Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Women Fuck Cartoon Dog

I was disappointed when I found out that skat has nothing to do with jazz. There is another group of sick fucks this planet can do without.

Last week, Jeff had "accidentally" bumped into Zoë as the class was departing, and he had pressed himself for an instant into the side of one of her glorious tits. He couldn't help himself--her cockiness drove him wild. Such assurance coupled with the developing 18-year old body and 18 year-old sensibility made his libido throb. Upon the contact, Zoë had frozen and stared him down with contempt. Jeff had mumbled a weak apology, citing his clumsiness, then fled to the teacher's lounge. She had not been in class since.

I guess it was no surprise as all the signs were there. Yet when my best friend Carla told me my heart sank.

Bonfires, made with old car's tires and kerosene, lighted up the spots where the prostitutes were waiting for customers; they were visibly less attractive than the ones in the city, their dresses weren't as fancy as for the others and they drew the attention of the customers by courses and yells.

"So, what did you think of Johnny?" Barbie asked as she took the envelope from Virginia's hand.

“So ladies which one do you think we should use on our little boy toy?” Shannon asked.

"Here is mine you sexy little slut. Feel it shooting into your hot mouth. Drink it you slut."

Freddie said, "It is my turn now," and rolled over on top of me without pulling out. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and started long, rhythmic thrusts. I came again and he kept thrusting harder and harder. My next cum was building. He drove into me and tilted his hips, pushing his hard cock just a little deeper. I felt like I reached my limit. Then he pulled out and began ramming into me with such force that I started an orgasm that I swear lasted 5 minutes.

Susan laughed, not at me, but at my enthusiasm. “Let’s try something different this time. Maybe we can include your Dad too, Shawn. I’m sure he’s about ready to bust after watching us fuck.”

John had to admit to himself that this felt much better than masturbating while thinking about fucking his mom. As they lay there on the sofa with John in the middle Sue took the condom off John's cock carefully and took it to her lips and drank half of its contents then passed it to Jane who drank the rest of John's cum.

"Smells good," Josh remarked as he entered.

"Aaa! Uh! Uh!" She moaned over and over again while I was washing my entire face with her juices that were driving me crazy. I had to make her come and then get out of there. So I focused on her clit. When I started sucking on it, she began making loud noises and moaning that I thought someone was going to hear us. A few minutes later…

She turned to me and gave me the longest, wettest, hottest kiss I'd ever experienced. As we kissed, she had unbuttoned and removed my shirt. She then began smothering my neck and chest with kisses, mixing in a few licks along the way. Unable to wait any longer, after the treatment Lisa had given me, I laid her down on the bed. I began rubbing her leg, and kissing my way down towards her foot. I removed one of her shoes, then the other. She had great feet, perfectly manicured with bright red nail polish. I then slowly kissed my way back up her legs. When I reached the bottom of her dress, I slowly pulled it up over her body. She now only had on a beige, skin-toned bra and thong panty set. She looked great. Before I could get any further, she deftly rolled over on to of me. She slid her way down and removed my shoes and socks. Without missing a beat, she reached up and undid my belt, then pulled off my pants. My aching cock was clearly outlined in my underwear, which she then literally ripped off, tearing them in two. Being 33, it had been a long time since I'd been with a girl this young.

And without missing a beat the doctor continued on in all seriousness and said, "He can have passive sex after a month."

As I continued to preen myself in front of the mirror I realized that I had a problem. The movement of the fabric had brought my nipples to an embarrassing prominence and, for a second or two, I conjured up an image of myself wearing this and little else whilst my fiancé looked on with a expression of pure lust on his face.

"I've never heard you react like that before. It was so exciting and such a turn on," James replied as he buckled his belt. Seated in his chair again, his mind was racing. He had been slowly pushing Dina to discovering new things, but this was more than he expected. "I wonder if you'd cum like that if we really did involve another man."

My plans for discomfort didn’t work, he enjoyed it and started fucking my mouth deeper and faster. His cock was so thick my mouth was straining around him and when he went deeper I tried to swallow over it instead of gagging. I wanted him to cum so bad so he would just leave. I figured once he came we’d be done, he’d leave and I could go back to my average somewhat normal, never boring, sex life.

I could still feel the vibration of her lips on my clit and the very big orgasm in the pit of my stomach. Just before I was done, I heard the door of the bathroom open and close and saw the shower curtain open.

I felt the head slide into the constriction of her throat. Gina almost coughed once and I was ready to back off but she kept up the pressure until I felt the head slip into her throat. She pulled me forward until I felt her lips close around the base of my cock. It felt magnificent. That was only the second time in my life that a woman had swallowed all of my member and I loved it.

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