Monday, September 18, 2006

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I rolled over and caught my breath before beginning my crunches. This was easier and I got to 50. I worked through two more sets before I finished although I wasn't able to do as many push-ups in each set. I decided that I would spend some of the money I earned during the next few weeks on a weight set.

Mistaking my tremble for cold, Hellboy drew me protectively against him, kissing my forehead as he rubbed my body, keeping it warm.

She eagerly grabbed for his cock, running it quickly down her moist slit to the entrance to her cunt. Her heart was pounding as she eagerly awaited him to enter her again. He pushed forward, watching the lips of her pussy suck his manhood inside. Danny eased into her warmth all the way; his pubic hair was touching hers. He grabbed her left foot that was in the air and raised it to his face. He kissed the top of it. Stacey smiled.

'Didn't know you were a pussy licker, Mum! You do surprise me. I thought I knew all about you to.'

Once in a bed room on the third floor, Casey wasted no time getting them both undressed. Her pussy was soaking wet as he pushed his cock past her thick cunt hair deep into her pussy. We were twins in every way. He too had an eight inch thick cock. He fucked her hard and fast. Too fast. He cum in just a couple minutes. He rolled off her to catch his breath. Laying there with his eyes closed, also with ecstasy making him very loving, he failed to notice the two guys that came in the room. He opened his eyes, just as the first guy lay on Amy. With a quick thrust of his ass, a new hard cock was in Amy.


Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I started out kissing up her smooth, brown legs, veering toward her inner thighs as she spread her legs apart. Once I reached the union of her legs and started kissing around the outside of her panties, the lure of her pussy was too much to resist. I slid her panties aside and began licking her slit, tasting the abundant juices she was secreting. I heard Kavita suck in her breath and was afraid she’d follow up with a moan, but she managed to maintain control, letting her breath out in short, ragged gasps.

"The only thing I need to go out for today is linguini. We don't have enough for lunch." she said.

Once Derrick had Courtney secured he placed the mask over her eyes then hit the record button on his remote. He then walked over to the closet and motioned for Terri to exit.

"We'll see!" I snorted.

Joe, from S Club 7, had been the best friend of my older sister, when they had been going to high school together. That was how I had landed a job as Joe's personal trainer. Having failed my A-Levels, there was not much chance of me getting into a University, like my sister had done, but I was an extremely fit young man. For this reason, my mum got my sister to ask Joe and her S Club 7 friends whether they needed any help. And as you can guess they accepted.

Huh? I didn’t have any condoms. Then I remembered my ex had left some there. I think I’ll call and thank him if I live through this.

"I think this game's over," Charlie said, removing the blindfold and rising to his knees. Angela was lying on her back. He looked up and down her lush body, admiring her strikingly beautiful face, big breasts, swollen nipples, flat belly, muscular body, and lingering on the thick black pubic hair, gleaming with juices, between her open legs.

"Oh, you know!"

You let out a little scream as much from shock as from pain. As Finger your ass and suck your clit your mind moves between the pain and the pleasure, between the violation and the surrender. You lose yourself there even as your body is ravaged by my fingers and tongue, your thoughts can't grab onto anything.

The assistant appeared from the lab with ice cubes in a ziplock bag which she could dab to us as needed. I liked my idea better.

Too fucking right I wanted to know what happened! Only a bit less than I wanted to know next week's Lottery numbers. Just goes to show how much she was doing my head in, don't it? Anyway, I just nodded, acting cool, like.

"What about your video?"

“Yes I most surely am, ma’am.” He said, tipping his hat and helping himself to an almost unhealthy stare at my bulging boulders.

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