Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fotos Playboy De Stripper

Carey and Nikki were on the other side of the counter filling their plates greedily. Robin thought to herself, "I can't expect these two to accept me so quickly but won't it be fun winning them over completely." Carey whispered something in Nikki's ear, they both looked up at Robin slyly.


Devon smiled and replied, "I think after what happened between you and me last night, I feel better than I ever have before!" As could be expected, my heart literally skipped a beat at those words. Did Devon and Camille have _another_ sexual encounter with each other last evening? What a great vision that would be! If so, I was glad that I could go into the archives and re-live it with my voyeur room. I would have to review the film sometime very soon...

"Well. What about you Dani," Jacqui challenged as she completely opened her blouse, exposing both her full, ripe breasts to our gazes.

"Absolutely not, Aubrey." Miss Maple stood firm, still making the hiking stick bounce ever so slightly on his bulging erection.

He had a slight pudge to his belly due to too much pizza and not enough exercise. I found it very attractive. I wasn't much for cut guys anyway.

Her top slipped, slid off one breast. She hesitated, expecting. I just stood there, not knowing what to do.

Harder? I did as she instructed and she moaned loudly while I slid her scrub pants over her small hips. I smiled, as she wasn't wearing any panties. The naughty nurse displayed her own skin art on her shaved mound. A grateful dead bear danced across her pubic bone. Lucky ass bear, I thought, and I had to bite it of course. She bucked her hips as I nipped her flesh and she forced my face into her snatch.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but Frustration is a real mother, period. It was almost midnight and I sat there in the Dallas club in Pusan, Korea clutching what was to be my last beer of the evening. In front of me was the beautiful Jin, looking at me cheerfully with those intoxicating almond eyes.

"You gotta tell me," he pleaded, brown eyes wide. "Please please?"

She looked up from her textbook that she had been reading.

It is like when we say to someone, "I love you," and that, after all, is one of the most courageous things we can say to another, and then that love is rejected or not reciprocated. Then there is pain and humiliation because we have opened ourselves so fully to another.

"Okay." Such a small voice. It fit her. She was tiny. Pretty like his mom was. Not stunning, but worth a glance. She had that same tussled blonde hair their mother had.

His hand stopped and rested on her clit. By now his hand was totally wet and he made sure to cover her thighs with her own cum like he were painting with a brush. He grabbed her clit with 2 fingers and gave it a pinch and then moved it back and forth. She arched her back in response, and she wasn't concerned with anyone seeing her. She bit down on her panties to keep her moans as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. Two of his fingers were pressed hard against her clit and they were going around in circles very quickly. Another wave hit and she sank into the chair a little further. A stronger wave hit when his fingers pulled away just far enough for him to bring them down to tap at her clit. A small slap. He worked her clit very fast and very hard and she had to stop herself from jumping out of the chair.

"Don't crack wise with me, Missy. I'll use you to polish my thigh boots."

"I have to get back to the party." Jeff said as he was walking out the door "Enjoy the show."

"Turn your face away from me."

"NON!" I insisted, practically growling the word in his face, using his language against him, and before the word was past my lips, he had one hand on the back of my head, pulling me into him, forcing me off balance so that I fell headlong into his side, his arm around me holding my head, both my hands now on his thigh, to keep myself upright as much as I could manage.

He thought about it. "It's a really nasty piss, lady, I don't know if I can-" he started.

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