Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sex Better Games Vegas

The plan was this. They would allow the Americans to take them outside. They would let the men touch them and kiss them. And then when the men tried to pull down their pants, they insist then men do it first. When that happened, they would steal the men’s wallets and pretend they had to go urinate. They would run away and meet later to share what they stole.

“I said suck it, bitch!” She felt a hand on each side of her head suddenly pull her toward his cock and all she could do was open her mouth and take it in. Her tongue brushed against the bottom as the entire length of his cock invaded her mouth and pressed lightly against her throat. Amazingly, she did not gag at this but her pussy got even wetter at this treatment. His hands were holding her head while his hips moved, effectively fucking her mouth. She reached on of her hands down inside her panties to rub her clit while he forced her to suck on his dick.

During one of the phone calls Paul brought up the fact that they talked about tying Joy up. "Do you still want me to tie you up, Joy?" Paul asked.


"I really don't know. This is a first for us. She has danced for me before and it was very erotic." I replied.

A soft moan came from her throat as she took more of it. I watched her mouth oval around it and felt it hit the back of her throat. As she came up my shaft, her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside of my cock sending a shiver down my spine. She quickly threw her head down again; engulfing my cock, letting it hit the back of her throat. She gagged lightly, but kept sucking it in and out of her hot mouth. Suddenly I felt her move down as I guided her head firmly and instead of coming back up, she kept pushing and my cock popped into her throat. I moaned as she struggled to get more of it into her gullet.

“All done,” Nadia said. Nadia stood up and moved back slightly looking Debbie up and down, “You look very beautiful,” Nadia announced and handed Debbie a business card. “Any time you need your make up done, my rates are very competitive just give me a call,” she said, and with that gently kissed Debbie on her cheek and dismissed Debbie by calling out who’s next?

The two made their way downstairs and into the secret dungeon once more. As they entered, Lisa's attitude changed. It wasn't anything obvious, but she was suddenly and definitely in charge. She placed wrist and ankle cuffs on Dan and clipped his hands behind his back. For a minute or two she stood looking around at all the devices in the room. Finally she decided on one of the padded sawhorses. She led Dan over to one end and had him spread his legs. She then fastened his ankles to each side of the A-frame end, spreading them about two feet apart. She released his bound hands and leaned him over along the length of the horse. His hands were then pulled down on either side and Lisa stretched him, fastening a wrist to either side of the A-frame at the other end.

"I want you to fuck my ass." She smiled as Johnny’s jaw dropped. I knew that would get him, she thought. Give a man the chance to take a ride up the Hershey Highway and he’ll jump at it.

Dawn froze.

That was when I'd started holding my breath and waited to see what she'd say or do. She made me wait for what seemed like an eternity before returning my challenge. During that time all sorts of thought ran through my head as I tried to prepare for whatever she'd say.

"What the --!"

Alan explained about the club ride. "Forget that," he told her, "Do you want to ride with me? I'll blow off that other thing."

Kate nodded and smiled, both interesting effects, considering that her mouth was currently occupied by Sheldon's sizeable member. She bobbed her head up and down a few inches of it, goaded father along its length by Sheldon's gentle insistence with his hand.

I approach Mistress and immediately kneel. Nervously, I continue looking towards the floor. Does my new Mistress even like what she sees? All my apprehension is appeased when She takes my chin in her hand, lifts my head, and gently kisses me. The feeling of Her lips on mine is so soft, so sensuous. I knew then that I would do anything for her.

My heart seemed to be beating in my throat as I felt the bed move, then, as I bit my lower lip I felt her hands for the first time. With a slight shaking she opened my slit, finding my clit an instant later.

"It's harmless and it's just your ass so what's the big deal?" Carol asked. "Besides we get to rub against their stiffies."

"Oh Chris, it feels so good to have that thing inside of me and the vibrator buzzing my clit" she moaned between gasps of air. "Don't ever stop................I could do this all day."

May belle quickly inserted a twelve inch vibrating dildo deep into the young girls hot, leaking pussy and almost as quickly inserted a smaller unit into Lisa’s pulsating ass. She then captured Lisa’s long clit in her mouth and began nibbling and sucking the erect organ.

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