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"Sara, we've been friends online for several months now haven't we?" he asked. when she only nodded he continued. "I have no problem with our age difference, I've even gotten past the fact that I had deluded myself about your size. Don't look at me like that. I know you said you were a BBW and I knew I liked you and even though size has always been an issue for me I got past it. I got past it because I like you and I feel we have something worth exploring. Can't we just relax together and take things slow and see how it goes? Please?" he asked with those puppy dog eyes that melt every woman.


I grabbed her and spun her around. I pushed her forward and down over the table. Another two friends each grabbed a hand and held her spread over the table. I stepped back and admired her smooth, long legs hanging from the table, ending of course in her fine little ass.

Slowly she drew my panties down for the viewing enjoyment of Uncle Steve.

This is a woman who could make any guy's cock hard but thankfully, since we met she just wants mine. I always thought of myself as a considerate lover, trying my best to make sure she got to cum before I did but obviously my rush to penetrate wasn't always the best way to make that happen.

She rose and walked from the room. For a moment I stayed where I was admiring the view. When I rose I turned and helped my sister to her feet, before collecting our clothes and following mother.

I licked and tasted the salty taste of her juices combined with the juices of her two lovers.

I slept inside of her that night. We woke up the next day and fucked again before we each left for work. Since then, we've spent just about every minute we've had together going at it like a couple of horny high schoolers. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed that some of the girls were starting to cop feels of each other as they danced. Somehow it seemed natural—the way the music was blaring and the way everyone was giggling and obviously enjoying themselves.

"Well, the way you's holdin' my hand back there. You didn't even say one mean word to me the whole time since we left the house."

"Well you two flight whores made the first hour!" The bald man barked.

“I fucking love it, Jess,” I said panting and licking.

"Eh, well thanks for coming over with the decorations," Elisa said, feeling a bit nervous. She wasn't sure why she was nervous, but it had something to do with Nick's presence. He was an attractive man. Tall, handsome and with a mischievous smile. She had already fallen in love with his high cheekbones and the prominent jaw line.

Melissa stood up and broke the silence. "I'm going to the bathroom, then I'm having another shot, then I'm going to practice being innocent in your bedroom. I smelled your incense earlier, it's too good to waste." With that, Melissa walked across the room, entered the bathroom, and closed the door.

"You seemed to have left quite an impression on Henri this morning," Courtney said as she met me at the front desk. "He called right after you left. He's offering top model's scale and wants to publish the photos he took this morning. The Polaroids are on their way over to Cary Galliant's office right now."

"Yeah, don't worry, we got all the bases covered." Syd threw in. I said that already, right?


As Brenda closed the shower door behind her, Daniel wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her neck. Brenda reciprocated, nuzzling her head against Daniel’s shoulder and reaching down to massage his cock in preparation. Daniel’s hips began to buck feeling the gentle tugs of Brenda’s soft hands on his turgid shaft. He began to move his hands slowly over her back and began to trail down, gently kneading as he went. When Daniel reached Brenda’s lower back, she arched forward into his chest and moaned softly into his shoulder.

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I took her in my arms & kissed her, and slowly she responded.

As Lenny pulled Jane up into a sitting position, he and I flanked her on either side; hard cocks at the ready. My hand went automatically to the back of her head as she grasped one length of solid male meat in each hand and pressed her down, urging her towards my weapon.

Kissing her lightly he looked up at her heaving chest, his groin was now a sizeable land mark on his rippled and hard body. She noticed it, still breathing heavily she stood up. Kissing him hard, she reached down and stroked his mast, un-knowingly the pair stumbled into the open. Rain splashed across them as they continued their hot passionate motions. Falling to the wet sand she parted her legs, he entered her with one long thrust that seemed in time with a bolt of lighting.


Sandy fumbled in her purse for some lipstick and applied a fresh coat. “Sure, not a problem. You have plans this weekend? I going out with Brad on Friday but that’s about it. We have the house to ourselves for a couple of weeks.”

Both of them kept pace with each other, and further down the road, another truck drew up on the left. This one also started to pass, but then had to slow down as well. Steve was now boxed in on both sides by huge eighteen-wheelers, watching as Tasha gave him a blowjob. Wanted to give them a little bit more of a show, Steve reached over and pulled the dress up so they could see Tasha’s bare ass. On warm days such as this, she liked to go without any panties. Steve ran his finger over her ass cracked, as he carefully kept the car going straight.

"Uh, no, that's really ok," he said.

Right on cue, Cassie entered the living room. She had a big silly grin on her face. Chrissy jumped off Henry and tried to apologize.

I met her face to face later the next day as we both checked out of the resort…She gave no indication that she was ever aware of my presence at the resort, much less at poolside the previous morning.

"Okay," I laughed lightly to reassure her, although my heart had dropped to my stomach in its disappointment. "But a real gentleman will at least kiss a girl goodnight after he fucks her brains out."

"Wendy. My name is Wendy. So Tony, your apology seems sincere enough but that doesn't change the fact that I missed my very important event. How in the world do you plan to make it up to me"?

'On one condition, you carry me upstairs to bed!.'

We looked through a number of items and finally she picked out some. She handed me a pink halter top with three buttons down the front and a black skirt that was very short and held up by two buttons in the back against a long seam.

"Now Joe, I explained the rules. No one stays dressed if the others are not. I think we're about ready to really get into it. So you're going to have to decide. If this is too weird or uncomfortable, that's okay. No one is going to be offended if you don't stay, but if you do, you have go all the way. You have to get your dick out and jerk it. No hiding. The true enjoyment of the Club is the ability to be open about loving porn and jerking off without shame, and, combine it with the fun of hanging out with friends. But it's not for everyone. Some people can't handle being in the room with others or being watched. So what do you say - in or out?"

"The Marquis said I couldn't cut you or bruise you, but he didn't say I couldn't put holes in you," he says laughing sadistically.

Gerry was a little shocked at first, but when she began to suck again, he was amazed at the increased intensity of the sensation. He was almost there, he legs shaking a little and beads of sweat running off his brow. He could feel it, just a few more sucks, just a few more………. Right when he was about to blow, she thrust upwards with her hand, forcing her wet finger deep into his anus.

"Well come look at what I bought" came her excited reply.

After a minute or two it had shrunken sufficiently for me to return to the living room. As I turned the corner from the kitchen to the living room, I stopped dead in my tracks. Julie had taken off her bra, and was sitting on the couch naked from the waist up. All that effort I had made in the kitchen was wasted as my body quickly made a tent at the front of my pants.

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“Why yes, our table is in the den.”

I checked my leather jacket as I entered. Underneath I was wearing a new leather bodice vest. It is black, soft and covered in studs and rings. Those rings can come in handy for all sorts of attachments. I'm fond of my tits. I like to show them off, so the vest had big round cut-outs for them. It was cut low enough so you could see a couple of my tatts as well. Ya couldn't see my fave one tho, cause I still had my jeans on. . Tight 'n' black, ripped round the back so my ass fell out a bit. I've got a real cute one right behind my ear too, and you can look at that all you like. Good thing I like to shave my head...just a stubble on top. I used to have a kd lang cut till I decided I wanted the tatt. Tonight I also wore a new pair of cowboy boots, studded to match the vest.

I moan into the gag and Mistress squeezes my shaft sharply in warning, "I've warned you before about speaking haven't I slave?"

Safety also requires submissives to protect themselves, particularly early in a relationship. Safe‑calls, safe‑words, discussions of limits, contracts, agreements, and even references from other submissives work toward this end. Honesty also goes a long way toward safety. If a submissive has health issues or limits which may affect play, it is their duty to be honest about them. If a sub has a negative, frightening, or damaging experience (like sub‑drop), this should also be communicated to the Dominant in the interest of safety.

"No, but that doesn't mean I'm not curious." she says as lowers her eyes and smiles.

"And as you can see, she enjoys the attention." Dr. Kroft's said, as Emily felt fingertips run up her thigh to the exposed pussy lips. She shuttered as she felt the fingers move back and forth over her slit, revealing the wetness that had developed.

I walked into my daughter's room and in the middle of all the stuffed animals on her bed was Stacey on the phone.

That evening, Ranji and Gangaram were invited for the initial ceremonies and a mini reception by the bride's family. The marriage was in the early hours of the next day, they reached the hall and were greeted by a bevy of beauties, who sprinkled 'ittar' and 'rose water' on them and led them to the centre of all activities. Gangaram's eyes met those of Reena and immediately shied from acknowledging each other. Her parents introduced the bride, her brothers and other sister along with Reena to everyone and Gangaram even in all his mire and guilt could not take his eyes off Reena, she was looking gorgeous. Meena the bride was the elder sister, they were a family of 5( 2 brothers and 3 sisters).

"Yeah, sort of," I whispered.

'Uh..OH ', It was my turn to sigh as Smitha fell on my loins and rubbed her strong muscular body with abundant curves deliciously all over my royal organ, taut balls and upper thighs raising goose pimples in me in the process.

She moved to one side and gave me space. I slowly eased on to her side. With my right index finger I twirled her locks. Then I caressed her forehead, she shivered with my touch. I slowly kissed her closed eyes and she took a deep breath. I put a finger on her nose and slowly moved it down to her lips and rested them there. She slowly parted her lips and I put my finger inside and felt the inside contours of her lips.

Then Marlissa said to Kyle, “Come here, lean over here.” Kyle scooted his chair closer, within arm’s reach of Marlissa. Marlissa reached out and brushed her fingers along an area of Kyle’s neck between the strap of his tank top and his ear. Marlissa, tentatively at first, brushed the side of Kyle’s neck, drawing lazy circles and lines up and down Kyle’s neck. After about a minute, Kyle moaned slightly and closed his eyes. Marlissa looked at Kyle’s face with open curiosity and amazement, but kept brushing her fingers along his neck. After two minutes, I noticed Marlissa’s breathing had grown slightly shallow and her lips were slightly parted. Suddenly, she snatched her hand away as if Kyle’s neck had suddenly grown too hot to touch. “Damn. Wow. That’s really, really interesting.” She looked at me and smiled. I held her gaze for a few long seconds then raised my eyebrows in a silent question. Obviously struggling with words, she finally just stood up, grabbed the box off the table and started walking into the living room. “C’mon, folks. Let’s do it.”

"Well," I considered that information. "I guess that'll be OK since I sort of arranged it ahead." I thought a little more and then asked, "Now, how did you get me involved in all this?"

I wanted to meet Mary-Kate for a little chat at least, or if I'm lucky to go out on a date with her. This is the best perspective of course, probably none of this was going to happen. Anyways, I had no idea how I was supposed to actually get in touch with her, so I just gave it up and added it to my endless list of unfulfilled dreams. I was enjoying an ignorant day of nothing at that time by the way. There has been so many days like this in my life that it was becoming a routine, and that wasn't good. Whatever you do, and I mean whatever, the last thing you need is a boring life. I was sick to my stomach of this shit, so I decided to break the boredom by going to the beach. Oh, I forgot to mention that it's all taking place in LA, but you must have guessed so.

It was time to take a careful, honest look at myself to determine what kind of woman I am, and what I wanted to be. Naked, I stood looking at my self in the full length mirror. My hair was cut short, dark brown, and had a few white hairs showing. My breasts, tummy, butt, and upper legs displayed, only too well, where the extra fifty pounds that I had put on was located.

She gasped as she was emptied and toppled down onto the rug, his body quickly following hers. The slam of his body on hers forced the breath from her lungs, and she had barely registered what had happened before he was spreading her thighs and thrusting into her with a force that left her gasping.

"None that I can see. Tell me about yourself."

"Come in," he said in his deep dominating voice. Slowly she entered and looked around the room to see what was in store for her. He noticed her looking around and decided now was the time to tell her the rules.

His eyes fed upon her as he stared at the naked goddess before him. To him, that was what she was, his goddess of love and desire. His lips again continued their pursuit of heaven as they moved further down her stomach and to her smoothly shaven mound. He nudges her legs further apart as he looks up at her again. His lips ravenously attacked her moist flesh as he placed a spirited kiss upon her clit.

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She hadn't accepted him fully yet. A curled lip and a soft snarl showed that, yet she showed curiousity and shoved her scarred maw up into his face, disregarding if she let him get frosted from the snow in her face, making him blink and cause a smile. His handsome face a recognisable one if only the wolf had frequented the citylands, but then again, she did not. And he thrust forward his throat in a submitting mannerism for acceptance.

“I need the mum needs the money, she tells me to steal, she can’t support us.”

"You are going to like this," she teased in a low tone as she slithered up my body.

“That’s it my Sneha…suck my cock…harder and faster…Sneha…Sneha…Sneha…my sexy hot fuck…” Srikanth went on grunting her name.

We kissed and continued walking. John asked, "Did your school ever find out about the game?"

"Come on Baby," Sammy whispered to her, "Work that pussy good. Get yourself off with your fingers…come on Baby, do it for me. Finger fuck yourself."

"Your beautiful" Mike, Sr. mouthed silently as I lovingly held his monster.

"Do you want to 69 Robert?"

" Suck on it," she panted hoarsely.

‘Is she?’ He was shocked. Little Nicole? ‘Has she got a boyfriend?’

Jenny's face fell. "Well, if you're sure..." She turned, and ran from the room, blushing furiously, tears glistening in her eyes. She knew a brush-off when she heard one!

"This one is mine," Ellen said pulling out the small plug we use on her. "My ass is too small for anything bigger and this is his collection." Ellen laid out the array of anal toys she uses on me- a medium sized rubber plug, a vibrating plug and a sixteen inch long acrylic toy that is shaped like a plug on one end and is rippled on the other end. We have "shared" this toy on occasion with one end stuck in my ass and the other end in her vagina. But most of the time I have the plug shaped end in me and she uses the other end as a handle so she can fuck me good and proper.

“I’m Dave,” said the younger good looking one “We’re from Wyckoff engineering just up here to do some work on the levy bank.”

"Sure," she said rising, hoping Christiana wouldn't see the wet spot on her skirt.

"What do you like to eat for breakfast?" she asked. I almost told her that I wanted to eat her pussy, but instead asked for eggs over easy, with bacon. No point in being crude with her.

Maria planned to get her Saturday chores done immediately. She saved most of her housework for the weekend. By the time she finished her shower and was dressed, Harry was already up and gone. His note left by the empty coffee pot told her that he would be going fishing with the boys today and was not expected back until late.

'Whoosh!' she yanks my panties back up and slaps my rump approvingly.

"If those two got hold of you, it wouldn't be their eyes that would drop out! Those black guys really get turned on when they get a chance to screw a white woman and these two, if you can believe them, never ever had a chance to screw a white girl!" I anxiously said to Virginia.

"Not like that, Carol. Here's a tip. With a legged corset, it is always better to ease the leg from the inside. If you pull at the outside you are likely to wrinkle the corset or it will pull on your skin. If you put your hand inside you can lift and spread the leg so it fits properly."

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"Aha, of course I recognise this songs, it's one of the greatest songs of all time! You're always playing good songs for me!" She smiled.

"What, how I'm I suppose to do that?

"Is your cocky-poo still hard?"


Jim's eyes were wide with lust as he watched Jenny begin to move her tits up and down on his cock. The room was quiet except for the labored breathing of the three of them. They all watched as Jim's swollen cock head appeared and disappeared between Jenny's breasts. The space between her soft breasts was becoming slick with Jim's fuck juice.

"Then we will blindfold you," said Leza.

"Yah I’ll never forget, it was only the scariest day of my life, but I’ll start from the beginning." Linda started, in a soft trembling voice. "I was out with my boyfriend; riding in a strange car, that he said he borrowed from a friend. What he didn’t tell me is, he never asked his friend if he could borrow it."

"C’mon, you know." Kamesha said smiling, "Stop trying to play me."

"Would you like me to 'baa' for you to heightened the experience?"

I was really in a piss-poor mood. I still had a hangover from the drinking I'd done last night. And there was no service area in sight. But I had to feed the horses every three hours and give them some rest. I had been strictly ordered to take extra good care of the valuable freight. So I stopped the truck in the stretch of unpaved road that runs alongside Lake Waneka, stepped out of the truck and lit a cigarette.

'Can't say as I have, you, Jimmy? Have you heard of it?'

"Enough bitch. I need to get my beauty rest."

"Cyrus, I don't want this to ever end!"

She immediately said no. "Have you ever thought about trying it one day?" I continued.

There was more than enough light in the rest area for us to see each other clearly. Her eyes grew wider. "Did watching me really turn you on? I don't think that I've turned a man on in so long I forgot what it felt like. I think I like that." Before I could say another word, Cynthia slid across the seat and was pressed close to me. Her hand went to my pants and she felt the bulge that had grown there. "Mmmm! I see I did make you hot." I pushed her hand away. Cynthia looked up at my face. I was pissed and she must have seen it in my face. Cynthia took her hand off my hard dick and slid back across the seat. She turned toward the window. Soon after I heard her soft sniffling. She was crying and I was angry enough not to give a fuck.

As her wet pussy flowed with her hot wet cum I fucked her harder and deeper with my fingers, making her cum even more and harder, her moans so loud and ecastatic, her juices flowed in abundance, wetting my hand, soaking her legs and wetting the bed. Finally she collapsed face down on the bed with a very satisfied moan.

I try desperately to cross my legs tighter to ward off his warming touch. Quiet words tumble from my lips in a soft plea. "No I won't run. I've got to go bad. Please let me up." Inching my hips back into the cot further when his fingers curl in-between my legs and dip into my moist pussy. He hooks his index finger in my cunt and pulls up gently. Those eyes of his gauge my every move and breath. And when I don't move he finally speaks.

"You want a ride?"

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Lucian stood on his porch drinking what had to be his fourth cup of coffee. Since his swim with Fred the night before, he was up most of the night, wondering what he could do to make her comfortable around him. He hated it when people couldn't be comfortable with him and wanted to ease her discomfort, especially when he was the one to cause it.

"Is there anything I can say that won't make you think I'm just another lame guy hitting on you?" I said cockingly. She laughed. "Well, that's a good start!" she said with a smile. "Simon." I said as I presented her my hand.

Cassie felt him pass by her but could not reach out to touch him as bad as she wanted to. She heard the curtains open, then the sliding door. Warm air rushed in.

“In a few days you’ll start to feel slightly ill, and then your body wewill take it from there.”

"Yes. They look fine."

"Pat!" Gail said, almost ambushing her friend. Pat jumped a little.

She thought for a moment, but decided not to press. "Certainly."

My smile returned. "Please."

“ Hope it was worth it.” I said to the both of them with tears running down my face.

"How dare you..."

"Err nothing really" I replied meekly.

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Uncle Peter was suddenly sitting on her other side on the couch and rubbed his palm against her other nipple. “You are 18 now girl and you haven’t started enjoying boys or men?” Her back arched involuntarily again and she sucked in breath. “No Uncle I would not do anything without Daddy’s permission.”

Jamie placed the cucumber at the entrance to her vagina and she could feel the pressure as it slid past her lips. Then she felt the resistance on her virgin cunt and Jamie slowed, twisted and spun the object until it eased past the hymen without breaking it.

He passionately, languidly sucked at a nipple. I groaned. He kissed my mouth hard, tongue thrusting into my mouth and I tasted my cum in his mouth. I sucked greedily at it. Connie's hands were on my tits and belly, squeezing, passionate but slow, pulling at my nipples. "Lick your juice off my face, kitten," he demanded. I complied, arms around his neck, holding his face to mine as I sucked at his goatee, licked at his mouth and nose, hungry for my taste on his skin. Connie began rubbing his thick shaft between my legs, making me whimper as I cleaned his face.

"No joke," Dani answered. "Listen, kids. It's damned peculiar that NONE of you has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Mike went out on a date three months ago, remember? He bitched about it all the way up until he went out with the girl. And what did he do? He came home EARLY. Either you're all stark-raving-mad or your libidos need a serious kick in the ass." She shifted forward a little, almost as though she'd forgotten that she was naked as a jay-bird, and eyed the kids carefully. "In our own ways, we've all been interviewing you, trying to figure out just what type of person you look for in the opposite sex. You know what your answers were, across the board?"

She got that wicked grin on her face again and moved in between my legs. She lifted my knees and spread my thighs. I propped my head up with a pillow so I could watch her. Her face lowered to my bush and she inhaled deeply, smiling like she was smelling hot cherry pie, fresh from the oven.

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Marissa saw a few female students go walking by her. Until one student stopped and looked at her.

Daddy leaned back, gasping, body still shaking from cumming all over Sweetie.

"That's better." she whispered.

Not knowing what else to do, Amy swallowed. It didn't taste that bad; rather salty. Instinctively, she bobbed for more. When Larry's cock fell quiet, she let it slide slowly from her lips.

Nina moaned and said. "Oh . . . shit . . . Your hands are so strong." Peter looked down into her eye's and she was looking up at hip with her lips parted so he bent down and kissed her on the lips. Peter glanced at the table and saw her husband watching them and decided to kiss her again since she didn't object to the first kiss.

I started to finger her clit as she rode up and down on me, letting my fingers pinch in between us as she pushed down hard on me with each stroke. There was pleasure written all over her face as she smiled and pulled on her own nipple with one hand. She had been right about one thing, cumming early with her made it easier to stay with her while we actually fucked.

Flashing fun at the pit stops!

"I don't remember, but when I am working I usually braid it and wrap it in a cloth tube and keep it under my jump suit. Long hair can be a hazard when you are working with machinery."

I wasn't surprised he asked the same question. Men are so predictable. "Your friend Nate," I replied. I believed my response caught him off guard by the way his body stiffened and he shifted ever so slightly. Nathan was an engineer; a coworker of Tom's, who had recently received a big promotion. They also played on the same basketball team; a team Tom had recently joined. Tom was the only white guy on the team. I had only met Nathan a few times. I remembered him from the company picnic and holiday party and the few games I dropped by to watch. He was single, tall, muscular and good looking. I thought of him as the original tall, dark and handsome.

Each time she lost a piece of her clothing, Max spent long moments looking at her. With each piece gone, his eyes got hotter and hotter. She knew some American men had a thing for Asian women. But the way Max looked at her body made her feel like some sex goddess. She could almost feel him stripping away the two remaining fabrics on her body, and the odd thing was that she almost wanted him to. Staring at her clad in just her underclothes, he met her eyes squarely and reached beneath the table. Her eyes trailed down, following his palm. He cupped his erection with it, situating the half-inflated staff to a more comfortable location. Yumi should have been shocked. Instead, she felt a flood of wetness fill her sex, slowly seeping out to dampen the crotch of her underwear. Beneath the soft cotton cups of her bra, her nipples were slowly coming to life, aching in time to the throbbing of her hidden folds. She didn't know whether they were becoming puckered because of the air conditioning of the kitchen or the lazy need that was spreading through her body. Sitting back down on her stool, Yumi looked directly at Max. This time, emboldened by the feelings racing through her, she reached over and yanked the cards from his hand.

Having brought him there, van der Bos became suddenly gentle and subtle, not providing quite enough, not quite enough. It was utterly maddening, and Peter bellowed like a bull in extremis and took charge. Clamping the graying temples in his hands, he pounded cock fiercely into the teasing mouth. The wiry little ass van der Bos had admired earlier could pound nails. Whipcords of straining muscle ridged the legs and belly of the once-timid pupil, and he fucked the old man's skull with sweat flying off him.

I stopped his hand with my right hand, as it was cupped on my tummy. He pressed slightly feeling my softness there. Then, when I was sure I had his eyes looking in the mirror at his hand right above my crotch, I took my left hand and pulled open my bikini bottom, pulling it down some in the process and letting Peter see the blondish-brown curls nestled atop my special little place down there. I then looked into his eyes in the reflection, as my right hand pushed his big right hand on downward until his palm cupped my mound. He definitely did press forward then, and I let my head fall back on the nook between his shoulder and neck when I felt those thick fingers wiggle at my gash.

I then fell over her embracing her and we laid there as such till next morning breaks.

"Well, now that you mention it, I am!"

I turned my attention back to the television, sneaking furtive glances towards Erin's half-exposed tit every few minutes. All the while I was trying to will my cock down and trying to decide how to handle her "favor." After about a half-hour the doorbell rang. Erin jumped up and as she did her top lost the fight her tit came spilling all the way out, as she took a step toward the door she nonchalantly scooped her tit back into the confines of the top without missing a beat. With her clothes back in place and the pizza in the kitchen we both grabbed a couple of slices and returned to the den.

I straddle you and help myself to your cock, riding it and ramming it into me, you moan with pleasure, "don't you cum slut"

"I...I don't" I pondered on what it could result in when I was quickly interrupted,

"Hold it please." A voice called.

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"That was just a little fucking, an't nothing wrong with that, shuga' "

Greg, feeling himself blush, nodded. "Yeah," he replied, "besides that."

"Did you enjoy...?" Jennifer whispered. She felt her nervousness disappearing as Mr. Renquist's eyes washed over her. Slowly, she stretched her leg out again, and let her thighs part, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She smiled sexily and repeated her question, glancing back to see if Dan was on his way back yet.

"A worthless scumbag that I have no use for asked you to lunch and knowing how I feel about that asshole you said yes?"

'No, don't. You'll make me come. I just want to watch - I can't believe what they're doing!'

"...and morale is low. The chain of command has been breaking down as more and more crew members are showing little or no respect for their senior officers..."

Jeanne nearly screamed her head off with the pleasure and pain of the invasion, but the succubus' hand moved over her mouth, catching the yell that would have brought others into the room.

I knew this turned Helen on - she had a thing for men in tight shorts. Helen asked me if that was for real.

“Easy man, easy. Just relax, it’ll go in,” he encouraged me. “Just relax and it will slide right on down.”

I laughed and he brought me slowly up to fever pitch, squeezed again, stroked again and then, when he could see that I was about to cum, he quickened his movement and all my limbs jerked as I shot my load onto my stomach and all over his pumping fingers. "That was so good" I said, "I haven't had a wank for a week." "So that's why you came off so quickly" he said. "You need to slow down a bit or do it more often". I didn't see how it could have been much better, even if I had, but I was obviously in the hands of an expert. "Let me show you how I do it" he said. So he took his dick in his right hand and pumped it slowly, gently covering and uncovering the engorged glans. It was a great looking dick and he worked on it slowly, head thrown back and eyes closed while I watched in fascination. Soon his breathing became more laboured and his hand movements faster; then his balls moved up towards the base of his rod; then he groaned "I'm gonna cum" and as his dick swelled to its bursting point he stopped on the downward stroke for a moment, holding his foreskin so that the dickhead was exposed. Then, with his hand stationary, he shot a jet of white cream almost vertically into the air. Then he stroked again quickly, stopping again on the down stroke to let another jet spurt out, almost as big, and then a third, a fourth and a fifth so that five pools of cum lay glistening on his stomach. He finished off by slowly wanking his shaft and sliding his fingers over his slippery cockhead as his magnificent tool gradually lost its rigidity.

With his great strength, Jamaal easily picked Al up and draped him over the side of the bed, his ass pointing straight out. Al could feel a cock pushing against his virgin anal opening.

"Please, Marlene, make me come!!!" she begged, "Oh, lover, please make me come!!!"

up the stairs I heard the front door close with a bang and turned to see he was gone. My hands still full of his cum and cum all over my face I sat there on the steps breathing heavily and whimpering over what had just taken place. Looking into my hands I brought them to my lips. Licking my fingers and tasting more of Toms cum started to excite me.

He made delicious sounds of enjoyment and approval as she worked on his rod. But he pulled her off and up to her feet before he came.

"Let me hear you say it."

Emi looked at Angel in amazement, still learning about the good fortune that seems to follow Angel.

With the head lodged in my rectum the passage of the shaft was pleasurable and uneventful. I could feel as millimeter after millimeter slid through the ring making its way up my rectal path. It was comforting to know he would not encounter anything distasteful; there was no feces remaining in my body. He pressed onward until the front of his thighs mashed against the backs of my legs. He pressed onward until no more of his cock remained unsheathed. He waited.

The Runt and I were back in business and nothing else in the world just couldn't matter any less. My mother was fast asleep in her bedroom. I was faking sleep when she returned from the diner. Joy was next-door, I guess, fast asleep, thinking about who's cock she'll suck tomorrow. I didn't care who fucked her tomorrow. Dreamcatcher Productions was back in business, in business for the first time considering our first attempt ended in complete failure. Joy had come over to my house to seduce a teenager, the son of her best friend, and ended up getting video taped, also received a nice facial, her reward for a nice blowjob and dirty titty-fuck we both enjoyed.

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Part Three

She was surprised how clean he tasted and smelled.

We started to kiss and Anne put her tongue in my mouth and I was surprised. I responded by putting my tongue in her mouth. Then I licked her nipples and she moaned. Yes Rick suck hard on my nipples. I sucked hard and she told me to pinch the other nipple. I did and she moaned even louder. Then she said finger my cunt. I said how? She spread her legs and slipped my finger in her wet cunt. I slowly stroked my finger in and out. She held me tight and said faster. I stroked my finger faster and she shook squeezing me hard as she came. Damn that felt good she said.

"What kind of car is it?" I asked.

"Anthony, No," Helen said looking up at him.

Normally when Sonya and I got home from work we would fix ourselves a drink and sit down and talk about our day. Sonya always enjoyed telling me about the things that went on in the office where she worked. I enjoyed hearing her stories because I had worked there with her for five years before I left to take a job in mergers and acquisitions for a national bank, so I knew all of the people she talked about either from my time with the company or from the many parties we attended with them.

"That's better. Now do the move again but Joan you need to really jump high and with your head up."

He held me on his lap with one hand, stroking the velvet across my back while he teased inside of me, rebuilding the heat. Finally he spoke again. “Ready for more?”

He kissed and nipped at her pubic patch, and kissed the join of her thigh and pussy lips. He slowly laid his mouth on his mother's pussy lips and kissed her womanhood. He raised his head and looked at his mother and whispered, "I love you, Mother, I love your cunt. This is the cunt that bore me. The cunt that shall once again feel me."

"How about a beer Joey?"

Once he was completely inside me, Hans showed my virgin ass no mercy, fucking me for all I was worth as he grunted loudly. I winced with pain as he buried his right hand in my long blonde hair and pulled my head off of the massage table. My scalp stung as he yanked at my hair and I cried out with pain as he rode my ass, grunting loudly with each deep thrust.

"And I love you too my precious angel. I love the life we have growing inside of you. I am the one who is truly lucky," he replies, leaning down to kiss me.

"You can finish taking off your blouse," he remarked coolly. "You don't want it to get torn when I go to work again on your poonts, do you?"

Thru the clear shower curtain, he was presented with the site of his slut sucking her daughter’s pussy while getting drenched. My daughter was totally into what my tongue was doing to her. I took a peek at my Master and winked at him. I could see that he was pleased at the sight before him. He signaled me to continue on. I hiked her legs up a bit so that I could reach up to take her titties again. I had the nipples at my fingertips and started pinching them harder than before. She started to buck a little as if she was going to cum, but I backed off just a little.

Truthfully, I wouldn't mind if a blowjob would be the only thing I was getting that night because she was doing it so well. The way her head bobbed up and down and the fact that she put both hands around my cock, I could tell she was enjoying it, and so was I. She was going down on me for quite some time and then she gave me a look and got up as so did I to take my coat off.

The big black guy and one other man had staying power. I learned over these sessions that these two were the youngest and had not been on the streets that long. Both could do something with that tool they had, they could cum harder and more than the other guys. But I had so many climaxes that no one knew who was doing a good job or who was just helping me have one.

"Hey Kurt, you'll never guess who we ran into. Well, then again, you probably will, so I'll just tell you. Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson were at the gorilla position and Torrie said Stacy wanted to meet you. I think Torrie put in a good word for you. If she did, watch out for Stacy's legs, they're probably killer."

I didn't see Julie for a week after my quickie with her (See just a quickie) except at the school when we picked up the kids and then I just gave her a sly smile, she couldn't look me in the face without going red so I knew that she remembered everything that had happened even though she was totally drunk at the time

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The drive only took an hour ten so they had plenty of time to get a good position to spy on the house. The three of them looked in amazement as this pretty girl came out and put something in the car, Eric was the first to say, "That can't be her, she can only be 18 or 19 and she's a stunner, surely she ain't in to that sort of thing." They all talked about how gorgeous she was, even more so as they watched the man as he came out, they kissed before he drove off.

"No, I don't really need to go home. I can just take the bus to run my errands. I'm going downtown and it's easier to use the bus than my car. Will you walk me to the bus stop?" Selene responded.

Kevin grabbed Missy's hair and threw her to the floor. He spread her ass cheeks and lubricated the large mushroom shaped head of his cock with her cunt juice. She knew what was coming but was helpless to stop it. She felt him push against her tight asshole. She screamed as it punched through her sphincter and entered her body.

Then she pretended she had just spotted her sister's panties on my face. "Ooooh, how lovely," she laughed. "How nice of Vanya to provide you with some stimulating scents to take your thoughts away from controlling yourself. I hope you've thanked her for her consideration."

Kyle fought back his smile, but couldn't fool either of them. The woman started undressing in front of him and Kyle watched her with ever growing interest. When she was totally naked, she bent over and showed her pussy to him. She spread her legs a little and cupped her hand over it, slipping a finger inside. Kyle felt his cock twitch and he pulled on the rope that held his hands.

And now, at last, I think it's time.

"Mnnn, I'd love that Baby. You suck my cock like a vacuum cleaner." Ed laughed.

"We'll be quick."

The Carousel jerked, and found another gear. It sped up, she grew dizzy. Another look over her shoulder confirmed the black had moved directly behind her. She could feel it's heat. The machine jerked, snapping her head back and then forward. She gripped the pole tighter, her cheek against the now hot metal. Her mouth hung open as the vibrations rose and fell, rose and fell, bringing her closer each time to an orgasm she didn't want to have. She was not going to come in front of these people.

They wanted it to last forever, and in their minds it was, but in reality it was over all too quickly as he started to pound her, his thick cock pushing the walls of her pussy wide open and stretching her cunt open wide. He filled her over and over until he exploded inside her. She, too, felt the electricity building in her stomach and she bucked her hips wildly as she came hard. Her pupils dilated and she was filled with his hot seed.

“Oh yes,” I moaned. An electric shock got my motor purring as soon as I touched his leg. This was much better than some stupid machine.

We can wait no more and I reach down to guide my hot, stiff cock into your waiting cunt. You are so tight that I wonder if I can truly squeeze my length inside you. But, of course, your passage parts easily to grasp my fullness. I plough to the hilt and catch you unawares when the head of my pulsing prick enters the small opening at the back of your steaming snatch. You cry out with the slight pain and I quickly pull away, not wanting to cause you discomfort. To my surprise and delight you grasp my taut butt cheeks and pull me deep inside you again. Again I reach the end of your cunt and you hold me there, grinding your hips against mine, working hard to gain every tiny amount more of me inside you.

As soon as he was out the door Kathy said, "Thank god your home, I thought I would never get ride of him." I asked Kathy what he wanted to talk to me about and Kathy said she had no idea. Then she said, "What are you doing home in the middle of the day, you didn't get laid off did you?"

“I don’t want you running away from me just yet, pet,” he said, as he jerked her to her feet from the bed. “I have so much to teach you about being a wife.”

Now - the second part of Beth's surprise present for Ben Goldman. What forty year old man wouldn't enjoy opening this sexy little package for his birthday? Looks like Cassy Goldman is just as interested in the present as Ben is, and knows just how to enjoy Beth's talents. An un-seasonally high temperature was recorded in the Goldman's bedroom - and guess what Ben was using as a thermometer?

‘Lisa, what are you doing, that’s my sister! Maybe I should go and leave you two alone.’ He said and turned for the door.

Diana nodded, and John backed away and removed his clothes. She looked at him standing there: tall and straight and moderately hairy. His penis extended away from his body at a garish angle. It was neither big nor small — just average. Her eyes drifted to Angela with her long black hair matted to her head and her trim body bound securely to the floor. Her eyes were still downcast, and she felt as though she understood what she was feeling. John moved closer and said to Diana, "Please watch carefully." Taking his fingers he entwined them in Angela's hair and said, "Let's begin. Touch the tip with your tongue."

Sabrina realized that he had to rearrange his clothes. "Yes! Um, there's a men's room around the corner."

Kyle slipped his free hand between her thighs and pressed his fingers against her pussy. "Do you think they’ll stop here?"

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"I tell you what is sinful. It is sinful for you to lead me on, teasing me with your body but always denying me. I've had enough."


"Don't forget the bra!" cried Franco.

"Wow, Melinda. You look GREAT," Erin said as she walked Melinda through the massive house towards the family room.

"That's it... that's it," the stranger hissed as he pushed forward and pulled her head toward his shaft. "Ahhhhhhh!!!" he moaned, "I'm cumming."

“You want to tell me what’s the matter?” Dana finally asked. “I’m not taking you home till you do.”

With those words, Terri quickly got off his schlong and started beating him off furiously. We both held our faces over the swollen purple head of his cock and he ended up spraying our faces with the heaviest stream of spunk I had ever seen my husband shoot, and that included the wad he shot earlier in the kitchen! Wads and wads of his beautiful sperm shot out of his dickhole and flew into the air where it landed in our hair and on our faces. Brad's entire body jerked and spasmed as he had what must've been the most earth-shattering orgasm he'd ever had in his life! As Brad was starting to calm down a little, Terri and I were kissing each other fully on the lips and licking our faces clean like we were a couple of cats of my husband's thick, salty splooge. Terri licked off the final traces of Brad's hot come off her face and fingers before getting out of bed entirely. I laid down next to my sweating, heaving husband while Terri put on her clothes, sans panties which were still lying on the kitchen floor! She looked at us as we looked at her, blew us a kiss and said those magical three words:

Another practice of paramount importance for sachem and his kind was the carrying out of reproduction. The elders needed to use Bporguls to select mates and while attached the borguls sucked up the qualification enzymes from the bulky war beast masters who later took care of the grunt work.

Ed was kneeling near her chest. As I knelt upright to get more depth, he shuffled forward so his cock was near her face. It was hard again (did it go soft?) and was very messy from their fucking. He reached out to roll her nipple and she opened her eyes.

"We should go away for a few days to do this. No where near where we live. I don't want a chance meeting with friends or relatives," she continued. "

Grudgingly Sadie stood and peeled the panty bottom of her pajamas down over her hips exposing her soft down covered pussy. She felt self-conscious as Todd stared at her pubic hair unlike his wife's smoothly shaven labia.

"Phone," Marilyn said. She struggled to one side of the bed and felt around for her cane. The early morning was difficult for her, the leg with the pins in it painful, and slow to move.

Boom-boom was wearing a short sleeved, white, spandex top. Her enormous, round bosom and big nipples poured out incredibly. She was also wearing tight white short-shorts with sandals on her feet while I was in a blue, short sleeved shirt, white shorts and sandals.

Hot Damn, I had a chance to not only see boobies, but Liz's boobies! While I found many girls to be attractive, Liz's body had always held a special fascination for me.

Patrice knew she was naturally submissive, but it felt so good, being taken care of by this couple that she knew so well. "I thought I knew them well," Patrice thought to herself, "but I guess I never knew them so intimately before," laughing to herself at her pun. If Jon was going to come in her mouth, then she was going to take it. She had always thought that was kinda gross, not the kind of thing nice girls did, but then, what had being a nice girl ever gotten her? Aside from a lot of lonely nights and too few second dates?

Roger sat on the bed and looked at Rachel, his real estate agent’s, pink pussy. It was so small and wet it made his cock twitch. She was a tiny brunette that invaded his dreams from time to time. Why was she having sex in his bedroom did not matter. She was naked and wet in his bed and that meant he had a chance to fuck her, even if her boyfriend was there.

"Goodbye, Jay, it was nice seeing you, really. How about we save the rest for the ten year reunion?" She asked as she shoved him out the door. Jay stared at her wide eyed as she slammed the door in his face. Trudy sighed and leaned against the door. Jay blinked a couple of times and slowly put his shoes on. He sighed as he walked back over to his roommate's girlfriend's apartment. Trudy peaked out of the view hole and saw that he was gone. "…….What did I just do?" She wondered out loud. Trudy quickly ran and picked up the cordless phone as she dialed a number by heart. She placed the receiver by her ear as she heard rings. "Come on, pick up the phone." She muttered.

Two hours ago, Ags would have long since been in the hall with her ass severely kicked, but when Gail pulls her sweater over her head she does so knowing that the journey is already underway, it had begun, really, in the Undergarment Shoppe.

Candy looked at him for a brief second as if he had lost his mind, but she didn't dare make a sound or show reluctance, not with daddy looking this way; not with him so angry. "Yes daddy." She slipped her t-shirt over her shoulder, then undid her bra with the clasp at the back and removed this also.

"Don't worry about it, Baby. We don't have to do anything. The offer of a massage is still good, if you still trust me."

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You take me by the sides of the arms and roll me over, I am underneath you and your hands are either side of my body as you thrust yourself deeper into me - if that is possible. Your mouth moves over my breasts alternatively taking each nipple into your mouth, rolling each bud with your tongue, nipping lightly. My fingers are in your hair, around your ears, holding your head over my breasts.

And then she reminded me why I love her so. That we are almost always on the same page and simply said, “I know. I want to try too.”

I was at the point where I wanted to get up and leave, but I couldn't get up and leave with a damn boner sticking out, I was trapped.

She knew he was coming over and she was all excited. She'd spent hours getting everything ready. A dinner that included all three of his favorite foods; pizza, burritos and hamburgers, and of course plenty of ice cream, pie and beer. Fortunately, the girl April shared the Shadyside apartment was away for a week, espescially since April had the urge all day to do the cooking practically in the nude; she wore only a tiny thin cotton apron, the top part of which started at her nipples (which were hard as stone all day), then fell across her front in a round lacy piece that barely protected her crotch area.

I stood near the back eyeing all the girls that were jumping and jigging around the dance floor. Thats when I saw her, golden wavy hair, slim waist line and a beautiful set of legs that went all the way to the beautiful curvatures of her arse.

I was face to face with his crotch area. I could see his hard on through his trousers. For the first time in my life, I wanted to see his cock. Not just see it, but feel it too, and run my fingers over it. I even wanted to kiss it, take it in my mouth and slurp it around hungrily.

My math problems were laid out on the desk along with several sheets of scratch paper filled with my attempts to do the problems. "You know, I'm the one who needs help with math."

Brandon paused long enough to think about it. “I’m not sure, to tell you the truth. I think it’s possible, but I also think it’s just as likely that Barry Sledge really did kill Ben that night, and that Morgan’s paranoia just got the better of him. We do know that Sledge hit Ben with his car, but the question is, did he hit him before or after Ben was already dead? It’s also possible that Morgan killed Ben before he pulled away that night and took Ben’s share of the money with him. We’ll probably never know for sure, but the D.A. feels like it’s enough to give reasonable doubt on the Sledge case. The assistant D.A. who took Sledge’s plea the first time is taking back the deal they made for vehicular homicide and changing the charges to reckless endangerment and gross negligence while operating a motor vehicle. The sentence will be altered, as well. Instead of prison, Sledge is going into a resident rehab program. It works almost the same way as jail, though. He can’t come out until a judge says he can. With Sledge’s record, I have a feeling he’ll be in treatment for a long time.”

"Because you've done it again! You've gotten me hooked on this story, and now I have so many questions about it that I want you to finish it!!!" She made a playful grab at her pillow and whacked me with it.

"What people?"

Chrissie watched as Shannon took a sip from her glass, she noticed the obviously new nails Shannon wore. They were long and silver with swirling patterns traced across them. “Hey those are really nice nails you got there,” said Chrissie, her own aqua false nails still on her fingers. Again the coincidence with the conversation she had with Shannon last week rang alarm bells in Chrissie’s mind.

“Your daughters are in college?” I asked incredulously. “Were you a child bride or something?”

"The pleasure is always mine!"

I was a bit upset, I had expected Jonathan to meet me. But still, this was nice, although the Casino always sends a driver for me. Ted and I got that for life as part of a crazy win he made on a Megabucks machine years ago.

"Oh, God, Sharon," Jeannie started to laugh again and then suppressed it, "I think you probably gave the girl her first orgasm and she responded by speaking in tongues."

Gina’s world was swirling around her. How could Sharon have done what she just told her? The visual image of Sharon and this Fiona going down on each other had produced a state of arousal in Gina that was un-nerving. She actually felt a slight degree of jealousy. Sharon continued with her tale.

"I… I… I just was going to give you your shoes, you left them. I heard you… I thought you were crying."

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"No, it's not that," she began, wondering exactly how to say what she needed to say.

Finally, I gave in to Dave. "OK, she can stay with us until she finds a job. Sandy can use the small bedroom."

"You did tonight. Twice. And it gave you some good ideas."

"Oh so the teacher's asking now?" Marcus said with a quick pump into her pussy.

Thomas slowly worked the first layer of oil all over her body in smooth long strokes getting Maria relaxed. She was really enjoying it and commented about how soft yet firm his hands were. His apparent professionalism put her so much at ease that she didn't flinch when he asked if he could remove her towel. He undid her bra from behind telling her how he didn't want to get oil on her nice silk bra.

"Oh lordy-lordy-lordy!" exclaimed the guard.

During the first part of the movie, they just snuggled against each other and held hands or caressed each other’s thighs lovingly. The longer they sat there, the more intimate the touches got, the more each woman felt her desire for more grow, and the movie became just a distant sound.

"So it looks like you are a couple drinks ahead of me. Should we have another or if you want I'm ready to order."

Once Darius caught a tempo, he changed tactics. Instead of gently thrusting his cock in-and-out of her mouth, his speed increased. In fact, it increased with each and every stroke. Within seconds, he had went from slow and easy, to quick and blinding.

"No. I did it. Well the first part we made together, but I did the rest. Is that as far as you got…Danielle and me?"

Jack withdrew this time, dancing away toward the wall of sliding glass doors that faced the darkened beach below. He got down on the Berber carpet on all fours, pressing his cheek to the rolled fibers and swaying his back. His ass was high in the air, and he knew how delicious his balls must look. The scant moonlight coming into the darkened room was plenty for Bruce to see by, and Jack was rewarded with a low whistle.

"On your knees angel." With no hesitation she knelt.

The sexual monstrosity unleashed an unearthly roar of predatory lust, her eyes glowing an infernal red; as a long, too long, sensuous tongue slithered from her mouth. Her coppery hair, bobbing in pleasant bangs was becoming plastered to her scalp from the pussy-impaling exertion of this furious mating. By now, her boobs were nearly as large as basketballs; her fecund orbs growing outwards, yet hanging lower towards the face of her deliriously happy prey.

Julie said, in her professional voice, "Miss Collins, we assume you are not offended by various sex acts and are more than willing to perform anything we might ask you to do. Since this is predominately a movie about anal preferences, you will have to be prepared for various kinds of backdoor penetration." Julie paused then said, "Miss Collins! Have you ever had anal sex, before?"

"Did you see the look on her face? Absolutely confused! Priceless."

"Ohhhh," she purred as she closed her eyes with a smile. Having her breasts sucked was one of Monica's favorite things, and Joey was certainly not disappointing her. This was easily becoming the best $2000 she ever made.

Synopsis: This story involves two high school friends, now both in college, who are compelled by circumstances to share a bed after a late-night party. Sexual talk awakens hidden desires in the two boys and they begin to experiment, gradually becoming more and more bold as their passions awaken their homosexual desires...

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"I do baby…I do."

Lorraine was sitting on the bed with her legs curled under her ass. Her hands were busy pinching Jenny's nipples and squeezing her tits. Lorraine was looking down at her friend's face still contorted in the aftermath of her powerful orgasms. I moved around to the other side of the bed, leaned over and kissed Jenny on the lips. She shoved her tongue in my mouth to taste her own juices. I broke the kiss and looked at Lorraine.

After thinking about it for days, I decided to ask him if I could call him "Master." So one evening, I just did it. It was both the most difficult thing and the most liberating thing I have ever done. He paused, then said "No, little sub. Not yet. Only when you have truly submitted may you call me Master. For now you may call me Sire." I couldn't believe it, I actually came when he said that. I mean, I was disappointed on one level that he would not let me call him Master but his reason meant so much to me. After that the tone of our nightly conversations was definitely that of a Master and his sub.

You lick down my chest and between my breasts, while your hands trace large circles along the outline of my boobs, gently caressing under each one, then lightly up to my now hard nipples. you take each nipple in your mouth, sucking my breast in and flicking your tongue across them. you lick circles around my nipples and gently bite each one, pulling on them and sucking them again. You love my breasts and I love how you play with them. I'm so sensitive to your touch and as you suck, stroke and nibble them I run my fingers through your hair.

Chan Li shuddered with disgust as he realised about what was to occur for only once had he seen the Emperor like this and he had taken over twenty women that night, Toza intended to rut with every woman he could have tonight.

"Sshhh," I whispered in her ear as I tried to recover her mouth with my hand. Jenny's wet mouth and eager tongue was turning me on and pushing me towards my own orgasm.

I finished fixing my hut and then strolled over to Oslo's abode. Teddy was sitting on a stool outside and he looked up at me with wide eyes. It was probably the first time he'd been de-liced by a man. I could hear the sound of girls tittering and my humiliation seethed like poison in the blood.

We both walked into the bedroom kissing and closed the door behind us.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. "You'd like to cum now, wouldn't you?" he asked softly.

“No. Would you like to love me? That would make me feel better,” she said.

Tristan hadn't expected that either. She said the first thing that came to mind. "I miss you too."

I shiver and slightly moan as my right hand grips hard onto my cock and rubs it slowly and completely.

It so happened, this girl came into my office and was waiting as I came in. A look at her and my heart melted, I immediately asked her to be ushered in.

"Well you better have, one more fuck up out of you Louis and you're through here!"

On the ride home, David put on his dark sunglasses, using them to hide the fact that he was checking out his daughter's tits, which had now ballooned out in just 4 short months. Again, he felt his cock stir within his pants, causing him to shift a few times in his seat, before finally reaching home.

I dreaded the discussion with her, because I didn't know how to say goodbye. Elizabeth had become such a big part of my life that I could no longer imagine a life without her in it on a constant basis. Truthfully, I was dreading college.

Peter responded by leaning a little to his left but he continued with the same rhythm. I stood stone still, I don't think they knew I had entered the room. His cock came out even further than before, again I was surprised at the length, I tried to imagine were it was ending up in her belly. I started to touch myself. Gail did it again, "Uuhhh," the same breathy sound, "Do it… cum in me, Ooahhh." Gail's hand grasped Peter more firmly, causing her fingers to dig into the cheeks of his behind.

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"Like this."

Jennifer walked forward, put her hand on Bill’s chest and shoved him hard backwards. He fell into a chair that had been pushed up behind him, and he sat back and wondered what was next. Jennifer turned the chair so it faced the bed, about two feet from it. Then she took the man by the hand, walked him over to the side of the bed, and sat down on the edge. She then reached up, put her hand behind the man’s head, and pulled his face down for what Bill could see was a long, hot, wet kiss. Her tongue probed his mouth deeply, and she moaned as he responded by thrusting his tongue down her throat. The kiss went on for a long time, then Jennifer broke it and looked at Bill smiling.

She stood there for long moments, legs braced and prepared to pounce as blood slowly dripped down the length of the knife and also the inside of her thigh. "Please, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to have a drink," he rasped.

Peeking around the corner into the garage I saw that Mom had closed the garage door, so I didn't have to press the button and wait before heading out into the garage. I was nude, so without closing the door the old ladies across the street, and the young ladies that lived next door to them, would have seen me. Not being one to offend I'm always careful to check for this – though Dad forgets sometimes. He's always running in there for a tool or something. Anyhow, I went to the back of Mom's minivan and began unloading shopping bags. Already I'd spotted the chips (yeah!) and they were my favorite kind, too.

He felt something trickle onto his bare skin, it was cold with a sweet smell and a liquid substance. Rebecca's tongue soon joined the mess she had made over him and he soon smelled chocolate in the air as she lapped away all over his chest and sucked on his nipples where the chocolate once rested. She hopped off him and squirted the sauce lower down his body following it with her tongue eventually reaching his member where she added more sauce, too, and took her time licking it off being careful not to leave any behind, listening to Karl moaning under his breath and squirming at the touch of her lips and tongue.

About an hour later, he showed up and we commenced to having several beers visiting about old times. I gave him a tour of my new house. Once we got upstairs, he had the privilege of meeting my very sexy wife Sheryl. She is 50 but looks 40 with red hair and a body to die for. Since it was summer, she was wearing a short green dress that really showed off her 36D gorgeous boobs. She has the kind that doesn't drop when she takes off her bra with hard; I mean hard ½' nipples that really show off thru material. Well, they started visiting and visiting just like old friends. I got a business call so I had to leave and ended up being on the phone for well over an hour.

No. She was a teacher, a colleague. He wasn’t going to . . . do that . . . to a colleague, especially not one that was this vulnerable right now.

"Get my clothes then, girl." he laughed, swatting me on my ass. I do love dressing him, especially in the finest of garb. He deserves nothing less than the best. So I pulled out a pair of sharply creased black Armani pants, a black Italian silk shirt, and a pair of soft suede ankle boots. Not only do I select his clothes, but I also have the supreme satisfaction of dressing him as well. After I dress him, I lead him back to his throne so that I can brush his short blonde hair, using some hair gel to make it all spiky. He is so adorable with his spiky hair.

“What,” I shouted. “You must be joking.” And I started to return to the chair.

The sight was too much for Dad and he suddenly rose, saying, "This is getting out of hand, and I'm putting a stop to it right now."

"On whoever gets to go first…" My eyes lit up, and I surged upwards. Aunty Helen grabbed our clothes and began to search for the keys. "So tell me, Nephew. How far have you ever gone in the bedroom, because I've got a whole room full of toys, and my nights have gotten so lonely lately…"

It was late fall and our firm was involved with a rather complicated trade contract with a European conglomerate. The Boss asked several of us to spend the week-end with him at the estate to rough things out. I jumped at the opportunity to visit that marvelous place again.

"Imagine I am your Mum. Fuck me hard!" I could feel my balls banging against Emma's arse as I rammed into her.

Obediently I slowly took the bottom of Becky's skirt and lifted it up covering her back. I heard the sharp intake of breath from the other side of the bars as Becky's lovely legs came into view with her shapely arse covered by her panties in full view. My mind was spinning but I knew what I had to do. My hand came down and the sound of the spank was heard through the cell area. A quiet "Ouch" came from Becky. I continued with a heavy heart, spanking my lovely Becky had never entered my mind, hurting her was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

Finally, Todd filled his condom full of cum and withdrew from the activities. He sat over on one of the chairs, and the effects of the alcohol, late time and sex had exhausted him and he was soon asleep. His friends, however, still had plenty of energy. Whereas their first orgasm had been building since the strip club, they now had the stamina to make their evening last.

The only person in sight didn't look much like a chauffeur. While Erica looked at him covertly, he started toward her, smiling.

"It doesn't get any bigger does it?" she asked the smiling man.

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"Maybe I am... maybe I'm not..." the man's grin was infectious.

Joey twitched and cried out. Craig slowed and never took his mouth away. His hand pumped Joey's dick rapidly into his mouth and Nick twisted as he came. Joey's cum shot straight into Craig's mouth and Craig forced his gag reflex down, swallowing each load as Joey spent himself.

John paid the cover charge for the three of them as they entered the dark bar. The smoke filled room was filled with the slight smell of perfume and the air was cut with the thump-thump-thump of the sound system that played music for the dancers. The room was filled with men shouting and whistling at a red head on stage. She was in the process of taking off her bra leaving her in only her g-string. She flicked the bra to the back of the stage. She swung her hips in time to the music, Limp Bizkit’s "Rollin’" was playing hard and loud. The red head took her large breast and lifted them to her mouth where she proceeded to lick her nipples. The crowd let loose a set of war whoops as the song began to end the red head lowered her gyrating g-string down to some men at the stage, they began tucking money into her g-string.

"Mm. I don't know. I think I like partial nudity rather than full. I like to leave a bit to the imagination. But then I haven't seen you in the nude." I smiled with a very intentional look on my face.

"I've never done that. Maybe Donny would like it too. What do you think?"

"Here I am having this wonderful romantic moment and you go and quote a Rick Moranis film! I may just have to cut all ties with you after all!"

"Do you have a restroom in the store?" She asked.

Now, he finds himself within a few millimeters from caressing the nubs that torment him. He's been wanting to do this more months. His fingers run over the nipple. It lifts. He pulls and teases it with his fingertips. "The bra?" he asks after he leaves her mouth.

David put his cock back in his pants and pulled the zipper up. "Yes Diane."

Mrs McNeil welcomed me with a cup of tea and some biscuits, and insisted I sit with her for a chat at the kitchen table before I started doing the gardening. She told me that she would be fifty this year, and was a widower. Her husband had died ten years earlier. She asked me to call her Joan. I said please call me Tom. I could see that when she was younger she'd been a very beautiful woman. She was still quite good looking now. Her skin tone and figure could have passed for a woman twenty years younger. I finished my tea and suggested I should get on with mowing the lawn for her. She agreed but asked me to do the edges first. I went and got the edging tool and started to neaten the lawn. I was just beside her front room window and could hear her on the phone.

My world had narrowed to the driving cock fucking my face. I was eagerly anticipating the taste and feel of Henry gushing in my mouth. "Stop!" Big Man thundered. "Don't just suck him off! Fuck him!" I pulled away. Henry's penis was throbbing, but I'd stopped just before he reached the point of no return.

My excitement was at a fever pitch. Mistress would let me "humiliate" myself (on the floor, feet up, my cock pointing down towards my face...mmmmmmm) when I pushed her but tonight she seemed very interested in running the show herself.

For the next few weeks, the family put their efforts into the training and developing of what they now called the Orphan Enterprises. Shauna insisted they make provision for long distance and tourist busses to stop at Ly's garage. "They have a place where bus drivers get commission for giving their passengers a toilet break on the way to Halong Bay. We could do it in a smaller fashion here."

Raelyn suddenly looked up from her microphone into the staring face of her partner of three years. Bradley was looking at her over bar that separated her mike from his area in the center of the bar. "What?' she murmured.

"Oh, about an hour."

Little was known about Virginia. If she's married or has kids, where she from and what's her background. Though all the guys in school only cared about two things. Seeing our school librarian naked and having their way with her. Toby even caught himself daydreaming about what it would be like to fuck Virginia.

"Not a chance. It's pretty dark now, and the only ones who could see us are the neighbors across the street. And I think their view would be obscured by the garage lights."

I peeled off my blouse. Just do it. They were going to pay me, weren't they?

Then he yells to the state troopers What is this? The Gestapo! Do you always have road checks and ask to see your papers? Sounds familiar to me!

"Looks great, and it goes great with the sweater. What else did you get?" I asked, pointing to another bag.

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"oh, he's the flavor of the week, now?" I asked.

"Ohhh, cocky as well as sexy, I like that in a lover," Sarah cooed in my ear as she reached between us to feel my hard shaft sliding into her sopping wet slot. "Damn, that cock of yours is hard as a rock again," Sarah muttered approvingly as she then lay back to enjoy my renewed assault on her sweaty body.

"Put your ass up in the air you dirty cunt! How the fuck am I supposed to put my dick in there if you don't?" My anger was rising.


"Oh, don't be a dipshit," she replied. "We're hardly going to cut your cock off, are we?" My daughter, the perfect lady.

Louise shook her head and asked me to come to bed with her. She said she needed to feel my body spooning with her even more now so she could go to sleep.

"Does that really upset you?"

"Remember the young man who served us our drinks?"

So why do I agree to go out? Well, I've learned nothing earns more points for you in a relationship then listening to her friend's problems. It practically qualifies you as a boyfriend of the year candidate. Especially when her friends can't get their men to do the same. Women want to do the same thing with their men as they do with a diamond ring; flaunt it. Not everyday, but on certain occasions nothing gives a woman more pleasure than trotting out their man on his best behavior.


Midge threw a soft pillow at him. Although it hit his face, it was no more painful than a falling feather, and the two grinned at each other. They had always kidded each other, and it felt so natural to be back at it again.

“Your son?”

Having no need to say anything, I grinned back. She was so wet and eager to fuck that juices were running from her pussy, down my cock and soaking into my pubic hair, but she wanted to take it slow and make it last. Putting her hands on my chest to support some of her weight, Angel raised herself until just the head of my cock was still inside her pussy, paused, and lowered herself again, taking in more of my cock and cooing from the pleasure it was already giving her as it spread open her tight hole. Over and over she raised and lowered herself, grimacing in pleasure every time her pussy enveloped more of my cock, until her pubic hair was mingling with mine.

Again I saw this erotic picture of me, now an x-rated movie; the proper professor, engaged to Nick, opening her mouth to run her tongue across the head of a man's hard cock, a man she hardly knew. Soon Farid's cock was deep in my mouth as he chanted my name.

At that moment, a pile of oily rags started to catch fire in the closet that was on the other side of a solid wall from her shower.

Jeff positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As he eased it into her Beth's groans came from deeper and deeper within her until it seemed like they came from the very depths of her pussy.

“Bathe first, then you’ll be taken to The Master,” the first woman said. Taking Raven’s clothes and purse, she walked silently from the room.

'Oh, fuck, Petra!'

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The conversation progressed politely for many minutes about the bar business, pool, and life in general. Karen admitted to being relationship impaired and the lack of opportunities to meet men while working strange hours in a strip joint. I was impressed by her ease and intelligence. Steve excused himself to tend to some business, Karen moved to the other side of the table, and reaching down into her waist apron, pulled out a package of Virginia Slims and a lighter.

"Answer my first question." Jim doesn't hold on to her very hard. His fingers start to slide around on her thigh.

I was in such a stunned state I didn't comprehend what Miss Madeleine was saying at first. It wasn't until I felt her warm, firm hand pulling me towards her that I woke up and flew to her bosom, kneeling on the thick carpet, holding one heavy full breast with both hands, taking the large dark nipple into my mouth.

"Monica's got a boy-friend," Rachel sang, with the lilt of school-yard teasing.

It was now nearly one o'clock in the morning. Sam pushed his bucket to the back wall. He wondered what kind of surprises awaited him in the rarely used carrels. He usually only found food wrappers, forbidden in the library, and books people were too lazy to reshelf. Once he found a single shoe, which he thought was odd but turned in to lost and found anyhow, and another time he found a pair of pink thong panties, perhaps, he wondered, from a secret tryst. Those weren't turned in to lost and found; they made their way home with Sam.

"Think of our tongues and hands exploring your body; in your mouth, your cunt, up your ass, tweaking your tits. Feel her pussyhairs on your face, her steamy cunt grinding down on your mouth; juice dribbling down your throat."

"Was I doing it wrong?" Britney asked looking hurt. "No, that's the point, I would have blew my load in your mouth! I want to fuck your cut first Brit." Justin explained, which was all the coaching she needed for her to stand up, and slip off her pants and underwear, Justin watched in awe as he saw a totally nude Britney Spears standing before him, her cunt perfectly shaved and already visibly wet. He took in her smell, and it made him act on instinct. He reached up and swung her down onto the bed, he then took the position that Britney was just in, as she laid back on the edge of the bed. Justin couldn't help it anymore and he sunk his mouth down into her thatch of hair, licking and sucking on her starlet cunt.

I had had a particularly hard week. Just after indulging in a long, hot shower, Jeff showed up on Friday night, bottle of rum in hand. I answered the door, a towel wrapped around me, my hair dripping, and quickly excused myself to dress. I threw on an old T-shirt and shorts and clipped my wet hair up. Jeff had started the grill and made us a couple of drinks, like many other nights. I knew something was bothering him, his forehead furrowed with worry lines. As the steaks grilled, we sat on the bench in the backyard and he talked.

Macy lapped up her juices until she felt Tina quit shaking. She crawled up her body. “You liked that didn’t you baby? Well I demand reciprocation as soon as you calm down.” She said as she hugged her body to hers.

“In your dreams.” She hissed, answering his questioning eyes more than his demand for accuracy.

She lay-down on the sofa, opened her thighs and invited me, 'ab aaja maidan me'. Happily I mounted her, wetted my cock between her cunt lips and shoved it home in one strong push. 'Arre maar diya jaalim, dheere dheere ghusa,' she complained.

"So Monica, what can Santa give you this year?"

Sue giggled. "OK. But I'd better change these panties first. You've made them all wet!"

"Dad, you have made me come so many times, but you have not come even once. Am I doing something wrong?"

"What! You guys already checked me there. I'm not doing that."

'That's all right, ma'am. You wanted to talk to me,' I asked.

She nods slowly and lets herself out my front door. I have a sip of my scotch and look at the disarray in my one-room apartment. She was a lot of fun, but tomorrow's the first day of Fall semester and I've got to prep for the first day of class.

She twisted around until she was on top of him. Grinding her pussy on his hard cock. His pulse raced with anticipation as she took control of their lovemaking. She lowered herself to the floor in front of him. Her tongue felt like a piece of warm velvet as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue flicked a bit around the underside, but she knew he liked the steady pressure of her mouth sucking him. She used one hand to stroke the shaft of his cock and the other to fondle his balls as she continued to suck the sensitive head of his cock first hard then softer. She could feel him getting larger inside her mouth and knew that soon he would cum if she didn't slow down. Her mouth left his cock to suck on his balls. Her hands continuing to move on him. He arched his back and groaned as he felt her tongue move to his ass. He lifted his legs high in the air and held them there to give her access to his asshole. Her tongue probed him sending waves of pleasure all over his body

'Hi there. I was hoping you'd be here and not busy.'

I found him in an unhappy marriage to a pretty young local who didn`t know how to enjoy much less satisfy her husband Over the course of the next few months I became a fixture in Bill and Sandy`s house

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‘Never. I knew that she could make me scream if she wasn’t careful with the wax. But she was very professional. She just kept me talking…’

"I brought you something." I said reaching into my handbag. I pulled out an envelope and handed it to him. He took a deep breath then exhaled as he slowly opened it.

He pulled into the nearest hotel and jumped out. He looked back at her and said, "Stay put. I'll be back with a key."

"Payroll managers are much easier to replace," she mock-sighed.

Hearing those words was all it ook for her to go over the edge. The orgasm came rushing over her like a tidal wave, wrapping itself around her. Screaming his name over and over as she exploded, her juices flowing for what seemed like hours. And yet she kept fingering her pussy like a woman obsessed, pushing deep in her folds until she finally collapsed in her chair completely spent.

I don’t know where it came from but I whispered back, “Why don’t you let our friend here give you a hand.”

This is the first story I wrote for Literotica, and after 10,000 reads, its time to edit it a little... so here goes. Please feel free to comment or share your similar experiences.

“Well, if Cindy wants to join us for a threesome, that would be hot. I think I could satisfy both of you at once. Otherwise, it’ll just be you and me.”

"Oh, shit!" said Kathy, turning to run, but mom grabbed her hand.

As we kissed I could feel Megan's hands wandering. She moved closer to me and began to rub my thighs, up my side and across my tummy. She moved even higher to my tits, and erect nipples. Before she could get the upper hand, I grabbed hold of her wrists and held them above her head. I saw her crooked smile, and knew she wouldn't protest too much.

"No way. I didn't agree to any touching."

At the same time she felt Melvin cumming inside of her pussy. James's cock were gushing out sperm into her mouth at the same time as Melvin was filling her pussy up with even more cum.

It’s the sound of a zip being pulled down. I hear him say, "Look at it!" I swivel my head and body. My eyes focus on the reddest, most bulbous cock head I have ever seen. I gasp and the sound echoes in the tiled room. Through the hole I see the tan Macintosh briefly. I know it's him! The flasher. I am transfixed to the spot. He proceeds to push and then withdraw his cock through the hole.

Entering Candy's bedroom we all stood together again for a group kiss, our hands roaming freely over each others body until Candy and Jocelyn began to open each others blouses.

“When we finish this bottle of wine I thought I would show you where Chrissy and I used to park and make out when we were in high school. Would you like to see the spot? It is out by the lake.”

Because for each other we were meant.

Kristin offered Her hand to steady her as Sara walked into the huge jacuzzi, but – strangely enough, thought Sara at the time – did not let go of it as she slid her body into the warm. Bubbling water. Her fingers were so skilful, the chit chat so intoxicating that it wasn't until Kristin's hand was half way up her thigh that Sara even became aware of it.

Bob completed his grease job and eased his somewhat smaller prick into my wife's asshole.

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On the other hand, everyone else could access the same information he found about the island. It was likely that all the vacationers were aware of the myth. Perhaps it was one of those group things that people devise. They could dare each other to have sex with the natives and claim they were attacked by a bug. This could be one long self-perpetuating joke.

She towelled herself down, unable to resist the opportunity to touch herself, nipples immediately at attention, revelling in the rough contact the towel provided. She longed to slip a hand between her thighs and enjoy a leisurely play. Verity very much doubted that Graham would allow her such a treat so she contented herself with toying with her stiff nipples.

"I guess I better see if I can come up with more, huh?" Tim said, "no matter what we plan to do."

“You don’t like him much, do you?”

Rick’s sons made no secret of the fact she was a hottie, both made clumsy attempts at humor To break the ice & Felicia gave a polite chuckle for their efforts. She felt her skin getting hot And she knew was blushing as she felt their eyes undressing her while they took the quick tour of the house.

His thoughts were far from the sunset, just one of many hundred panoramic and beautiful sunsets he had seen over the last 21 months.

"I see."

Rocky would sit there with a hard on bulging in his pants gawking at her pictures. He would shake his head and comment how he wished he could get his wife Leesa to get kinky or do some of these things, but he was certain she was just too true to him and would never allow herself to do anything wild.

"Don't stop...more," Miss Chester begged.

Turning her around so that she faced the wall, I spread her legs apart and knelt down and started to tongue her pussy. The warm spray kept splashing off her back and into my eyes but it did not sway me from my goal. Soon I felt the cool air of the shower curtain being pulled back and looked back as I licked Aunt Bev to see my mother climbing into the tub behind me. Soon she had spread my legs and was once again tongueing my asshole as she stroked my already rigid cock.

"Yes, oh yes!" Sanaii chanted softly. Her hands scratched his scalp as she undulated against his tongue. He sucked softly on the root of her clit, before he lashed the sensitive bud with his tongue. He thrust a finger deep in her channel until she was so close to coming she could feel her belly tighten.

As my foot came down on and broke some small toy, lying on the floor. The blonde sat up in bed, looking around. She clutched a sheet to her ample chest, and for just a second, I remembered how long it had been since I'd had the pleasure of a woman squirming under me. Her eyes moved in my direction, and widened as she saw me. Her mouth opened, and I heard her sharp intake of breath. Dropping my sack, I jumped across her bed, tackling her, slapping my hand across her mouth, as I landed on her. For a few seconds, panic had her paralyzed, and I knew I had to move before she recovered, and started to struggle. I grabbed her hands, and gripped them above her head, while I ripped the sash from the loose robe she was sleeping in. I wound one end around her hands, tying it securely, while stuffing a sock in her mouth. For some reason,

“No. I would like to continue to fuck you myself.”

When I pulled back, his face was even more flushed, and I noticed his hands had quickly dropped to encircle my waist and rest on the upper slopes of my ass cheeks, accidentally pulling the towel up over my bum slightly. "There's no way you're old, aunty Rachel, and I bet every man that sees you wants you" he stammered in a particularly effective effort at flattery, because I felt myself straighten and preen a little at his words, then I put on that teasing look and voice again.

Just then Doctor Turner appeared at the door. "Tabby, can I see you in Room Three for a minute?"

My wife and I have sex about three times per week. It is always the same. Lots of oral sex (from me) followed by a short session of fucking. I never last long, I never have. It is not uncommon for me to go down on her after fucking if she has yet to come. Like I said, she believes in woman's rights!

Robert's cock head was just inches from Sandra's lips; she reached out with one of her hands and started to slowly stroke his cock. With her other hand she cupped and gently squeezed his balls.

"Hey, don't underestimate the genius that is Charles Chaplin. Let's go."

What had surprised him more was the rather insistent request that Nimmi had made in the letter, urging Dev and his wife to visit the little town where she lived with her husband.

On TV, Monica was fucking back onto her man. Rachel tried to do the same, but Ross was caught up in his own approach. So she decided to just let him do her as hard and as long as he wanted.

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"No - what're we going to do with him?"

Now his horniness definitely outweighed his hunger, and he stepped back into his room and kicked at the door with his foot to close it as he rushed over to his bedside to pull out the well used Hustler magazine hidden underneath. The centerfold was a blonde with huge round breasts, playing with her open and spread pink pussy... in a lot of ways she resembled Tatiana. Fumbling with his pants, he pulled out his fully hard dick, 8" long, and began stroking it as he sat on the edge of the bed looking at his magazine. Still, it didn't turn him on as much as the picture in his head, finally he closed his eyes and rubbed the head of his dick with his fingers as he re-formed the image of water droplets clinging to Tatiana's almost exposed tits... the round firmness of her ass, and the silky pinkness of her perfect pussy. Groaning, he pumped his shaft hard, using his other hand to cup the undersides of his balls and squeeze them gently, furiously wanking his dick.

"I visited a small shop on the other side of town, tucked away down a side road" She said, standing and stepping to the bag.

The following morning Ali had to be up and away early so Sue and I got up to wave her off. As she opened the front door I decided to ask her if she had managed OK on her own last night. Sue playfully slapped me and again chastised me not to embarrass Ali. But I was sure Ali would play along and I was right because as she got to her car she shouted back to say of course she had and really enjoyed it as well.

I was crazy about her. I wanted to put my hand over her vagina and play with her and give her an orgasm.

Ben took a long swig of beer. "After that I was afraid to break it."

I said, "I don't care."

Cindy felt the cool air strike the dampness between her legs as the one young man fully unclothed her. She jumped slightly when his hands gently parted her thighs. The two men fondling her breasts, now pulled her back onto the bed, leaving her most private area exposed to the man kneeling at the edge of the bed.

Shit, Megan Orr thought, it’s going to be a long day.

You open the door & see a blonde, very attractive 18 year old girl dressed in her school uniform standing there with a bucket & sponge in her hand.

Anyway he was always very brown and tan-all over. He was pretty well hung, out there that meant eight or more. In fact when I met him he'd oiled me up a little when Ashton left to get a wine cooler for me, then sat there and masturbated while he talked to me. Later he'd swung that rigid tool just a little too close as he got up to leave and wound up getting one of my patented blowjobs. Let's face it, if you're going to take it all in, you're going to gag a little, so you just have to make it work for you. Lots of times if the guy's down my throat and I gag he shoots right away, he just thinks I'm doing some kind of oral magic. The only magic is making sure not to have spunk coming out my nose. Every now and then, some wild asshole will get into holding my head or my hair when I need to be coming up for air, but those situations are easy to correct since I've got his balls in my hand and my teeth are still good and strong, heh heh heh.

As Doreen had done to her, Lois thoroughly kissed and caressed each of the magnificent mounds on the assistant principal's chest, which heaved wonderfully in response. Once she felt she'd accorded those fine breasts enough attention, Lois began kissing her way down over the other woman's rounded belly which was covered by soft, silken skin.

She moaned. "Mmm thank you."

Kathy held her cousin's hands in hers. She stood up and placed them on her hips firmly, then planted her own on his shoulders and smiled. She took a step closer to him sitting on the bed till she was between his knees.

Sweat glistens on my skin, every muscle strained as the waves of pain intensify, white hot electricity firing across neurons until it registers in my brain. Seconds tick by, and I cannot answer. I know full well what he is using – a thick leather belt – but I stubbornly refuse to utter the four-letter word. Instead I grit my teeth, breathing hard.

"Oh! You have heard about them?"

"You want a piece of me, huh?" He grunted to her as he grabbed my hips and drew himself out. At the same time, he came on and over me, giving me a nice big creampie pussy. He cum was leaking out of my pussy, as well as over my lips, and down my slit. Satisfied with his work, he grabbed Christie from her self-inflicted pleasure and pushed her head down into my creampie pussy.

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The woman approached him and gave him a zap with some sort of box. She patted his hand afterwards and smiled at him. She said nothing and went about her business.

"Shut the hell up, you stupid bitch! I done told you before, yer gonna do what I say when I say! I'll beat yer ass within an inch of your life if I have to!" he screamed at her, walloping her with the heavy belt. Alex crept from the room, sneaking down the hallway. Through the cracked door, Alex saw Mandy cringing in the corner, Karl standing over her, poised to strike. Alex knocked on the door, startling him.

"Why?" Emma almost snapped, annoyed that her fun had been interrupted. "We're both eighteen."

"Is Kevin around?"

"Kelli, baby. Please, I love you."

Leo does have a way with words. He also seemed to be carrying small baseball bat in his pocket.

"Don't. I am fine...really. It's nothing." Aida choked back a sob trying not to cry but the sting on her cheeks was still smarting.

Kneeling behind Lauren, he stroked her pussy for a few seconds, and realizing it was wet and ready, put the head of his cock at the velvet curtains presenting themselves before him.

Neither of them really had much to say. They were mere acquaintances, and not even friendly ones at that. "So," Teresa began, "is Amber around?"

She said, "I am warning you, be quiet or you will suffer", again delighting at the conflict she had created.

As the night wore on we were getting a bit drunk and I was getting horny. He was looking sexier and sexier as the minutes rolled by and my few vodka and oranges kicked in. Just for the record, I wasn't drunk I was happily tipsy. After my 3rd drink I plucked up the courage to ask him if I could feel his chest...I just had to know if he was hairy there too. And he was. It still sends shivers down my spine thinking about the first time I felt that fuzzy pelt on his torso! It wasn't long after that that we had forgotten about drinking and were concentrating on kissing. God did he have gorgeous lips! They were full but not so full that I ended up loosing my lips in his mouth. His tongue was long and flexible and reached parts of my mouth that I never even realised existed. He tasted bitter from his cigarettes but it tasted good. It tasted right. When we finally stopped kissing and looked at each other the sexual tension was unbelievable. From that moment onwards I wanted him so baldy. I wanted to feel his hot hard cock slide deep into my aching pussy. I knew he wanted me too, I could see it in his eyes.


"Really?" He seemed taken back, and I looked away.

In the end, I sucked off six guys. Never saw a one of them, but I got to fondle them, suck them, deep throat some of them and most of them came in my mouth. Some of them fondled my breasts, now out of the corset top, and some just stood there and took it. Mr 26 took pictures the whole time and the look on my face is amazing.

July smiled and said "YES – I'd thought you'd never ask!"

I was surprised in a good way that she made me stop before I got off because A. I didn't want to mess all over myself, and B. if a load was going anywhere it WOULD be inside that pussy of hers and not all over my hand so with my member at attention, I walked with a purpose to her and she lifted her hand up and I licked every small drop of her cum I could get off it and the taste was like pure honey, it was so sweet and just amazing. "Can I fuck you now?" I asked. "Well, well, well. Politeness will get you far in life, and this is one of those times. Yes you may Kurt, and remember what I said; I want you to tear my pussy apart with that huge cock." With that, I got down to business by throwing some chairs out of the way and making some space on the floor.

"Hands off my property Jennifer. Don't touch what you can't afford", the insult was delivered with a smile that infuriated La Lopez, especially as she just had to laugh it off, she had decided that she must have Beyonce, whatever it took.

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