Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Penis Bot Stretching Exercises

-Love Jess

"This," and the next thing I knew my cock was in her mouth. Before I could stop myself I let out a strangled groan.

She swallowed nervously and stepped away from him. A kiss from him could be worse than having to admit her feelings to him. Their kisses always tended to get out of control and she never knew if she had the strength to restrain herself. She wasn't going to back down though. "A kiss it is then," she replied with a calmness she did not feel.

"I'm ready to be fucked, if that's what you mean," you giggle into my ear as you lean your head on my chest. Then you add, "you creep. Is this some kind of fantasy you've been building up in your head. To fuck sweet little Alyssa on my boss's bed?"

Willow looked back at her friends. Her past. Then she looked at her `husband', Spike. Her future. It was an easy choice.

After that, he didn't pursue her, but Alexa gladly left him behind her in the rain that depressed the once clear day. She appreciated the distance. She needed to separate herself from the fire that he placed in her body and nothing but trouble could ever come of it. She had to resist the blaze that frightened yet warmed her entire being.

Sharon said, "Yes, thanks to your husband I am."

She smiled, "I know."

“I’m sticky with love juices; I need a shower.”

"Your daughter knows far too much about it to be as innocent as she is supposed to be, too. Try to fit in somewhere, dear."

"Are you ready to get knocked up slut?"

Paul was well known in the area and enjoyed a good reputation. Although married, he was not immune to Sally's sexy good looks or the way she had of lowering her head and looking at him through her lashes. His eyes sought the sharp impressions of her nipples through the knit tube top she wore. She was one of those rare women that exuded their sexuality. Even as she chatted away casually with the ease of an old friend, he could almost feel the pheromones filling his senses. He tried to tell himself that she wasn’t aware of what she was doing. It was hard for him to control himself and not respond to her. He sat his plate on the coffee table and got up to leave. Married or not, a man can only take so much temptation and he was definitely beginning to feel heat rising in his nether regions. But, damn, she was a good looking gal!

The final step, always, was His slow and intense inspection of her. He wasn't looking for imperfections or mistakes; as He made His slow stroll around her He looked inside her, into her eyes and down into her soul, gauging her need, her fears. He always tried to give her both, to push her fear as hard as He could, and then reward her with her need. she pleased Him in her ability to face a fear and turn it into desire.

"Fear not, my dear," he said. "I shall not let them touch you."

'You can still drive my crazy with your hands and lips.'

She moved closer, now speaking in a whisper. "Because I didn't have anything on underneath. As you well know. Don't even try to deny it."

Teri glanced at Sue when she paused. Sue was staring out the window, but obviously caught up in her own memories, not the scenery. Sue let out deep resigned sigh, "We never made love again. About two months before school let out, I went by Frederick's and bought a real sexy outfit. At that time it had been over four months since Phillip and I had made love....I was going to try save our marriage. I was going to really turn him on." Sue laughed softly, almost to herself, "I was going to surprise him. He didn't have any classes or labs on Wednesday afternoons, and I had a full schedule of classes. I got some one to handle them for me and went home....I really did surprise him.....and myself as well."

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