Monday, September 11, 2006

Teen Puberty Challenge Of

"No - what're we going to do with him?"

Now his horniness definitely outweighed his hunger, and he stepped back into his room and kicked at the door with his foot to close it as he rushed over to his bedside to pull out the well used Hustler magazine hidden underneath. The centerfold was a blonde with huge round breasts, playing with her open and spread pink pussy... in a lot of ways she resembled Tatiana. Fumbling with his pants, he pulled out his fully hard dick, 8" long, and began stroking it as he sat on the edge of the bed looking at his magazine. Still, it didn't turn him on as much as the picture in his head, finally he closed his eyes and rubbed the head of his dick with his fingers as he re-formed the image of water droplets clinging to Tatiana's almost exposed tits... the round firmness of her ass, and the silky pinkness of her perfect pussy. Groaning, he pumped his shaft hard, using his other hand to cup the undersides of his balls and squeeze them gently, furiously wanking his dick.

"I visited a small shop on the other side of town, tucked away down a side road" She said, standing and stepping to the bag.

The following morning Ali had to be up and away early so Sue and I got up to wave her off. As she opened the front door I decided to ask her if she had managed OK on her own last night. Sue playfully slapped me and again chastised me not to embarrass Ali. But I was sure Ali would play along and I was right because as she got to her car she shouted back to say of course she had and really enjoyed it as well.

I was crazy about her. I wanted to put my hand over her vagina and play with her and give her an orgasm.

Ben took a long swig of beer. "After that I was afraid to break it."

I said, "I don't care."

Cindy felt the cool air strike the dampness between her legs as the one young man fully unclothed her. She jumped slightly when his hands gently parted her thighs. The two men fondling her breasts, now pulled her back onto the bed, leaving her most private area exposed to the man kneeling at the edge of the bed.

Shit, Megan Orr thought, it’s going to be a long day.

You open the door & see a blonde, very attractive 18 year old girl dressed in her school uniform standing there with a bucket & sponge in her hand.

Anyway he was always very brown and tan-all over. He was pretty well hung, out there that meant eight or more. In fact when I met him he'd oiled me up a little when Ashton left to get a wine cooler for me, then sat there and masturbated while he talked to me. Later he'd swung that rigid tool just a little too close as he got up to leave and wound up getting one of my patented blowjobs. Let's face it, if you're going to take it all in, you're going to gag a little, so you just have to make it work for you. Lots of times if the guy's down my throat and I gag he shoots right away, he just thinks I'm doing some kind of oral magic. The only magic is making sure not to have spunk coming out my nose. Every now and then, some wild asshole will get into holding my head or my hair when I need to be coming up for air, but those situations are easy to correct since I've got his balls in my hand and my teeth are still good and strong, heh heh heh.

As Doreen had done to her, Lois thoroughly kissed and caressed each of the magnificent mounds on the assistant principal's chest, which heaved wonderfully in response. Once she felt she'd accorded those fine breasts enough attention, Lois began kissing her way down over the other woman's rounded belly which was covered by soft, silken skin.

She moaned. "Mmm thank you."

Kathy held her cousin's hands in hers. She stood up and placed them on her hips firmly, then planted her own on his shoulders and smiled. She took a step closer to him sitting on the bed till she was between his knees.

Sweat glistens on my skin, every muscle strained as the waves of pain intensify, white hot electricity firing across neurons until it registers in my brain. Seconds tick by, and I cannot answer. I know full well what he is using – a thick leather belt – but I stubbornly refuse to utter the four-letter word. Instead I grit my teeth, breathing hard.

"Oh! You have heard about them?"

"You want a piece of me, huh?" He grunted to her as he grabbed my hips and drew himself out. At the same time, he came on and over me, giving me a nice big creampie pussy. He cum was leaking out of my pussy, as well as over my lips, and down my slit. Satisfied with his work, he grabbed Christie from her self-inflicted pleasure and pushed her head down into my creampie pussy.

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