Monday, September 11, 2006

Place Beaver Local Creek

"No, it's not that," she began, wondering exactly how to say what she needed to say.

Finally, I gave in to Dave. "OK, she can stay with us until she finds a job. Sandy can use the small bedroom."

"You did tonight. Twice. And it gave you some good ideas."

"Oh so the teacher's asking now?" Marcus said with a quick pump into her pussy.

Thomas slowly worked the first layer of oil all over her body in smooth long strokes getting Maria relaxed. She was really enjoying it and commented about how soft yet firm his hands were. His apparent professionalism put her so much at ease that she didn't flinch when he asked if he could remove her towel. He undid her bra from behind telling her how he didn't want to get oil on her nice silk bra.

"Oh lordy-lordy-lordy!" exclaimed the guard.

During the first part of the movie, they just snuggled against each other and held hands or caressed each other’s thighs lovingly. The longer they sat there, the more intimate the touches got, the more each woman felt her desire for more grow, and the movie became just a distant sound.

"So it looks like you are a couple drinks ahead of me. Should we have another or if you want I'm ready to order."

Once Darius caught a tempo, he changed tactics. Instead of gently thrusting his cock in-and-out of her mouth, his speed increased. In fact, it increased with each and every stroke. Within seconds, he had went from slow and easy, to quick and blinding.

"No. I did it. Well the first part we made together, but I did the rest. Is that as far as you got…Danielle and me?"

Jack withdrew this time, dancing away toward the wall of sliding glass doors that faced the darkened beach below. He got down on the Berber carpet on all fours, pressing his cheek to the rolled fibers and swaying his back. His ass was high in the air, and he knew how delicious his balls must look. The scant moonlight coming into the darkened room was plenty for Bruce to see by, and Jack was rewarded with a low whistle.

"On your knees angel." With no hesitation she knelt.

The sexual monstrosity unleashed an unearthly roar of predatory lust, her eyes glowing an infernal red; as a long, too long, sensuous tongue slithered from her mouth. Her coppery hair, bobbing in pleasant bangs was becoming plastered to her scalp from the pussy-impaling exertion of this furious mating. By now, her boobs were nearly as large as basketballs; her fecund orbs growing outwards, yet hanging lower towards the face of her deliriously happy prey.

Julie said, in her professional voice, "Miss Collins, we assume you are not offended by various sex acts and are more than willing to perform anything we might ask you to do. Since this is predominately a movie about anal preferences, you will have to be prepared for various kinds of backdoor penetration." Julie paused then said, "Miss Collins! Have you ever had anal sex, before?"

"Did you see the look on her face? Absolutely confused! Priceless."

"Ohhhh," she purred as she closed her eyes with a smile. Having her breasts sucked was one of Monica's favorite things, and Joey was certainly not disappointing her. This was easily becoming the best $2000 she ever made.

Synopsis: This story involves two high school friends, now both in college, who are compelled by circumstances to share a bed after a late-night party. Sexual talk awakens hidden desires in the two boys and they begin to experiment, gradually becoming more and more bold as their passions awaken their homosexual desires...

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