Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sexual Stimulant Positions With

"Well why don't you two get our room at the resort, and we'll go and change for the beach." Lynn told John and Robert.

After a few moments you look down and realize that I am still there. I am sitting cross legged on the floor with my breasts once again hanging out of my jacket. My hands are massaging my inner thighs and I am giving you that pleading look you know so well. You stall and ask me if I drove over. "No", I say. Then I tell you what happened on the cab ride over. I can see your cock rising as I tell you the story. I know you are enjoying it. Then you get a hard look in your eye. You order me to stand up. I do. Next you order me to take off my clothing. As all that I have left on is the jacket it is a quick process. However you seem even angrier. You think that my short jacket is all that I wore. I decide to play along and see what you have in mind.

I had my hand over my eyes as I lay on my back, my shrinking dick coiling up inside its nest of hair, but Phyllis wasn't done yet. I felt her hand on my depleted member and she squeezed me ever so gently, then her mouth took it all in…cock, balls, the lot. She licked under my ball bag and along my shaft, sucking eagerly at my knob. Juices, both hers and mine, made an erotic cocktail that she drank like nectar. New blood flowed and my 'little soldier' began to struggle to attention once more. I was amazed. This never happened when wanking over some pinup girl!

I dived under and made sure that as I passed under Greg I brushed quite hard against him and when I did the same to John, my hand trailed up his leg but stopping short of my target area.

We had talked about this particular event occurring, and through my own stupidity I had reassured John that Greg wouldn't harm me too much, and so this death threat was far from being expected by me anyway. That he would go this far when he hadn't before was a surprise. Even the police had said that his profile was one of low violence.

Kris said, "Oh we talk about other things too. Pussies. asses, tits, you know just the general run of the mill old stuff."


"Oh," she said, "Yeah. Julie wanted to look at some more. I decided to pick this one up. Three, however, is my limit. I know when to call it quits."

As this was happening, Kathy pulled Pauline’s head away from her cunt by her hair. She wanted to see the full effect on Pauline’s pretty face. She saw what Pauline was experiencing and felt a twinge of jealousy, even though Pauline had licked her to several good cums and even though she could have Charlie at any time. Pauline’s face was flushed, her lips, cheeks and chin were smeared with female cum, her hair was in disarray, but she looked so alive and young again, younger than her 38 years. Kathy bent down to kiss her. Pauline’s eyes were closed but they fluttered open in surprise when she felt the woman’s lips against hers. She murmured and opened her mouth to receive the kiss. Kathy first just brushed lips, then she locked mouths with Pauline and stuck her tongue in her mouth. Pauline surrendered to the kiss, dueling her tongue against Kathy’s invader.

"Thanks mum....I'd wish you'd fuck........" Billy said cutting himself off when he realised what he was going to say.

I brush my reddish brown hair straight, falling over natural dark skin, tight, but voluptuous hips, breasts just right, 38D, bright green eyes, I stand something around five and a half feet tall, I weigh in at around 150. I’m half Native American, and I surely have the personality to prove it. My husband, Jackson, is also half Native, a good six foot four, dark skinned, muscular, black hair, hazel eyes, stands a solid 220. He’s a hardcore farmboy, and I love that about him. He was shocked when he found out I was bisexual, I didn’t tell him until after we were very serious into our relationship. He never asked me to bring another girl into our bed. My ex husband couldn’t stand the fact I was bisexual, he was always wanting a girl in our bed, with us, but if I did a girl on the side, he went apeshit, but Jackson never did. He just took it in stride and went on with our life.

"I've decided tonight is your night my love. I'll fulfill every one of your fantasies within my ability. I know how much you love it when I read to you. That was merely the beginning. Name your pleasure, my love. Your fulfillment is my own."

With that he lunged forward and started to slam the length of his meaty prick inside her rectal opening. Faster and harder now he fucked her in her ass. Chad looked down and watched his prick as it slid in and out and it excited him well past what he had dreamed of in the past.

* * *

Later, Vixen described just how she felt when they entered the Earle: “Well.. I could feel all their eyes on me when I walked in. It was intimidating and yet I was excited. I couldn't get close enough to you. I wanted you to protect me, and you did, picking only those men you wanted to be allowed to touch me. When I felt the man lifting my skirt and then going underneath to lick me, I looked at you and you nodded that it was all right. Then I felt safe and just loved the dirty pleasures.”

Once at her apartment Bridget laid the cat on her table, still wrapped in the sweatshirt, and went in hunt of first aid supplies. Gathering up towels, a box, a washcloth, soap, warm water and bandages she returned to the kitchen. The cat lay where she had left him, his eyes open and watching her warily as she approached. Carefully unwrapping the sweatshirt she went to work cleaning the cat’s side.

“Yeah, he loves cock. He loves it so much, he’s going to get more than he can handle,” the blonde-haired Gregory said. He pinched Terry’s packed cheeks and brought Terry’s hand up to stroke his purple-headed cock. “I’m going to fuck you so good.”

Thuda! Thuda! Thuda! Thuda!

She flung her hands away from her eyes and glared at me. I smiled back at her. After a second she gave me a sly smile and winked at me. With that she turned around onto her stomach. She reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks wide exposing the dark ring to me.

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