little more opened-up than it had been before.

I bring you in and lay you on the bedroom and move to the closet. As I do this you close your eyes to recover front he previous orgasm that has taken you over. Rummaging through the closet, I pick out an outfit that I want you to wear. I help you into it and stand you up. I've picked out a black bra and matching g-string panties for you. I tell you to wait right there and go back to the closet. I cum back with what looks like four bracelets but none that you have ever seen before. I start to put them on you and you soon realize that they aren't bracelets at all. They're collars, one for each arm and leg. They have rings on them which makes you start to wonder. Then I tell you what's happening. I tell you that you are my slave for the rest of the evening. I tell you that the whole evening is for my pleasure and that you are to do exactly as I say. If not you will be punished accordingly. As you nod your nod understandingly some of your hair falls into your face. I brush it aside and tell you that I love you more than you will ever know. You say it back and I kiss you again. This time forcefully. Snaking my tongue into the depths of your mouth and licking the top of it. You try to pull away but I hold you there..

I wasn't sure what to think until a teacher pulled me aside. Fifty-three year old Mrs. Throckmorton was our science teacher. She wore her hair pulled up in a bun, a black dress, and a black blouse that showed off her massive shelf. I thought she'd pulled me in to talk about the Science Fair, but 20 minutes and one fat orgasm later, I figured something else.

Sitting down in the chair, crossing my legs and revealing a length of thigh, I idly run my fingertips up and down my calf wondering about our last conversation. Lovingly my thoughts wander to the 3 delicious orgasms I had just at the sound of him urging me to cum. My thighs, quivering at my lavish thoughts, part slightly, exposing my bare pussy, adorable with its soft curls, to the night air. Running my fingertips through them lightly, I think about his touch, his hot breath on my neck, and the smell of him - the scent I can only detect when I'm wrapped in his arms and incredibly close.

I kiss her forehead. "I'm not feeling weird at all. You?"

"Oh, Monty! I have missed you so much. I hope you like my little surprise."

Data answered imperturbably. "I found no reason to confine my experimentation to human females, or even humans. Several of the alien crewpersons are reasonably compatible with my sexual organs, and most of them that I approached were fascinated by the opportunity to experiment. However, this sexual experimentation led to my ethical dilemma."

"What sort of entertainment are you looking for?" replied Anne seductively.

“UNGHHHH….GOD…”, he groaned, as I urged the last bit of cum out from deep within his balls.

On right of gallery was the first bedroom where Mrs. Sen had sent Reddi ji to have some sleep! Next to it was master's bedroom -she had taken my wife, and later called me too, to have our final consent.

Our anniversary was coming up and I thought it would be about time to take matters into my own hands. I had recently began to enjopy watching Karri flirt with guys, teasing them and making them hot.

"I ... Andy?"

The girls all jumped across from the dock to the bow of the Santa Maria. They were all excited to be taking an ocean voyage, and so was I.

Knowing she was fully exposed to him, and the others in the room, excited her. Although she had not thought of herself as an exhibitionist before, this new awareness added to the fires being ignited in her by the massaging hands, and now her minds visualizations. He moved his hands to her upper thighs and as he massaged the area the side and back of his hand touched her labia. She shuddered at the touch. As he moved to the opposite thigh he again brushed against her pubic hair. Then she felt his hand cup her pubic area. At the same time two pairs of lips encircled her nipples. She shuddered and moaned unrepentantly. As the lips sucked and pulled gently on her nipples he moved his middle finger to her opening and entered her gently.

He stared at her mouth, and his loins surged with interest. He blessed the height of her desk since it hid his response.

I nodded and Mrs James unfettered her gorgeous tits. I feasted my eyes on the swaying orbs as they danced seductively into view.

Katya quickly undid his belt, pushing down his jeans and boxers, “Can I suck your cock?” she panted. “That’s something I actually do, sometimes. I think I’m pretty good at it. Matt sometimes lets me. But he doesn’t really like it too much. I have to ask him real nice, and then only sometimes.”

Erickson moaned as Terry’s trunk went down his throat. He did love a fine cock, and Terry’s was an impressive piece of man meat. He was about one inch thick, and ten inches long. Erickson could not wait to get him into his ass.

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Susan slid off the second strap letting both breasts fall forward. She cupped them, offering them to Mikes mouth.

I put my other hand up your shirt and held your breast tightly pinching the nipple making your wince in pain and desire. You pressed yourself to me and I felt the curve of your back against my breasts. I kissed your neck hard, wanting to taste you, wanting to feel you, wanting you to feel the desire I felt for you.

It continued to appear like a party of informally attired black business people and artists. But none of the black people in the room were unaware of two naked white women and a naked white man in the room. And they knew that all three naked whites had been put to use as asshole-licking whores several times. From time to time their conversations would mention it with dirty snickers and contemptuous sneers.

'Oh Patty! Can you join us here in the spa?'

"No, I don't eat breakfast any more."

Walking over to me, Charlotte looked down sympathetically. "Oh Julia, you're still wondering what the Fourth Pleasure is, aren't you. You've pleasured yourself a little, you've given me a great deal of pleasure, watching you in the chair, and I know you've enjoyed its support and restraint whilst you watched me, well, indulge myself."

I continued visiting with a couple from Scotland, George and Anne, and as we talked, George started fondling my breasts! Right between the gouging of gas prices and rising costs of hot tubs, without missing a beat he began to knead and massage my breasts, his eyes never leaving mine. I looked over at Anne and her eyes were closed, and a slight smile was tempting the corners of her mouth as she crept her hand inside her pants. She opened her eyes and turned to George, licking wide along his neck and up to his ear. His conversation trailed slightly as he bent his head into her tonguing. She whispered something to him, and with that, he told me to kneel.

"Did Jim say he was off work tomorrow? Arnold asked me.

Natasha was still flushed, but had regained some confidence, even though every eye in the place seemed to have noticed her. Her pussy was just visible under the flimsy white lace of her skirt and, through the still buttoned top, her nipples could also be seen.

The light scent of candles hung in the air when he closed the foyer door behind him. The house was dark, silent; he heard only the very faint sound of water sculled by a hand in the bath upstairs.

"You idiot! If you never write again, I will be delighted. Your cock uses so much blood your brain is starved! You will not have this pussy again. It is way too nice for you."

My back arches on the couch as she slides her fingers in and out of my soaking pussy. She stops only for a moment to suck her fingers dry. I turn my head and look over the couch at Mark. He is stroking his cock furiously pausing only for a moment to rub his balls a little. Stacey slams her fingers deep in me again and then places them on my lips.

"Alyssa, you can't be for real." "Alyssa, who is that guy?" "Alyssa, no!" They protest, but you ignore them. Stupid girls you say to yourself as you walk back towards me and take my arm. I hand you another drink and guzzle down a shot of vodka for myself as we stroll up to the back patio of the boss's mansion.

Gillian followed behind and whilst Sally and Hamish stopped at the bottom of the old-fashioned bedstead she climbed into the wickerwork basket chair in the corner. As she sat cross-legged in the chair stoking her tits, her pussy slowly peeled apart to reveal soft inner lips that were slowly oozing creamy love juice.

Her feet were kicked apart and Mike again took first place. Leon sniggered ‘yeh let pencil dick break her in it wont be so bad after that'

"What about swimming gear?" she enquired.

All of Mary's inhibitions were now gone as she she thrust her nylon clad hips at me. I moved my head down and noticed that Mary's pantyhose fit very tightly, the middle seam rubbing against her sweet sex. I pushed out my long tongue and used the tip to press the seam against her swollen clitty. Mary sighed and groaned and immediately began to buck her full hips. I reached up with both hands and gripped the waistband of her nylons and gently pulled and snapped it against her belly making her body jerk and spasm.

I felt her handcuff my wrists together. She then placed the rubber ball into my mouth and fastened its leather strap tightly behind my head. I was now completely at my wife’s mercy. She held my life in her hands. I was scared; yet, I was also sexually aroused by the endless possibilities of tonight’s game.

Alexa wrapped an arm around her waist. "I went to the library, Daddy. I already told you that."

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"I hope she enjoyed herself" I grinned, "I would like to do that again."

"Not a hope in hell girl. I'm out of here as soon as the boys get back with the van. I saw my solicitor earlier in the week he has already got the ball rolling. I'll let you explain what's happened to the children. See how you can make me finding you in a hotel room being fucked by that arsehole sound like it is all my fault."

Every day Bass would offer me a bet, double or nothing. I took every one of them because any fool knows that sooner or later you will clear the debt. Bullshit! When payday rolled around I owed Bass sixty four hundred dollars. On what I made it might as well have been sixty four million. I was fucked.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and Pat gave me a ride home. She kissed me passionately and squeezed my titties then shooed me out of the car.

I knew it was time to put the book down when I caught myself reading the same sentence for the third time. That, and the fact that I was moaning, tweaking my nipples, and had a raging hard-on, convinced me it was time to mount my little boy toy.

"Not entirely without cause, my dear! And it shall be my honor to lead you for the first dance for the evening."

“Ha ha.” Buffy said, straight faced. She pulled back from Dawn, swiping at her tears furiously. “Well, okay then.” She focused on Giles. “So her blood isn’t...pure now, right?”

Before she had time to recover, he was pushing her off, "Suck me slut, suck my big cock. You think you can cum and that's all? No way bitch you need to feel my big cock you need to suck me big cock deep into your slutty little mouth."

Actually I was shocked and aroused at the same time. I got a big boner the moment she told me her brother had penetrated her. I kissed Karen. She opened her mouth and her tongue slipped into my mouth. It was a nice sloppy wet kiss. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my hard on. ‘See what your story has done to me? Now, why don't you help me out a little here.' Karen smiled. Relived about the way I handled things. She started to pump my dick and then dived down, took my tool into her mouth and gave me one of her best blowjobs ever. When I closed my eyes, I pictured her brother fucking her hard and it didn't take long before I blew my wad into her sucking mouth.

"I'm sorry, Sandra...what did you say?"

"I'm not that frail," she protested with a laugh. "I'm 5'9" and even though you can't see it by looking at me, I'm a champion kick boxer."

"To do what?"

"So good, Joan!" she gasped. "Eat my pussy!"

Over the years, he had seen her in various stages of undress and he had never taken any undue notice. As recently as six months ago, when she was completely undressed and trying on a new dress, he had walked in on her and never even flinched. He just apologised and walked back out; never even thinking of his mother as a female. She had been just mom.

"Hi J_Robb this is Polly, I was wondering if you have a Tux.."

I didn't want to respond, but I couldn't stop the grin that suddenly my mouth upwards. "Thanks. I wouldn't want to lose my only birthday present this year."

Barbara felt him untie her arms and then release the gag. Her mouth was dry from the gag and she breathed heavily. She looked around the room and was shocked to see the three Chinese men and three women in the room. The men had been fucking the women dog style while they watched the deflowering of her ass. Now two of the men approached her and positioned her on the floor so that one could fuck her ass and the other shoved his cock in her mouth. She hardly noticed the smaller pecker in her ass since it felt like a finger but the cock in her mouth repulsed her. The woman that had greeted her earlier slid underneath her and began to lick Barbara' pussy. Barbara came almost immediately but the beautiful woman continued to eat her.

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Mike often closed his eyes and concentrated on controlling his lust and not cumming too soon. When he did open his eyes he alternated his gaze between watching Dana beneath him and Leslie beside him. Dana's tits danced erotically across her chest from the way the bed shook and trembled. The mere sight of them drove Mike's lust to amazing levels. He leaned down and engulfed one of her nipples in his hungry mouth as he lavished his tongue all around and over her hard point.

"I'll be quick," he said apologetically and smiled. "You've got me all crazed."

But the top slid down a little every time I move. I had to pull it from time to time. Mike openly stared at my tits during the game. Max enjoyed my little flash game.

"Well, it's just that you're busy and -"

Richard took the towel and started to dry off. He was humming to himself as he threw the towel on the rack. He smiled as he thought of his morning partners. They had worn him out with their demands "I can't believe they're both pregnant," he whispered as he studied his body in the mirror. "Oh shit," he cried and turned to see the maid was still in the changing room. Pulling on a pair of boxers he cried, "I'm sorry I thought you had gone."

"Why don't I give you a hand?" Hank suggested. "I don't think you'll be able to manage him yourself."

The SUV was modified at a non-descript garage. The owner was a friend; in fact, he still is.

Femdirty3: "Is that your address?"

"God, Mr. Sanders! Everything you do to me makes me feel so awesome!" Kathy groaned, her breasts bobbing, her body quaking. "God! Oh, God! Oh, Wow! Is this ever awesome!"

Silence hung about the lovers for one moment. Enough to make Asher squirm and wonder whether he had done the right thing.

"I think, Madame, you are looking for me, no?"

"I doubt it," she replied as the team ran back onto the field for the second half. The Seahawks were all revved up now, and out for blood. They scored another two touchdowns adding fourteen points, in quick succession. Try as they might, the Rangers still couldn't get their act together. J.T. was sacked twice and when he did connect with a receiver, his teammate either dropped the ball or was hit for a loss. Finally, with one minute and forty-three seconds left in the game, J.T. threw a 75-yard touchdown pass to put the team ahead 20 -17. The crowd was going crazy, all but for Raelyn and the women who sat around her, their hands quickly coming up to cover their mouths as Raelyn jumped to her feet. Terrell was still celebrating in the end zone as Jewel put her arm around her friend's shoulder.

"It's just that, you know . . . you don't always take the time to find out what I'm really thinking."

"Houston, let me grab a quick shower, and I'll be right back, unless you want to wash me." She moves away from him and touches her puss with her fingers and licks them. "Mmmmm, good to the last little cum drop!"

Melinda had been out of town for a year when the above conversation took place. She was going to be back in town within a month. While she was gone she had become a certified massage therapist. My wife had been joking with me about how much I must be looking forward to having Melinda's hands all over my naked body. The truth was that I had thought about it, but had almost reached the conclusion that I wouldn't ask her to massage me. I was apprehensive that my former attraction to her would cause me to embarrass myself in the process.

We walked down the street and into Kathy's backyard. Familiar Latin music was playing and I could smell charcoal. The patio was set with a large round table and chairs. Two large wicker chairs were on one side and two cushioned chaise lounges on the dark side under the maple tree. Although it was still daylight, party lanterns hung around the patio giving off an orange glow.

" I'm sorry I did that, so sorry, just leave me alone. You must think I'm a slut or something, kissing my own brother."

Finally I let her go, she smiled and thanked me. I told her she was fine, that was all that mattered. I made my purchase, started to leave.

I closed my eyes as I touched my breasts with my other hand, using my thumb and my index finger to pinch the nipples. Flashing through my mind I dreamed that both the young man and the young woman from this afternoon were already under this shower with me. In my fantasy, the young lady kneeled in front of me and she starts to lick my clitoris making my sopping lips opened more and more with her starving mouth and her working tongue. Now, voluntary on four paws under this shower, I grasped at her companion's virile member standing so proud in front of me. I nibbled at it and I bite his prick member throughout all his full erection.

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