Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boarding School Girls Nudism

' Thank you Peter I'm glad you like me. We're gonna have a lot of fun today. I'm really looking forward to it. Especially tonight when you can do this to me.'

“From myself and my men; thank you nurse Linda and nurse Adele. That was the wildest night of our lives. But now I think you had better get dressed into your proper uniforms; some of these men are overdue their medication.

" wanted to watch me pee and hold my dick while I did it, so I wanted to know if your tits were the same size. If they are not I will play with the smaller one to try and make it bigger, so there is no jealousy between them!"

Her name was Cammie and she was one of those dot com survivors making an itinerant living as a travelling consultant. Somehow they were hitting it off better than Jeff had any reason to expect, evident the feminine hand that had shifted from resting on his thigh to lightly stroking it. The weekend was getting off to a spectacular start. Jeff forgot about the turn of the century pillow book he'd just discovered and settled back to enjoy the moment. After fifteen of the most enjoyable minutes he'd ever spent on public transportation, he decided to throw caution to the wind. "Now what makes you think that an hour's worth of endurance is such a feat," he asked with a mildly lecherous grin? She responded not with a word, but by cupping his thoroughly swollen balls in her hand and offering a tongue-tooled tonsillectomy. Breaking away after a moment, she checked his crotch for signs of any telltale emissions. Satisfied that premature ejaculation was not an imminent danger, she finally said "I'm only one stop away and there's only one way to find out."

Anyway things were moving along smoothly in our relationship, and around January or so of 2000, I made my first phone call to her.

Amy was treating her like a virtual goddess, which she most certainly was not. Still, it was amusing to see the former super-bitch submit to her will so readily.

She smiled. Her gleaming white teeth were perfect, as was her complexion. A few freckles dotted her cheekbones, but freckles seemed to be in this year. They made her look even younger.

“He was in an accident several years ago and hasn’t walked since. The doctors don’t know why he can’t walk. They can’t find anything physical that explains his condition. My sister and I have been helping him ever since.”

"You don't mind if I do?"

"I think it's time we got on with the real action," Sid said from her tit.

She returned to the closet and brought out a pair of shiny red calf-length rubber boots. She sat on the bed and quickly put on a pair of white knee socks, followed by the boots. Then she stood up and faced me again, waiting. She looked adorable in her rain outfit.

At some point, just before dessert, Dave said, “I’m sorry but I must leave you two to your own devices. I promised a client I would meet him this evening to demonstrate an auto he is interested in. It should take me about two hours or so. I hope you don’t have to leave before I get back.”

'Well', said Jeff, 'What's happened?'

"Good. I want you to teach it all to me."

He turned to her and felt his cock touch her nude warm body. She was shorter than he was and because they both shared the pillow, his hips were lower on the bed than hers. His cock twitched slightly against her, but Maya didn't stir. As Steve moved his body up her thigh, he felt the tender pulling and stretching of the skin over his hard cock and taunt balls. The friction made his cock move in jumpy little skips if he pressed against her too much. But if he knew if he was too tentative, surely his stiff tangled pubic hairs would tickle her and wake her with a startle, which he didn't want to do.

Rolly, always full of extroverted bravado, stood abruptly and began pulling off his clothes. "So much for the preliminaries," he chortled, "let the orgy begin!" He reached onto the table and grabbed Penelope by the arm, looking over at me for some sort of tacit permission.

Stepping back she continued to work his penis.

When Rob got home I told him about the call from Bill thinking he would get a good laugh out of it. He smiled and asked me why I didn't take Bill up on his offer! He went on to say that he thought I found Bill attractive and that he knew how Bill thought about me. I said "just how does Bill think about me?" "He thinks about having your sweet hot tits wrapped around his hard dick" was Rob's answer. We both laughed and I said "you want this to happen, don't you." My husband just said that it was up to me. I told Rob that it wasn't just going to be Bill and I going to a movie. The movie thing was just a way for us to be together. Rob said he would want me to tell him all the details of our 'date' if I decided to go out with Bill. This was beginning to get my juices running!

"Sarah...should we call the cops?"

After we had kissed for a little while I broke off to turn my attention to her tits. I have always enjoyed sucking on her breasts, and soon had her nipples erect as I flicked my tongue around them. While I nuzzled her bosom, my right hand was busy stroking her legs. Starting around her ankles I slowly traced a path up to her thighs, stopping briefly when I reached her stocking top to caress the bare flesh. As I got towards the business area she opened her legs, putting her left foot onto the floor so that I could get my hand in easily. She was already quite wet, and I rubbed at her clitoris briefly before slipping my fingers into her pussy.

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