Monday, September 11, 2006

Stories Adult Swin Sex

"oh, he's the flavor of the week, now?" I asked.

"Ohhh, cocky as well as sexy, I like that in a lover," Sarah cooed in my ear as she reached between us to feel my hard shaft sliding into her sopping wet slot. "Damn, that cock of yours is hard as a rock again," Sarah muttered approvingly as she then lay back to enjoy my renewed assault on her sweaty body.

"Put your ass up in the air you dirty cunt! How the fuck am I supposed to put my dick in there if you don't?" My anger was rising.


"Oh, don't be a dipshit," she replied. "We're hardly going to cut your cock off, are we?" My daughter, the perfect lady.

Louise shook her head and asked me to come to bed with her. She said she needed to feel my body spooning with her even more now so she could go to sleep.

"Does that really upset you?"

"Remember the young man who served us our drinks?"

So why do I agree to go out? Well, I've learned nothing earns more points for you in a relationship then listening to her friend's problems. It practically qualifies you as a boyfriend of the year candidate. Especially when her friends can't get their men to do the same. Women want to do the same thing with their men as they do with a diamond ring; flaunt it. Not everyday, but on certain occasions nothing gives a woman more pleasure than trotting out their man on his best behavior.


Midge threw a soft pillow at him. Although it hit his face, it was no more painful than a falling feather, and the two grinned at each other. They had always kidded each other, and it felt so natural to be back at it again.

“Your son?”

Having no need to say anything, I grinned back. She was so wet and eager to fuck that juices were running from her pussy, down my cock and soaking into my pubic hair, but she wanted to take it slow and make it last. Putting her hands on my chest to support some of her weight, Angel raised herself until just the head of my cock was still inside her pussy, paused, and lowered herself again, taking in more of my cock and cooing from the pleasure it was already giving her as it spread open her tight hole. Over and over she raised and lowered herself, grimacing in pleasure every time her pussy enveloped more of my cock, until her pubic hair was mingling with mine.

Again I saw this erotic picture of me, now an x-rated movie; the proper professor, engaged to Nick, opening her mouth to run her tongue across the head of a man's hard cock, a man she hardly knew. Soon Farid's cock was deep in my mouth as he chanted my name.

At that moment, a pile of oily rags started to catch fire in the closet that was on the other side of a solid wall from her shower.

Jeff positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. As he eased it into her Beth's groans came from deeper and deeper within her until it seemed like they came from the very depths of her pussy.

“Bathe first, then you’ll be taken to The Master,” the first woman said. Taking Raven’s clothes and purse, she walked silently from the room.

'Oh, fuck, Petra!'

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