Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Teen Gallery Nude Anime

The long legged security officer just smiled and said "yummy!"

After Bob pulled away the hostess came up with two more glasses of wine.

Debbie looked very attractive wearing a pair of black leather trousers that showed her arse off to good effect, She was also wearing a white silk top with a short black leather jacket. Karen was wearing a similar leather jacket to Debbie but with a leather mini skirt, black stockings and 'cum fuck me' high heels

* * * * *

My entire body flushed with happiness. I loved hearing him call me that. I was a very lucky guy.

He spoke to me and I retuned a good morning and kept on walking. I guessed he was around forty years of age.

"Now you see," she admonished, "you are being polite again and did we not agree we would not be polite with each other."

"Home," he smiled reassuringly at her, although the real George was screaming inside his head... what was happening, how could his body be acting without him, "I'm just feeling a little sick, and the wife was sick with pneumonia a few days ago so if I caught it I want to head it off early."

"But you can't go like this. "

I knew this opportunity might never arise again, and I intended to take full advantage of it. Taking one last taste of her sweet nectar, I eased my raging cock to her slit and rubbed the head of it up and down the entrance to her cunt, wetting the swollen purple glans with Kathy's hot juices. In one long, slow motion, I pushed my cock to the hilt inside her wet, steamy, slit. Rocking myself against her mons, I began a slow, deliberate motion that was the most pleasurable experience of my young life. I began to fuck Kathy with long, smooth strokes, bottoming out in her squelching pussy harder and harder. I was fucking my brother's fiancée! I had dreamed of this for so long, that now the reality really hit home. I savored the feel of her tight cunt as it gripped my engorged cock, and I continued to suck and twist her nipples at the same time. Her tits were full to bursting, as if straining to reach my searching tongue. I sucked them harder and harder as I continued to slam my cock into her pussy.

Of all the God-rotted misfortune to be visited upon me, I have been bearded in my lair by some damned scribbler. He claims he is reporter for the Chicago Daily Tribune or somesuch and rejoices in the name of Hiram J. Piepsecker. The Good Lord alone knows how the little parasite came to find me but he claims that he heard rumours of a white Maharajah and was directed to Nambhustan. I tried to sick him onto that blighter Brooke over in Sarawak but he wasn't having any. He'd found his blasted quarry and that was that. I wouldn't mind but he is such a sanctimonious little shit, always passing judgements on something - as though the world is black and white instead of infinite shades of grey. This very morning we had a sharp exchange of views that went something like this.

"I mean I was new and nervous and well I didn't know anything and," Jill rambled nervously fighting back tears, "and then April said she would, but I didn't know what she meant, and then last week. There was this mean guard, he was giving us a hard time, and the deputy helped us,"

He stuck his finger in his mouth and licked it. "It's salty, a little bitter. Warm too."

"Come over at the weekend? But what about your mother being here, or is it that you have some tasks for me?"

Fuck bitch's breathing was hard and labored. Gut wrenching fear engulfed her. "Please! Please don't!" she whimpered. The tears rolled down her face as she struggled to get on her feet.

‘God Rob that was so funny and so hot!’ She looked down at herself. ‘He really could see everything, couldn’t he.’

He lost the bet, her team won the game. He regretted the fact that he had been such a smartass because he "knew" he couldn't lose the bet and now she "owned" him for a day.

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