Sunday, September 17, 2006

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"Chris, I, uh..." I started, lamely, trying to figure out how to bargain with you and end this shame. You looked at me and grinned.

"That all sounds pretty normal to me."

What was definitely not a mystery, however, was the purpose of the many pieces of "furniture" scattered throughout the large chamber. Looking from one to another, she could almost hear the cries and screams of those who had been unfortunate enough to learn firsthand of the pains inflicted by such devices. She knew from abundant well-reasoned rumors and a scant few confirmed tales that when a woman was brought to such a place, the torture almost always lasted longer – much longer – for her, as the men tortured her body not just outside, but inside as well.

In a downward motion, Stacey felt the doctors hand brush past her clit. Instantly, a chill ran up her spine, and a moan slipped from her lips. Almost immediately she was embarrassed. She felt like a freak.

Slowly, with firm pressure from my lips I began to suck his cock. He asked me to lick it, so I ran my tongue over the entire length swirling my tongue around the tip, which made his legs buckle each time.

We were all giggling like idiots before turning out the lights and settling into bed. Brianna and Dani were whispering to each other, and I was soon asleep.

'Let me see' He had pulled her into a sitting position, knees apart and sat opposite in the same position. He held her hands tenderly and smiled like a contented child.

"I'm not believing that," she said. "It was incredible, but in a way, almost scary. How long were we at it?"

With a forced smile, he greeted me, "Afternoon, stranger. What will it be?"

Her skin color was dark, but not as dark as a native of one of the pacific islands. I liked the look of it.

Brad had woken up when he felt Sabrina's hand wrap around his cock. He had been dreaming of fucking his sister again when he felt her touch him. He had dreamt of fucking her again since they first fucked, waking up each morning with a raging hard-on.

"It's natural for angels to be especially horny on their first few days," Delilah explained.

I was now ready to go for the prize of the pretty blondes womanhod; E.D.s' hot, moist pussy. I could tell by the look of lust in her pretty blue eyes that she was eagerly awaiting my attack on her turned on mound of pleasure.

She nodded, obviously unhappy.

Sandy put the ruler down and leaned back over the head. She put her mouth on the head and sucked it in. It filled her just short of stretching her jaws uncomfortably wide. Holding the whole head in the mouth she pulled it up straight so I could see it entering her mouth. I was just about out of control. I started bucking my hips trying to insert more of me in her mouth, but she rode with it and didn't let me have any friction at all. She just sucked the head. She reached down and cupped my balls, giving them a light squeeze. I was ready to shoot, and she knew it. She took her mouth off the head and let it fall back to my stomach with a smack. I felt some disappointment in not shooting off in her mouth. I could feel the cum ready to let go, but not quite.

He wiped me up with a towel as gently as his eyes mesmerized my body. I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. When we got to my room, in his arms once again of course, I turned on the lights and I saw the stains from our passionate sex.

"You were not." Jay said.

Tori pushed Bernie onto his back and moved in between his legs.

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