Monday, September 18, 2006

Tickle Torture Video Strippers

"I guess so. That sounds about right. Lucky for you we get more gay guys than straight guys, so the men's room turns over faster than the women's room."

"Smartass!" Anne said half laughing. Her gaze went down to my tented bathing suit. "I guess you liked what you saw."

You take some of the snow from outside and caress my body with it. The cold sensation is immediately arousing and I hunger for more, I want to be untied so I can use my hands and explore you. You deny me, instead turning me to lean against the wall so you can enter me from behind. I have am no longer wet but still aroused and it takes you a few times until you plunge into me with great strength, I let out a whimper as you finally thrust into me completely. You feel larger than before and the grinding of our bodies is amazing, you continue to thrust as you use your hand to stimulate me, making me very wet and finally I can't hold back anymore. You pull into me as deep as anyone has ever gone and the rush is amazing, I cry a bit and then feel you pulsating within me. Next you pull my body to yours and untie my hands, by this point my legs are shaky from the intense lovemaking and I grab on to you for stability. We just hold each other and kiss before sitting down and watching the fire flicker below us.

"Oh, baby...ladies...don't tease me like that," he groaned.

She shook her head no, then he let her hand go, she worked to get the ring off her finger, but it was on tightly, she thought he was going to help her get it off, as she saw his hand approach, it stroked the tops of her exposed breasts instead. She went to slap it away, he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, and then he marched her around behind the desk. He opened a desk drawer and produced some handcuffs, she tried to twist away, but he held her firmly and clasped them over her wrists, then he shoved her down into the chair.

“Yeah, I knew you could do it,” said Victoria. “You better be able to take this or else Briscoe will split you in two.” Julie rotated her hips around the rubber cock as the sexual feelings welled up even stronger. Surely they would let her cum soon, was her only thought. She was becoming delirious with the need to cum. Heather found another strap-on cock and began making Julie suck it, like she had sucked the bigger one Victoria had on. This one was a little smaller, and after a few minutes of working it in her mouth, she finally sucked all of it in her throat. For several minutes, the trio of women worked. Julie bucked and moaned under the dual assault of the strap-ons, one in her mouth and one in her pussy.

She began to massage herself as I slipped off her skirt and panties. She worked her nipples, pulling them and twisting them into two tight, hard darts. But as she lifted the right one to her lips, my father said, "No, wait Helen, tell us some more. It turns me on." She looked like a plump little girl. So as she began talking, I moved her to sit back on the couch with her knees up so we could watch her pussy. As she began to speak, I started to play with her cunt lips...then found her clit and worked my way inside her easily with five fingers.

Almost mesmerized I continued to softly stroke my tummy. I began to recall the way my tummy had swelled with William over eighteen years ago. Could that possibly happen again? I pictured William as a baby, nursing at my breasts, and felt a tingling at the possibility of once again nursing a baby. I surprised myself by giggling as I thought that if I did nurse a new baby that undoubtedly William would want to nurse on my swollen tits too. Thank goodness for having large tits I thought to myself, there'd be enough to go around! My nipples began to stiffen and ache as I considered the possibility of nursing both of my "babies."

She jumps into bed and turns off the lights. The day has been a little stressful and Mary immediately falls asleep without even a thought about the supposed ghost.

“No, he didn’t. And he only found out through someone else … Mike and Paul.”

Louis stopped, but she begged, "Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm nearly coming."

He stopped the long strokes and moved to shorter strokes that got faster and faster. She tried to remain quiet, but her breathing and moaning were headed to an obvious crescendo. She finally gritted her teeth, and stifled a scream. Jay took the cue and slid all the way back out and rammed his cock in deep with long, pounding strokes again. Her orgasm subsided, and she began to look tired and spent. She looked over her shoulder again to deliver the message he had longed to hear.

"Daddy! What are you doing? Mmmm That feels good..."

"You're not going to tell anyone else about us are you?" Jen asked.

“Not at all, but I think you’ve just set off the Enterprise’s Intruder Alert System.” Then pressing the gold badge attached to her doctor’s gown; “Bridge, this is Doctor Crusher in sickbay.”

"I know how to eat her pussy. . ." Sean started to protest.

These three fears caused me to go very slowly. Luckily Veronica interpreted my inexperience and uncertainty as an attempt to lovingly seduce her. My kissing, at least, was first rate. Many years of playing the clarinet had left me with a powerful pucker, and my kisses included lots of lip and tongue action!

We were greeted at the door by two delightfully pretty young women. Trish introduced me right away to her daughters, Tracy and Teri. Both girls had their mother’s smile. And they both resembled her in stature. They weren’t skinny, but they were both rather flat chested. (a trait that turns me on immensely) They shared their mother’s creamy tan complexion and their eyes sparkled. They politely shook my hand and I detected a note of honesty and sincerity in them as our eyes met in those brief moments.

"Thank you."

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