Saturday, September 16, 2006

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Afterwards there was not a word spoken, he watched as callie pulled up her thin slip of underwear and must have caught some cum on her finger and licked it off gently thinking hadn't noticed, or maybe knowing he had noticed she turned and smiled as she walked out the room somehow as perfect and sexy as he had watched her walk in.

I’ve always been a clit girl, I LOVE having my clit played with, rubbed, licked, sucked, anything and I’m a multiple orgasm girl too so I can have my clit played with for a half hour or more and just keep cumming again and again and again.

"What is the most exciting thing you've done, sexually?" she asked.

I mouthed a hello to Jemma after putting my bag down, and, after she ignored me, mouthed another ten of them.

"Uh, Mary, that's probably because she's smelling your panties or doing whatever they do!" said Courtney.

"It's not, we're in Arizona," came his casual reply. "We're still seven hours out."

"Come on Ma'am," Melissa said to Midnight, helping her up from the chair, "it stinks in here." She led Midnight out of the room, her eyes glaring at Jake as he smiled smugly.

After a couple of weeks, we had fallen into a routine. She had moved in and I had gotten her a trainee position in the claims department. As I look back, I can see that she enjoyed having me do the cleaning, cooking etc. She seemed to revel in controlling me. I enjoyed submitting to her, but over time, that enjoyment began to wane. We didn't have the daily, long hypnotic sessions that Katrina conducted; rather she'd do that kind of session only once or twice a week. After these weekly or biweekly sessions, I would be more agreeable or more submissive. Still, I continued to find her very attractive, if not as beautiful as before. Might her powers weaken over time?

"Bitch!" his ragged voice cracked. He clenched his teeth around the salty material of her panties in an attempt to unwind them.

"A Christian!" This was the worst news possible. Andromeda's soul was now lost. She would descend to the region of Hades, as did all unbelievers, destined to suffer eternal torment. "It's not too late, Andromeda. The goddess Aphrodite is forgiving and merciful. She can see that you are misled. She will allow you back into the fold. Please, Andromeda! Divest yourself of your clothes and return again to the service of the Goddess who so loves and cares for you!"

Walking down the stairs to the family room where I intended to stretch out on the sofa and watch some tube, I could hear coming from the TV the moans of a woman being fucked—and fucked good if the noise she was making was any indication. I started to yell out at Bill to stop the tape until I got there, but then I heard my sis say, “Gawd, look at that!” For some reason, I decided to keep quiet and cautiously peeked around the corner.

"Wow!" Shannon whooped as he resurfaced. "I have been out here for two months surfing these waves and you caught the very first tube!"

Cindy swallowed the lump in her throat and looked away. She felt her body tense as she heard the lock click. She quickly scanned the room for another exit.

“Alright,” Sheri said, “The proof is in the pudding. John, give these babies a squeeze.” I quickly obliged, cupping both of her breasts in my hands, being careful not to touch the erect nipples. Her breasts were indeed quite firm for a pair that large (the label on her bra indicated she was a 36-C), and the skin was quite soft as well.

"Y-yeah she is with a study group or something," Kelly stammered.

I watched for a few moments before Angela told me to strip. I obeyed and was soon stood before Angela, my thick cock rigid as she continued to slowly tease her pouting sex lips.

With the last strike he smoothes her ass with his hand. As he removes the clamps from her pussy, he can see the blood rush back into the pale points where the clamps had been. With the intensity of sensation she throws her hair back. He rubs her clit and smoothes her lips with hands.

Finding a park for something as big as the Suburban took a while. I noticed the crowd thinning out as I circled looking for that elusive gap. Damn, I was going to be late for my first lecture. Not a good start to my academic career. Spotting a gap, I wheeled the truck into it and switched off the engine. I sat there for a few moments watching the scurrying students as they frantically wended their way to the doors of the multistorey buildings where for the next 5 years I would try to become a man of letters. Taking a deep breath, I grabbed my beaten up old rucksack and moved to join them.

My name is Anne, and at the time this all happened I was 18, and was at college. I was doing well, the subjects weren't too demanding, and I was blessed with a good memory, so I was pretty much able to coast through the lectures, and still have a fair bit of time spare for daydreaming. I enjoyed day dreaming!

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