Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sex Enema Young Boys

I felt his hips against my skin and his round, hairy balls against the underside of my buttocks, his long cock was way up inside my asshole. The ideal sickened and horrified me that is about miscarriage . I could feel the hard nose of it pressing against my very stomach! It ached, cramps rippled through my guts as he twisted and jerked it around inside me.

"Mmmmmmm," Bret groaned again. Carrie was sucking on his cock -- not just sucking, but making love to him with her mouth. God, she was good at this, Bret thought.

"Oh please Frank, just because you're a sick bastard."

"Huh? Jimmie? I was watching . . . what was I watching? Hm. Albert? Albert. Does he live here?"

Now we watch them eat. Why? Why are we watching this when we had two other scenes cut short? They finally get back to fucking, and there's a nice close-up of Shaena eating some pussy for a change. She gets some vibrating anal beads as a reward. She also gets some hard dildo treatment from Felecia. We get a brief daisy chain, and Leanni sucks Felecia's toes for a bit. Felecia ass fucks India, and some of the best shots are right there. Both women are petitie, so it's hot to watch one of them get all macho on the other. Felecia then squirts the strap-on mystery goo on all three of them. As the credits roll, we watch them shower and clean up.

On the way to Lynn's place we talked and she told me she really missed the great sex we used to have. I told her I missed it too and we could still get together once in a while if she was interested in that. She said that sounded good to her. When we got to her place she asked if I wanted to come in for a minute and I said yes. We had a drink and talked and she told me about a new nightgown she had bought. I asked her to show it to me and she said, "I'll be right back."

With that last statement they left and we went upstairs to get our stuff together and ready to roll. She told me to pack my overnight bag with all my cosmetic needs and toiletries that I would need.

I let her simmer for a while before making my next move. I reached back into the rear seat and grabbed an overnight bag I had stashed there earlier. "I hope you don't mind Hon, but I took the liberty of bringing along a few things for our night out!" I said as I passed her the bag. "Anything in there interest you at the moment?" I asked, as I turned over the engine to warm it up a bit.

And where the man normally would control any situation at hand; where he normally would be the one who had his emotions controlled, he now could not think straight anymore. His breathing was faster and got faster by the second. He started crawling over his girl, moved like a lion, ready to jump at his prey...looking down on Silvia, seeing the need, seeing her pleading for melting with him...sweat on her upper lip...

He put his hands up her skirt from behind and plays with her naked ass, while he lies back and pushes his hard cock in and out of Marie’s wet cunt. I wonder what Jacques would think of that…

"Because you kept the undivided attention of my 19 year old daughter today. Anyone that can keep her engaged for that length of time has a fine story to tell. What is your story, Sean? She asked.

“Art, he’s thinking of that already. He doesn’t have a bad eye,” she giggled. “I already own my four percent.”

Anna stood too and began to undress at a quick rate. I saw how excited she was and began to undress also. After we were completely undressed I sat in my recliner and Anna gather the discarded cloth and took them down the hall into the bedroom. From the hall she called.

Maria's mind raced. The money and associated continued status were so close, yet not quite within her grasp. It appeared that Goldberg would be open to some sort of bribe, but he was right, what could she hope to offer? What could she, an attractive younger woman, possibly have to offer a married man that ......... The idea hit her like a sledgehammer. The old Jew had been married to the same woman for over thirty years. No wonder he always seemed to accompany Bill to business meetings overseas. Bangkok, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bill and Sam had jointly visited them all together and, she was now certain, had both indulged themselves in the delights of many a young girl's embrace! She made up her mind almost instantly. Seducing Sam and therefore also satisfying a growing lust of her own would not be a problem - she was sure of it - and although he was a good bit older than her, had Bill not been much the same age? After all, the man did have a dick, didn't he?

"I believe you have it backwards, I'm doing it to you and I think it's very right." He continued to object and tried to stand up.

Come with me," she ordered while pulling Meghan to her feet. After drying off Marie led the aroused young woman to one of the beds and had her lay down with her legs spread wide apart.

Joe and Nick smiled to each other obviously impressed with my suggestion and pulled Anna back into a squatting position between them.

So while the temptation to interject myself into the action was powerful I decided to watch and exercise my wrist. Jan and Donna were so involved with each other I don't think that they would have noticed a cherry bomb going off next to them.

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