Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby And Adult Movies

"So, do you want to slip out to the parking lot and do something about it?"

I must have appeared forlorn as from behind me I heard "Can I help you?"

"Oh yeah...fuck me...fuck the shit out of me, fuck me so good..." Megan said as she started to enter a state of bliss. Justin could remember how tight she was, how they were completely lost in their drunken desires as he fucked her silly in the shower. Justin bit her right nipple, sending jolts of pleasure and pain through Megan's body. "Oh fuck yes...fuck, keep going, fuck me!" Megan screamed as she started to climax.

"Not yet," she said. "I still have to feel this inside me." And with that, she slid up his body, dragging her wonderful tits along his legs and over his diamond-hard cock until she had her pussy perched just above his crotch. She grabbed it with one had and started to guide it to her pussy when Paul stopped her.

Lee was getting so turned on he felt like he would cum right there as he watched his sister Trish stand naked in front of him touching herself and his other sister April have phone sex with him.

'Sorry Tony work commitments, but would loved to go with you, all those bikini clad women' said Mike with a grin.

Sherita shifted back, and my mouth trailed down her tummy, kissing her tawny flesh again and again. I hesitated when my lips brushed the edge of her tightly curled bush. She entwined her fingers in my hair and cooed "That's OK baby, go ahead. It'll be good."

"No, that's the strange thing. She said she'd wait for you."

Shula’s mother turned to her with gleaming eyes, moist with tears of exultation.’ Do it,’ she whispered.

The fist in her hair nodded her head for her.

“Oh god yes don’t stop baby doll, you always make me feel so good!” Darnell replies in a soft sexy whisper, your hips moving to the feel of my hands.

Steve spent the rest of the night worrying about how they were to manage because they didn’t have enough money to call a plumber. Breakfast wasn’t a real problem because they were able to get water from an outside tap to make coffee and they had milk and bread to make toast and thus survived the first meal! They were able to clean their teeth and wash their hands and faces at the outside tap.

"Don't I need to sign something or pay for the room?" Dan asked, thinking that she had forgotten.

"Hi girls," I waved as I walked out.

"You know their fucking each other, don't you?"

"By the way Jack I forgot to tell you that Millie is not really a maid, she is in fact James's niece, does that shock you?"

"Awww!" she cried, and wrapped her arms around me.

At 7:47 that Monday evening, Nadine answered the doorbell and greeted a petite mid-thirtish blonde who introduced herself as Merrilee and said she was selected to be the first one to work with us. She gave Nadine a tight hug and planted a wet open-mouth kiss on Nadine's startled mouth. Then she moved over to me and gave me the same kind of kiss, which I returned in kind, but she startled even me by groping my growing erection. Obviously there were going to be very few barriers to us getting into the experiment.

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