Thursday, September 14, 2006

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The chair of the deacons said "All in favor" and they all shouted "Yes!"

"Sorry," I said and I looked her straight in the eyes. "John, I had a very good night thanks to you, it could have been much worse." She picked up a pen and walked towards me, still in just boxers. She grabbed my hand and wrote her number on my palm. "Do you want my number?" I asked her.

Standing before her, I took her hands in mine and helped her to her feet. She was looking up at me her eyes staring deep into mine. I bent down and kissed her. Her lips were soft and inviting, I felt her tongue move slowly into my mouth, I met it with my tongue. We stood there locked in an embrace. I put my arm around her and we walked to my cabin, without speaking a word. Once, inside the cabin we both undressed without a word. She came to me, I was holding her in my arm and feeling her warm body melting into mine. We lay on the bed and kissed and fondled each other, she rolled over on to me. My member was like steel it was so hard, I could feel it on my stomach as she lay on me. I could feel her mound moving up and down my shaft, her breast moving with the same motion. She was rubbing her body up and down, side to side and kissing me. I pushed her off me and onto her back; I was between her legs kissing her nipples. She had both hands on my cock rubbing the head up and down her vagina; I could feel my cock being bathed in her flowing nectar. I moved down and tasted her pussy, Mmmmmm she tasted so sweet. She was pushing her hips up to meet my tongue that was darting in and out. I could take no more so I slid up her body and without even trying; I was buried deep into her. Oh god, what a feeling. She was beginning to gyrate her hips and was cumming, she was moving faster and so was I,

It is the giant hollow dick. The one you always tease me about. I shake my head back and forth. no, no. I know not to utter a word, but still protest with my body and head. "Are you afraid, don't you want me to stretch your ass out around this dildo?" I furiously shake my head no again." Fine then no warm up, we'll just go to my hand," you chuckle. I feel relief for a moment then one, then two, and then tree fingers in my ass. I feel you work in your pinky. Fucking me back and forth, and twisting them around, inside my asshole. I begin to cry again. Silence or I will put the gag back into your mouth. I try and quiet myself. I do well for a few minutes but can't take it.

"Oh?" I asked, a little apprehensive.

"Were you now?" I replied. "Looked pretty real to me. Angel, what do you say? Were you just pretending?"

Amber and her brother went into the main room as she whispered instructions to her brother. Amber went to the front door and came back into the room with someone. Watching her brother talking to Cheri. Amber took the man from the front door and laid him on the floor naked. She then sat on his face as he ate her pussy; she bent down and started sucking his cock. She then sat back up and motioned to Cheri. "Come here girl friend, I ain't mad anymore" Cheri bent down next to Amber and kissed her saying "Am glad…I knew you would understand."

'Oh right. Well grab a shower to wake yourself up.'

So, Erin and Jason took their seats, Jason popped a Dramamine, and closing his eyes, leaned back. He appeared to be trying to go to sleep, but his eyes kept popping open.

"Last night...I don't really know how to say this. Is your sex usually like that?"

Lana could see their tongues intertwining as they kissed. She had seen porno movies once or twice, but they were always women having sex with men. To see a woman with another woman was completely different. It was more gentle, more sensual.

Leigh's hands slid around Teá's waist, and Teá's settled on Leigh's arms. There was just a few inches separating them, except for Teá's breasts, which pressed against Leigh's through her blouse.

Tara answered irritated, "I have a terrible back ache and a head ache, waiting in the heat and with nothing to do."

"Turn over." you tell me lightly swatting my hip.

Beverly had moved in early because it was much closer to the University. A couple of other units were leased out to professors, but it would be some months before it was full.

"Let them see," he replied, grinding the hard evidence of his arousal against her bottom. "It is no shameful secret how their Lord feels about their Lady."

They both went into the bedroom. Denise turned off all but one small light. Still nervous but unwilling to let that stop her, Denise lied down on the bed and motioned for Melissa to lie next to her.

Well, here it was. She opened the box and soon produced a smaller package, its clear plastic revealing a seven-inch long, perfectly smooth, tapered, pearl-blue rod. A vibrator. Her vibrator.

"They're very…expressive," Xandri responded quietly. "I like how they look…like the creator just did it cause he enjoyed it. Are they yours, Mr. Wolfe?"

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