Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sex Toys Gay Amsterdam

I was about to move my hands to cover myself, knowing it would look ridiculous but hoping it would get me through the shampoo, when Style suddenly appeared at my side. She had taken off her white jacket, probably so the sleeves wouldn't get wet, which fully revealed the pink tank top and just that much more of her chest. My dick jumped off my stomach and pointed upward, making a tent in my pants that I could feel and Style could undoubtedly see.

John looked down at the young college co-ed as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. He’d never used a slut while the father watched, but he was always game for something new. He closed his eyes as he felt her mouth suck him, her tongue expertly caressing his shaft. Reaching for her nipples, John pulled up to stretch them, marvelling at how well she kept working on his cock while he hurt her. He pushed in further, knowing he had a direct line down her throat this way. Somehow, she managed to open herself up and take most of him in, despite a bit of gagging and choking. John looked over at Brock and smiled. “Is your daughter’s cunt as good as her mouth?” he inquired.

I had prepared myself for this night. The two prior nights I had masturbated, teasing myself until I was excited but not letting myself cum. Pinching and pulling my nipples, teasing my pussy, rubbing my clit, sliding my fingers inside, getting myself all wet, imagining myself in a hot 69 with a sexy girl, just not allowing myself that release I so desperately needed. Same with that afternoon, I spent a LONG time in the shower, teasing my breasts, rubbing my mound, giving myself a fresh shave so my pussy was smooth and bare for the activity I hoped I would be getting that night. I had spent the last two days walking around in a horny buzz, knowing that I would find a sexy girl to relieve that itch deep inside me...

She unbuttoned my fly and slid her hand inside my boxers. I was already hard and this brought me to my full seven inches. She pushed me back and took my cock into her mouth. This girl didn't fool around. Her mouth sucked me in, while her hands massaged my balls and shaft. She pumped me hard, her grip was amazing. Between her lips, I was in heaven.

"Oh yes, I have all of your albums." Cassie told him smiling.

A third ring.

"What? Why in the world would you…?" I stopped in mid-sentence. I thought I could guess the answer. "Janie, you're not suggesting, I mean you've go to be kidding; you can't be serious! You can't, I mean, I've never even thought about…"

"God Natalie, you are so hot," with that, Natalie, stepped back. She ripped off her blouse, exposing those perfect 36c breasts, Val jumped up on Natalie and wrapped around her, Natalie fell back on the couch with a giggle. Val started to suck Natalie's tits, and with one of her hands pushing up Natalie's skirt, and pushing up her panties and started to massage her pussy. Then started to pump in and out, first slowly, and gradually picking up speed.

"Should we breed her up here in the loft or take her down to the paddock?" Josh asked.

"I'm so fucking hard pet. I'm a bad, bad man. I'm gonna fuck you now."

Two fingers replaced his tongue, and he finger-fucked her into an even more intense orgasm, as he encouraged her, "That's it baby, cum for me! Cum harder... harder! Oh yeah!" He could feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as her orgasm closed in on her.

For a fleeting moment, Riker considered pulling out, denying his willing toy her orgasm, but there was no way he could tear himself away from her now. He'd never been with anyone as exquisite as Deanna Troi.

“It isn’t bad,” Sam said. “I have some that is much better at my home. In fact I have several things you might want to sample.”

"It's not funny" I said, half laughing myself.

“They were soaked.”

He grunted in her ear as he pulled her boots and jeans off, " I'm going to make you forget about that headache."

"I did care for you. I cared deeply for you, but you knew that I loved my wife. It was you who kept telling me that I was going to go back to her. I know that I kept saying "No way in hell" and that you were wrong, but I guess you knew me better than I knew myself.

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