Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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I start jerking him off as I work on that sensitive spot with my tongue.

I forced Jenn down onto her back, and I rolled over on top of her and pinned her to the bed. Then I licked the cum off of her face. She kept trying to keep me from kissing her, but I persisted, and I finally pushed a wad of my cum into her mouth with my tongue. She tried to spit it out, but I kept my mouth clamped against hers, and I began to rub my thigh against her pussy. I could feel the fresh, sticky cum on my stomach as I rubbed against her.

"They said I invited them over at 8:30, it's not their fault my wimp of a husband isn't here. They pushed and clawed at me and I kept telling them to stop, please stop but they wouldn't. They pinned me down on the bed and then they raped me. I kept saying 'no', stop, it's not suppose to be like this but they didn't listen.

"What is?" Mike looked around the room and when he saw the equipment he gathered he had missed something interesting. Jean said, "Sit down Mike. Would you like a drink?"

The question caught him by surprise. At first he didn't know how to respond. "Excuse me ma'am?" he was stunned.

"Where'd you get that dressing table mate?" I asked.

Fran continued, “I'm really sorry Roger. I did not intend to hurt you. But, I want to talk to Fred.”

Here's the next installment. As always, your thoughts on this writing are eagerly awaited.

Newsletter 3

"'Please' what, Katie?"

She had eaten but Rosie didn't miss a beat. "I'd love to," she quaked. "Thank you Mr Garvey."

"Cream on strawberries," said Lise. "In this case, KC, you'll find more is better."

Karen's eyes showed some fear now. "She wouldn't have, would she?"

The sound of the two women’s sexual satisfaction was getting Bill hard again. Mother and daughter came several times, the bed bouncing mercilessly. The more he tried to eat Laurel, the more she came. He put a hand on one of her breasts, feeling it move like jello under his palm. Until, finally, the bed was nearly still.

"Yes. Did the aliens catch you as well?"

"Are you sure Honey? Its pretty kinky."

Kneeling there with your butt in the cool air of the cabin, your head pushed down against the rug, I move behind you. My hands caress your ass cheeks a bit before letting a finger push into your ass. Reaching down between your legs, I let my other hand massage your clit. The more you moan, the more I rub your pussy, and the farther I insert my finger. "Gabbie, I desperately need your sweet ass," I say, "the sight of it is too much to resist."

During the competition Josie's foot had started to twitch back and forth. Like the tail of a cat that was ready to fight. Now her foot was moving faster and she couldn't seem to sit still. This told me she was either very excited or very nervous. I had never seen her like this; she has always been cool and collective.

It was like fucking a slick gopher hole. Her pussy was huge now and filled with someone else’s come. When I was done Karen ate her out. After we sat around for a while and talked, as if we were friends at a café. Suddenly conversation died and Carrie spoke after a brief pause.

"I'm glad you liked it." He continued and then stopped. It was Buffy's turn to apply lotion on his back. Buffy knew she was going to enjoy every moment of this. She started to rub his shoulders and gently massages his muscles. Angel was enjoying the feeling of her fingers on his back. She did this for a few more minutes and then stopped.

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