Friday, September 15, 2006

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“And you little one.”

Then Kelly moved her head own between my legs and brushed her tongue against my clit. On the third tongue-stroke I exploded. Her fingers were still probing my G-spot and the result was the best orgasm of my life. I came so hard I thought I would faint, and the mewling sounds I made sounded like I was in pain. Kelly knew better and kept on pressuring my G-spot. My orgasm lasted an eternity and each time my body convulsed a dribble of fluid leaked out. My first ejaculation!

"Maybe I can take a make-up test," he began reasoning with himself. I heard a small, frustrated moan escape my throat, knowing a whole new rant was beginning.

I say nothing more, just grab you by your arm and drag you behind me out the doors of the club. I walk so fast you have to practically run to keep up with me. You're scared, yet my hand has a strong grip on your arm, and between that, the smell of my skin and the look in my eyes, you think you've finally found a man capable of handling you. You're willing to let me drag you without much protest, because you want to see what I had been sitting on that barstool planning for you.

"Don't worry I'm all grown up and what girl wouldn't be flattered by this." She said pointing at his crotch.

"What's wrong big boy, the cat got your tongue? Better not have, I know my mother will want your tongue in her as well as this big monster," she said. "For that matter, I would love to get my tongue and pussy around it also," she added as she gave him a wink.

When she arrives, I get a lecture on the impropriety of roaming the countryside.

The woman didn't even notice when Sandy motioned for Leroy to come in. Mom, she WASN'T lying! Leroy DOES have a bigger cock than Martin or Darrell. I couldn't believe it! It's even bigger than the vibrator you got me. It's a good thing the woman's eyes were closed (Sandy was keeping her right on the cusp of another orgasm) when Leroy started to push into her. Leroy had the good sense to go slowly, pushing in and pulling out, going a little deeper each time. Sandy was helping out by sucking on the woman's tits and fingering the thrashing woman's clit until Leroy was all the way in and his own thrusting, twisting, grinding motion was stimulating the poor woman's love bud as never before in her life. I was amazed both at Leroy's endurance and the number if times he made the woman come. Sandy later explained that she had let Leroy come a couple of times in her mouth earlier to help him last and had given her patient an "orgasm pill," a low dose of testosterone, to make this a memorable occasion for her.

I moved my cock slowly but firmly in and out of her anus, my fingers continued to tickle her clit, Kim started to moan and undulate against me even wilder than she did earlier in the evening. "Now babe, oh please, I'm cumming! Ahhhh!" Kim cried out as her body spasmodically jerked against mine. The shaking of her body set me off, I climaxed into her ass and even though it must have hurt her each time that I shook with ecstasy, she held onto me tightly saying "It's ok honey, it's ok."

"That's the difference. Men do that but they need visual stimulation... we don't. Men look at pictures of a beautiful woman and they can imagine her voice, her perfume, her sitting there with her legs spread saying 'I want nothing more than for you to fuck me Tony.'"

Miss Calvin had high cheekbones and a firm jaw-line. Her pale blue eyes were striking and the overall look was dramatic, even slightly frightening. She had a body many models would have killed for. Firm, moderately large breasts, slim waist sliding into fuller hips, and long legs which she chose to show off by wearing very short skirts. This afternoon, her choice of garment was a figure-hugging mini-dress that pushed her breasts into a delicious valley of cleavage; which Michael was managing to not notice in his hurry to get the garden finished.

"'re so tight!" I could feel my balls touching her ass cheeks. I released the pressure on her legs but let my hardness remained embedded in her heavenly furrow. No doubt her cunt was tight...much tighter than those of my pervious fuck partners. But it was well lubricated due to prolong foreplay and it helped my cock when I pushed it inside her.

'Haan Malti MD pahele tau teri kori choot phardainge aur phir teri gaand maarenge (Yes Malti first the MD will pop your cherry and then fuck you in the ass hole)' Arti elaborated.

"Ok," she said.

She bent over to pick up the bag she dropped, showing her firm, perfectly rounded ass to me while she removed a length of rope, a collar, a pair of handcuffs, a lash-whip, and a long, black dildo from her bag. She set the items on the floor in a neat line and walked over to me.

This was something new and to be honest I found it kind of sexy and kinky too... hell I guess I thought it was really sexy to do this in front of Joey. With my seat reclined, I was a little above the level of Ritchie’s waist and when I looked over I could still see the head of his dick just peeking out. I wondered what he was dreaming about to give him such a hard on. I wondered how what I was about to do would affect that dream.

Melissa turned and faced him.

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