Monday, September 11, 2006

Black Nude Resort Ladies

Marissa saw a few female students go walking by her. Until one student stopped and looked at her.

Daddy leaned back, gasping, body still shaking from cumming all over Sweetie.

"That's better." she whispered.

Not knowing what else to do, Amy swallowed. It didn't taste that bad; rather salty. Instinctively, she bobbed for more. When Larry's cock fell quiet, she let it slide slowly from her lips.

Nina moaned and said. "Oh . . . shit . . . Your hands are so strong." Peter looked down into her eye's and she was looking up at hip with her lips parted so he bent down and kissed her on the lips. Peter glanced at the table and saw her husband watching them and decided to kiss her again since she didn't object to the first kiss.

I started to finger her clit as she rode up and down on me, letting my fingers pinch in between us as she pushed down hard on me with each stroke. There was pleasure written all over her face as she smiled and pulled on her own nipple with one hand. She had been right about one thing, cumming early with her made it easier to stay with her while we actually fucked.

Flashing fun at the pit stops!

"I don't remember, but when I am working I usually braid it and wrap it in a cloth tube and keep it under my jump suit. Long hair can be a hazard when you are working with machinery."

I wasn't surprised he asked the same question. Men are so predictable. "Your friend Nate," I replied. I believed my response caught him off guard by the way his body stiffened and he shifted ever so slightly. Nathan was an engineer; a coworker of Tom's, who had recently received a big promotion. They also played on the same basketball team; a team Tom had recently joined. Tom was the only white guy on the team. I had only met Nathan a few times. I remembered him from the company picnic and holiday party and the few games I dropped by to watch. He was single, tall, muscular and good looking. I thought of him as the original tall, dark and handsome.

Each time she lost a piece of her clothing, Max spent long moments looking at her. With each piece gone, his eyes got hotter and hotter. She knew some American men had a thing for Asian women. But the way Max looked at her body made her feel like some sex goddess. She could almost feel him stripping away the two remaining fabrics on her body, and the odd thing was that she almost wanted him to. Staring at her clad in just her underclothes, he met her eyes squarely and reached beneath the table. Her eyes trailed down, following his palm. He cupped his erection with it, situating the half-inflated staff to a more comfortable location. Yumi should have been shocked. Instead, she felt a flood of wetness fill her sex, slowly seeping out to dampen the crotch of her underwear. Beneath the soft cotton cups of her bra, her nipples were slowly coming to life, aching in time to the throbbing of her hidden folds. She didn't know whether they were becoming puckered because of the air conditioning of the kitchen or the lazy need that was spreading through her body. Sitting back down on her stool, Yumi looked directly at Max. This time, emboldened by the feelings racing through her, she reached over and yanked the cards from his hand.

Having brought him there, van der Bos became suddenly gentle and subtle, not providing quite enough, not quite enough. It was utterly maddening, and Peter bellowed like a bull in extremis and took charge. Clamping the graying temples in his hands, he pounded cock fiercely into the teasing mouth. The wiry little ass van der Bos had admired earlier could pound nails. Whipcords of straining muscle ridged the legs and belly of the once-timid pupil, and he fucked the old man's skull with sweat flying off him.

I stopped his hand with my right hand, as it was cupped on my tummy. He pressed slightly feeling my softness there. Then, when I was sure I had his eyes looking in the mirror at his hand right above my crotch, I took my left hand and pulled open my bikini bottom, pulling it down some in the process and letting Peter see the blondish-brown curls nestled atop my special little place down there. I then looked into his eyes in the reflection, as my right hand pushed his big right hand on downward until his palm cupped my mound. He definitely did press forward then, and I let my head fall back on the nook between his shoulder and neck when I felt those thick fingers wiggle at my gash.

I then fell over her embracing her and we laid there as such till next morning breaks.

"Well, now that you mention it, I am!"

I turned my attention back to the television, sneaking furtive glances towards Erin's half-exposed tit every few minutes. All the while I was trying to will my cock down and trying to decide how to handle her "favor." After about a half-hour the doorbell rang. Erin jumped up and as she did her top lost the fight her tit came spilling all the way out, as she took a step toward the door she nonchalantly scooped her tit back into the confines of the top without missing a beat. With her clothes back in place and the pizza in the kitchen we both grabbed a couple of slices and returned to the den.

I straddle you and help myself to your cock, riding it and ramming it into me, you moan with pleasure, "don't you cum slut"

"I...I don't" I pondered on what it could result in when I was quickly interrupted,

"Hold it please." A voice called.

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