Sunday, September 17, 2006

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"Hey mom," his voice was sad.

I collapsed onto her, still inside her and hard. I was still throbbing and I could feel tiny jerks as my penis had a life of its own inside the walls of her cunt. We lay there in a stupor for some time, till I rolled off her and broke the connection. She came over on top of me and hugged me. I had never felt the tenderness that I felt for her then. I realised that this was the girl I loved, and all the others before her were just playmates while she was the one I wanted to spend my life with.

"Good. It's going to get better."

Oh – now don’t get me wrong. It’s not all him. Can’t be – he was nowhere near a looker as me, but I can see where most of me comes from. You know, the blond, wavy hair, my height, build….you know?

Intrigued, I dashed into the dark foyer. The music was low and sultry. There was a huge well dressed man standing there at the foyer. He greeted me cordially and simply stated, “Twenty bucks”. I thought, what the hell and fished a crisp twenty from my pants pocket and handed it to him. He turned sideways, allowing enough room for me to continue my journey into the lounge. I didn’t know what kind of place this was, but was curious to find out. The room was crowded with both men and women. Until I got my night vision, I ambled to the bar and ordered a Michelob light, in a bottle. Not being able to hear due to the thumping of the low sultry beat of the music, I tossed another twenty onto the black laminated bar. The tender slapped fifteen bucks back down in front of me.

However, by the time she went back to school for her junior year, his ardor had cooled. Finally he had sent her a letter – a letter! – and broke off their relationship. Said he was accepting a job in New York, and he knew she wasn't ready to follow him, blah, blah, blah. Julie was crushed, and angry. What she did next scared her to death, and has a bearing on this story.

"Let's take this into your bedroom," I interrupted. Her face instantly relaxed and she put the strap back in place. "Okay," she said with a relieved smile.

"Carol, don't forget to tip the dear man." Judy said with a wink at Carol.

I tried to open my mouth to say something else, but Sandy had leaned forward and my open mouth was greeted with her cock. That sounds so strange. But she looked so much like a woman except for this 5 inch cock. Perhaps I should have registered when she kept her g-string on and wanted me to fuck her ass, but she must have had her cock tucked away – because I don’t remember seeing a bulge. I had no time to think of that now. I had a cock in my mouth.

“Oh,” she said, staring at it. Her gaze shifted to me. “Are you a writer?”

'What, you mean there really are women who would act like this?'

"Sure. Just nothing that gets snorted or shot into a vein."

"Think nothing of it, bitch. "

Once he felt his cock was juiced up enough, he pulled back holding his cock with one hand while he fingered your ass with the other. He pointed his dick at your asshole and gave a quick thrust. His attempt to shove his cock in our ass wasn’t successful, there seemed to be too much resistance and he relaxed. With you hands, you motioned to him to keep trying. He did and as the head of his dick slowly began to disappear in your anus, you let out a loud muffled sound, no one was sure if it was due to the pain of having a cock shoved up your ass or gagging due to the cock you were deep throating. With your mouth full of cock and as you felt the cock penetrating your ass deeper and deeper; you began nodding your head up and down indicating you were OK and to keep it up.

Feeling he had gotten her more than excited enough, he slowly pushed his cock-head into her box.

"Oh, God, babygirl, your mother's cunt NEVER felt this good," groaned Dave.

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