Monday, September 18, 2006

Young Nude Teen Models

We lay that way on the floor for a few precious moments before a knock comes at the door and we're brought back to reality. It's the first of our party guests, comically early and in for a bit of a shock; I forgot to lock the door.

"And you're sure she has a Talent?"

I then reached over and grabbed the baby oil; I pulled my mouth away and let the oil drip down his cock. I stroked his cock until it was super hard. I then raised my self over his cock and I pointed his cock as I slowly descended on it.

I watched as she attempted to pick up the keys, a long-legged woman in distress. I asked again if I could give her a lift, but she stammered something about being fine and in control.

* * * * *

- Your royal highnesses! she screamed. Why have I not been invited to this party? Don't you want MY blessing for your child? How DARE you insult this way!

As Jeff left the layer's office he drove went home. Unknown to Ann, Jeff had taken the entire day off. Since school was to close in just two more days for the summer their vacation would be starting in three. Jeff decided to have the paperwork prepared as quickly as possible and have Ann served early in the morning on the day of the vacation was to start. With all that done Jeff drove home.

"Oh," Rene said, interrupting her own thoughts. "It's in the other room. Under the counter. I'll get it."


"I don't usually have to fake the moaning." I said, laughing. "For me, it just comes naturally. Guess I'm a little hyper-sexed."

I really couldn't believe that we had gotten to this point so soon. I had been toying with the idea of sharing my wife for a long while. Just the thought of her being ravaged by a stranger as I looked on got me very excited, and I didn't even know why. I shared these thoughts with her during our lovemaking sessions, describing in great detail my fantasies. At first, she was not receptive at all, and scoffed at the idea of introducing others into our life. One of the things that she was most worried about was the prospect of seeing me with another woman. I constantly reassured her that she had nothing to worry about, and that I loved only her. This was just sex, and a great way to "expand our horizons", so to speak. The truth of the matter was that I did not desire other women as much as I did seeing my wife with another man!

Her cell phone suddenly rang. It was Juan, "Quick, unlock your door, it's working. The flashing light is not affecting me."

"Margie, what are you doing?"

"We don't have a model," said Amy.

Ashley wiped tears away from her eyes, still suffering from tremors of laughter. I turned and looked at Becca with evil intentions in my eyes. She put up her hands and started to back away. I growled playfully and jumped her. I tackled her to the floor and pinned her there, tickling her ribs. She squealed and wriggled underneath me, which had some unintended physical side effects for me. I was in the process of trying to figure out how to deal with the when Ashley dove off of the couch and hit me, knocking me off of Becca and rolling onto the floor. Before I could react, Ashley was sitting on my stomach and Becca was holding my hands above my head, having moved as soon as Ashley plowed into me. Ashley dug her fingers into my rubs and started to tickle me, only to thump me in the chest in frustration, remembering that I wasn't ticklish.

"Oh, Jesus, you do that good," she panted. "Give me a minute, let me catch my breath."

I lost track of time, but I’m betting about ten minutes had gone by since the show started. At this point, the guy was losing strength in his legs, and the girl started doing the bouncing. The defined muscles in her legs flexed with each push, and sweat flew off her back.

Another guy at the urinal said, "OK you pissy ass slut, are you ready for me?" He too was holding his cock real tight preventing the last of his piss to escape.

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