Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Orly leaned to her. "You mean I get a kiss and Heath doesn't?"

"Four to my count," Dr. Sanders replied.

Harry could think of no place in the world he'd rather be.

Bless you pa for telling me about my aunt. Any deal that gives her more while doing less for it, the better she likes it.

"I want to see it." she said her voice a low groan. Her hands went to my the waistline of my trunks and again pulled them down. I lifted my ass in the air, surprisingly eager to accommodate her. My hard cock flung forward into the lake air. My stomach tightened as a surge of excitement went through me. Never had anything ever felt this intense. Kammy's eyes widened as she stared at my cock stiff

"What if I just take that tape away from you, and destroy it? Then it would be just your word against ours, and Barbara Gordon is one of the Library's most respected employees!" Jenny replied, showing a sudden spark of defiance.

Authors’ Note: This story may not be published on any website that charges an access fee to members, but may be distributed on any free site as long as appropriate credit is posted with it and the authors are notified prior to posting. Also, please note that this story was conjured as an experiment to see if two authors with completely different styles could craft a tale that would appeal to both their audiences. We appreciate all feedback and thank you for your indulgence.

Grinning, she declared, "Cool off, Mulder, this isn't the triple x files," and pushed him in. Then followed after for some submerged counterintelligence and found a nightstick hidden in his trunks.

At first it seemed impossible. We didn't even live in the same countries, let alone near each other. And the demands of the real world made anything more realistic seem completely out of the realm of belief. However to my amazement, Jail often encouraged me to not rule out the possibility of a real life encounter ... after all, life is made up of the unexpected. I thought it was a very remote possibility. Nevertheless I kept in the back of my mind a little germ of the idea that someday we might actually meet in real life.

It was a Sunday evening, we had our books out, all over the conjoined beds. Dylan had an exam for his Criminal Justice class and I had one coming up for 19th Century Art. Dylan was a bit anxious about his, but I wasn't too worried about mine. I had a 4.0 average in all of the subjects I'd taken in my major and was chosen to work in the slide library as a side advantage of this achievement. I knew my painters, sculptors, works and eras well beyond what we'd studied in class. So I was trying to help Dylan study for his exam instead of my own.

Fortunately for Tonya a man named Tom had just been exiting Jeepers Peepers, 'The one stop shop for all of your voyeuristic supplies', Tom had grabbed a fire extinguisher, and put the fire out.

We both sensed a connection so decided to go to her place for some more drinks. It didn't take long before we were kissing and caressing each other. In just a few minutes time she let me take her blouse off. As she let me unfasten her bra she unbuttoned my shirt. Then as she felt my hard cock through my pants she asked, "Do you have a couple of condoms with you?"

Julie looked like she was calculating. "Six weeks."

You stepped back as the door opened to allow her entrance first. Closing the door behind you, your intention was to offer her a seat and then a beverage. You didn't get that chance. As soon as the door was closed she pulled you into her arms and covered your mouth with hers.

“Wow” Meredith said, “ and how did you feel about that? Was Francine’s husband there? did he stare at your breasts? did he give you the eye?” she giggled.

She ran up the stairs and into his room, he was nowhere to be seen but his TV, consoles and games all appeared to have an electrical current flowing through them,

“Bob, here’s all the stuff you need to give to the Bitch. Hurry up sugar, I’ve got plans for you today for our celebration.”

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