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“Why have you been avoiding me Tilly, what have I done?” Paul asked placing his hands on her shoulders.

I sit next to you and touch you softly. First on your side, I run my hands gently down over the curves from your neck, down your side and over your butt, down your legs. Your skin is soft and fresh. It tingles with my touch. You have goose bumps from the cool air in the room and from my touch. I can tell that you are still excited, still ready for more. You wonder what we will do. I wonder, too. Can we do everything that we want to do? Will we do all of the things that we have imagined doing? Do we have the strength and the time? I ache to be inside you, but know that I have other things to do. My mind is blank, but I need to know you completely, so I let my body take over.

The students finally left and I was alone with her. Just watching her had my cock starting to get hard. I couldn't remember the last time I had even felt the desire for a woman. We sat down and drink a coke while she rested a while before she turned on the stereo and put on some slow dance music. She motioned for me to stand and join her on the floor.

Again, I took a pass. Never returned the call.

"And it was perceptive of you to notice that." I was starting to get into her game. "But don't tell master his place again, or the next time he'll shove a twelve inch telephone pole up your ass."

Sean now flipped Petra around and got in between her legs and shoved in his cock inside her pussy.

I smelt the delightful essence of sweet cakes and puddings as I stood in my white lacy bra and panties. I felt somewhat awkward and ill at ease in a strange, almost surreal way. I slipped on the white, high-heeled, patent leather shoes and waited. The shop dress had disguised my male form well and even though I wore a bra filled with large silicone breast forms my skimpy panties couldn't totally conceal my masculinity.

Next came a procession of letters from Henry's lawyers. There were the preliminary papers for the divorce, the numerous statements which had to be signed and eventually the actual divorce papers! Now it was final (except for the waiting period) Henry had divorced me. Perhaps he was distressed too but I began to finally realize just what I had thrown away through my stupidity.


And with that, I pulled the waistband forward and looked inside. Billy's erect penis was still forcing the thong pouch out in front of him, so much so that his under-strap had been pulled forward and was neatly lifting and separating his balls. Semen had splashed and trickled down the inside of his pouch until it met the obstacle of his ball-sac, where it pooled.

Anne wakes with a start. She's been dreaming. Ricky really is standing over her bed. But he's offering her a cup of tea, not sex. Her mind replays the things she was just saying; did she really say them? Suddenly she realises that she is totally naked, lying on top of her bed. She looks at Ricky's face and his eyes are on her dark bush of pubic hair, he is staring at her pussy.

Without another word she threw back the covers, straddled my hard cock and slid it deep inside her wet hot pussy as she thrust down upon me. She started riding me faster and faster and started moaning fuck me Bruder, Fuck me harder. Yesssssss, Oh Yesssss.

Tek'vrel then removed his uniform, to join the dress of the room, naked. His huge hard dick poked out two feet long and six inches thick. He laid on Fiona's bed, "You two ladies want to share my cock, give me a blowjob together?"

Harry frowned. "I thought you and Cray were going to the new illusion-show over at the Academy tonight."

My wife had her eyes closed as she enjoyed her orgasm. She did not know that Paul was standing next to her and that Bud's hard cock was only inches from penetrating her pussy. Bud signaled Paul to be quiet, Paul nodded. Bud must have heard my thoughts. With one hand guiding his cock and the other still stroking her clit he moved forward. The second his cock head touched her pussy, he pushed his cock all the way in and grabbed her hips. Jill's startled eyes flew open in fear. Bud smiled and held on to her.

"If I wanted to whore myself," I sneered, beyond caring now, "I would never have left home! You can give my job to someone else. Hire a slut who will get on her knees for it. I am going home." I turn and head for the door. I must have noticed that he did not follow me but I was too distracted, simply wanting to get outside. I grab the knob and wrench it open. Only it does not open. The knob won't even turn. The horrid realization of what the remote control did sets in. I turn to see him grinning.

My cock ached as it slackened in her mouth. She released me with a quiet gasp of her hot breath, her tongue slathering across the tip and shaft. Martha continued this for some time, every lick and kiss caused my body to ripple, an ache-like pain mixing in the subcurrents of my orgasm that only made me feel more erotic. I whimpered like a puppy as she giggled.

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"Ha! I love you too mom. It has been seven days since I called you last Friday, hasn't it? This week has really flown by."

Agent X lay speechless as Sonya raised her long sexy legs, spreading them wide and resting her warm calves across his trembling thighs. Her spike heeled sandals digging sensuously into his flesh.

The old doctor stroked her breasts and belly through the cool, slippery silk. He was patient and very thorough and spent a long time teasing Mrs. Anglin through the expensive, bright red material. He delighted in her moans of need.

"You've never done this before, have you?"

The sensations on both my face and cock were heavenly. Both women were wet and everything was sliding freely. The girl on my cock reached down and turned the vibrator in my ass up even higher.

Once Chad began school I had more free time and this allowed me to improve our sex life a bit but Stephen seemed to have lost a lot of his desire. We hadn't had sex for about 2 months one time and when we did have it, Stephen really enjoyed himself. He suggested I should look around and see if I could get some other man to fuck me and that would be quite alright with Stephen provided I told him every detail of the fuck! I was very surprised at this because Stephen had been rather jealous of myself with other men even though he wasn't fucking me himself.

Willowe crawls over to the kind Sir and looks at him pleadingly. He motions for her to turn around. "Look at that sweet little ass. It's shaped like a heart. Rosy like one as well." He gives her a couple of slaps.

"I hadn't really thought about it. What interests you the most, Ms. Williams?"

We got to the camp, and Kevin took my hand and told me we needed some time alone. He took me down to the river and we sat down. At first we made small talk, telling each other about our families, work and such. But soon, the conversation turned to how hot I made him. He loved playing with my big 40 DD tits and how he could just get lost in them. He then told me that he loved me sucking his cock and that no one had ever taken so much of it in. and that he wanted to return the favor. I was more than willing.

"Mmmm, I knew you were a slut baby, I could tell the first day I met you, God your hole feels so fucking good," he moaned, fucking her ass with rapid speed now, "I'm gonna cum in your ass, Jamie, I'm gonna flood your hot hole with my seed, make you shit cum for a week."

I then explained to Alex how I had come home earlier and found the package leaning against the door.

"I just had to have that big cock again," she said. "It's your fantasy, Hun!"

The set-up couldn’t have been any better. Her bedroom was set a fair distance from the street, on a quiet neighborhood road. You only drove that way if you lived nearby, or knew someone who did. Therefore, not many cars passed by, and those that did knew exactly where they were going and were usually going pretty fast. There was a huge tree in the yard that provided lots of shadows. The nearest street light was half a block away.

"It was what the boys said. "

"What happens to sluts?" I teased, softly caressing her ass with my right hand as my left held her dress up, exposing her perfect bottom.

Trish untied the lacey belt that was holding the robe closed and let the robe fall to the floor. Her long brown hair fell over her beautifully rounded breasts. Her tall, firm nipples were surrounded by small dark areolas. Her stomach slightly protruded out above her waistline. Christian found this to be very sexy. Her hips had strong curves to her luscious thighs where, between them, her small triangle of short, dark pubic hair barely covered her plump lips. In gazing down at her lovely pussy Christian thought he could see the tip of her clit jutting out.

“Fuck your Momma dammit!” Stephen yelled.

Karen was taking a bath, soaking her nicely shaped body in hot water. Jeanine walked in the bathroom. She did not bother knocking.

I heard the 'sloosh' of the beautiful manicured hand cutting through the stillness of the air in the room. I felt a stinging pain on my face even before I heard the sound of the slap. I felt the tears begin to swell up in my eyes as I bowed my head just a little in shame. "I've been bad again," I thought to myself. "Why else would I be punished?"

A few minutes later, Melissa began to feel herself cum.

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She worked her way through the plant life and followed the sound of the female keening. After working her way through all the different levels of trees and shrubs, she finally found the source of the sound.

Evelyn reached around behind her and unfastened the clasp holding her bra closed. Then she lowered her arms and let the blouse slide down and flutter to the floor.

Judi didn't quite comprehend what he meant by promising Terri, but she had other things to worry about as she felt Terri's long studded tongue begin to lick the backs of her thighs.

"What does he say?" she suddenly wanted to know.

Despite the moment of sensuality, workouts continued much the same week in and week out. We did talk about more and more intimate stuff, but not intimate sexually. Just good friends stuff. Carol said I was a good listener and a good guy. I was developing quite a crush on her. I had to turn away occasionally when she made a certain move or sound. Like "ummmfffff" and "unnnh". It sure sounded sexy to me. I imagined her making those sounds while I pounded my dick into her and sprouted an instant erection.

'Good slut' said the voice again, with an unmistakable tone of approval.

“Approximately eight nautical miles,” Parveen answered for her sister-in-law.

As this was my second visit and I had another 3 to go, I had no idea what to expect next time. I think I am falling in love with Sandra as she excites me sexual more than no other.

The other couples were chit-chatting and I managed to keep up a dialogue with June while my hand moved over Tina, but I couldn't tell you what June and I had talked about afterward. Tina had pulled my arm into her middle so that by reaching down ever so slightly I could feel the juncture of her softly-curved belly and perfectly rounded thighs. The heat of her pussy was obvious even through the material of her skirt and with gentle pulling motions of my hand, without moving my arm at all, I had pulled Tina's skirt up so that my fingers nestled in against her smoothly shaven sex.

At the same time, Bill was riding Suzanne's cunt hard. Both Bill and Suzanne were completely overcome watching Jim's assault on Carol. Their passion grew until they exploded in a simultaneous orgasm the rocked their bodies to the core. Carol once again was feeling her own body begin to climb toward orgasm. She felt shame that she was actually enjoying the big stranger raping her ass with his huge pole. Suddenly Carol's ass clamped onto Jim's cock as she came hard. Jim thrust himself deep into her and began flooding her bowels with his thick cum. Carol felt as if someone had shoved a hose up her ass and turned it on. Jim screamed obscenities and made animal like noises as his cock convulsed and shot continuous ribbons of hot jism. Carol's whole body shook as wave after wave of orgasmic peaks rocked her in a state of euphoria. She tried to scream out for Jim to fuck her harder. The sweat soaked thong gagging her mouth turned her words into desperate moaning noises. Suzanne just recovering from her own orgasm realized Carol was enjoying the ass raping and reached out and twisted Carol's left nipple. Once again Carol felt intense pain. She was cruelly ripped from the height of ecstasy as Suzanne's long red fingernail pierced her tit below her now red nipple.

Within two months she looked forward to Tim's face every morning. He told her that he was once the nerd of the high school he attended. Maryanne would never have guessed that with his great ass and blond hair. For a moment she could not be she was interested in this guy. He was sweet and always listened to her. Not some thing that John done in a long time. They started taking lunches together and working on Saturdays. One Saturday morning she decided to wear shorts and a tea shirt because of the hot July days. She knew she looked like a total honey and wanted to notice but was not prepared for what was to come. Tim wore the same clothes. When he stepped in her eyes were looking in the direction of his crotch. She could not believe how fast she got wet. Her pussy was like a river. He cock was bulging from his paints. She got control of herself for a minute but that was all. She got up and went over to show him a document. Maryanne was hoping he would notice her breast. Both nipples were totally erect. He noticed her in a New York minute. She did not wait for his advance and kissed him on the lips. It was a passionate kiss. Warm and gentle.

He began pounding into her with such force and vigor as could not be believed. He came for the first time in less than a minute, but it didn't even slow him down. The hot liquid splashing around her insides was merciful, as it lubricated his passage more. She felt her desire quickly returning.

"Jesus," she squealed, "that is incredible, I've never seen a tattooed piece of meat!"

I wasn't bad looking, had a great set of tits, 38D, the kind guys like to tit-fuck.

As he sipped his tea, he waited what he thought was a sufficient time for her to get "decent" and then gently moved up the stairs with her coffee. The carpet was very thick and his feet sank in as he moved on up. As he reached the landing, he could here noises coming from a tv and walked towards the noise. As he approached, the noises he could hear made him think that this could be a good morning after all! The most prominent noise was the sound of a horny woman obviously enjoying herself. He crept closer to the room, and the door was ajar about a foot. Through the gap in the door, he could see a naked woman on the TV screen kneeling on all fours, looking at herself in the mirror and obviously playing with herself between her legs. Oh my god, it was the client. She had recorded herself masturbating and was now watching it play back. He couldn't take his eyes off the screen and could only imagine what she was doing behind the door.

Well, there's a first time for everything, and this was definitely the first time I'd had my cock up a bird while people danced by us unawares in the same room, practically falling over my feet at times! What a turn-on! I think I grew another inch on the spot!

"Then why should you think I would lay a hand on the woman I love now?"

I said, "No, I'll just get sweaty again on my bike ride home."

"Yes sir."

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After hours of sugary Jonathan was out and resting. Clark was watching over his dad as Martha went to talk to the doctor. He informed her that Jonathan would need more surgery over the next few months and would need to remain in the hospital. Martha was happy that her husband was safe, but at the same time she was terrified. She knew they didn't have enough money to cover the bill. She asked the doctor what was going to happen, because they couldn't pay. A voice from the corner said, nothing. I'm going to take care of it. Martha knew this voice well. It was that of her son's friend Lex Luther. Martha looked over and said Lex thank you, but you know Jonathan won't accept it. Lex asked the doctor to leave the room.

After dinner we went to the den and started watching a movie she had rented. It was not the best I had seen lately but ok. Mom got up and returned after a while with lemon and lime slices and a bottle of Tequila.

Alex had taught her so much. When he wasn't fucking her nice, wet, shaved, pussy he was teaching her the most amazing things. The second weekend they spent together he had taken her to an adult bookstore and bought her a small vibrating dildo. It was the best gift she had ever received. When they had gotten back to his apartment he had been so patient with her while he showed her how to use it on herself. Now Angel was obsessed with orgasms. She had one at least twice a day. Her roommate Jill was always out with her boyfriend so Angel often had the room to herself.

"Aaah! Yes! I am going to cum in your pussy ass. Yes! Yes! Yes!" he screams as he pounds my ass in relentless rhythm.

Phil started to protest but wearing the corset made moving quickly impossible and soon he/she was bent over Lisa's lap. I went and fetched my leather belt and, with no mercy, I strapped 'Pippa's' Bum until she was crying like a baby.

Mary left the room and Ann was with the CEO all alone.

Josh just shook his head. "I don't mind."

"There we go. Good girl. Can you see everything okay, Lee?" Shawn used his fingers to display Katie's nearly bare pussy. He spread her open. Using his middle finger he tapped and rubbed her engorged clit. The girl leaned heavily against him and groaned. Shawn loosened his grip on her throat a little and kissed her ear.

You definitely are a man that does not mince words and knows what he wants. I just cannot wait.

Warmth flooded my face at her words.

And with that you could hear her slam down the phone.

I felt her squeezing my cock with the inner muscles of her pussy, massaging it lightly as I pulled it back. She moaned as I moved slowly, teasing her, wanting her to cum before I did. My hand under her knee and I pulled it to her chest, her pussy getting tighter when I did. I felt every muscle inside her when I slid back and forth, every ripple of her slick pussy rubbed the sides of my thick cock as it gently forced its way deeper in her.

“I want to suck your dick,” said Betty. I straddled Betty’s ears and leaned over. She began to suck my cock and I leaned forward so I could lick her clit. With a spare hand I rubbed Red’s clit.

It was all real. The stink and the cum that stuck to her flesh and made the truth of what had happened here among the flowers and the greenery last night undeniable. As did the ache in her ravaged cunt and the soreness in her jaw.

"Yes Mistress."

"I just got here. Actually I'm just looking for someone."

I feigned sickness again on Sunday and told Mom that I had woman's problems. I stayed in my room all day except for meals. Come Monday, Mom suggested I take the day off school and rest up. I would have no disturbances as she and Daddy would be at work all day. As soon as they had left, I rushed to Daddy's den and logged on at the erotic website. I had decided that I wanted to read all of J's stories that she had told Daddy about. It seemed as though both Daddy and J shared a passion for high heeled shoes and that explained the two pairs that he and Mom had bought for me, the crafty bastard. I must have had four or five orgasms that morning as I read the stories and realised how many people were either having incestuous relationships or wanted to be having them.

There wasn't many people in the store at this hour of the night. We walked hand in hand directly to the produce section. As we reached the cucumbers I told Jenny to pick out a nice shaped big cucumber. She did so quickly, a big 12 inch long cucumber. I said to her that that particular cucumber might actually be too big. Jenny sheepishly asked for what? Without answering her I picked one up and said see how smooth this nine inch one is? Yes she replied. I think this will do. Now Jenny slip this cucumber under your skirt while no one is watching and get some of your pussy juice on it. Jenny did as she was told and quickly removed it. Now suck on the end of it Jenny. With a quick look around Jenny stuck the end of the larger vegetable in her mouth. That will do I said. And we left after purchasing the single cucumber. Which gathered quite a smirk from the young cashier.

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The thought of her parents coming out and catching us on the drive was helping keeping me flaccid – but I was losing a fighting battle. Her tongue flicked back and forth across the head of my penis softly. No man could resist that kind of attention!

"So how is it, Tim? Is it what you imagined, close up?" Crystal asked, her voice still steeped in disgust. "You know what I like? I like to stick my finger up my pussy, like this." She penetrated her pussy with her middle finger, letting out a little moan as the palm of her hand pressed on her clit.

Todd, along with his whole family, was back in Minnesota visiting our parents. I was anxious to see all of them again and so my son and I drove up for the weekend to join them. My husband opted to stay home this time and finish working on his latest project. Our parents live on a wooded lot on a lake and one afternoon after catching up with everyone, Todd and I took the boat out. It was a warm summer day and I took off my t-shirt covering my swimsuit and waited for the customary remarks about my thunder thighs or whatever that only a brother could get away with! Instead he remarked about the nice tan lines on my back. I had a skimpy suit on showing more skin than I usually would and therefore showing the tell-tale lines from previous days of catching the sun's rays. It was quiet, bright and sunny and he steered the boat using the small trolling motor out to the center of the large lake. We talked and laughed catching up about our careers and families, but nothing too serious.

With a final lick along your stiff shaft to clean you off, I stand with your help and quickly strip off my clothes. I stand before you with my 7" (and a little bit more) standing hard and proud and dripping with my own precum. You take my hand and lead me over to the king sized bed where we strip off all but the bottom sheet before we fall together onto the bed. I lay on top of you and, as our slick hard cocks rub together, we exchange kisses and dueling tongues until we are out of breath.

"You look a little wet!!" Phil said while laughing.

"What'll it be?" asked an aging bartender whose belly spoke of many after closing time beers.

"He speaks lies! I do the Lord's work, His labor, and my task requires my dedication."

After a short minute of palm circles, I bent and kissed her lightly and moved my hands to the hem of her shirt and lifted it clear of her body and over her head. I left it tangled around her wrists so that she could not take it off, nor could she pull it back down. Her arms were still stretched upward, her breasts pulling up and her bra gaping at the sides of the cups. I bent down in front of her and slid my fingers beneath the lower edges of her cups and lifted them up and off her breasts and slid this garment, too, up along her arms, wrapping it around her wrists with the t-shirt material.

For her own part, Sabrina was determined to live the part of a party girl, a playgirl, lead a wild and fucky existence. She wanted to be the kind of wild woman who could make hot studs weep with desire. She wanted to be a fuck-slut, wear the kind of clothes her stern father had forbidden. She planned to show off the hot little body her father had made her hide under frumpy clothes. She planned to wear the shortest of skirts, the fuckiest of "fuck-me" shoes and boots and the skimpiest, sexiest lingerie she could find. In short, she planned to keep herself hot and horny, 24-7.

"Jack Berry."

The fright rattled me so bad I almost peed right there in front of him. I wanted to turn and run but my legs wouldn't move. I watched his eyes roam over every part of my naked body. He just stood there, still staring at me, like I was a cow at a cattle market. My legs finally started to work just as he got behind me and I started back toward the dorm room. He seemed kind of scared too and I saw him walking quickly toward the other hall.

She then slowly kissed her way down my chest, making sure she licked my nipples and bit my chest. When she got to my cock, she took off my boxers and then placed a gentle kiss on my cock. And then without warning she took my entire cock into her mouth and started to suck as hard as she could. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and she knew it to. As I was about to come she took my cock out of her mouth and wrapped her tits around my cock. She started to run my cock in her tits and I was going to explode. I told Tina I was about to cum, and she once again swallowed my cock into her hot mouth, just as I exploded. She swallowed every last drop that came out, and then she licked my balls and my cock clean. She then lay on top of me as we kissed. I could taste cum in her mouth, but I was so turned on, I carried on kissing and tonguing her mouth. With that she rested her head on my neck and whispered gently to me

"Well, take this back to Sid and tell him it's unacceptable," I said. "I mean, we can work with you, but we can't afford this."

Mom was taking two cocks full blast as I cum on my brother's cock.

Mackie called and said she had been contacted about coming to Ocala to record some songs with Goldie. We invited Mackie and Tag and her kids to stay with us.

"Oh god I think I'm going to start cuming." Carol moaned in ecstasy. "Oh fuck that's feeling so good."

Then I went over to her bed and laid down on it so my legs were hanging off the side and I was staring at the ceiling. My sister shut off the music.

As I entered the living room, you rose, undoubtedly ready to leave.

“Fuck all night and none of them were even close to finding the dog that killed my nephew.”

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Well, here we go. "Well, I did get excited, more so than normal, because...that was the last time we're going to make love."

Candy had never had a feeling like it. She understood now why some of her friends had vibrator addictions. Who needed men when you could cum like that solo? Her throat hurt a little from the wanton screams she had uttered. He had kept her cumming repeatedly for almost ten minutes and she was breathless. Most men would take ages to do that to her. As the vibrations eased except for the constant tingling in her clit and asshole that simply made her constantly aware of it she turned to the screen.

"Once a fuckstar, always a fuckstar... Say it..."

"Oh God, Marty," he moaned. "That's enough...I want to come inside you."

Looking down he saw streams of his man seed seeping out of the corner of her mouth and running down to the pillow, and still he hadn’t stopped coming. When he came the third time, his mother turned onto her side in her sleep and he ended up plastering her face with a string of white sperm.

"Oh, my god!"

The two naked lovers bucked furiously against each other, their moans and clenched teeth betraying that they were about to come. Anika dug her nails into his back and that was all it took to push him over the edge. His torso reared up over her. Every muscle on his back strained with the effort of his orgasm. He impaled her on his long organ, his massive testicles pulsing as he spewed his love juice inside her. She wailed and clutched his back. The two lovers were a frenzy of flesh on the couch. Anika's arms and legs kicked and flailed in the air, her loins pressed to his as she wrestled with him in orgasm. It seemed like time froze as I watched the two lovers climax. Her boyfriend's cock gushed and gushed thick, white semen in the slit between Anika's legs. Volumes of cum spilled out from around their wet, thrusting genitals soaking the couch beneath them. God, this was so exciting!! My heart must have been doing a thousand beats a minute and my own breathing sounded like a freight train. A moment later I, too, joined the lovers in climax with a mind-numbing, body-shaking orgasm ….I must have shot a gallon of cum all over the closet door and on my dropped pants as, mentally, I took his place inside her.

"I'm twenty winters!" he said, a touch defiantly. "But it's my parents I miss, and my little brother."

I can definitely say I approve of his current girlfriend though, as I was introduced to her some 2 months ago, and we are like one big happy family.

We talked about what to do for weeks. We both agreed that we should do our best to make things work between us. We did everything you can do to make a relationship work. We went through months of couples counseling and I moved in to help support and take care of her.

"I guess we will just have to share a room," he smiled.

Molly could feel the wild shivers that wracked her nephew's body. His cock was literally vibrating in her hand. She knew his orgasm – the easy one as Hastings would joke - was at hand. She wanted him to know she wanted it.

Her hands were full with some folders, books, and her briefcase, so I reached over and opened the door for her. Just as she was about to get into the car, the folders slid out of her arms and onto the sidewalk, scattering the papers all around her. Before I could even open my door to get out and help her, three men had surrounded her and were picking up the scattered papers. She coyly smiled and thanked them for their assistance then looked over at me and winked. I now knew that this was a set up but as to what she had in mind I didn’t have a clue.

“Just come and lie down with me for awhile”. She took me by the hand. It would have been foolish and or impossible to refuse.

As they had me get out of the car, I was blindfolded over my mask. Now I began to breathe hard. I was dressed in a sheet, downtown and I couldn't see. They led me through a door. I slid my feet across the floor until they stopped and made me sit on a funny chair. Not being able to see, I hadn't a clue where I was or what I was sitting on. It was a big chair with sort of a footrest in front. I was almost hyperventilating I was so afraid. All I could do was think of what they could do to me and every thing I thought of made me tremble.

Noreen recognized two figures running from the campsite nude. It was Ali and he was now in pursuit of Amrit Singh. The Thai girl was probably one of the girls in the lake or on the lawn being screwed. Not that it mattered. Amrit was caught rather too easily, Noreen thought and eased quickly to the ground where Ali quickly mounted her. She watched as Ali's ass rose and fell rapidly between Amrit's open legs and wondered if that was what they looked like when they screwed.

"How do you feel about today?"

As Steven sat on the edge of the sofa watching Bonnie, he was struck by how beautiful she was. Her long straight dark hair made her look so young. But her figure was certainly that of a woman. As she moved closer to him, her huge breasts level with his face, her perfume wafted over him. Looking up at her, Steven saw that Bonnie's eyes were almost glazed over. She saw him, but her thoughts were elsewhere. He had never seen breasts as big as hers that were so full and firm. By rights they ought to be hanging down to her knees, but instead those twin melons, each as big as her head stood out proudly. Her aureoles were perfect pink circles and her nipples were wide nubs poking up from them by just a fraction of an inch. He couldn't help himself. Rather than letting Bonnie get comfortable and then gently positioning himself to suckle, his hands each cupped and hefted one of her big orbs. He buried his face between them and smothered himself in the endless warm flesh. He kissed and licked and mouthed all over the deep valley between them. He could feel how tight they were, literally overfilled with mother's milk.

I wondered how far she would go, here I was seeing my wife sitting between two men she had only just met, and as I was watched them my prick was rock hard with excitement. Julie got up and slipped the robe off completely, then she knelt in front of Peter and pulled down his trousers, she took his prick into her mouth and started to suck him deeply, Vic had dropped his pants and was sat next to Peter, he was wanking on his stiff prick, Julie reached out and took his prick in her hand and played with it, Vic leaned forwards and cupped her tits as they hung down beneath her, she switched from Peter's prick to Vic's and gave him the same deep throat treatment.

Slowly, David bobbed his head up and down, relishing the feel of the stiffening cock as it glided across his bare gums, getting bigger and harder every time he engulfed it with his mouth. The man was horny and, although his cock was rather small, after it was fully erect it gave David a nice mouthful. Slowly, because he was in no hurry and wanted to prolong the mutual pleasure, David sucked the rigid flesh in and out between his lips, giving enjoyment to himself and to the other man. While the cock surged in and out of his mouth, he caressed the shaft with his tongue, loving the firm, warm feel.

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Bryan grasped his cock and Carla gasped loudly as she felt him move it against her clit.

"Amy, please!" he was getting desperate.

After 3 rings, a man answered the phone, "Hello?"

She turned out the light next to the bed, pulled up the covers and, satisfied for the first time in a long time, fell sound asleep.

"Quit that!" Julia slapped his meaty, tattooed bicep and sighed. "We need to go towards Macy's, that's where all the good shoe stores are."

I kept asking because I wanted her to talk, and give my prick, balls and body, time to recover.

“Gee, grandma,” I responded. “I don’t think you’re so old. And I think you’re still really attractive.”

"Well sweetie," Miranda said smiling. "I just wanted to express in some small way how thankful I am that you have treated me with respect. It really meant a lot to me."

I ignored Len. "Nah, I doubt it. You're dreamin'."

I whispered to him, "It was exquisite my darling, lovely beyond any words I can speak. Do it to me again when you can."

“I suppose,” Karl went on, “that the good doctor hopes that somewhere in Calm there might be a cure for him as well.”

This time I was going to do a recon of Logan International Airport.

4. The myth of difficult dialogue


Turning to the sound of high heels clicking across the floor, he watched as Vanessa approached. She was wearing a skin tight latex gown in candy-apple red with a neckline so wide that her nipples were bare and was so short that her shaved pussy was fully exposed and was cut higher in the back to reveal her beautiful ass. On her feet were snug, thigh high boots with a dangerously high 7 inch heel. A regular butt plug was peeking out from between her cheeks. A leather pouch swung from one hand and she was exuding a sexually excited vibe. "How do you like your outfit?" she asked, a playful gleam dancing in her brilliant green eyes.

He straddled her chest so that his dick was right in front of his face and released the pressure in his full bladder. His piss shot out of his dick at full force, splashing all over her face and filling her mouth. 'Oh god daddy' she gargled through mouthfuls of piss as she fucked herself with her finger. 'Swallow my fuckin piss babygirl' She started gulping down the hot yellow liquid just as her pussy exploded into another orgasm subsided.

Her body was curling toward me, pressing her back into my chest I was folding my arms around her, cradling my little girl. As she touched me, I felt her back arching, as she would catch the tip of my cock and let it slip between her legs. She was already so wet I simply slid along her lubricating my cock as I pressed against her, I myself dripping between her legs, her wet pussy lips splitting open as she closed her thighs around my cock until I was poking through her closed legs. Then, reaching down, Eva would play with the head of my cock with her fingers, tugging at me, squirm on me, sliding along my length.

Empecé a notar cómo mis jugos resbalaban de mi coño, y entonces supe que era el momento de llegar al orgasmo. Pero deseaba que fuera algo más de lo que era normalmente, asi que elegí al azar un punto de mi libro y comencé a leer.

'What? Having second thoughts? Afraid they'll see our sessions? Who knows, you might get some good feedback and suggestions. On the other hand they might learn a bit from you - you're not at all bad in the sack.'

I had a different kind of hunger now though as I gazed at Lisa who looked stunning. Of course being at the beach she was wearing one of her trademark mini skirts, and a top which was not really a top at all but a strategically wrapped silk scarf which left her pert boobs free to bob around but were also visible if you just got yourself at the right angle behind her and showed off her model-like, golden brown shoulders..

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"Oh you dirty little pervert," Emma manages to groan as she plugs her vadge with her fingers and masturbates herself while her boyfriend/student licks her poop. I fist my cock madly as I lick up and down the length of Emma's half-shat turd, savouring its heat and firmness as I do so. I cover the tip of her turd with my lips and begin to lower my mouth onto it, fellating her shit as if I were sucking a big brown cock. I slowly take more and more of her shit into my mouth, until my lips are pressed against her savagely spread shit-ring. At that moment Emma realises that her protruding stool is entirely in my mouth and she immediately speeds up the frigging action in her cunt.

Johann started where the plait ended furthest to her head. He worked carefully, snipping each leather lace without cutting a single hair. As he progressed Rapunzel unplaited and brushed the newly released hair. It spread over Johann like a warm Pacific tide covering hot sand. It slithered over his skin bringing an enhanced sensation to every part of his body. As he cut the last binding Rapunzel shouted:

Stephanie reached over and released the drain plug. As the water level dropped she told us to get our wine, dry ourselves off, and get into the bed for her pleasure. She had lost much of the shyness and reserve. She had finally decided that it was her turn to take charge. And Beth and me were more than willing to give her that freedom. We quickly toweled dry and walked to the bed. The afternoon sun was beaming in the windows, casting a warm glow on the bed and our skin. Stephanie told us she was still hot and we should do as we are told. She lay on her back and gestured for us to join her, Beth on one side, me on the other. She said, “I think you both know what to do. If I have any special requests you will be told.” Beth looked into my eyes and we lowered our gaze to Steph’s body. Simultaneously we each took a nipple into our mouths. I was exhilarated to see Beth tongue that hard flesh while I was doing the same from six inches away. Steph was reclined with her eyes shut. She was obviously ready to feel the pleasure and didn’t have to see it happen. Our hands began to intertwine as they moved down Stephanie’s body to her pussy. We were moving faster, with more energy, because Steph was ready for sex, plain and simple. I am not sure if an adequate description is possible for feeling Beth’s fingers slide next to mine as we explored that gorgeous, steaming pussy. As my finger would delve into Stephanie’s depths, Beth’s would waltz over her clit. Then without warning we would both shift places. Stephanie was feeling two different textures, sizes, and speeds churn her body at the same time. The gallop toward cumming was nearing a finish. She was saying, “Yes”, over and over again. We could feel the orgasm approach, fan out, and dissipate under our fingertips.

I did as I was asked and an hour later I was dancing with the gorgeous bride, the sex maiden image gone and her naïve and innocent looks returned.

"Not at all. I doubt I'd be able to keep my face out of your lap long enough to accomplish it."

Kneeling on the step I sat on, Roxanne straddled my lap and crossed her arms, leaning heavily on my chest. Her dark brown eyes stared at me for a while, so I glared in return. Her equally dark tresses were tied back, but a few sweaty strands stuck to her alabaster skin. The was a familiar stirring sensation between my legs. Despite my temper, I couldn't resist enjoying any opportunity to have her body so close to mine.

"This bitch's fucking hot!" The two horny men exclaimed.

While she was lying on her back, the nobleman was facing downwards, his muscle-bound body covering most of hers, his hands fastened over her breasts as he kissed her neck, his fingers coaxing her sensitive flesh, teasing her hardened nipples.

"It's good that you like what you see. You don't look half bad yourself."

Karen's eyes opened wider. Her cheeks puffed out with the thick cum that filled her mouth.

We are both 40, have been married for many years with a healthy and active sex life. We frequently act out our fantasies (I'll save that for a later story), but we (I) never had the nerve to act out our threesome and foursome fantasies. That all changed on this trip.

For one thing, she had matters of immediate import to think on. In a short while, her new master would bed her. Understandably, this took pride of place in her thoughts as they finished their meals and gave their dishes to the scullery servants. She had already decided that this was an inevitable thing, now to cope with it in her mind.

"Cum in me, come on Luke, I want to feel your hot cum in me!"

"I knew you would like this; I'm going to make this special for you Michele."

I opened my mouth, recieving the dick that had just been in Tia's pussy. The taste of her juices made the moment even more preverse. I felt no shame as I rubbed my clit, sucking the sticky fluid from Kerry's hot cock.

When Terri finished Derrick moved Jan's head away so that he could bury his shaft into Terri's hole. Jan was made to lick his hairy balls as he fucked Terri. She climaxed again and again as he fucked her, never giving up on licking Phyllis' cunt. Derrick spilled his seed into her twat then pulled out. Having Jan suck him clean before returning her to continue eating Terri.

Stephanie turned on the hot water as they sat in the bath beside each other for a while. They were both satisfied beyond their wildest dreams. Stephanie realised that although she had sex with her boyfriend twice; she may as well have been a virgin compared to the heights that Julie took her to. She felt so foolish. How is it that this woman knows so much and she knows so little? She is surprised when Julie whispers “I haven’t shown you anything yet.”

Calista licked the salty tears from the slave girl's tits greedily. Turning to Mel, Calista pulled his nipples out as far as they would go, squeezing and twisting them savagely. She clamped his nipples too, letting the long end of the Y chain hang down to tap on his cockhead. His screams filled the Dungeon when the metal teeth bit down into his nipples. Mistress Calista clasped Joan by her cheeks and kissed her passionately as she played with her sopping wet clit and cunt.

Feeling the briskness of the evening air directly against her skin, Greg harshly bent her over the side of her car and yanked up her skirt. Pantyhose being more of a nuisance, they were quickly discarded. He let out a low whistle when he noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties and his hand touched her hot, soft, hairless flesh instead of the anticipated cotton or silk. The sensation of a man's hands on her after all this time sent a new surge of feelings through her, the mild dampness she felt earlier now was more like a raging flood. He noticed and groaned in her ear.

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I didn’t remember yelping, but in the moment of explosion I could have hooted like an owl and I wouldn’t remember it.

Karen's hands slid down to his crotch and after rubbing his hard cock for a moment, she opened his pants. Expertly, her hand slid into his pants and searched for his cock. Pulling away from him, she sank to her knees and enveloped his raging meat with her lips. She could feel his hands stroke through her hair as he guided her lips up and down the length of his manhood. He could feel her expert lips and tongue bring him to the brink of a huge orgasm but he didn't want to come just yet.

A few weeks ago I answered a knock at my door and there he was with a puzzled look on his face.

When I woke up, It was 9:45. I was so very, VERY, late for work. I skipped the shower, i hopped out of bed, and immediately tried to wash the dry jizz off of my face and neck. I would deal with the stuff that had dripped onto my breasts when i got home. So i slipped a Black Bra and Panty set on and threw on a Long Black dress and flew out the Door. It was now 10:20 and I was worried that someone would notice I was late. I mean, Romentex has a security checkpoint, of course they'll notice, I have to give them My ID Card.. Oh Crap, my Card!

Justin continued his exploration of Mike's beautiful, slim body and soon found a nipple to worship. As his tongue teased the peaked nipple, his hands went on their own route down the body that writhed under him.

That moan turned more into an animal like roar, as she broke free and ripped my pants down, stripping off my clothes discarding them by throwing them away.

He felt the familiar pop as his cock slid past the sphincter. Dad was amazed at just how easy it was to fuck Tina’s ass. Later. Later he’d talk to her about keeping safe. Now, his balls were slapping Tina’s ass cheeks as he pounded her ass with long, fast strokes.

I know I could easily over power her if I wanted to. Even wrestle her down if I put my mind to it. But I sort of enjoyed her make believe bossiness. Her right hand still holding me by the neck, she started opening the outer of my night suit. Made in mixed wool and silk, it provided the warmth where the inner was only a satin knee-length. Both front open with large buttons.

"Thanks for the ride," I whispered to my cart-mates and I made my way back to the rehearsal hall.

I grinned at her as she went back to sucking my cock, thinking that life just didn't get much better. Of course, if everything went according to plan, things would get a lot better pretty soon.


Obviously, we'll need stirrups at the end, and then a virtual reality system for me at the head. We decide on virtual goggles with sound so that I may distance myself from the tour but stay in a constant state of arousal. You are to design the programs based on my own fantasies, which I then control with the keypad at my hand. Messages may be relayed to me over the headset.

Beth and I got into my car and it was cold. I was starting to sober up a little. I started the car and before we got two blocks down the street, Beth had my cock down her throat and I was in heaven. It didn't take me long to find a parking place. It would have been nice to go in the house but the babysitter and the kids were there. Anyway, for the next two hours Beth and I fucked and sucked every way you can in a car. She was absolutely delicious. I loved her shaved pussy and when she came it ran in my mouth, and she came about ten times. I, on the other hand, had a problem coming. I guess it was the alcohol. I didn't have a problem staying hard, I just couldn't cum. Then finally Beth settled down to a sword swallowing blowjob. After what seemed like an eternity, I told Beth it was finally going to happen. As my balls contracted and my dick throbbed, Beth swallowed me to the balls and I filled her throat with a load of hot cum so thick and so much I don't know where it came from. After catching our breath we felt the chill of the night and dressed and headed home.

With a gasp Angie’s arms came up, and wrapped around my neck, arching her back, and spreading her legs. I dipped my fingers back into her juices, and smeared them up over her hard clit. I slipped my left hand down to the front of her swollen mound, and pulled up exposing her hard clit. With my wet fingers, I started to twist and pull on that swollen bud while Angie’s body started to shake.

"That is my cushion."

"What does THAT mean?"

Within minutes I was close to busting a nut. Should I cum in his mouth, spray it on his face or take it out and empty myself on the floor. All these thoughts were racing through my mind. Then I realized I had hadn’t yet done the ultimate nasty deed myself.

She felt a heaviness descend upon her stomach. “That a kiss could bring one to ecstasy and leave one craving for more,” she said softly.

Her heart pounded violently the way it always did when fever pitch excitement hit her with its relentless force. Trembling nervousness crept in on her.

My thumbs lightly pass over your nipples and I your a moan of pleasure escape from your lips which immediately solicits another lingering pass from my thumbs and a gentle nibble on the neck. I am rewarded with another moan of pleasure as you begin to wiggle your hips while rubbing your thighs together. My excitement swells as I see and feel your nipples become more erect. I lean close to your ear and whisper, “Oh you honey, your nipples are so hard. I love the way they feel underneath my thumbs.”

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"Jesus, Pam, you wanna have his baby, don't you?" Debbie said.

Aunt Virginia laughed and said, "Oh shit, I don't suppose, although I guess I am glad you can't see me right now."

I sensed the altered air as I switched on the engine, and moved the car home.

"Now, Pet, I have a few close friends here and I want you to put on a show for them. Let's see, for that I'll increase the price to $100. That should help you to act convincingly enough, shouldn't it?"

I took more of his cock in and soon had three quarters of it in, its head was just at the entrance of my throat. I gagged a bit, but continued to suck him deeply as I could. He finally let a bit more of the ''big black cock' in. I had seven inches of it in my pussy now and wanted it all.

"Oh, yeah." Sam whispered against his mouth. "Fuck me, baby. Make me yours."

"Don't move unless you are told." I said in a harsh tone.

And as he did, I greedily jostle with my enormous fat black ass. If I wanted to stop it now, I couldn't; lugged along with this bewitching rhythm I began to move faster and faster, just to get this younger white stranger's hard on quicker complete inside my old fat black pussy.

Andrew was there, alright. But kneeling on the floor in front of a much older black man. Her eyes registered Andrew's raging hardon as a familiar sight and then traveled up, to where her boyfriend's face was – there was no other word for it – impaled on the black man's inhumanly huge cock. Andrew's features were hardly recognizable, his distended jaws an almost grotesque sight, his normally full lips stretched thinly around the girth of the cock. And despite his obvious effort, less than half the black cock was down his throat. Andrew was desperately gagging, his eyes closed, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Only that she regrets not having burnt your tits off while she had a chance."

* * *

He rolled me over onto my back kissing his way down my body to my navel. then to my hips.

She gazed up, still damp from the shower, and fixed me with a saucy stare. "Still, it's nothing you didn't see yesterday, right?"

"Is that because of me," she purred with a grin.

"No," Becky said reaching out with a trembling hand to undo it and fumbling with it. Finally, Rose unhooked the bra and Becky helped her slide it down. Now that both women were naked from the waist up they embraced and began to deep kiss each other again. I sat there noticing that both women were very beautiful in very contrasting ways. While Becky was voluptuous with very large breasts, Rose had a very luscious petite frame with beautiful perky breast. Becky's skin tone was a little darker that Rose's which stood out when they embraced each other lovingly.

“Because just before it happened, I was thinking how cute you were and that if you asked me to have sex, I wouldn’t say no,”

Sarah moaned her displeasure and thrust her hips upwards in an effort to have Greg's hands on her, but it was no use. Greg moved his hands away and walked to the head of the bed.

"Ohhhh, darling, .. .." I said, my breath coming in gasps as he rubbed it under the pads of his fingers. my body tightened in ecstasy as he sucked my clitoris into his mouth and nodded his head.

"Star, oh Star, I'm going to come!" he moaned as her lips drove him to the brink of ecstasy.

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I still hadn't had an orgasm, but felt exhausted anyway. The master ordered me to lie there and wait.

“Death,” she whispered to me, her voice scratchy. “I saw my baby, a girl, dead from the moment she came to life. I saw myself outside, naked for the entire castle to see. Oh, Sadira, there is no hope for us, is there?”

"Shhh... baby doll, I'm going to work... sleep and I'll call you when I get home..."

“Cavity exam, son.” Sergeant Adams said with a grin, as he pushed the women, who were a little more reluctant now because of their naked state and his recent explanation to his son‘s question, out the door. They also both openly wondered what exactly they just went through.

He turned incredibly gentle with me and turned over holding me to him and laid on his back. I lay sprawled out on top of him. His cock had gotten bigger when he came and I just knew that we were knotted together like a couple of dogs. I heard a zipper behind me a moment before I felt Jerome crawl back onto the bed and probe my asshole with his finger. I moaned slowly and loudly feeling him playing with me like that. He rubbed his almost equally long and thick cock all over my ass wetting it and then the tiny dark hole. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed slowly into my asshole. I couldn't move or wiggle because Leroy's log was still holding me tightly to him.

He tells her to get some lunch and enjoy herself and to call him when she leaves work for the day and reminds her that she is a very good girl.

An hour later Maria was standing behind the check in desk. This morning's filming was mostly close up work for Maria. Helen and I watched from a distance as she talked to imaginary guest as she was checking them in.

"It is always so pretty up here... I've forgotten... Or maybe I didn't have time to look before."

She smiled at him, undid another button on her dress, and pulled it open all the way. Both of her breasts hung in the cool air of his office, just waiting to be touched. "Get on your knees and I'll show it to you."

She said, 'Did you enjoy that slave? Tomorrow I have got something even better planned for you. What do you think of that?'

"Oh...I didn't know I was suppose to be sexy." she responded with that evil grin. "What do you want me to be?"

Just like last year, you haven't changed a bit.

"Ugggggggggh! Yes! Fuck yes!" She cried out. And it did feel good. Despite the intense pain, there was pleasantness coming from this dark act, and the mental pleasure of being done so dirtily on in an alleyway filled her mind with ecstacy.

In the first part of this saga, I outlined an addiction to cum. Part two continues that blessed addiction...

“Come here, you delicious morsel,” he slurred, looking at Mimi and patting the sand next to him. She giggled, blushing, and sidled toward him.

The three looked at me with no shame in their eyes as they wiped cum from their eyes, and tits, shoveling all they could to their cum-hungry mouths.

Request 5: Tell us about your first experience with more than one partner. If you haven't had one, you will show us your first one by inserting one finger into your little pussy in front of all of us.

"Well I just hear the women are really loose down in Spain that's all! I want you to be careful if anything happens! I don't want you to...." She trailed off and looked down at her feet.

"No, I'm not that cruel", you say chuckling, as if reading my mind.

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I think we need to have another talk with Steve tonight.

Other eyes, Abigail’s eyes, were fixed on the naked body of the other woman. This was almost too much. Even her wildest imaginings had not prepared her for the sight that now greeted her.

Carrie took over the cash register and I cleared tables in an effort to make space for the waiting crowd so as not to loose them. As the last movie goers paid their tabs the night clubbers began to arrive.

For some reason she just doesn't want to admit that she's also enjoying herself. These special times have covered a wide variety of experiences and often have included groups of other men. This experience was quite a surprise to me, but turned out very well.

I was stunned with this. This woman was really bold. MIL opened the door and let Mannu in. Mannu saw we two lying naked on the bed and looked surprised. He looked at my MIL and then at us, totally confusud. My MIL looked at him and said,

It took me a minute to realize that she wasn't talking about our love making. I sighed. I thought about asking her exactly what she liked but she went on without my saying anything.

They both found it very erotic. She rubbed her fanny against him. "Teddy," she exclaimed, although quietly, "Is that your ruler in your pants, or are you also being a naughty boy?" She turned back to look at him. "You're not trying to take advantage of me, are you?" She wrinkled her brow as if she was actually offended.

When Joan reopened her eyes it was Lloyd on top of her. She felt Lloyd slid into Jerome's mess.

She couldn't see much... she noticed that the kiss was broken, and now the dancer shifted up so that Meredith and her Aunt could feel the warm breath that washed their faces. Each of her hands gently placed themselves on Debbie's and Meredith's heads... motioning the niece and Aunt to stare at each other... their faces just inches away...


After several minutes in this position, she decided she wanted a change. She moved forward and sat down on Johns erect cock, and started to grind back and forth. She motioned for Mike to stand on the bed, which he did, and she started to suck his cock. It was so hot to watch her suck her own juices off of another man's cock. I was amazed to see how cock hungry my little sweetie really was, but it also excited me beyond words. It seemed like a long time, but was probably only thirty minutes that Mike and John fucked Pamela in just about every conceivable position. I had lost count of how many orgasms Pamela had been given. Then Pamela asked them if they wanted to cum, and of course both said they would anytime she was ready. She got into a beautiful doggie position and had John behind and Mike in front. Each fucking their hard cocks into their respective holes, and she was taking them both like a pro. John was really pounding his cock deep and fast into Pamela, and I knew he would go soon. Pamela sucked harder as Mike was fucking her mouth. Seconds later John began to buck and pump, and I knew he was dumping his load deep inside Pamela's pussy. That was all it took for Mike and he began to pour his hot cream into Pamela's hungry mouth, and she ate all that was offered. Both men collapsed in exhaustion after expending all of their energy during their orgasms, both with labored breathing. Pamela rolled over to her side, and used her fingers to clean the cum that dribbled down her chin, and fed it to her mouth. Looking deep into my eyes, with a very satisfied smile, she asked me if I liked what I saw. All I could say was, "Oh my God, yes", and this pleased her very much. She rolled over onto her back without taking her eyes off of me, and asked me if I was ready to relieve my aching cock. I answered yes so quickly that it appeared I was begging for attention. She commanded me to strip.

Will got close to me, while still standing above me with my legs between his.

Then I thought of the tales of witchcraft I'd read when I was younger.

To the reader: This story is 100% true. If you're interested in seeing a little piece of the REAL me, here it is. I know the story isn't glamorous or particularly exciting and there's not much dialog, it's more of a short story type thing... but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

I took a moment to look at Katie, thankful that I now knew her name. She was a chunky girl—by no means obese, but definitely curvy and large-breasted. Her brown shoulder- hair was cropped quite short, not much longer than mine. Her face looked youthful. It was somewhat plain, but radiated every time she smiled. A tan Pearl Jam T-shirt covered her large chest.

“I hope you guys didn’t have a hard time finding us,” he commented, hugging Lucy to his chest and giving her a short welcoming kiss. I dropped my bag and shook his hand as I saw Glen and Sheila coming through the living room with smiles on both their faces. All three wore only short robes. “We’ve been in the pool most of the afternoon,” Mark explained as Glen and Sheila greeted us in the same manner.

I've been working now for the past four months as a massage therapist at the Andrew's Chiropractic Clinic. I am 27 years old and recently completed 180 hours of classes in massage therapy. I got this job after completing my classes and give maybe 20 massages a week to both men and women. I am an attractive young woman, with short blonde hair, weigh 123 lbs and have 34b breasts with very puffy aurolea and hard pointy tips. I often must wear a sweatshirt while giving massages to cover up my pointy breasts, since the cool air conditioned air makes them constantly hard.

Excuse any grammatical errors I may have overlooked.

“Hey sweetie pie, your working too hard.” She leaned her head back and took a swig. Her tits were ready to burst out of that tight top. Her eyes caught me staring.

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Eagerly, he pressed into her. Slowly, his driving rhythm multiplied as his body consumed her every move. She threaded her legs around him pulling him in as his lips briefly touched against her glistening skin when their bodies met pleasure in unison. His body fell against hers as the feeling of his body still consumed her inside. She caressed the now sweat drenched curls on the back of his neck as he silently lay on top of her. His eyes finally came to meet hers," Cas?"

“No ejaculating into her. She would be very upset, if she knew. Sally sleep.” She slumped in a heap.

You feel my cock slamming into your pussy time after time, my balls slapping noisily against your ass as I pull back hard on your hair, forcing your head back and forcing your back to arch even more. You try not to think about the feeling of my dick sliding into you, you try not to think about how wet you are, you try not to think about the tingling in your clit, you try not to hear the sound of my balls slapping against you, you try not to hear the tiny whimpers that escape your lips each time I thrusts fully into you. You try to focus on how long you must endure, how long can I continue, how long until I cum, how long until you are free to return to the safety of your apartment.

The pool was big and gorgeous, and it tempted me. I jumped into a swimsuit, went down, and did 40 laps. I'd been a swimmer in college, and though I was long out of competitive shape I still loved the feeling of stroking smoothly through the water. I decided to make sure I gave myself a good workout in the pool each day I was down here. Even if nothing else went right, by the end of my stay I'd be much more fit than I had been.

"You're a slave," she said quietly, crouching down before me and re-adjusting the tops of my stockings.

Sally couldn't believe what had happened, how had it come to this so quickly? Her breasts were out. She was with a boy and her breasts were out. She was excited, nervous, anxious, apprehensive, she felt attractive, embarrassed - even moreso as she looked down with a blush at how much padding was in her bra.

"Sorry, but what did you expect, that bathing suit really looks good on you."

"We are going to have many more, trust me. You are my woman from now on. I am going to take my pleasure with you whenever I want, whichever way I want, OK?" I asked. She shook her head affirmatively, but I wasn't satisfied. So I asked her to repeat what I had said.

It was my turn to smile. I bit my lower lip. "Nor I of you."

Penny's beautiful auburn hair framed her face and as her eyes burned into my soul, by breathing became deep and ragged. I'd been jacking-off to her image for as long as I could remember, and now that her soft, silky skin caressed my thigh, and for a moment, I actually questioned whether or not I was dreaming.

Kurt couldn't help but show his disappointment at her last statement. A rubber?!! Out here in the middle of nowhere, with the closest pharmacy better than 20 miles away! Jesus!

As she stepped past him, Giles latched onto her wrist. With a quick tug, he pulled her back to him, where she landed on his lap and his arms encircled her. He revelled in how light she was and how soft her hair felt, as it brushed against his face.

"OHH baby I am going to cum"

"All the better to cum in you, my dear," he teased.

I held up the swollen bag now, heavy with Tina's urine, and then a nasty, depraved thought came to my mind.

Although I was on the second floor of the house, I could hear the sounds of people on the sidewalk and street below very clearly, since the idea of a "set back" was unheard of in this country. In fact, the balcony off my bedroom actually provided some overhang protection for about half the sidewalk below when it rained. Being totally naked and spread out on the bed, however, I figured that calling for help from the strangers passing by on the street below was probably not a great idea. The other side of my bedroom overlooked a courtyard that was shared with three other similar houses. There was a fountain in the center of the courtyard and fruit trees provided shade and sweets for the families and friends of occupants of all four houses. When we first rented this house, I was introduced to all of the other "kids of the block." Some were about my age and some were a bit younger. Kasha and Kanta were identical twin girls whose father was somehow connected to the diplomatic corps and who worked with my father. They attended the American School and had plans to live in the New York area while Kasha attended the Culinary Institute of America and Kanta went to Sarah Lawrence College. I cleared my throat and yelled, "Hello, Kasha, Kanta?" Whenever I said their names like that, I always thought of Jungle Book.


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Shawna smiled at Paul and then she laid her hand around Paul's neck and slowly motioned him down to her breasts.

She seemed to concentrate on this for a moment, "Ok I got it, Pubic Hair," she exclaimed, quite proud of herself. Very calmly and coolly, though utterly confused, I replied, "Sure, what about it?"

"Hey bro, how's it goin?" Jim said to James' dad.

"This is the only way I'll eat one of these."

A robe was brought up by the Harem Mistress and she donned that before returning to the harem and being confronted by the other girls.

I had wanted to fuck Cheryl for years and nothing could stop me now. "Quick, get on your back and I'll stick this thing in before it goes soft," I said. She was still swallowing cum as I mounted her and rammed my tingling cock into the warmth of her cunt. She bucked up against me to capture the full length of my cock inside her. We fucked like animals for thirty minutes. Fifteen minutes into the fuck she began having orgasms at the rate of one every couple of minutes. Her resemblance to her sister was uncanny. Their orgasmic howls were even the same. Unsure about the status of her birth control, I pulled out and shot my load on her tits and belly.

He laughed. "Damn right! They're fantastic." He came over and cupped my breasts together with one hand. My eyes were on the computer screen. He whispered, "See how delicious you look?"

I returned home late that morning feeling both refreshed and confused. I found my mother at the kitchen table reading the paper so I grabbed a cup of coffee, gave her a kiss hello, and joined her.

Charles breathing became very hard all of a sudden. "Amanda, I cannot stop. You must, I will soon explode!" But she would not stop, stirring him with her hand. Amanda stayed on him, unable to breath, her lungs begging for air, as she suckled on him. She wanted him, within her. "Unh! Agggh, Amanda!" And with that, a first burst of cum went directly down Amanda's throat, coating her on the inside. Each explosion thereafter brought a "My God!" from Charles as he was deep down his Lord's daughter's throat. He shoved and shoved against her mouth, firing himself into her. wishing he had more so he could give her that as well. He pulled back, and Amanda frantically drew air in. The air slid in easily. Charles was quickly on his knees, asking if she was ok. "Yes, yes, I'm fine. No, I'm better than fine, Charles. It's perfect"

After another minute or so, I said, "Oh-oh! They're changing positions now,"

'Feel your way there you know you can do it'.

Then I remembered I had Adrian's number. I ran to my bedroom and rummaged through my closet. I quickly slipped my diary out of my jacket pocket and looked up the number while I strode back to the phone on the wall. Once I found it, I dialed as fast as I could.

"Don't bother, I have wheels." He pushed two buttons on his phone and called his friend.

In one scene as the Woman finally succeeds in seducing the boy I was thrilled to see the scene. The woman let her hair loose and as she walks to boy sitting on her bed. She says " Want to see what I have hidden from you? and she removes her saree. My erection started paining me and at the same time I could adjust since mom was sitting beside me. The woman goes to the boy and kisses him and pulls him on top of her and the scenes only shows the boy lying in between her massive legs and she pulling her petticoat up and up.

We were both panting. I grabbed his cock through his pants, feeling how hard he was, dying to play more with him.

“Like I said, I just do what I’m paid for. I keep my nose out of everything else.”

"Everything's okay," he reassured me, taking me in his arms and laying me down on the floor. I heard him loosen his belt, then felt his hands pulling at my clothes. As soon as they hit the floor, he crawled over me

"Oh, yes it is. But it's better than being a joke to everyone around. You're the first person I've seen out here since I moved. Not many people take the path through the dark woods, especially not beautiful young women like you. What is it that brings you past here any way?"

So slow, hold you to me, and then slide back out. We can see my shiny cock leave your body and then press back in.

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"No, not exactly," I replied.

"Promises, promises," Howard thought as he saw the flashing neon sign when they pulled into the lot. He walked into the place and noticed there seemed to be a surplus of women. The sign on the specials board announced "Ladies' Night".

He spun her around and threw her on the bed, again, quickly taking possession of her body, once more. The firelight flared on their naked skin, and moonlight shone through the open window. She felt her body beating like a living heat. The hot, humid, summer air was all around them. Sweat and satin. He forced her legs apart, as she willing opened them for him. He lowered him self into the cradle of her hips. His first thrust made her cry out, but also scream for more, much more. His whole, hard body was on top of her, invading her thighs. He held her arms down and ravaged her mouth. He thrust deeper and deeper, as she wrapped her legs around him to take in his cock all the way deep into her wanton cunt. He massaged her deep inside where she usually ached to receive more attention, and penetrated every secret and sacred part of her young, vulnerable body.

When Abe talks he speaks so softly you have to stand near him to hear and when he asked me "did it kick the breaker?" I had to ask "what?" because he had said it so quietly.

She softened a little, and said "Sure. One drink, one question."

She shed her coat, draping it over the chair and then she held her hand out for me. I piled my coat on hers and took her hand. Our eyes met and a spark of excitement bounced between our eyes. We opened the door and stepped into the foyer. I looked at my lovely wife and sucked in my breath. A bold new world awaited us.

He looked up at her.

A stiff hard member slides deep into the waiting anus. The sphincter muscle adheres to the entering rod. The stiff shaft is up to the balls within seconds.

"Well, keep it just in case. Good night."

As she massaged the tiredness from my shoulders – she knows how stiff I get most mornings – I could feel her shaven pussy sliding along my but cheeks. She was obviously already aroused since I could feel the heat and moistness as she leaked her precum from that delectable orifice. As I groaned with a growing level of both relaxation and arousal, Amy echoed my sounds with some of her own. As her hands moved from my shoulders and down my back, she slid off my ass and straddled my left thigh. Now, she could really get into the movements as she stoked my back and rode my leg leaving a trail of cum wherever she had been.

"Whoa, that's more than one question. Let's see, will you be naked? Probably. You do sort of like it and I want to do things that you like too, Sabine. Will I be naked too? That one I can't answer right now. Maybe, maybe not. Will I expect you to have sex with someone other than me? I think we'll just see where things take us. Maybe, maybe not again."

Jack came down looking rather sheepish. "Are you two all right?" he asked.

My mom slowly undid the few buttons on her blouse and opened it, revealing her gorgeous big tits in a white lace bra. She took her blouse off and cupped her tits in her hands, pushing them together, deepening the already impressive cleavage.

"Can she read my mind?" thought Sierra worriedly. Glancing around the room, she realized that the red-haired woman hadn't even locked the door going out of her room. She obviously wasn't being held here for experiments, and she had said something about the professor. Was it Charles Xavier? She could only hope.

"Was that good?"

"Yeah," she replied. "I wonder what the problem is."

"Of course," she laughed, "if you don't like that idea, you can wait outside until I'm finished!" She led the way into the big bedroom and they wasted no time in stripping off all their clothes, letting them fall to the floor. Jennifer slid back the glass door to the extra large walk-in shower and turned on the taps. "Here," she said, handing Gordon a bar of soap. "Soap me all over, will you. Then I'll do you."

Aunty then dragged the cut-offs from my hips and I kicked them away, then placed my feet a couple of feet apart. I have a small thatch of pubic hair on my mons, otherwise my pussy is totally shaved.

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The next few days I felt pretty guilty for permitting the incident to happen. How could I have done this? I kept asking myself. After all, I was the parent, I was the adult. I've broken the trust we have had between us.

I woke with a start, what was that noise, there it was again, pulling my robe over my nakedness I went to the hall, it was coming from mom's room.

"Hi Honey." I whispered walking my fingers up his back as he arched into the sofa with embarrassment.

"…Honey, I'm not mad at you believe me. I just want a piece of that huge cock."

“No I never did that. I told you, just the regular way.”

“Yeah, but panties are sexy,” I attempted my own feeble justification.

I was at the home across the street from my old friends, the White's, whom I was visiting for a few days. It was a going away party for the White's who were moving to a new home. Everyone was having a great time and the beer and wines was moving fast among the group and many of them had too much to drink, but a good time was had by all. I was dress to kill and had on a short mine skirt and blouse with 4" heels. The owner of the house, who was giving the party, Had his brother-in law at the party and he was giving me the full court press and had been putting sweet words and moves on me for about 2 hours. I'm sure he was told all about me before the party and was on me like stink on shit, the moment I got in the door. He told me his brother-in-law had a wine room and he wanted to show it to me. It was out behind the backside of the house and you had to go out by the pool to get to it. When we went in he pulled me near him and gave me a full kiss open mouth and rubbed his hands over my ass pulling my dress up and running his fingers in my ass crack. All this did was make me jump forward and feel his erect cock up next to my crouch. My hands were down at my front when he pulled me next to him and he moved his crouch toward my hand. I could feel the rock hard shaft! Than he moved to where my hand was on his tool and I was in a stupor. I could not believe what was happening and what I was letting him do.

'Bugger this,' she thought, 'time is just dragging.' Taking out her mobile phone Mandy punched out a quick text asking if the train would be arriving on time, startling herself when it rang in her hand.

I quickly unbuttoned his fly, lowered his zipper and pulled his pants to the floor, exposing a tight black pair of bikini briefs, which did very little to hide the enormous package behind them. I slipped my hand into his shorts, just like I had done to Tim.

Gina was a dark Italian with thick, black hair and pronounced eyebrows. So I wasn't surprised when she flashed a really dense patch of pubic hair to us.

I turned my head slightly, pointing the ear in her direction and whined, "I know, it's very depressed right now. I haven't been able to hear out of it all day long."

You are suddenly in a room unlike anything you have ever seen.

His fantasy was coming true. He watched her little pussy hold on as he thrust his cock in and out of her. Bill lay on her sucking on her nipples forcing his cock even deeper.

"I don't know – I hadn't thought about it," Jenny told him but her body movements betrayed her true feelings.

As luck would have it, my sudden movement caught mom’s attention and her eyes were wide by the time I noticed just what she was looking at. I knew there was no way to tuck myself away gracefully and I turned my back so my throbbing cock wouldn’t be the object of mom’s attention. Of course, turning my back toward mom exposed everything I wished to conceal to my sister’s avid gaze and I gave up, muttered, “Aw shit,” and did my best to get my dick back into my underwear.

All the examples so far (with the exception of PERDITA) kept with the third person, almost everyone used the "eyes level" to indicate same height and only half kept the non-factual angel reference. However each and every re-write was personal to that writer. Telling is a very impersonal thing. Showing (or illustrating) lets you know something about the author.

"Bullshit! You've been beating your meat since sixth grade."

“How do you kn…Were you watching? Phil?”

We stood at the top of the mountain, staring down at what seemed like a million miles of trees. There was no civilization as far as my eyes could see. I took a deep breath of truly fresh air and turned back around to look at my brother.

‘Permission to talk please Ma’am?’

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I rinsed the soapy cock and took care to carefully peel back the foreskin and clean everywhere, then I toweled off but was left with a mighty pillar of manflesh. By now I was leaking cum at a steady flow. She looked right at my cock as a big drip oozed out and made a long bead to the floor. I looked chagrinned and apologized for the mess, but she automatically moved a towel under me to catch the drips.

"Master wants you to sucky-fucky with me. He thinks you hates me, he does, so he wants you to fuck me."

"Her Master chimes in, I think I will keep this one."

I rolled my eyes, but said nothing as I stepped toward her chair. Jake took Lynn's hand and helped her stand up. She opened her arms wide and I pressed against her. Even on tiptoe, her head only came up to my chest. She nuzzled her face between my breasts as I held her tightly. Her firm, small breasts poked my stomach. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed with all her might. I felt my pussy grind into her abdomen, and I felt hers on my leg. Both were leaking.

After the dinner and speeches, a band began playing, and people started to dance. As was Glenn's custom, he started to circulate throughout the room, networking with clients and the people from his company's other offices. This left Linda alone with Ron.

'Oh dear. I am afraid that your witness has ejaculated inside that young lady's sexual passage Miss Kerrel. Is he not capable of self-control?'

"I'm so sorry." "Oh, I'm so sorry," she cried out. She was obviously quite upset.

Dream worlds are joined. She is in a dream from which she cannot wake she has been lost in this world alone for two long now. She is presently captive in the dream of a man named AUTHOR

Nothing more happened before I fell asleep and that is amazing since I had been contemplating the feel of a female breast for so long I should have been way too excited to sleep when it finally happened. I did feel a bit guilty knowing that it was my own sister I was feeling up but, since it wasn’t of my doing, I relaxed and let myself enjoy the feel of her warm flesh.

" Oh God.. I need you inside me now " she wailed. I stood up and with one thrust, my penis was buried deep inside her hot and surprising tight love tunnel. Carol's butt was plastered up against my tummy and when I tried to pull out for another thrust, she pushed back.

"I can't believe it honey," said the Rev. walking in the kitchen.

I knew right then that I would bed this man.

Rachel knelt in front of him. She rubbed the smooth skin of her chin, forehead, and face all over his now-hard dick. Then she kissed the side, beginning as small pecks, then working into full open-mouth kisses.

“Me and my friend Alexis.” “Lexy and I known each other since way back. He left me for her, she left me for him, and they left me for each other.” I added.

"Sorry," she said in a fake innocent little girl's voice.

"But how do I know that? How does she prove it? She can't, and in a case of doubt, I'll play safe. I won't get caught again."

"At your age?"

She and Amber stared at each other for a moment before they heard a knock at the door. Polly’s heart raced wildly as Amber went to open it and her prayers were answered when Dave walked in.


“I was. But Spike climbed in the one next door and started using up all the hot water. I was forced to cut it short.”

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Several of the horny looking men rode up the elevator with us and had a fine time playing roughly with all Holly's ample sexual assets. They squeezed and rubbed every inch of her body as they crowded against my slutty looking little wife and made all kinds of pornographic comments about what they were going to do to her all night long. We went into the room and as I hurried to setup the hidden camera Holly asked nervously, "I'm I really going to be fucked by all those horny men, Charlie, there are some many of them, they'll fuck me to death."

"So what would make it not your dream body?"

Steve has spread a penis-shaped toast with salmon, and is feeding it to Denise, his face close to hers as he watches her luscious lips close around the phallic hors d'ouevre.

Olivia waited, again she watched the time tick by. Face down on her bed she had some pillows piled up under her hips, and one under her head for comfort. The ball-gag in her mouth was making her drool a little... her pussy was woefully empty but there was a small vibrating butt-plug in her ass that was making her incredibly horny. Doug had told her that she had to tie herself up like this, and that he would come and play with her sometime this afternoon. He hadn't told her when, just that if she wasn't positioned like this when he got there then she was going to regret it a lot... so she'd been like this since noon and it had been 45 minutes already. She felt ready to explode. Wriggling her hips she almost teared up as her pussy burned with unconsummated desire.

Kate was confused by the torment of sensations and feelings. Whatever he was doing to her felt good, even his finger in her didn't hurt, but he was poking her *there*. She didn't want to admit it, but he was right -- she did want something to ease the ache. She could feel her muscles clenching for something that wasn't there. His fingers left her and she had to bite her lip not to beg for them back. She could hear the rustle of his robe and then she felt hardness pressing against her asshole. Instinctively, she tensed.

"Only if you clean me." I replied. She leaned forward letting my cock fall free of her ass. Crystal spun around in place leaning down towards my cock. I watched as her pink tongue slipped from between her lips and started lapping at my cum coated balls like it was an ice cream cone. Cum was gathered on her tongue nearly covering it before she swallowed and started working her way up my shaft. Little flecks of brown were worked into the cum coating my shaft but she didn't stop licking. That nasty slut licked everything off my shaft leaving it glistening in her spit.

"Happy birthday, baby," I whispered to him.

Seeing him staring, she smiles and says, "A penny for your thoughts. Are they these small?"

Carmen and Gillian had a kinky relationship, so they decided to have sex in the cemetery on Halloween. So on Halloween night, they walked into the cemetery, arm in arm. Carmen was dressed like a vampire in a short skirt and cape and an old fashioned corset that stopped just below the bosom, leaving her breasts exposed. Gillian was dressed like a barbarian, topless, in leather pants with a big costume sword that she carried over her shoulder.

Selena gave her a haughty frown but was careful to keep her voice low so others wouldn't overhear. "Not nearly as much as you did when you stripped naked to try and seduce my husband!"

The van hoisted forward and lurched to a stop. Both Sheila and Tarrin sat straight up into the air.

"Yes she did," I explained. "It's what we were talking about last time, mom, how women around your age are at their sexual peaks. Well Amy said that a lot young gay and bi chicks, like her, are turned on by older women for just that reason, because they're supposed to be real hot in the sack."

"That's enough slutfuck."

Bree did a one-eighty and straddled my erection. Without warning, she drove her hips down on the full length.

“That’s funny. I said almost the same words when Helen first approached me,” Sara laughed.


Slowly, he lowered his hands to the straps of her thong, grasping them and slowly lowering her thong away from her pussy and ass. Stephanie made it easier for him, again removing her rock hard nipple from his mouth, and pulling the thong, which was at her knees, off. Now, John got a good look at her body. Her legs were beautiful, smooth, muscular and very solid. She had a somewhat shaved pussy, not bald, but trimmed down neatly. Her breasts were round, quite firm, as they weren't drooping at all, and quite large. Her stomach was flat, no gut or flab there. As he gave her the once over, he could see that she was breathing quite heavily. Stephanie made her way back to John, looking into his eyes, her breasts bouncing without restraint until she reached John.

Mara's meaning was obvious to Lena. She wanted to progress their sexual relationship a step. She wanted to watch Lena please herself up close.

No sooner said than done. I craned my neck to look up into the Jew's flushed face and then reached around the girl and took a tit in either hand. Each one made a taut, springy, overflowing handful.

The temperature in the room had risen quite dramatically with all this unexpected action going on. You could tell by the breathing of our two teachers that they were both exceptionally turned on. All the lads sat back down in their chairs, with all our initial inhibitions gone.

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“Good. Are you sure I can’t tell anyone? Of course you are the first person I would tell, but not even Anya?”

I started sobbing. "Jason… Jason…"

Without another word, you slide down my body so that your mouth is at hip level, touching my knee in quiet command.

“Sure did. We all went. It was very strange. The wedding party kept casting glances at each other. Jane looked very pissed. John never looked up. The two single guys had a vacant look, trying to remember getting laid, I guess. Funny.”

We sailed off down the river towards the lakes, this part of the journey takes about two and a half hours, and around the first bend out of site of the town we shed our clothes. I opened a cold bottle of champagne and poured us both a glass. Handing Rob his I said “Here’s to a wonderful seven days of relaxation, eating, drinking, fucking and oh by the way did I mention fucking.”

I had been attracted to Nancy long before Donna expressed any interest but did not feel any return interest from Nancy. When Donna brought up the subject I naturally thought that it was a great idea. Actually though I had no feeling that Nancy would ever consider that option even if she and Donna sinned together.

Shawn was trapped by her ass and wasn't complaining. He started licking her still oozing cunt but Gina had other plans. She tilted her hips and his tongue brushed against the rosebud of her ass. It was apparent that it was what Gina wanted because she pressed her ass backward against his tongue. Shawn began to wiggle his tongue into her tight hole and was soon pushing it in as deep as it would go.

Since that day, my lovely wife and I have spent many lazy Saturday afternoons exploring the depths of our fantasies; but to date, none (for me) have quite compared to the day my darling Christina became my devoted sex-slave.

"Wait a minute man! Look at Monica's tits. Those things are huge. I've always wanted to see them and now that I've seen them, I want to have my way with them," said one of the troops.

“Are you ready to start our session”? He seemed unfazed by the sexual attraction I thought loomed between us.

"That's for being a naughty little pet. Cumming without my permission. You'll pay more later. Right now do you like being my little slut?" Already terrified he stammered through into the recorder through clenched teeth,

"Steven, just a minute, please." Jannie cooed as she motioned him over to the bed. She knew that Steven was attracted to her. She was not model-thin, but was curvy. She did not possess a large bosom, although she knew that it was nice...a good handful, Bobby always said. She knew that Steven preferred blondes, and she had blonde hair. She was shorter than the girls Steven usually dated, being just 5' 4" tall. But that he was attracted to her, of that she was sure. She could see it in his eyes every time she saw him.

Arousal won.

"So when will you be back?"

“Ahhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to … I hope I haven’t caused any …” stumbled the confused and slightly scared Amy.

Shortly Nathan put a hand on one of her flushing cheeks, and pulled her into a deep kiss. A minute later, their tongues and lips parted company and he looked again into her eyes. Feeling that she was getting heated he decided to take the new rules out for a spin.

Hand handed me his keycard saying he would pick up another one. As he was leaving he gave me a deep kiss and stroked my dick. While his tongue teased mine I tried to fuck his hand with my dick. I couldn't ever remember being so hard. This man had kept my dick hard since he said hello.

She choses her words, and says, languorously, "mmm.. keepsake."

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Amber sat on the edge of the bed in her bra and panties, waiting for Irene to come out of the bathroom. When she heard the shower, she stripped and knocked on the door.

"Or that you have a little crush on me."

“Oh hell, why not. But I can’t believe I am about to teach my sister to masturbate!”

No woman should look this good, she thought. Heather's closest friends and rivals in high school were now, fat, haggard looking women with screaming brats sucking on rapidly sagging teats. Thinking about Frank and her friends had her amazed that someone's body could change so much between 18 and 23. No doubt, if Heather had been a mommy, her body would be as fat as her friends, but her husband had a sperm count so low it was nonexistent. Their doctor had been flabbergasted. Frank's semen was practically crystal clear and until seeing the doctor, Heather hadn't known that semen was supposed to be milky white. Frank's problem had finally been traced to a childhood illness. If they were to have children, they'd need to adopt and so the unused room in the trailer sat empty except for trash bags filled with Frank's beer cans.

When his fingers reached his mother's soft, pouting lips he drummed them lightly there.

"Mmmmm, and I love you too, baby," he whispered, slowly pulling his softened cock from her, "When I get back home, I want you online so I can talk dirty to you, baby."

Then all of a sudden he was right next to my ear. I could smell his sweet breath and feel its warmth on my neck and it was all I could do to keep quiet, so I bit down on my lower lip and closed my fists and hoped that he would not see my reaction.

My reply is short and sharp, "Master please let me cum?" Laughing, you deny me once again. "Master please my desire is intense l feel l will explode."

“You said that you hoped to get it on with me.”

When Frank's arm retreated Billy made the same type of move and felt the wet soft flesh part as his fingers slid along the mystery place of womanhood. Gail decided that this was a bit too far and caught his forearm. But then Frank stroked her split and clit and she lost the power to hold on the he son's wrist. Billy's fingers joined his father's as they rummaged around the labia. The duel diddling was putting her close to the edge of orgasm. But before that happened, Frank moved.

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He grabbed a drapery rope and returned to his waiting wench. He tied her hands together, then used a long piece of rope to attach her hands to her collar. He sat down on the bed, eyed her speculatively. "Come over here and kneel in front of me." She did as she was bid, kneeling with her body upright. She looked up at him attentively, waiting for his next command. He smiled at her obedience. He undid the fly of his pants, pulling out his half-erect cock. Without a word, he reached over, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face over his cock.

I came at least three times before Joe screamed. I could feel his cock throbbing in my asshole as he paused for a split second. Then he rammed me harder than ever before. He violently drove into me again and again. Each time his cock plunged into my burning core, another wave of hot cum splashed against my anal walls. Finally spent, he collapsed on top of my limp body.

Lisa said, "uh huh".

I wanted my orgasm first and my little Timmy knew what he had to do if he wanted some pussy. I had gone to our bedroom first and was getting undressed when Tim came in. Tim was gently panting. His right hand trembled when he reached for his belt buckle. He unbuckled, then pulled on his zipper. His hands went to his sides, and then he pushed his pants and underwear down. His hard little cock popped free. With his pants around his ankles, he kneeled before be, circled his arms around my hips and rested his head on my lower stomach.

"God you know how to suck cock!"

Her voice silken, assured and promising of so many things to come had spoken softy to me as I knelt before her, " Very good then, we shall start your training when I return from Europe, but until then, want you to simply wait and think upon the promise you have just made."

I had been talking to a guy, Seth, for approximately a year online. We had always meant to meet up, but I was seeing people on and off, and I was in school, so I was always terribly busy. We started talking more and more once I finished school, and we ended up really enjoying our conversations more and more, and since we were both single, he had promised to take me out for my birthday, which was rapidly approaching. It was going to be our first date, and I was really excited about it. After we made these plans, we started talking on the phone, and I felt myself becoming more and more interested in him. We had both sent each other several photos of each other from the very beginning, and I had always found him attractive, and he always made comments how cute I was.

It was cold and Lucy drew her coat around her as she hurried home from work. Tonight's shift had seemed to drag on for hours, and she still had a long walk in front of her. Damn Jason for not fixing the brakes on the car. She forgot how many times she'd asked him to do it.

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