Friday, September 15, 2006

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Her trembling came to an end and he allowed his pretty wife to slide through the hatch and fall into his arms. Holding her like a baby he kissed her hard with lips that smelled and tasted of her.

Licking his lips, he fought hard not to cum then and there. "Can't...gonna cum."

"Yes Mistress," Mom said as she buried her face in Cathy's cunt.

With Juice’s dick working over my pussy, I swapped cocks. JP’s dick was small enough I could suck him clean to his balls. I managed to maintain my balance by holding on to the two available poles pointed at me.

"He might like that for all I know" I mumbled before downing the brew.

TheWatcher: That'd be great! As long as there's no actual cybersex.

Lori had a look of disappointment on her face, far from a smile. She looked towards the exit.

"What do you mean?"

"I need to get freshened up," she said evenly.

We both stripped down and went to the center of the mat to square off. God, I couldn't get enough of this teen's sexy muscular body as I watched his cock and balls bob up and down as he placed an arm behind his back.

Late the next afternoon Will and Lucas sat at a table in the almost deserted snack bar of the Student Union. Lucas had bought cups of coffee for Will and himself. On the table were also a small recorder and a sheet of paper, on which Lucas had printed out his questions.

If you have read the other two stories, this picks up several weeks later. Several times a week I have made the trip across town, always with a mixture of excitement, dread and a healthy dose of lust in the pit of my stomach. Each time, it is almost like a dream. I know I shouldn't return, I know all the things that might happen, but it is an irresistible urge that pulls me back. I travel back almost in a fog, nothing else seems to matter.

Elise understood the hopelessness of her situation only too well.

I rolled over and yawned as I stretched out in my bed. I couldn't get Club Cuffs out of my mind as I continued to replay the events of my test over and over. I jumped out of bed and turned my computer on. I picked up the big envelope that Kate gave me last night and opened it. I pulled several sheets of papers out and began to read. They were mostly rules of the club with several disclaimers. One page however caught my particular interest.

Still Karen pushed, forcing more and more of my cock deeper and deeper. Finally, Jennifer had all 10 inches of me lodged in her, with my balls resting on her chin. I don't know what kept me from cumming right then as I looked down into her frightened blue eyes seeing her beautiful face with mouth stretched and virgin throat violated with my throbbing piece of cock meat. Her throat muscles had a tight grip on me until finally she began to relax, allowing me to easily pull out to let her breathe. She gasped for air as soon as I was out. "Take it again," Karen ordered. "Fuck his cock with your throat." Jennifer barely had regained her breath, but she slowly swallowed my cock again, but on her own this time. She took my shaft in her mouth but Karen insisted on helping by pushing and forcing it down her throat again. I think she got used to it sliding in to her this time. She swallowed it much quicker and easier. Karen helped her begin a fucking motion with her mouth, making her suck my shaft in and out of her tight oral passage. Over and over my cock squeezed down Jennifer's tight hot throat. I was almost ready to cum in her mouth when Karen had some other orders for Jennifer.

Sherri was miserable. Her jeans were soaked and she knew she was going to get a rash from the rubbing.

"Besides, there is nothing sexier than an older woman who has taken care of herself." (Pause) "Someone like you for instance."

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