Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pics Young Sluts Boy

Mike's question caught me straight between the eyes. Perhaps I should say legs. Mike looked directly at me, waiting for an answer. We had been playing cat and mouse all night and he was slowly pinning me down, closing off all avenues through which I might escape and believe that I was misreading his intent. He was coming on to me, big time, I realized and I wasn't at all sure how I felt about it. My cock was definitely excited by the raw sexual energy he was beaming my way, but my mind was saying "Whoah! This is out of your league, big fella!"

"Well, it seems we are in the same trade," I said, "I'm doing a review for one of the local rags."

I blurted, "YES! YES!"

Cindy answered. She was surprised as she said. "Hello."

"You do remember signing your employment contract, don't you?" Ophelia snapped at her.

Dolphins, probably just another of his cock and bull stories, I muttered to myself, as I turned to my computer, already on and open to my latest story.

I wondered what the fuck he was on about, but next minute 2 prison officers came in and turfed me out. They searched the cell from top to bottom removing all my contraband and luxuries.

"Hmmmmmm! I think that would be great."


I wanted so bad to look but couldn't from my angle. I started to move, but then a hand grabbed my cock and prevented me from moving further.

"Sir, you have the only cock in the world that I want to fuck, and I want it now. Please stick it up me. Use me. Fuck me. Fuck your elvish whore!!!"

*Great seduction is about building anticipation and erotic tension.

They couldn’t move but Jack forced himself to release Janice from her bindings. They then curled up and looked into each other’s eyes. Without saying a word they both knew that they had turned a page in their sexual relationship and they were very happy.

Stacy and Isaac separate looking at different cars. By some unspoken understanding, I stayed with my daughter. After about thirty minutes of looking, we go find Isaac. He shows Stacy a truck he likes and she looks at the truck carefully, taking note of the options and sticker price. Stacy then guides us back to the showroom, where she asks for Mark.

I dragged her uniform off her shoulders. Shrugging out of it, she showed me her totally naked body for the first time. I pulled her to me, kissing her, before rolling her away from me, and onto her front. I gazed down at her gorgeous ass for the first time.

Jack stammered, then said, "I'd like to tie up Brianna."

"Deal me out, I need a break," he told the dealer. He left what remained of his chips on the table and walked out into the hall to find Anne.

This tall, handsome man was currently CrapTech's Vice President of Software Development. From what Janet had heard this afternoon, he was also an extremely intelligent programmer who had left Microsoft several months ago to help start this company.

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