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"This time it has a special meaning. A meaning that applies just to us."

She inserts egg shaped object in her vagina. Now the function of the leather strap is clear. It is to allow the object to be easily extracted. Next the clamp is attached to her engorged and throbbing clit. The wires from these objects are attached to a small bicycle dynamo, which is arranged to run on the periphery of the pedal crank wheel. The timer is set for another 10 minutes. Remounting the machine she starts to pedal. While she pedals slowly a faint tingling sensation is felt in her genitals. As she increases speed the sensation becomes stronger, and her internal muscles start to spasm. Very quickly she reaches the first of a series of incredibly powerful orgasms. Her pedalling speed drops and the sensation diminishes. Pedalling faster again she comes repeatedly. She looses track of time in a rhythm of orgasm, slow down, speed up, orgasm. Finally, after what seems like hours the timer sounds. She stops, breathless and shuddering, and virtually falls off the bicycle onto the bed. After several minutes she manages to remove the clamp, but is too exhausted to even try to mask the shriek as the blood circulation returns, and extracts the electrode egg from her vagina.

Bobbie skillfully slid a couple of fruity drinks down the bar and did a cute little end zone dance as they came to a smooth stop directly in front of the two of us. Jessi laughed at her antics and lifted her drink for a sip as I took a much closer look at her. She seemed to change subtly right in front of my eyes.

I trace my fingers across your chest and slowly start to circle your other nipple, as my other hand resumes caressing your thighs, once again I circle your breast, spiralling inwards, you breathe faster as you anticipate the contact with your nipple, as you await the thrill of that first touch... you are taken by surprise as my fingers dip between your legs, parting your lips and sinking the middle finger a little way inside you... I circle your opening with the tip of that finger, slowly opening you, you push upwards, wanting my fingers deeper inside you, but I control it, keeping just one finger at your entrance... only now do I take your nipple between my fingers, once again rolling the bud between my fingers as I lift the breast...

Chuckling to himself, Jack went back to his beer, so he could go over his plan for the rest the evening. The episode with the blonde had reinforced Jack's confidence in himself and his ability to do whatever he wanted. Which was a good thing, because Jack was about to knowingly break the law for the first time in his life.

He turned so that Sally could plainly see them. He felt her tense up. At that moment, he put his left leg forward, while raising it. As it came to rest on her twat, he ran it forward and back four times. Sally did not move, so he replaced it with his hand, which he cupped, and stirred her clit area with. She continued to stare at the fucking couple. Her legs opened slightly, as a long, low, moan escaped her lips, giving a clear signal that she would allow Frank to fuck her.

I stumbled forward, hating her. When I was near the two men, I watched them reach up and each cup a breast. Thumbs rubbed over my hard nipples. I choked back a gasp. But, I didn't resist their touching me. Hands went behind me, stroking my bare ass. I jerked as they touched me so familiarly, but didn't jump away. They didn't paw at me, but stroked and fondled. Neither tried to touch my pussy, yet.

I lay on my back with my hard cock sticking up as Linda poured oil over my body. She massaged over my body from head to foot and as she moved back up my body, she wrapped her hands around my cock.

Jim walked over and standing behind Betsy reached down to rub her ass but kept up his vigilance of the alley. I pulled away from Hal teasing, "Enough for now sweetie, we better get out of this alley before we're picked up for indecent exposure."

Michelle's mother seemed to be more ambivalent about their growing relationship, but Barbara's mother was having a fit. This did not fit into her plans for grandchildren and the continuation of the family farm. Michelle's mother had three other daughters that could and would give her the family tree she desired, so she was accepting of her oldest daughters' inclination.

She set the electric coffee percolator on the counter and lit another cigarette. Then she went to the pantry and lifted a cup and saucer from a cupboard. She paused; her mind abstracted again, and set the crockery back on the closet shelf. What she needed now was another drink. Her nerves were on edge, and maybe another glass of Scotch would be helpful. Tom wouldn't be home for months, and she had to have something to dampen that insatiable burning that seemed to erupt inside her belly from time to time.

Jenny reached over and placed her hand over my cock. “I want to see it right now. Show it to me.”

Randy, Constance's husband, was giving a weekend party in the mountain 'cabin' that had been in Randy's family for generations. The land around it was all National Forest with no private buildings now being allowed. Except that Randy's great grandfather built a cabin here years before on land he bought before this was declared a National Park. Hell, it might have been his great, great grandfather. In any case, it was a classic case of "Grandfathering" as Randy told us ad naseum. The pun was long dead, but the fact remained. His family, and the branch of the family directly descended from the old man, had a legal right to keep a private cabin on this national land.

"Don't worry. I've just had a change of heart. I feel like I might get upset over Aunt Mimi's news. I think I do need you to stay and comfort me," Jesse said with a quirk of his eyebrow.

"Who the hell are you?!" Torrie yelped, drawing away from her long-legged companion and trying to cover her ample bosom with her right arm. Stacy merely rolled her eyes and made no attempt to be modest.


I heard some rustling in the woods so I knew they were nearby, but I said, "Jessie, it's so dark that they can't see us anyway."

I knew right then that I could climb on top of her and fuck her, she would not resist. But I could not take from her at that moment, my time would come.

I turned away and slowly walked to the bed. I sat and sobbed. He followed.

Ardyth timidly reached out and began to lightly touch my breasts. Her hands were barely making contact, mere wisps of contact, as she stroked the sides and tops of my breasts. She brushed across my stiffening nipples, making them stand up even further. She bent her head, took one nipple into her mouth, and began to suck on it, licking it with her tongue. I could feel it all the way to my toes. She lightly pulled on my other nipple as she suckled, not hard enough to hurt but just enough to contrast with the exquisite sensations her tongue was causing.

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A few more hunks walked in and they looked hot. Mainstay gay dudes, toned, sporting expensive haircuts and dressed for a hustler style cruising on the brilliantly lit Promenade where a top hunk cashed in an average monthly salary for a quick trick. Old queens who paid $600.00 per night for a small single room at the Negresco Hotel in those days did not mind doubling it for a piece of hot young meat to chew on. I was slowly getting the picture. There was no inherent danger here but either most of us were wrong at this place here or the hustler bunch was in here to waste both their time and their money.

‘Yes Captain!’ they are barked. He even got a salute from Lex.

Amanda could hardly believe that just a few hours ago she had been fantasizing about just maybe kissing Natalie, and now she was about get her pussy eaten by her. Fist fucking Natalie had been so much fun that she came while doing it. She almost came again when Natalie squirted her juices all over her face. Now they sat on the bed, both naked and wet, and waiting to go again. That's when Natalie made her move, pushing Amanda down on the bed to return the oral favor.

"I wondered what was going on," Jim said. "I have seen Susan come in here several times over the last few weeks. She doesn't stay long. She has a drink and then leaves. I wondered why you weren't with her," Jim said.

The store had decided to hold the sale in a large hall adjacent to the main shop. As I entered, slightly behind my wife, I looked around. The room was like a vast aircraft hanger with tables and stalls set out in a haphazard fashion all displaying their wares. It was hot and crowded with shoppers, the large ceiling fans doing little to allay the stifling temperature. In general, people were not wearing much, but Paula being Paula hadn't even changed out of her house clothes. She wore the same t-shirt (still bra-less, I could see) and a pair of cut-off jeans that barely covered the swell of her buttocks. I knew that she rarely wore underwear around the house and doubted if she wore any now.

"OHH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! OHH!" Stacey's cries were louder now, she was nearly screaming. "UNH! UNH! OHHH! I'm cumming! Oh God! Oh God! UNH! UNH!... OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhh shit!" she came hard, hands grabbing his ass and holding his cock in her pussy as she grinded against him. Her legs wrapped around him tightly, holding him in her as she had the most intense orgasm ever. Her body was shaking, her pussy was pulsating, her heart was ready to burst. Her entire body was on fire, she couldn't breathe. Her hands had a death grip on his ass, he was unable to thrust. All he could do was stay inside her, which he definitely didn't mind.

It also helped that her mind was focused on her friendship with Edison. He had a way of dominating her thoughts without even trying. Zarabeth liked to think that it was because of the stupid things he said, but she knew that there was another reason, one she did not want to own up to.

He looked down at her face as he fucked her. Her mouth was open, her eyes glazed over in pleasure as he thrust in and out. Picking up the pace we moved on. She began to fuck him back, thrust up to meet his big fat thick cock.

Her straightened black hair was cut in a short female style and fastened back with a blue plastic hair clip. Her red tanktop only partly covered her fairly flat female breasts and revealed she had no bra. Her cut-short tight white shorts that revealed more of the bottoms of her shapely round black buttocks than the ones the teenager was wearing.

I walked thru the house looking for the bathroom. When, I found it, I found this sexy black man taking a piss. My eyes went straight down to his cock, which was very thick and nice. I was embarrassed and closed the door and walked away. My heart was beating and that guys cock was the only thing going through my mind. I was dancing up a storm when the same guy came up and started to grind on me. He asked " Did you like what you saw". I pressed my ass against him and just smiled.

Well, that's my story. I learned a lesson that night about promises. Sometimes guys keep them, sometimes they don't. But be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

This story was written to prove a point. While they have their place, crude sexual and anatomical terms bring out the baser, more animal, instincts in us. As creatures of higher thinking, it is more often the simplicity and the depth of the act itself that seduces us. In this vein, I wrote to celebrate the sexual act as one of power and beauty.

'A cup of tea, darling?' Sandra asked innocuously. 'Fine, thanks' I answered.

Cindy now knew what was going to happen and thanked her foresight in filling her vagina with a spermicidal crème. Now she was anxious for her succour to arrive. She had expected, nay desired, a thorough groping, but rape had not been entertained in her mind. She had of course, considered the possibility, but she had expected to be saved by Stewart's intervention before that happened.

I don't know what made me come as hard as I did or so quickly. One moment I was laying there getting sweetly fucked my brother and the next I was a wild bucking bronco thrashing about on the wet pool side like someone who had licked a live light socket. Rob held me fully onto his cock as spasm after spasm wracked my young body and as I griped his cock as hard as I could with my vagina. The world kinda got dark for a minute and when I came to he was holding me around my waist fully impaled on his cock with that lovely smile on his handsome face.

I didn't know how much Mary was enjoying this show, because I knew she'd rather see cock than another woman's sex, but I have to admit that I was enjoying seeing Steve's tongue, lips and fingers playing in her sex.

"OK, fine," said Jesse still with relief.

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I said that very quietly. Marianne smiled at me.

"Ann," David whispered his voice full of despair, "I want you so much."

My whimpers soon turn to moans as I make love to my tits, stroking them, caressing them and twisting my nipples. Each new movement sends an electric shock straight to my pussy, flooding it with liquid fire. Never have I come so close to orgasm from such simple stimulation to my breasts.

Grinning mischievously, I wink at him. "Care to join me?"

The following is the schedule:

MzDominica stroked the rubber bone under Dan's nose, over his lips. His eyes closed, and his ears seemed to hear that rushing of the ocean again. She ran the tip of the rubber bone from the bridge of his nose, downward, over the tip, down to his lips. Helplessly, mindlessly, Dan kissed it. She trailed it over his chin, down his neck, to the edge of the collar. Dan whined, whimpered, groaned -- neither he nor Dominica was certain which. She smiled, held the bone directly in front of his nose, and squeezed it briefly a couple of times.

Susan took over the conversation. “We liked kissing each other so much, we never stopped”. She looked for a reaction from Manny. “We started experimenting sexually. One thing leading to another” She paused for a moment then said “We have a relationship, so there it’s out in the open” They both looked at Manny, “Well say something” Susan said quietly “There is more though, so c’mon let’s have it then we can get on with this”.

"Sure, you did," she said and slapped my ass as she passed by on her way into the bedroom. "Well, I guess I'm on my own tonight. If you want me, I'll just be in bed with Buzzer," she added. 'Buzzer' is her name for her blue vibrator. I watched her ass sway back and forth as she walked off. I mounted the stairs, figuring it must have been five minutes by then.

"You want me to fuck you slut?" he asked me, probing with his rock hard cock at the lips of my opening from behind. He stood behind me, shorts around his ankles, poised and ready to impale me with the object of my obsession, teasing me with his cock just at the entrance to my pussy.

Nagma busied herself with my cock and Ruby went out of the room. Five minutes later Ruby returned carrying a tray with a small bowl on it. I recognized the bowl. It was the bowl of oil that I had used to oil Ruby's virgin asshole before fucking it a couple of days ago.

Brenda starts to explain, her friend is also her lover and they were out frolicking naked looking for the best place to, "Umm you know do the deed."

Ignoring my shocked outburst, she said, "Minos agreed to raise you as our own, to conceal the shameful curse his pride had brought down upon us. But Daedalus grew dissatisfied. He wanted you to know the truth, and threatened to reveal it. To reveal everything. For that, Minos exiled him to his lonely island."

"Do you feel how big that black cock is?"

With that she walked away, closing the door. Immediately I was aware of complete silence except for my own breathing and heartbeat. It was so eerie to be so completely immobile. I looked at the paddle and my ass burned from the idea that it would be slapping me soon.

“I can’t…he might come in…. (Laughter)…stop it! I’ve got to go…I’m just as frustrated…I might… if you insist…. (Laughter)…he’ll think that it’s birthday…I can’t wait for Thursday either…7.30, at the Sundowner…(laughter) If that’s what you want me to wear…I’m smelling them now…. (Laughter)…you know I do…..You’ll just have to play with yourself then, won’t you!……(laughter)…… Bye.”

While she prepared dinner, I did offer to help, we small talked a bit, got to know a little about each other's work and likes and dislikes. The more I got to know her and about her, the more I was convinced that this meeting was meant to be. She was so easy, so comfortable, and so laid back to be around, it made me realize just what had been missing in my life. I was only thirty years old but had never been married. GG was the type of woman who could make a man want to end being single.

I knew what was coming, so without a word, I laid back on the bed. He climbed up next to me, and was pawing me roughly. He stuck 2 fingers in me, and said 'Like that, bitch?'. He took his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his cock. He fucked me hard. I was dry, and it hurt. He climaxed inside me. He got himself dressed, and as he left, he said to me 'Thanks for the fuck. It was nice.' The police never got the bastard. At least he didn't make me pregnant."

"You like how she tastes?" Mistress hissed, nudging my mouth open. "Suck all her juice off."

" You want to, don't you?" he asked.

She stared at me and with a naughty smile told, "Ok think about my proposal and if you agree please come to my room. I shall be waiting there for you".

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"Now the driver is getting angry. He's important, he doesn't have to listen to this crap. So he says "I told you, you dumbass cop. I stopped. I slowed down, looked and went on'." BOOM.

We returned to our places at the table and told Kathy we had a surprise for her. There was a box on the table and we told her to open it. Inside was a cake that Tiger had gotten for us. We sang Happy Birthday to Kathy and drank more Champagne.

Beth closed her eyes and sighed happily, a slight smile just barely turning up the edge of her lips. My eyes worked like a camera, capturing every millisecond of this special woman-to-woman coupling, burning each beautiful image into my brain.

"Like what?"

I crawl forward another few feet to better hide myself behind a tree. I worry others might see me, although I see no others. Jelick looks to be alone, but I figure the rest of them must be somewhere near.

"Let's see how much of this I can fit in my mouth," Amber breathed as she guided Drew's enormous organ toward her face. Her eyes closed in rapture, she spread her full lips around his bloated knob and lowered her mouth. Her lips were stretched in a wide "O" as she accepted barely a third of his massive tool. She slurped noisily on Drew's member, her mouth clamped around his fat stalk while she jerked on my stiff rod.

Caitlin looked at him. "Ca-" She stopped when he turned and walked away. Wrapping a sheet around herself, she followed him. "Caden… Caden, stop, wait."

She cries out softly, no longer even trying to prevent the sounds of pleasure. Her ass feels stretched wide and wonderfully filled by his cock. She loves the roughness with which he takes her. Both hands press against the headboard as she forces herself back against him. In a voice thick with arousal, she begs, "Please, Lee. I need your cock in my pussy. Please. I'm aching for you." It no longer matters that she's driven to pleading with him. In truth, having to do so is making her even hotter for him.

"This is going to sting, baby. You will cry and want it to be over but I won't let up. I'm in charge now and it's now my duty to see you're well spanked. That's something I take very seriously and won't neglect any longer."

Alia told him not to worry but to do, what she said, exactly as and when, she said to do it.

Chap. 4

"Saturday nights?" I said. "I can probably manage to do that. What else?"

"If I recall," I said, working my way up to her panties now, "you are the one who offered the hug. I think you didn't mind getting a little feel."

When the two women climbed off of me, their faces flush with sexual satisfaction, they continued to kiss each other, their hands on each other's tits and asses, their naked bodies pressed together.

"Nothing, Sara, I just have an itch."

"James was a great man, I won't allow another to live in his home" she always says. My grandparents and aunts and uncles reassure her that no one should be alone this long- fifteen years it has been. One time my grandmother got drunk at Thankgiving and let her hair down.

Ally reached out with a trembling hand and gently rubbed one finger up and down Beth's tit. She was intrigued with the way the nipple felt, so much smoother and thicker than her own. Softly she blew on it, watching it change texture, hearing Beth's soft gasp of delight. She finally gave in and stuck out her tongue tentatively, touching the object of her fascination with its tip. It was salty from sweat and a little tangy with what Ally quickly realized was HER juice. Lustily Ally fastened her mouth around the other woman’s nipple, sucking it in deeply, making Beth squirm from the ferocity of the act. Nathon moved out of the way to give the women more room.

"What have you got to say about that?" her mother yelled at him. "How would you like to find out that I am fucking Chuck?" her mom yelled. Chuck was the guy that came to work on the family cars. He was quite a hunk. He was about 6 feet tall with short bleach blond hair and a tan that made him appear exotic.

"Shut th' fuck up," she said sullenly.

"Thank you. I'm Steve, and my wife's name is Dee." I replied, smiling at her, noticing that her eyes were like magnets, attracting my interest further.

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"Stick your tongue into that soup," Amy barked. "Just your tongue, that's it!"

In short, I underwent a transformation. From a dowdy and rather awkward blue-stocking I began to flourish, for the first time, as a woman. It was an exhilarating feeling and, to be honest, I hardly questioned the cause of this change, for if I had I would have had to come to terms with the fact that the person who was releasing this new me, for whom I was dressing and whom I so wanted to please, was a woman.

"Your welcome." I said automatically.

"What are you doing?" Tally asked from the living room.

Well, there it was: Game, Set and Match. The end of my marriage all nicely wrapped up in a little paper pharmacy bag. After all, there is only one reason for taking the morning after pill and if you don't know what that is, boy, are you in trouble! All I had to do now was find out who the hell the other player in Fiona's little game was?

I want to tell you the story about the wildest fuck I ever had in my life. If anyone ever tells you that your nuts for trying to find women online, don't listen to them. Last summer I started chatting with this woman on messenger. She was hotter than a firecracker. She had this way with words that still makes my blood boil. She would literally seduce me in every conversation. Plus she wrote the hottest erotic stories. Every time I read one, I got a raging hard on. Sometimes I would cream myself while chatting with her. This went on for a year before I decided to ask her if we could meet. She agreed to meet me. Both of us knew the reason for the meeting. We didn't have to discuss the heated details. We arranged to meet in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at a fancy hotel, because it was half way between the places we lived. She reserved a room a month a head of time. That way we had plenty of time to change our minds if either one of us decided to chicken out.

When we both regained our senses we dressed and got back on the bike. I slid off the back when we pulled into my driveway. Your hand caught mine as I walked past and in a daring display you pulled me close for one last kiss. "Next time we'll go for a longer ride," you promised as you turned the bike around.

I don't know how long I sat there in Joe's den - it must have been hours - before the door opened and Shelly came in. She stood looking at me for several moments and then she said, "You can come out now, they are all gone."

As Joe licked and sucked at her, he also pushed fingers into her. Secretly Michelle always wondered how many fingers he could get into her. One of her fantasies was about that very thing. He managed to get four fingers in her this Valentine's night.

Doc filled the tube up to the tip of my penis. Then he made a mark on the outside of the tube at the water's level.

"But I must see you again," she said.

"You got lucky," I teased. "That interception in the second quarter was big."

"Uncle Ralph, what are you doing?" she yelped.

Miranda gasped at how intense the feeling was, her mind rocked and she was unbalanced. Slowly Teddy, pushed his fingers into her sopping wet pussy. Miranda was shocked, how could she feel so wet after what just happened?

"I understand," mom said weakly. "Bobby, would you get the bag of your dad's clothes from the hall closet?"

After a while, I am wanting more, so I reach down and grab her by the shoulders. I guide her up onto my lap, where she straddles me by placing her feet flat on the bench along side of me. She quickly squats and lowers her cunt down onto my cock, sliding it in easily. I place my hands on her hips as she moves up and down. Before too long I am ready to explode inside her. As I start to shudder, she moves faster and slams down hard onto me, driving my cock deep inside of her. After accepting all of my jism she jumps off, tells me she needs to find someone else, then disappears, audio and all.

Mike got up on his knees and fed the end of his huge dick into Sally's face. It was so big around she had trouble getting it in her mouth. Mike was very persistent and he managed to get over half of his dick into sally's stretched mouth before she gagged. At this point Mike slowly pulled it back out. He repeated his slow in and out motions. Sally finally began to relax her jaw muscles so she could take more and more of Mike's eleven plus inches. Soon, Mike was rapidly fucking Sally's mouth. Sally had never had such a big dick in her mouth before and was loving every inch of it!

"I'm listening." I smelled money there and what the hell I would enjoy fucking whatever women they got.

‘It was meant to. You’re a dirty girl. And I’m you grandfather.’

"No, not at all" I said. "My parents are away for the next 6 weeks and I have the house to myself. It was simply a case of letting a neighbour know I was away, locking the house and getting on the train. I did have to give this address though, just in case anything should go wrong at home. If anyone asks, I'll say that one of my college friends lives here".

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I peeled off my toga and looked at the good natured crowd. They were busy watching the antics of the current competitors as they struggled to make it into shore on the last decent wave and remain upright. With nerves stretched to breaking point, I picked a board and entered the water. I swam out beyond the breakers and met up with Jim and some of the other more experienced surfers.

He felt the rush of wind that meant a train was coming and he saw the light of the #1 down the track. He had to go to 103rd Street station to get home. That would take a long time on the local. Maybe he would get lucky at 14th Street station and catch the #2 uptown express.

"What is that?" My husband asked.

My hands explored the nylons for a long moment then moved to the satin of her skin. The hard contrast of garter snaps, gave the old fashioned sensuality I found very pleasing and exciting. I slipped my hands under her panties and fondled the cheeks of her bottom as our lips met. After all these years of marriage, it wasn't as exciting as a first kiss, but with my high state of arousal, it came quite close. This was surely the most erotic scene I had ever played; I'm sure the leading man in the play must feel the same.

Now what is Daddy going to do you?

"Good girl," he stroked her cheek with his thumb, his eyes boring into hers, "If I take out the gag, are you going to curse me?"

"Your majesty?"

"So, what's your second command? What naughty things you want to see your older sister doing to herself?"

Kirsten smiled.

"Well, I wanted to have easy access for anything that comes...up...", I smiled.

"Sure," Paula said.

Everyone laughed. I asked if they knew for a fact that he was doing that and Lenny said that he was told by a couple of the women he hired that coming to the cabin was almost a condition of employment. They said they never complained because they wanted the job and John treated them well and only made them come out here one time. The guys made several off color jokes about John Fisher and his cabin. I was the only one not laughing. I was wondering if Susan had made the trip out here to John's cabin when she was hired into Dyson. That possibility was painful to think about even though if it did happen it would have been before I had met her. Just the thought of Susan possibly having slept with that scumbag was making me sick.

I don’t know what happened at that point, or why, because I have never had any inclination of ever doing that with another guy, but we both seemed to gravitate toward one another without a word and work ourselves into a side by side sixty nine.

After he put his bag into the backseat of the cab, Dylan got into the driver seat and was just about to start his adventure when his cell went off.

The next week and a half went by normally, without further incident. Tami recovered her balance, and regained her normally hyper-erotic nature. On Friday morning, as she kissed me goodbye for work, she said "Remember, tonight Ryan and Kim are combing over for dinner. I'm taking off work early and fixing lasagna. Let's show them some real southern warmth and hospitality, shall we?"

"I wish I could simply take the word of your leaders that you all possess the sensual skills to fulfill this crucial plan, but I cannot take that chance. I must test each one of you to ensure that you can indeed pleasure a man to the point of creating the sufficient sexual energy that will be needed."

The paddling stops for a second but someone keeps fucking her with the bottle. She can't get enough!! Spade removes her gag and ask her if she's had enough.

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I continued to deep-tongue her now-opening asshole as she gasped and moaned with my cock in her mouth.

He put away the phone and grabbed his bags when they arrived. He knew he would have a week to spend with his kids, how he had missed them, and looked forward to spending time with them both.

Jason and I moved to our new home last year after people started noticing how young we still looked as they grew older. I hate to move to a new place after being in one place for so long, it takes some getting used to. You do what you have to do in order to survive. Jason seems to love this place, I haven't seen him this happy in decades. The bars and clubs we frequent always have plenty of young, succulent blood for us to feed on.

By this time Julie had wrapped her perfect tits around her fathers cock and he was grunting as he pushed his hips off the sofa as he fucked his hard cock between them.

She sits back on the chair, and leans back throwing her head around in a circle, then looking at you, winking, her hands travel up her body, over her bust, and up her neck, to her hair, pulling out the pencil, letting her lovely blond hair fall around her shoulders. She throws her head around, letting her hair whip around, and she looks at you, opening up her legs and sliding down a little, opening up her legs. You try to glance up her skirt but she slides back up, placing her hands on her knees, they are closed.

"Robb?" She said again to take me out of the innocence in her eyes. Then it hit me. This was Emily. "Cousin Emily" I said with a grin. Her smile was infectious and she seemed to relax a little. I think she was uptight about looking for someone she never met.

Doesn't it just figure my Polaroid camera is out of film. New rule, always keep film in the camera, and keep it within reach at all times. I have also decided am going to buy a digital camera ASAP.

"Now Ana, this is what you are to do. Is there anyone in your office that can see you right now?" He asked.


Well, when Max entered Sara from behind and started screwing her doggy style, he took the flogger and slapped Sara's ass with it. Then again, and again. He was pleased with her response as she started her familiar chant of, "Fuck me harder," with each stroke of his cock and each stroke of the flogger. Soon she reached down and started playing with her clit. Things got more intense and Max continued banging into her pussy and slapping her with the flogger. Each time he smacked her with the flogger it was a little harder. Soon he was smacking her with more force then I had ever dared use. Sara was getting into it more and more. Finally, she told Max to fuck her in the ass.

She strode into Lily's room and slumped on the bed. Lily followed her in. Jason slowly ambled in after them.

My dick was tight, bloated, the head swollen, the rim of the glands standing out, the skin stretched slick. I rested it on her back at the top of her crack above her tail bone. I gripped both of her cheeks and pulled then apart, displaying her puckered wet anus and the downy fuzz below that hinted at the beginning of her maiden hood.

I kneeled back into the tub and spread my legs. Pinning my arms up against the tub so that I couldn't move. I wanted it so bad, I just felt awful about it. Shane started to lick my nipples and bite just hard enough to drive me wild. I wanted his cock inside me, so I whispered in his ear, "Fuck me."

Dinner took awhile because of the Friday evening rush. The restaurant was packed with a mix of after work professionals and couples out on dates. An hour and a half later everyone was full from dinner and a few of us including myself were at least a little bit buzzed from either beer or wine consumed during dinner. I had even attempted to covertly flirt with Julie several times by running my hand up the inside of her thigh. After a couple of cease and desist hand swipes and throat clearings Julie resigned herself to the inevitable and relaxed on my third try. I slowly traced little circles on the inside of her knee and began to slide my hand up her nylon encased thigh. The higher I went the hotter her flesh was and the more rapid her breathing became. After fighting with her skirt a little Julie adjusted her position in her seat and let her skirt ride up a little. That's when I touched bare flesh. Julie had worn black stockings for me which only increased my desire. I have to admit I hadn't expected her to wear stockings when we went out but I wasn't about to complain.

The Gimp's birthday suit didn't hide the fact his old-man was sporting his Sunday best and she hoisted him clean off the floor. Dragging him towards a wall rack, she tied him spread-eagled, displaying a vein-popping erection. Ranting that 'sissy boy's don't get hard unless allowed' she proceeded to slap, spank, pinch, twist, torture and pull, until his pecker wilted like a salted slug! She eventually left him hanging limp, vainly struggling to coax his tail between his legs, and went off to find some rope.

George sat and watched as his wife was manhandled and pulled across to the sofa. Mike broke the kiss and both men pushed her back so that she was sitting facing them. The young men both sported fierce looking erections that protruded obscenely from their pants.

"Two guys just offered me fifty bucks a piece to perform a certain service for them."

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She laughed sympathetically back and joked that some people pay good money to be on the receiving end of this kind of treatment. She put on a single latex glove, smeared her finger in some kind of lubricant she’d taken from a tube and asked me to lie on my side and assume the foetal position.

"What," Randi asked.

"Call me when you get there!" we heard Ms. P shout back. I wondered to myself how she felt about the little clues I left behind. I was lost in thought while Marc changed out of his street clothes into something more comfortable. When he was finished, we reconnoitered to the kitchen.

"If it has a bed, that's all I need," I answered.

"Did you get a hotel room?" Pam asked as she poured us refills.

"Yes, noise. When you came in, you woke me up by slamming your door, then rummaging around in your kitchen, and then, after about twenty minutes, I started to hear noises coming from your kitchen." I looked pointed at her computer.

Later that day she had recovered from her early morning adventure and it had faded into the back of her mind. Suddenly as she walked through the street the voice started to talk to her again. She jumped and shrieked. Everyone turned to look at her and see what was wrong, but clearly no one around her had heard the voice telling her she was a whore that he was about to prepare her cunt to be ready for any one of these strangers who passed her by. She felt her face and neck burn at the suggestion and wondered what the people staring at her would be thinking. If only they knew what had just passed through her mind. She felt a familiar throb start up between her thighs as her clitoris began to be stimulated. It was unbelievable how she was just walking along with thoughts of everyday one moment, and the very next she ached to put her fingers into her knickers and luxuriate in the moisture collecting so rapidly there. She wanted to put a hand to her breasts and tease her nipples and feel them extend, pushing outwards to these strangers. How was it possible she could so suddenly become so overwhelmed?

She knelt before his throbbing young manhood. Over the years, I must have seen hundreds of cocks in locker rooms, but seldom had I seen one like this. It was long- she could barely hold it in both hands. It was so fat her fingers did not meet. And it was rigid as only a young man can be.

But those were the last sounds she could get out. Her mom's big, fat ass covered her face. Julie was as big a prude as her mom. She had never been with a woman before and the thought of performing oral sex on woman, let alone her mother was enough to make her sick.

"I know I love you," I replied.

The day had started so lovely. Then suddenly turned horrible. Red was thinking about giving up and going home. Yet she knew she couldn't. She had promised to check in on Grandma Boyd. Red lifted her head off the ground. The wolf skin cloak was laying on the ground next to the basket. Red got up and wrapped the cloak around her shoulders.

Now, all these months later she was the one thinking about Ben as she touched herself at night. She now constantly thought about all the naughty things she'd love to do to Ben. It had got to the point where she needed to do something about it, and so today was the day. All the conditions where right, most of the other staff were on holiday and the few that were left were normally gone just before five every day.

I glanced at the clock by my computer and shook my head, “I just have to finish this,” I said around a yawn.

As I stood transfixed on the images, I watched as he put her legs over his shoulders and started to plow her. She was screaming pretty loud by now, and making noises like I haven't heard in a long time. Mike was fucking her good and grunting himself also. He worked her around onto her knees and worked his cock into her from behind and literally had her screaming again in minutes. He rammed his fatty in her hard, and I could hear her telling him to "fuck that pussy" and "gimme all of that wonderful cock" as he continued slapping his balls against her mound on every thrust. Mike lasted a good long time with his stroking, I could tell by his panting that he was ready to come any minute, and he started to let go. He asked her if he could blast in her pussy and she cooed "yeeeeeessssssssss baaaaaby" and he started to shoot. She was coming also because she was thrashing more than he was.

Leaning back into her plush leather office chair, she scrolled lazily through her list of emails with her mouse. In a nonchalant way, her free hand slid down to her lap. Softly and teasingly, she pressed the heel of her palm into her mound, humming quietly to herself. Slowly inhaling a full breath of air, her fingers deftly unbuttoned her slacks and slid the zipper all the way down, the sound of the zipper strikingly loud to her ears. She placed her hand back on the desk, quietly drumming her fingertips on her notepad. Squeezing her thighs together, she felt her vaginal muscles clamp down tight, causing a delicious throbbing in her clitoris.

Audrey quickened her pace and shuddered through another hard orgasm, crying out in pleasure, but continued to fuck herself. Cleo trembled as Dave's tongue flicked and swirled over her clit. She rotated her hips bringing her asshole to Dave's mouth and he eagerly licked her tight little rosebud to the sound of her delightful moaning. Cleo's cunt nectar flowed heavily onto Dave's chin and chest as he tongued her asshole relentlessly. Dave realized that the women would have their way with him and that he was there only to amuse and satisfy them. 'No matter', he thought, 'what a wonderful way to be had.' Dave sensed that Cleo was near orgasm as she moaned louder and louder. She rotated her pussy back onto Dave's tongue. Audrey saw that Cleo was going to cum and she grabbed Cleo's nipples and twisted them savagely as Cleo erupted.

Sometimes nylons are best since they don't overfill the mouth. You of course have to sacrifice a pair, by cutting the foot ends off a little above the ankle area so they'll fit in his mouth. Of course the simple gag is easier but less fun.

" Mom, don't be stupid, you're still a beautiful woman, anyone can see that" I replied

Monica laughed.

When she finally came it was like thunder and lightning and bliss, with Lisa looking right in her eyes. She exploded and gushed a little come down her legs and then realized that was just the beginning. Before each wave of monstrous pleasure would subside another came crashing over her and she would come more. The juices were beginning to drip nearly all the way down the insides of her legs as she rode the waves of orgasms. Her ass was clenching on the vibrator and Lisa savagely pinching and yanking on her nipples. When they finally subsided she was spent but had one more thing to, she turned off and removed the vibrator from her ass.

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"Oh yes daddy. Eat your little girls pussy. Eat me good. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes. I am CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMINg," Cat screamed. Her daddy ate all her pussy juice as she came for him.

Being in love with my partner is a wonderful experience in love, but our lovemaking is something that I have never experienced before in my life, there is nothing that we wont do for each other as long as it does not cause any pain and we are both comfortable with the situation. He was the one that encouraged me to fulfill my sexual fantasy of making love to another woman, that I have done several times and I thoroughly love the feel, taste and smell of another woman but now I have decided I want to take this a little further now, and have him join me in yet another wonderful sexual experience and fantasy.

“Oh God, Reg, you are so deep in my cunt. I have never had a man so deep. It feels so good. God it’s good! Reach behind me and undo the button and pull my top down” she moaned.

"Oh, oops. It's a place called the Schooner Bar down on William Street. You can't miss it."

"You brought a visitor?" Dan said glancing at me as he put his hand on her arm and squeezed lightly which seemed out of place for where we were.

"Not good enough," he says roughly as he gently teases her clit with his fingers. She has to submit to him totally.

He stood there in the hallway and stared at me, and then he looked down.

“Where do you think you are going,” was what I got as I started withdrawing after there was nothing left to pump into her. “Get back where you were and get fucking. I want cock in my cunt!” and with these words she went back to sucking the young guy who was in her mouth and soon flooded her with his come only to be replaced by another. The two guys that had come yet were still ‘enjoying’ her hand job, obviously aroused by all this but equally uncomfortable by the fact that this cock hungry bitch in front of them was their employer. Seeing that their colleague had come in Ginger’s mouth, they looked at each other and one of them tried take their place. I still was in her trying to maintain my stiffy to pleasure my boss more as ordered.

"Owwwww," Jen yelped as the first couple inches disappeared inside her asshole. "Okay!okay!okay! I'll suck it! Just take it out."

He said he wanted to thank Bud again for saving his life. He wanted to do something for Bud to repay him. Stan again told him he knew Bud hadn't been with a woman in months. He said, "Look Bud, don't talk just listen please. We don't have very much money or a lot of things we could give you. So I can't buy you a car or anything like that. So tonight I will be in the hospital resting. And Alyssa will be at your house at 7 PM. She will be staying the night! I want this and she does too. Please don't say no to me. We both want to give you something and this is the most we have. Please don't turn down this offer Bud. Please!"

She seemed in the depths of her orgasm when all of a sudden I felt a small gush of liquid against my palm, emanating from deep in her. "oh my god! Don't stop! Ohhhhhhhhh...." She cried through her orgasm, biting her lip to remain quiet, her entire body shuddered through an orgasm that seemed amazingly intense. As her contractions slowed down and peace took over her body I just sat there looking at her and rubbing her through the mini cum aftershocks.

On the stroke of midnight, he entered her, impaling her quivering body in a single hard thrust. She arched, screaming, “RICHARD!!!” As she allowed, he took his pleasure, plunging into her tight heat as her ongoing orgasm massaged his massive penis. He savored her, holding his own climax until he could no longer control it. His thrusts became harder, deeper. Then he exploded, his orgasm merging with hers, blending, swirling, capturing both of them in the spiraling ecstasy.

As we rested, Lynne told me she had learned how to give good head from a teacher when she was a senior in high school. She learned more technique from an older man who was her boss at her Florida job before she came here. Both wanted to fuck her but, scared of getting pregnant, she refused them. She stayed a virgin, technically, until the night her boyfriend persuaded her to give up her cherry. That proved to be more painful than satisfying, and soon afterwards she had come north to stay with us.

Not a lot else, so I had asked for a little more detail, 'if they cared to share things.'

“aaahhhhhh . . . aaahhh . . .”

"Get over here and suck me off. Show Billie how much you love me. Billie, you can watch and jerk yourself off while Kathy sucks my cock."

Fate intervened. Ron Booth was killed in an auto accident. Rocky was quick to make the most of the change, before she committed to moving herself and her two children out of town.

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Dennis turned and walked out of the house, taking Jakes things with him.

I looked down and watched as his hand closed around his massive cock and slowly rubbed. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees in front of him. I watched as his hand slowly moved up and down his cock, stroking in fluid motions. I couldn’t help myself. Slowly, I closed my mouth around the tip of his cock. Replacing his hands with mine, I squeezed his cock and pumped him gently as I sucked the head of his cock. He moaned and I moved my mouth down him further.

Kyle received six awards for different types of achievement. Throughout the ceremony all I could think of was my son's giant cock and how bad I wanted to get back to his apartment so that we could begin fucking. When the awards concluded we started dancing. My son held me so close that I could easily feel his mammoth, pendulous cock brush up against my thigh. I whispered teasingly in his ear that there should have been an award for the biggest cock. After a few songs we were on fire to get back to his apartment and begin our taboo fucking.

OK" I say nervously because this guy was really handsome and he shoved his wife's picture in my hand and she was all ass, legs and tits. His voice was soft and urging and quiet like he had never done this before either. So I got in my car and followed him home to a very nice house, which was very secluded. My breathing quickened with excitement and nervousness. Excitement thinking of the body that awaited me inside. Nervousness at the thought of bending over and letting him have his way with me.

"You won't tell my dad will you?" Asked Frank, nervous of his own fathers wrath.

"Yeah, you'll be with me," Lynn said, completing Wendy's thought. "And I guarantee you won't be disappointed by Ken. He's a fantastic lover and I'm sure he can handle the two of us just as easily as he can handle one."

"Thanks, Dad. Now I'm going to wash my hands."

Smiling, I reached across the table and gently took Jenn's hand in mine. "You cannot believe how happy I am to hear that, Jenn! I've, well, had my eye on you from the very first day you came over to walk King, over 6 months ago!"

I guide my cock to your tight hole and press the head against it.

"I'll get your clothes while you take care of yourself in the loo," she continued, "but hurry up." I peed quickly and washed my face and hands and when I entered the living room Alex had my outfit ready and waiting: a very short white linen halter top, denim mini-skirt, white cotton panties, white anklets and her heeled maryjanes. She herself was dressed in a black silk blouse, cutoffs and running shoes. God, she looked wonderful!

On the dais in the middle of the room were an assortment of chains, and leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling. There were what looked like whips, and chains and strange objects on a wall near the dais. There was also a cross with leather cuffs on the arms of it. No one was on the dais; everyone was just looking at it. Music began, and I had heard it before. A part of my mind struggled to remember where I had heard it. I could almost hum it, but then it was gone.

- Aaagh, yeah! Roman grunted. Hell, yeah! Oh, fuck!

* * * * *

But I could never deny it later; Mi Ling had now been my lover. Although slow-witted, obese and ugly, she had been a far superior lover to my husband—or to any other man I’d ever had.

I looked at Caitlynne and saw a very beautiful and very pissed off woman. “You know what I want to know?”

"Yeah right what will you do?"

Greg returned to the barn to visit his cousin. Once again, they were all alone.

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He took a step back from her. "Who are you?" he rasped. "Am I bound to the local witch or mad woman?"

After a couple of minutes he motioned me to get on. She felt the bed shift as I positioned myself and said "No, No, NO!" not hysterically but with an almost commanding tone. I slipped the head of my cock into her now sloppy cunt and Phil told me to stay there don't move. Then he told Trish "This isn't a stranger, you took his virginity last summer and screwed him and blown him many times since. You've loved his cock in you and loved your punishment. In an hour your punishment is over. I'm leaving the room now and for the first time he will have you completely to himself." He got up and said see you soon as he shut the door and left.

I knew that I was getting off lightly if all I had to do was fuck him for a thousand pounds!

He moves my hair out of the way and starts kissing the back of my shoulder, up across the back of my neck, sending goose bumps down my spine and deep into my pussy.

Isabel turned, keeping one worried eye on her brother, toward Will. She wanted to get out of the ship as soon as possible. She wanted to take a deep breathe of clean, fresh, desert air. The old air in the Rumigan was wreaking havoc on her resolve, and she desperately didn’t want to loose it in front of Mabyn.

Yours, Simon.’

I licked along the crown with the tip of my tongue, precum oozing from his tip. I moaned, sliding the shaft deeper into my throat, precum coating my tongue. I pressed my mouth up and down the shaft, quickening my pace to coat him with him own fluids and mine.

"Thanks, I could use some heat. In more ways then you think". That told me that she had to be a hooker, and not a cop. As I reached over to turn on the blower I looked down at her legs. Shit. They looked great. I could see she had stockings on and I could see her garter belt. Her stocking tops could be seen. I could tell my breathing started to speed up and I knew I was getting a hard on. I was thinking of something to say to let her know I was looking for more then just giving her a car ride.

Amy leaned forward from the waist, causing her ass to jut outward and grasp Ron's hard cock between her round, yet firm cheeks. The sight of his shaft lodged up the crack of Amy's ass, the head pointing upward to her back, made Ron want to grasp Amy by the hips and slide his cock down and into her tight cunt. He knew, however, that at least for now, having intercourse was not an option, so he began to rub his slippery hands over her neck and shoulders, then down the small of her back to her luscious ass. His hips were gyrating in unison with Amy's body, and his cock was sliding delightfully up and down the length of her ass cleavage. "Your body is unbelievable, so sexy, and firm, and curvy, I am so lucky." Ron said.

The HUD slowly displayed the comment, "No intent to harm, only intent to teach how to enjoy self," and then faded out again.

Sarah then began to come around my cock, which was it for me - I pulled out and shot my load all over her ass, also hitting Daves hand. He didn't break stride, pumping his finger hard into her tight hole, and using her throws of orgasm to sneak another one inside also. He moved behind her and, knowing he couldn't fuck her, stuck three fingers of his other hand into her pussy, causing he to cum again shortly after.

"Good luck?"

She looked up from the table, then smiled. “You’re hopeless,” she said.

Finally the creature used it arms again to hold me. Gripping me tightly it carried me forward a few steps. I got pushed into its body and suddenly got aware of the appendage between its legs, like a huge cock pushing towards me, larger than most human ones would be.

She approached her, "I can't believe they left you alone with that huge ox."

We had plans to meet after work in a motel, but my Goddess could not wait that long, so she decided that we would meet in my garage/dungeon during the day, while my wife was at work. I put down some old blankets on the floor, then sleeping bags, and finally some small candles to set the mood. She gave me a blindfold the night before, at work, and told me to be on my knees, naked except for the blindfold when she arrived. I waited for what seemed an eternity, until she finally arrived. She walked in, and rustled around a bit, but did not say a word. She came over to me, took my hands, and cuffed them behind my back. She came around in front of me, and leaned in to kiss me, but instead, gave me a little bite on my lip. She asked me if I had done as she requested, and I answered “Yes”.

Elena started to really moan when I ate her out. She had a big, prominent clit, and I licked and sucked it like I was giving a guy a blow-job. I tongued up and down her spread pussy lips, swallowing reams of girl-syrup. Even though it made me ache with jealousy and anger, I fired up the vibrator and began fucking her with it. I did it slowly and carefully at first and then when she opened up to it, I started really fucking her good. I couldn’t believe how much pussy juice she was putting out. It was all over my face and dripping down my chin. She had me with a death-grip on my hair, bucking her hips like she was getting shocked by a cattle prod. I was giving her almost all ten inches of the thick vibrator, and she was taking it like a pro. I started to wonder how big that Ramon guy must be, but before I could think about it much, she started screeching and crying out like a madwoman, alternating between English and Spanish. “Aiiyiayeee! Aiiiiiy! Si si si si, ay si you little fucking putita! My hot little big-titted puta! Ay si, si te gusta, no? Te gusta comerme asi, no? Que rico! Que rico tu eres! Eat my pussy, ho’. Lick it out good. Chupame como si fuera un helado. (Suck me like it was ice cream). Aiiiy si, you doing so good, Tetas. I love your big tits and your fine body, bitch. You’re my little bitch now, huh?”

We played one more game before Laura collected her jacket and purse and started to make her way out of the bar with Kyon. I stopped her before she got to the door while Kyon said goodbye to a couple of his friends.

Again, she noticed the glances of both men staring at her chest. It was then she realized that her erotic thoughts and the cold draft from the door opening to the cold outside, had made her two nipples even more erect and they were sticking straight out of her shirt. Embarrassed, she got up from the chair and slowly walked to the huge blazing fireplace swaying her hips slowly, knowing that the three men eyes were riveted on her movement away from the table. After a few minutes of warming up and staring into the asymmetric beauty of the flames, she walked back to the table not only to the stares of the three men but also to the appreciative glances of the male and female occupants of the tables nearby. Hotel Room

If a stripper could generate half the sexual energy Ruth could hanging up clothes, she'd be booked solid. The fellas never figured out why I always had to piss when the show got going, but at least I never went back to work with a boner.

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Without bothering to pull down my now straining underpants, you plunge your face into the warm, dark cavity. I am sent into heavenly bliss as you wrap your full, pouting lips completely around my bulge. Slowly you blow, toasting my cock and balls with your heated exhalation. I indicate my delirious pleasure with a series of long gutteral moans until, with a sudden a sudden and surprising jerk, you slip your hand over the waistband of my shorts and pull my engorged schlong free. You laugh, evilly, as I buck my hips in frantic reaction to my suddenly exposed manhood.

"It was October 1862 when I met Frederick. He had been one of the richest men in Vicksburg before the war. As the Southern economy started to fail, he had naturally lost money, but he still had influence. I was on my usual walk one night, looking for a partner, when he drove up in his carriage. He invited me to his home, which was the most beautiful building that I'd ever been in.

Barry didn't have a problem and said, "Of course."

"`It's hurting, you are tearing me!'"


Jack then worked his way up to her pussy, and began to lick her from her asshole to her clit.

"How long do we have?" he asked, his arms still around the woman, who gazed back at him. He slid his left arm down her body and cupped her bottom gently with his hand. Jennifer's husband shuddered with pleasure as the man's hand moved on her, lifting the hem of her skirt just enough to reveal the darker tan color of the tops of her stockings to the watcher's stare.

"A few moments ago I don't know if I would have believe you not that I believe in you anyways." He seemed to think that was funny. "So who and where are these others that you live here with?"

I appreciate a physically larger lady. I am 6’6” tall, push the scales at 260 lbs on a bad day, and also exercise often. I have been fortunate, I have a personal gym as an off building on my homestead. My morning routine starts with 4-miles on the treadmill or roadwork, followed by 3-circuits on the weights, and either a dip in the pool or hot-tub. I usually start all this early, about 5:30 am so I can finish by start of the business day. On occasion, I have been later due to conference calls or meetings that will delay my exercise routine. But, as many exercise enthusiasts know, the body will require it to be completed to feel good.

I'm one of the few of us who kept reading after we broke out – though not many people know that. Jessie prefers that we don't read. In one of the apartments, I find a stack of National Geographics, untouched by the thirteen years, and turn one of the dry pages. It's become soaked and dried out so many times, half the pages cling in a death grip to each other.

"Wow, Serena, you look amazing. " replied Stacy.

Still, they are company, and fill the gap.

Julie quickly went to work. "Ok, Mom, you liked having sex with me before, let's see how you like it now."

His wife liked him rough, so they would do fantasy rapes. He had brought me in to do something he wanted to see his wife get her asshole raped by a stranger. He had told me, when he pulled out and shot cum all over her asshole, I was to change places with him. With no other lube or foreplay, I was to ram my cock up her ass. My meat is not huge, nor is it small but it is damn hard. You could hear the breath go out of her as I rammed the first three inches up her back door. By the time I had my man meat buried, she had been driven to the floor. I was pounding into her ass, while her husband fucked her mouth. I only lasted about five minutes, the third time the bitch came and screamed around her husbands cock, I emptied my nut sack in her tight little asshole. That was the start of a great night.

Both of were exhausted, and we fell asleep in each other's arms. I felt as if Zack's spirit had been burned into my existence, and I hoped that the reverse was also true. I still loved Bobby with all of my heart, but I had a special thing for Zack too. In the beginning I was afraid that an affair would break up our marriage, but now I knew I could handle the feelings that I had for both men. I knew that I could never be satisfied with a monogamous relationship again, and I hoped that Bobby could accept this as part of our lives

This was actually happening! Terry leaned against the hallway wall as my hands slid down his straight sides and rested on his hips. I leaned in and pressed my lips against his broad soft mouth. He seemed shocked at first, but then wrapped his arms around me and pulled closer, darting his tongue inside my mouth as our legs pressed against each others' bulging cock. Tongues entwining, my hands were holding his head as our mouths played their sensual penetration. Our lips parted and I nipped playfully at his broad round nose before kissing a line down his neck and chest, to squeeze a stiffened nipple between my lips.

This was too quick.

I finished eating, washed my dishes, and left them to dry on the counter. Daddy told me that him and I were going on a picnic that afternoon. How fun that would be I thought. Daddy and I haven’t done that for years. Daddy grabbed his backpack, loaded with sandwiches and other assorted things, and headed for the door. I slipped on my boots, and followed along after him.

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During dinner, I felt someone's foot caressing my leg. I thought it was Sue's and I just sit there staring and smiling at her. She moved up my leg and found her way between my legs. My cock is never hard to locate even if you're not looking. So, the gentle foot caressing being provided to the length of my cock was giving me a raging hard-on. I placed my hand under the table; I froze -- it wasn't Sue's foot at all. I looked at Kay and then over to Jean. Jean gave me a little half smile and I instantly knew it was she. With dinner over, I sat at the table longer than the others. I was too frightened to move because I knew everyone would see the massive hard-on I had. Sue moved around the table, came around to where I was sitting, gave me a little kiss, and placed her hand on my thigh. There was no mistaking what she felt, she looked at me and gave me this sheepish grin.

"Oh god, lots of things."

Throwing it over onto the blanket he hungrily started his sucking. Sucking, pulling using his lips. He pulled, tweaked, and brought me to many small climaxes. I was feeling sensational; his shorts were becoming quite wet. I felt the hard ridge of his cock straining to be freed.

"Oh, no Buffy you got that all wrong. That's absurd of you to think that. You're my daughter, my flesh and blood. Get that thought out of your mind." 'That was a close one Joyce. She's getting suspicious. It's great that she didn't spot you watching her masturbate.'

"We're very proud of you, my girl," he said. "This is a fine thing you're doing for the town. And you're following a great family tradition - my aunt Beatrice was Chosen, you know, and two of my cousins, and my younger sister".

Our bathing suits had been draped over the deck chairs out on the balcony to dry and Mom dragged them both inside the room. When she held out mine for me I ignored it and reached past it in her hand and pulled her to me. I threw my arms around her neck and pulled her to me for a gigantic kiss. She seemed to resist it at first but then warmed to the occasion and soon had her tongue deep in my mouth and one hand dropped to massage my cock through my jeans. I reached down and unfastened her shorts and hooked a finger under both them and her panties and pushed them both down. She was only wearing a tube top and than came off in a flash with the bra she had under it. This time it was she who led me to the bed.

"All right, Sharon. Tell me. The suspense is killing me." Brenda made her voice sound overly dramatic to lighten the discussion.

Of Jean-Pierre, there was no sign. Michel absented himself to take a tray of food to his younger brother, and returned laughing to himself.

"Oh! Sorry I woke you up. I am opening the club alone this morning and I thought you might like to come take a morning swim and relax in the hot tub before the club opens up. It's been a while since you were able to take a morning swim and I know how much you use to enjoy it," Janet said.

"Dare." Lisa stated, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

He was the only man she could squat her ass over, just above his mouth, while she farted out his seed over his face and into his mouth. She purposely strained to fart as hard as she could, literally able to watch his pig dick twitch and stiffen more and more from the arousal of her animal behavior. And she loved forcing him to look at her raw shithole and the damage his sick meat and his fist did to it. Last time they were together like this, he took pictures of her gaping poop hole, empty, cum filled, oozing...he traveled so much and their opportunities for real time perversion were limited. He even had some of his friends write to her after he showed them her obscene pics. She was thrilled... why couldn't people just admit they were sex pigs and enjoy it? These guys held nothing back. And she always sent Prince their messages so that he knew exactly what they said to her.

Roxy was the one of course who was on to him. She was every bit a predator in this way, stalking him often, her mouth edges parted in a Saurian smile. He had his phallus out and it stood firm, he rubbed it with some urgency. She crept up on him and the erection. Her tongue itched but she remained deathly quiet. Her tongue darted from her mouth and flickered, scenting the air. The scent-taste of sea salt was heavy! His season was leaking! Her tongue would be upon it, now. She stepped almost unnoticed from behind his seat on the command deck and shot out her supple tongue, lengths of it coiled his turgid erect member but only about the upper end. The tip of her tongue at the top of his shaft flickered about tasting and moping up every bit he had spilled.

And a smile rolls across my face.

Barbara kept a low profile, just peaking over the deck floor, watching for Rhonda to show up. Rhonda swept through the doors and walked directly up to Terri as if she had just found a long lost friend.

Penny moved around to John's upturned face again and spoke with a fake sweetness "Well lover you came here to fuck me but it looks like that's not going to happen, doesn't it. But you will get fucked. Ever been fucked in the ass before?"


Jen said, "Whooowheee, good one!"

"It's going to happen"

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My senses reeled and I think I passed out for a few minutes, because I slowly woke to the sound of Sandy washing in the bathroom. Steve was sitting up in the bed looking at me and smiling

"Stop blowing him, Angie. I want to fuck him," demanded Sam.

Now, he grabbed under my knees and pulled me towards him, so that my upper body was lying flat on the couch seat, my head uncomfortably leaning against the propped up cushion, my arse half-off the couch altogether. He spread my legs and pushed his face between them.

Carol and I drank silently neither of us entirely sure what we were doing there. The courage seemed to be draining from Carol and she seemed to have resolved not to go through with it.

She shared my bed from that night on, until she got engaged and moved out.

"We lived your fantasy, now I want to see you fulfill a little fantasy of mine."

She finally got a hold on herself. She even smiled a little when she asked, “So, that’s why you looked so horny because you knew I was watching you.”

“Jacob, that was for you to see how easy it is. Now close your eyes and let yourself relax. Kat you can listen and go deeper as I talk to Jacob. Jacob let your head fall back against the couch. You feel as if you can’t move your head.” I could see he was slightly trying to move and couldn’t.

She could tell by the speed of his typing that he was getting impatient. She glanced at the clock on the screen again. A third of her time was already dissipated. Only forty minutes left in the hourglass of her existence.

-U-huh! panted Cora, short of breath.

'Where are my clothes?' I asked, feeling very vulnerable.

Tess felt him get off of the bed. She heard the rustle of clothing. And then she felt his weight upon her as his cock plunged into her. She had thought her passion spent but his long, slow, deep thrusts soon had her panting again, once again arching up to meet him, trying to unsuccessfully increase the pace.

"Must have been you," Erica replied, dodging a large pothole in the road. "They may not see many gorgeous blondes down here."

So, forcing myself into action, I did something else. Something I knew even Lori would have approved of had she been here.

I felt him touch my knee and then felt him wrapping a rope around my thigh just above the knee. This pulled my legs slightly further apart, and once he had applied the same treatment to my other leg I felt completely exposed to him, even with the robe covering me!

Tom made no move, so I extended my hand to him. He came across to me and took my hand, and I drew him down onto the cushions. I said no word, but just undid the zip of his trousers. His penis sprang out. I finished undressing him, and then said, "I've still got Dad's sperm in me, do you mind?" He shook his head.

You set down the candle and lean down close to my ear once again. This time there is a strength and power to your voice. “I told You to hold still slut! As much as I care for my slut you must learn to follow my commands no matter what!”

“Tsk, tsk Milo. After all this is their first wedding anniversary. Did you acquire the cameras, and cameramen we need?”

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Eve nodded, though she didn't taker her eyes off of Adam. "Hey," she asked. "What's it like having that between your legs? It seems like it would be a bit uncomfortable."

She stopped licking and slid her slim body up between my legs. Her fine firm tits, widely separated, hung down magnificently. With any other woman the view would have stopped at her touching tits or at best at her hanging gut. With Tammy the view went all the way down to her finely trimmed patch. She laid down on me and gave me another open mouth kiss filled with my cum! "Now for that beer" she said as she raised up and walked over to the bucket of ice.

"Oh yeees," she said, "that feels so good."

"It's - well, it's Maggy."

As Rachel's orgasm washed away, Monica took another full mouth of cream from the platter. She stood and kissed Rachel. As the sweet liquid flowed into Rachel's mouth, Monica made sure that a good amount dribbled down their chins and onto Rachel's breasts. She licked off Rachel's chest, just to tantalize her one last time. Rachel responded by lapping the cream from Monica's chin.

Mr. Hardon stood up showing that he wasn't wearing pants. He had another six inch penis that had David jealous. Soon the wife was bent over the desk and he was lifting up her skirt as he inserted his penis in her ass.


Michael waved off. "Not me, man. I should call my cousin over in the other dorm." he says. "Her dad's overseas and won't call, so someone's gotta make her feel the warm familial love thing on a cold February night like this."

Then I saw the light flashing on my answering machine. Probably someone needing some home repairs, I thought to myself, but surely it could wait till morning. No, what if it was an emergency. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight in spite of the all day sedative Maude has so pleasantly administered. I pushed the button, and here's what I heard.

It had to be torture for those men to watch as their wives came out on the dance floor and striped in front of everyone as if auditioning for the job. Sam had a great time giving instructions.

As he began to fuck her faster, he would bring his palm down against her ass. At first it surprised her but she two was getting into this. The two men went at her relentlessly.

He gave me an eager high five as another guy patted me on the back while a third gave me a friendly punch in the arm.

"Time to wake my love. Thought I would cook for you to bring back your energy after this morning, you have earned a little spoiling. I loved our session this morning, loved the way you reacted, responded to me.....loved watching you sleep afterward so peaceful and relaxed with a smile on your face."

They then continued up my stomach and to my breasts. The bristles felt like needles on my tender, engorged breasts. As the bristles passed over my nipples I felt a shot of pain like fire.

"Mom, why would I do a thing like that?" he asked her as they walked into the apartment.

"Good." I smile.

The silence killing me and I realised my hand was still wrapped around my shrinking cock, I removed my hand but then covered up with both hands as it occurred to me that laying there naked in front of my Aunty wasn't any better. "You would have been better off sneaking into my room to have a look at my pussy" Chris said. "I am much more open minded than the other 2 and besides my pussy is more your age."

He swam under me and tried the same thing but I was much stronger and heavier than him and when he tried to lift me I held him down, I couldn't help but notice my cock was on his shoulder as he tried top lift me, and since he couldn't it became quite noticeable the longer he stayed in that position,

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“YOU are bad” I reply and feel my cum about to burst. She slips her lips back around my cock and I explode in her mouth, shooting hot cum to the back of her throat, which she swallows with glee. Oh yeah, that’s good. One, two, three good spurts and Charlene’s licking my cock clean like a good cumslut. Its all for you, baby.

The few times I met Donna, she is always polite, friendly, and she is a slightly older carbon copy of her two daughters. But she is reserved in manner, so our relationship is pretty much a wave and "Hi!".

"Ha, ha, funny. I wasn't talking about 'rutting'. I meant you're stuck in a groove, and we need to find a way to get you out of it."

He continued to caress her thigh with each touch slightly closer to the edge of her black leather skirt. Soon he hesitated and Diana held her breath. He had reached the smooth black leather. What would he do Diana wondered. With a gasp lodged in her throat, she found out as he slid his fingers under her skirt.

I welcome your comments and criticism and I hope you enjoy the story. Thank you...

"Fuck." I whispered, in unintentional irony.

Sylvia's mother's kisses and caresses moved downward over Jason's trembling body and, as they did, his penis grew harder and harder and began rising from his loins, like a Phoenix coming alive from the ashes.

"What?" She asked, turning around to face me.

"How long were you watching Mark?"

I relaxed my muscles and then began to push as if during a bowel movement and also started to rotate my hips. I wanted him inside me.

"You gave birth to the unfathomable One."

Her friend was very beautiful as well. Karen had shorter, dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. Everyone noticed her eyes as they were the most stunning feature about her. They cut through people and made many guys speechless. Her eyes weren't the only thing making them speechless. She was shorter than Marcy, but had the potential to still be a very dominant woman. Her breasts were slightly larger than Marcy's, but her legs weren't shaped as well. Her skin matched her friend's, as they probably went tanning together. I wouldn't have minded nuzzling her thighs either.

He started kissing me and telling me that it was ok. “I love you,” he said. “You are sharing more and more of yourself with me.” “I want to know everything about you” he said I felt so good being in his arms. I continued to pee, and wanted to be held by him and him alone.

She set her empty cup on the floor in a corner of the tiny room, reached into her purse, and jammed a dollar bill into the cup.

His finger stroked all around her clit, circling, teasing, torturing, but not satisfying her. It was making her crazy.

Gradually during the night several fell by the wayside, and disappeared to their rooms, till last orders were called leaving us another couple and a single black guy called David.

Lisa licked the inside of his mouth roughly as she drank down their sluts juices

"Who is this?"

The next song had begun for the girl on the stage. She was now only wearing her shoes, hat, and a g-string. She had large breasts that swayed as she danced. Bob asked me for a dollar. I asked him what it was for, although I knew why he wanted it. "I want to give it to that girl, Mom," he said. I smiled in spite of myself and handed him a five then placed a stack of bills on the table. He rose from his seat and headed toward the stage. I told my husband that I never imagined myself giving our son money to slip into a girl's g-string.

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"Hell, I lost count. Maybe 20, but that was just last night. The other one left and Brad, Lance and I just kind of passed out on the bed.

"Okay," Mike said when the last set was over. "Go change back into the little white skirt. There's a white pull over shirt hanging on the rack. Wear it with the skirt. You need to freshen up your makeup a little. When you come back, come to the next room. We'll be set up in there. Oh, and Eve, don't wear no underwear."

"Can you use a stove? Can you make real pancakes? And bacon?"

“Sure,” Donna said. “He never looks to see if I’m awake, or shut the door at night. He just sits there and rubs it and then he grunts and wheezes and points it in the toilet.”

"Aaahhh," Cassandra moaned with each stroke of the plastic cock.

"Sure thing, Will." Intrigued, Melissa came around and sat beside him on the couch. She stared at the screen. "You actually like this, perv? I don't think it's for me." The screen showed two women involved in a lesbian scene. One woman was on her back, while the other woman was sitting on her face, bouncing up and down on her tongue. A man entered the scene, naked and muscular. "Ooo, he looks like my Bradley." The man crawled between the woman on her back's legs and started licking her pussy. The camera zoomed in on the man's tongue. It slid up and down the woman's slit before teasing the clit. The woman's pussy quickly turned wet and she started raising her hips, humping the guy's tongue. Melissa felt her own pussy growing wetter; the movie wasn't doing anything to relieve her horniness. Embarrassed, she realized, Desiree's skinny twin brother was looking at her body more then he was at the screen. She reached out for an afghan and used it to cover her body. On screen, both women appeared to be having orgasms from having their pussys eaten. Thinking about Brad, Melissa said, "I wish you'd do that for me."

Of everyone, however, the person who most surprised Mike was his aunt. When Andrea removed her shorts and shirt she revealed a very sexy two-piece bikini. It nearly rivaled Nancy's suit for the eye-catching way it showed off her body.

Wave after wave of seed spurted into her straining little body. I gasped for air and fell to one side of her. A great wave of love washed over me, and I tenderly kissed the corner of her mouth, while I hugged her close to me.

I was surprised on how the sensations consumed me. He took my pussy in his mouth and began flicking the clit with his tongue, sucking and probing at the same time. It was driving me up to a wall, when he asked me to place my right leg on his shoulder so he can eat me more.

"What are you talking about?"

My breathing increased through my nose as I let out a pathetic wail into my gag.

Roger pulled my head back to his, and he bit my neck, then whispered in my ear, "I have wanted to do this to you ever since that time when you were 14, and come out to the pool wearing that thong bikini. I know you were teasing me back then, but just wait till you get all nine inches of this high hard one!"

Because of the way the homes sat, this part of the yard was very secluded. Their house had its garage along this side, as did the neighbor's house. Even though there were windows facing this yard they all came from garages so there was little chance of being seen by someone inside either house. The road was almost always deserted so there was no danger of cars and the big lake meant there was no danger of being seen from the other direction.

"I supposed that this was all that was going to happen"

I thought, "God! One more opportunity was coming my way." I queried, "You won't kill me if you find the book, shall we say, too adult in nature?"

It was too much for me to handle and I felt my self ejaculate into my underwear through to my pants! Even in the darkened theater, I could see my cum stained pants but didn't care much at the time.

Kat turned her head to the side. “How can you understand?”

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And we are warm and pleased with ourselves. Feeling this way, we slowly feel our passion building. It is slow and strong and under control now. Not urgent and wild like an hour ago.

Susan stood under the shower, running her hand over her body in a manner which nearly drove David wild. She took up a sponge and seductively ran a bar of soap through it repeatedly, watching his eyes all the time. Susan then started to sponge her entire body with the soapy sponge. Bending forward with her buttocks against the wall she rubbed her legs from ankles to her thighs, slowly, provocatively. The roughness of the sponge on her skin excited Susan even more and she longed for direct physical contact between her legs. She turned away from David, her back towards him. She spread her legs and bent forward and in so doing her thighs and buttocks parted, exposing her fully aroused vagina to David's stare.

I had died and gone to heaven; here I was in bed, my breakfast made next to me, my fuck-bunny mother sat on the edge on my bed slowly fisting my cock, I just lay back again and a huge grin appeared on my face, I really could get used to this.

My cum greased his cock and he slid in and out of me more quickly, his groans matching mine as we clung together, mouths fighting and tongues battling. I came before he did, shouting into his mouth and he did the same for me, pumping me full of his cum and I never felt more like a woman that I did at that moment. We laid still for a minute, gasping for breath, then he raised his head, looking at me.

"You like it, don't you baby, oh, your so tight," he pumped me harder and faster, the bed creaking beneath us. Finally he couldn't talk and made groaning sounds, he grunted and pumped into me again harder than ever and tried to stick another finger in my ass. My cheeks were spread wide as he whooped loudly and came in my hole. I felt his hot liquid shoot into me and backed my bottom up to hold onto him just a little longer.

Ellen had fixed Breakfast for the boys and then had gone down in the basement to start a load of washing. Ellen was still thinking about what her oldest son had said about wanting to (fuck) her. What an ugly word. But in todays terms it did describe what he wanted to do. Opening the clothing shut from the second floor she heard the boy’s voices as clear as if she were standing next to them.

I pulled her back onto my lap. She rubbed up against me, crushing her heaving breasts against me and leaving lipstick marks on my face and chest as she kissed me. I could feel her moist pussy touch my rod; the warm wet fluids of her juices and the punk's cum making my underside all slick and ready to penetrate into her tight hot cavity.

Before he reached the kitchen again however, he caught the start of a conversation and decided to listen before making his appearance.

He had entrusted the children to her sister’s care, never knowing her true identity. The woman smiled at the thought. Foolish, foolish man. To think his destroyer had been under his nose all along...and that he had willingly delivered his children into her hands!

“What’s the matter, Ray?” Laura asked with a playful put on her face, “Don’t you want to go look at naked girls with us?”

She did so, all the while watching Mille out of the corner of her eye.

“You don’t fear Donnal, my friend. You fear the way he makes you feel. You are afraid to trust him because deep down, you are afraid you will be hurt. What you want to know is whether Donnal is worthy of your trust.”

"OK. I see you are ready. Start slowly. Use your moisture to cover your clitoris. I want you to draw it out for me and I want to see you stimulate it. Imagine it is my fingers and that you are my slave."

The man withdraws, but he is not deterred. In a few moments the girl has put her feet back up on the couch again.

"I'm not a little girl. I happen to be 18 years old," Red said as she pulled Wolf's hands from her hair.

"You keep staring at me like that and I am going to bend you over this table and take you right here."

"No relatives that you know of, that right?" the cop continued.

They quickly partnered up, Jim tried to pair up with Kelly but was immediately ignored as she grabbed the closest Buccaneers Revenge crewman who happened to be Harry. So instead Jim paired up with Elizabeth, Billy partners with Red and Pete and Carmen teamed up.

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"Come on," Roger told them, "you know the rules"

"So why me Dave?" I asked. "Why has it got to be me for this?" As I said the words, I couldn't believe that I was trying to talk myself out of it. After all, Helen was a good looking lady!

"Tell him now!" He commanded as he pulled her hair and pointed her face right at mine.

Terry giggled, "He just left. You only missed him by five minutes. See?" She raised her skirt and I saw that she didn't have any undies on and I also saw the wet, matted hair of her pussy and a trace of cum on her inner thigh.

With that, she leaned over to lightly kiss him and moaned as his probing fingers found their way to her sopping wet thong. She quivered as his index finger slipped inside the front of her panties and brushed against her soaking wet pussy.

Randy and Chet zipped their pants back up.

As we neared the cabin we walked near edge of the lake, mike’s footing slipped and as he started to fall he grabbed me for support and managed to get us both falling into the freezing water. Luckily the water was shallow near the edge but we were soaked and freezing.

He looked at her shrewdly through narrowed eyes for a moment before answering that question. "Do you want an honest answer the safe answer?"

Terry had known exactly what she was doing when she had shown us her pussy and that was one of the things that made her so good at the flashing games we played. No one ever knew if it was on purpose or not!


Margarita flopped onto her back. The hacienda was almost deathly quiet now that Maggie was gone and Maria was considering a suitor from the Gonzales household – their neighbors. He was a shy quiet man but taken with Maria. Their father was thinking of the match and was constantly asking after Margarita.

With a little more struggling and playful wrestling, she managed to get his jeans off, too. It really hadn't taken Ethan very long at all to adjust to her rather...enthusiastic sex drive. She laughed as he tugged her into his lap, the sound cut off by a sharp gasp as he was pressed against her belly. Bea rested her hands on his shoulders and slid into place, so that her knees rested against the mattress, and she could feel him rubbing against her, the tip of him pressing against her entrance.

"I'll see you on Tuesday," Sandi said. As I turned to leave, I noticed a woman watching me by the door to the women's locker room. She was worth a second look. She stood about five foot seven with a substantial bosom, a nipped-in waist over flaring hips, long dancer's legs and straight black hair pulled back into a ponytail. Sweat gleamed on her umber skin. Her nose was straight and her lips were narrow, which led me to speculate about ancestors from the Indian Subcontinent. She looked like the Punjabi answer to June Wilkinson, the legendary Playboy model and actress of the 1960s. The skintight leotard left nothing to the imagination yet at the same time stimulated fresh imaginings. The look on her face was easily interpreted, the veteran cynically eying the inexperienced newbie: "F-r-e-s-h meat!" Something to dream about until my first lesson.

Acting more drunk than she actually was, Ann got the offer for a ride home she wanted. She said she probably shouldn't drive and that she'd call her husband to pick her up.

I started licking and kissing her clit causing her to begin faster movements. I remembered that Tom told me she was multi-orgasmic and could easily have another orgasm.

"FUCK MY ASS!" she almost screamed.

"Yeah. She's a little drunk and she wanted me to see her cars. She's sleeping next to me"

So he walked in and said, "Can I join you?"

I looked deeply into his eyes.

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I pulled the boat further up on the sandbar and we started out into the trees. Jane showed me where the path was and when we had followed it for about one-quarter of a mile I saw a grassy knoll ahead of us. When we reached the top of the knoll the sight was unbelievably beautiful. The grass ran down to the shore of a small pristine lake. Old growth timber, Oak, Maple and a lot of Birch with its brown and white bark, ringed the lake. The lake was maybe a half mile long, stretching away from us and varying from about one to two hundred yards wide. There was no sign of human habitation at all around it. It was as pretty as a picture postcard.

At the very same time on the other side of the river the Wilkerson family had indeed noticed Brad and Sarah’s absence. At first they didn’t think much of it; they were lazy teens after all. But when it began to rain they started to think something was wrong.

"OK," she said.

Her tone shifted to one of impatience as she clarified" Inside and out. What else could I mean?"

And then there was Dawn, the middle sister, or second eldest child. She was twenty-two and something of a nemesis to Josh. They just plain didn't get along. They fought, they squabbled, they quarrelled, they bickered – they did just about everything except kill each other, though they often came close. Dawn, and not Jacquie, was the true source of the practical jokes and carefully placed insults. She liked to go out a lot though, which suited Josh fine. She also seemed, to Josh, a bit of a slut, always going out with guys and wearing those skimpy clothes. Josh thought he would rather endure Jacquie's torment any day than be locked in a room alone with Dawn for even five minutes. They would surely kill each other then.

"The only difference," I countered, "is that I haven't fucked either of you yet."

"Hi Rob" she whispered closing the door. The room fell into darkness again and i was unable to see her. Nadia stalked around her blinded prisoner. I rattled my chains and turned this way and that trying to ascertain where she was. Suddenly, a candle light, then another and another as the room became lit by a dozen thick candles and she stood in front of me, completely naked. Her body was goddess like. Tanned all over, a full and proud pair of tits and thighs that I just couldn't take my eyes off. I followed them around the room, dreaming of having them wrapped around my taut body.

Perfume, anointed behind my ears and on my neck.

"Oh yeah, squeeze my tits and fuck my pussy... that's it... shove your fucking cock up me... oh shit, it feels so fucking good deep in my cunt... oh god, fuck me harder... make me cum…"

It hurt. A lot.

I was wondering how many of these nude men were looking at her gargantuan, round boobs and how it would feel to titty fuck her. All of them I would guess.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was on my back; suddenly aware of my breast covered with oil, my hard nipples being teased by those hands.

She smiled. "Then we'll just have to keep trying, won't we?" She brushed fingers through his dark hair and added in a soft voice, "From now on, I'm yours, Randy. I will do anything you ask of me."

"Mistress Rosella will see you now," she said with a smile.

"Gees, I leave for a few minutes and I get into trouble," I moan. "OK, first things first, Dale, we did fool around a little occasionally, but we never had sex."

"How the hell should I know!"

Kylie felt his grip on her hair loosen and she was able to look down to see his mouth move over to her other nipple, taking it into his mouth he bit down again, Kylie's eyes rolling back as she came hard in her panties the fabric absorbing all the juice and leaving a big stain on it, the air around the two filled with her scent.

She said, “Amake request kore bol je ma tomar mai khabo nahole ami toke amar mai dobo na. shudhu amar chele amar mai niye chusbe ar khelbe.” (request me to show you my boobs by calling me mom, otherwise I will not show you because only my son can suck them and play with them and do everything.) And she laughed.

Uhura covered her eyes, Penny and Judy blushed, and Maureen stared at the drunken engineer. Robinson, West, and Will all looked under the table toward Uhura.

"Up and at 'em, big fella," I said. I couldn't help noticing his eyes flickering down my body. Well, why not? I kept myself in shape and was proud of it. In another moment it was my turn to look as he threw back the covers and got out of bed, yawning.

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Pam slurped Brad's cock out of her mouth.

"Can we go back home?" she asked plaintively.

When she recovered she looked me in the eye and said, "mind if I join you, give Ian some pics of us together?" and before I could say yes she lifted her summer dress over her head, walked over to me and pushed her face against my pussy.

"Our panties were really getting to be in the way. They were wet and just in the way. We laughed a lot while we struggled in the small space to strip each other- laughed about how shy we'd felt at first, and now we wanted to see each other's pussies and have the alien understand how proud we were of each other. It made perfect sense.

"Terri's had hers, I don't know about you Tina, but I want some of that luscious cock for myself," Sara said.

"Michael," I beackon. He sits upright, on call; such the little minion. "We have any coke, left?"

“Are you really? Or are you just disappointed?”

"Impressive" I said, astounded at the strength and spirit she possessed.

"This is nice. You not running away from me." Kate said looking at David in the eyes.

"You want to try?" Marla asked.

"That's okay, Cin, actually, I enjoyed watching you get fucked. I would love to see it again."

Why was I feeling this way? Should I not be mad that she was having sex? If not, why was I concerned with her sexual fulfillment and happy that she had not had that yet? Most troubling was feeling that had been developing somewhere else in my body. From the moment I first asked Janie about sex, I had a nervous feeling in my stomach, accompanied by an ever-growing erection. As she filled in the last details of her disappointment from sex thus far, I suddenly realized that my dick was almost fully hard. I was lying in bed with pajama bottoms on and a sheet over me, but as I looked down, I noticed that it was possible to tell that I was hard. I shifted quickly to hide this fact.

Jack threw me down at the foot of the bed as he warned me to not move. He left the room momentarily. Angela knelt down beside me "Your for it now you little shit, Jack's going to thrash your ass, and when he's finished, you are going to thank him nicely whilst on your fucking knees."

"I accidentally hit her during our match today. She's in a lot of pain", Linda offered has an excuse.

“Shut up, Joe,” Jason ordered.

"Are you excited?" he continued, plying and poking about her lips and labia as if looking for a prize. Her vagina was hairless and otherwise unadorned. It was a stripped slit available for use at a moments notice.

Victoria was taller than Marlene, as were most girls, but she was not as voluptuous. Her size "C" tits were the perkiest they would be for the rest of her life, her waist the slimmest, and every aspect of her sexual organs the horniest. She was the offspring of a poor family, supported at college by a local scholarship that fortunately had few candidates to select from, and quite experienced in how to use her sexual assets to get what she needed. As she stood there now, looking down at her cringing roommate, she knew she wanted this girl added to her list of conquests.

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