Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gallery Naked Orgies Men

Looking over at Rosana, Krysteal said, "Don't worry. It's just sex! We want him to enjoy it, don't we? By the way, he did a great job taping my ankle. I made it here without falling. Thanks, Dan."

I got on the bed behind her and hugged her still naked body trying not to think of her sexually since I was naked and my body was touching hers. Her breasts were so hard and firm and her nipples that I didn't give much attention before were so hard and felt like they were very big. I released a little bit of my hugging pressure and looked over her shoulder and saw something that I hadn't seen on Daphne or Crystal. Her nipples were thick and bigger than pencil eraser. About half an inch in length, pointing out screaming somebody to suck them. I closed my eyes and turned my head the other way and tried not think about it. " Don't cry Angelina." That is how I used to call her when she was much younger.

After a while of screaming I heard them walking back to the room, to my surprise Chuck walked in first totally naked, he was the same height as her and had a thin build, but he had a nice dick hanging between his legs.(later when her got hard a noticed he was about nine inches long and average thickness) She walked in behind him and got back on the bed and told me to resume what I was doing, so with out much trouble I pushed all four fingers back into her pussy, and after I lubed her ass up I pushed in two fingers again and went to work on her. She told Chuck to come over to the bed and get me hard again, I said that was ok he didn't need to touch me.

Deanna laughed. "Ever the Doctor, eh? No, when I am really passionate and trying to make another person climax I don't have to touch myself. Your passion filled my whole mind, I was inside your mind, your body, and I became you and felt your passion. It overcame me and my body reacted and climaxed with you. One of the joys of a Betazoid, or curse as the case may be."

Carol's heart was beating wildly "I think so."

Oh no, I hadn't thought of that! And I am wearing a dress! If I lowered it from the top, my lack of boobs would be evident, and if I raised the bottom... Oh god!

"Janice has been feeling guilty about getting the strange cock and you being deprived. The three of us cooked up this idea so you and I could get some fucking, too," Rita told me. "So, Mike and Janice are over there, fucking, and you and I are here, fucking, and everything is lovely, isn't it?"

"Oh gross! Did you have to tell me that?"

Gently I knock on the door and hope I haven't just blown the whole interview. "Yo! Come on in, it's open." The voice is kinda husky and a shiver runs down my spine. I open the door and peek around the corner and immediately my gaze is drawn to the man behind the desk. He has a big smile on his face. He has dark brown hair that is cut very close and a goatee same in color. He looks to be a bit over weight but I can't really tell much at this point. "Mr. Baker?"

"Half the bloody street must have heard you some nights!" Mrs. Robinson grinned as she squeezed Greg's shaft through his shorts.

"Take your clothes off, Robert. I want to see all of you," she gasped as she crouched down a little and pushed the two middle fingers of her right hand into her fur-lined orifice.

There was a clank in the kitchen of the now deceased Ashley Haroldson, and the sound of a liquid being poured. A gibbon, nary a foot and a half tall and the color of a shiny new dime, was standing on the kitchen chair sipping humanlike from a fresh cup of coffee and was stooped over the daily newspaper. He saw a picture on the front page that looked like a man having sex with a penguin, then turned the page. Written on the third page in bloody letters were the words “You Are Mine”. The silver monkey sat back in his chair and howled a monkey laugh.

She tore Her lips from hys, locking lustful eyes on hys as She slid onto hym, taking hys entire length inch by inch. "Tecihila," T/they whispered to each other, T/their bodies joining as one, lips a breath apart. She settled onto hys hips, reveling in the feel of hys entire length inside Her, as She sat up and began rotating Her voluptuous hips.

Over the next hour or so we all had our turns wearing the blindfold and I don't know about the ladies but I really enjoyed my time behind the mask with two beautiful women kissing and licking all the various parts of my anatomy.

Eileen often talks about Edward’s potent sperm and that she has to be very careful to be sure and take her birth control pills on time. They don’t want any more children right now.

Anyway, my head ached a little and I guess it was time to get out of bed and get some breakfast. The morning after drinking I am always very hungry. So I got up and hit the shower. Man, it felt good. I stood under the water in a daze and was thinking about the one girl with the big tits. As I lathered up with soap, my cock started to get a little hard. I was thinking about having her in the shower with me. Washing her tits and feeling the smooth skin under my fingers. I slid my hand down my ass to wash my butt and I drew my finger over my asshole. I really wanted to shove my finger in my ass and jackoff, but decided I would do that later. I finished washing my body and hair, rinsed off and dried. I went back into the bedroom and noticed the message light flashing on my phone. I picked up the receiver and punched the message button. I was a message from Jan to give her a call.

The rest of the ride to the bar was full of idle chit-chat, but all I could think about was getting Katya into bed. I wanted to know how it felt to have those soft pouty lips surrounding my throbbing cock, to plunge my dick into that hot cunt between her legs, and to finally push it up that virgin asshole. I knew that she had slept with a few guys because sometimes we would sit around and have a few drinks and talk about all kinds of things, including sex. This was when I found out that she had never had anal sex with anyone. She said one guy wanted to try, but she was too scared it was going to hurt and wouldn't let him.

I knelt down on the floor, there between his legs, and he leaned back onto the bed so I could unzip his pants. I suspected he wouldn’t be wearing any underwear either, and I was proven right as his cock pushed up and out of the jeans, ready for freedom and any gifts that might hold. James lifted his hips and I pulled his pants down. A moment of struggle later, and his shoes and pants and socks were all in a little pile in the corner. He had a lovely cock, thick and well-proportioned, delicious looking, in fact.

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