Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nude Masterbating Actress Photo

‘Looking for this?’ asked the young naked man dangling a large key in front of her. In his other hand he carried a large kitchen knife.

Satisfied with my work, I knelt down and went to work on those size 36 tits. I licked all around her nipples and kneaded whichever one I wasn't sucking on with my hands. When I had finished, Her nipples stuck up in the air about half an inch. I rubbed some oil on her tits and then rubbed some over her bald mound and onto her partially opened pussy. I picked up a candle and walked over and tilted it letting some wax drop on her nipple, she jerked. I did the same thing to her other nipple and she jerked again. I flicked the dried wax off her nipples and began sucking them alternately and when she began to moan, I dripped some into her pussy and she thrust her nipple up into my mouth.

"Not until you come here, you're not. Get over here to me, now." His voice was harsh, and all the eyes that were fastened on the girl were very unfriendly. Deciding it was best to comply for the moment, she moved over to her stepfather, who quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her down on his lap, where she could feel his cock pressing into her bottom. He pressed his nose to her neck and sniffed, sliding his arm around her waist to hold her still. "You smell of sex, Lacey Girl. You been fucking that boy?"


"Are these lounges available? May we join you?" Brandy asked the boys.

It was a nice day and my neighbour and I decided that we would take the kids (her son my daughter) out for the day, after they had pestered us relentlessly. I had to wait for a plumber and thought we would go after that. I had clean forgotten that my friend, who was going off to another job in Cardiff on the weekend, was coming over for the afternoon/evening so when she phoned and reminded me it threw the other plans slightly out of the window. I have a memory like a sieve at times, the amount of times in my life that I have double/treble booked things and then have had to let people down... will I ever learn? And please don't tell me to get a diary/calendar as I forget to look at that too, either that or I forget to write on the damn things. Anyway I digress where was I? Oh yes, my friend(s). Which one to let down – neither came my answer as I winged it on the phone – she could come with us with the kids and I wiped my brown as she said "what a good idea" phew!

It took about an hour to set up the camera, Fiona said we should take positions so that we could check the angles, I sat down and Fiona unzipped my jeans and pulled my prick out and started to suck. Soon she had a mouth full of sperm trickling down her throat. As we looked at the footage we shot, Fiona still blushed, her hand teased her pussy lips as I shot my load into her mouth, I told her to save it for Tony and the camera. She jumped up and said she was going for Tony right now

I realised that Beth had stopped talking and crying now and seemingly, in a very natural act of comforting, was stroking the underside of my breast whilst staring at the cotton covered inch long nipple right in front of her nose.

'Okay,' said Kia, she uncrossed her legs and stood up. Both of them stared at each other, until Kia looked away under the Alison's powerful gaze. Alison, aware that she'd been staring; held out her arm, offering Kia to go first. Kia walked to her office in silence. Alison watch her sexy walk and noticed Kia was wearing a gstring, she could see the top of the thong outlined in the tight office mini shirt. Such a perfect ass, she thought; now wetter than ever.

Dad grunted as I entered but pushed back against me instantly and started to fuck me. It took a while but we finally got into a rhythm and within minutes we were all moaning. Mom came first thrashing wildly screaming at me to "fuck daddy hard."

Ending up between his quivering thighs, I just watched his groin and then I played. My lips and tongue reaching out to tease him some more, I felt our mingled juices. Sliding my tongue down his length and back up a few times, I took him more fully into my mouth. Working up and over him, he soon had grown tumescent in my mouth. Sensing his growing excitement, I kept at it, my head bobbing up and down, my hair brushing against his thighs. Soon Steve was spilling into my mouth and I was lapping up all the juices. Moving back up his body, I encircled him in my arms drifting to sleep, with Steve mouthing 'thank you' against my forehead.

"No, I guess not." Jean smiled at me.

He continued to fuck the hell outta me, pumping hard, up to his balls.

She had married young, before graduating from high school, to a man eight years older than her. He was a sawmill worker who worked hard, played hard, and drank constantly. They had not been able to have children, and he had blamed her because he said she did not enjoy having sex. When he saw the ad in the paper he bought a cheap camera and tried to take some pictures himself, but they didn't come out the way he expected, and he blamed her for not posing properly. Two weeks ago he had sent her into town with orders to "let the damn city photographer" take her picture and make a calendar. She had come into town three times and the office had been closed and she was afraid to just write a note or leave a message. Her husband was getting angrier and thought she was lying to him about the office being closed.

Then she bit down hard on my cock and my knees got weak. I let out a yell and the next thing I knew Jo had a rope around my ball sack and said to do as I am told or I will lose my balls forever. When Jo had my balls tied down Rita quit sucking my cock and got off her knee's and looked over at her mother, Jo handed her a strap-on cock and told her it was time to learn how to fuck a man's ass. Rita was excited and was putting on the strap-on as fast as she could. Jo ask my wife were the Vaseline was and my wife said we didn't have any.

On the drive back William was rooting through his clothes and marvelling at his finds for only a few dollars. When he finished he opened the bag with Susan's clothes, pulling them out one by one until he found the sheer, cotton dress. "She look mighty fine in this," he grinned, as if talking to himself. "Mighty fine indeed."

I didn't say a word. I just bobbed my head over his cock and kept stroking the length. Adam snuck his hand in through the back my panties. He slid his finger over my ass crack and down to my soaking wet pussy. I bobbed faster over his cock. His cockhead went from warm to hot, so swollen it seemed ready to burst. Adam slid his hand up and clenched my ass cheek.

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