Friday, September 15, 2006

Young Teen Nonude Couple

“Yes”, she whined and she bucked her hips.

That Tuesday evening I spent writing instructions and phone numbers to call. Then I thought, she's done this before, what the hell am I doing writing all these post-its? Whether it was the right thing to do or not that morning before I left, I put one last post-it in place I knew she'd look – the bag. It had one word on it "Enjoy!"

She took the tip between her lips and flicked against it with her tongue before swirling around the head with a single circular motion. She leaned down slowly and took it in deeper with a low moan coming from the back of her throat. Suddenly she pushed forward and took me hard into the back of her throat, her forehead coming to rest against me as her hands were still bound and she had no way with which to balance. I could feel her tongue against the underside as she began to move her head back and forth

"Yes, well you can blame your sister for that," he said, making a hot drink.

"Yes," I admitted. "In fact I would love to see him fuck you. I think that just the idea of another man screwing you isn't something you want to think about, but what a turn on for me that would be." Ting and I had discussed this same scenario dozens of times before, but she hadn't been willing to let some of my friends get into her sweet pussy. As far as she was concerned, it was just my ‘usual dirty old man' habits that concerned her more because she thought it might have a bad effect on our marriage, regardless of how often I assured her otherwise.

You turn & smile. “As you wish master… She is expecting our call.” Then wink as you leave to the bedroom.

"So," teased Matt trying to get his friend out of the dog house, "did Penny hit a single or a double?"

Knowing this I rapidly move me head up and down his shaft, licking his head and fondling his balls.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, Laura's eyes went wide. "Shit that's big!" she gasped. Jerome pulled her forward, off the bed, and onto her knees. "Know what to do?" he asked, Laura nodded, and opened her pert mouth wide. He pushed his rock hard cock in, and she closed her eyes and began to suck.

I still had my hand up Sandy's dress when Steve came in with the coffee; he smiled as he saw me quickly remove it and Sandy pull her dress down.

I wouldn't call 6 inches HUGE.

“Because I am a very dominate lady who always gets what she wants, and you my pretty are in need of some discipline". Ms. Serena answered.

"Well, which do you want?" Donna asked.

"Message 4. Wednesday. 11:41 A.M. 'Hey Baby. I stumbled on some pics of you online. Looks like you been holding out on me. You never sucked my dick like that. Not yet anyway.'

"My husband is no where near as big as that." Lynn said giggling.

"What I offered?! What you were dying to have from the moment you met me. And I'm not a trollop, pervert!"

Daddy insisted on getting all of my luggage and carrying it to my old bedroom by himself. We followed him into the house. While Daddy was busy with my bags my mother and aunt tried to stuff me with food. I ate as much as I could relishing in the home cooking. My mother as usual was grilling me about everything in my life that wasn't her business. My being a lesbian was no big deal as I had come out in high school but still being single was in her eyes a travesty of epic proportions. I couldn't very well tell her that I was in love/lust with my aunt nor could I divulge that I was having plenty of healthy no stings attached sex. It just wasn't the type of thing you chit chatted with your mother about over coffee, at least not in our family.

A year or so later Susan and I decided to go camping with a couple we had known for a little while. Sam was a fisherman, I am not, but it still sounded like a fun weekend. As it turns out Sam's wife decided not to go because of an argument they had earlier. Of course my mind was thinking of all the possibilities. Nothing much happened during the trip, but Susan did keep up the flashing. I discussed the possibilities with Sam, but I also told him not to get his hopes up because Susan was adamant about not having sex with anyone else. He said it wouldn't be a problem, but keep in mind he was very willing and able should the occasion arise. Sam and I played tennis together, so I knew he was hung like a horse. I told him to let her see that monster cock if he could do it without being obvious about it. He said "What are friends for?"

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