Friday, September 15, 2006

Japanese Geisha Girls Clothing

I began to tease her, only going in an inch before pulling back. I continued this teasing until Mrs D was writhing beneath me, trying whatever she could to get all of my cock in her.

She grabbed his hands and guided them to her tits. He cupped them and began to pinch her erect nipples. She sucked him with renewed vigor.

Jack "I… I've never done this before…"

"I was just fooling around," she said again.

"Just like the girls in those magazines," she said, looking down at her pussy. Then looking at me "Is this what you wanted? Me showing my tits and ass and pussy to other men?"

"What's it called?" Scott asked.

"Or you and I could just go find a room right now," I said with a exaggerated smile, hoping to lift her spirits with a little humor.

“She said she was going to bring it back in a couple of days,” Mitch said.

"He's harmless," Emma laughed. She felt good knowing her husband was jealous because most of the time he showed little emotion or affection towards her. Maybe things would pick up in the bedroom she wondered. She thought back about the barbeque and how Jack had cornered her in the den while everyone was outside and how he slowly slid his hand down her upper back to her waist. She gasped when his fingers slipped lower over her round buttocks and gently squeezed them. She was so shocked she just looked at his smiling face and walked quickly away from him. It was later that night when she mentioned it to Jed. He wanted to call the man out at that moment but Emma calmed him down.

I start feeling round down there, and goddamn if I ain't somehow slipped it up inside that virgin pussy by mistake. It's got me like a glove, I'm so deep down inside. I check out my fingers and they got blood on 'em. Her pussy squeezing like a heartbeat, pulsing, I don't know, maybe it's me. Both of us laying there so quiet. I start kissing her all over. Her little nose, her ears, her neck. I try and kiss her lips but she turn her face away, still crying, and I'm wanting to do something, say I'm sorry, pull it out, kiss her pussy, make it all better, but neither one of us moving, and after awhile I feel her legs start wrapping round my back, and I'm grabbing her ass, moving slow, in and out, and she trying her best, pushing up to meet me, but I know hurts, I ask her if it's okay, and she just bites her lip and nods her head, closes her eyes like that's gonna make it all better.

Her ass, well, I can't say enough about her ass. She had the perfect ass, oh my, it was tight and perky, firm yet pliable; if the perfect tight ass exhausted, I had no doubt that it belonged to Jessie. Now, I had been friends with her for a while, we had some classes together in 8th grade and we talked a lot. She was prude, there was no escaping it. She had never even been kissed before, and she was in High School. She was a big flirt, but when she would flirt with me, it was different, it was as if she really liked me a lot.

"Gerry! It's me, Jesse."

She was laughing up at her father, who seemed like a giant compared to the smaller Spanish men of her acquaintance. He was tall and broad with gleaming golden hair and eyes made bluer, Catalina convinced herself, by his years at sea. She loved him devotedly, even though she had come to learn later from her mother’s maid, that she was the product of a brutal rape.

It was a wonderful, enchanted, accurate aim. My mouth automatically gathered up her lips, and I sucked them to me. My nose drank in her deep sensual smell, just as she crushed me against her clit.

Eve grinned lustfully, reaching back to take the shaft in hand. Coursing its length with agile fingers, she guided the head between her legs. Palms flat at my chest, she shimmied until the tip sat slickly in the wet slit. Face contorted, Eve lowered a sopping wet pussy over the spongy tip. We both gasped as the head eased inside, enveloped by the moistest pussy I'd ever had the pleasure to fuck. Eve held still, savouring the feeling, before bobbing gently, allowing just the head to work her inner labia.

Chelsea sensed that she was having a hard time getting her legs to work so she moved to help her get the rest of the way to the bar.

I have this thing, this fetish I guess you could say, about a woman that's nursing. I have dreamt about being able to suck on a lactating woman's tits as we made love. Maybe it goes back to my childhood and the fact that I didn't nurse as a baby; I don't know.

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