Thursday, September 14, 2006

Breast India Feeding In

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"I have an idea," I said and Fiona's blood ran cold. She heard movement in the front room and then she could hear footsteps right behind her. She tried to turn her head to see who was there but her bindings would not let her see past her shoulder.

"I just feel so fucking awful," she said. Mom never swears. Not that I'd heard, at least. "I feel so ugly and stupid. This big fat lump wasting space."

"That's it? Convenience?"

"I make your life so miserable that you will never forget this day you fucked up big time! You could leave this company but I will do everything I can to stop you getting another job. Your son Mark has a bright future at the moment…but that could change any moment."

At the soft touch of Buffy's hand on her shoulder, Willow slowly turned. "Hi, Buffy. I didn't hear you. So, did you study for the Chem test?"

Celebrate. Lara smiled a bit nervously to herself. In the weeks since they'd met, she'd felt the attraction between Andrew and herself, but had done nothing about it. She worried that perhaps his attraction to her was the only reason he was pushing her book. Or maybe if she had done something about it, it would have put too much pressure on him. And now that he'd succeeded, would he expect something to happen as a reward? Or would he think that she was just doing it now out of gratitude? She would hate that, since it would be out of a lot more than that.

"I think we better get you to bed baby," he said after standing with me in his loving arms.

Your master.

'Mera aane wala hai, phir kahan nikalun'

Hearing that, Kelly flung open the car door and waved. She flew to the front door and opened it and went inside to confront her mother once more.

I shook his hand, pretending not to notice the white substance. Glancing down at his tanned muscular legs, I caught sight of the powder and blushed.

I didn't have a clue what she expected, so I undid my tie and placed it on the desk, before unbuttoning my shirt. I awkwardly removed this and dropped it on the floor. Standing before them with my arms hanging by my side. At nineteen I was a year older than Laura, but in many ways I looked much youger. I glanced across at the four of them, they sat staring intently at my hairless chest.

We were silent for what seemed like a long time. I wanted her to start without me asking questions.

I slave beneath flourescents, overwhelmed by inert stacks, with a lukewarm mug of coffee, but the door split just a crack; the blinking stream of light a beacon from the bustling day, and like grinning kamikazes, colleagues leap into the fray, and this hair I hold a talisman, a sign that says this prison is just illusion. (In my shorts a crocus has arisen!)

"You should have said something," he said coolly. "Now stop this and go do your work. You know that takes precedence. I'll finish up here."

Kendra giggled: in the middle of the backyard was a large snowman, dressed in Taylor's coat, hat and shoes. It wasn't quite the romantic gesture she had expected from her sultry boyfriend, but it was cute. She walked over and noticed that Taylor's shirt, pants, and boxers were also stuck haphazardly onto the snowman, trying to make it look like he was wearing them.

She didn't say a word and I kind of didn't expect her to. I don't even know why I gave her such a compliment. I was feeling things I've never felt before in my life. I felt like as though I was on top of the world. I'm just a regular guy but at the moment I felt like a giant. Before I knew it and faster then I thought it would take, my cock was once again rock hard. Then she said,

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