Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Topless Bikini Cleavage Pics

The attractive mother of five had never had a man cause her to climax twice so quickly. Then again, she had never had a man so well endowed. As she came down from her second orgasm, she was surprised to see that her dark lover was still going strong. He lowered her so that she could stand on her quivering legs and pulled out. She felt a great emptiness even though she was exhausted from her two orgasms.

Jim found the translation of "Jim no ka oi" to be "Jim is best".

"Nah, I don't think she meant it that way," Kelly offered. "Besides, how do you know you won't find the outfit that makes you feel most sexy at the store?"

Washing her hands, Sarah watched the deepening blush rush upward in Alanis' pretty cheeks as her girlfriend pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, spreading small pink lips of a smoothly-shaved sex with her brightly-painted pink fingernails. Pretending to do mascara, Alanis' wide-set green eyes followed with heated curiosity as Brandi spread shapely legs and straddled the white-porcelain toilet. Instead of sitting, she made a show of fingering an aroused clit as she pee'd, beautiful legs spread wide so Alanis could see everything. Alanis saw. Patting her pussy dry with a tissue, straightening the panty-crotch with an authoritative snap and tugging the short skirt back down, Brandi went to the lav and washed her hands.

They told Angela what had happened, and She asked Steph how she was feeling. Steph replied that she felt weird, like it really didn't matter, but she was still hurt over it. Angela offered to have the girls spend the weekend with Her, and they accepted. Steph perked up when She offered the weekend to her. Angela said goodbye to her slaves, and made another phone call. She told the person:


Well I couldn't argue with that logic so I settled myself into her comfy chair and waited until she presented herself for the evening. I turned WBGO on the radio and listened to some Billie Holiday as I bided my time. I have always been a sucker for Billie's unique style the way she turns a phrase on its ear or flips the emphasis from front to back giving a happy song a sadder tone or a sad song a defiant tone. So as I sat there falling in love with Billie for the one-millionth time, my date made her arrival.

“Have a seat.” The Principal said, motioning to the chairs across from his desk.

Both nodded feebly.

Robby then worked his way up from Jane's pussy. He was kissing her belly and eventually he was sucking and squeezing her boobs. I could see one of his hands disappear beneath the sheets. I just knew that he was fixing to guide his fat prick into her virgin pussy. I saw his buttocks thrust forward, even though they were still covered by the sheet. Jane let out a long low moan. I have to admit that I was excited watching "Little Miss Prim and Proper" lose her cherry. Robby then began to pump his cock in and out of her. I imagined that is what he was doing as his buttocks rose and fell under the sheet. Jane was in ecstasy. She was letting herself go and seemed to be enjoying it. It didn't take Robby long to build up to a steady rhythm between her legs. As I lay there I desperately wanted to see his thick cock pumping her tight pussy.

"Yes Mrs Edwards. I'd really like…"

As I came up for air with her stroking my head she said she had a confession to make. Good God, I thought, I hope she isn’t going to tell me she’s really a hermaphrodite with a big cock strapped back against her arse and that instead of being the ravisher I was about to become the ravished! But it was even worse. She was a virgin, she said, and I had been designated as deflowerer, or whatever the term is! Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, I said, plunging back into the fray until she howled for mercy.

Most girls don't come to college virgins like I did. I know that. But what I wasn't prepared for was that my freshman roommate would turn out to be a total slut. Or that she would have such a bad effect on me.

"I know I just want your cock," Katina said as she started to undo Jonathan's pants. Sliding her hand inside his pants Katina found his cock hard and ready for her. "Looks like he wants to be inside me too."

"This is so you can look up into his eyes," she elaborated "eye contact is vital when you're starting out or with a new partner. That's how you can tell how effective you're being."

His hand moved lower, tracing along her stomach. Then, shocking her again, he covered her pubic mound with his large hand and began to probe. Mary cried out again, the intrusion making her jump, and she began to struggle again, but his other hand held her still as he continued to knead and rub. He was touching her, his thick fingers rubbing and exploring, encircling the taut nub of flesh that had brought her so much pleasure. Despite herself, Mary could feel her body respond, to feel her sex moisten and spread for him under the insistent pressure of his fingers. Her hips began to move, grinding her sex onto his hand.

I knew what Al must have been feeling. When my wife gets extremely aroused, her Kegel muscles kick in and her vagina literally sucks a cock into her. That little ring of muscle right at the mouth of her cunt grips as tightly as many women can with their hands. Al must have been in hog heaven!

"Great. I'll see you."

Tina was still slapping Nikki's tits this way and that, occasionally leaning up to suck on the nipples.

"You're a lifesaver Gwen!" I replied.

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