Friday, September 15, 2006

Adult Erotica Stores In

"Do you want to come around for a drink later?" She asked suddenly.

I’m not sure what happened next. She stumbled. Almost as if she were struck, but tried to stand. A few more steps and she fell to her knees, hands holding her head. Concussion, most likely, I decided. So I was able to sneak out, carefully and come to her side.

All the men laughed.

"You're here!" he said cheerfully, as though he couldn't believe it.

Alexa was counted unanimously into that category, but she would make the best of it. It was better than staying inside of the library tolerating Thornton's discourteous attitude and impious glances.

She looked at him, her eyes narrowed. “We are pledged, Marius, not bonded. Continue with the remarks and our pledge could be changed.” She rang for her steward, who appeared. “Cerene, please get food and drink for our new warrior.” She smiled as the other woman nearly ran into the door.

Gary shhhhed her, “shhhhhhh.”

Upon opening the door, the good looking Indian boy pushed his way in and locked the door behind him. He said, "my name is Pras and I'm here to collect on my $50 payment unless, of course, you wish to be arrested for prostitution!" Pras then proceeded to drop his shorts and underwear and step completely out of them. Overcome by the moment and by what he threatened to do, I said nothing and directed my gaze at the long haed cock before me. Pras took advantage of my silence and quickly unbuttoned the bottom buttons of my red sun dress and rubbed the top of my thighs inching their way towards my crotch. He then pushed a finger under the side panty elastic and rubbed it over my wet vagina. He quickly took his hand away and placed his right foot up on the small bench with his left foot planted firmly on the floor. He directed my head towards his cock. I shivered, took one step forward, and wrapped my tiny fist around his long cock while being forced on my knees. I knew what was coming next as Pras forced his long hard cock to my lips. Something now snapped in my mind and I knew there was no turning back as my lips parted to allow entrance for the huge tool.

As soon as Tim sat down, Rodney eagerly launched into the story of his exploits with his sex slave. Tim could see the look of gloating satisfaction in Rodney's eyes as he bragged to the man he thought was his unwitting victim. Rodney chortled with delight as he told Tim how he had broken the bitch's spirit to the point where the slut was serving him willingly.

I watch as he pulls himself up and off the bed. Sighing I roll back over and find myself staring down at the floor. The ghastly green numbers laughing at me as their fiery green color scream 3:00. Lifting it from the floor, I place it gently back on the table, wanting only to throw it against the mirror, the wall, the window, any where, but I don't.

"Well, I wasn't going to cheat, not if you acted right!" burst out of her.

I was too stunned to move so David actually got out on his side and carried me down! I was so startled, he had to grasp my arm to lead me into the restaurant. Again, no words were spoken; I never saw him pay anyone anything and nobody even seemed to notice except me.

"No," said Ted, "but we could buy some mattresses and lay them on the floor of Doreen's old room. She doesn't sleep there any more, so why not?"

"I'm here to do something that should have been done along time ago" Stephanie said with a wicked smile.

"Come here," I said, my eyes feasting on her tits.

Lisa’s pussy was like a gushing fountain. She came again and again and again. I loved how much she wanted me to bury my cock in her. I wanted her for myself. I didn’t want her to have to suffer giving it up to that little dick husband of hers. What a shame she had to live with him!

I have taken you camping, into the woods and tonight I have set up camp and you are in the tent with me. I have you undress and I cuff you as usual and in the close distance you hear the thunder and see the lightening close by. It is time as I lower the lantern light and have you lie down on the floor of the tent as I uncuff you and spread you out to the steaks I have made ready. Each steak is just the right distance apart as I take each hand and cuff it to one metal steak and then each ankle in the same manor.

"Please, no more" I begged. "I...I... can't."

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